Travel to Ukraine: Uzhgorod. Discover DestinationUA: Episode 3

Travel to Ukraine: Uzhgorod. Discover DestinationUA: Episode 3

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Western. Ukraine, attracts, tourists, with its steep, mountains. And. Picturesque. Nature. We. Decided to explore, one of the charming, cities, in this part of Ukraine. This. City is famous for its small, size. And. For. Having the longest Lane, in. Europe. Tourists. Flock here throughout, the year, now, our, team, will figure out the reason for, its popularity. Hello. We are here we, are in us girl right. It's. A really nice CD it's. Close to the borders yes, it's very close we are in the very, west of Ukraine so, that's, the result of a really multinational. City so, many different cultures have. Been raised here, and I can see that it's obvious right, because, of the architecture the, colors the style and already, the people as we can see right yeah yeah of course and it's a very small, small, city so, it's like if you, go from, west. There. It, will be like 8 kilometers. And from. North. Yeah north up here and south it's, 5 kilometers, it seems quite quiet so, yeah. I can easily run so. Yeah, let's go and find it I go and, wait. And I scream I wait wait. You. Got your ice cream, hello, good. Morning, I could. Have do, you want you right yeah I was that you. With. The, one we. Want this one, yeah. The colorful, and this one. Let's. Move on. Well. We are here we are in the main. Street. Of course. Ooh it's the name of the street yeah. And, full. Of nice, cafe. Stores, and, everything, that you are looking for yes, the, name, yes. Like it's something. A street for walk yeah. So he tell you what, the name has to do with action, it's. Like in a museum it's a room, for, pictures, maybe yeah and like restaurants, for, food come on oh and. Here, we have uncle. Kolya. It was very important for the city, because. He lit. And, extinguished. The lanterns. Of the city so they chose, to. Choose. To honor him with this statue and it's, it's. Nice we. Have to say that, we've. Been told that most. Of the monuments here in that city has, to do with iconic. People. That we just offer to the community, it's not about abstract. Art it's the most monumental. Reason. Right for more monumental, reasons. So. Let's continue yeah, yeah let's see more. Here's. The club that you're talking about right yes. This. Is a globe that represents. The city. It. Has to do with the multinational. Cultures, have been here and raised an act, because. Because of the location, here so it's like influenced. By many cultures around. You. Can find any. Parts of. The world. That's, why this is, the globe oh. Yeah. Yeah. Say. We're. Not. Here. It. Should take it down. Very. Gringo. Thought. For face. Really. Well. After, all that stuff that we put on our face and hands couldn't have a coffee yeah we will just like to have a coffee thank you so much thank you so much oh. I. Think this, might be your, opportunity. All, great things, thank you Jojo. Here. We are well Thomas, Missouri was the first president of Czechoslovakia. And that, really, tall ass tree was, planted in order to remember him actually, could be divided by himself, I would, love to have this kind of tree in my honor to be remembered, for what for, being me you, were a fresh breath doing something, well. Like a figure out something, okay. We'll find a way or. Maybe next time maybe I can plant you a small, tree are you happy with that or. You want to stuff like that oh no. This, tree I cannot carry you know what's happened. So. Let's, go to the Greek Catholics, Cathedral. Yeah let's move on. Christian. Church will have a. Carpets. Yeah, and the churches, you know and not, only this one but at. The, whole flow is, with. Carpets. You. Cannot see the floor. I. Can. Fly. Yeah. But it's too, high now. Is. The best way to travel is to take a friend really. Close friend to you and, to have fun it's not only. Traveling. And looking. New. Locations. But spending. A nice time with friends yes, I think so too but I also enjoy. Seeing. For. Sure but what amazes. Well. Instead of going to New York you just come here to that lovely city and here. Is a region because, you can find the Liberty needs for statutes, that you've Liberty right yeah just, a, bit more savvy. Than. The. Statue of Liberty which is cute. Mark.

Umar. It's. Really nice it's, a cool. Yeah. We should oh. It's. So nice that you can that, you serve coffee with old, milk and have so many vegan, alternatives. Thank you, so in Ukraine just a lot of people right now going wiggins that's, why for us it's very important, so people could feel comfortable in our complaint yeah, it's really nice it's really a but you wouldn't expect it here oh yeah. What's your despite small, town but we hope it is more. Than enough to deserve this kind of a dream so what do you think about it I think it's really good and I really, enjoy it and I, eat mostly vegetarian, and, vegan food although, I'm not fully. Committed, but I enjoy. The food and I want to eat it more so it's really cool if you vegan we have also had a lot of pancakes. And come burgers yeah, I see, it that's why I'm so surprised by it that's cool. Yeah. Lovely. Place, we. Should be there again yeah we have I hope so yeah thank, you so much. Oh. Look. Here. Hello. I. Like. Coins, here I yeah okay, we're making coins here yeah yeah I. Might need a yellow, 14. D, at 14, it's, huge and I'm gonna do a strong. Right, you, want me to help you or. Yeah. Okay. And the other side, poor again. Oh. Well. Guys it's wrong okay don't. Be oh. Good. That's good luck right yeah. I'm. Gonna keep it thank you. Okay. Yeah you want me to help you. I'm. Strong enough. Do, you like my sound effect yeah. She's. Done twice. Nice. To meet you. Nice. To meet you guys okay, thank you thank you they, look nice can you see yeah. Well. Here, we are at. Asteroid. Castle, yeah it's, really nice place everyone. Told us to be there and to having a really nice experience it's quite old yeah it's very old and it's you. It's. Something. You need to visit when you're in this town. It's a traditional, Ukraine, cattle, that you have to be there it's huge it's old is, quite, how can I say it's a proper castle so, let's join us to that experience, come.

That. You actually, we, just described. That he has a big, berry and, how. It would be achieved. To be like that actually yeah. Yeah. Not maybe it's. Not so normal. To, find out people, like that but. Still you just at you yeah it's nice I think. This is a a. Drug. At the drokken it reminds, me about a statue called. Locum. But. I'm not pretty sure. Time. Time. Here. You can see a. Representation. How, might be how might look they, are back then three. Huge, and maybe, here you can find some crocodiles, you know like oh. There. Might be the place, can. You see the pictures, drawings. People. For a sufferer cute oh I, understand. Now here, is the stuff. They put in order to suffer P yeah it's a torture, like a torture, chamber, yeah. Can you see him. Sorry. Hopefully. We, don't have stuff. Like that these times yeah. Look. At the chair baby oh. It's, like have a seat Oh. Gossiping. You. Have to say that it was really nice to. Visit, that careful it's a traditional, couple, I mean it's. It's. Nothing that you haven't seen before but, in case, you have the ability to be that city you have to join it right yeah of course it, was beautiful, and this, looks like a watchtower. You. Do but the reality's different might, because you can see the cross over there yeah, does it look see you like what's. Tower now you, just have to use your imagination I've. Been dreaming, about this the coming of warrior protecting. This castle. Okay. John Lennon let's move on. In. The 18th, century the oshika Castle lost its defensive, importance, and its premises were given to the spiritual, seminary. From. 1947. To today the collection of a Sukkot potty a local history museum numbering, over 100,000. Unique exhibits, is located, here. The. Museum offers detailed information. On city and castle history the, corresponding, exposition, is situated, in the former nightly room where, ceremonial. Receptions, and meals were carried out, moreover.

The Local history museum keeps one of the largest collections of bronze items in Ukraine coins. And cold steel and firearms dated from the 14th, to early 20th centuries, are of great value the. Castle cellars feature the exposition, torture chamber which, shows exhibits, recreated, after medieval drawings and engravings in. Addition there's a tasting room for the famous sucker patio wines, this. Castle, is so well. Redecorated. We'll, have to say that in. Remain, the original, stuff. And the original scenes. Of a car no, not the original feeling like, when you go into the castle the only element that you can feel that it might be old or the other so well paint it so well but, it feels like we are enemy, seemed. More. Than even, the floor has been changed, more than in a castle. Well. We, are at the end of our castle a guide tourist. Guide and. What's. Your opinion. My. Opinion I, think. It was. Quite. Interesting, but. Yeah. Like, castles. In general, some. Some artifacts. Some dresses. Some costumes. So. Let's. Go to the thermal, baths yeah, sounds, quite exciting though let's see what's that's all about. We. Are in thermal pool of casino. Yeah it's actually a really nice place so calm and so peaceful yeah, yeah. A. Bit. Like mindfulness. Sure. But. Mainly. Here. The main attraction, is pool and baths and, that. You take advantage in, everything, you want they told us that about. My broken hand, my, mind my body my mama so you. Have some inner problems. As well yeah, so let's. Try on these okay. Join. Us. Korkin. So. This is like one. Of the most famous. We. Are here at, each time to relax actually. When we enter, were so sleepy because of the tree, from the car it. Was very tiring, day. Yeah. Yeah. It's. So much fun I love, back my parts I can, go there like, anytime oh. My. God I, have to do it. You, are going, me. It. Was helped me, but, I really enjoy. Oh. Show. Dot is a multicultural. City filled, with the aromas, of coffee and the sights of ancient, architecture and, adorable, mini monuments. It's. A city full of inspiration, and, love. Welcome. To Lucia rod.

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нема перекладу це галяк

Guys you’re so cool

Uzzhorod one from the most interesting cities. I live in London, but when going to visit my wife's family to Ukraine, especially in the middle of April, when Sakura Blooms is more than amazing. The city is small, nice... And a lot of coffee shops, that we have no in London :).

We are happy you like it ♥ Follow us to see next episodes

We are happy you like it. Follow us to see next episodes ;)

Guys, please, hire people who speak English well! It's hard to understand what they are saying. The transition video appears too often. And also you need to mention that Kosino is not in UZHHOROD. It's more than 50 km from Uzhhorod and you can get there only by car. There is no public transport to get there!

Uzhgorod was supercool! I loved it! I can imagine that spring is amazing there!

Thank you Viktoria! 

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