Travel Vlog | Our Amazing Trip to Saona Island Punta Cana Dominican Republic | MamaDee Family Vlogs

Travel Vlog | Our Amazing Trip to Saona Island Punta Cana Dominican Republic | MamaDee Family Vlogs

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Good. Morning from, paradise. Oh my gosh this is. Pretty. Much the last full day here today, and. We. Are going on an adventure our. Last adventure, going. On an island here and. So. On an island yes that's, what it's called and that's my. Master. Low stay. Hi hello. Marcella, has been taking, great care of us here. Gracias. Michelle. Mm-hmm. So, we, are in the path, that. Will, take us to someone Island. Yeah. Okay. In, the morning. We. Are where, we're we're. Somewhere. We are somewhere we are now it's. Our Solana. Island. And, we're, gonna take one who votes over then. You. Know, how many photos you wanna buy. Okay. So we're trying to decide if any of us, can. Stream. Hey, where. Are we going to sing on, research. And if you can swim you better not screw I paid, I'm swimming, just. Make sure you're not too far from the boat so you can hold all you can eat you see how. He's holding on. These. Kids. I able. To see anything or the middle of this year. Almost. Like a man-made. No, don't put it on our water because I. Know. Don't put it on our water because it might seem to the performance. I. Know. Just. Take a. Little. Bit you can't stand the heat check it out a little. Bit look so you can breathe easily. Look. At it. I. Think. I. Do. Mind swimming, at all. You. Get, in general, a good burning, so much water but. I did not. You. Don't have to. Both. She's, got the jacket. She's. Taken after him. Look. At the goo in, the Caribbean, Sea. This. Is the, natural, soil in. The dominican, republic and. You. Can see what, people. Can, swim. You. Wanna drink coconut yes. Read owners you. Wanna drink pina, coladas. I'm. Ready, to dance. I. Can. Take a sip, well. If, you tell not to I can take a sip I don't, wanna. Let's. See what do they have here. Yeah. Yeah. Mom. Here's a mobster. What. Is this fish, I mean. What is this. Lobster. Party. Push. These flippers like the hammer father long destructive piece of - bill a piece of - that one give me some ironic somewhat has a shine like some the moon appeals to me much esoteric, knowledge accumulated, to, me. Openness. In the struggle knowing I'm the greatest. Merge. Hemisphere, is the end engineers before me and I mention that a point is here I'm letting known as energy just condolences. The end to know that since appear. I'm, way too focused on this muses on spit around here politic, i need to push this liver to the only thing that makes common sense got it give me room mystified never use it or nothing megan detective, show you the truth, of the matter of, movies degrade. It to do the like, a clown on my teeth with it - picking, know this the brave hope that, you won't need jokes when I bring it smokes everything, I hope you remain, in my brain before my aim is scope so you've never killed a vision in the fridge phone with Ben so I can.

Okay. So I love, these little monkeys everywhere on the beach even though I know it's referring. To the exotic pet trade. But. This, morning. There was a cute little monkey that I wanted to take a picture with so, we didn't have any of our cameras a teenage, monkey not a pimple and. We. Came back after, we went to the beach and the island and everything and I was like oh where's the monkey and the guys of the monkey, works in the morning so the monkeys off now I. Guess. That night the monkey like let's take it take it easy with his family, ma'am. The. Monkey, wet in the morning, came. No. Afternoon, work for the mind. Good. Morning. Carolina. With wonderful. Amazing. Memories. We. Have. Moving. In about two, hours but, I. Wanted. To say. Thank, you all for, watching, applause. This, is the end of the vlog if I don't get all by the way it can happen so, maybe I'll show you that part. If. I don't talk to you after, that consider. This as my thank you and my phone and I, will see you guys soon. So. So, we are we are living. So. You just had a wonderful. Trip. With us to the Dominican, Republic in Punta, Cana and across, different. Areas of the island, it was beautiful, um thank, you so much for watching. You can see I have a new do time, debut. Exclusive. First look. And. If. You liked the video please like subscribe and comment below we. Love to hear all the things that you think and if, you've got a trip our video you can just send us the link and we'd love to watch it.

2018-06-27 06:52

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Oh akusemnandi :)

Bekumnandi kakhulu kengoku.

Hi, this was really useful as we wasn't sure whether to go to Saona Island but after watching your clip, we are going! thank you

It was definitely worth. Use seapro as it was cheaper than uvc. Thank you for your comment.

You guys are really always on the go. Never a dull moments. I really love watching you. That looked like a wonderful trip.

We had so much fun in this trip. We lost two phones but we did not let that deter us. Thanks my friend for your comment.

I have to see water like that..... cause wow!!!!

BTW, if you decide to go to DR go to the Caribbean side, cause that is where beautiful water is.

the seem unreal, I did not think water like that existed. Though Cape Town beaches are beautiful, that water seemed unreal, except you know you are in the ocean. The natural pool is so shallow and so beautiful. I had so much rum lol. thanks.

Off topic where did kit get that dress from when she wants to hold the monkey

I will ask her. But I think she got it from Forever 21 :D

Mama Dee I would like you to do a live and tell how us about your new hair routine.

I will definitely.

Great video!! The water is so beautiful. Great work capturing all the memories and I love the background music!

Thank you Carrie! We had an awesome time.

Mama Dee you look amazing. The place looks nice. I know you were only a tourist, but did you encounter any racism as dominicans (even the black ones) are known for their hatred towards black people. Any unpleasant experiences?

MamaDee cool.

there were lots of Haitians there. The photographer for our photoshoot was Haitian. I think they loved that we were African and we tipped a lot lol.

MamaDee true. Haitians hold the lower positions and are treated very badly. Maybe your lighter skin tones is the reason they were nicer to your family. Quite sad what colonization do to people.

thanks for your comment Nita. One more thing I will say is, though majority of those serving did not mind even telling us they were Haitian, I know one Haitian guy who did not want to discuss it. He was in management. Maybe he is fearing messing things up for himself. Many people though my husband was from the Dominican republic and they thought my daughter and I were Brazilian lol (because of our locs). But we were very clear about where we are from (South Africa but live in the US)

This topic is very baffling to me not because you raised it (I've seen it a lot online) cause I honestly did not encounter any. If anything everyone was literally hugging us and so happy to see us. I think because we are South African we were very open to everyone, especially the servers of all stripes (most were brown or dark skin people and I really want to make a video on this but I don't know exactly how to tackle it). Never encountered any issues.

MamaDee, let me tell you a story You know, I remember the first time I saw an elder's bum exposed in public. An overweight woman was alighting the taxi in Gauteng in 2010. I had just arrived here and she was wearing pants that were soft enough that when she bent forward her bum (the crack) showed in its full force followed by her underwear which began halfway down her bum. I was thinking about the woman's bum the whole trip home. I asked myself, 'Why was I so shocked and disturbed?' I didn't care that everyone else was also embarrassed for her as they looked away. 'Why did I keep looking instead of looking away too.' I realized it was probably a regular occurence in the City where women were liberal enough to wear pants and tops that don't cover the belt. I realized I was shocked more because I'd never experience it before and decided it should not be a rare sight. We should not even look away, the bum is no less than a forehead in my opinion. It is a fully functional important part of the body. It covers the part we don't want to see, the anus. I decided I like bums. OK it sounds perveted but I mean it in the most innocent way you could imagine. I didn't stop thinking about the woman's bum. So one of the things that fascinate me about South Africa is that, my mom has a photo of her first children at around 3 years in Mahikeng in the 70's and their cousins. Some child was naked and another had pants only and another only a top. When I was about 9-10 years old on the streets we played koi (skipping) with tumbles and some boys/girls had torn underwear and it was not an issue. The bum was just a bum. Fast forward to 2018, a 3 year old girl/boy may not wander about without underwear (nappy). Just realized now that kids stop wearing nappies later than back in the days of the white towels. I digress, a 3 year old today has to cover. South Africa has progressed into modernity at lightning speed. This week a 103 year old woman passed away and her possessions included photos of black women in a village walking around bare chested in 1960s. I find it amazing that it is unlikely this still happens anywhere in South Africa today. Yes, looking at your dancing in your swimming costume covered with a top reminded me of the taxi woman's bum. (I hope you are laughing at this point). X

Funny story. But you had to compare her to mama Dee?

Laughing..(my whole body). Nice! (I'm too old now to care what people think, so I feel more free)

lol I was laughing while reading (until you compared her bum to my whole body lol

What a great trip before your son goes off to college.

I hope you had a wonderful time.

No we stayed at Secrets Royal Beach.

MamaDee did you all stay at one of the Elegance resorts? My husband and I were at the Elegance Mirage last week for a wedding. The beach and some of the resort looks the same.

yes it was awesome they thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you!

Hey all. Here is my latest vlog. Let me know what you liked.

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