Travel vlog || Port Elizabeth South Africa || Creating Memories || Part 1

Travel vlog || Port Elizabeth South Africa || Creating Memories || Part 1

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What's. Up what's up everyone welcome back, to my channel. Firstly. I want to thank everyone who's been watching my videos I'm. Probably annoying, my friends, because every time I have a video I'm always like please go watch my video but, thanks to everyone who does like my videos subscribe to me and yeah. You guys are really making me feel. I. Don't. Know feel. Like I did a good thing by starting, this channel because I was like saying I was very nervous about it but, now more than anything I'm fine. So. I'm gonna attempt, second, vlog this. Time I'm trying. I will, try by all means not to crap out my. Face, but. I'm still not gonna use the front camera so, I'm gonna try this bad camera thing until, I get it right so. If I do a crop up myself in, this, vlog then I do apologize. In advance, as. You, can see. Today. I'm already ready I'm gonna head out, according. To the title I'm going to, Port, Elizabeth. I've never been to PE but. I'm really excited about going because I also have a friend who lives down in PE Massa, who's a friend from high school you'll. Probably meet, her when I do see her ventually I plan. On vlogging, everything, but I'm not sure what. I'll cut off and whatnots and stuff also. South. Korea currently is winter, and they even have snow south, africa doesn't get that cold so. I. Don't. Have never even seen snow in my life so, I'm. Gonna take in the last moments. Of the summer yeah. Like. Wearing, short sleeve, it's. All hard to buy even things to prepare when I'm leaving because all, shops, have just summer, things and I need to buy winter things so, I decided I'm just gonna buy when I get thee, which. Is great so. Yeah. I'm gonna enjoy my lost summer vacation. My, first vacation with, my boyfriend and. We're. Initially supposed to fly, but. Gay. Finances. Will not on our side. Also. I'm very stingy, if you. If, you my friend you know this like I I buy, the cheapest, things in the world so. I, just figured why not use the bus it, will. Take much, longer I think we're gonna be on the pass for 12 hours but. It's, fine, no point we'll, have our own bus. Road trip and he. Didn't want to I had to beg him and I, mean guys honestly. Airplane. Was 1,500. Grand. Passes. 350. Come on, like I'm. Not gonna play with my money like that especially cuz I'm leaving I need to save money and budget so, yes. So. Yeah, you're, gonna join me so if you keen and interested to, see how my vacation, was my, mini vacation, then, please stay tuned and, yeah let's get into it. I. Just. But yeah it's, a park station, I'm. Gonna go look for my boyfriend, I actually.

Lost. Remember. That cute pillow you saw right now that. Travel. Pillow that I had actually my aunt got me that but, yeah now it's masked I don't, know I mean. I just have this. Blanket. On the bag and I don't understand, why people in town me yo, you travel, pillows, falling. Or maybe no one so this is quite for so. Yeah. Eleven, months since we do. And white. We, let Staubach and. Opposites. You, lift your work at 7:00 p.m.. But here. And the normal safety, second movie. So. We. Just checked are not really checked in, we. Dropped our beds up where we booked because they just, have to clean likely. The guests left. So, they're gonna clean and. Then. Then, you can come back, for. Mouth fruit yeah. So we're gonna try have breakfast, I try, to show up but you didn't allow us because I think they need to came first. Yeah. We're just gonna walk and find I. Think we gonna buy, groceries, so you should get you have a cooking station. Now. Please. Whoa. Also. Team this one is heavy. So, yeah. Probably, also close to the beach just, goes be. It. Was raining but kind. Of stopped and. Apparently. Is gonna give sang, apparently. We can wear bikinis, even today so, we'll. See. So. Ramona. I told you I lost my, travel. Pillow turns. Out I wasn't the only thing I lost I also lost my black sweater and, when. I buy my tracksuit I buy them in case so. Now. I don't have a. Black. Tracksuit, because of that but. Oh my. Hand. It. Actually works. How. Will you recommend. Like. In. Depends. What you want risk that's, why they explode, anything. You you think with, country. It's. Hard because you live yet. It's very hot. This. Is our room. TV. We. Have. Basically. See the pool. Much. Revered, unpacked, don't. Think we both this. Is me. Okay. Breathing. A. Small. Kitchen, area. But. Cute. Strange. As. Well as the basis oh. Yes. And there's Wi-Fi and. Yeah. So it's pretty cute. Yeah. It was no easy. There's, a fan yeah. Whoo, so. Your. Recent, now and. Just. Gonna take a look to the beach as well as, five. Feet. Or. So. And. One for the beach by the a. Before. You get, out some example, tag, his. Wifey, hey. Wifey. Hey. What's. Up everyone. Okay. So now it's day three, and. Wearing. Activewear. President, basically gonna do a few activities. So. Healthy. People like eating fruit, not. Healed. It's. Obvious. So. We're gonna go there from there we're gonna go to the papacy, my, path itself but. The most magnificent. View of the whole of. If, you filled out the product, now. So what they do is they, usually get in the water collect, a twist and turn you see them outside they're. Actually spreading that oil around the point to, make sure the. So. You can eat. Join. Us as we go see what's, really inside be, well. Okay. So I want you to comment. On. This. Video tell me if you think dinosaurs. Wow. Oh. But, while our. Range. Oh.

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You and Tendo make my heart so full

Hey Palesa, awesome vlog! That beach with the sunset looks amazing! I would love to see Africa one day. Would you recommend it? What's your favourite part about it? Would you be interested in supporting each other? I think creators like us need to network and make friendships. I make music for Youtubers for free and it’s all royalty free music. So I think that I could be a good asset to your channel. If you’re interested in subscribing to keep up with my latest releases, then let me know and I’ll subscribe to you to support your channel. :)

My favorite couple ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Oh Lala, this is getting better n better. I love your vlog. Waiting for part 2

You guys are soooooooo cute!!


Thanks for the seasoning shaker hack. We learn everyday.


This is so beautiful friend

Catching Up With Sihle aww

Cindy Rakolojane thank you so much Cuz ❤️ see you tomorrow lol

tinyvessels Thank you so much! ahh there’s so much lol, “ Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban , Mpumalanga “ it all depends on what you want to do. Omg YES definitely it’s like you read my mind . I always need music for my vlogs. I’ll subscribe right now .

Thendo Nendouvhada mine too

angel rambau thanks Angel

khuselwa hlatshwayo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ thanks

Nontokozo Kubheka lol I never thought it worked too..

Ogone Mphela lol dude remember y’all would buy pies and I’d buy toppers those biscuits during break because they were R5

+Palesa Jonas You're definitely right, there's too much to see! But I definitely want to do an amazing trip through Africa. I'm saving up the money right now! That's awesome!! Thank you so much! I subbed to you too :)

I know I'm late, but what's the name of the place you booked in. I like it

lol better late than never, it is "At Sta-Plus Guest House"

Hey gl . Plz share the travel guide detail. The one with a red tuk tuk. Are Ubers great there ?

There are Ubers yes, a lot. You can contact or google " Mosaic tourism" you'll get all the information you need.

New suby,plz support bk love,great video

I love your personality sis

asiphe sibali ohhh Gosh Friday made! I Just checked your profile aw’semuhle

Do the most ! You guys are so cute ♥️

Thak you so much Didi :)

@Palesa Jonas You're definitely right, there's too much to see! But I definitely want to do an amazing trip through Africa. I'm saving up the money right now! That's awesome!! Thank you so much! I subbed to you too :)

Awesome vlog, cool editing. I truly enjoyed watching this

Thank you so much!

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