Traveling Home: A Brazil Inspired Kitchen

Traveling Home: A Brazil Inspired Kitchen

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We're the bucket list family Garret, Jessica. Dorothy, Manila, and Callahan a few, years ago we sold everything to travel the world and, now we're setting out on our biggest adventure yet. Oh. Gathering, inspiration, in amazing countries each week our, at-home experts, and Ian can decide will, remodel our new home not our house yes. In real time room, by grill. We'll need your help to you. Decide what we experience in each country. We're, asking you to help us plot our course. Live. This. Is your invitation to join us on this. Traveling. Home. Like. You're off key that's singing it. Hi. Candace this is Garrett, and Jessica coming at us test, 1 test, 1 we are standing smiling. Smiling. Do, you want to try do it. Hi. Guys we're Andy in Candace Meredith and we are in Hawaii at, Garrett and Jessica's, beautiful, new house we're so excited to be working on this project with them they're gonna be traveling, the world while we're here and they'll, be sending us back inspiration. To put into each one of these rooms when, Garrett and Jess first told us about the house that they had found they said I think it was built like in the middle, of the century or something then we got here and it's like oh no this, is a 1920s. Maybe 1930s. Bungalow which, is totally, up our alley and everything. We love about old houses the. First room that we're gonna take on in this house is the kitchen which, is probably the hardest room I. Don't. Know my problem, is it's like when the kitchen is finished I feel like okay the rest of the house is gonna be everybody's, gonna. Be all right we met with Garrett here at the house back in February, and Jess was obviously. In no state to travel at that time but, he gave us a little tour of the house initially, the kitchen this is the kitchen now so. We're going to make. It ours make, it special but, we want to keep, the old specialness.

We Want to keep the integrity of this house the, kitchen has seen a lot of remodels, there are some original details left in there that we're trying to keep and preserve as much as we can but I will say this jess, has specifically. Asked, for a big, open, window and that's, what we're gonna give her so no, matter what that's, happening, Jess, well I can't blame her with a view like we have behind us I don't know why you'd want to block this I mean it's okay I would do dishes all day just to look out the window if you're into like ocean, views and sea turtles like sure, all right yeah we. Have these beautiful original, cabinets, and we're going to demo them very, very carefully well demo stands, for demolition so, we're going to, demo. Remove. We're going to Remo them very carefully mode a. Ashtag. Remotes. These. Are gonna live in another beautiful. 1920s. Beach cottage, but, we're making way for the window and that's okay with me. Now, the demo is done it's time to start getting everything into production we have brand-new, cabinets, being done we, made sure that the walls aren't, gonna fall over and we've, got plaster going in yeah real plaster, which is really exciting because we don't get to do that a lot yeah because it's super expensive but just for you guys because your house. And. We're just got everybody kind of rolling and working hard we also have someone coming over to start installing the Vivint smart home system Garrett, and Jessica were super, specific about, having smart home features, installed, in their house so that they can have peace of mind while they're traveling so we reached out to Vivint smart home with the idea for this show they were so excited about it they decided to come on as a partner and make this show happen so, we all have this is my home to thank for making this happen and I can't wait to show you all their cool products, throughout the season we're super pumped to have the vivid smart home technician, here he is installing, everything, in the house so it all gets automated.

And Protected. They have flood. Sensors, and smoke detectors they'll, know if a piece of glass breaks, in the windows so I'm just excited for the jeez like while they're traveling 3,000. Miles away they, can turn on their porch lights check, on their cameras, I make sure that everything is good back home we. Need to know what we're working with as far as inspiration. Goes so while Garrett and Jessica are in Brazil, we've asked them to send back kitchen inspiration. So we can incorporate that into the house right now. So. We're equals ooh Falls Brazil. And, it's. Really. Just stunning. Here this has to be the most breathtaking. It, is a natural beauty I mean it's one of the first things you say oh my goodness. This. Time exploring this country has been a little bit different usually we're exploring, with like adventure, and culture and service but this time our purpose is like we, have a house and we're, trying to find inspiration, for our house so. Here, in Brazil we have a few different stops we have Rio we have iguazu falls and, we have Sao Paulo, each, of these places we're looking for inspiration, for our kitchen. So. We went and stopped at a farmers, market which right farmers. Markets around the world are some of the coolest and, one was probably. One of the brightest, funnest, ones we've ever seen the flowers, the fruit the vegetables, the. Spices, and the lentils and the fruit, and everything, was just colorful, and we loved it so our inspiration. For the kitchen is just the bright, colors. Of Brazil they, go, for it so I feel like if there's a decision, in our kitchen we're there to play it safe or to go for it we got to be like the Brazilian people got, to go for it so. Andy, and Candice make, our kitchen bright and fun, and fresh so that we can have lots of healthy meals and lots, of yummy, yummy food if there's us how you bowls there, that's, all right there's, just a tap. All. Right so bold bright, fresh colors we can do that yep acai, bowls on tap I don't think that's a real thing I would like to say yes let's, work on with technology. Okay. I want. To do the right color. By Garrett he wants green, cabinet, yeah okay, cool I love green cabinets I sent him a couple colors anything no no no no no like, like green not muted green not warm green not pre green like, green, green like smack in the face cream like super, green green. Like go look at the flag I'm gonna do it I'm gonna go for it where's the Brazilian, Way all right okay. This is my favorite part now, it's time to put everything on a mood board and really see how the room is gonna come together I'm, shopping on Wayfarer they actually have this amazing, feature where, you can make mood boards right within their website so I've got a mood board set up here for our Brazil, kitchen, I'm starting, with this green and. Now I'm just going to start adding products, in so I've. Always, wanted to do a Smeg, fridge it's. A super, big risk because, it has to get your on a boat let's see if it makes it here on time, it's worth the risk to me I found. These amazing gold. Brackets. There's super. Heavy duty and, I think they're gonna look great in the kitchen and then I've got an amazing farmhouse, sink brass, faucet, what's. Great about shopping at Wayfarer is you can find things that you likes or their site you just put a little heart on them it saves them into the room you want it saved and then I can go through here and say okay this. Little sconce, is gonna look amazing you, can kind of see how it looks with the rest of the room and even, though this is a brand new kitchen we really want to pay attention to the historic, roots of the house so I'm trying to stay. Brazil. And fresh and exciting and, something that the bucket list family will love but I'm also trying to do a good job for this house and making sure this kitchen looks like it fits with, the house it's 100 years old so I've, got that sconce and, I've. Got a light here, that I think it'd look great although. I did save another one that has a slightly different shade, so, just. Kind of see which one looks better. And. I think I like the one with the frosted, glass better so you just delete it and. Now you can, really see how. This is all gonna come together it's, gonna be beautiful and, I, can't, wait to start getting some of these products but it's. What's. Really fun about this show is that you guys get to choose what adventure, we see the bucket-list family go on each week so, we put a poll on home network social where, you got to vote whether the buckless family sees Brazil through the air on the gondola or through the sea on a, boat ride are you literally.

About To like get, the count. Okay. 72%. Said. Gondola. Wow. Going. Through the air okay, well, I mean that's I would think what would you the same thing okay, we're, about to call Garin Jes and tell them that they're gonna see Brazil from, a okay. We have results okay. So what are we doing it's gondola. Kind. Of not fair that they're all like at the floor in the world and we're, back home stressed, out about shipments. And things not getting here in time and I, still, have a hard time complaining, about being here working, oh now. There's a lot of stress there's a bad, guy oh you're ungrateful. Let. Me inside. My. Races. My. Heart is. Home with. You. My. Heart is. Home. Today's. Awesome, we have the cabinet guys coming, and this, kitchens really gonna start to come together now. We're. About to show you how green, green. Can get I mean. I'm from a really green country and yeah that is green we. Are so, excited. About these cabinets, I, basically. Picked the, hardest cabinet. You can kick and I, need it fast inand like then you can do this it is like yes totally totally. Do it one episode in that's how long it took for the canvases British accent to come out but, Danny not, really. Got on top of things and really got these cabinets built well yeah, they're gonna look amazing and they are the hardest most. Custom, cabinets, yeah we could have chosen but it's, what the house needs and Garrett and Jess are gonna enjoy these things for a long they're gonna love it so their furniture style cabinets, which means they have legs instead, of just oak --ax they, have inset, doors instead, of like doors, that just kind of sit on the top so, everything. Every little detail around has to be perfect there's an eighth inch reveal, from every, single cabinet door I mean these. Are they're made out of mahogany, I know painted, painted. Mahogany. The details, I mean they all come together with this reproduction, hardware, that I'm putting in there it's fancy it's beautiful, its ornate it looks exactly like the. High-end of what would have been put in the houses at this time and it's gonna really really set, those cabinets, off, we. Have a lot going on in the kitchen today the cabinets. Are being built the, lights are going in the floors are down it's it's starting to look like an actual kitchen yeah but we want to add something kind of special in this kitchen that's not brand new that speaks back to the history of the house and the geez live a very very minimal lifestyle so they don't need a lot of upper cabinets so we had this idea to. Put just one single open shelf and we, wanted to make it out of something really special and when we did all the repairs that needed to be done during demo and early construction we. Ended up with a lot of original old lumber, from the house and we knew we needed to get a lot of it back into the house yeah so we took these beautiful. Pieces. Of old lumber I mean you can see the growth rings of a hundred years old plus, we, decided to take those get, all the, nails out of them get them straightened, cut. Them to the right size and make a beautiful shelf, that's gonna last forever, so, what we've done basically, is taken, something from inside the house that wouldn't really be seen before and now, we've made it kind of a focal point in the feature of that kitchen to where when they set things on that shelf. They're physically, touching, the hundred, plus year old history of this house yeah I love that we've. Got the Shelf in now it looks amazing it's on these super, heavy-duty brass, brackets, these.

Were A gem of a find when I found these I was like I want to use them on everything, yeah, yeah and not only is the style spot-on but they are really, duty, the guy that installed them said like we can take the nicest brackets, I've ever installed yeah they're awesome Garrett, likes CrossFit, so there's. Another station. -, state for the record that I do not know how to dress in Hawaii, I'm. Super, excited to start pretty the route back together we have all of these amazing, colorful. Things a lot of plants, all these are from Wayfarer and I'm. Excited to start putting them back in the space because that's when it really starts to come back alive so, I've got these amazing fake, plants, they look totally real but, these are things that can live, and not die when, Garrett, and Jess are off traveling, the world they don't have to worry about giving things water I've got, these canisters. These, are just super colorful and bright and that's really what we're trying to add back into the kitchen is that like color and excitement, bringing. Like, the Brazil inspiration. Back in this reminds me of the market that they visited then, of course we're doing like all the stuff that they need to cook to. Entertain, Garrett and just both said that they're super pumped to have friends over I hope. They invite us over and, like. Just. Have nice big parties and all. Of this kind of coming together with the bright bold everything. Just super bright fresh again calling back that brazil inspiration. So i'm, excited to get these on the shelf and get this kitchen finished, okay. Guys we've got the lights all set up on the vivid smart home app so, Garrett and Jess can actually, turn on and off the lights whenever, they're 3,000. Miles away or, if they're home it's, super cool you just go like this turn them on or. You. Can dim them. Nice. They're, gonna love this, Andy. Candace, we hope you're enjoying Hawaii, because we're really enjoying our time here in Brazil and we will see you and went like six weeks now six, weeks we, are coming, home but good luck with my kitchen because. That's. My space kitchen. Is my space guys. We're so excited we're. Finished. The kitchen, is beautiful and, everything, I hoped it would be I can't wait for the cheese to come home to this kitchen I mean it, is everything, they wanted it's clean it's fresh it's bright but, it's still so classic, and timeless, that's the home so well there you think it's crazy they don't see this kitchen until they come back for the finale so you guys are seeing this kitchen, before, they're seeing it and that is exciting we. Really, started this kitchen at like. Scratch, like, we had to rebuild so many things make it so much more structural. Yeah and then how everything. Custom-made to come back in the kitchen and we really started with an idea of making this kitchen, really, simple, early classic really timeless where, before it had a lot of cabinets, and things that the Gees just don't need so by, repurposing.

And Taking those cabinets, out and putting them in a different house we, opened up a lot of space for that window that was important, to Jessica, yes and to, have the kind of kitchen that they'll actually use yeah, they don't have a lot of stuff what they want in their kitchen the things that they can cook with and entertain. With and that's about it and I'm really glad that we were able to get that beautiful open shelf in there it's simple, it's, amazing, that it was made from the old wood from the house like that's one of my favorite pieces in that room and it really calls back to the history of this home and how strong, and and how, resilient these old places are and so just to see that piece as like the focal point in the kitchen is, way. Exciting you've done on time and it's done okay. You can't be done because those, cabinets, are just literally. The most perfectly. Built sturdy. Strong. Green. Cabinets. I was worried about the green at first I think we were all worried. Because. It's so green well once you put it against like the plaster. Walls and like little, by little the things that we add into the room start to kind of take, the green down a notch okay now it's getting closer, put the brass hardware on, and now that oh yeah this looks like totally normal, it's amazing, it's really neat to see that reproduction. Brass hardware on the poles down cabinets, and how, well it ties in to the shelf brackets, and the, sconce lights and just all the brass hardware so. Classic, so timeless, yeah, a really, really, bright fresh bitchin and then you guys know the elephant that's not in the room the. Fridge the. Fridge didn't, make it on time, literally. As we speak in. The middle of the ocean on, a boat for, some reason I picture pirates on the ocean with this I also picture pirates, on the ocean like Oh pirates, don't have it protecting, it okay yeah we. Went with marble countertops, because that's a very historic, finish anything, we can do to make this kitchen feel like it might have been somewhat original, we're doing so we've got the furniture sale cabinets, the marble countertops, the farmhouse, sink yes I almost forgot about the farmhouse sink yeah and and farmhouse, sinks are kind of I would say trendy, right now but they're. Like. They've always looked good they'll always look good and that's what we love about old. New kitchens yeah we, filled this room with more plants, than I think I've, ever even, thought about putting in a kitchen because that's like fresh in Brazil Hawaii. And because Brazil yeah and hopefully they don't all die I got like half a fake plants, half real plants and I think it'll look good and the art kind of like sets. Off the plants and I'm hoping that it's everything just I think it's a great balance and what says fresh more than plants, it really is one of our favorite kitchens from the plaster, walls the, reproduction. Hardware, that, open shelf yeah the cabinets, the, countertops, that beautiful, faucet, it's so special for us to be working on this house for the GS because they really have been traveling, the world for so long and that sounds, luxurious, and glamorous but the reality, of it is like, every. Night is in a different place and I do I feel. Really honored and I'll start to cry but I feel really honored that they trusted us, with their homes yeah and that we get to work on that it's really special place especially the kitchen first at heart of the home so, to be able to have a kitchen that's theirs with, the view of the ocean the, beautiful colors to remind them of their world travels, all of the plants, everything, feeling so full and green and fresh it's, gonna be exciting yeah. We. Hope you love it guys we're, so pumped to share this with you what's, the O later we'll see you next time in Morocco, with. Section in the houses Morocco get inspired our. Master, bedroom and master bathroom, absolutely. So we will see you next week bye. Okay. Guys thank you so much for watching next, week the family's off to Morocco, yep to get inspiration for their new master, bedroom, so we also need your help voting so make sure that you're following home love network across all your social channels we're, gonna open the vote up tomorrow to decide what they're gonna experience in Morocco so make sure you subscribe so you don't miss a thing and a, very special thanks to vivid smart home for making this whole show possible if you have ever thought about getting a smart home or a safe home get, a free quote find out how affordable it really is you won't regret it, we're so grateful if you haven't thought about it you're probably thinking about it now yeah thank, you guys thank, you so much for watching we'll, see you.

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Jess is going to cry

I love the sink and the beautiful shelf.x

Love love the green cabinets, the hardware, and brackets and shelf! Amazing!!!!!

a brazil kitchen, should be pure marble and modern, my house is all modern

can’t wait to see the next episodes☺️


Totally dig the reproduction brass hardware--y'all went for it--white hot! Wayfair...'cause being a rockstar lives in each one of us! #mailorderdelight The future is today--Vivint Smart Home. Welcome home--your say! Designed your way! A BEST home for today. #livesmarterplayharder And baby-- if you gotta wash dishes, yes, you do! Do it with the ultimate hawaiian beach View! #staycation #blessedyou #theworldisyouroyster God bless you Jessica and Garrett-- your new besties, Candis & Andy Meredeth, they stoked you! #justsayyes P.S. #refrigeratorphonehome

Won't the dishes be full of steam after cooking?

They are going to need a back-splash behind that stove's a beautiful kitchen

I like the kitchen but I think it's missing painted walls & a colorful back splash :/

U must to go to indonesia

There should be less plants but still looks awesome!!

Love it!!! Love it all! The farm house sink is amazing! Everything is in balance. But they do need a Tucan somewhere in there. What an amazing family and they deserve an amazing home in a most wonderful location.

plant over kill, not seeing the colors of Brazil either.. ..otherwise.. thumbs up!

You have a link to backsplash tile but you didn’t use backsplash tile did you? I’m actually loving the simplicity of no backsplash tile! Any tips or thoughts on backsplash tile vs none? Do you have to have the plaster walls?

Looks great - full shot of the FCFS36-DB fireclay sink installed at 18:02!

what the heck 0 likes... wierd

Sure it's exciting to get new project to work on, but did you think they wouldn't want cupboards for their child's sippy cups? an open shelf will not last long, they will want storage for the odds and ends. sad the home lost it's cupboards.

I’m in Hawaii right now!!

Not enough countertop surface for baking and prepping. But still lovede the look of everything, and the materials

Omg I love those plants! Going to get those ASAP!!!

It looks amazing!! Suggestions- you could have really put a fun, brigt colorful rug in there o make it a focal point instead of a neutral shade. Also, you're missing a huge opportunity to put those plants in beautiful ornate brazialian inspired pots!!

Where do I get the cabinet hardware???i want it for my new kitchen! Thank you :)

wooow so amazing beautiful

iicannot believe you pulled those gorgeous vintage cabinets down...and no backsplash

Okay, I MUST know. What is the name of the song playing while they’re on the Gondola!! I’ve tried searching everything!


I am so excited to see this house when it's done!!! I love this family so so much!!!

For the next room they need to put garret and manilla's freedive score

Luv the kitchen but no dishwasher with 3 kids?

It's beautiful!! But.... if you use that gas range like I would, to saute and fry, all the dishes on that shelf above will get kinda icky. Not a fan of the open shelf style. Impractical. Gas range needs a hood.

I love Foz do Iguacu! I went many years ago and still to this day is my favorite international travel.

Can you tell me where you got the reproduction hardware? We just bought a Queen Anne Victorian built in 1896 and most of our door knobs and hinges look like those pulls!! I'd love to include them in our kitchen reno!

Beautiful work....a.little over done with the plants tho lol. Love it x


Oooo!! What island is this on? Big island? I love Kauai, I hope it’s in kauai

I love the green cabinets! I think they are going to LOVE their new kitchen! Great job you did and great "remo" :)

I waited to watch these...Like waiting to watch through their eyes.

So cool!

It looks like a Kampung!!!

It was worth it, thanks.

Beautiful! Is ventilation needed over the stove? I'm uneasy about the wood shelves above the stove.

Does anyone know what song is playing at the beginning

It's pretty but Brazil is more colorful I guess

It was nice seeing y'all at the Scera Theater! Love you guys!


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