Traveling to Mâcon (Burgundy) the east-central France | Travel France with WineMap TV

Traveling to Mâcon (Burgundy) the east-central France | Travel France with WineMap TV

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What. Evelyn wine, what. Could be better this. Is the first time that we managed to bring these ideas into, a civil project, on Ukrainian, TV a well-known, presenter, and asano here are going on an exciting journey around, the world I saw you became confused, I'm worried. Are. We going how many times will return you, will see the entire winemaking. Process. I've. Never seen such an amount of wine foam, from. The grape wine they grew in the sunlight. Two. Sealed bottles, of wine on the store shelves you. Design. The secret of how one can distinguish, a true one from fake and which, sort of wine is better what. Is the right way to pour wine I. Share. This secret with nobody, so. I person, isn't he you have an opportunity to get a prize when they show any proof the one for attentively watches, the programme should remember a password, don't. Be mistaken, you should be first to go to a winery where we shoot this episode, of the programme and telepathy the. Hardest skipping a beat are. You ready to see the world through. Wine. Finally. It happened we, are in France in the paradise, for two wine lovers, we're. In the popcorn province in the town of Macomb it, is a fantastic land of medieval castle grounds. Vineyards, and, is replete with amazing, stories. Maybe. Ghosts, are living in this castle but. The visiting, card of the region is wine, fresh. Light and at the same time delicate, and succulent, so, prepare to enjoy the taste friends. Who. Else just in chat your friends. For. Sure hello. Friends. Probably, Musketeers, galloped along this street several centuries ago. Local. Residents, are greeting us looking, from the windows of their houses I already, like this multi-coloured city. You. Telling us how to find a good meeting place. By. The way she is already tired of waiting for me and, I, hope I didn't confuse the cathedrals. Hello. Sir greetings, but, why. Are we meeting in ruins vitally well. In fact this is the church of saint vincent and for centuries the, monks came here and prayed for a better grape harvest, I recommend. You take a tour of the town of makan after. That delve into the province because, here France is significantly, different from our first impression, that we usually have it. Seems to me that the province will be very cool because everyone, usually visits tourist places well I'm going to check out the country villages of France, alright just remember that we're in France it, means cuisine it, means the cuisine of a high level if we look at the other side of the coin which is wine then, I think it will be interesting I will try to do that but I don't know what level it will be and the password, and the best word it will be the most beautiful because, I expect, you will enjoy grace tasty. Agreed. Well. I'll go to the church to pray for the harvest have, a nice trip to the vineyards. Thanks. Alright see you alright see you st.. Vincent's cathedral seems to be the most illogical federal, of burgundy. Built. In the 6th century it was ruined practically, every hundred years not only because of Wars the. Reason we saw in the instability, of soils and engineering, defects, I think, the Cathedral, where people prayed for winemaking became a bit drunk in, the other were only two towers a quarter and an arch. While. Lara is enjoying, the ancient architecture, I'm heading, to the village of chardonnay the, homeland of the famous wine although, I'm not sure about this at all that's, why I'll try to ask the local people about it. The, village of chardonnay is like the scenery of a medieval film. Small. Medieval houses and no living soul. Well. Except for this cat. But. He also does not really want to talk Bonjour.

Monsieur. Bonjour. Please. Tell me what was the first the village of Chardonnay or The Grapes of Chardonnay. Wine. Makin came to us from Mesopotamia. In 8000. BC then, the first memoir has appeared in the vine which was later named Chardonnay, came 300 years later. It. Was brought by the Romans and the Greeks and this, sort took root in our lands, and the, name Chardonnay, was only given in the 1800s. Then. Chardonnay, became the name of our village. Do. You live in this castle, the. Third or fourth generation of my family grew up here. Okay. Thank you very much. Thank. You I. Cannot. Believe that I am in Chardonnay. But. By the way it is over 1000 years old there, are vine yards everywhere, and people, here are winemakers. Over five to nine generations, so, all are wealthy the French say if you want to become a wine grower first, become a millionaire. After. All a hectare of this land costs half a million euros. We're. Stuck this is a difficult burden to town old, houses are everywhere, they, take care of them here you, will not see any skyscrapers. Young. People are having fun and laughing while adults work to earn a living where each imagine jump up. And get togethers in the middle of why they are for pensioners when they are prosperous, and well may change the friends our. Grandmothers, would envy them threes. Are really few tourists here because it's not the French Riviera but, there is something too beautiful to see here the movie with the ticket photo of this house place it. Has been standing here since 1510. It, is the most famous wooden house in Burgundy, he, faces among decent people on the facades are totally, disfigured, 500. Years and not a single change. This. Hair molded glass was preserved in the 15th century and survived to this day cool. Among. The villages fields vine yards and tractors there is a genuine, palace but Rob's, knee pops the end of you a long time ago its owners where, the Lumiere, brothers who, became wealthy in cinematography, after. That the palace was sold several times and then a winemaking, company, bought it for eighteen million euros. Vitaliy, Bonjour. How, are you do you like this beautiful view. This. Castle money, feek just, look at the nature what a garden. Well. I invite you because I want to show the palace, as. You can see it is a bit empty here but it is no less beautiful, the main beauty of this hall is the fireplace it. Is very elegant and can delete up in winter. Long, ago the nobility arranged, not parties, in the palace now, for several hundred zeros anyone, can stay there and enjoy its exquisite, interior, exotic. Garden and French wine and charms. Well. No I mean a French province. Simply. Put in your village. Although. It looks nothing like a green and village. I'm. Falling in love with friends, if. So and everything here is special you the people are friendly hearings, they are smiling all the time they. Decorate their houses with flowers the, shutters on the windows are colorful, and each one has its own shade and small bells. Whistle. It what's, your name good. Energy. Social. French soldier. French. Vine yards they're not just land planted, with applying, this. Is poetry beauty and history we, started, together. With Eve we're, near the rock of solute earth here's, terroir, we're a unique wine is made from its grapevine why. Are there so many tourists. In these wonderful vine yards. There. Are two reasons why tourists, come here the, first one is the rock of solute wrath and the second, puh-leeze. Why. Is this mine yard so famous, because, here we can consider the meaning of the term terror in its classical, sense. Here. Are a benign, Sun grateful. Lands and a wonderful, sort of Chardonnay, grapes and. Of. Course the inspiring job of winemakers, who, put their entire soul, into their work this. Is really one of the most expensive and most prestigious buying, yards and France why, because, they're the oldest ones and besides that they're special Dukes, of Burgundy had, their, own approach of vitae culture and sustained, their position, with the French Court it was a matter of honour to make the best wine for the French kings.

Why. Makin in Burgundy covers a very small area, with the total area of 100, Appalachians, and no, local wines by their nature are the most expensive due to the location, and its small area, French. People became experienced. In making, absolutely different wines from the Chardonnay vines expensive. Or affordable, some of them have even fabulous, glory and it is a one-in-a-million, lucky chances, to try it. What. Is common in the center of a city surely, a church this one is very beautiful. This. Is the stories that seem plain in our yard with flowers in which people leave. Do. Sell flowers oh. Hello. Doggy nice guy. Oh. Birds. As well this, is a canary. Mercy. Vocals with. Me smiling granny Pauline a joyful dog named Colleen birds. Chirp and roses, this. Is kind of hyomezo paradise. Rockets. Salute ray is not just an ornament of Burgundy, it also gave the name to the entire archaeological. Culture which, is known as solar trend of the 20th millionaire BC and the, Upper Paleolithic, era fee an incredibly, ancient time at, the top there is a special accurate path slightly, sloping, so the children dogs and I could go along the way silicon, deep it sabaki eeeh it, is written here is that the wife of the former French president Francois, Mitterrand, is from mcconnell's, so. He established, a tradition to, hike up the mountain along with his ministers, every year I'm, a minister. Surprisingly. It seems like the road leads down, by. The way there, are many hikers and the distance is long while, there are no trash bins the area is absolutely clean just, vodka. The. Mystery is that somewhere, in the middle of the route of the horses leave everyone. You just have to rest and continue. And, then. You reach the breathtaking peak. The. Head is spinning as if, there is nothing but air between you and the abyss. Vitaliy, you commanded me to drive French cuisine. Maybe. Here the, company's internally. Boyfriend. She's. Married he's not a boyfriend. I'd. Like a cup of coffee. You. Speak Ukrainian. So. You're Croatian, oh nice. I. Need a permission to drink coffee here but I don't know who to ask. Very. Well. Is. It French. Beatrice. For Ukrainian borscht what. Is boiling there rice soup, soup. This. Is the goulash International. I hear. Is. There a special French cheese. So. Fragrance. Rule. Taste homage now. Why. Not this. One is right. How. Do you say in French to your help. Come. In Vitali this is our vault which, we have reordered, to carry out various types of eine fication based. On the burgundy, approach we, have three types of fermentation.

Baths The, first batch which i think is very intriguing and interesting for, you is a cement, one in, order to get the inertia and to maintain the temperature regime, during the preparation, and fermentation of wines this, is the necessary condition to achieve our truly harmonious, and pleasant, taste of the wine and. Why, do they have a tapered cone shape this is again the tradition, of Burgundy winemaking in addition they're also open from the top that, is to allow oxygen, into the product all processes. Take place naturally, the. Cap formed on the top in the process, of fermentation is, evenly distributed, over the surface since, they are not closed there is no need to collect it second. Vats which you can see here and which I am very proud of are made, of wood this, is the most high-quality French, hardwood we, use it in the winemaking process it, is also shaped in the form of a cone. And. The third VAT is made of steel and is obligatory for, every winery, here, we can observe how the temperature, regime changes, and how the protective, membrane appears, it. Also helps, to achieve a better result in the process of verification and, the, main feature of the whole process is that we can transfer for one batch to another, this way we can conduct experiments. And make our wine refined, and sanctified. This. Beauty's ever contained cows. They. Began Saturday looking at. French. Cows are different from Ukrainian, cows the. Difference is that this cattle do not be misled, by huge malacca so, this is separate species of Reggie cows they. Are the symbol of Burgundy, I, don't. Want to thank you to all other, gourmet people of France they may be transformed. Well. We also said you're friends. The. Photo is called my girls and I gathering. In the stomach and smiling, from ear cry you must. See. What a wonderful weather this. Year will be very good for wine. Please. Come in. This. Is a gay to paradise, part. Of the paternity. Hold. This drop, tube take, the glass. These. Wine vaults, are commonly, imagined, when we speak about the red wine that has to rival is it here, are the traditional, barrels that are called a part of Burgundy lines psi. Perfectly. Thank. You, oh you are already a professional. Mitali. Try, this one, it is wonderful, burgundy. Wine. Was put into this barrel in 2015. Then. There was divine weather and it should be phenomenal, silky. And promising. Perhaps. There are ghosts, in this castle, I noticed, the place is very old. Probably. They may exist in the belly view palace to, each his own but some wine, geniuses, do live in this vault because they, drink from each barrel, even. If you fill it with wine to its capacity over time it will be lacking that means that wine geniuses, did their taste testing. I, thought. Dally when, walking through the seedings running shoes in Jesus all day you really want to taste some wine honestly. I'm looking forward, so how does today's holiday begin today's a holiday is we're in the homeland, of the Chardonnay, grape variety, the, best samples, of the planet let's start from the basics how to tap the wine correctly, it is desirable, to keep the bottle above the belt, therefore, we stress its status and respect to the product and respect, for wine do. Not in any case keep it in the bottle neck, then. We celebrate it as something, special. Here. How nature is rejoicing birds, are singing. They're. Happy because the open a bottle Chardonnay. If. We take white wine it should be poured lower and if it is red. Higher, right. Because. Red wine should be saturated. With oxygen and, then it's various bouquets will, be pleasant, in their taste. As. For. White wine who, will heat it up what. Is the optimum does of wine. First. Of all it depends on the size of the glass as for its volume, it ranges. When. You see how waiters, or Sommeliers mr. fatigue, and hold a bottle with three fingers. I. Think, they probably master, their fingers to pour. Is. It the apogee of wine art it's, not high art first of all one should understand, that the hollow in the bottom of a bottle is not intended for this what is it for it provides a more stable stand, even on an uneven surface, I recommend, that it be poured, in this way.

Mate Dryly. Please. Left, or right hand, I recommend. Burning this way. Tell, me I'm a porn is correct. And. Words. Don't. Make fun of me am, i doing it right that's better it's, okay but you can't touch it, another. Trick is not to touch the glass with the bottle Milosh, screw you booked on dock. When. We have red wine in a white tablecloth, there, is a problem of an extra drop on the tablecloth. In. Order to prevent this we pour the wine into the glass slowly, turning the bottle. This. Way or another. Though. Then it rises to the top until, today didn't even know this porn wine is a great art with a twist cloture on you your, wall good start the wine tasting session we. Should start because our wine will warm up let's. Go, the. First sample who drink is sand, verón wine the. Grapes are not harvested, from the entire province of burgundy but, from a specific small, area in, fact there, are the 20 years old which, are the youngest. Who's a Baldy. I. Have nothing to say well if. Nobody. The. I speak, for themselves, he's. A cunning fellow. It's. The traditional taste of this wine. So. This is the flavor I. Taste. Some green fruits, why do you taste green fruits because. You're right, is it a green fruit yes. It is no. It's Apple I wanted, to say green apple but is such pepper, well I goofed. Our. Next, sample is called to be reckless a wine. It. Was produced in 2013. It is one year older. Okay. Let's take the road with you next I cannot do this. What. Is the difference between them. It's. More greenish crispy, and fresh and, it's more mature sweet, and soft. We. Do it this way. Again. After which bottle can identify a wine sample after the. 1,002. Seat in such a balcony the, owner of a beautiful vineyard. In. Fact it's an extraordinary sample, much can be said about it. But. In fact haven't tasted it you'll feel it has a richer taste that is its darker, I. Would. Say that it has a golden collar this, indicates, its older age. In. Fact it was produced by the Jacque charlet winery, in 2007. It's. White wine one, can conclude that nine years for a white wine is too long of a time for maturity, this. Is not true and does, not apply to this specific, region that's, a sign that a month. What. Is the difference I don't know. Let's. Try. It, includes hi but well, done at, last thank you I'm not a bad discipline, but. I. Think it was true, it. Was aged in oak barrels, for a certain period in addition, there, were three different types of barrels to avoid oak vanilla, and other flavors. Tell. Me about this for another eight hours it's. Better to just sit, and enjoy it's delicate. Our. Next wine is red, it. Is called makan Marconi. I've. Been there today it's, a beautiful city it's, produced from the Gamay grape it was harvested, in 2014. Is. Considered, a young wine yes, it is long, term storage in the fridge or cellar is not recommended in the culture. Whenever. We're, poured by all the rules. But, it's very beautiful, when. Our wine is poured it's like a fire burning you can wash it forever, when. Should I fill your glass she, calls me to my glass to do my balcony burgundy, Denis. Palazzo. Its. Color is beautiful, yes. I can guess. It's. Cherry well. Done, it's. Cherry. What. Will happen next to me, it. Will just be easier for me I'll just drink wine, grapes. Are grown around the city of makan and are used for the production of these fine wine this. Wine should be drunk for three to five years why because. The grapes are fairly light and the soil it is cultivated, on provides. As fruitiness. Now. Attention the promise password. Remember. It, comforts, to the shock Charlet winery. Save. The password and win a prize I. Walked. Through the city and village I talked, with people and. I was mostly impressed with the use of this place. So. The best word is Bellevue. So. The best word is Bellevue. The. Sun Goes Down. Birds. Sing. Whooping. Is already drunk. Nothing. Comes to my mind. Every. Taste testing, is joyful and, its completion is sadness what should we do about it we, need to shut off the camera and continue, tasting, it.

Will Be our little secret, thank, you for your lesson. See. You next time.

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