Tribute to MP Gord Brown after death in Parliament Hill office

Tribute to MP Gord Brown after death in Parliament Hill office

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Yep. The. Honorable leader of the Opposition. Mr.. Speaker mr. Lopez you know today. The official opposition. Conservative. Caucus and indeed the whole house is. In mourning. I'm. Truly saddened to informed, to, inform the house of the sudden passing passing. Of our dear friend and colleague the, member for leads Grenville, Thousand, Islands meto lakes or. Brown earlier. This morning. Before. I began Mr Speaker I just want to convey our appreciation, to the members. Of the parliamentary Protective, Service who, were the first on the scene and, who. Went above and beyond and doing everything they could to try to save courts life this morning and through. You to them please give them our most sincere thanks for, all their, efforts to. Save our. Friend. To. Say that we are all shocked and saddened by a sudden passing would be an understatement mr. speaker new some two plays at 60, we, were very saddened, to. Most. Deeply. Felt by those, of us on this, side of the house who worked campaign, and fought alongside him, for years I know. That. Gordon always held, their SPECT of all members in, this house and his loss will be felt by. Everyone who had the honor of sitting with. Him working, with, them or, debating, with him here. We're, and I were elected at, the same time we're the, class of 2004. But. Like so many of us his involvement in politics began far. Earlier as, a teacher sorry. As a student. And as, a teenager, it. Was the quintessential, happy warrior starting out as, a volunteer for our party and the grassroots, conservative, through, and through he was involved in so. Many aspects, of the party going back literally. Decades he got his start in the youth Association, of the PC. Party worked on her leadership, campaigns. At the municipal, level provincial. Level as well everyone. In conservative, politics and Ontario. Knew gorg Brown and, respected, him, it. Was a dedicated representative. For his, constituents, and leaves Grenville reader, lakes and, the Thousand Islands Ward, earned their trust again, and again through, consecutive, elections. In. This, Parliament, he held the role of chief, opposition, with important, responsibilities in, the early days of.

This. Parliament. He. Was an, eternal, optimist, who was always quick with a compliment, or a supportive, word, now. He was whipped of our caucus right away after the last election, and I had the honor of serving, with him as, house. Leader and, for. Those of you that may know the, house leader and the whip share the same suite of offices up. On the fourth floor I remember. The day that his staff bottom. Of bullwhip. Commemorate. His appointment, in that position he. Got such, a kick out of that mr. speaker I remember, for the first few days of was. That. Session I could, often hear the crack of that bullwhip I. Was. Always worried he's gonna hurt himself. While. He was whip he made. It a priority to get to know every. Member of our team not, just as a colleague, but, as a person, too because, he recognized, that, the challenges, that, this life can place on members can. Be very very difficult and he wanted to make sure that. Our caucus, supported, each other not just on a professional level but on the human level as well. In. A pre-civil. He. Took on that, very difficult role with his professionalism. His. Flair shone, through on, his files, of. Upwards, contributions. To, this community as, a counselor, as, a member of the Chamber of Commerce is. So much more. Today. We're. Thinking about his family about. His wife cutting and. His two sons Tristan. And chance. We. Grieve with that mr. speaker, last. Week we had a event. That. We. Really wanted Ward to be at and, he. Turned down the initial, invitation and so. I asked my office to follow up and just make sure that he knew how important it was that that, he was there and he called back and he said, listen I. Can't. Go I've. Made, a commitment to the only person, more, important to me than this team and, that was Claudine you get made arrangements, to have a date night with his wife and it wasn't gonna break that mr. speaker for anybody, and you. Know what we were glad that he kept. Many. In this house have served with him I had many different, capacities on several. Different committees over the past 15. Years but those of you who got to know him the most probably. Did so on the ice, he. Was very. Conservative hockey team mr. speaker and I I know you even had the pleasure of. Playing. With him he, had as much passion for that as, you did for his professional, work as well because it really gave, him an opportunity to get to know his colleagues at a more personal level and. And. Just enjoy some time together outside of. The. Precinct. I, don't. Have the words to properly express how terribly, struck. Our entire conservative, family I want, to thank all the well wishes, that we've received for members of of. Every. Every. Party and people, have served with us in past parlance. What. Should we know policy, today. Our. Thoughts and prayers are, with his. Loved ones during these difficult times. Listen, to everything he did most recently he did tremendous work. Fighting. For those who have suffered from thalidomide, in. Their lives in. The. Sincerity, with which he. Approached that file knowing there's. A real human cost to those people have been afflicted with that he was moved by their suffering, and he was moved to do something about it and that was inspiring, for every member of our team to see him really.

Throw, Himself into that project. Mr., speaker we. Know not the time or the place we. Trust in. God's limitless, mercy and, everlasting love we. Trust that, his memory will be a blessing, all. Of us hear his. Soul and the soul of all the faithful departed rest. In peace. The. Honourable, member from Malpeque. Mr.. Speaker it. Is with profound the sadness that I stand in the House today to join, my voice with others in paying tribute to our dear friend and colleague Gord, Brown, it. Is also with immense joy that I can share what a wonderful, person Gord, was in. Every, imaginable, way. First. And foremost on behalf of the Liberal Party and liberal. Members both current, and past I extend. Their deepest, condolences, to his wife Claudine, and to. His two sons chance, and Tristan, I first. Got to know Gord as members, of the canada-us, inter-parliamentary. Group, where. We worked in common, costs, on Canada us issues for more than a decade, if. Memory serves, our. First IPG meeting together was, in New England governor's. Eastern Canadian, premiers, conference, on Prince Edward Island where. Gord accepted, my offer to. Show him around the, island, as. All of you know while Gord was always willing to work with others, across party, lines, he. Was a true-blue. Conservative. Through. And through, and. So for Gord to hop in my red truck. And. Do, a couple of tours with me around the island was, to say the least, interesting. But a lot of fun, we. Repeated, that experience. Years laters, when, the Conservative, Party held their national caucus meeting in Prince Edward Island and, you know I didn't mind driving up to the door a bit in my red truck to pick up George Brown, but. I will have to admit mr. speaker, that no matter how hard I tried, Gord. Was not about to change his political, stripes. Gord. Would often speak about his riding, always. Emphasizing. The Thousand, Islands, and how, we could look across this yard and see the United States. He. Took great pride in introducing. A bill to change the name of the st. Lawrence Islands, National Park of Canada, to. The Thousand, Islands National Park of Canada, the, bill became law in, 2013. Because, of his herd. Bored. Served, as co-chair of the canada-us inter-parliamentary. Group, and he worked tirelessly, to. Make sustain, and build relationships. With their counterparts, in the, US Congress, in fact. Without question, he was, one of our strongest, ambassadors. On us issues and, not, with jibt not just within the IPG context. On more. Than one occasion he. Traveled, to Washington, to. Play with the Republican, representatives. On their hockey team. Some. Say the Republican, team referred, to Gordon, as their. Ringer. And. He loved that and they loved to have him you would hear it in the discussions, when, you would meet congressional. Reps in the US about. A number but especially Gord, who, played for their hockey team, without. Dave Gord loved hockey and his son's hockey abilities. Was, an endless source of pride for him. Often. He would pull out his phone and, show, us pictures and video, of Tristan, at. A very young age in full hockey gear racing, up the ice I, imagine. Many of you in this house have seen those videos, the. Gordon the Gord showed so much pride in his. Family, in this. Place and on trips to the United States Gord. Was always, respectful, of everyone, and, thoughtfully. Considered, the viewpoints, of others even. Though he might not agree, that. Was the tenor of the man Gord. Set goals and priorities and set. Out to achieve them, in his political life, but. He was always clear, about the importance, of family and friends for. Him they, always, came first, he. Will be deeply missed by everyone mr. speaker who. Had the good fortune, to meet him our, condolences again, to, his family thank you. The. Honourable, member for Windsor West. Mr.. Speaker like. Many I stand, here with shock and disbelief the loss one. Of our colleagues the member for Leeds Grenville, Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes our friend. Gord, Brown took. Claudine, Tristan, chance New Democrats, offer our prayers and condolences, and, thanks. For sharing him with this. Parliament, and with our country, Canada I offer. These remarks with both humility, and pride humility. For, a member who represented, his constituents. First and foremost, with. A pride to be able to get to know Gord, on a professional and personal way that, led to us becoming friends. Gordon. Had firm beliefs but he was not ideological. That. Served him well in his various, roles in Parliament, as, an MP as a. Member of a committee as whip. His. Numerous parliamentary. Associations. And that. Is where I knew him best as his, role is vice and co-chair. Of the Canada West Parliament Association, a role, that he loved and cherished, in.

This Capacity, Gord had the ability to be effective for Canada and a statesman way that should not be underestimated. He. Included all members, and when lobbying, Congress, and Senators in Washington he quickly gained, respect, and, admiration, from. Democrats, and Republicans, both. Nothing. Could bond a new Democrat, and a conservative more than standing outside the White House for, Canada. We. Knew the card was an avid sports fan in, fact I witnessed this firsthand when. The NDP, hockey team faced off against the conservative team, in this. One-sided. Affair gore contributed, to that victory, as. The, NDP, goalie I am blaming it on ownership. In. Fact. There soon our team would soon be disbanded. But. There was never a moment, mr.. Speaker that had been passed in this hallway where. Gordon I didn't. Share. Discussion. And talking, about coaching, our, sons they're playing, his. Nephew, and. Others of his family, and I, think that openness, mr., speaker is some of the things that rooted him as a member of parliament is work and, is probably one of the most serious contributions. That, one could make is because you, simply knew where Gord was driving, at every, single time and, it was always for the, people he represented, and for, Parliament, and for, that I am always grateful. When. You live on the border you get to you get to become a fierce Patriot and that's what Gord was and. For. His passion, of tourism, and the environment, in our Canada we, will always be grateful. So. I say goodbye. To my border brother but. You will never be forgotten and again. I thank the family, friends. In the community for, sharing us, and. Making sure that. Gord, had, the opportunity, to make Canada a better place god. Bless court. Lana. Raab did you take there have you, remember. For video - no thank, you mr. speaker. Mr.. Speaker we're. All, shocked. And dismayed to learn of the passing of our colleague, the member for, Leeds, Grenville Thousand, Islands and retold Lakes Gord Brown on. My behalf and on behalf of all of my colleagues in the Quebec Parliamentary. Group I offer my condolences to. His spouse's, children to, his loved ones and the, people in his region and to. His conservative, caucus colleagues. In. Politics. Our. Confrontations. And during Question Period attract, more attention than our moment times of collaboration. But. We're here we're, all in the same boat brought together by. Our call for public service, and it. Was well, fulfilling this public service that, Gord left us I, want. To say thank, you for the 14, years he devoted to representing, his. Constituents here. With, his energy, may. His spouse and two children find, the serenity, and courage, necessary to, face this. Difficult. Situation. Learn. Arab the putative gear good the honorable, man for Pierre Bouchet attentiveness. Shire. Thank. You mr. speaker for, allowing me to address this house. As. Leader of the book of Bitcoin on behalf of her of. The, house leader of the book a baker I'd like to say on behalf of my leader that. I want to offer my, deep and sincere condolences. To the family of Gordon Brown to, his loved ones and all his colleagues in the House of Commons I. Also. Want, to extend, my condolences, to, members of the Conservative, Party it's, that difficult times like this that we realized that life is fragile. The. Human condition, is fragile, we are all mortal our. Colleague, left us all too quickly as, a. Member i am, deeply touched. Also. As a human being it is always, sad to say goodbye and. I. Hope he had a chance to do so to. His loved ones I. Want. To salute. The courage of, the, man who. Dedicated his life to the well-being of his fellow citizens. Today. We. All bear witness to our, gratitude and, deep respect. My. Thoughts and prayers and, go to him and to his loved ones may he rest in peace and may his. Loved ones find serenity. The. Honourable member for Saanich Gulf Islands. Thank. You mr. speaker. We. All wish we weren't, rising, on a somber, day just. Share memories of such a good guy, the. Honourable member for Leeds Granville, thousand, island Rita Lakes has. Left us far too soon I mean. At 57, I think yeah it's, just it's just really I think for all of us just a deep shock we heard the news just hours ago and it, is hard, to rise in this place and speak, of Gord Brown in the past tense. I'm. Really. Grateful. That over the last seven years as a member of parliament I got to know board here's.

A Five guy, a, good. Person, of good spirit. Collegial. Friendly. Yes. That's my good friend from Malpeque, said he was a true-blue conservative. But. He wasn't so partisan, that we couldn't be friends he. Was fair-minded as. Chair of the Heritage Committee, he'd gives someone a chance to speak who wasn't on the committee and, for Claudine, and chance and Tristan we can't begin to imagine the, pain, and grief you're experiencing. And if through our words here today we can give you any comfort that. We mourn his loss, that. Gives us some consolation, because your loss is so great. Mr.. Speaker it's often, the case that when, someone, passes. That. There's, a tendency, to, remember. Only the good things about them, accentuate. Their virtues, forget. Those. Things that were unpleasant. It's, called hagiography, and. We embellish. Someone's. Memory, and I just. Hope from the words spoken from all of us members of parliament, from different parties every. Canadian, will know we're. Not exaggerating, virtues. We're. Not eliminating false. I don't, think there's a single person, in this place who knew Gord in his, life who, would have had a bad, word to say about him and in. Politics, I. Don't. Think there's any greater tribute to. A human, being than. To be. Universally. Well, liked and loved. By. Colleagues, in this place god, bless you Gord we, will miss you and may, we do more as colleagues. In this place to. Treat each other with the kind of kindness, with, which Gord treated, everyone, thank. You. Well. Said by all. Today. We've. Lost a beloved member of our. Parliamentary, family. Gord. Brown was a great friend a, valued. Colleague a loving, husband and father and. That most precious, of creations, a good. Person. He. Was a tenacious, competitor as. We've heard whether. In the political arena or. On the ice and. I knew that I saw it both on his team an opposite. Vignette. In, all things, he. Was always, and. Entirely. A. Gentleman. Homage. To some some of our. Members. An. Observe a moment of silence. Thank, you very much SC, beaucoup. The. Honorable government house leader, Speaker. I move second. By the member for portage Lister the house do now adjourn. Is. It agreed. Accordingly. This house stands adjourned until tomorrow, at 10 a.m. pursuant to standing order 24, 1.

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