Trip to Russian City Kaluga - space museums, suburban transport and bell tower | Travel Vlog Russia

Trip to Russian City Kaluga - space museums, suburban transport and bell tower | Travel Vlog Russia

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We’re running late to the train station So I’ll tell you all the details of our trip when we get to the train I think in 15 minutes. I was very loud on a train so I couldn’t talk about anything but the trip was very fun especially because when it was about 20 minutes till the end of our trip and till the moment we’d get to our station, my phone fell down between the seat and the wall and usually the place under the seat is open but that seat where I was seating was the one with the metal heater underneath. So it’s like completely closed metal box and I couldn’t get my phone anyhow.

And we had to wait till the end of our trip, when we got to the station and then we had to call the driver of the train. Beautiful building by the way. So yeah, we had to call the driver and several more people who could open that box. They used some tools for that.

Well yeah, it last about 15 minutes and they were all joking that we won't get it. It was fun but we're here, we're in Kaluga. So we came to Kaluga and Kaluga is also a regional Russian city like Tula. It's our neighbour region. And Kaluga is also the main city in region as Tula is. The main city of Kaluga region.

But I think it's almost twice... I can be a little bit wrong but I think it's almost twice smaller than Tula maybe a little bit bigger than this. And it's about an hour and a half on a car from Tula but we're using a train as you saw because we don't have a car and because buses were very small.

Like they are very small. Buses that go from Tula to Kaluga. So we decided to take a train and it last 3 hours. Our trip was 3 hours.

Really. But luckily Agatha was sleeping most of the time during this trip. And we came to the evening, we'll spend a night here. We rented an apartment for one night. And tomorrow we'll have like a full day of museums and walking around and just we've planned really nice activities for tomorrow.

And I'll show you our apartment right now. It's very beautiful. We rented it using Avito. I think I was talking about Avito in one of my videos. So yeah, it's a very beautiful apartment and we actually were surprised that it was very inexpensive, probably because the city is small and I don't know why but the apartment is actually really cool.

So for one night we decided that it would be a very nice option. Nice apartment. Zebra. Agatha is unpacking her clothes and books. I think it's almost 7 pm so Agatha will be sleeping soon and we aren't going to go anywhere today. At first we thought that we'd go in this trip just by ourselves but then our friend said that she has a day off today too.

So she'll come a little bit later and she'll join us. And we have a separate room so it's like perfect. And we'll be hanging out together tomorrow and I hope she'll help us a little bit with Agatha. I'm going to film everything so Tolya is usually with Agatha full time. So yeah, I think we'll spend nice evening today, maybe we'll buy some pelmeni, boil them and eat. And I think, tomorrow will be a very interesting day.

It's raining so hard. Good morning, guys. Sorry for my voice, I'm still a little bit sleepy because it's 7 am. And you probably can hear some noises from outside, it's raining. And I hope it will stop because we have a lot of plans for today and rain is not in our plans.

I wanted to talk with you a little bit and if you don't want to listen to my talk, you can skip to this time and continue to watch vlog. But for now I wanted to talk about local traveling, about traveling to some nearest smaller cities or bigger cities, traveling to just villages and traveling around your area. That's something that has been on my mind. I love local traveling but, I think, a lot of people underestimate it and a lot of people think that there's nothing to watch, there's nothing to experience in their local areas. Almost all the places have something to see and have something to experience. It's just a little bit different experience than if you'd go to Paris, for example, or to New York or to other bigger city.

And it really depends on your attitude, on what you find interesting what you find beautiful, what you're looking for. When I was a teenager, we used to travel a lot with my dad around Tula region. And not so many people do that, not so many people travel around their own region although it's much easier and cheaper than going abroad, or going to the sea coast, or going to Moscow and Saint Petersburg. It's just a different experience.

We used to travel a lot and I loved each of our trip. My dad used to find absolutely wierd and unpopular places to go. And it really didn't matter if the place is in the middle of nowhere and if it's name sounds absolutely uninteresting. We'd go just because he knew that we can find adventuries everywhere. And each of our trip used to be very interesting, very cool, very just fun. I believe that traveling is about new experiences and it doesn't matter where you go, you can have great experiences and you can find interesting places everywhere.

It just depends on how deeply you search. Like you really need to make a research before going to the places.. to small cities because interesting places aren't obvious there usually. And another cool thing about local traveling - it's much cheaper. Like you could see this apartment, it's a great one.

And I don't know how much it would cost in Moscow or Saint Petersburg. It's almost in the center of the city and it's cheap because it's a small city. And also local cafes, local shops.

Yes, maybe these cafes are not like fancy restaurants in Moscow but, I mean, it doesn't mean that you can't eat there and can't enjoy the meal and can't have a good meal and can't spend a great time with your friends and family in this place. You spend much less on your way because it's just a bus or a train or your car and like one hour, half of the hour drive. I wanted to share these thoughts with you because I always hear people saying: "Well, there's nothing to see in my place." or "There's nothing to see in my region."

And it's not true. There are always places to see. If you don't concentrate your mind on thinking that there are only beautiful and interesting places in Europe or in America or in huge cities then you'd really find interesting stuff in your local area. And that would make you to appreciate the place where you live much more. Because more you experience around, more you get to know the place, more you love it. If you've watched till that moment, thank you.

And write down your thoughts on local traveling. Write down if you travel to the nearest cities and places around. Write down if you like to travel abroad only. Write down just all your thoughts on traveling because I really do believe that traveling is about different experiences and you can have them no matter where you go and where you live. Write down your thoughts and lets go back to our vlog.

This church I liked a lot but I feel a little bit sad that it looks like it isn't maintained very well. Because there's grass outgrowing, and just the walls look like people don't care of it well enough. So I hope it will be a little bit renovated with modern materials to look better. But anyway it looks very authentic even that way. Garbage recycling bins are quite unusual to see here. Plastic, glass and random things.

And this is one of the main squares. It's called Victory square and I'll show you, why it is called like that. Just check this out. This is called Eternal fire.

We have things like that in almost every city. It's like a memorial for a World War 2. Also a soldier, I think. So many old beautiful paintings on buildings from the Soviet Union era. There's a little park in memory of an old church that used to be there on that circle.

But it was totally ruined in 1947 by the Soviet Union government so this is little memory square. We were going to have a breakfast in this cafe but we came here and there's written that there's a small zoo. Like... with home animals probably for children. And it's free so we're going to check out what is there.

Maybe there will be some chickens or something like that. Probably it's somebody's home. You can feed animals here. They are just walking around.

Anti-alchogol sign. We're going to have breakfast here. It looks a little bit cuter. I took syrniki and my husband always starts eating before I film so there was something beautiful too.

And we're going to get up on that tower. Bell tower from the church. I've found a phone number of the woman that works in this church. And it was written on this church's Instagram that it's allowed to get up on that tower.

I don't think many people do that but we called her and she said that yes, she can let us to get up there. And we'll see the view of the city from a very high place. And there's a second floor. This church is named after women who first found out that Christ was risen. And in the Soviet Union there was a water powering system for the city because it's the highest tower in the city. We have been inside that church too but I decided not to film there because it's a church and I don't feel comfortable filming in the church.

I think it's not very polite. So it is here. McDonalds! "House of the Music" This is a little square, like a tiny park for the memory of Tsiolkovsky - a Soviet Union space engineer. And this city Kaluga is mostly famous for him it also has a space museum that we're going to go into.

And the house of Tsiolkovsky that I hope we'll visit too if we have enough time. So yeah, this is like the main thing about this city - space engineering, space museum and Tsiolkovsky in general. Bus station. This street is named after Gagarin - famous Soviet Union astronaut, the first one in the world. This street is named after Korolev. He was also a Soviet Union space engineer.

So as I said, this city is all about space. Also a space related art from the Soviet Union era. So beautiful. We're in a space museum that is named after Tsiolkovsky. How can anything in this country be without Lenin.

This is the original costume of one of the astronauts that he used to be in while traveling to space. And this is also the original like part of the spaceship that he used to be in while traveling to space. I wasn't Gagarin but I think it was also one from the Soviet Union. Fidel Castro with Soviet Union astronauts.

Korolev's cabinet. Lenin of course, of course. Painting about first women in space. It's a working space of a just a random constructor, space engineer.

It has a lot of things from the Soviet Union. So many things to see here. So much space stuff. Very interesting museum I think, it's the main one in Russia about space.

Look how cool is this one. It's about gardening in space. Wow There are all the souvenirs and this is space food.

food for astonauts. There's a huge dark cloud coming. And I think, it's going to rain very soon.

Thunderstorm. This is something like an edge of the city. We're going to visit an old house of Tsiolkovsky. There's also a museum so... We're trying to go faster because it's probably going to rain very heavily soon. House - museum of Tsiolkovsky.

How cool it looks. And it's raining. We've finished walking around the museum.

We've been to both museums that I've planned. And I really love... I wanted to talk about the last one. I really love old interiors.

Of the early ages of the Soviet Union or before that. Especially the ones that were in 19th century. They are usually very simple and still very authentic and beautiful and just I love to go to the old houses of writers of 19th century or scientists or engineers or any famous people.

Because usually the interiors are very interesting and just beautiful although very simple. So we are very tired, I should say. And we're going to go to another cafe to have something between lunch and dinner. I think it's the last time we'll eat today. What's going on with the sun? So yeah...

Yeah, it's better. So yeah, we'll go to eat and then we'll go to the train or bus station. Maybe we'll do something between them but we're so tired that my legs and hands are shaking. So I'm not sure. But anyway we had the best time ever.

We just did everything that I've planned and it's the middle of the day, not even evening yet. The cafe is called "Герои нашего времени" in Russian. And there's a novel by Russian classic author Lermontov that is called "Герой нашего времени" which means "Hero of our time". And the cafe is called "Heroes of our time" so it's like a little bit about the novel.

I think, it will be a nice place to eat. This is a very old place where people used to keep horses. And it is just in the random yard. It looks quite abandoned, I should say. This is probably a hospital here because there are a lot of ambulances.

Probably this building, maybe this one too. We came to the train and bus station. And we're going to take a bus back home.

Something like that or that. So we have about 20 minutes left We're going to get the tickets and we'll just wait for the bus. This was our bus.

We finally came home. It's about 9:30pm. Agatha is sleeping. We came just some time ago and she fell asleep right away because it's quite late.

We're extremely tired, like very tired. You know, that was that type of vacation when you have to rest after the vacation. So it was a very cool trip.

We've spent just the greatest time altogether. And we've visited very interesting places. And just in general it was so much fun and such a good time. But we really need to have some rest because we've visited a lot of places during one single day. And also the road... It took us about 2 hours on a bus to get back to Tula.

And a bus with a toddler is quite a difficult thing. And the trip to Kaluga was 3 hours on a train so, although it was yesterday, it still was quite difficult and we were tired after that. So yeah, I think we went from our apartment today at about 9am 9:30am and at about 9pm we came home so we were basically walking around all day long. We've walked about 19 kilometers.

Altogether during the whole day. And it was just up and down, left, right... And thank you guys so much for watching, for being here, for spending this time with us. And I hope you liked the trip. I hope you liked all the places that we've been to, to see different city, not Tula that I've been showing in my vlogs all the time but something different, something interesting. So thank you for watching, I'm going to rest for now.

And I hope to see you in my next video!

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