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What's up everybody welcome, back, to my channel, hi, how, are ya now in today's video I have the legendary. And iconic Trixie. Mattel oh my babe thank, you for having me oh you oh yeah I actually. Do a real hug okay sure I'm, not oh there hmm, but I didn't say it early enough so we did it hahaha a lot of people have been waiting for this moment I've been waiting for this moment yeah, I can't believe you're sitting here right now this is like the number one like when I get bored and go into like the dm's that I don't normally get I'm like. Or. Whenever, I go whenever, I post myself wearing one of your products to like go to go. To his house yes like I just gotta bring it here in the night with, a to prom night like this is happening today's gonna be really crazy look at my skin I'm already like my skin is getting ready so, you guys have, highly requested this today what are we doing so tell the kids what we're doing I asked, the kitten ervice what do you guys want to see and everybody, just, wants to see you as Trixie mm-hmm. I mean what. What I was like have you seen Geoffrey in high school she was same. Thing no. Gray told her last night I said I it. Would be a dream of mine to be Trixie, so I, know, I'll never be able to fully embody you but just to have a taste, of that moment for like an hour oh yeah like, a dream, of mine I'm about to get fully transformed. We're about to dive into some hot tea a full, makeover, and my skin it's a good day to be right would you say today's a good day for your skin to be Trixie you're like put it on yeah for real now I do have a pimple I'm so sorry please don't leave I have, one pimple right here you guys I know everyone, unsubscribe I'm excited because we're gonna dive into something really magical today, we, have this gem, be brand new at sugar pillow Trixie Mattel collection. The, oh honey palette, grow you have a look with lips you have a palette you have a lot now, I'm gonna be the guilty bitch that says I've, been traveling so much I haven't even played with this yet so I can't wait well Lizzy the first time for everything here there's something in it I mean we can get to it but I mean. Look at the size of this blush we talked about it. Legendary. It's called life-size the, size of for the eyes I love, that like you're you're you're set for a while with that blush and it's the first sugar publish so yes, hi we look just an iconic, moment well I can't wait for you to smother, me, cover it like my, hash. Browns at Waffle House and ensure Jeffrey form I've got my Red Bull you know we run on this on the youtube series Oh - this is our ya fantasy maybe one day you guys will have me on there oh my. God you like green basements, we got you boo you're, an icon love, you do, you use primer on, the road I do whoo okay. Lights. Are these all kinds I've used the wet and wild one what you think is fairly fearless look I use the prep and prime skin abuse for like ten years okay yes I got some easy iconic, one yeah I want the skin to look plastic, not shiny, plastic the. Plastic no. Poor blue. And. I don't like puns did I mention that I'm sleeping look, I, hate saying this this brand knows I live for this primer it's obviously almost empty but the words, no. Problem feeling. Listen. I just want you to feel it it's it's, an ironic that the name is a problem yes literally, oh hi where, did you get this this is a new morphe sponge seven dollars honey Beauty Blender is twenty five girl but a little time for all that this was made for me I have like 20 of these downstairs I'm gonna give you some just try it amazing. This. Takes me back you know I used to do makeup I, can't tell people anymore because now that I do this for a living and a blow like or they don't you used to do because they think that I'm at someone's wedding like right so where did you do make him at so, I got my first gig I was working for a little brand called do op cosmetics oh my god yes he didn't like I got a horse face they, did like venom. Yes. Oh my god okay this is my first gig I like totally resume. Lied myself into that job sorry do I I don't know if they're round anymore and. Then I saw I was freelancing in a Sephora for holiday oh wow, and, I was like I'm 19 it's my first cosmetics, job I need to like pull my first job is, a Mac 19, oh my god so I had to like bombard. Myself with product knowledge yeah so. Then I was working I moved over to prestige, in, okay yeah bareMinerals, was there big thing okay so I was like that fucking homosexual. At 20 doing, like bare minerals consult, yes like, buff and swirl I wonder if anyone is watching this that had.

You. Sell the makeup I bet, they did I mean some and don't lie in the comment section I really need a Milwaukee. Area if you guys ever and then and then eventually I left Ulta, I've stayed for like one calendar year and then, I was part-time. At Mack and I stayed with Mack for like four years oh my god okay yeah I was at a Macy's so then I was taking makeup and advanced makeup and I was taking wigs and styling studying studying. Styling wigs and all that Wow. So I didn't know I was gonna be doing drag but then I just was it was like I was gonna school for theater and then there's working, in makeup so it's like that's, no. Idea back, all right now we're ready for some full, coverage. Yes God my favorite, is to fix fluid okay because it controls oil for coverage and fog that. Only $28. Okay, then when I'm on tour sometimes a girl I have to go to the mall and get up mm-hm, so I like to start by doing like a cloud of foundation. Around the eyes because that's what I sort of use as a primer, oh okay. Shadow. Primer I mean lay down the foundation, and the concealer its, primer house, okay so you've been touring on the road let's talk about it yes I've been touring this year we did ski out nope this year we did now, with moving parts which we did like 14 cities in the UK and. Then we did with UK we're gonna end with, 70, something. In America Wow, yeah, no cool yeah and the fact that I haven't been to a show yet oh I, can't, get me you're a businesswoman, sad. Honey, okay, in this product I feel like when people heard we were doing like Trixie palette they were like a neon yellow, I mean I wear brown eyeshadow yeah I don't really onion, Oh for you at all no like outfit yeah, yes and I like warm Browns in the eyes because, for drag I like warm oh yeah I don't know your step so you're you're about to hit the eyes right now yeah yeah I'm. Going to start with sidesaddle so, cute yeah I mean I wear a medium brown like that's a really good like good warm, brown yeah, that, way clicking they were like I like that there's none off camel. Browns like yellowy Browns no and it's cool and no one does it so, I mean that's I mean your eyelids can be floating on your forehead are you aware of that I can't wait okay, where does it shake all time everyone oh they're all throw. Me okay, roni after, the color of mira sorvino 'slow lights and rubbing Michelle yes that's. Fucking epic okay you have no eyebrows isn't. It it's easy right no no the covering up the DOE Kenny hair I am living for this remember, getting, dryer if I was you have you ever thought of shady or you yes, and I'm, afraid because, about a drag you look crazy, I'm afraid like and I'm afraid that every boyfriend I've had has been like please don't and then when I'm single I'm like well now I really can't yeah I mean there's those days and I look like Uncle Fester his son you, know what I mean but oh girl I'm Pugsley, well. I have a shaved head so I think if I do shave my brows if I work glasses, like if I got RuPaul glasses, you know so I can hire that could work I mean, look at your muddy brown eyebrow right now whoa, but. It's going to be this what you see her yes we're, going with pony boy which is this deep brown. After. The outsider Stay Gold Ponyboy Oh Mike okay these reference it's like everybody, I, know I was like well, I could have gone with like rich. Tobacco. I'm not laura geller I've. Always loved sugar pill like they're just, quality, and their shadows and, they were doing these, weird colors, that when no one was doing it yeah, yeah and now a lot of people are trying to do that so. This is kind of odd I'm used to using my own eyebrows sort of as a a, guy yeah, a little bit oh, there's. No I, mean it looks like what is this look right at the camera it doesn't look like you it. Looks like your brows are very burly, but, they. Do it almost looks like my new dog's eyebrows, you're angry, oh my god yes. Yes oh my god work, so we're gonna go in with Romi and then, we're gonna connect, the bottom of the eye so. Can you look up for me this is so fun whoa if those crazy have a brush down there do you know I got turned on your products yeah I was gonna ask you that adore, oh my god we did a gig was it a gig in San Antonio no, I was wearing st. germain for a while and I couldn't find I was like I can't find my lipstick and d'Or was like put this on I was like my lips are too big I can't really wear gloss, gloss. Yes it dries, listen liquid to matte was like really, chilling there's like what is this yeah it, doesn't come off oh my god it was like paint it, was face paint was liquid there's lip paint we're literally going, all the way up here this is so crazy, Oh oh my, god okay who else turn me on to it and then it was like laganja, was wearing the green lip for a while all.

The Queens it hit us at once and it was like have you heard about this products when you're like okay i gotta try it we have to wear it on stage yeah and for your hair to go like this and not stick was like our lives changed you don't remember this I used to order for Queen Supremes, and to drum that one yes oh. My god occasionally, a prom night and then. One day I got, my full order plus one of everything and you left a note that said you. Know welcome so the good news about this side saddle color is it's very um honey, kind of beige yeah so it's good for prowess, yeah that's really gonna warm I'm selfish, I made a product that I could get and drag with without, having a pack much. Genius. It's. It okay, so you what, colors did you do on your own brows Romy has to be in there too uh-huh, I start with this and I warm it up with the darker ones cuz at the ends of my brows I like you to get really deep hmm. A lot of drag queens they won't include people I'm well I never wanted to look like a woman it was want to look like a toy Oh. So my crease kind of connects to my eyebrows of it all do you see that oh okay, yeah I like the look of like you don't usually don't stink peak but I kind of love watching it's like and oh my god you did that brow fast. So. Then I go into Romy I mean these are my brows and this is ultimate eye shadow yeah that's our love I didn't use this as highlight oh oh yeah I can tell us probably before. The Jeffrey dart the Deaf restart is Jeffrey Dahmer. Magomayev. Aki did. You better just to be friends. Well no he was makeup art and I think he was murdered in prison before I was born okay, yeah I'm fascinated by um I love a magic trick in makeup and when someone's like this is meant for this but we use it for this yeah that's the look that's the liquid lip like full eyeliner cutting, out the crease everything, I feel, like White House drug lord for this I think you made that popular I feel like it's, the best I mean after you started, doing it there was so many Queens like like, when it was that a stock for a few months oh girl I know I couldn't hear the end of it comes use under my brows yeah I was, using it Oh, somebody's, okay laganja, puts it on for under the eye like, that's a girl just smokes a lot, Sam. Look at that brow hi. I need to me if we're gonna do makeup this big the detail is what makes people go like you're not a total idiot mm-hmm, you, care do you think I look like Kelly from Saved by the Bell on this hair better. Oh, oh. You busted out the shape shape girl yes God, so. We're gonna go in sis okay, so we're doing a little conceal first, of all you guys we've been trying to film for like a year and we're, both traveling, so much and you're about to go back on tour yeah I'm talking about yeah we run out there like bitch go see her show the first tour. The first part of the tour all fifty nine cities sold like crazy, so, we added Madison, Indianapolis. Omaha. Oh my god, Fargo Knoxville. Little Rock Nashville. Deeter, trois Chester and we end in Baltimore, so if you want to see me fully crying. Yes. I, really was gonna try to go to her, Detroit show I'm gonna be in Grand Rapids literally, two days later I'm so use, all my Michigan bitches go say hi so. For those of you who don't know what, Trixie, doesn't just do a drag show, this is like real, music real, singing, if, some people may not know that yeah I do um thank you guys that, girl yeah hi, my, show stand-up comedy, and then it's like 25% music, so I play autoharp, which no by the way this had to be the best instrument, picker Schmidt no I when. I first saw you holding one, what is it pretty it's sick it's sort of like enchanting, it makes me think of like a witch that weird trapezoid, shape I just love it I'm so many shows it's all stand up and then I play guitar and everyone laughs and at the right times oh, she's, sincerely, alive we're. Gonna do foundation, come on brows so, now we're gonna start putting this foundation you are really, fair you are even fairer in person really when you're on videos and you're like this is too dark for me I'm like she's crazy you really are fair I've got a tiny bit of tan this year but not really what's your like matte color, nw15.

Work. I have a question okay you have nice skin and, on camera you have nice skin so do you have to convince people that things work because they're like of course it looks good I do your skin's perfect I mean I, do. Get that sometimes like you're, gonna try that foundation and it's gonna look good I'm like no but when a foundation, to really flops I'm like good skinned and they know like oh girl work this is not the. One yeah, do you feel weird covering tattoos like if you I feel like do I cover it fully or just let it be faded or why faded yeah how'd you fuck with this I mean I don't I used to use these on my full face but krile and TV pain stick and TD, white is like the most oh yeah a lot of use. That on me I live for it this is the look okay, and this is like half cuz otherwise you have to paint this stuff on there she is. Yeah you are fair this is your foundation aquaria. Turned you out she's a fabulous makeup artist bitch army oh oh, my god, yeah oh yeah I love her I was very happy she won she's a great you know all this winners we talk I mean we. Have a secret Illuminati pact, yeah, you know I feel like a winner but more than anything I identify, as a loser, who won something, a man like in my heart I'm a loser and I'll never change I wonder how many followers are gonna leave because this video okay, everyone find out if there's honestly if they're still here they're not leaving. These. Sephora foundation SIG's are like 18 dollars okay I've actually never heard of this so you just came out they're very foolish no, mistake, okay, Sephora sent us a check. Bucks. They're amazing. Well I used to use Kryolan for everything, but they only have a few of the stores and, I would go to the stories they would always be on my color so I had to like okay. So, I might get foundation your hair I don't care don't be mad go for it this is a nap oh this is maybe just work for you you, know what commit to it physics, I'm so pale you're. Not pale I mean you. Just are, fair, over in the 90s and Barbie was terracotta. Yes she, had blue eye shadow this. Oh I, live for that I know it's gorgeous and it was gorgeous I love all the incarnations of Barbie real, odd to have Barbies as a kid yeah you were you know it's funny I collected, the Spice Girl dolls. As well I was like my favorite thing in sixth grade yeah they were amazing yeah and my sixth. Grade and my grandma bought me all of them I was like hey we're accepting oh this is working mm-hmm yeah I'm, an artist excuse, me okay, now this is what I'm in sure about because of the face the shape of your face cuz, I'm so gaunt I don't you mr. dark right I don't either we're gonna powder this I mean a girl when I tell you I go to powder town you go to powder town yeah we're gonna set all this with stiff exposure okay great so we go in all right and now what are we doing so we're doing the flesh color so dark, do. You think you should name your foundation, zip according to live a bullet, sticks yeah this is celebrity skin foundation uh-huh, Oh what, my god I'm, cutting underneath the cheek with a white line whoo, I, mean we're I mean we want that oh that's sick okay yeah you know the universe gave you this you know trailer-park chen we can go in here you. Better. Cut that trailer right out I think you can tell I was working and makeup when I like made up this makeup because it's sort of a parody of every, like beauty, trend like, do a three shape. Oh, that. 3/8. This. Is a lot of foundation do you feel it no okay, I can take it look after the 10th bukkake, this foundation feels like an air I'm like the most like I'm very up pro-sex but also I'm Midwestern, hmm, so I'm like everyone should fuck everyone but I don't want to I'm, a little more so like I like to date and then you know like me and my boyfriend we waited three months to fix the first time that's, so, cute, when I say that on stage people go oh.

Like. I can like I just told him a scary story you drove her to be honest like me, and me waited. Eight. Minutes, two. Hours. Well. Didn't you guys meet like a sort. Of just when you're starting yeah it just started my brand. Alright. The nose is coming together I feel it I just I feel it happening yeah I'm feeling the fantasy I want the nose snatch to be so good that as I painted on you can't breathe less and less. As. My triggered inhaler. Fenelon. My. God you, look like. You. Look like Trixie, Mattel on juice. Like a juice cleanse okay. Mm-hmm, how do you see dragging powder before um, well, everyone's different you know I've had I've had a few queens on this channel and you never know what you're gonna get is it coming in IKEA tub no, but it's already iconic, 365. Is. This a bunch of powders mix yes, my, god I created this this is Ben Nye fair with, you guessed it oh. Yeah. There's one there Arizona, and I think there's also some pretty pink in here by Ben 9 means. Get it like kind, of weight and. Then since this is dragon oh you do the people anything we're gonna I'm. Gonna biscuit fully biscuit, me hmm, you can cover me and powder I don't want to ruin your robe Oh Versace, we, don't know her, don't. Okay don't breathe because you know about clown mom um. People. You see a clown lung which is when you would yes use talk based powder go in sis I do this oh yeah, that's an old-school Mac brushing thank God no one even knows look at the clear box no one even knows what that is, oh my god I should create my own version his next door only or post door first, or only oh my god, I mean you have so much powder on right now I love. It I don't like when a foundation, is like stays. Creamy like I want it to be. Over. I was, on Larry King he was like tell me about talking, no. Yes. It's like gentleman I was like well and he was like isn't that I was like yeah you what, is it tell us what it is straight male celebrity you'd. Most like to see do drag Oh, God. Oh someone. Big, like Shaq. Like. Someone big and masculine. It'll ya he also he yeah he was very sweet I'm so jealous he was very sweet and he called me in to talk to me I was like you know I'm a drag queen so I'm like if he's by the way I'm just putting washout on okay I'm like if he talks to me how, many queens are going I'm assuming I'm queen number five like, I thought it would be like a Maureen, the back in the 90s like is it he or she oh my god, yes. My, debut super, oh my god you. Gotta start honey hi, whoa, it's coming together honey, okay so I used to fix powders and they to me are not clearly marked yes, of me with nail polish on the road you, still I wasn't sure no and nine bloom. A didn't have a nine, yeah. Girl I love, Studio Fix me to a Dave & Buster's power, card with his money on here too but I. Going to be okay yeah she wouldn't let me use my black card to cut the cheeks just it now trash you know what I use for your cheeks for my cheeks I used the jeffree star oh, my. God yeah we love a good mailer yeah, if, I wasn't Trixie I always wanted to be um barb. Rod is. This Barbie's real name oh. And. I like that like great drag show at the club and ladies and gentlemen up next Barbara. Just, a woman named ha, ha just like give it up for Carole or, I was so close when I first started anyway they wanted to be Trixie, or I wanted to be a cupcake. Oh and. I was gonna have my things to the Barbie. Took the lane girl I know the. Thing I was gonna do was do like you, know a lot. Of looks that were like pastels, and frosting. But. I'm so but Barbie was the choice for fully I have a product here that I know that you fuckwit that a lot of people don't fuck with shivering, white yeah. Shivering, why shivering, white when I first used this a few years ago people were like I don't get it what are you saying shimmering, white and I'm like shivering River, it's a maze only. One of the best 28, bucks for, the biggest pan of white eyeshadow you've ever yes I mean literally I got to be honest I've never seen another person, busted. Out blessed I know and it said great projects, that made my day yeah it's a great product hi we're, doing blush this is oh it's time life-size. Life-size. I, can't wait this is a good what kind of blush, brush, do you want to use come. On me like it was old school ones a Sharon. Didn't have that no is that too big or no that's fine okay this is a huge blush I like blush I love it uh do, you ever do when you're doing these makeup videos do you ever feel like you're making fun of the idea of beauty oh, I.

Live. For it like for like the culture, of like you. Know when you're talking about like how to use a product mm-hmm. Top off the excise look for it cuz I'm already picturing you in slow-mo in my head is that sick yeah well I always think I'm GG gorgeous and I like him like hey guys it's me so I'm in a fitting know why I'll just want to update you on my journey like I love to go, in I love her me too so, I'm obsessed with this okay, we literally have a box of brand new ones cuz I use I you go through a lot of white eyeliner huh, NYX, this, white gel island okay is the whitest most, affordable, it's, amazing, do you know what affordable is no, I honestly can I wear it oh because. I usually wait gimme druglord let me talk about su. Drug lord I don't have one because tech we sold out oh okay. So this is what I use and I don't have drug lord okay. Okay. So can we be real Canadians on your right oh my god yes please, and say okay if you're gonna gag that this is how I do this alright, stick. On the I yeah, and it's vegan its I safe. It's. Magic. Oh my, god it's like really coming together. Wow. I know how I always think what I do so let's make up how long into this are they gonna think this is a fucking, disaster. Did. You know that this is gonna be a faint white, lipstick. I. Wanted. I I really don't know how I made it I made it because I wanted to lighten. Other, color manipulate, other things, and then it became this phenomenon, of like hey I'll never forget the first email of someone going are your liquid lips I save I want to use your purple as eyeliner I've never, been able to find out a liquid line of that color buddy's like I. Actually, don't know I called her IMS at the lab I'm like hi and she was like your, formula is fully I say vegan, everything, and I was like oh my. God this is crazy so Purple's are hard because red red, dyes are hard yes so. This is Studio Fix powder I'm serving white again your fuck with this set. You, know how smooth your eye makeup is because you have no brows I know you'll, be able to relate soon I look like an I look, like a bowl oatmeal painted, up and dragged for the first time, okay. So now we got to do eyeliner I mean that's really what's keeping you from looking like me yes I'm kind of like what, is this look sort of like. Clumped. Ghost I don't know do. You like doing graphic eyeliner I don't mind it like calms me down it's like it's like bob ross i, love, it i've been called the bob ross at makeup sometimes Oh totally, because of your hair texture. I'm. Not looking at the black liner, is a donor no it's done okay I'm not looking okay, so, I'm going back in with Ponyboy because I like the black to sort of marry to this dark brown okay, we're, that a good blend, okay now I'm looking at the oh honey moment, uh-huh is it limited edition, like were not, admitted Edition we were close. To say like we've we. Were close to sellout like days ago so, I want, you guys to promote this but don't be mad if it's gone so like go get it or harass. Amy. From sugarpill until she brings it back yeah, totally. Well it was hard to wink I'd love to take any angle brush and then cut this crease you know okay I'm not super, smart I went to college whatever okay, I was like yeah you pump it before you fully take it out and it all goes up I didn't. Know that until now I know well I probably, yeah yeah, you, have to pump it some. People didn't know that's okay I didn't know now there's gonna be a lot that comes out I do. This do you don't want on the face to you what, you don't go right on the face do you you, can I don't do that but. Did, you push this oh, my. God, tell. Me you didn't you really know I didn't. Like. Oh, my. God is, that good show you how little you have to do to impress me as a consumer, I'll make sure it's packaging that doesn't work but I live for it first of all learning on camera, okay I love that yeah I like like an all matte face but then when I want metallic, I want, parting, it out yeah yeah that's it, this is just, from. From stage, it just makes it look like I have a mirror, on your cheeks yeah yes. Hey. That's. What I like about your highlighters, what I want highlight I want a party, yes do, you want to put a powder highlight over yes so a lot of people don't talk about this okay, my, products are very easy to understand so, they're very versatile.

Yeah So this is all honey which has gold in it so Oh 24. Karat. Look. I don't even want to really look at like I was looking in the beginning now I'm just like I gotta be honest I think I'm gorgeous but, do this on you I am so gorgeous, you. Really realize negative, is fun reven was like her makeup everything, is hard and sharp where it's supposed to be and it's buffed, in Bundaberg. Purposeful. Yeah and I thought that was like from Raven she. Could have called me garbage everyone, like Raven, please say it again I'm feeling like we're closer and we need more blush okay do you just like put more blush yeah sometimes, it's blush me up, I mean go in. You. Get sugar pill that make a blush cuz, they don't have those skews well, have you used their products Suburbia, yeah, it's like a PITA I use it as blood okay and I was like yeah I love your Suburbia can we make it but more bubblegum. Watermelon yeah like sure that's cool okay so I've, been waiting for this moment these are like five pairs of 301 lashes, stocked okay um and I wear like eight, if. Someone doesn't know what a 301 lashes, it's the drag lash school BAM they're like two bucks since an ele yeah I need you to sort of like follow this fantasy okay, okay open your eye that's kind of where they'll go and you have to let me sort of dry that way does, that feel so weird oh no. Not really I've like someone didn't lashes. In that area once I'm, not hating, how does it look it's, cold as fuck she's. Creepy yes, look at the liner now I mean that's. Whoa. It feels really cool it, feels dirty but gluon yeah no yeah that I'm set for a couple seconds shut that this was like already done I thought, you were just placing it to see how it love oh no oh wow. We're talking okay, doing the side-eye is so, fun, oh yeah. Oh okay. So what do you do for bottom we're gonna do a little skinny little warm up okay, I don't really know what these came from look when I'm looking down you can't see where I'm looking at all anymore on bottom lashes who. Could write who would win in a fight those five little dogs are named six, little dogs 600. We're. Not used to the new one, um in, a fight depends what it's about no I'm just kidding not an argument obviously, say, that an advantage, cuz he can talk yeah. Okay. My lips welcome. Back to, my lips I. Enter. Here I'm gonna do put this in this sharpener. I made way too much for that wasn't it great do you over drawed you fuck with that I mean yeah yeah you. Better really over draw me okay, these are little for me these, lips okay this is nothing okay yeah, give me a little moment oh. Yes. Do. We make a distressful. How did I ever do this it's just like so precision. Like too much, can, we stop yeah, weird I'm okay, I mean it's, on it's not perfect that's, what's yeah we liquid lips you paint, queens. Supreme me you, have to be a bad bitch to pick up this color it's borderline purple, yeah it's not for everyone huh I like when you put on these swatch videos of you trying colors on even though you made the color mhm and you're like let's see what it looks like a mine you know whore.

The. Brush the. Brush is a sugar pill one yeah sugar, Phillip brush this is the end of the makeup oh my god dude, you setting spray on stage or ever I don't. Okay, you do can you know, this is your canvas, I don't believe in it should, I be a believer no I, mean you don't really have to it's, just a fact of like does. Something like urban decay have cute like, I remember 24/7. Allegedly, keeps your face ten degrees cooler but I'm like that seems like witchcraft it can be real I just. Like a kid help but also just the feel, of like something just spraying you in your face is so romantic the, drama. Mmm. I just said don't do it that I just did he's pretty mean yeah. Right. Off none of it. Yes. It's. Never coming off great, perfect. Right so let's go put on here and close yes I want the full chance, the, Trixie brand is nice nice hair but cheap clothes let's give it up we'll be right back Oh. How. Does it feel to. Look at yourself, looks, so good. I'm dying, I was just looking in the mirror and I was like is this. Like, I feel, like this is what people wanted, and I'm happy it turned out like I hoped I can't believe it I feel like if. You ever need a stunt double or you ever tired to you for your rich attire to perform just call me if you're playing like Trixie Mattel but like a little malnourished like a very fish yeah yeah. Yeah, I'm like you fresh out of like rehab. Yeah, yeah how do you feel like you have so much makeup on honestly. Besides, the lashes, no okay like I feel good the hair is, oh the, hair is massive. I've never had hair this big it's great G feeling the only bit oh I feel like I'm the only person on the planet and everyone's just lucky to be here. Every. Single. Man. IV. This, is a lot this is the line yeah. Yeah. We're smashing. Its snatching, we did this look with a couple my favorite products where's the cream supreme cuz yes I, mean the oh come on fella plug it down queen sopran this is my shit you look so good I can't get over it oh my god it's again what are you guys at home thing let, me know, this. Like, it's, my famous looking, in the monitor I'm like huh. My, favorite thing about the tricks to makeup is it always looks like you have bedroom like you're, looking down. Yes. Like ready to roll I'm so happy of. Course is thank you for coming over I can't say I'm like I can't, stop looking at myself you guys I'm like it looks really good I'm sorry I, want, me to come see me and see. If he'll like he, might take me in the back right now this wig I might have to borrow from you Courtney, act calls it a root and wig the, wig you have sex then oh it's, a root it's, a root wig oh my god well yeehaw. I live, for this Thank You queen, of tasing so the fact that you, have this with you is just genius well, thank you for not teasing me oh you should taste me that's a video subscribe. Or else, okay. I feel for joining fucking amazing - I love you look really very much you're like Barbie, on your like nut evening gown I, don't, know it look like we're. Different eras of Barbie right now I feel like I'm the Barbie that is on the new season, of snapped shoe. Huh. You. Look really good oh my god I'm living but I hope at home you guys are as gagged as I am cuz I am what I can't believe I can't get over it I don't no one's seen me like this before first of all thank you so much for coming over today or, as a dream come true if you guys are not already please, subscribe to, Trix these channel there is so much music everywhere, of course this bitch has Instagram snapchat everything, everything, same name it we're just gonna. Be linked down below so thank you for you make a really good product oh my god they really, do thank, you I got a cute person who's 60 you.

Are Yes this. Is what I'm good at and then I'm like yeah say, man I really, liked you so and I love that well thank you for loving my products, like that's how we bonded I was like who is this person ordering, so many queens a premium for it once you're like is this a pink person like. It's a mannequin or my sister, Angelina, tricks it yes either oh I. Fucking, love though I love them both okay we love you so much thank you for watching mwah bye.

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you look like one of miguel’s relatives in Coco

Girl, now we need Katya

You need to become Cher’s friend like you two would be like best friends Jeffrey

Omg Jeffree looks like my cousin


Jeffrey looks like Trixie’s southern mom in this video and I LOVE it!

but why is Jeffree the skinnier and younger version of Betty White

This video is soooo good! Omg

7:45am “i’m going to do a natural lewk” 8:30am:

Outsiders yas

The lashes tho

Oh Lord Jeffree, I'm thinking Steel Magnolias!

I saw her in Orlando!!!

I keep coming back to this video. I can't stopppp. This and the Shane collab are I C O N I C ✨❤️

Anybody else from Milwaukee?


It looks fucking incredible like I actually can’t get over how good Jeffree looks

lmao Jeffree is so high

Where are her eyes *concern*

Ha gayyyy


Those lashes

you look STUNNING. Also kinda like Willam idk why. (i love her.)

" im you .. Fresh out of rehab "

YES FOR KRYOLAN TV PAINT STICK IN WHITE. It's my go to foundation honestly.


Jeffree Dalmer lol

I just love it!!!! My two favorite people! Damn Jeffree Star looks so freaking good. I need that wig.

In the process you looked like a kabuki dancer kshxjsiwjx

Good Lord wow!

I want trixies top

I would have loved to have seen Nate's reaction to "Trixie Star"

You do not look gaunt or malnourished or fresh out of rehab. You look great!

Are u gayy

Я одна русская?!


This made my stoned little heart happy for the first time in a long time

OMG! Jeffree you look Fierce with a capital F! You are absolutely fabulous too Trixie ;)

Trixies' eyeliner and lashes are giving me problems - great art though x

Do katya too

absolutely love Trixie

Oh my two favourites together at last. Yaaaaaas!!! Totally LOVED this video x

*2 queens in 1 video*

Jeffree: "After the 10th bukkakke, this foundation feels like air." Bye.

*the pink one terrify*

she willldddddd I C O N I C

where do you even buy eyelashes that long

They look gud!!

Jeffery’s face makes a better Trixie than Trixie... there’s such thing as too much

99.99% of the time though this video, I have no idea wtf there talking about

“rayven say it again”

Tricky reminds me of those furry moths

omg!! You are Drag Dolly Parton right now!! I LIVE!!!

This is fantastic

I am not trying to be rude but I don’t like her/his makeup sorry I am not a big fan of it

Jeffree in Trixie makeup at the mall. “Why am I not getting mobbed by teen girls?!”

7:25 is the Groucho Marx reveal. She just needs a cigar, honey.

I’m in loveeeer w this makeup

Pause 25:32 lol

Michigan bitch here! Muahhh! Loveeee you!!!


Umma Michigan bitch


That yell at 29:01 lmfao i cant

I love the queens

I absolutely love it!!! Love you two soo much!!!

Jeffrey looks like Willam as Trixie I am positively confused!


The outsides reference is my life

Love!!!! ❤️

you look unreallll love u both!!!!


This is amazing! Jeffree x Trixie music video would be flabbergasting!

has anybody noticed the giant ring on his left hand? wasn't there on the video before...




I don't think I ever stopped smiling through this video. Absolutely LOVE this video!

Oh god, i love The Outsiders!!!

Jeffree still spraying setting spray on himself & Trixie is waiting like I don’t feel it.

omg did he say milwaukee area bc i live in milwaukee wow iconic

Sooooo iconic man. This is almost overwhelming

*Whispers. I may have nightmares... ;( xD

Gotta get my no porblem

Jeffree is Trixies widowed grandmother who just downloaded tinder

I fucking screamed when i saw the video and shock i didint know we was who

Jeffree pulls of the look better than-


Jeffree when will the Tiffany hand mirrors be back in stock? ya girl is dying to get her hands on one


Can u do drag make up on trixie

what is that?

That look = instant regret

he needs to work under cover at a mac store for some CONTENT HUNNNYYY!!!!!!

I love her... she’s so down to earth and talented

This is the best


i cant see him eyes

Why does Jeffrey look better

You legit look pretty!

Wow they are both queens

I'm living for Jeffree's nail color and the yuki onna look early on in the vid with that robe color.

that hair omg i kinda LOVE ITT

The two most Gorgeous Queens EVAR!!! YAAAASSSS!!! Jeffree AND Trixie!!!! I AM IN LOVE AND DECEASED

Can’t even listen to your voice makes me sick.

Jeffree's makeup looks even better than Trixies! Wow

Girrrrrl, I got ‚stay gold‘ from the outsiders tattooed on me!!!

I have a question, how does she see?

Please do another collab with Trixie Mattell....I LOVE how you two just have the best vibe together. I have been bing watching this video non-stop.

I really love the eyebrows that Trixie did on Jeffree *.*


OMG Jeffery you look like a queen


Its like trixie has no eyes

The wig makes this look a Dolly Parton moment and I love it lol

It's a ram before the eyeliner

Can I just say Trixie looks lovely in this?

This video is life!

More Trixie!! :)

2 of my favourite people in one video!

I fucking got scared! You look horible not you jeffree

I use a prestige shadow sweep brush for highlighting! :) this is the first time I have ever heard prestige mentioned by an influencer. I've had the brush since highchool.

Im sorry trixie but this lools better on jeffree. Please next time invite binca del rio

I LOVE how you can never see Trixie’s eyes. So mysterious. She made The Perfect Star look so Amazing!


Trixie: do you know what affordable is?

No shes like the dolly parton of trixie ❤ im living for it!

Will u pleeease talk about u skin care routine?

He literally looks good in anything!!!

I’ve never related to anything more than when Tricia was talking about being midwestern and fucking everyone but not right away

Why does Jeffree look better

I love The Outsiders

Jeffree you remind of Dolly Parton with that hair. I don't know if anyone else sees it. Maybe it's just me.

Trixie and Jeffree both in makeup and outfit look like Cher and Dolly Parton if they died and they tried to resurrect them and used lots of plastic surgery and makeup to make them look "good."

Drag scares me

I LOVE this video Jeffree!!!!

*Stay Gold*

wtf hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahhahahaahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahahah is wrong with her lolololol hahahahahajajajahaahahhaahhaahhahahahaha she looks weird hahahhahahahahahahahahah

6:35 - 6:37 i fucking love The Addams family and when they mentioned it I screamed I fuckingggg loveeee them they are my childhood I still watch both movies over and over again and at 6:57 when Trixxie mentioned “Stay Golden Ponyboy’’ I screamed again I love the Outsiders so much that book and movie was so amazing i cried at the ending i love that book so much


Mad bitches

You look AMAZING. Damn.

“okay” at the same time

So when are we getting our sis Katya on here?

I am loving the Dolly Parton wig.

His make up gives me a anxiety attack in a good way

Ok gurl where’s her eyes

Trixie doesn't have eyes

*presses record* “hey sisters! today we are doing a nice natural look!!”

I love how you dont let anybody bring you down and your so nice, be what you want because your amazing! ❤️

love this video :}

Has anyone seen my wig

I flipped when he said “pony boy” the outsiders THATS MF MOVIE

Wish my hair was that voluminous

Jeffree's scream at 29:00 is KILLING me! xD

Southern bell who?!


When Jeffree came back for real thought it was Miz Cracker!


Did she say Milwaukee?? As is Milwaukee Wisconsin??? Biiiitch!

Literally demon possessed freaks. Our culture is sick

“Barbie that’s on the new season of Snapped” lmao yasss. I love this video!

Love Love !!!❤

Dear Jeffree Star, I just saw your ASMR video and loved when you and your bf worked together and kiss. There was so much love and kindness in the air. Fking adorable! And I also love how you are yourself! One of my dreams waking up for notification on my BTC wallett Jeffree Star just sent me like a million dollars.. it would be a reeeal life changing morning

LOVED this . Great work Trixie . Jeffree , you look amazing . Your wig looks like 1970's Dolly Parton hair . This video is one of my fav's . Hugs from NB , Canada

This makeup is epic!! Just amazing!!!


Is this what youtube became..

Where is her eyes

How do you rock everything you do SISTER SLAY

I fucking love you so gorgeous

I love it!!!! I wanna try this!

Tell me jeffree dont look like the Ali from Mars attack lol slay babygirl!!! Lol

hands down best video gracing us on youtube




OMG that wig that's so scary my neck hurts. Trixie is so iconic she don't even know what pain is BRUH.

You probably havent see lady bunny.

Love this. Lol I can’t see Trixie’s eyes lol

Am i the only one who doesnt see jeffree as a male or female but just as jeffree


Is he a transfestit

I live in Milwaukee , Wisconsin

Duwop is still totally around! I remember when they gave out a trial size Twilight Lip Venom when the movies came out!!

Jeffree is Barbara Millicent Roberts and Trixie is just Barbie

Trixie: spray on me Jefree: sprays on himself Trixie: felt none of it... This is a mood man


Jeffree can literally pull off any look

The ultimate killer whale fantasy

Living for everything

When is he going to Michigan because like I’m in Michigan lmao

Ok Mattel ...get on Drag Queen Trixie Barbie doll! Does it exist?

Jeffree, with that hair, your the "Dolly Parton" version of a Barbie....minus the boob jobs, so your Dolly Barbie! Loving it!

they sound exactly alike

OMG I collected all the Spice Girl dolls too! Even though everybody always got me more of Scary Spice (I guess because I'm black lol)

the more and more trixie speaks I love her. Jefree you like so cool. I hope it was so much fun

This is not good, I tell you the truth the angels in heaven are  fighting the evilness of this world and below. Repent stop sinning tune back to God.  Love God and your neighbors. Forgive and be forgiven  Except Jesus and receive the spirit.

Love the Dolly Parton hair on Jeffree


The eyes and cheeks are snatched, my wig is snatched! ❤❤❤❤

Woooowww sooo pretttyyyyy

Why don't you do collabs with African American beauty YouTubers? Not trying to start shit but I'm honestly curious, as an African American fan of yours, I wish I saw more representation in your channel since your makeup line works so well for all skintones @jeffreestar

love you both

Omg jeffree you look so good in drag!

*W H E R E A R E H E R E Y E B A L L S .*

Omg this is the creepiest thing ever lol you two look like glam martians

ive been waiting YEARS for this

Yes ma'am

Jeffree: I have one pimple here Me: I have ummmm at least 2000 pimples ( and I’m not joking ) lmao

Anyone else a huge trixie fan? Saw her on tour this year, I was sooooo happy when I saw the notif show up with her name in it. Awesome comedian AND musician

It's all great until you have to take it off like that must be annoying defently when you see you have no make up wipes anymore like :0 OH NO. Lol like if you agree to

Are you gay?

Sister shoke

honey if Beauty was killing you would win in a battle!!!!!

N 9???

"After the 10th bukkake this foundation feels like air"

Love ❤️

you look like a GOD. WORK SIS YESS

Trixie's wig here tho

I love you

Jeffree should collab with Trixie AND Katya, both of them are funny af together and it NEEDS to happen


lmao jeffrees scream!!xD




I live in the uk


You are going to HELL....... for being this cool

Jeffree PLEASE visit Eugene, OR !!!!! We got ALL THE WEED and LBGTQ's you could ask for. I know so many people here that use your products!!! We love jeffree hear please visit soon!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤

“milwaukee area” MY AREA WASSSUPPP

james charles always says eyeliner going straight up doesn’t look good on anyone, i beg to differ~~~~


27:42 will you spray me lollll. Sprays himself again

I got a question. how can u see you of those eyelashes u still look amazing tho xx

.Watchn this again

is it just me or where are trixie eyes????



Yes trixie you are queen! Let everyone fuck everyone but I like to date and wait

*I feel like This is a rare specie*


make Trixie do this to nate and shane

Omg that’s madly awesome

We love two natural qweens

Dolly parton hair moment

I’m totally loving the wig! Dolly Parton circa 1976! I think you look fabulous. A stunning transformation!

Jefree Star is like So...perfect


I feel like Jeffree wore it better, what do you think guys?

Petition for jeffree to review Korean lip tints

Okay hi Jeffery looked stunning!

I cnt see here eyes

if trixie and katya had a baby.... i give you jeffree mattel

Where eyes it I can’t see them

*eyes have left the chat*

The advertisement for this video pissed me off



Dude I didn’t know that either about those damn pumps!

Oh. My. God. Her tomogotchi earrings!!!! ❤️❤️

This is so iconic


I am loving this way too much, like I am LIVING for this

The outsiders

Loving the Dolly Parton look

I was wondering if Trixie was wearing some 1% sunglasses to obscure her eyes. Nope. Turns out it's just eye shadow and lashes! Impressive on multiple levels.

i really made a sound like a monster seeing this

You need to do one with Alyssa Edwards Pleaseee!!

As a Waffle House server.... I SCREAMED!

There is so many iconic comments

So much fuxking life right now


And that Makeup probably weighs as much as a elephant

Jeffrey can I confess I've wanted to be a drag Queen for years. How do I do this?????? I am a woman, drag has facinated me for years. Is it possible?

Baby Jeffree I LIVE FOR U OKAY



This video was so much fun to watch!!!!

What lipstick is Trixie wearing ?

Ahhhhh Jeffree you are a BABE in that wig tho

Wtf I’m by-sexual and I don’t fuck with makeup cus I always look like a zombie so I always let my girlfriends do theirs so I don’t now why I’m here. This is the fucking dark side of YouTube

You look amazing just amazing


Anyone like find this video rly awkward

“honestly if they’re still here they aren’t leaving” trruuueee


You can’t see their eyes. Makes me so mad

Boshe, jak ja kocham ten makijaż *^* uczcie mnie~

gross this is so gross.


Were are trixies eyes

oof! U slay

I honestly htought I would hate it but I actually love it uhhhhh

Jeffree...that wig! YES Does it come in pink?

Nobody listen to this whore of Babylon! She speaks to snakes and humps crucifics at church every christmas

We stan a fact-spitting shishtorrrrrrr

Happy Llama I’m not hating on it

Trixie represents an overdone Barbie doll, it's meant to be that over the top. She's a performer and this is her character.

men make better females then females do

You look amazing. And Trixie is hilarious.


Omg I totally collected all the spice girls dolls and I still have them well my daughter technically has them

Is it just me or is jefree higher than a kite ?

You guys look amazing

everyone press this and listen to Jefferys laugh 28:10

the pink one so terrify


Woooo milwaukee!!!! Jeffree you should come to Milwaukee!

Yasss bitchhh

I wish we saw Nates reaction

I love you both sooooo muuuuuch❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ok y'all have to believe me for a sec but it's RARE for me to laugh almost as rare as jeferee getting a pimple but when Trixie said "lajanja smokes a lot" and jeferee said "same" I was in stitches

Jeffree your a fucking Queen ❤️

Trixie Startell

They look like what you ordered vs what has arrived


I love everything about this


This. Kind. Of. Cunt. Ent. Is. Why. I. Watch. YouTube!!!!

“I’m like. You know whore” I need that on a t-shirt.


I love anything Trixie!

Anyone get the bloodhound gang reference?

The way Trixie said rich tobacco killed me.

she’s terrifying

I’m livingggggggg for this collabbbb !

Is the hair a miz cracker hair (wavy hair)

the fact trixie is wearing tamagotchi earrings is a real throw back

How do I apply too be Jeffree Star bff.

Jeffree reminds me of Shane in this video and I have no idea why.

LOVE this video

Bruh I wear nw10

Jeffree is like the child of Tricia and Katya and Dolly Parton is his rich grandmother

Seriously, thank you for mentioning the Morphe blender. I can.not. afford BB but I CAN get a morphe. I'm a woman on a budget, so thanks for the tip.

I don’t want to be rude, I love Jeffree, but does he class himself as a female or male? I’ll still ship him either way

Trixie looks scary af

23:25 screaming at it's best

Well f.. me sideways how did nate take it?

You look more ladylike

You Bettttter Worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Bitch

will i like it " the kids" lol love ya jeffree

Dolly Parton Barbie Jeffree

my younger sister walked on me watching this and she stared at the phone for like five minuets before saying “where are his eyes” and i cant stop laughing

Trixie's hands are so delicate with her face, it's calming xD

You two are such good people. I’m so happy for you both in your successfulness. You are changing the perception of this twisted, f

13:00 duude

Yess jeffree!!! You look like dolly!!!

She has mi eyes...


Ohh my god I loved this entire thing but my favorite part was 29:00 .. That scream had me dyingg

Reminds me of Dolly Parton

You look amazing omg

I didnt know Trixie but i love her???

You look amazing I love this video

JEFFREE! You're gorgeous!

Idk how I missed seeing this right when it came out!! I can’t believe you did a video with Trixie, she’s an ICON. The craziest part is I’m actually good friends with Trixie’s brother, Dan. I honestly didn’t believe him when he told me they were brothers, but I’ve heard nothing but good things! So crazy to see how far Trixie has come and see you transform into the QUEEN SHE IS

TRIXIE MATTEL! I love her hair!!!!!!!!!!

I saw trixie this year on the now with moving parts tour and it was ICONIC


I LOVE the look Jeffree! Thank you Trixie and Jeffree ⭐️

I am absolutely dying!! Jeffree, bitch you look like evening gotten Barbie and Trixie looks like my 80s roller skating Barbie that I carried everywhere!!

i literally LOVE this video so much!!!!!

*pimples left the chat*

Remeber when trixie use to say she couldn't tongue pop look at 2:22 bitch that is a tongue pop

Awesome Tattoos and the Artist has Powder in a Tupperware OMG

LOL Everyone give it up for Carol!!! lol

I love how Jeffree is doing Shane facial expression at 3:59 lmao

Love that

I love the way the hair looked!!! The shirt was so cute too!

This collab was EVERYTHING! Please do a collab for JSC with Trixie! That collection would be the bomb! I would definitely order that palette.

Jefree was kind of high

after the 10th bukake i dont feel anything... oml

Jeffree :it's hard to wink Trixie : *ignores try to change topic


im never leaving

dose trixie have eyes

That's very good! Love the drama on the eye make up

Love this video have watched it at least 5 times, and it even lead me to watch some trixie videos


I read the outsiders for ELA and we finished yesterday

I live and breathe and die for this look

I’m concerned about Trixies eyeballs, no offnese boo

Please have Bianca del rio do your makeup. I fucking love her. She is so funny!!!

Totally getting Mars Attacks feels from the final look.

THIS IS A SURE HIT!!!! ADORE THIS! ADORE YOU BOTH!! i would love to see you jeffrey have makeup done by Miss Fame

Uhhh when two cosmic nerds meets

I loved and lived and died and resurrected

Slay queen

I wanna see Nathan's reaction too

fucking gorgeous *hearteyes****** jeffree looks like a real stepford housewife yaaaassss on snapped lmao

"do you know what affordable is?" "no" wow

Two skinny legends... ❤️

Yassssssssss!!!!! Thank y’all for this ! Just made my day! Love love love this video ❤️❤️❤️y’all were snatched!!!!!


aaaaaa i love u both

"you look like Trixie Mattel on a juice cleanse" LMFAOO

Oh lord ‘ jefree star was so cute in today’s vlog

Boże, jakie gówno...

I want jeffree in that hair 24/7


You look AWSOME jeffre

I'd never leave u jeffre your amazing

authubillah min alshaytan alrajeem

finally the islam will be good for something, for ending such things in the future.

Congrats on being a lazy bitch and not liking my comment


I love how Jeffree can own a $125,000 Birkin bag but also doesn’t want to buy a $25 beauty blender. What. An. Icon.

You two have great chemistry you should do a small collab channel

I feel like the look is totally beautiful and complete, but would love a beauty mark!

Trixie, I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR HAIR IN THIS! Jeffree, looking gorgeous as well!

Trixie and her 60 year old grandmother

You mentioned the outsiders and I wasn’t ready I’m still full of emotions from that book

this look should be called “neapolitan ice cream”

is it just me or did anyone notice that jeffrey isn’t using her gold straw lol

You definitely look different but gorgeous as always. I would kill for the wig you had on. I would love to see it in a champagne tone. I also love your tattoos. My son is a tattoo artist, he's been trying for years to do one on me. I'm a huge chicken. What did Nate think of your new look? Love to you both.

Wow this is amazing

lovvveeee it!!!


I love Jeffree's wig


Jeffree looks fishy afff

I just want you to know I was in the middle of watching this video today when I found out I passed the bar exam. Magic.

Am I the only one who thinks Jeffree looks like Willam?........


They look like tarantulas

I LOVE this

“After the tenth bukkake, this foundation is like air!”

U remind me of a TX housewife

Sorry Trixie but you made Jeffree look better than you

U should do a collab with sichenmakeupholic!! Love her

Where did Trixie’s eyeballs Go?

I live literally 25 minutes from GR girl if you want a tour by the beach hmu

Jeffree Mattel looks sickening *-*

OMG! I fucking love this

Jeffery looks like the alien from Mars Attacks.

Never Thought Jefree Would Say "Its Too Big" LMFAOO

is trixie wearing lilly pulitzer??!


i love how he drags you right in front of you

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