Trudeau cabinet shuffle brings new faces and changes for run-up to 2019 election

Trudeau cabinet shuffle brings new faces and changes for run-up to 2019 election

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Doubt who Justin Trudeau will, be trusting with key cabinet positions, hoping to position his team for, the 2019, federal, election, campaign I'm here with Chris hall host of CBC Radio's, the house and with CBC polls analyst Eric. Grenier, but first we're gonna head over to the grounds of Rita Hall again where the CBC's Katie Simpson, is reporting for us live hey Katie tell, us what's happening where you are. Hi. Vashti, this is not going to be a small, cabinet, shuffle, we've seen maybe, at least half a dozen getting. Closer to ten ministers, or MPs. That appear to be involved in today's shuffle, the first arrivals where the International, Minister of Trade Francoise Philippe champagne, he. Of course has a very busy file are trying to expand, Canada's, trading partners given, the tensions, between the Canada us trading relationship, and there has been some scrutiny of his handling of that file, given, what happened with delays related, to the trans-pacific, partnership, going. To China last December, and not starting. Those formal, free trade talks there have been, some challenges on that file next, to arrive was Melanie. Joly the minister of heritage, she's, had some challenges, particularly, in her home province of Quebec so it's not necessarily, a surprise, to see that she will be moving around in this position after that we saw a Dominic, LeBlanc who's the current Minister of Fisheries and Oceans we, have confirmed at CBC News that he will be moving to intergovernmental. Affairs that. Is going, to be a very, key, ministry. Because, of course this, government, is dealing with a very different. Dynamic when it comes to dealing with federal-provincial. Relations when. This government was elected in 2015. There, were a number of liberal premiers, who were very willing to cooperate with the federal government, were on board with things like a climate, plan but, in the years since this government has been in office there's been a significant. Change a major swing, and with the election, of the the, PC government, in Ontario, of Doug Ford this, government is also already seeing some challenges, on the immigration, file again on climate, change so this. Government, is, looking to put someone in that position to, try and manage those relationships and, with big provincial, elections coming up later, this year and next year that's, going to be a significant. Challenge for this government. Until, at least 2019. We've, also seen Carla, Quatro who is the minister of, procurement. And public. Services she handles the Phoenix, file that has been a major, challenge, for this government so there's going to be some sort of movement there we, have also seen Jim Carr who's the Minister of Natural Resources of. Course there have been some major challenges, on that file as well with the government stepping in to purchase the, trans mountain pipeline, we, also saw a bill Blair who is currently a parliamentary, secretary, to the, Department of Justice to the Justice Minister he, of course is a former Toronto police chief and he managed, the rollout, of the legalization of marijuana, the, government, mostly. Stayed on track there are still some challenges going. There but, it looks like that Bill. Blair who's known as Chief Blair to many on the hill as well as many from Toronto. He. Looks like he's in line for some kind of promotion, today moving, up to a ministerial, position, there have been some newcomers that we've seen here that are not in cabinet, that, look to be making that step, up Philomena. Tassa who's a who, is a an, MP, from Hamilton, she's, the deputy whip when she arrived some. People didn't necessarily recognize. Her so she's not a high-profile, MP, that's, received, a lot of attention, but she is from Hamilton, and heading into that 2019, election, this government, is going to try to be shoring, up as much support around, the Greater Toronto Area as it, can and so putting people from, those regions into. Positions. Where there are high profile, that, is going to be key for this government we. Have also seen the, the Chief Whip Pablo, Rodriguez, he just walked up with some of his family members a short, time ago so possibly some sort of new position for him and another, person who is certainly going to be getting a lot of attention for getting a promotion here, is marrying.

She. Became, an MP, after taking a winning a by-election. She actually ran in John McCallum's, writing he was a cabinet minister was the Minister of immigration, but then left to go be the ambassador, to China she. Ran in the by-election she, won and she has very close ties to the prime minister's office and there had been wide, speculation that she, would be moving into some sort of position here in, cabinet, since she has worked so closely, with members of the prime minister's office so, that I believe a she is everyone. We've seen so far correct, me if I've missed anyone talked. A lot there right but. More, people arrived we, will we, will obviously let, you know but. So far that's what we've seen anyone. Who thought that this might be a sort of smaller affair. It's, looking to be you, know quite a large shuffle but we have you know who we haven't seen and this is also going to be key we haven't seen the ministers that really handle, the canada-us file. No sign of Christian Freeland, no, sign of bill poor no who is the finance minister he's, also, received. A lot of support from the prime minister's office when, he was facing some challenges from the opposition about his finances, there, was widespread, support. For him he was not expected to be involved in this shuffle, whatsoever but, those key players that do handle the canada-us relations including. Christopher Elin no, sign, of her at this point and it looks like more people are walking up but I think it's just staff so we're, now that's. Where we that's where we stand, all right now for, now thanks a lot Katie Katie Simpson at Rideau Hall I'm, gonna bring in Chris Hall and Eric Grenier now because, that's. A long list that's a lot of shuffling Chris yeah it is probably bigger than I think most of us were expecting and I think it signals just how important, the prime minister is, taking, the challenges, that his government faces, heading into an election campaign it's a little more than a year away interesting. Enough I'm, just gonna speculate, for a moment cuz that's what we do. The. Jimkar emerging so he combination. Is interesting, there have been some people who believe it so he might be moving to natural, resources, to. Show Alberta. Voters in particular that. The government remains committed to Kinder Morgan and to getting resources to, market obviously, a province, where I'm sure Eric will weigh in where, they face some challenges they only have four seats already two of them in jeopardy particularly, in Calgary so that, might be a signal there Jim Carr one of the more effective communicators. Where am I to go really. Not clear at this stage but, I think, what they're really trying to do here is to show that they are ready for 2019, and they're going to show up those positions where they perceive, weakness, not just in terms of cabinet performance, but, mostly in terms of showing that part of the country that they are still online, where they may be losing seats or may be in jeopardy of losing seats I'm Eric let me ask you about that and the importance, of sort of significance, of the election calculus. In all of this I think Minister, Sookie for example I he I remember him winning his riding by very very narrow narrow Raja I'm, sorry margin, right, in Edmonton Miller woods and they don't have a lot of seats right now in Alberta and they only have one Minister right now from the province so it would have been interesting to see if someone like Randy Brasa know it was the only other MP would have been eligible now to be in cabinet now that Kent hair was I moved, out of there I mean we haven't seen him sign of him yet we do have ten right now it does seem to be that's where the count is an increase of the size of the cabinet by four but, what's interesting about who those four are at least in terms of who we've seen walk into Rideau, Hall is, that three of them are from the wider Toronto, area a marrying, of Philomena Tassie and Bill Blair those are all from the GTA and Hamilton. So it does suggest that the. Liberals. Are looking at Toronto. And and the, ridings around, the city there is being really key in the next election they want to shore those up particularly when a lot of these seats either, went to the NDP or to the PCs in the recent Ontario provincial election does the GTA surprise you at all no, because look if we do the election math it's. A little early I know but Liberals, are looking, a little softer, in the West because of Kinder Morgan British Columbia in particular there's. Concerns that they can't win every seat again in Atlantic, Canada so if they are to retain a majority, position they, need to win more seats most in Quebec and Ontario so, the Greater Toronto Area with Doug Ford's victory and the provincial election, campaign, is a place where there will be challenges not, just in the four one six because that's what usually, a liberal stronghold but also in that broader 905 the suburbs that bring Toronto, so not a surprise to me at all of the looking to beef that up with Mary Inge who is from outside and Philomena, Tassie who is from both Hamilton, which, is also the headquarters of steel production in this country and obviously that means a huge issue in the dynamics that now face with the United States you mentioned BC as well we had kind of been expecting and we still might see but someone from yeah, I kind.

Of Felt that Jonathan Wilkinson who's been the parliamentary, secretary for Environment, and climate change, might have been one of the people to be put in especially when you look at fisheries and oceans now being vacant if with. Dominic, LeBlanc going to to, this indirect governmental affairs post but, we haven't seen anybody from there yet so that's an area where they would face challenges, you think they would want to shore up by, adding a night another cabinet minister from there what kind of challenge does Eric might they face in BC well, they could face some significant. Particularly in the Vancouver area because, of the trans mountain pipeline and that was why you might have looked at someone like a parliamentary secretary, like Kerry Beach who is in a riding in Burnaby North Sea more that's the kind of area where opposition. To the pipeline is really, really very, high so they, might want to try to shore up those seats. In that in the province because they are vulnerable, but they do have these regional, balances, they have to weigh the gender parity right now we're looking at the four new ones you see two men two women these, calculations. Are also being, made in, addition, to looking, towards the next election what, about that, gender parity and of course we all remember I believe, the Prime Minister's gonna do his his. Press conference in the same place that he did that year that he in the original cabinet when he says because it's 2015. My god I forgot, feels, like a while now, how. Significant, you know he there's no way he can move away from that no I he remains absolutely committed to it and certainly female. Voters in particular would, wonder why he would change that that, 50/50, balance if that was going to be the case so I'm, with Eric here that's one of the things that he you can honestly he's boxed himself in that way or it's a continuation, that he wants you to bring people for it just before we went on air we were talking about the number of people who were in this cabinet already let alone all the new people who are coming who were first elected in 2015. It's not that long ago marrying, actually only elected in a by-election little more than a year ago so this, is going to be a younger and still a very new cabinet. That he's bringing forward into the next election campaign, that being said Ralph. Goodale not moving obviously as Public Safety Minister, or a long time experience and we didn't see Carolyn Bennett who's been in Parliament for a long time Lawrence McCauley, he's keeping some of those longer. In the tooth ministers. And in senior, positions and obviously he needs that balance as well I'm glad you brought that up someone asked about Dominic LeBlanc who we do know is going to intergovernmental, affairs how. Big, of a portfolio was that and why is Minister, LeBlanc the guy you know if you look back at the previous Liberal government so John Casey and Paul Martin it was Stephane, Dion and Pierre, Pettigrew standalone departments, very significant. Roles tough, stances, with the promises on any number of things what does health care funding or whatever, I think, Dominic LeBlanc going there suggests that this is going to be a harder line that the Prime, Minister is going to take with the provinces he knows that he's got problems with Doug Ford on climate, change he knows Jason. Kenney is potentially, in, the wings in Alberta he's got problems with John Horgan in British column yeah he wants somebody there who is tough. We know that when Dominic LeBlanc was the house leader that there were some some issues around his unwillingness, to waver and, to negotiate I think that's exactly the, kind of message that Justin Trudeau is trying to send today to the provinces okay speaking of the provinces, premiers, from across the country are gathering, in, New Brunswick for, their annual summer meeting right now this time though there's a new face at the table as Chris. Just mentioned and a bit of a wild card Ontario, Premier Doug for it so how will his debut shake up the group of premiers and shaped the conversation, around federal-provincial.

Relations Joining. Me now from, the scene is the CBC's David, Cochrane hey Dave thanks for being with us. Hey. Vashi so you you were the one that gets orange rose sorry I just want to say you're the one who confirmed they'll go ahead Minister, LeBlanc moving over you. Know any chatter there about the about, the new the, new minister they'll probably be talking to. Ya. Well this will surprise you New Brunswick premier Brian Golan thinks it's a great idea if it's absolutely confirmed, the Liberal Premier of New Brunswick thinks, of promotion of the, Liberal Member of Parliament for New Brunswick it, is wonderful, but it you know picking up on what Chris was talking about what Katie was talking about it is the changing dynamic, here that is in part impersonally in the move to put Dominic LeBlanc into this job because the current minister of intergovernmental, affairs of the Government of Canada is Prime, Minister Justin Trudeau and that was taken on very symbolically, to send a message that he wanted to have active. Reengagement, with the provinces and the territories, after the Harper years of not meeting at the First Minister's level with with any frequency and instead preferring to do one-on-ones, well everything has changed I mean there is a block that is forming, here and other premiers, are talking about it of Doug Ford Scot Moe and Brian Pallister sort, of this conservative, block in the middle of the country and if you look at the electoral calendar there is quite a distinct, possibility that, when they meet next year Jason, Kenney could be the premier of Alberta and, he, will not be bringing a bouquet of Alberta wild roses 21st, ministers meeting with Justin Trudeau so in speaking, to senior government officials, in the federal government there, is a sense that not only do you have this changing, dynamic but you could have provincial, governments, actively, working to elect Andrew, Shearer, that is why they are making some, of these moves you talked about playing, defense in, terms of strengthening, up ministers in the GTA and MPs and the GTA, dominic, leblanc is a move to go on the offensive i think because in some ways justin, Trudeau's gonna need a bad cop and a bodyguard I'm the federal provincial level and a guy can step in and stare. Down some of the some of some of the provinces, which in the words of some federal officials I've been speaking with are becoming, intransigent. And I think you need to look at the immigration, meeting last week where the dust-up between Nam and Huson and Lisa MacLeod happened of just, how different things are from when he was elected when it was 7 liberals to, New Democrats, and Brad wall it's, a very different family photo when the premiers get together right now yeah it sure is besides the the chatter on on this of course though what's on the agenda for the meeting. On. The agenda today is a meeting with indigenous leaders but the main three indigenous, leaders have, not shown up and this is the second year in a row that that has failed, to happen the the Inuit the maytee and the assembly first stations are not here and, Northwest.

Territories Premiere Bob McLeod told us going in that he's gonna start a discussion tomorrow when the premiers moved to st. Andrews have their conversations, about, ending, this pre meeting with, the indigenous leaders, it's been two years now where they feel some of them feel they've been snubbed, and scolded, to some degree by. The the national indigenous leaders and they just think this meeting is becoming a bit of a waste of time. They meet with the indigenous communities, in their jurisdictions, on a regular basis they meet with them at the First Minister's level when they meet with Justin Trudeau but, this has not gone well the last two years so there will be a push to get that off the agenda the other big things you're gonna see a united front on trade when it comes to dealing with Donald Trump some discussion on knocking, down east-west, barriers on internal trade and then a lot of discussion on health but but a big issue of actually is going to be that changing dynamic, and whether carbon, pricing can survive the support for carbon pricing can. Survive at. The premiers level we've seen the Opposition in Ontario Saskatchewan, Manitoba doesn't, want to go to $50, a ton we, knows what will happen in Alberta of Jason Kenney should win and we're hearing from Prince Edward Island that they don't want to impose a carbon, tax on Islanders, so the consensus, that Trudeau hammered together under the old group of premiers that's, definitely fraying under this new group all right thanks a lot Dave Dave Cochrane at the premiers meeting in New Brunswick you're. Watching a special edition of power and politics as we cover what is shaping up to be a major cabinet, shuffle, welcome to our viewers on CBC news network as well as on YouTube Facebook and periscope, I'm Bashi capella and I'm joined by Chris hall and Eric, Grenier so Chris I, wanted. To ask you a bit about this prevent sort of the the ways in which for this provincial acrimony, and what Dave's talking about might fit to the. Election, going forward and therefore also this truffle well let's look at the two big files immigration, obviously because Ontario is concerned, about the the program. As it is now and the Conservatives federally, have found an ally, in Doug Ford and saying that federal, government the Liberals have mismanaged this file that's the one climate, change an environment, clearly, a huge issue Doug for it again being elected in Ontario said he is scrapping, the cap-and-trade system we, have Scott Moe concerned, about a carbon price Brian, Pallister always, bringing one in also. Concerned about it and I guess the third one would be if you look at the the overall dynamic it's just a simple partisanship, there are now more, conservative. Premiers. And then there are liberals. And it's likely to be that with with the possibility. Of Philippe we are going to be in a tight race later this this, summer, in in Quebec that may, lose another liberal premiere, without predicting, what the outcome would be so far in advance so there are significant, challenges on all of these fronts with carbon tax obviously.

With The climate change and and, plans that the government has put forward and now immigration, Chris and Dave mentioned but the electoral, calendar in the before. 2019, could shake continue, to shake things up yeah there's a an election in New Brunswick at the end of September there, Brian glam probably, in a better position than some of his other liberal, counterparts. This year for the periodic chris. Hall mentioned very. In in tough he's trailing in the polls behind, crossbone ago who is a center-right, leader, of a coalescing. Nfk Beck which is not a party. That's officially. Affiliated with the Conservatives but you've seen that the Conservatives have been warming. Up to France. But ago and then you have the Alberta election in the spring next year potentially, one in PEI and then, that. Will bring us to the federal election in October 2019. And I know it sounds like it's a long way away but. These moves, are being planned in that sense in that sense because they're not going to shuffle the cabinet again barring, some resignation, or some sort of thing like that so this is will this will be the team that will take the the. Government, into the next election we are streaming this right now on Facebook YouTube, periscope. And we've got some questions coming in for you guys on, social media when, Lambert, Nick asks, what about a Minister for seniors, we. Are expecting. That one of the new people might be given that position, that that there is a good. Chance at least to potentially, three new departments, will be created because of the new people being brought in so that would be one of them there's obviously a small, business and tourism which is going to be hived off we believe from Bardis Jagger who's now the government house leader but, clearly the seniors it's a growing part of the population they, vote there are issues that are unique to them dealing with retirement income for example so, it wouldn't surprise me at all I would, look for it I'd be very surprised, if there isn't a new department afore that or said least a Secretary of State let's go through some of the names that. We have seen people who have been arriving we're. About 12 minutes away from the official announcement somebody, like Carla. Quatro Eric let's start with her so she's she's been in charge she, used to be Minister for sport I remember talking to her in Rio during the Olympics now she's sorts, ahead sort of heads up the Phoenix, file which has been a very troublesome one for this government and the one before yeah absolutely and, and that will have an impact on the next election if for public, service people who work in the public service here in Ottawa and also throughout the country because there are people who do that there she, represents, a riding in the, Greater Vancouver area which, again is one of those areas that they need to make sure that they have.

Some Support in the next election they need to be able to hold on to some seats in BC, and to, have some sort of Western representation, because things could be pretty tough for them in Alberta and the prairies so. For her it, having, someone who might get maybe more of a high-profile position might be helpful for the. Liberals in British Columbia because so far this is the only name that we've seen from BC that is moving around but. We'll have to wait and see we're also we, were talking about who could be the fisheries minister right now I'm looking at the names that we've seen it only seems to be the one that's within earshot or I guess a view it has a waterfront view or something, so you. Know that might be the kind of thing you're looking at but aside from that you're looking at a lot of people are pretty landlocked it's interesting the, Phoenix remains a huge issue it has not been resolved, and she was brought in to fix that and I know there's been some improvement, in terms of people getting paid the appropriate amounts, that they're entitled to but. It's not done so that's. An interesting signal that they're sending with karla cultural being moved because Public Works and procurement service is in fact in charge of that filed what do you think I thought an interesting name that I wasn't expecting, Francois Phillipe champagne currently minister of international, trade he was formerly. The the parliamentary, secretary for finance, and then moved up to this, position and that's what his background was in private sector life was on International. Trade files international, trade lawyer he, also represents, the writing of Sam Morris which is obviously. Jean Clayton his old writing outside, of the island of Montreal is signals, that again Quebec remains a priority. I suppose if you want to look at it that way I frankly. Am a bit surprised because there are ongoing negotiations still, about expanding, Canada's, trade relationships, with the, Asian nations of Southeast Asia. TPP. Was problematic. It hasn't been yet ratified by everybody and, seated remains a challenge so to, change maybe they figuring his mandate letter he's delivered on those three or is, far enough down the road you have been delivering on those three to be able to change him maybe, he's also one that they want to now turn to a canada-us, type of role I just don't know how it fits into the scheme that they have interesting this morning though they're though.

Eric That Jerry but senior, principal. Secretary I'm sorry to the Prime Minister tweeted out there is no greater national priority, right now than trade diversification. Which would have been his portfolio right, it's hard to see the electoral, reasons were behind a move for him because as, Chris said he does represent a riding that in. The past is voted for the Liberals but it's one of those areas that they're expected, to do quite well in the next election so it might be more to do with a policy. Or personnel, kind of motivation. Here rather than trying, to shore up some sort of Quebec. Wing because they do seem to be doing quite well in the province I suppose. It's possible he's here to get something else and, while keeping international, trade that's such a huge portfolio I can't imagine why they would want to tack on especially, when they have three new people coming in so if, he's being moved we'll have to talk about that effort so I'm actually don't know what the message would be given. That trade remains is key thing and because you are trying to wean reliance, Canada's. Reliance on the US as a major trading partner we'll know soon let's head back to the grounds of Rideau Hall where Katie Simpson will, join us hey Katie so is everyone in now. Vashi. Everyone, in is is in and now we're waiting to see the Prime Minister, and earlier, I was. Chatting with Hanna we talked about how around. 9:45, an, embargoed, list would be handed out so the embargo lists have been handed out but we can't talk about it as. Per the rules until the Governor General, says yes. You may proceed. So until we hear as Julie Payette the Governor General's say that the, information, that we have learned has to remain top. Secret as. Per, the protocol, as for the rules this is very normal this is how this whole process works, but, what we know is that all of the people who are, taking on new roles different, roles and our new to cabinet they are inside the Prime Minister will be arriving any moment now we believe, we've seen some security, around so that's normally. A sign that the Prime Minister is on his way we've, spotted at least 10, people, coming, into rideau hall so. That there are changes involving ten members of cabinet so if anyone thought that this would be a small shuffle. That is not the case this is this, is a significant. Move for this government to, address new challenges possibly. That have emerged in different relationships, whether they be the. Canada-us relationship. The intergovernmental. Relationship, whether it is you know between the, provinces, and the federal government, as well remember next, year is a federal, election year. So that is something that is always front of mind for any government, when, they're gearing up for any sort of election they, need to or they're going to try and boost the strength in their cabinet, and try and reach out to individuals, who, might be able to help, them increase, awareness. Increase. Votes that sort of things we've seen a number of people arrive here that, are from the, Greater, Toronto and Hamilton area, so, that is, something that will definitely be a theme here trying to win votes in that very important, region giving.

These MPs, or ministers, of boost, heading into that election. Time that, will be significant, people, we are not seeing, here at this point we, haven't seen anyone who's really dealing, with the the intensive. Canada-us. Relations file. No, sign of Christian Freeland that was not expected, no, sign of Bill Morneau that was not expected either and. And we're not seeing any sort of change in some of the the, parliamentary. Secretary level, we didn't see general. Andrew Lesley who's the parliamentary, secretary to foreign, affairs on the canada-us file, we, didn't see Harjit Sajjan he, has been very key although he is the Minister of Defence he's been very key in that relationship, between Canada, in the u.s. because, he. Is very close, with General Jim mattis he of course is the. Defense. Secretary in the u.s. we also didn't, see Lawrence, McAuley who, is a Minister of Agriculture, he. Has developed a very strong friendship with a man named sonny perdue sonny, Perdue is the, American, Secretary, of Agriculture, and has been deeply. Influential, on the NAFTA file when it comes to talking to Donald Trump and about the concerns with farmers so this government has made the canada-us relationship. A big priority, and some of those key players that deal with those challenges they. Are staying put it appears all. Right thanks a lot Katie, so, let's take another social media question, Eric, mark Marion asks what's the use of a shuffle and it says I doubt he would get his 8 seats next election. Well. It, does help if when we're talking about getting, a cabinet position it does help your election chances we have seen in past elections that when, you're a cabinet minister you tend to get a lot more money in your riding that resources, that you get, from the party that they'll spend because they want to make sure their cabinet ministers are reelected. And if we think back just to the Ontario provincial election there are seven liberal MP. PS were reelected, that was a you know catastrophic, result for the Liberals but six of those were cabinet, ministers and they weren't there six safest. Seats so clearly having, that profile is helpful, so that is one of the calculations. That's coming into this to, make sure that some of these people in some of these parts of the country where the Liberals are maybe, not certain about the reelection chances to, give that extra boost and to give that extra profile, add. One little thing that there's also not only to see the regional breakdowns there's also concerned, about representing, people with, Nick, communities in this country for example so for, I've, been hearing from people there's no Italian Canadian, in this cabinet which breaks a long string, of Liberal government's that have had Italian.

Canadians, In them and Philomena, Tassie would fill that bill because she not only is from Hamilton there's a legitimate, reason on a policy basis regional basis for her to be in but, she would be a representative, of a community that has historically, been very strong in his support of the Liberals what's the we're waiting for the prime minister to arrive any minute now but what is the overall signal, that you think he's hoping to send with this shuffle, this time around I think. It's two things the first is that we are prepared for the next election, campaign, we are getting ready and we're going to put in the people who are best suited to the roles that we believe are going, to be signature, events for the for the Canadian Pope voting population so for example somebody asked about seniors I could I would be stunned, if there's no Minister or senior so that's a large voting group issues. That are kind of unique to a certain population, I think, the other is that you need to have effective communicators. And senior roles and the roles that you think that that, Canadians will be engaged and so if it's international trade you want an effective, cater if, it's something like fisheries. And oceans it may not be as important there's a regional, aspect. That comes in someone from a coastal, province, BC or Atlantic, Canada somewhere, so, those are the kinds of things that they're looking at is how effectively, can you communicate the message that you think Canadians will be most concerned about is your head into an election campaign and Eric Katie mentioned some of the big names who aren't out Bill. Morneau Christian, Freeland Laurence McCauley any surprises, for you there well. I mean when, you look at some of the ones who've been there for a long time we're talking about some of the ministers who have been MP since the 1990s. So, you know there is that sense of maybe wanting to rejuvenate the team but at the same time as Chris has mentioned there's so many rookie, MPs, in the Liberals that by necessity they, grew their caucus by 150, MPs in the last election, but, that they, need to have some of that veteran presence there and to remove, someone like Bill Morneau or Chrystia Freeland would send a very, strange message particularly. When they went. To the wall, for Bill, Morneau in the last couple. Years and some of the issues he's had in Freeland is widely, seen as one of the most effective ministers in we could add Ralph Goodale to that list as well in public safety obviously very important in terms of relationship, with with the United States and. A very senior guy held a lot of portfolios, is the one they go to and they really want to bury initially so he's so good at deflecting. Questions, and, so good at getting across the point that the Liberals want to have heard let, me ask you about a couple other names who we've seen arrived apparently we were told the prime minister has arrived and he's inside right now Melanie. Joly and Bill Blair yeah. Bill Blair is interesting, right he was the lead person on the pot file getting the cannabis legalization measures. Through widely. Respected for having done a good job with that and being an effective communicator, to go back to that point he, also has a strong police background, and if you have other, conservatives, who like the law and order agenda have always gone to it in the past when Stephen Harper was in power but Doug Ford now, talking and Ontario about the importance, of policing, you, know that might be a strong signal to to those in. The conservative, ranks that we also take the issues of border, security guns. On the streets those kinds of things seriously by putting in a former Chief of Police of the Toronto Police Force into, a pick a cabinet position what about Melanie Joly she, said I think, it was Katie who mentioned you know she has had some, issues, in in her own writing, yeah and particularly in Quebec yes on the Netflix issue for example she had a lot, of trouble with that she. Is someone who has. A high profile for the Liberals in Quebec she ran for the montreal mayoral tea in 2013. And came a close second, so she was seen as a star candidate, when she was brought on so to move.

Her Out in some in, a very dramatic fashion would be maybe. Too much of a kind of move so but moving her from Canadian heritage which is a relatively, high profile. Ministry. That actually, has a lot of ability, to put. Money, around the country let's just say that because they're investing, in various cultural and artistic, things throughout the country and in. The skating rink of course right here it is one of those ministries that you might want to have someone who is, very effective and it's not causing any problems is only adding, to the adding. To the pole when you come back to the communications, point that I was making earlier that she has not been seen as a very effective communicator particularly, around the Netflix issue took a lot of heat in Quebec as a result, of that so I don't, know who they're gonna put in there clearly. She's there because she's being moved from that particular portfolio, so we'll see who it is but I assume, that one thing that's Quebec is extremely, important whoever the next Minister. For heritage I suspect, will come from that same province and makes it very important, because obviously, the French language and culture is so as, best. Protected, by the federal government what, about Pablo Rodriguez, we also saw the whip yeah. He's a long-term MP. Loss that came back but he was obviously around during the times of christian and martin been. An effective whip has. Some previous experience working, at. A. Parliamentary. Secretary, level so yeah. He's from Quebec from, from Montreal I'm not sure why they need another cabinet minister from Montreal is like this is becoming a capital montreal in Toronto in some ways but clearly. He is being seen as someone who can more, effectively perhaps, contribute to that dialogue around that the ongoing provincial, election campaign is going on and, those kinds of issues that deal with Quebec culture and protecting it interesting, Montreal Toronto Quebec, Ontario any, surprise to you Eric that those would be kind, of you know amped up in this in this new revival well it's the old liberal, coalition and how they win elections, is by winning a lot of seats in Ontario and Quebec that's what they did in the last election, and that's what they're planning on doing the next election because they know their, prospects, elsewhere in the country are not looking as, good as they might have so it. Is a bit surprising to see such a concentration, in the GTA and the montreal area but the, are the areas that have sent a lot of seats for. The Liberals to the House of Commons and if you're facing pressures, from elsewhere those are the places where you hope you can gain. Seats or at least hold on to those key seats that will make make, up your government the next time around if you win we're just looking at some of the cheaper or we were just like the chief architects. Of all of this, Gerald Watts Jerry Butz who's the principal, secretary to the Prime Minister and Katie Telford chief, of staff Mike McNair was director, of policy as well yeah how how. Much are they thinking about the election right now oh I think almost exclusively. You know that's their job I know it sounds like it's a long way away but all the groundwork has to be laid now you make this cabinet shuffle in the middle of the summer to get people literally two months to be prepared for when the cabinet door for when Parliament, returns, I think. That is the overarching, theme now, if we go back again Eric's, got the numbers more closely to us to his mind than I do but, we know they face challenges in BC Alberta and Saskatchewan or at BC in Alberta we know they face challenges in Atlantic Canada you're retaining all of those seats so if you're going to hold another majority, government you have to increase the number of seats you haven't kept back in particular and in Ontario if you can and, that'll, be tough to do in Ontario as and maybe that is why we're seeing that they're putting this at this focus on the GTA because a lot of these seats they're the ones that they hold and they won relatively, comfortably in the last election, but when you see the kind of breakthrough that both the NDP did and Doug. Ford species did in the last Ontario election you there must be a little, bit of concern among, liberals, that the suburban, areas around, Toronto are potentially. Vulnerable in the next election and having. These people in place make sure that up and Chris brings up a good point that I think a lot of Canadians are saying really the election already but. Not if not if you're not if you're those people we're looking at right now and some of the nominations, are already starting we saw that they had, the first nomination, for Navi Baynes just a few weeks ago and they started this this, it, was a way of starting the 2019, election, season, for the Liberal Party so clearly they are thinking, about that kam and the prime minister in advance of this had asked everybody to make sure that they were running again because if you weren't going to run again you weren't going to stay in cabinet, so I think that what we've seen the fact that people, like Carolyn Bennett who might some, people thought might not run again a role warrants McCulloch because both of them are in their late 60s close.

To 70 that, both, of them have already begun their renal mination process, so obviously, they're staying in what about the size of the cab and the political, calculation behind increasing, it well going up to now it looks like it should be somewhere around 34, which would still be pretty small when Stephen Harper's cabinet at, the last stage. Before the 2015, election had 39, members and usually. It was somewhere around the 35 36 range and even when you look back to digit on christian paul martin years it was usually a little bit in the mid 30s so, this is more historically. The. The. Size of cabinet that we've seen so it's not in that sense much, bigger but it is bigger, than the one that it was when it started and there, had been the message of you know trying to be a little bit a. Little, bit more restrained than perhaps past governments in terms of handing out these positions, primarily. It was seen for some in some cases for electoral reasons, as, eric says the conservative, cabinets were bigger I don't think there's any penalty, be paid for having increase. The size he never made a commitment, that it would be 30 he, didn't make a commitment, it would be gender balance so that has its own set of challenges but, I'm not surprised it's growing a bit again for all the reasons that Eric has talked about it shows that particular, region of the country if you have something coming from there a particular rodding that you think might be in jeopardy having someone in cabinet means they have more influence they have more say they can potentially do have more money in your head all right you're looking live at the inside of Rideau Hall as, we await the swearing-in ceremony, for new cabinet ministers this is a special, edition of power, and politics I'm Vashi Capello's and I'm joined by Chris Hall and Eric Grenier welcome to our viewers on cbc news network youtube facebook and. Periscope. So we're waiting we're waiting we're waiting and let, me just go down the list of arrivals, people we do know who have arrived so, marrying. Jim Carr Philomena, Tassie energy, so he Francoise. Philippe champagne, Carla Quatro Dominic LeBlanc Pablo Rodriguez Melanie, Joly and Bill Blair any surprises, there for you Chris, Philomena. Tassie was not Philomena, Tassie was not one that I had expected. Hamilton. Is, obviously. An important area it's a knit place where the NDP, has held some sway so that may have some reason for it I don't, know what portfolio, she's getting and we're not allowed to talk about and any. Of the particular shells, that have any, picker positions that are being occupied but. She was one that was not on my radar on the flip side the people I people like Randy blossom know we hit we didn't see him I expected, that he might be there Jonathan, Wilkinson ofyou no one's seen him there but some, another, one that we had kind of expected so tasse, was I think the most the, most surprising, to me bill Blair to a certain, extent because I, know, he'd wrapped up the job on the count of civilization, but as I said earlier another cabinet minister from the Toronto area didn't seem like a priority. At, the time clearly it is more of a priority than I thought as we look through that that list of names Eric which which, individual, ridings stand out for you or what election, calculation, stands out for you well we'll see what with energy so he because they clearly want to retain at least some representation. In Alberta to have just one seat in a cabinet now that's going to be up to 34, even. They, were already underrepresented, at Albertans in the cabinet this will just expand, that that, under representation, but, just to go to the list of names that were not seeing one of the ones that I, think we thought might be there would be a well liked bound represent some riding in Quebec City which is an area where the Conservatives are very well positioned to make some gains he was the parliamentary, or he is the parliamentary secretary, for finance so he's been very. Busy over the last little, while answering questions, in question period defending, Bill Morneau on the ethics issues when Bill Morneau was not in the house so.

That's One of the ones that's interesting that he's not there but when we're looking at some of these some, of these seats and, we're there we're. Seeing, people are being promoted to have marrying, that's the second seat in the Markham area which does suggest that they consider it a very important one but, exactly. And have Bill Blair he, would be the only Scarborough Minister and that's also one of those areas that's seen as one of those areas that's really one of those three-way battles, between the Conservatives, and the NDP and the Liberals, so, he might get an unofficial unofficial. Portfolio, to be the Minister for Scarborough and if we look at I know it's, dangerous sometimes to do too much overlap with the provincial election campaign but I think only one liberal MPP, in Ontario retained a seat Mitzi, hunter in in, Scarborough, so having, Bill Blair now in cabinet is probably not a bad idea if you want to tell the good voters to Scarborough that if one's level of government wasn't. Serving your needs that was liberal in the province this one will if I having him there Minister so he's also an interesting one as you said Eric he was a former, city councilor and I mention for number of years so infrastructure, was kind of a natural fit that, was a big thing, interesting. To see him move from that portfolio yeah. I don't, want to be too harsh but. Infrastructure, money has flown I think more slowly. Flowed. More slowly. Yeah. And, people had expected the infrastructure Bank although not technically, under his purview really. Hasn't had an impact yet so maybe. They just see a shuffle as being important, to try and signal that okay we're ready to roll the money out all the legwork, has been done to set the processes, in place but you. Know I I keep looking at him as the sole, Alberta, Minister you, want to put him somewhere where there's a high profile, that tells Westerners, and particularly Albertans to continue to vote liberal because this government has pipelines, for example and like energy and that kind of stuff so I don't, know where he's going I would not be surprised I said right off the top of the show that he might be going to natural resources that would be the signal I would think you would want to send in, large part because of the difficulties, that the government is facing now in BC I think we're gonna see the new ministers walk in shortly but while. We're waiting Eric, let me ask you about Dominic. LeBlanc in particularly, the Atlantic, provinces sometimes, under disgust because they were they.

Were A suite for the Liberals in the last election so what. Is the over where they're about to file, in here I think what. Is the calculation out east, well they do need to make sure that they're they they retain a lot of those seats and New Brunswick is actually one of the areas where the Conservatives, who would be I'll interrupt you because I think I think they are all know oh. There is Jonathan wilkinson we just didn't see. There's, Dominick along. Former Minister of Fisheries, Jim, car behind him Energy Minister currently, Melanie Joly heritage, Minister a merge eetz ohkey, infrastructure. Mr. right now behind him Carla qual TRO minister. In charge of Phoenix. Lots. Of moves yeah. All the existing ministers on one side of the aisle the ministers well with fresco. From you've champagne who is the last one the last couple of Rodriguez so they're all on the other side so Jonathan discussing. From BC standing, next to marrying, right now and there's Minister. Champagne champagne. There's Rodriguez Pablo Rodriguez. Bill. Blair next to him is that yep, Prime. Minister and the governor-general. Please. Be seated, Don Evo's s wha. The, clerk of the Privy Council. Will, now seek, the governor's generals, consent, to, proceed, log. Refugio, say privy demand. Ramadan o Allah guna general, la, permiso, de pusi d. With. The governor's General's approval we will now proceed with the ceremony. Metin. Alcala governor-general, a, significant. Elevation, new. Pasado, ala ceremony. The. Ministers, who, are pretty counselors, and our changing. Responsibilities. Will. Please come forward to take the oath of office, le. Ministre, Kazama, hajikko say prevail, he shows, the responsibility. So. Producer, merci papa Tillis, amorphous. Vulnerable. Dominique, blah blah, Minister. Days affair ETA on immortal is no age commerce. Et RIA. The. Honorable, Dominique. LeBlanc, minister. Of intergovernmental. And Moten's, affairs and international trade. And. That, is new minister of intergovernmental. Affairs dominant. Leblanc. Getting. Sworn in right now or taking the oath I should say we can now the embargo, has been lifted and we can tell you who else is making some moves, after. Minister LeBlanc will see Jim. Carr who's currently the Minister of Natural Resources he, will become minister of international, trade diversification. So, kind, of taking on what, Francoise Philippe champagne does but adding diversification, to the portfolio which is obviously very significant, considering the ongoing. Uncertainty with, the United States heritage. Minister Melanie Joly will. Work, will, become Minister. Of Tourism official, languages, and La Francophonie. Emergy. So he as as.

Chris Predicted, will move from infrastructure. To Minister of Natural Resources, interesting. Perhaps how that will overlap with Jim, Curran we'll bring you guys in to talk about that in a second, Karla. Paltrow. Currently. Minister of Public Services and procurement. Adds accessibility. To her portfolio, that, was before. Under, Kent hares portfolio. So I guess that's getting added in Francois. Philippe champagne minister of international trade becomes minister, of infrastructure, so taking over for ministers, so he Pablo Rodriguez who's currently the whip becomes Minister of Heritage taking over for Minister. Melanie Joly and Bill, Blair who we said it was the government's, point man on marijuana. Becomes. Minister of border security and organized crime reduction which is a new portfolio, that, should be interesting Mary Inge becomes Minister small business, and export, promotion so, that's kind, of part, of varnish Tigers portfolio, right now bars, checker is the house, leader and she'll retain that portfolio Philomena. Tassie who's currently the deputy government, whip becomes minister of seniors, so to, answer the social media question yes there has been a minister ministry. Of seniors created, and Jonathan Wilkinson from BC he's, the current parliamentary secretary, of environment - Catherine McKenna becomes Minister, of Fisheries taking, over for. Dominic. LeBlanc and then in addition to those changes, Carolyn. Bennett becomes. Minister. Of crown indigenous. Relations. Charity. Is yet and and Scott. Brison will continue on as Treasury port I, guess. Carolyn Bennett will be losing. Northern affairs though in that. Okay. So those and here's. Jim car right now. Becoming. Taking over what probably, will come one of the most significant, portfolios, for, the government, kreso anything yeah international. Trade as you said diversification. It's a strong message, sent to the government is sending here just by adding that word that they need to wean reliance, on the United States as we talked about Jim, car has been a very effective communicator at Natural Resources taking on the pipeline filed a new process. Of review of the National Energy Board he's from Manitoba, you, know it to me it's a it's a significant, change because they obviously believe, that they can get a better, communicator. Into position someone who will be out of the country more often than not so perhaps signaling that his seat might be safer than Francois. Filipe champagne that one struck me most, I think as, being significant. Beyond the Dominic LeBlanc change. We, talked about the likelihood that he will take a harder, line with the provinces, and that's why he's being put into that position because of its experience and. Because of his closeness to the prime minister they were obviously childhood, friends as well as being partners. And emerging Soviet natural resources is it to me that's just a natural fit you need to tell Alberta that you're continuing, to push to have the Kinder Morgan trans mountain pipeline built that, the energy getting energy, resources from a province to market remains a high priority getting, international prices, for oil all those things having him in that position to me makes a whole lot of sense I wonder how much overlap there might be though between what Jim Carr is now doing under the diversification file, and what a minister of natural resources would be pursuing I think just, sorry we've got Melanie Shelley heading, up moving over to tourism I would say so he would be more for the domestic, consumption the domestic, audience about why we're continuing.

To Push for a pipeline as part of our overall commitment despite the fact we want to do reduce. Our climate change in gases the, missions of climate changing gases and that Jim Carr will be doing the more international. Approach to this to buy our oil and. To try and sign those trade deals and finalize those trade deals that are currently under negotiation so. We're watching Eric Melanesia Limu from, from. Minister of heritage to tourism and. Francophonie. What. Do you think of that move well, it would, be a bit. Of a demotion for her but to add, Frank. Phony and official languages, would, make some sense considering that she did come from Canadian heritage where language is often one. Of the issues that is, discussed, there so, probably. A little bit of a disappointment I would think for her but again. It goes back to the fact that she has been very close with the Troodos team for some time to, have. Her be demoted I think would have been too much of a signal, to Montreal, and to her. Part of the the, island that maybe. The Liberals were not, taking. Taking. Them a little bit for granted and I think that she still can be an effective communicator and if she is in these. Roles rather than one that isn't made perhaps a bit more controversial, or has the ability has the potential to have some controversy, that she might be, a better fit that I can't, help but think this is a significant, emotion, for her she came in heritage was a high profile. Portfolio. With the Netflix issues, and with the the. Changing, telecommunications. And Internet - all of these kinds of new technologies, that are available I think, this is a sign that they knew she wasn't performing, up to their expectations, and as a result she's, been moved into a far. Less high-profile. Position. As a student. Job that she has and. We have a merchant so he heading up right now currently, minister of infrastructure, moving, over to. -. Natural, resources as as, Chris mentioned it's a pretty natural fit given that he represents, a rotting in Edmonton, mill, woods but very very tight, riding yeah absolutely and, he, only won that by a few points in the last election, and you. Have to think that in the next election that will only get more difficult for, him so it, is an important signal one to albertans that they're taking the natural resources, file seriously, that they will want to get the pipeline built that they bought that they want to actually get it built but. Also signal, to the Edmonton area that they do.

Not Want to lose those seats but it is still surprising in some sense that we're, still talking about one Albert and Minister out of a ministry that is actually 35 we had missed a Jonathan, wilkinson in our count so we're looking at a Ministry. Of 35 with one overt that's interesting. Yeah which added, pressure because he's now the minister, responsible for the provincial affairs - the ones who are the one who has to to, ensure that - Alberta's getting its fair share whatever federal spending, there might be and that it remains on. The map as a Liberals formulate their election plans for 2019, he's, only been in powerful he's only been elected first in 2015, you mentioned the former municipal. Councillor in Edmonton he's well-liked. That's. A good point too he would not necessarily be a household name in a place like Calgary, but. I think there's a significant, issue here with for him that they are, putting a lot of pressure on him both in terms of delivering on the pipelines and getting energy sources to market but, also on that as a political minister, from a very important problems and we've got Carla Quatro coming up right now currently, Minister of Public Services and procurement, she keeps that and adds accessibility. To, her portfolio. Seems, to make sense and it seems to make sense considering, that it had been as was mentioned Kent hares and then it was given to Kirsty, Duncan who took over science and sport and also hares, responsibilities, so it does make some sense to. Go over to Qualtrics we were we were puzzled, by why she would move in the middle of the field system, not having been resolved, so clearly she's not moving she's having this, additional responsibility put. To her she's bilinguals, also I can, tell you from inside government, circles seen as a highly effective communicator, has. Done at. Least the beginnings, of trying to correct what has been a problem, that has proven. Itself to be unfixable, both by this government, and for the latter part of the Harper years as well with this pay system and accessibility, is a big file right now because the government prior to the house rising, actually introduced, for, the first time. Accessibility. Legislation which. A lot of advocates been waiting for a long time to see and that, will be going through the legislative process when, the house resumes in the fall yeah and so she would be the minister who's responsible. For shepherding, that and it is a significant. Portion of, the population that, doesn't have necessarily a, voice, and advocate voice inside, government inside, cabinet, so I think this is a signal that well can't, hear did it he has been outside now for a while and it really was what I think kind of lost in the shuffle because of that so here, it's being put back into a into. A portfolio with a minister who is very capable of picking forth those views and here we have Francois, Philippe champagne, who is taking over for Minister so he is minister of infrastructure, formerly. Minister of international. Trade is this a demotion. No. I think this is more of a lateral movement and a certainly international, trade is a big, big portfolio, and you would be surprised given his I said his private sector background was in that area but. Infrastructure, is huge, for the government it's going to be spending, lots of money obviously over the next year to try and get projects, built that for, everything from the green architecture. They've, talked about social housing all these kinds of things really fall into that grand Rubik of infrastructure, so I don't, think it's a demotion, in essence I think in fact domestically.

It Is probably a far. More important, far more high-profile, position for him than international trade and coming into the election it's interesting because in the last election infrastructure was a huge plank of the campaign, actually in order it was their promise in order to spur economic growth they would they would be investing, in infrastructure. Do you anticipate it will be an, election promise. This time around or just sort of well, absolutely in but it also be in the sense that they have to defend what they did over the last four years right because promising. To which was really one of the main planks, of the liberal campaign it would transform. That campaign when they said they would go into deficit in order to make these investments in infrastructure, four years later they need to actually have something to show for it because if they took, the country into deficit in order to do this they need to have something to show for it and Francois a few dips not Bank he's bilingual he is an effective communicator so, he does have and. He does seem to enjoy doing, that so I think that he would be someone. Who would help, them on this file and in, Quebec again, it is one of the key provinces, there so they need to have their strongest players in and have a lot of infrastructure, needs still in the back in particular so, getting shovels, in the ground to use that kind. Of old expression there hasn't been a lot of sign of that a lot of not a lot of employment generated, by yet that leases as visible, with the big signs and I get Canada moving again you know this is brought to you by the federal government so getting, that money rolling and getting those projects, up and running is a big big, responsibility and, next up we have Pablo, Rodriguez, who's currently the the, whip that the government whip he's. Becoming Minister of Heritage taking over for, Melanie. Joly what signal is that sent well. As I said he's been around. The liberal power for for many many years had been part of the the, correction and Martin government's lost came back a Montreal, area riding, their Montreal riding that he represents, you. Know it's interesting it obviously heritage, remains in Quebec where it is its. Presence is important, for countering whatever whatever. Burgeoning, sense. Of sovereignty, or a separation, might be there he's a he's fought those battles in the in the trenches in the past so I think, this is an interesting move because he is first. And foremost a, guy. Who plays. The kind of Old Quebec style politics, so a Ward Heeler has, a machine, there like Denny Coderre his his former, liberal. Mate who was once the mayor of Montreal so, that I think is a as much a political appointment as anything else he's the first one in this lineup who will also be signed. Into the Privy Council as well as well and everyone following, him because of course they're all new, members to. Cabinet he is actually a really interesting history, I'm just looking at his bio he was born, in Argentina but fled to Canada when he was 8 after his house was bombed his family house he's been vice-president of Oxfam Quebec and you mentioned in and out of the government, in the past yeah, and I say, Eric. Will probably agree with me on this but he would, be a political, guy like if you're going to go into an election campaign you want a guy who can really speak, forcefully, in Quebec who understands, you know battling. With the block you know maybe an emergent, kak government, if that happens in the fall the. Conservatives, we were trying to make a huge play absolutely so, he's one of those kind of real fire and brimstone types, of polit

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kikistar125 YEAH !!!!

The whole world can see what Trudeau is doing. Why can't Canadians see it? Trudeau is destroying Canada from within.


Ah yes, diversity. In Liberal terms, that's people who look different but all think the same, usually from having opinions provided for them. He 'tackled' border security? Really. Other than grow government again, it's all fodder for the camera. Empty filling for the masses.

signs he is aware he is failing. how much damage can he do in 15 months is the real question!

In other words, Trudeau hired people who are willing to chip away at rights and freedoms.

Where is the Tory response? Why hasn't that been posted yet? Are you censoring again CBC??

Good question;

there is no, and will not be any significant border security, to affect any of trudeau's guests? it will only affect immigrants from britain, europe etc?????????????????????????????????????

trudeau is creating a dictatorship, with his latest cabinet shuffle - fluffle?

is it possible, that each new immigrant, can collect welfare having each of his wives make the application? The law should be that only the male head of a family, apply for any and all financial benefits from the government! STOP THE LOSS OF CANADIAN TAX DOLLARS TO LEACHES OF THE SYSTEM!

John Gilmour LEECHES!!!!!

This SHUFFLE? is a blatant attempt to have everybody assume that trudeau is "ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING CREATIVE AND BENEFICIAL TO ALL CANADIAN TAX PAYERS?????? It is just a chess move in an attempt to deceive canadians, that he is thinking of the taxpayers? Nothing further from the truth, in my opinion????????????????????????????????

Did cbc find that whale in the ocean or seaworld

So how is gender neutral cabinet working for you trugrope

Very simple. Trudeau and his cabinet a vomit...

A lot of cry baby fascist snowflake trolls on here

Kokanee groper would grope your boy friend too Paul! don't be fooled

and what are you exactly doing here? Paul L

The Kokanee Groper is again looking for publicity.

Trudeau is so scummy

i,ll never sleep tonite..

Trudeau is a snake and a complete fool!! We are not taken by his looks or his personality!!

Well, I'm voting for him next election. Canada hasen't seen funding for social housing in decades.. It would take several lifetimes for me to afford a home. And, seriously, I'm sick and tired of getting pushed around by scumlords. I'll never get my life together with this situation. Besides, the debt to gdp ratio has actually contracted.. I don't think it ever contracted under the Conservatives. The economically, illiterate, right, keep pointing at the federal government's budget instead.. I don't think Conservatives comprehend economics.

Maybe you don't comprehend this, but I'll repeat, our debt to gdp ratio has been (contracting) under the Liberals.. We already have the carbon tax here in BC, and guess what, our budget is balanced. People don't complain too much. It's not so bad. In fact, it's actually done some good for our economy. So, you can keep pushing the right wing narrative, but experience, and facts, tell a different story.

Spending beyond the capability of the government or the people can afford is not the answer either. All Justine has accomplished is to put average Canadians further into debt... His CARBON TAX will increase the cost of energy throughout Canada. Everything produced or manufactured in Canada consumes energy, even a paper or plastic bag. Furthermore, every product has to be shipped consuming more energy. TAXING energy consumption will only bankrupt the people of Canada...

I don't agree with all his policies.. I'm merely looking at the basic fundamentals. The Conservatives gutted the economy for corporate interest. They widened the debt load, and helped companies to offshore both jobs and wealth, over seas. Don't forget that we've seen massive immigration under Harper. Over a million Muslim immigrants, under his reign, and a lot of rich, greasy, tax evading Asians. The Conservatives tripled the tfw program at the same time, while Canadian corporations made record profits, the youth unemployment rate skyrocketed. That's the alternative you want to vote for?

You must be an illegal, that's the only people voting for him, he is gone in 2019!!

Trudeau is already gone! He just doesn't know it yet!

Lol, yes absolutely gone, we can only hope, still could be enough immigrants to elect him!!

Canadians will

Excellent cabinet shuffle with key policies appointments.

Done simply to get votes in the ridings where these new dummies are running, he is gone in 2019 anyway!!

Shuffles the same garbage. Run this country. It's the old joke run by te brainless. God help us. Amen

he forgot someone! he should have flush himself out.cant wait for the next election to get rid of this circus.....

Harper always made cabinet shuffles within one year. It took the groper 3 years to figure out that this lot is totally incompetent.

He is just lying to bring his Syrian And African people Have no valuable skills to offer and continues to drain welfare from each province.And most have many medical problems to further burden tax payers dollars! Easy to spend money that isn't yours eh!!!!!!Trudeau

research the cloward-piven strategy. you might be surprised what you find.

Stop the Great White Genocide of The people of Canada!

You people are beyond insane if you believe there is a literal "white genocide" taking place in the Western World. Methinks you've been watching a little too much Lauren Southern.

email them and get involved and spread the word dude.

Rise NCA! I look forward to following your progress and am relieved to hear someone telling the truth is a breathe of fresh air. This is what a real Canadian man looks like Canucks! have a look and give me some feed back

I call this infiltration of non Canadian interests.

Trudeau continues to seat non Canadians in government, Only Real Canadians should hold office. Impeach the current government call For an election to repair this destruction to the Canadian people. Wake up People!

Omg I'm so scurred of the keyboard warrior's threats :( please get me to my safe space before this nobody finds out where I live

I don't support the federal Liberals or the Federal Conservatives; I ain't saying nothing about the shuffle.

MrStevelovestogrow Easy meow pal

Bokkos how much do you get paid from the Liberal party to post for them? Trudeau picked his first cabinet and never took into account people’s qualifications, he was more concerned with equal representation from men and women. I don’t care what gender you are, if you’re not qualified you shouldn’t get the job. Trudeau has been a total failure as PM.

I'm no troll Bud watch out who you mess with you might never be seen again, Think about that before you open your mouth.

How much do they pay you per post at the troll farm?

Throw Katie a bone and grope her, Trudy.

You could lose your arm groping Katie!

She look like hungry for something lol

BREAKING NEWS: Incompetent dope replaces incompetent dopes with incompetent dopes

It's a grope off. We have a grope off!

A coup?

Alexander Wesner call for confidence

Daily reminder that socialism always ends in starvation and genocide.

socialism brought us the weekend and the public library, know what your talking about k thx

Unfortunately there are enough fools in this country that will vote him back in!!

The fools in this country will vote him in again, just watch!

+Kholke Holkepolke What are you on about? Also the Liberal government lost track of 50k of the "refugees" they brought in... is the data you have based on East Asian refugees? East Asia and the Middle East have completely different cultures...

@Dankus Memicus@ You need to wake up your children to the N.W.O.. Go to and get the box set. Make sure you get Bob the Bilderberger, Terrortubbies, Power Hungry Rangers, and of course, Dora The New world Orda.. On sale, now. .. Plus, don't forget to try my new rejuvenation cream. You can even put it in your mouth.. It'll make the hair grow on your chest. "Guaranteed", or we'll refund your order.. ;)

As well, I should mention that, these supposed illegals, are refugees. Refugees end up paying more taxes, than wealthy migrants. As well, although there first four years may be burdensome, they're employment rates throughout their lifetime are 10-12 % higher, than Canadian born residents. They make up 60% of all labor market growth in this country. And, end up paying more taxes, than they receive in social benefits throughout their lifetimes.

Wait 10 years or so and housing prices will crash again. NOTHING is worth voting for Trudeau.

You want Sharia law do you? You want uneducated dregs of the world to go on welfare and health care and never contribute to our society and taxes, just suck us dry, travel to Europe and see what has happened their!!

The liberal left democracies are collapsing all across the western world because of immigration so you Progressives and Liberals should just lay back and enjoy it...... learn to love it don't fight, you will feel better soon

shuffle the prime minister

Enough dummies to vote them back in, will get the immigrant vote, that's why they keep allowing border jumpers in, future Liberal voters

the Canadian conservative party's connection's to Islam, unfortunately I don't think it is going to make any difference who gets in liberal or Conservative ,things are not going to change in federal politics for our..... ( free and democratic!!??) .. country in particular with Andrew Sheer at the helm...the name of the article is... The Conservative Scheer of Islam

Good luck Trudeau -you are going to lose

not exactly the smartest people in any of his cabinets: diverse though lots of women...I guess those are qualifications for a job right?

Robert James Chinnery LMFAO!!!....The irony.

of White people

According to Trudeau, we should listen to women who accuse men of sexual assault, unless that man is him.


Sinister Neo-Marxist nonsense........having to have 50% women/men ratio........'EQUITY'?not chosen on their merits for the job......very dangerous precedent people

Yeah canadian, c'mon, re-elect this crybaby clown again. It's funny LOL

OY! why you are all signing without reading. its not a petition. how many words are on that paper

Last time I checked, there isn't any "Sharia law" or anything you mentioned in Europe.

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