True Scary Stories: CAMPING

True Scary Stories: CAMPING

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You. You. This. Happened in 2003. I was. Eight years old at the time but. I remember most, of what happened due to the fact that it was crazy. It. Was Labor Day and we, went camping to this place in Virginia my. Dad invited his friend and his wife these. People are the grandparents, of my best friend I, was. Like most kids who couldn't appreciate nature, but. There was a place in the campground, with a bathroom, and some arcade games and, I would bike there to play all day it. Was about a 10-second, bike ride from our tent so, my dad let me go by myself, the. Path to the arcade was a gravelly, type of Hill you. Know with a lot of small rocks, so. I try to go up there and my, back tire loses friction, and the bike starts to lose control and I fishtail to the right I panic. Because I'm only eight and, I have no bicycle, skills I end. Up crashing, into a white van the. Right bumper had a huge, black scuff mark I don't. See the owner so. I pick up my bike and get the hell out of there. We. Were only at the campground, for about three days I don't. Remember which day I hit the van but, it wasn't the last day on. The, last day of the trip we were pecking our stuff in the car to go home I didn't. Help at all because I was in the car drawing, with my new Crayola, twistable, z-- and I, know exactly, what I was drawing it was butterflies, cuz. Early that week in school they taught us how to draw them you. Make a snowman, and then, he put two threes on both sides and that's. A butterfly. So. I'm drying when all of a sudden I hear the loudest noise of all time it. Sounded like a firecracker blew. Up right behind us I get. Out of the car and I see my dad's friends stumbling, with a bloody mess at the bottom of his leg his. Foot was still attached but it was dangling, he. Lies down on a picnic table, there's. Blood everywhere, it, was dark red and thick like syrup and had, a lot of bubbles. At this point there's a circle of people surrounding, my dad's friend Bob I hear. A crack and I looked to my left and I, see this huge black guy fat. And has glasses, he. Cracks his gun in half and dumps, out two empty shotgun shells. He. Turns around and walks towards the white van he. Walks right by the black, scuff mark and pulls, open the door the. Only thing I could see were boxes, and boxes of ammunition.

He. Grabs a box pulls, out two more slugs and reloads his gun and just stares. At everyone. It's. Pretty selfish, but the only thing I could think of was I hope, this isn't my fault, I crashed. My bike into this guy's car and now, he has shot our friend maybe. I started, this I, remember. The psycho yelling don't, ever ask where I'm from, my. Dad makes a full-on sprint towards, the guy and, my mom had to yell he has a gun before my dad snapped back to his senses he stopped. And stared at the shooter and the shooter stared, back, my. Dad goes back to Bob he. Takes off his shirt and puts it on Bob's bleeding, leg I don't. Think my dad knew what he was doing I remember. Everyone retching, and gagging but, nobody is really moving, we're, all waiting for something, to happen then. Two off-duty cops, subdued, the perp, Bob. Ended up losing his foot and he got a bunch of money from the bad guy I think, the. Shooter ended up being declared insane, I do. Remember, seeing him in the cop car when, some other cops arrived and he, was rocking back and forth I'm, pretty. Sure the guy shot Bob for no reason, but, maybe it was because I wrecked his bumper. So I guess a little background, I'm. A Jersey native sadly. Born. And raised and that was, about 12 or 13 when, my entire family, went camping in the Pine Barrens which. Is where it's said to be born, ever. Since I was little I've been into a cult stuff so, I already knew about the Jersey Devil and that, was one of the oldest cousins, so, I can't tell you how many times we searched for the cabin that it was born in, also. I should mention that we used to camp there a lot but, less and less as we got older, so. I remember it was the first night we'd, usually stay about a week and I. Know we watched the movie Coraline, it, had just come out and I loved it I'm. Mentioning, this because I had a pretty fun night before I encountered, it so it wasn't a nightmare induced, hallucination. Or anything. Another. Thing you should know is that my family didn't actually like to camp we, had our v's so. It's just my dad and I in our camper, it. Had one bed in the back and I, slept on the couch that pulled out to be another bed, my. Dad closed, all the blinds we had and I, was next to the biggest window in the camper. So. Little me is asleep and happy and then, BOOM, I wake, up from a crack of thunder it. Was so loud and I couldn't go back to sleep so. I'm just laying there listening to the storm the. Lightning was frequent, this. Is when I hear something. Footsteps. I thought. I did between. The collapse of thunder they. Started off quiet and of, course got louder and louder got. Closer. I'm. Still, really not thinking anything yet I mean, I was freaked out but maybe it was an animal or just the storm playing tricks on. In, a matter of seconds, it was like oh fuck not. The storm. Mind. You I'm facing the window so, I could look up the blinds and see a tiny bit of outside this. Is important, info, because, that's when this thing came up to the window, I'm. Shitting my pants barely. Breathing in my. Head I'm like what the hell just stomped, up to our RV. Again. This all happened, very fast, and the, lightning and thunder hits boom. It. Looked like a horse was looking into the RV. Honestly. Typing. This I can still hear it breathing on the glass I, stopped. Looking up the blinds hoping. That it doesn't see me and when, lightning strikes again, I see, the shadow, almost. As if lightning was striking, directly behind it it. Definitely had, the head of a horse but, it looked like it also had spiral, horns, which, made its head look weird and I, was terrified. Also. Please remember I, was only seeing what I could from lightning striking. It. Starts to make its way towards the front and like, I said all, our blinds are shut so. As soon as I heard those loudest footsteps, going to the front I crept, into my dad's bed I laid. Down behind him and didn't, want to make too much movement but, I was shaking him trying. To wake him up he. Said something like Nick. Just go back to bed, he. Knew I wasn't a fan of storms, so, that was probably his first half asleep thought.

Just. To paint a clearer picture I'm, against the wall behind my dad there's. A window in front of him and one, at the top of our heads, the. Footsteps, were coming to the back and, when, the lightning struck I can, see the shadow of the ears and the horns again it. Was there looking. In and, like, I said I can still hear that motherfucking, heavy ass breathing, because, it was terrifying. The. Most confusing, thing is that when it left and headed, towards my aunt's campgrounds, so, did the storm. Maybe. That's what it does maybe. It creates the storm somehow, so, that I can still be stealthy, I've. Dealt with people, led survival, camps and have, spent years in the Pine Barrens with, no signs whatsoever, but. That's what's so intriguing in, my opinion, I mean, if it is an entity it. Could probably make a storm if it wanted to so. As it left in the storm calmed I finally. Got back to sleep in, the. Morning of course, my dad and aunt didn't believe me and going. Outside the ground was semi wet but, I remember, that there were no footprints, and, another. Thing about this RV, is that, if it was just some nasty, horse walking around it, would have to be at least eight feet tall to look in the windows like that unless. It was standing on its back legs, that. Was my big argument, to my aunt and dad on why there was no way it was a horse I, will. Never forget, that camping, trip. For. Reference I was a 19 year old female, at the time still. Female of course just. A little older I love. Camping. Anytime. My friends and I came home from college we, would load up our cooler with beer grab, some gear and go screw around outside. Unfortunately. When I was actually at school none, of my sorority sisters, or other friends ever wanted, to go with me so I would often suffer withdrawals, from camping. One. Day the weather was way too nice, to waste so, I grabbed some of my gear hopped, in a car I borrowed, from a buddy and drove, to a spot that was secluded yet within a safe distance to civilization. So, that I could run and get help if I need it -. Camping. Also creeps me out sometimes but. That creepy feeling is also somewhat, of a plus it's. The same reason that people read these stories it's. Fun to be scared so. I make a little camp and get a fire going I, hadn't. Brought all that much to eat but, I was enjoying myself reading. And looking around the area that sort of thing I, got. The feeling I was being watched, and I, stopped dead in my tracks I, hear. A twig crunch, over to my right then. See a doe bolt from a hundred feet or so in front of me I laughed. At myself and went, back to the camp with the armful of wood I had gathered I, kept. Freaking, myself out hearing. Sounds, just outside the ring of light cast by the fire I always. Get inside my head so. I shrugged it off and kept, whittling a stick I had been messing with, around. One I decided to go into my tent and snuff out the lantern, I'd. Been slamming, beers in the most unladylike fashion. Another. Reason I like camping, I can, act however I want I, passed. Out pretty quick a bit. Later I wake up I hear, footsteps, they. Sound pretty light and sort, of timid, I, think. To myself that it's a deer or other animal, maybe. A raccoon because, I probably left some food out I'm. Still on guard though. After. About 30 minutes of sleeping, with one eye open I hear, a rubbing noise and the, tent fabric is being pushed in a bit I don't, know how I didn't, shit my sleeping bag but, I just sat there, paralyzed. With my caber in my hand I desperately. Wanted, to thrust the knife through the tent fabric but. I was still holding out hope that it was some of my buddies joking. With me and then. As suddenly as it had began it, all stopped I was. Starting, to feel slightly more secure, because, daylight, would be coming in about two or three hours but, I sure shit wasn't going to go to sleep. All. Of a sudden I realized I should put my boots on so, that if anything did happen I would be ready, after. Having stayed up and keeping alert for a little while longer my, friend's car alarm goes off I freaked. The fuck out and run, out of the tent I got. About two steps before something grabs me around the mouth I opened. It to scream but, instead, the, person's, pinky finger slips between my teeth, I've. Heard that people can perform superhuman. Feats when, they have huge adrenaline rushes in my. Case I just clamped, down and, there's, no way to say this without sounding ridiculous, but. His finger just popped off he. Screamed, pulled. His hand away with the missing digit falling to the ground he. Took off running down the hill and I took off in the opposite direction I, must.

Have Looked ridiculous, to the people whose house I ran to a little. Sorority girl in a wife-beater boxers. And steel toe boots I also. Had some blood on me and not, just from the finger, I had, managed, to take a pretty good chunk out of my lip as well. I told. Them what happened they called the police and, got me some real clothing and the, guy made me a whiskey and coke. The. Cops went to check it out and when, they came back the Sun was up they brought. Me there so I could get my friend's car and what, I saw just terrified, me right. Next to the tent was a red gas can he. Could have just lit me on fire, the. Finger was gone, the. Kicker is they never caught the guy so. Somewhere out there is, a man sitting down to dinner, maybe. Alone, maybe. With a wife and a couple of kids and he's. Missing his right pinky. Have, you guys ever seen the Texas, Chainsaw Massacre, many. Of you probably have, but. For those who haven't, it's your run-of-the-mill slasher, horror flick, made in the 70s it's. Considered, one of the best horror films ever made, when. I first watched it it seemed to really hit home for me much. More than it did for my brothers when we were younger I was. 11 at the time and we, had sneaked a copy of it into our house from our friend who lent it to us now. I'd have to say that one of my biggest fears is being kidnapped and being, surrounded by inbred, batshit, crazy people so. When I saw this there, were more than a few sleepless, nights with my litem but. What are the chances that you would ever find yourself in a situation like that let. Me tell you all this. Will serve as a warning to anyone who thinks that the United States doesn't still have its fair share of crazies. Listen. To me right now there. Are people out there who live in the woods there. Are many of them and I'd, bet that there are some that live in your state, and they, could potentially be, the most dangerous people, you could ever encounter, they. Are not to be tampered with if they. Find you on their turf and God, forbid capture, you you'd, be better off dead. When. Groups of people begin to isolate themselves, for, a long time eventually, participating. In interbreeding, they, become, something different than a human, their. Primal instincts, and violent tendencies, become amplified and, their, intelligence and empathy, become non-existent. I'd. Like to tell you about my most terrifying, experience. And my, first and hopefully last encounter. With people like this. So. It started over the summer a few, of my friends and I decided we wanted to go on a camping trip weird. Right four, dudes going into the wilderness with, no girls, and sleeping in tents well. We used to do this when we were kids so, it was kind of a nostalgic trip it. Would always be an annual night of fun in the outdoors we. Would drink tell. Stories, laugh, cry. The whole deal. We. Live relatively, close to the woods so, our parents would let us go but, only once a year so. Anyway back on topic, it. Had been five or six years since we last went up there we. All parted our separate ways when we went to college we. Would occasionally all, go on Facebook, to talk about our lives, so. We all finished college got, jobs and I decided to call them up I, managed. To get ahold of two of them and they, were both up for it my. Other friend moved all the way out to Florida and he, was busy with work and shit so, he couldn't come back to our home state. We. Brought a bunch of gear and supplies beer. And food we. Were ready to relive our high school days as best friends we. Got onto the trail at about 5:00 p.m. I swear. It was like we were back in high school we. Talked about everything happening in our lives we.

Were Laughing so hard at the college stories we were practically, choking. We. Finally, got to our place at about 8:00 p.m., we. Were all set up by 9:00 and we lit up the fire and cracked, some beers we. Talked for about three hours and, we decided to call it a night, now. There are many rumors, in my area about these people who have been isolated for, some time now we. Had never seen any sign of them when we were younger so we never worried about them I don't. Know if they relocated, or moved or something but. Basically, what I'm trying to say is they should have never been there they. Should have never known we were there I. Woke. Up in the middle of the night and looked, at my phone, it, was around 2:30, in the morning and for, some reason I couldn't sleep for about, an hour I just laid in the tent staring. At nothing and that's. When I heard it not. It actually that's. When I heard them it. Sounded, like a pack of wolves or something walking. Around our spot I was. Already losing, it at this point but, when I really shit myself was when I realized, they. Didn't sound like animals, the. Way the steps were moving and the breathing patterns were, just too human, there. Was no way they were animals. I stayed, absolutely, silent there. Was no noise for a brief period and. Then, I heard whispering. The. Only thing I could make out was. At. This point my, fighter flight instincts, kicked in it, was officially, go time, inodes. To my buddy to wake him up he. Just turned around and looked, at me with eyes that said, what, the fuck I put. My finger over my mouth and motioned, with my hand that we needed to go he. Nudged to the other friend and we, could clearly hear them talking now we. All stayed absolutely, still for 30 seconds, and I, took out my Swiss Army knife I got. Out my phone for the flashlight and I was ready to bolt then. We heard one of them scream, the fuckers are awake I, immediately. Jumped, out of the tent and I got one good look at all of them with the light they. Were disgusting. Their, teeth were all deformed and they had huge heads, their. Ears were gigantic, and perked, up like a dog's they. Were all much bigger than us I would, guess that they were like 6 4 we. Hauled ass out of the area as fast as we could we, left everything, we. Could hear them chasing us cackling. As they were trying to track us down my. Adrenaline, was at maximum, levels. After. About two hours of running downhill, we, finally jumped in the car and called the police, we. Told them everything that happened here's. What the cops said in response. This. Happens frequently in this area just. Don't go back there what. The fuck I explained. To him that they were about to skin us alive and, we, left all our shit out there, all. I could say was I'm. Sorry for your loss sir but, I would advise you not to go back I was. In complete shock. I've. Done a lot of research since, the incident and, there have been many cases of missing men women and children in, surrounding, areas a lot. Of nights I lie awake in bed thinking. About what would have happened had I fallen asleep, but. Maybe writing, this might give me some closure. Hey. Guys and ladies thanks for watching if you, want me to tell your story or read a creepypasta. Email. Me at the address in, the description be. Good to animals even, people. Sit. What. The fuck oh. Shit. Great. I'm gonna be killed by a bear. What. Is this asshole doing. No. Not my guitar. Whoa. Nobody's. Gonna believe this. No. Man. My name gave me that. How. The hell am I gonna get out of this, eventually. It's gonna come over here, fuck. It all right, bear listen, up. My. Name is Cory and I'm inside the tent. Okay. Take it easy sir or ma'am I just, want to make a deal with you that's all that. Guitar, playing was impressive, by the way with those big-ass claws, of God but. Just hear me out, if. I split on my beer with you we, let me live. COO. Yo. Man. My barracks. Mr. Harris. And then. I hate when then people well we're just friends, dude. Why, do you think he started hanging out with you because he liked you he fucking. Liked you is why.

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