Trying to eat Mopane Worms for the first time. Zimbabwe. |S5 - Eps. 78|

Trying to eat Mopane Worms for the first time. Zimbabwe. |S5 - Eps. 78|

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Are these mopane worms? - Eh he Ah. And you eat them like that? I can eat them straight? - You cook I cook? - You cook it then you eat it Cook it and then eat - Yes How much? - Ten rand Good morning Internet, it is 7:05 in the morning and welcome back to the channel Good morning to you Welcome here in Bulawayo, in Zimbabwe It's time to make some breakfast and then after the breakfast I'm going to do some local riding today There is a National Park not too far from here Which is super beautiful apparently I'm really quite excited for today But first, I'm going to make myself a nice big breakfast That was a really nice breakfast and I even made myself some packed lunch Nah.. when does that ever happen? I normally.. I just kind of seem to starve myself during the rides

Not on purpose but uh.. Yeah I tend to skip lunch usually So now I actually have lunch with me Quick peak on the map where I am and where I'll be riding today Oh hey guys Hello Hello sweeties Um.. okay This is going to be a little bit more challenging So I am now here in Bulawayo And..

No Don't eat the microphone And I'll be riding here in Matobo National I'm now here in Bulawayo and I'll be riding in the Matobo National Park over here No don't eat the microphone You guys are up to no good Up to no good Okay, fourth try. Here is the Matobo National Park over here So this is where I'll be riding Thank you This National Park has actually the highest concentration of leopards in the world This is prime location for leopards they love the hills, the rocks, the trees This is a nice little trail Quite like this road This area is also full of caves and there's lots of paintings again, rock paintings Inside those caves So I'm not sure if I'll manage to see some What an absolute stunning area Wow These people just live right in-between these rock outcrops everywhere Massive granite boulders Oh big hole In the ground I have a feeling it's only cattle really passing here I don't see any tyre tracks At all Where does the track go? Over here So much iron everywhere Oeh, it reminds me of Australia These red soils Ah wait This is the entrance of the National Park No motorbikes Yeah 'cause I have been riding kind of on the edge of the park All this time. 'Cause I thought it would be allowed to go into a certain part of the park But it's actually not the case So.. I'll turn around and then I'll just try to see if there's a track which kind of runs parallel again Where it is allowed for me to go 'Cause I saw a track.. going that way

This one 'Cause it's equally stunning to just ride, right on the outskirts Of this area Just gorgeous everywhere Hi Hi Somewhere here should be one of the many, many caves Um.. quite accessible So I'm trying to find that now It should be somewhere here I think Ah yeah, here it is Gulubane cave World Heritage site It's probably somewhere there, I would say Right, let's see if I manage to find this cave Wow Amazing paintings They're massive. I think those are all people And I think lots more people here. Oh lots more people here

Warriors with bow and arrow What an amazing place right? The location, it's just stunning, it is so beautiful around here And so this is only one of the many, many sites where there is rock paintings. They're thousands of them in the area But I think I'm just going to have a lunch here, bring my packed lunch And then yeah, take a small break because it's now around noon So.. time to.. have a lunch Okay, going to follow this road for another 30 kilometers or so I am really loving todays ride It's just so beautiful everywhere and the track is super cool And a little tricky sometimes But yeah this entire area is just so cool These rock formations are just stunning Hi - Hi How are you? - I'm okay, how are you? Good thanks Where are you going? I'm going down there That way? - Yeah You live there? - What? That's your house.. your home? - No, my home is.. Is back that way - Yes I'm going down there Ah. Nice bike This one How many more kilometer do you need to go? Just about eh.. 20 minutes

20 minutes - I'll reach that Okay Good Alright - Is this a compass? Huh? What is this? This is the compass? - Yeah Giving direction? - Yes Okay - Navigation Okay - Yeah Now it say make U-turn but I'm not listening I keep going It's talking? This thing Yeah, yeah. Here it says make U-turn Here - Okay Make U-turn But I go straight Alright - Thank you - Good luck Nice to meet you Bye Hi We have a Pinda store What would they sell at the Pinda store? Hi Hi - How are you? I'm fine Hmm, what do we have? Are those peanuts? Ah, these are sugar beans Sugar beans - Sugar beans Yes - Oh And what are those? This one? - Yeah (Inaudible) What's it called? Mpontwah? Is it good? Are these mopane worms? Eh he Ah, these are mopane worms Ah.. and you eat them like that? I can eat them straight? - You cook - I cook? You cook it and then you eat it Cook it and then eat - Yes How much? 10 Rand 10 This one? No in Rand, not in Bond In this money, going for fifty. Fifty Bond - Fifty? - Eh he

Okay Fifty Bond Sorry I find it confusing Fifty this one. Okay Okay, thank you Thank you - Bye Alright, mopane worms.. found them I knew they were.. you could get them here somewhere in Zimbabwe These mopane worms, I can't eat them like that. I have to cook them

So I'm not too sure yet.. how to do that But I will ask around, how to cook them But um.. I know it's not a .. oh what am I doing? It's not season for mopane worms They..

I think they' re in December.. probably Like around rainy season Then people go out and collect them, collect them And it's quite an interesting process in how they kind of.. clean them and prepare them I think So I can't see that anywhere now because it's not season But um..

Ah at least I got some dry.. I think they're dried mopane worms And.. I'll see if I can do something with them.. cook them or something We'll find out Oh another dry river Sandy thingie crossing And I'm back Home sweet home Thank you It's okay Okay, it is mopane worm time I'm going to try these out And Jolene is here, she works here And she already told me that I first have boil it, then dry it and then fry it So that's the plan and then.. going to try them out Oeh, got a whole puppy brigade Hi guys Okay these are the ones I bought Are they any good? Yes, boil and then you wash, because sometimes there will be mud Yeah, okay So you must wash them thoroughly Thoroughly Okay, so first I'm going to boil them Okay But they look like caterpillars to me? They look like caterpillars? - Yeah But they're not or are they? No they are not caterpillars They really are worms? And they live on the mopane trees? - Yes Really quite fat Okay Boil some water I'm going to throw in the mopane worms That's.. that's a whole meal

Alright Oh wait I missed two Boil them for about 20 minutes and then Yeah, the washing is really important because otherwise there can be like sand or like dirt still in.. In them Yeah they look like caterpillars to me but apparently they are not caterpillars It's quite interesting and they live on those mopane trees and that's also all the firewood that people are selling everywhere That's also all from mopane trees, you'll find them everywhere And I think the elephant really like the mopane trees as well Okay, now we wait Step one, complete Boiling is done And now what do I do with it? Wash it Now we wash it Okay Just.. Oh, okay Ah like that okay.. yeah, yeah Feels so weird Oh then we do it a few times Okay Oh there is a lot of dirt coming out of them Yes - Wow Okay And now what do I do? Back? Oh back on the fire? - Yes Oh Oh now we are going to fry them immediately - Yes Ah okay. Okay This much? They take a lot of oil A lot Okay This much? Okay and then.. salt Ready Dishing up Oh, I'll just try this fat one Oh maybe a few fat ones Okay Okay That's yeah Will you.. - I want to see you eat - Yeah, yeah

That's what I thought You can come eat with me You can show me how it's done Eat Eat the whole.. okay It's hot - I can do it No it's not hot, it's just me It's It's okay It's okay Um.. yeah It's just the mental thing. Like what you said when you thinking I'm eating a caterpillar Yes, yes - It becomes different But if you take out of your mind.. you can enjoy them

Yeah Switch off the mind - Yeah Just eat - Yeah I'm struggling Don't think about caterpillars No, no thinking about caterpillars Just, it's like meat - Just focus there and enjoy your meal But it's a lot of chewing - Yes, it's a lot of chewing - Yeah Okay That was my mopane worm experience I will give the rest to you Ah, just one! The one it's enough It's enough - I've tried it And it's different Yeah, it doesn't taste like anything It has it's own taste Yeah - Yeah But it's a lot of work. A lot of chewing Yeah Thank you for your help though So that was the mopane worms And that was it for today as well I really hope you liked this video, if you did please give me a big thumbs up And subscribe down below And then I'll see you in the next video

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