Tucker Carlson Tonight 03/05/18 8PM | March 05, 2018 Breaking News

Tucker Carlson Tonight 03/05/18 8PM | March 05, 2018 Breaking News

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Good. Evening and, welcome to tucker carlson tonight I'm mark Stein in fatica, who's, picking, up his Oscar, for best quizzical, expression, the. Academy. Awards hit an all-time low. Not only in the ratings but in turning, an awards, show into. A political, diatribe, that's, right, the, Oscars, viewership, plunged. 20, percent, to, a record. Low and movie fans who did watch the almost, four hour broadcast, were. Subjected, to an endless, torrent, of political. Nonsense from, host Jimmy, Kimmel and. Wow. Stunning. Lupita Nyong'o she. Was born in Mexico, and raised in Kenya let, the tweet storm from the president's, toilet begin. President. Trump called get out the best first, three-quarters, of a movie this year. We. Don't make films like call me by your name for money we, make them too upset Mike Pence. If. The last two years have taught us anything it's, that reality, can. Be depressing, but tonight's nominated, documentary show us that where there is darkness there is also hope except. That the White House Hope, quit on Wednesday. And. The. Stars joined, in to, promote all the usual, liberal causes. If. You do win, an Oscar tonight why do you give a speech we want you to say whatever you feel needs to be said speak from the heart we want passion if you want to encourage others to join the amazing students of parkland, at their March on the 24th, do that a land. Where dreamers, live and freedom, dwells. Immigrants. Get the benefits, we. Put up monuments. For the feminists, tell. The NRA, they. Ain't gods wait like everyone in this room and everyone watching at home we. Are dreamers, dreams. Are the foundation, of Hollywood and dreams. Are the foundation, of America, to, all the dreamers out there we. Stand with you. The. Dreamers sad with them but don't make the mistake of standing. Too close otherwise, they'll have to call security on the view and a navarro complain, I've actually, won enough left wing screens.

Trump. Jokes more you know NRA messages. More of that stuff. You. Know I can't stand Trump, I was actually disappointed. It kind of kind, of let me down. Yeah. More Trump, jokes more an hour a jokes, but all those Movie Awards somehow keep getting in the way Joe Concha, writes about media, for the hill and he joins us, Joe. This. Was a ratings. Disaster why, did they think it would be otherwise for, them, well. We here year after year that this is the lowest rated, X event. Ever right it's been happening as a trend sort of and people sort of point, a quarter cutting where is okay I have this expensive, cable package. And I want to get rid of it and do streaming so that's usually the excuse, the, mark I mean these numbers are, devastating, think, about it when one out of five people that watched last year say, I ain't gonna watch this year when, you have a 20% drop think about how many people five million is you could fill Madison, Square Garden not far from here two hundred and seventy seven times that, somebody people didn't, tune in and I think mark honestly in the past maybe, some who identify, as Republican conservative. Right, would, give the show a chance and watch a little bit before they turned off but now we're at a point if you just talk to so many people who say voted, for President Trump they would say you know what I wasn't even give this a chance because I knew exactly what to expect virtue. Signaling. Yeah, and it's actually, even more ridiculous. This. Year Joe because, with. Harvey Weinstein, and everything we know that however bad the rest of the world may be when these pious Hollywood, stars want to lecture us their, own industry, is actually a toilet. So. They were walking a kind of difficult. Tightrope. Between. Basically. Saying we've cleaned up our act, and we're here to tell you how, cleaned up it is, it. Seems they've lost the, soapbox at this point Mark Hollywood we got a problem where as we, saw everything would happen with, let's, say Weinstein, or the Kevin Spacey's, need to go down the list in terms of people that are not in this industry anymore and we never I don't know if I heard the name Weinstein. Last night we heard references, to, the me2 movement, but as you said they were walking a very fine line last, night and again you, can't put Humpty Dumpty back together and in this case I think in many folks just knew what to expect when it came to a show like this and said you know what I'm not gonna deal with it and I'd rather watch something else and that's that's a problem for Hollywood, now box office this year Marc receipts.

Were Down to. Their lowest level in, 25. Years and I think honestly they're running out of ideas how many prequels, and sequels and. Remakes, can. We see let's start to see a couple more original, types of movies I loved darkest. Hour don't get me wrong but we've seen a lot of movies about Churchill before let's see some originality, and, stop the preaching so much by the way well we didn't actually hear a lot about the movies, I mean what, was so weird about it was that you, know african-american. Actors would come out and talk about being african-american and, immigrant actors would come out and talk about being, immigrants, and transgendered. Actresses, would come out and being talking about transit, this. Is this is ridiculous I can't imagine when Billy Wilder, won an Oscar for the, apartment in whatever, it was 1959. He, came out and said well as an austro-hungarian. American. I know what it's like to be an immigrant I don't think George Cukor, when he won for my fair lady said well as, a gay man I this is, the kind of movie that you know I in, other words why, do, they not do what acting. Is supposed, to be about which is supposed to be great characters, great stories. Instead, of just doing this kind of lame-o, identity. Politics. Identity. Politics sums that up nicely mark you know we saw a lot of diversity last night and everybody celebrates, diversity and it's great, the only diversity it doesn't seem to be except at this point is diversity. Of thought diversity, of, another, kind of political, opinion because if that happens we've seen it with folks before you, get blacklisted but I think, honestly from, a political perspective if, let's say you're president Trump during the 2016, election, you, didn't have almost, any Hollywood. Support, I mean you basically had Scott, Baio you had chachi that's right and that was like and trust me chachi was great in happy even got a spinoff with the Joanie Loves Chachi but it was it was him and maybe Clint Eastwood and yeah I don't know i really can't name many but Jimmy woods that's it no, no I love that the way the Republican, book of Hollywood, celebrities, is, a single, sheet of paper. Double-spaced. That's what's great about the party. Roger, thanks, Wendy. SFO, is a Democrat. Strategist. And professor. Of education, at Johns Hopkins University. And Wendy. Joins. Us web DVD, of the meditite that Joe, did at the Oscars last night I think I did Mark and I even came in the way of my Oscar earrings just for you. Thank. You. Do. You want to name the designer. No. Thank you I'll keep that to myself okay. And. You can't seriously claim, you enjoyed, this show can you because, there was no show in it it. Was a show I thought it was actually very entertaining. I think something that the Oscars has to do the movement for this occur tell the time because I mean for hours, I mean it's really just taking up a lot of time but, we had a lot of first year we had Jordan Peele he won an, Oscar, for original, screenplay the first friend african-american, we also saw a Gila, Rama del Toro he, won for best, movie which, is a great thing especially since we've heard this pervasive narrative, of Mexican.

Immigrants, And we see that Mexican immigrants aren't Reapers they're not criminals they're actually Oscar winners oh. Come. On when do you know as well as the, great director. Of singing, the rain Stanley, Donen he said to me a couple. Years back great movie, stars are what he called what, orchid. Grow is called sports they're, fabulous, freaks. So, you can have a great Mexican. Director, and you, can have a great French composer, and you, can have a great Canadian editor. And you can have a great Kenyan, actress, and you can have a great Chilean, transgender. Actress and that doesn't tell you about whether you should have mass chili and transgender. Immigration. To. The United, States all those things are if you're in the movie business you're exceptional. And that doesn't tell you anything about anything no, but what it does tell us is that, is a beautiful, melting, pot and we are not monolithic, at, all we, come from diverse backgrounds. And we're diverse people, and I think that that's what the Oscar shows us and just to speak about the trends I think this is really important mark we cannot, you know put forth this this commentary, that says that the trends are really low now but, trends. Tie with, box-office, hits so, when you have a movie that is nominated, that is not necessarily, a hit in the theaters we see a downward trend and those people who watch the Oscars we saw the same thing in 2008. When, No Country for Old Men was leading with that no no that's. Not true this is true, this fish this fish movie, whatever it's called the shape of water where the chick dates the fish the. Fish guy that. Actually was a hit, now, then don't ask me why but it was a hit movie and so people are interested to see whether it actually does. Win the Oscar that's not true market only made fifty seven point four million and when we put that in comparison to Black Panther there's only but now for three weeks that has made nine hundred, million yeah no it's not a blockbuster here people actually want to go the Wakanda, people. Want to do so what kinda guy was on this, show look here's. The problem Wendy you know we had, we. Had Ashley judge talking, about intersectionality. And then Frances, McDormand, wins Best Actress and she, talks about inclusion. Riders. And in, the craziest, sequel, she. Says the word inclusion riders. And the band plays that's, entertainment. By now Urbana, and we've. Had no entertainment, we've, heard people talking about intersectionality. And inclusion. Riders where's the entertainment, the. Entertainment. Lies in that's making sure that our actors, because, they are taxpayers, get, the right to say what it is they want like any other American, citizen, we cannot, stifle them, and we cannot say we do not want you guys to talk about inclusion writers we don't want you guys to talk about being immigrants, because we don't want to hear that that's not fair to them they are taxpayers, just like us so we have to I'm, a taxpayer, I don't provide 2-ball, millions. Of people by talking about intersectionality. All, night because. You choose not to but you get to talk about things like this ain't get to voice your opinion, everyone, right, whether they make millions of dollars or, act on TV is still their right to be able to talk well you you remember, you remember a couple, of years ago they always used to talk solemnly, Pius II or 1, billion people, are watching, around the world have, you noticed they're not using that line anymore Wendy, because. At the end of the day it doesn't really matter per, se the numbers, because, they know as far as the Academy is concerned it's a direct reflection of their lack of blockbusters. When it comes to nominations, and that's, the issue in 1998. 44. Million people, watch the Oscars you know why the Titanic, was nominated, that was a blockbuster hit so hopefully, next, year we will see blockbusters.

They're Nominated so people can soon back in you, sound an awful lot like that bit in the This, Is Spinal Tap movie, when when they say the audience is becoming, more selective. The. Audience slip below 30 million, they're becoming mighty, selective. Of the Academy, Awards, Wendy. They are becoming selective, but it's not for reasons that you think are political, is only because the Oscars, have to do a better job with their timing they also have to do a better job with putting blockbusters, up and they also have to do a better job with putting forth awards that people want to see people achieve. Those awards now I'm just the little things don't you think people are just bored by all this you know the, first, transgendered. And the first woman and the first and we've had all the firsts why don't we just celebrate rare, exceptional. Talent, we, have not had all the first in the fact in 2018. We are then no, we have not because the fact that in 2018. We're still celebrated, at first as a shame it really, is a shame there's no reason that we should still be celebrating, the first in 2018. The year of our Lord that makes no sense mark, okay, Wendy well I'll be interested to see what first they come up with next year thanks, a lot, as always, Wendy hey Mike, Trump campaign. Aid has, just, been summoned by Robert mother's investigation. But he says the whole thing is such a sham he, ain't playing he's refusing, to appear his, TV. Interviews, and much, more on that story straight. Ahead. A. Former. Donald Trump campaign aide says, special counsel, Rob Amala can. Take, a hike Sam, noon bug has been subpoenaed by Moses investigation. But, in a series. Of wild. Interviews. Today he said he's going to refuse, to appear, on, MSNBC. He ridiculed, the. Entire, idea of the investigation. I'm. Not going to answer questions, in front of a grand jury if. They. Do not. Explain. To me why I have to go in there because. The, idea that once again that Donald Trump colluded, with Russia is a joke, why. Do we routin is too smart to collude with Donald, Trump Donald Trump could keep his mouth shut if. Food colluded, with him yeah. He's letting it all hang out that was a clip from his CNN, interview the great Deroy, Murdoch, is with. Us and, nobody's. Heard of this mr.. Noon bogeys basically, a guy I think he's about half the age of, Donald. Trump who was, who. Was, briefly, involved. In the campaign, and has. Now had a subpoena and has decided he's not going to play along well, it's it's just you know it's none Bergesen catholic nun nut Oh Brooke like High Noon oh sorry I'm Devin. Noonas it's. All so confusing look he's a guy, in town and here in New York he's, got a law degree practices. As an attorney happens to be a friend of mine no not very close by we describe sam nunn burger as a friend of mine yeah so you're next for the big sur yeah well I actually I thought about calling today and middle of all this like literally, seriously thought well if I call him who knows if I'll get sucked into this giant Bob, Muller whirlpool, it just seems to get bigger and bigger as it is, it moves away and further away from Russia well look he's got a point here because for, some I mean I mean I regard federal, justice, as essentially, a racket. They convict. 97. Percent of the people they, dragged into court which. Is a percentage, that Saddam, Hussein and Kim jong-un, would, envy, so. They're basically saying to you roll, over for us are we going to destroy your life so, this guy will is either looking at a hundred and twenty years in jail or he'll be sleeping in a dumpster around the back of the freight yards, I mean, there's something actually admirable. In telling, mullah to go stuff it isn't that look there's I do, believe if you're subpoenaed, you ought to really should show up I mean that that's part of the justice system but when you talk about a ninety seven percent conviction, rate that's not a nicely. Balanced scales of justice they're about like so they're not one problem another is that these folks who get, brought in for these discussions.

Brought Up to the Capitol Hill for hearings they bring lawyers in and it costs a lot of money right and if, Sam Nunn burg has any sense they'll go down there with an attorney and it's gonna cost him a lot of money I've got a friend of mine who literally said to tap into his children's college fund in order to pay the legal bills required, for him to go and sensibly, testify. On Capitol Hill on, all of this and I we talked on the phone and he's quite distraught about the huge expense he's faced doesn't, testify. Died. Or anything but isn't that what's outrageous, about this because let's say you have one lawyer or two lawyers or five lawyers, the. Federal government, Bob Muller has a, hundred, and five lawyers you know you. Can't compete, on that and if they run out of money they can print more money I don't know any law firm in America that prints its own cash now, the Department of Justice does know, you're talking about essentially, infinite resources. Now. We've we've had just heard today again, in just. In the last couple of hours that mullahs, now suddenly investigating. Not just Trump's collusion. With Russia but, apparently, with potentially. With other countries too he's apparently met with a guy from Lebanon, and a guy from the United Arab Emirates, he may be have, been colluding with Belgium, all this time and just using the collusion with Russia as a front for his collusion, with Belgium, well that's right and, you. I'm American you're Canadian I believe so I guess without saluting so maybe I leave the studio now while we still can look, this. Isn't still not allowed to collude with Canadian. Canada. We can collude with you. That's. Not very fair is it this, all this, started off as, investigation. Of Russian kahlúa Trump and Russian collusion they found no evidence of, this after 18 years and what, amazes me is that Muller is so busy trying to find something he doesn't exist or at least is not heretofore and. Yet you have massive collusion, on the part of the Democrats and the, Russians and he's not interested looking, at ya you you put it this way at the top of your column you say his mullah and the fire department, they've taken the axe and they broken down the front door and they're looking for tipped over candle. In the, Trump house whereas. Right next door the, Democrat, house is a flame. With, Russia burning, to the ground exactly, and just a couple of examples obviously, are the Russian reset that's a collusion is sort Hillary. Clinton of course had the Iranian one deal which she basically, approved in, exchange for that transfer. Of twenty percent of the u.s. uranium supply to, the Kremlin a donation, of one hundred forty five million dollars, to the Clinton, Foundation why. Does why don't any, of Hillary's aides have, to turn over all their emails, or the way like this poor number it strikes me as amazing that not only is are there no indictments. They're not even motors, is the question you have a Boeing deal where Hillary got involved with basically, brokering. A deal to. Get, 57-37. Sold at Kremlin to air afloat all. Of a sudden Boeing gives nine hundred thousand dollars to the Clinton Foundation then, there's something called schoo colva which is sort of like the Silicon Valley of, Moscow. She. Helped all these American companies go over there take a look those, companies signed up they the in turn gave six, at least six point five million dollars to, the Clinton, Foundation and, later we find, out for the Pentagon that that whole thing was a scam designed, to engage, in espionage and steal American technology no questions, no interviews, no discussion, no nothing the woman should be locked up and hopefully. Help. The Russians break, into the Democratic, National perhaps. Safety you lock. Her up is now as much as ever before okay, great, lock. Her up says divider, always, great to see his legs thanks. A lot Delta, just. Did some virtue signaling.

By, Attacking, the NRA and now they're paying an eight-figure, price courtesy. Of the, government, of Georgia. Georgia's, lieutenant, governor joins us next, on, target Allison tonight. Delta. Airlines is learning the hard way that virtue signaling, can have consequences. Following. The Parkland shooting Delta, abolished, an NRA. Discount. That had only been used on 13, air tickets, in, response, though Georgia's. Legislature. Killed a 40 million dollar tax, break the. Company had enjoyed Georgia lieutenant, governor Kaine governor you said you're sick, of conservatives. Getting. Kicked around by. Companies, in this way. Well. Mark it's good to be with you tonight and you're exactly right this was in the context, of a much larger, tax. Cut that Georgia citizens were going to receive both individuals. But, companies. And corporations of our state Delta, was part of that but. Because they chose to target, and be a part of the boycott that, really. Targeted. NRA and law-abiding citizens. Across our state that. Particular, tax, cut that was specific, to them which was an exemption, on their, jet fuel was. Removed from the legislation, now. I take it they, saw. You know a couple of tweets, or. Whatever it was that said, you need to disassociate. Yourself from, the NRA in a, sense there's. Something really unpleasant going, on here because as you said these are law-abiding, citizens. Who were members of the NRA, and yet somehow. The. Left is trying to saddle, them with the blame for, the parklands, shooting, and, American. Companies, seem to be going along with it. Well. I don't think conservatives, are to blame and if it's not the Second Amendment today then it might be the First Amendment, tomorrow and we, do have to stand up and fight and push back and do it in a very respectful, way and this, was our opportunity, and I want to put it in context. I mean Delta, is, the largest employer, in our state they, are a tremendous asset, and, economic, asset, but. On the same token we. See time and time again that, companies, are wanting to weigh into the social, discussion, and listen, I've been a small businessman both small and large, for. 32 years and I, always, recognize, like worn by that I didn't let my political, views necessarily. Get in the way of, my shareholders, and I think it's best when companies, get back to focusing, on making, money and selling seats and, let's, not forget would. The NRA in, particular Delta. Negotiated. A deal in selling. Seats no different, than hotels would negotiate, with a convention, to sell out the entire hotel. And you give a discount, for that this. Was very targeted and, obviously, it was not. Something, that I appreciate it, and obviously expressed that very clearly have you heard from Delta.

I. Have. Delta. As I said they are a big. Big piece of of. Our economy, we have the world's busiest, airport. In Atlanta hartsfield-jackson. Airport. Delta. Has a tremendous. Presence there and. We, have seen some late, news, from, Delta. As well that has reaffirmed, its, commitment for. The Second Amendment and I think that's very positive, and I want to say listen. Every family, every family, member has, disagreements. And Delta. Is families family, here in Georgia and will continue to fight together but, on issues, like the Constitution, and, law, abiding citizens. We have to push back and that's exactly what we did and I think it's having a tremendous impact okay, well good good, for you for doing that lieutenant. Governor and we'll see how that continues, mark. Glaze is, co-founder. Of the gun control, group guns, down, he, joins, us Mark, we've we've, seen some interesting. News. In, regard. To the parkland. Shooting, that in fact these. This. Was not done with. Any, rapid-fire. Semi-automatic. But in fact this, was done with a far more restricted. Form of of. Ammunition. Well. I think what we've been hearing is that he may not have had the highest capacity, magazines, that. May be true if it's in fact the case that puts him in a very small minority of mass shooters usually, its high-capacity magazines. That make mass shootings mass and, even so recall, even if you had a ten ten a, ten bullet. Ammunition. Magazine. He was still able to slaughter 17 kids which tells us alt weapons an item in the hands of kids like this don't, you think though that what's been clear since this happened, is that. This. Gun control, issue is actually going nowhere because people understand, that. In fact it was a failure of government that you had a sheriff's, deputy, stationed, at the school who. Did nothing who in fact decided, to stay outside until, the gunman had finished killing everybody that, you, have a federal government that in fact. Incentivizes. Ignoring. So-called. Problem. Adolescents. And problem teenagers, according, to which preferred, identity. Groups they belong to so. That what appears, to your group to be a gun control issue is in fact a story of, lavish.

Government, Failure, from federal, to local. Well. Look if you have a better idea for how we can find every, deeply. Troubled teen who should not have access to firearms I think, almost everybody in this country including all 35. Members of Congress would love to hear about it no just just wait just wait a minute on, this month because the issue here is not whether there's a better idea but it's the fact that the failure, of government right. I mean this is absurd you've got a sheriff's, deputy, in a schoolhouse which, wouldn't be a thing that would seem nuts back. When you or I were. At school and he does nothing so. Why should people when you've got when you're paying for a guy an armed. Sheriff's deputy. To be at a schoolhouse all day long and he does nothing why, would any prudent, person on to mortgage their safety, to the government, sure, I agree that that guy should have been fired yesterday I'm sorry he hasn't but, that's not usually the case whether, there is security or isn't, security, whether they do their jobs or not mass, shooters, go into schools and all kinds of public places and they do mass shootings, because they out arm whoever, happens, to be there that's how they bid that's how mass shootings happen no. We're. Talking about the the most recent, run of, mass. Shootings, and, and. The, issue here is that when, Americans, see this, stomach, failure. The, went on in parkland when they see that the sheriff, has. Engaged in a campaign of disinformation designed. To, deflect peripheral. His. Failures, onto peripheral, targets, like, the NRA it's, understandable. Isn't it but they don't want to mortgage their personal, security, to an incompetent government. I don't, because, what happened here was an exception, I agree this guy seems like a bad guy I'd be happy to see him fired again like I said yesterday but, think about the Newtown mass shooting I mean there was armed security there, they were in the school they were unable to stop a guy who came, in who radically, over armed them and, who intended, to die and whatever happen, next I mean that is the much more usual, situation has nothing to do with government failure has, to do with the fact that there are 300, million guns on the streets of America yeah, and the NRA is only solution, is to put 400, million out there well what's. Your solution, to get the 300, million down I mean I don't understand, because when when when people talk about the Australian, example, and other examples, they, want 300, million guns in Australia, how, do you propose to get that down to 200, million for example well I think an excellent place to start is to stop putting new stock out there I think the easiest thing to do and probably the most effective, because we've done it in places like Colorado or, there are actually a lot of guns and a lot of hunters is to ban high-capacity magazines. You would then at least limit, the damage that some of these shooters can do think, of second step is to ban the civilian, use of assault rifles first. Step is to stop putting new ones out on the street then you either wait a very long period of time until, the ones that are out there degrade, or you do voluntary, buybacks, or you do compulsory, buybacks, or some combination of the above what, about the most disturbing, aspect of, the shooter, in Florida. Though which, is the, idea of government programs. That. In fact incentivize. Ignoring. Problem, teenagers. According, to whether they happen to be Hispanic. Or african-american, or, whatever fashionable. Identity, group tickles. The, bean-counters. Fancy, next, if. There was such a program, I'm not aware of it if there was there shouldn't be I think, that there should be I agree with you I think that there should be more government, spending. There should be more private spending more possible, to, track down kids who have legitimate you. Know emotional, and mental disturbances. And get them routed individual and so this kind of thing doesn't happen where do you stand on this boycotting, the NRA, oh I think it's a great thing look folks. There's. Five million members, of the mo NRA well how many members are there of your group there's, some debate about how many members the NRA actually, has but here's where the NRA, Canadian so isn't it yeah it's probably millions look-the via the NRA says often and I happen to agree that politics. Is downstream, from culture so, when you have companies, like Dick's Sporting Goods saying, we're no longer. Can. You how can you, marginalize. As extreme, a group, that, is many million, times bigger than yours aren't you the fringe group well, they've been around since the 1800s so I think we're gonna take a while to catch up, okay. Well let us know when you do mark thanks, very, much Google.

Is Silencing. A conservative, voice on YouTube. Will, they come for you next Tucker, and Dennis, Prager will. Discuss that coming up on Tucker, Carlson, tonight. Skip. Town without leaving, a little something behind. Well. Today the biggest threat to your freedom of expression, is not the federal government, it is powerful, corporations. Particularly, tech, corporations they. Can fire you for speaking their mind they do do that they can censor you online without you even knowing it Dennis. Prager is radio show host he knows a lot about this he founded Prager, you last. Fall he sued Google saying, that YouTube is restricting, his videos for being conservative but. Of course you're not giving liberal videos the same treatment, that lawsuit is ongoing Dennis Prager joins us tonight Dennis, thanks are coming up always. Good to be with you Tucker so we've been following, your suit both. Out of affection for you but because we think it has larger, implications why. Is this important, beyond just the suit itself. The. Internet is largely controlled in, terms of information, by, Google, which also you. Which also uses and runs YouTube, yes, so if they don't allow a free, flow of information it. Would be as if I don't know make an odd analogy, your Airport, said only. People, on the Left can fly airplanes can, can be passengers, on airplanes, that, would be an equivalent that. Is what is now happening our, lawsuit is so much bigger than us it's big in and of itself we had six hundred million views last year and that's, probably why YouTube is, not a big fan of ours because we really are effective, we, have four Pulitzer, Prize winners, and we have, professors. From Stanford, Harvard Yale. Giving. Courses these five-minute, courses they're very effective, they they, present, a side. Of life that has never heard or almost never heard in. On, our campuses, so, they. Have decided that they will put in this case 40 of our 300. Videos, on the restricted, list meaning its joins pornography. And violence being, restricted. So, for example we had a video by. Victor Davis Hanson who, if you know is the, opposite, of a flame thrower yeah. He, is about as. Even-tempered. A professor. As exists, in the world and he, gave a thought why did we fight in Korea that was on the restricted, list after a big battle. It's back it's back on. Here's. Alan, dershowitz is, a liberal, he gave a car a course title the legal founding. Of Israel that's on the restricted, list, are. You are. You convinced, after going through this long process and. And digging into the suit that Google's, motives are ideological, if. There is no other possibility, we, have videos, on the exact same subjects, as liberal and left-wing videos, they're never send certain hours but here by the way is an amazing, proof that is very recent and not something I could have told you the last time I was, on your show I debated. A man. From the left at a synagogue, in San Francisco, a couple of months ago and that, was put on the Internet they, send they have put that on a restricted, list and debate, in a synagogue known. For pornography, and violence needless to say apparently. They feel that I did better than the man on the left and so, they have put that on the restrictive list it's, transparently.

Ideological. And are you convinced, and I'm sure you've gathered data on this that, they're doing this to a greater extent to sites on the right than they are to sites on the left yeah, there's no there's no question about it and our lawsuit that provides a, chapter, and verse on precisely that there's no question about that well. This is. Yeah. I'm sorry state again what, I was just saying well this is I mean Google, YouTube I mean these are the ways that people understand, reality and so right yes, if someone's got a thumb on the scale then, you're not getting all the information you need to make up your own mind, right. That's why this lawsuit is, important. In and of itself and it is important, for another equally, important, reason the court of public opinion, we. Need to say or Google, needs to say to be more. Precisely, Google, needs to say the. Truth is we are not a conduit, for free expression we. Are here, to in fact promote, our views, that are on the Left yes that's so, either we'll even get a win or will get honesty, in either way it's a win it. Is a win and and of course we're hoping for, your victory dennis prager thanks a lot for explaining that to us I appreciate it, thanks. Tucker. Who.

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