Tucker Carlson Tonight 03/13/18 8PM | March 13, 2018 Breaking News

Tucker Carlson Tonight 03/13/18 8PM | March 13, 2018 Breaking News

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Watching those are bricks, of cones headquarters, and, we're gonna have kind of lambs headquarters, up in just a second, have a great night everybody we'll be watching suckers up next. This. Is a Fox News Alert the polls have just closed, we're waiting results, in Pennsylvania's, 18th, district, special election, it's, of course between Democrat, Connor lamb and Republican, Rick cincone, fox, chief national correspondent ed, Henry has the very latest on the story he joins us now dr. great to see is the 18th district, in Pennsylvania includes. The suburbs of Pittsburgh went, for President Bush by 20, points in 2016, should be easing pickings, for his party in part because his tariffs, on aluminum and steel are very popular, because it actually means jobs for real people but, Democrats have this young candidate, cut from central casting you, mentioned him Connor Lam narrow lead though he's all but running from National Democratic leaders. Promising, to vote against Nancy Pelosi and Speaker of the House and as a former prosecutor and marine he's made a direct peel to the union workers who snubbed Hillary Clinton last time around the, president, labeled the Democrat lam the Sham at a raucous, rally on Saturday night slamming, glam for, opposing his tax cuts an immigration, crackdown, but, folks I've spoken to at the White House are very nervous about their candidate rick Ciccone, who struggled, to raise money and has struggled to rally the base in the final hour ciccone also brought in Donald, Trump jr. borrow, the family playbook vowing to drain the swamp and charging the president's opponents hate the president America, and yes even God if, lamb takes this GOP district, the media will have its narrative that, the GOP is easy pickings, in the November midterms, if zakone, wins it it will suggest the president's, coattails are stronger, than Democrats think keep it glue to Fox tonight we, expect the result around 11:00 p.m. Eastern oh and I will fill in for shannon bream but, also stayed glue to fox because tucker is really, awesome. You're, great reporter and put that in a great reporter appreciate, it good to see you president. Trump travelled to the state of California today, to review eight separate. Prototypes, for his proposed wall along the us-mexico, border while. There he said this. The. Rounds piece that you see up here or you see more clearly back there the, larger it is the better because it's very hard to get over the top it's.

Really Deterrent, from getting over the top who. Would think who. Would think but, getting over the top is, easy these are like professional mountain, climbers, you're incredible, climbers they. Can't climb some of these walls some of them they can those, are the walls were not using. Democrats. In Congress oppose. Providing. Funding, for the wall of course but some go further than that recently. Some on the Left have called for ending all federal. Border enforcement, period. Senator, Kamla Harris of California, says that I should be abolished entirely. Washington. Post editorial today agrees, how is that distinct from having totally open borders it's not yet clear Henry, Fernandez a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress joins, us tonight Henry thanks coming up, good. To be here Tucker, well so, there's. Obviously a lot of concern, about. Illegal, immigration, whatever, you think the best solution, is what, do you think the downside, for, American, citizens, is of the illegal immigration. Well. Let's, start with this wall that Trump. Wants to build and let's remember that he, first told us that it was going to be built and paid for by the Mexicans. They said they won't do, I. Don't, want to cut you off and I'm happy to talk about the wall but first I want to get to the core I take it for the wall which is the concern about illegal immigration what. Why. Should we be concerned about it what are the downsides of illegal immigration for American citizens, well. I think you're the one who has this big concern at immigration. Italy undocumented. Immigration, people, coming into. The u.s. without documents, or overstaying, visas yeah those things are all way down they've been down virtually, every year for for, some time now so, it's actually not a very significant, problem instead, this, is really something that Trump. Is drumming, up in order to scare, people and, it, really doesn't have much basis, as you know, when. People come over because, people, do come over I mean there are a lot of people apprehended, at the border and there of course more than 10 million illegals, living in this country you. Don't think that American, citizens are hurt in any way by that or have any legitimate reason, to be concerned by it. Again. I I'm. Trying to understand, what, the big concern is here what we're talking, about is, a, border. Wall that would cost somewhere, between sixty. And a hundred and twenty billion dollars, money that, would just be taxpayers. Dollars, wasted, for. Something that won't work the solution. How. Do you overcome a. 30-foot. Wall with a $32. Okay, sorry 32 foot. Bumper. Sticker though I wonder, if you're concerned, at all about the. Effects on employment so just to give you one among many examples there are 7 million, American. Prime, age working men who've, dropped out of the labor force and, they, tell there's a recent report by the Fed on this they tell researchers, that the, wages, that they're competing for are too low and one of the reasons is because of competition, from, immigrants. So, you don't think that that's a concern at all that doesn't bother you at all is that something you've looked into should people be worried about it well. I think if we look at economic, analysis. Know, that, should not be a significant. Concern for people because immigrants. Help build the economy which raises, wages what. We've seen is wages, are now as, unemployment, has come down close, to 4% wages. Are starting to raise that's. What we would expect in, this economy or any economy. Immigrants. Are essential, to growing, the economy but let me ask you though why if we have approximately. 11 million people here illegally and, we have just to name one among many numbers seven million American, citizen, men of working, age not working, why. Wouldn't we prefer, the citizens, to be working instead of the people who are here illegally, should. We give priority to our citizens I guess is my question do you think that we should have so. I really, feel like the premise of the question is. Missing, just basic, economics, if, we want to create jobs we need a robust. Robust. Entry, of immigrants. Into this country, that's. What allows us to grow, jobs in this country it's but we have. 11. Million so now we have 11 million at least the number may be far higher but the baseline is 11 million illegal alien. Workers in this country and, we still have one. Of the highest, workforce. Non participation. Rates in modern, history so, how many more illegal workers. Will we need in order to help American, citizens, what do you think the the the perfect number would be there, again.

This Is I just reject, the entire premise of the question so you could keep asking, it but. You're. Saying you're saying they need more, supports. Our economy, we have 11 million kana me how many more doctor I'm trying to answer the question the only way I can which is based on facts right and the fact is that immigrants. Help grow, the economy that's, what brings people into, the workforce that's, what creates jobs oh and I just actually I'm. Actually. Telling. You that hasn't worked so I'm just wondering what would work let me ask you this if you say we face no threat at all from illegal, immigrants in this country and our fears are rooted in bigotry or whatever they're rational and. We don't your word wall like. That's the supposition I mean a lot of people are afraid of the illegal immigration you're saying we have no reason to be so clearly it's irrational in your opinion then. Okay why wouldn't we follow. The, lead of a lot of your fellow Democrats, in abolish ice are, you for that, well. Certainly, if we look at the fact that we haven't had ice. We. Didn't have ice prior to. 9/11. Right so we, to. Do something we've, been able to do well know that right, if it wasn't part, of this super, agency, at DHS, which. Creates real what. We've seen in. The transition to ice is a real cowboy behavior. This, sense of. People. Acting, on their own outside, of constitutional. Requirements, so I can, see absolutely, why senator Harris would raise. Such concerns. So do you think it would it's a legitimate. Thing to say let's abolish ice I mean yes or no a pretty simple question you think it is I think I think I answered it I said I think Kamala. Harris raised very. Serious issues and I think they should seriously be considered, I think. That's good, look. I don't want to misquote you and I think our viewers, in the country should know what the position is of the, progressive, left on ice and you just explained it and I appreciate that Henry. Thank you okay, thank. You a, video. Going viral on, the Left shows a mother being arrested by, those Cowboys you just sort of. It's. A pretty upsetting video and for that reason it's getting wide play on the left but a key detail is, being left out the woman in that video, Perla, Morales Luna isn't, simply some random, illegal alien pulled off the street by those Cowboys, she's. Suspected, by the feds of organizing, a human, trafficking. Operation. Martha Corinne is executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies in each joins us tonight I don't know if I've seen.

Coverage. As dishonest, as this in a long time I mean this is the definition of propaganda, if you show that video and take, out the context, it's a little bit like showing the, man standing in front of the tank in Tiananmen Square without the tank it totally changes the meaning of the image correct, of course and that's kind of the point I mean this, is this happened, near, the border about ten miles north of the border they're illegal immigrants all over National, City California, where this happened right the Border Patrol if they wanted to randomly, arrest illegal immigrants, which they don't waste their time with, they. Would have done this they, knew that this woman was involved. In a smuggling, ring and, they. Saw, her out they tried to get in touch with her before she didn't respond when, apparently when they confronted, her on the street she tried to flee she tried to get another car and drive away so, that you know that and she's resisting, arrest as you can see here so you, know the Border Patrol did its job here, yes it's an upsetting, video because everybody's, yelling, and screaming but, you know this woman put herself in this situation by working with these, criminal, smuggling rings well apparently, I mean, we you know I don't think this is the case has reached its conclusion but, I guess the point would be there was a reason, for this she wasn't right so my hapless. Victim. On the street so you just heard that, I believe the head of Immigration. Studies at, the largest. Progressive. Think tank the Center for American Studies. Say. Progress, progress. Rather, that. We ought to seriously entertained getting rid of ice this is a new talking point knoweth what would happen if we did that he. What. Would happen what would be enforcing, the immigration laws I mean that's that's the real question here because the, Border Patrol does, its job well and they'll probably call for getting rid of the Border Patrol next, but the Border Patrol does a good job at and, near the border but, most. Immigration, enforcement happens, inside the country who does that ice, does that so what they're saying is that in.

Effect Once, you get, past the Border Patrol you. Should be home free and this isn't some new thing I mean this is essentially, what Hillary. Clinton and Bernie Sanders said, during the campaign that any illegal, immigrant who gets into the United States who. Doesn't actually kill somebody isn't convicted. Of a violent felony, that's the way she put it should. Be allowed to stay so, this really is not some, kind, of offbeat outlier. Opinion. This has become the, position. Of the, the standard, position of the left and it, really shows how radicalized, the Democrat has targeted PSICOM that is their broad support for eliminating all border. Security of course not I mean obviously not and this is why in some sense, Republicans. Should encourage, Democrats. To run on this platform polishing. Nice they're not very smart and they seek their own remise they won't run on this will they some. Of them might but generally, speaking no I mean there's a reason the Democrats are the evil party in the Republicans, of the stupid party that they're not they wouldn't take advantage of this and it's not even as though they would need to you. Know. Exaggerate. Or use hyperbole, they would just they really just need to let the progressives, say. The. Military, I'm, taking, an affirmative, position, in favor of our enemies how, is this different I mean I don't think it is well they don't believe in borders operation. Is well I'm glad they're saying it by the way I'm serious, are you great I think it's worth it always to be honest thank you Mark I presume that, Secretary. Of State Rex Tillerson has, become the latest departure, from the Trump administration what. Does it mean going, forward does it have meaning rich. Hume is next. I, made. A mistake in the last segment and I want to correct it immediately senator, Kamala Harris of California, did not call for ending ice actually she minded kind of a defense of ice, as a former, prosecutor and, good for her others on the Left have, called for it but, we shouldn't have said that she has, well. Polls have now closed in Pennsylvania's, special congressional, election we're watching for the results and of course we'll keep you apprised of all developments through the night on Fox today. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson became, the latest departure, from the Trump administration President. Trump announced his firing via a morning tweet, president. Says he plans to nominate CIA director, Mike Pompeo, to be the new state department secretary while, deputy, CIA director, Gina Hass Bell will, be nominated, to run that agency. Afterward. President Trump had this to say about Rex Tillerson. Quite. Well but, we disagreed. You look at the. Iran deal I think it's terrible, I guess you could lose okay. I wanted, to either break it or do something and, he, felt a little bit differently so. Secretary. Tillerson himself, meanwhile said this. My. Commission is Secretary of State will. Terminate, at midnight March, the 31st. Between. Now and then I will address a few. Administrative matters. Related. To my departure, then. Work towards a smooth and, orderly transition, for.

Secretary Of State designate, Mike Pompeo. Foxx. Senior political analyst, Brit Hume joins us tonight but there's an awful lot going on so just want to go, in order through a couple of stories first Tillerson what do you make of this. Well. It just showed that you cannot disagree, with the president on major foreign, policy issues to wit the Iran deal right. And last forever and there, are other differences, as well and plus the fact Tucker. That the State Department can. Be a pretty bulky place, and, this. President, is nowhere near the first president, has had trouble getting his arms around it and getting control of it, there's, a good argument, of whether Tillerson, did either over, there but, there's always this question with secretaries, of state are they representing, the State Department to the White House or. The White House to the State Department and I think that the feeling in this administration, in this White House was that Tillerson, had become to some extent at least a creature, of the building although he wasn't thought over there to be all that popular, so, his days were probably number, it's regrettable Tucker because it, means we'll have a period of delay. While. Mike Pompeo, gets installed, and goes through this arduous confirmation. Process, the same will be true for his deputy who's not supposed to take over at CIA and, that, leaves a period in which the agencies, are not functioning, in the way that their new leaders, will want them to and it's, regrettable at this you know still early stage of this administration. That they're still getting the right people in place yeah. It is regrettable what. Do you make of the report, the Republican, the. Majority report from the Intel committee yesterday. That, found, no collusion, between the, Trump, campaign and Putin I. Think. It's probably corrected. That that committee did find no collusion and I would note Tucker. This. In the face of all the criticism, that that happened that house Intel, committee and its majority have received that. Meanwhile, over, in the over, in the sainted, Senate Intelligence, Committee its, chairman Richard burr of North Carolina Republican of North Carolina, said. To. A television interview in the last day or so that that investigation. Which, has been thought to be very much, more sober and bipartisan. And better, had. Come so far a sense of the same conclusion, and I, think there's a good reason for that there in all likelihood, there, there, was no collusion and, there's. Been no evidence of it so far and I think that, piece of their conclusion, is probably correct and I noticed that even Adam Schiff, of California who's, been a dogged, dissenter, and one, might say a very partisan one on. That house committee even he in denouncing the conclusions, didn't all he said was the investigation, should continue, he may not say that. He or that committee has evidence, that would that, would dispute. There or even refute, the, committee's conclusion, on collusion, it's, a good point he called it a tragic milestone, but didn't explain why and and finally the special election in Pennsylvania. Tonight a district outside Pittsburgh the president won by 20 points seems very tight tonight. What does this mean are we inflating, its meaning undervaluing, it what do you think, well. It's such an odd election, Tucker that I, would hesitate to draw major conclusions, from it certainly the closeness of the raise is a sign of the the force, of the protest vote that will come out to vote for the Democrat, because of mr. Trump I don't like as much question about that in addition, that you have this young and rather attractive, candidate, on the Democratic side and a somewhat, doubting, character, on the Republican, side and. This. Is also conducted. To some extent in the shadow of, the, departure of the previous Republican, incumbent, who left him in a sex scandal yeah, it always casts a pall over his party's nominee. And the in this in a special election is kind of a bear in mind that, this is an election to fill a seat, between, now and basically next. November, and. Which they'll be a whole new district, because, of redistricting and this district will go away so. Legislatively. It's pretty, insignificant but, it will be seen as a bellwether on both sides. Depending on who wins no doubt about it it's interesting that the Democrat is running away from the.

Gun Issue which, I think a lot of Democrats think is a winner for them but not this one apparently Oh oh yeah, he certainly, is and you know and and he's saying you know he won't back Nancy Pelosi for speaker he's trying to convince the people in that district law it's a majority democratic district it's been it's been hospitable. To Republicans, for a long time now and it's sort of been considered, a safe red district, he. Hasn't run away from the mark from the from the party on everything I gather he doesn't did not support the tax cut which I think you know the benefits of which may be starting, to be felt in that in that in that district, so we'll see what effect that has but there's a lot of cross currents here Tucker it's a unusual, race presume. The voice of reason in a turbulent world Thank You Bret X, Tucker Hillary. Clinton touring India and revealing a lot about what she thinks about you, pretty. Astonishing remarks, next. Polls. Have closed in that special, election in Pennsylvania, we're now just waiting to hear who won the results are coming in now Hillary. Clinton meanwhile thousands, of miles away in India as a result she figures it's safe to say what she really thinks about you watch, his. Whole campaign, make, America, great again was. Looking backwards, you. Know you didn't, like black people getting rights you don't like women you know getting jobs you don't want it you know see that Indian Americans, succeeding, more than you are whatever your problem, is, I'm. Gonna solve it we don't do well with, married. White women. And. Part, of that is a. An. Identification, with the Republican, Party. And. A. Sort. Of ongoing, pressure. To. Vote. The. Way that your husband, your boss. Your. Son whoever. Believes. You should. Notice. Who Hillary, Clinton did not blame for her loss herself. Or her ideas, or anything she's ever said or done but. It is a mistake though to make this about Hillary, Clinton, she's a figure of the past but her ideas, are very much a feature of the present the clip you just heard, precisely, sums, up the view, of the left in America right, now a bigoted. Middle class is holding back progress they, believe that to, the Democratic Party voters, in the middle of the country don't have legitimate, views or aspirations, they have only ugly gut, reactions, the racists, and dumb people white, women as Hillary Clinton said they, can't think for themselves they're puppets of their husbands and sons worst. Of all they're attached to those stubborn, little cells of Independence, called families, and, nothing stands in the way of power like family so they must be smashed, that's, the message Hillary, maybe washed up but she understands, perfectly well what the goals are Julie. Alvin is life style director at the Meredith Corporation she joins us tonight Julie, thanks coming up, so. I don't want to beat up on Hillary Clinton I mean you. Bring me on no I'm. Actually sincere, I feel what she lost I always feel sorry for the loser I think. She's become less popular among Democrats she's, humiliating, her. So I don't want to pound on her but I do want to talk about the ideas, I'm really struck cuz I think she's the perfect, sort of embodiment, of an attitude that pervades the Democratic Party right now which. Is we, lost and it's, your fault, you're bigots, you're, standing in the way of progress America. And, I think that's all what. Do you think of that attitude it's everywhere I don't. Think it's a fair attitude I you know I think one thing one valid point that a lot of people make when talking, about a lot of the statements that Hillary Clinton makes is that she doesn't necessarily talk about the tactical errors that her team made as, far as campaigning, as far as appealing to the middle of the country so, you. Know while I certainly, am, personally. Against, the, administration. That's currently in office and a lot of the things that I believe that they stand for right I think that, the. Democrats, also need to account for the errors that they made during the, 2016, election I don't know though because I hear that a lot I know all the people who worked you know the the top people in the Hillary campaign they're really smart they're all smarter than I am they had a billion dollars, there wasn't really a lot of, tactical. Thinking, that they didn't, you, know that they weren't aware of like they did the tactics, right I don't, know I don't know that they did I mean. Could. The problem have been that they didn't understand. That. The middle class of the country, was dying in, absolute, terms and felt.

Hated, And dismissed by them that maybe was the problem, don't you think well I think when I talk about a tactical, issue I think that not appealing, to that middle, part of the country not understanding, how to deliver the economic, messaging, that would really resonate. With those people. Yeah. I think that that was a tactical error yes I would. Say it's a thematic error, it's it's kind of a deep error what, do you think of Hillary's the line and again, I'm not beating up on her but I think this kind of gets to one of the core contradictions, in modern feminism, you. Know that white, women as she said with disdain, voted. For Trump because, they were pressured by their husbands. And sons. She. Thinks that women are so weak minded, that they're bossed around by their sons and the voting booth doesn't that tell you a lot it's not revealing well, as much as I hate. That soundbite from her and I wish, that you know it, it. Makes it sound as though women are incapable of making their own decisions when it comes to to, the voting booth but as, much as I wish, this weren't true there actually is data, to. Back that up there was a study by Oregon State, University, a couple, of years ago that said that women and specifically, white women are unduly, pressured, by, their partners, when. It comes to making political decisions and. Generally. That, women. Happen. To basically women when they are unmarried. They tend to vote with, the. Good. Of their. Gender, in mind whereas, once they become married, they are more likely to vote in their husband's best economic. Interests, and this, is largely, because, women, hold less money and earn less money and hold less power in, this country and there actually is evidence to back up the fact that women when married and specifically, white women tend. To vote with, their husband's economic and economic, interest in mind and that. Is perceived. To be for. White women at least I wonder. I, wonder so, if you have a group of people married white people, and you. Spend like a huge amount of time attacking them on the basis, of their race and their marital, status as the Democratic Party and that surrogates, do constantly, they attack married people well, sure of course because that's not their constituency, I mean their policies, are aimed at the unmarried because married people don't vote for them and. Untrue. Last week Chuck Schumer said he wasn't going to support a federal, judicial. Nominee because he was white and I just wonder like. Is that it what, do you think then that effective, that is is that good for the country for politicians, to say that kind of thing out loud well. I think that your mischaracterizing. The fact that. Republicans. Are excuse me that Democrats, are not, trying to appeal to married people that's a huge swath of the population, I think that they're trying to appeal to a specific, ideology and, that is an ideology that is adopted by both married. And unmarried people, I like. Married women and I think I think I have a higher opinion of women than you do and I'm not a feminist I mean I think they kind of vote the way they want to vote that's the ones I know do I mean, I I think that that is by, and large sure and I think that some of the things that Hillary, Clinton said oversimplified. It in that particular instance but. There is a little bit of data unfortunately, and I wish it not the case to back up what she said there your. Brave woman to say that on TV Julie thank you you see if a. Handful. Of powerful. And omnipresent tech companies don't simply dominate, the marketplace they, increasingly, control, our daily lives and, what we think and what we're capable of, thinking is.

It Time to break them up one writer who studied the issue says, yes it is, he. Joins us next plus the results are coming in we'll update you again, on the Pennsylvania special, election, after this. If. You grew up in this country you heard the stories of the old robber barons, from the 19th century who crushed the aspirations. Of ordinary people Rockefeller. Standard Oil Carnegie, u.s. steel all the rest of them their, companies were massive, and powerful and, at the time they seemed to bend the entire country, to their will but that's over or is it today. Amazon, Google and Facebook also. Apple, aren't just richer and more powerful in, the open ah police or any companies, that have ever existed throughout, human history they. Also have far more control over our daily, lives what. Should we do about it it's got Galilee as professor, of marketing at NYU Stern School of Business you, just wrote a great piece for Esquire calling, for the breakup of the tech Titans biggest. Companies Scott Galloway joins us tonight Scott thanks for coming on, doctor. Thanks for having me so you took a forensic, look at these companies and their effect on the American economy and American life and your conclusion, was break them up, that's. Correct yeah. I think we're at a part of the economic cycle with you know the, economy needs to be oxygenated, again I don't think they've done it anything wrong if you will I just, think the economy. Of innovation, that we've become dependent, upon has. Gotten to a point where small companies have difficulty, getting out of the crib and big companies are being euthanized. Before. They should because these companies basically, choked off capital, and it's, effectively, can engage in anti-competitive behavior, which, any company does when it's given the assets yes yellow these companies so I think it's time we've, got a whole lot of laws against, that federal, laws so. But but Google for example which has a chokehold on basically all human, information everything, you could know is on Google and they have an effect on monopoly on search that, seems like too much power for any organization. To have they've got to misuse it why hasn't Congress done. Anything, to. Reduce that power and the threat to the rest of us, well. That's the correct question, Google 92%. Of a market that by dollar volume is bigger than the entire advertising market. Of any nation and with, the exception of the US and will probably blow by the ad. Market of the US just in two years basically. Because current, antitrust, law is based on the premise that if it's good for the consumer, then, it's good for society and, that's what we're wrestling with right now because most people would have a difficult, time arguing, that, Google is good for the consumer, the problem is we don't know what we don't know and that is we don't know what companies, would have emerged, if we, didn't have a duopoly where two-thirds of all digital spin, go. To Facebook, or Google, and that's 104, percent of all growth so if you work in digital marketing you don't work for one of the two you, joined magazines, and newspapers, and that you're in a business that's in structural, decline so. That essentially. Means between Facebook and Google, all digital. News is, really, controlled, the purse strings are controlled by two companies, I mean that's. Not a threatening, concentration, of power I, believe. It is a threatening concentration. Of power I believe that if, Fox or news core had been weaponized by an intelligence, arm of the Russian government they would have incurred, huge fines and advertisers, would have abandoned the network but in the case of Facebook, you, have two companies that control almost all traffic, and all, e-commerce and, your presence, on the web so if it's not monopolies it's a monopsony. And advertisers. Have no choice so there is too much power in the, hands of these companies I don't think they're evil I don't think they've done anything wrong I think they do what companies are supposed to do they're, growing their earnings but I think at some point referees.

Need To step, in through a yellow flag and I, believe these companies would be better for the economy broader, tax base more jobs may. Be fewer billionaires, but more millionaires, if there, were 11 or 12 companies instead of the four we're discussing here today yeah, I don't think there's a serious, conversation about that on Capitol Hill right now but I hope you spark one Scott thank you for that I, appreciate. That Tucker thanks, well. The UK is welcoming, home Isis, fighters, literally. People. Who fought for Isis. But the UK will not let conservatives. Visit the country they're turned away at the airport, I'm making that up we'll. Be right back.

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