TURKEY’S AMAZING EPHESUS - We got it all to ourselves !

TURKEY’S AMAZING EPHESUS - We got it all to ourselves !

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Wow we've literally come here  during epic epic sunrise light wow! Welcome to the Grand theatre! It brings the words 'public toilet' to  a whole new dimension having a chat with   your neighbour whilst you're doing your business! Why have you got a cat on your shoulder? We're Marianne and Chris and we've been  travelling full time since May 2018. It is best atmosphere ever!! Whilst attempting to drive around the world  in Trudy our home on wheels this happened .... All British travellers abroad are  advised, advised to return now! As borders closed around us we  decided to wait it out in Turkey   until we were able to continue our adventure East.

Good morning, good morning!  We're up bright and early because   today we are heading to the famous Ephesus! Yes we are, we're going to  get there, try and get there   when it opens to beat any tour groups, if  there are any tour groups with Covid going on. Marianne's already fed the  local dog, oh he's gorgeous! Let's go to Ephesus - coffee! We had a good night's sleep here  last night, we didn't actually get   a chance to look around the town. So  we might come back here after Ephesus. There's a serious over-landing vehicle for those  of you that want to go seriously off-grid and it's   nice and quiet this morning  because everybody's still asleep. It's very pretty, it is a very pretty town! So we have arrived .... Good morning! We have arrived at Ephesus, we think we are parked  in the top car park. The sun is just coming up,

it's freezing this morning, I would say  it's very cold, it's four degrees maybe? So the we we've parked in the top car park  because we read when we did our research that   the tourists, the buses, the big tour  coaches tend to go in the lower car park. Because there's two car parks, so we've come up here thinking we'll get in and  get to some of the sites before they get too busy. It's half past eight, which is the  opening time here in the winter,   in the summer I think it's eight o'clock. It is during the pandemic though, so they  may not be open, well we hope they're open,   I'm sure they're open. And how funny is this? There's a store here   selling 'genuine fake watches'  is that not the best marketing   name ever? Possibly i should think a lot of  people have photographed it and talked about it, but we'll see, looks like they're opening   and we're definitely the first  ones here apart from the local dog! Good morning mate, you're definitely not hungry,   the staff have just arrived so we're  definitely the first ones here.

I think so, so entry into Ephesus is a 100 TL per  person, unless you have a museum card. It is definitely worth getting one,  they let you into multiple museums,   so if you if you're here touring around  it's definitely worth getting one. Wow how many cats have we got this morning?   Like most parts of Turkey you know the  tourists come here and feed you don't you? Oh i'm beeping! It's so lovely, i love it you know,  and the security guard just turned   up with a bag and all the cats followed  him for a feed, there is loads of cats! All of the cats are following us ....

We were first here apart from the cats, it's  amazing, it's literally the sun is just coming up,   we've come at the best time and yeah  we've beaten the crowds! This is amazing! Look at the light! Wow we've literally  come here during epic epic sunrise light.   I suppose that's one of the tips  for coming later on in the year. In the summer the the sun's up really super  early, but now it's, what date are we? we're   probably about the 27th of November, it's four  degrees, so it's really chilly but perfect light.

Quite often when you come to ruins, it's  it can be a little bit disappointing.   But Ephesus is obviously one of the most famous  ones because it's fantastic! Look how much they're   showing, look how much detail, so much  still is here, all the different ruins. and all the different cats! And then up through this staircase,  wow look at the detail here!   You can see how beautifully it's  been restored and maintained ... Wow Fantastic all these archways, wow and  here's to one of the amphitheaters here. As we've been driving around  Turkey what's absolutely lovely   is the trees are just starting to  change colour and loose their leaves, and in this morning light, the reds  are really showing up which is lovely.

I can't believe we've got the place to ourselves,  Covid and low season and early in the morning   seems to be the perfect combination because we  are literally the only ones here at the moment. It will be interesting to see how busy it gets,   I don't think there's many people  that get Ephesus to themselves. I think that's the benefit of either self-driving  or coming in a van, you actually are able to get   there right at the beginning of the  day before anyone else gets there. Look how much these have been  worn out over the years there,   there's literally the stonework  here, has been worn away! I'm looking at this and there are so many  beautiful pieces of stone masonry and work,   but doesn't it just look like the most ginormous  jigsaw puzzle ever, with the biggest pieces! You're getting a bit of morning love? Overlooking Ephesus coming this early, this  time of year, we're towards the end of November,   the sun comes up quite late and at the  moment the lighting is not quite there. We're going to just hang out  here at the top for 10-15 minutes   just to get the best lighting, because  it will make a huge difference, the main   street here through Ephesus, look you can see it  behind me, there's not one person in the shot! The library in the distance is just starting to be  lit up, with the golden sunrise, that's happening   right now and it's going to look absolutely  stunning in about 10-15 minutes, when the sun   just pops over the hill behind us! We've arrived at the Celsus library and it was  the third largest library in ancient times, in fact this library had the  capacity to hold 12,000 scrolls. The internal part of the  library has only two stories   but from the outside on  the facade there are three, and that makes it look this glorious! Unless you've got a very good imagination and I'm  not one of those people, it's very tricky when you   have a pile of rocks or some old pots to imagine  how amazing or how the life would have been, but I've got to say, this library is, it's just  fabulous because there's so much of it that is   still standing and the walkways around it and the  streets and the roads that would be going to it, you can really get the feel of how it would have  been and how magnificent and enormous it would   have been, so yeah i really am enjoying this,  it totally totally gets the imagination going!! When we were researching this,   we found out that in fact Mark Anthony  gave this library to Cleopatra,   now that is the sign of love ! I have to say  my first present from Chris was a Dyson hoover! It's a very good hoover! Originally Ephesus was an ancient Greek  city founded in approximately 1000   BC, it was later taken over by the Roman  Empire and became a major Roman city.

Ephesus was a massive city of ancient  times, and up to a quarter of a million   people lived here. In fact they've  only excavated about 25 % of this city. You can see the crane behind me, they're  still doing excavation work here so who knows   what they are going to discover  in the coming years ahead. So Ephesus had a very advanced aqueduct system  to supply water to the city and you can see   the drain holes here, which will lead to part  of that system under the main street here. When you visit Ephesus there  are these boards dotted around   with a number on it, which indicates that you  can get an audio tour. But on the boards they   have the information in Turkish, in English and  in German so if you don't get the audio tour,   then you can read up some  information as you go around. The city went from the mountain this  side all the way to the other mountains   that you can see in the distance behind  me, you can see how big this city was.

Coming up to some of the columns, look at it it's  like there's a wood grain in it, it's actually   definitely stone and it's got like glittery  bits in it at all as well it's very pretty. Look how big some of these stones are,   it's hard to imagine what it would be like  walking around this place all those years ago,   people romans dressed in togas going about their  day-to-day business, that is the amphitheater! It would be very cold in a toga today, it would ! At the amphitheater going up  the steps, it's really high   and in fact it's hard to believe  that how many people were here? 25,000 and today there's just  us, a cat and some workmen! Welcome to the Grand theatre originally back in  the Greek times this was used to do performances   and shows on the stage, but during Roman times  there were some gladiator battles on the stage   25,000 people looking down on you! It is the biggest theatre Roman  theatre I have ever been to   and there's nobody here, apart from  the workmen, a cat and Marianne. What's amazing is that Ephesus was originally  built as a seaport, it was next to the sea!   Today looking at the view behind me we're  three miles approximately from the sea!! Over thousands of years the Küçük  Menderes river deposited so much silt   that Ephesus became further and further  away from the coast. And that actually   led to its downfall because it was  no longer a major port trading city. So it's now quarter past 10 here in Ephesus and  we've only seen two other couples in the whole   of Ephesus. I would probably say that during  normal times, that is almost impossible.

As i said earlier the different signs dotted  around give you a little bit of information   and this one says "the house of so-called  pleasure" Well i suppose prostitution was   the first industry of the universe, so yeah  i'll leave that up to your imagination! We've arrived at somewhere  that is slightly different,   we've arrived at the public toilets here  in Ephesus and they really are public! You   can see literally males and females  would have sat next to each other! It brings the word public toilet, to a  whole new dimension! Having a chat with   your neighbour whilst you're doing your business! Apparently back in the day the servants  would have sat on the cold stones   to warm them up for their masters and  what a job, you can see here and there   they would have had like a sewage system  the drainage because there's channels here. Amazing - Uh I'm not warming up your toilet seat! So we've arrived in the terrace houses here  in Ephesus they've got this massive area   that is under cover, where  they've got some preserved   houses. There would have been  six dwellings living here,   look at this! It really is a wonderful thing  that they've got here under this cover. We come up here now for an aerial view, there  was lots of people living in Ephesus, they had   major earthquakes in the third century AD  that put an end to these residential homes.

As we've come up to the top here  you can still see some of the really   ancient paintings on the walls and  how it would have been decorated. You can see the grand mosaics on the floor, they  saved the best view till last, look they've got   this glass floor in case you're scared of heights  and you can see the mosaics and the columns   underneath and then you get the view of the  whole complex of houses and dwellings here. They would have had quite a view from these  houses looking down the main street, here   the library, just on the left the theatre   that we went to there and uh Trudy's parks all  the way up the hill to the top car park up here.

Another interesting fact about Ephesus  it has a strong biblical importance,   apparently the apostle Paul lived here and wrote  the first letter of Corinthians here in Ephesus, and in fact "love is patient, love is kind"   were the words that we used at  our wedding so many years ago! What's funny is that the shop that we saw  this morning the 'genuine fake watches'   actually is a souvenir shop, it doesn't seem  to sell any watches! So it's definitely a bit   of a publicity stunt but entertaining all the  same. So we've climbed the hill, we've come back   to Trudy and we're just going to make a coffee,  have a bit of a quick bite of breakfast cereal,   and then we're going to go and try and find  the a very special church in this area. Wow what a stunning view this morning, that's  where we slept in the town there last night   and then after we visited this church  we're going to go up into the mountains   to a village called Sirinçe  which is famous for wine.

I don't know how high up the  mountains it is but we'll find out! So we've arrived at the house of the  Virgin Mary, entrance was 45 TL each   plus 15 TL parking and if you do have a museum  card it isn't valid for this particular site. So we've arrived at the house of  the Virgin Mary and apparently   the Virgin Mary after Jesus was crucified,  she fled and apparently lived here. My understanding is is that  when Jesus was crucified,   he asked John to take his mother  to somewhere safe and this is it! It became a World Heritage site in 2015, it is  said that the first church dedicated to the Virgin   Mary is actually here, this is where  we are and it's originated in 431 AD. I can actually hear a service going on now, so we  won't be able to do too much talking, but we'll   we'll film it share it and then  chat to you guys in a minute. So that was very interesting, a quick stop  there, to go and have a look apparently   the first church of the Virgin Mary, we couldn't  film inside, but outside they had a photograph   on display showing the church, but definitely a  thought-provoking place to have a wander round.  Very peaceful to think that the Virgin  Mary apparently used to live here yeah,   it was very atmospheric wasn't it and  very emotive and the chapel was so   like cozy and small and the different brickwork  and stonework, really really really old.

Wow we've arrived at the  celsius museum, no library! Three two one back in the Why have you got a cat on your  shoulder? i don't know i was   leaning on the post and the cat  has decided that i'm a pirate! So we're walking back up to Trudy and there's a  wheelchair sign on this hill, i have to be honest,   i don't think you'd want to go down this hill in  a wheelchair! Nope! would you? no in fact i said   to Chris as we walked up, we need to watch out for  spinning out of control wheelchairs coming down !! leave Marianne alone

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