Turkish FOOD MARKET in MARMARIS Turkey | Walking tour of Marmaris Muğla Türkiye

Turkish FOOD MARKET in MARMARIS Turkey | Walking tour of Marmaris Muğla Türkiye

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Get lost in the back streets Maybe a Tread the Globe logo on our arms, what do you reckon? They put the cheese at caves for seven  years! Seven years? I always find caves a little bit creepy .... The type of sausage they put it in the breakfast dishes. I think you can still drive up here? This is the real Marmaris old town here. We're Marianne and Chris and we've been  traveling full-time since May 2018. It is the best atmosphere ever! Whilst attempting to drive around the world in Trudy our home on wheels this happened! All British travellers abroad are  advised, advised to return now! As borders closed around us we decided to wait it out in Turkey until we were able to continue our adventure East if you're new to our channel and you enjoy this video please consider subscribing and joining our   travel community.

We jump back into Trudy and we are heading to Marmaris, which is another one of those destinations that we have to visit whilst we're here in Turkey heading down the coast. We've arrived at Marmaris and we've found a lovely little spot right next to the marina, although there is a funfair thing so hopefully tonight it won't be noisy! I'm thinking with covid times it won't, but yeah the drive down from Akyaka was  lovely and this is the car park. And Trudy's parked up in the corner and then the marina is behind that building there. I noticed that it was 45 TL for the night, there aren't any services but we don't need anything, we've got everything we need. We've woken up here in Marmaris and we found this spot by the marina, it was really really quiet,   very quiet even though there's a funfair  ride right next door, I suppose covid days is closed.   It's closed the funfair's just there and then  cell towers, I know! Yeah there's cell towers right on top of the hill though which means .we had a good internet reception yesterday.  

So this morning we're going to have a walk around old town Marmaris which is literally walking distance from here, So we thought we're going to have a look  around and then we've heard there's a cave in the national park just south of where we are, so we thought we'd go for a little walk and see if we can find the cave. We've just come from the car park into the marina area and there's this little shopping centre with Starbucks and we've just found a Christmas tree with Father Christmas, because we are only a few days from  Christmas, and good morning kitty how are you? there you go, oh they're all coming! The cat's come running to Marianne and me again look! Good Morning! We've literally just wandered for a minute  and we've come to the seafront here, the harbour  ...  look at that view! It's a lovely little island  here, with a bridge over, this is the old town area   of Marmaris and as you know we always like to walk around the old town areas, because that is the true heart of any city and tends to be more traditional which is what we like We've just come over the bridge, take a  look at all these beautiful boats behind me!   I think there's quite a lot of money invested in these and of course if you get peckish whilst you're on your boat, yacht, ship ... there is a massive selection of eateries !  Sushi, kebab, grill, pancakes, they've got  it all! Literally anything for everyone. I'm loving the octopus statue, how amazing is that!  it's a really lovely statue and it's got lights here so obviously at night it's all lit up. Looks good doesn't it? Looking at all these restaurants and bars down on the marina here you just know  that in the summer this place would be heaving.

I'm sure for any of you that have been to  Marmaris on holiday, i don't think you've probably   seen it this quiet there's literally only a few  people down here. We're just going to walk around and just get lost in the back streets here for  a couple of hours, as Chris said it would be absolutely humming in the summer and we feel really lucky to be here when it's so quiet   and being able to enjoy how lovely it is, the  stonework here is fantastic and it's just lovely   to walk around these little tiny cobbled streets without the masses of crowds, this i suppose is what Marmaris would have been like before it was found, because it's a massive, loads of people have messaged me saying you're going to buy a house in Marmaris! All the brits live in Marmaris, everybody comes to Marmaris and wants to stay! We live in a caravan and we keep rolling, so that will never happen! There are lovely little boho, quaint little shops dotted around, but something we're coming across a lot is tattoo parlours, i think Marmaris is the tattoo centre of Turkey. I've never seen a collective of tattoo shops like here, i think it's probably a case of you know when the young lads come on holiday, Oh okay, they have beer and then  after beer they all dare each other to have you know tattoos, and maybe maybe  that's the case? But there's a lot of tattoo shops here in old town Marmaris.

I'm too scared! I don't want pain, maybe a Tread the Globe logo on our arms? What do you reckon? or you can have henna, oh yes henna sounds like a better idea! We found a little, food style market  selling loads of fresh cheeses and things,   So we're going to go and have a little look,  because you know what we're like with food! Look at all these cheeses, is  there something local to this area? Not a cheese making area? No this is from all this cheese from Black Sea, okay, What about this cheese? No this is butter, oh it's butter! oh this is butter .... wow that's a  big pack of butter there! look at that wow! this is called çarkus and  it's very famous at Black Sea, it's like they put this cheese in caves for seven years ... wow, then it's shapes like this Seven years? yes wow! That's really nice, it's intense isn't it? We are just trying some olives it's not just for breakfast you know, you  can use this also in salads, and salads and everything. We got Sucuk, the type of sausage they  put it in the breakfast dishes Ayvalik toast, has sucuk in it, it must be good, because he's eating his own product, his own sucuk. I think we should get some of  that too! you have to get one   One please, how long does it last for? look at that Okay it's last six months, really and that's  it, grill it, you could put it in omelettes, you can put it with the eggs for breakfast with toast, with pickles and melted cheese like Ayvalik toast, i will   Ayvalik toast! yes i love Ayvalik Tost ! This is one of my favourite koftes, I'm probably saying it wrong, but they sell them freshly made here, so I think we're going to have to get some of those as well! It's an expensive day today  but it's the best place, because we've got   all the local producers, all the local suppliers, all the freshly made produce you cannot beat it  ! and we love it! and thank you to my new friend Can who  is actually helping me with all the translation! Look at all these spices one thing you  get in Turkey is a lot of fresh spices.   Isn't that not just beautiful? and tomato  paste? i think maybe or pepper paste? Oh it's pepper paste.

a little pistachio, chocolate on top, sugar, oh okay sugar. Enjoy your meal, enjoy your meal  Thank you very much, bon appetit! Delicious, it's a cross between  fudge and a flapjack all mixed together ! Do you think so? it's like sweet sticky, it  tastes like cherry? has he got cherry inside? No no i got that wrong! You know you make at Christmas those cherry truffley cakes, yeah the little balls you get  .... Yeah and it tastes like that! Delicious! so we just managed to ask these guys to do the Welcome to Turkey for the next intro! Welcome to Turkey ! Now they're just hooking up on instagram. Thank you so much for coming to Turkey he said.   We love Turkey, thank you for  looking after us during lockdown. You know you meet some people when you  travel, but Can, what a fabulous young man,   inspirational and it's made me really think  about it, there's such a contradiction here   in Marmaris with the old, the new, the modern, the touristic, and the authentic.

And there is really something here for everyone, you can find nice little places if you want the quieter things   but it's really nice here isn't, it's a  really special place, I just love you know the fact you just walk into a market and the next minute you're just going around laughing and joking with everybody, it's just such a friendly place Turkey, yeah it is a testament to the personalities the people of Turkey. Look they got this funky covered walkway here. With all the modern brands, they've got lots of shoe shops, designer shops, sports shops and clothing shops.

So we've wandered down through the back streets of old town here in Marmaris and we've come out on the other side with this lovely coastline that you can see behind me. It's funny walking around Marmaris as we said it's a massive holiday destination and it has that sort of   western feeling with bars and tattoo parlours, we don't really feel exactly what   it would be like in the summer because I can imagine if it was full of tourists we would have a totally different feeling and experience walking around but places like Marmaris or Bodrum you know they're great if you  want to come to Turkey, and experience Turkey without fully immersing yourself in the Turkish culture, you know places on the Black Sea and really up away from the tourist spots obviously you get much more of a traditional, real, feel of Turkey but we've  had a really lovely time you know   coming down this tourist region of Turkey and for us it's probably because it's so quiet because   we like the the traditional experience, but it's been a lovely little walk around and we say all the time caravans and cities don't really mix, and Marmaris has been, not what we expected,   but that's because all the restaurants and bars are closed and there are no tourists, it's closed yeah. So walking along the sea front here, they've got lots of boats that will take you out on daily tours, there's lots of dive   boats obviously diving is a big thing here. Dive centre here based on on this boat and there you go that's slightly unusual this one's got a glass bottomed boat, so there you go, if you want to go for a tour and see what is underneath you whilst you're doing your tour, they've even got that here! So if you're looking for the tourist  information office just near the harbour   in front of the castle you can see there's a  tourist information office behind me that will   give you all the information you need about your stay here in Marmaris. If you like the lion, the witch and the wardrobe? Something I learned since being here and coming to Turkey, was Aslan (the lion) is actually Turkish for lion so they've got a statue of Aslan here! and that's what reminded me.

i feel really spoiled actually because we've got to see so much of Turkey, but we're even getting to see Turkey, the busy busy touristy places and we've got them to ourselves and   although it's incredibly tragic for everybody  whose business is struggling and suffering   I feel like we're able to bring you some  beautiful places in Turkey without the crowds! Ah look there's the entrance to the castle. Wow the little narrow streets  dotted around here by the entrance of the castle are wonderful this  is the real Marmaris old town here that's because we're going to have a  look in, let's go and have a look in! So entry into the castle is 18 TL which at the moment is about £1.80 as we said before if you have a museum card if you're going to see lots of sights during your time here, it's worth getting a museum card, it just saves you on some of the entrance fees. So how cool is that they've actually got a flower display here made up of what looks  like cauliflowers or different coloured cabbages?   That's a bit unusual, something i've noticed as we come down this um coastline is the roses, there are so many roses and on the edge of the garden, they've got these lovely little pink roses that look like they're about to blossom! So although it's been a little bit cooler here, it's not cold! We've just walked to the top of the  steps and you can see where the cannons   would have looked out, look at  this, how gorgeous is that view ?  Another thing that surprised me, is all these mountain ranges, it's just gorgeous. If you want a good aerial view over Marmaris, then coming up to the top of the castle here, it's a nice view you can see the city stretched out behind me, what I love is that there isn't actually any barriers on any of these drops around the castle. They've just got a sign that says do not climb! We know back home, it would all be fenced off and they wouldn't let you go anywhere near it! But over here you know common sense still prevails! And i like the fact that there is no barriers and if you do climb up and fall off it's your own fault! Yeah the same is here look no barriers Obviously, if you have young children I would keep them close to you! But look at this view all the way over the city here, we've walked down through the back streets here and come out, walked down this side, Trudy's parked behind this mound here on the other side.

I've just seen these little signs in the car  park and I've used my google translate and it says:   Be careful of the kittens, or warning of the  kittens, please check your engine before you start your car! Oh that's lovely, so sweet, I have heard horror stories about kittens and cats in the winter because they go into the engine blocks to stay warm, so they've actually put signs up  ! So sweet, actually we have had cats in our  engine in some places we park and you can hear them. you can hear them running out  when we start the engine. So we jumped back into Trudy and we're going to go and see if we can find this nearby cave and somewhere to park up because it's a lockdown weekend and so we need somewhere safe secure and quiet to park up. We're going in the direction of the cave  but we're just trying to because it's   1.30 pm now, we're just trying to spot somewhere that we can sleep tonight, because it is a lockdown weekend, lovely views look at this road running right parallel to the sea.   We've come just just slightly south of the  Marmaras marina heading out onto this peninsula.  

So we found this little park up in the woods about 15 minutes drive   from where we were in Marmaris, the only worry we have is that over the weekend we're not going to get much sun on the solar panels because we are in the trees, and although it's sunny here now most of the day it won't be. So we'll carry on looking as we head to the cave but we think we'll probably head back to Marmaris to the car park where we were, but it is a gorgeous spot, it is so we're just stopping for a bit of lunch we're cooking up the kofte that we bought from the market this morning and they look lovely, normally they would serve them hot but because we bought them cold and the only way to heat them up is slowly in a frying pan, I've cut them in half to heat them up and we've got some nice olives that we bought which are delicious they got a hint of lemon so there you go that is lunch they look absolutely delicious! Yes they do! Give them a go, are they good? the meat looks lovely Okay lunch time! It really is a lovely little spot here so we've driven around i don't know  whether you can see that's Marmaris City,   right on the other side there and this  would be a good spot, but just too many trees.   Being parked up in the woods for a night or two if there isn't a curfew is fine, but being locked from Friday to a Monday morning in the shade and you're not allowed to go and drive, you're not allowed to go out, I think it would be hard to get a bit more sun and I think probably by Sunday morning we would definitely run out of electric! So yeah we'll try and find another alternative place. Right let's see if we can find this cave,  i have no idea whether we've got a walk or ..  

but we'll find out, part of the adventure ! Exactly. Look at this so we're going across, we're going to go across to this next sort of  island peninsula bit here, this is very pretty. Yeah this is definitely worth a drive out, a few steep little hairpin bends coming up like this one. Marmaris yacht marina look at that, that's lovely! Nice little beach area here, people coming out fishing and having little picnics, There are some big boats down here at the marina, i know they're dry docks because by the height of them.   Look how high that is! Yeah So that's where we're going to try and go Nimara Magarasi - 2 kms Danger Forest Road ..... great! I think you can still drive up here, what do you reckon ?we have been on worse !

That is what you call a rock! and a good passing place. Well you get a seriously good view up here, people are stopping to take pictures, look at that view back towards Marmaris, roads are getting a bit small now! look at those trees up there, it's very pretty. But now there's a lot of people parked here,  which makes me think ... let's park here and walk.   I think definitely, let's  park behind that white car maybe ?  Okay, so we found this park up and apparently there is a cave probably about 10-15 minutes walk. So we've turned off the main path and  there's this little walkway with a rope,   and some stone steps, so I.'m pretty sure  we're heading in the right direction It's very pretty isn't it? The pathway is carpeted with leaves, it is.

Look at this, wow this is so cool, i feel like i'm in hobbit land! it does feel like hobbit land, look at that. I can hear voices! not in a crazy way! that means there's people in it, wow look  at this cave here that we've come to.   Really lovely, look up to the opening goes all the way up there up the side of the cliff face here,   you can start to hear the echo  as well i love it though! Echo yeah   it's got that damp smell hasn't it? yeah that cave damp smell, not hot ... yeah it's definitely cold damp.   Hello! hey ho, hey ho and off to work we go! There's a real echo, we've got the cave echo going on.   It's a little bit muddy and a  bit slippery, so we're just taking our time, you can hear all the water droplets  dropping down and echoing as they as they hit the floor. I always find caves a little bit creepy  a little bit eerie, does anyone else feel a bit creepy in caves? Of course i'm a little bit claustrophobic as well so when you look down into the little dark tunnels it's a little bit scary! Anyone like me? let me know  below if you two struggle with claustrophobia.

We've just left the cave and we've realised all of these trees around us, all of them the are bay leaves,   apart from the odd pinetree, they're bay! I  know it's like a bay leaf forest, amazing ! There's no way we would have got Trudy up this road but there's a 4x4 coming and that's the way to do it That was a lovely walk up through the  forest there, and to the cave, it wasn't too far it was about a 15 minute walk a little bit  steep in places but no problem. So now we have to go and find somewhere to sleep, we're going to try down by the harbour where we drove past at the bottom of the hill, in case if  the internet signal's good,. maybe we'll stay there If not then we're going to go back to Marmaris city and to the car park that we stayed last night,  because it was secure, it was quiet and the  internet was good. Yeah it was very quiet but not ideal.  

But perfect, not the best scenery yeah  it slowed us down, the curfews are slowing us down at little bit and this season, this time of the year most campsites are closed,    they're refurbishing, doing everything up, they haven't got much business so there's no point staying open.   It's a little bit tricky, yeah especially we're  trying to find somewhere for the Christmas week.   And then there's a four day lockdown over New Year so we're going to try and find somewhere to park for that so that's the challenge for next  week. Well we've come down from the cave and we have found a little spot! We've checked the signal, it works, we're going to be able to self-isolate.

There's a marina over there, Trudy's there, but that is our view ... how beautiful is that ! I'm loving this coastal van life tour, it's just glorious. We want to thank you very much for taking the time to watch our video, if you enjoy our content please consider subscribing and hitting that bell notification so you don't miss an episode and we  look forward to seeing you next time. Bye for now

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