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what's up guys it's alexander travelbum today  we're in istanbul one of the best cities for   street food so i can't wait let's get out  there i'm near aya sophia and the blue mosque   and it's the perfect place to start a street food  tour but before we eat look at what's around me   just beautiful huge famous mosque right there  and then directly across another very famous   mosque that is the blue mosque and as you can  see there are already some street carts here hello hello uh how much are the chestnuts so one street food you will see all over  istanbul is this corn roasted corn i believe   it's called messier and this one was five lira  so that's uh about 50 cents funny thing is i see   corn as a street food in many countries now around  the world in south america central america but the   first place that i ever saw corn as a street food  on the street street food on the street of course   was here in istanbul about five six or seven  years ago look at that perfectly barbecued   roasted you have some charred kernels there  you can see the flecks of salt all right oh yeah that is pretty good it has sweetness to it   sweetness saltiness and then a little bit of  crispiness on the parts that are black there it's   a good snack it's cheap not a ton of calories and  it's a vegetable so it's good for you you will see   these all over the city and i'm guessing around  the rest of the country but we'll find out soon really quick if you're new here i'm alexander  travel bum and my plan is to travel to every   country in the world and share it with you  so make sure you subscribe if you want to see   country every country around the world right now  i'm in turkey but i have some crazy plans lined up   for the next few months hello what is this is  this see meat see meat yeah okay cheese i'll try okay you said five yeah okay thank you  without a doubt when you're walking around   istanbul you're going to come across this  looks like a bagel doesn't it it's kind of   like a bagel i haven't tried it yet but this  is called simit it's kind of like a bagel   you can get it traditional where there is nothing  inside of it it's just like a bread a bagel kind   of bread with toasted sesame seeds on there this  one though this one has cheese in the middle   i'm excited let's try this this is probably  the most unanimous street food in istanbul you   will find the carts everywhere there are these  usually these little red carts and you see them   all over the city you can't walk around the  city without finding a few of these things yeah it's basically a turkish bagel and  this is a great breakfast especially   with the cheese in there he said  you could get it with nutella um   a chocolate or something  else i i couldn't understand   him mmm yeah so that's like a cream cheese in  there perfect breakfast food to start your day all right question of the day can you guys  guess who this is who's the face who's the   body it's actually two people leave it in  the comments below you get a comment back   if you get it right wow look at the  syrup the honey just dripping down   this pyramid now we're gonna try  something that is more of an experience   i guess the food is the food is good but  this is more of an entertainment kind of   thing i just saw him so let's go check this  out ice cream the famous turkish ice cream man hello how much which one do you want okay thank you ah the bell i've been meaning to have the turkish ice  cream experience for a while now i finally   did it that was pretty cool so i think because  i had my mask on he didn't do half of his tricks   some of their tricks they act like they're  gonna feed it to you and then they take it away   and then they put it there without  the cone and they take it away so   that's that's pretty interesting  let's see if it's good though that is pretty good the consistency  is a little bit different   than most ice creams you would get  it almost seems thicker but stickier it's like a frozen pudding or something  tastes like a brownie it's awesome so turkish ice cream like this i'm pretty  sure they call it donderma so donderma finally here's the water the phosphorus and a lot  of people here and there's more street food not many cities like this yeah this is a pickle juice yes okay is there uh just pickle yeah i don't know why i'm doing this  but i heard this is a thing   so pickle juice is a thing here in turkey  this is a mix of pickle and turnip juice   can't imagine this is gonna  taste good but let's do it tastes like pickle juice a  lot of sodium very bitter sour   not fun but i think that it's supposed to be good  for you somehow probably good for your digestion pickle juice it was uh about 50 or 60 cents   and i guess this is the place where you  get it next to the bridge right here a lot of these carts sell  the same thing all the time   all day everywhere you go you  have these chestnuts the corn   those bagels and there it is again there  it is again there it is again behind there i got a chai a turkish tea which everyone in  turkey drinks look at that crimson red color it's   actually a black tea and you put a little bit of  sugar in there people drink this all day in turkey turkish tea is almost always  served in these tulip shaped   glasses not a mug or anything so you have  to pick it up by the top the very top where   there's no tea it's the only spot where you won't  burn your fingers so take it like that and say oh yeah so turkey consumes more tea than any  country in the world and it's because of this   specific one this is what everybody  drinks all the time hey you want some tea hey what are you doing huh when you find the roasted corn that we  just had earlier a lot of times you'll find   roasted chestnuts at the same court or at  least nearby so i just saw one and i passed   it up but i think i'm gonna go back because  it's all over the city so we gotta try it wow there's so many options for street food i  just can't choose their donor donor kebab   that's something that for sure we have to try  soon but that's going to be closer to lunch   start with the small things hello hi can i do uh the small  of this it's ten lira yeah this is your weight here wow it's cool yeah okay thank you have a  good day okay you heard him i've been seeing these all over the city smells  pretty good let's bring it to the bazaar so that   was pretty old school i like it they put he put  the bag on one side of the scale and then he put   this this little uh weight and he weighed it  out and he did it right the first time i guess   and that's pretty cool that they weigh it out on  that old old scale like that here's the bag old   brown paper bag and they're probably about four  or five in here so here it is roasted chestnut   you can see the shell just flaking and falling off  there it's hot really hot and steaming in the bag i don't think i've ever had a roasted chestnut  even and even at home so let's try the turkish one   wow it's actually sweet and has the consistency  of like a potato wow so it's kind of like it really tastes like a mini baked potato   now i understand why these are all  over the city that's really good okay i forgot the name already but you heard  it yep have about five left in there so   not a bad deal for ten it's about a dollar five what is this let's try marijuana which one should i try this  bombing one pomegranate it's fruity it's floral yes this one for cultural  antibiotics yeah and is that like how much is that   there's nothing that guy pulled me in for some  free tea and to try some of his snacks and of   course you know you feel bad after you get the  free stuff so i decided to spend five lira which   is like 50 cents on these turkish delights because  i haven't had any yet so we'll try these soon okay okay it's time for a kebab the most  popular thing i think in istanbul so donor it's a little uh sandwich and i think i  got i think i got b drink drink drink no drink   turkish tea many teas ah i had 10 minutes ago so whenever you see the vertical spit that  it the vertical rotisserie where the meat   is hanging on it and being cooked next to a  flame that is for the doner so donor kabob   you can have it in a sandwich form you can have  another plate i'm gonna try the sandwich one today   and i think i'm having lamb it's either  lamb or chicken or beef usually and they're   pretty good so they they're roasting on  a spit just slow roasting on this thing   and they have seasonings they're usually very very  moist so the vertical rotisserie that you see here   that was invented in the 19th century ottoman  empire so a lot of people say that the kebab   was invented in turkey even though it's spread  okay okay all right thank you yeah it looks good okay yeah okay so the donor it has looks  like it has fries in there it has a lamb   and then some pickles and lettuce okay let's  have the first donor sandwich here in turkey oh yeah that meat has some great flavor and with the pickles on there  the pickles giving it this   sodium and kind of a bitter flavor in there oh yeah i remember last time i was in turkey i  ate these every day pretty much for every meal   they're cheap and they fill you up so you have your lamb pickles  lettuce fries and this bread   this bread is really good look you can see  them all right here just sitting next to me he just took it i don't know what he's doing  with it he's going to add some more to it oh thank you uh there is a sauce yeah yeah okay okay thank you yeah yeah looks like he gave me more fries  there weren't enough fries in there uh yes ketchup yeah yeah whatever  is good all right perfect thank you he did whatever he could to make my  sandwiches the best that it could be   probably because i'm filming it okay yeah with those sauces he put some ketchup  and some mayonnaise on there just drizzled it   in there and now it's much better see how nice  the turkish people are here they keep wanting   to be on camera they want to say hi it's pretty  cool some countries they don't really like you   to film them or take photos of them but in turkey  usually they're all for it which is great for me i am back here near aya sofia to get the wet  hamburger this should be good the izlok burger okay next up is the izlok burger or the wet burger  it is just a soaking wet burger looks like a   mcdonald's burger it's basically a it's basically  a beef patty it's like a regular burger but then   it's doused in a garlicky tomato sauce which  makes it wet and then it steams in a box for   hours or minutes depending how many people  are eating it and it's just sitting among   all the rest of them just getting wetter and  steamier in there so kind of reminds me of   like a sloppy joe you can see all that tomato  sauce all in there on top of it everywhere yep just tomato sauce like a like a spaghettio  sauce yeah so it's really just a thin   thin little beef patty and then  a wet bun with tomato sauce i heard that for turkish people it's  really good it's like a late night snack   when you've been drinking or something  so i could see that probably better for   them than right now when i've been eating  all day so it's not as good as it could be   you know what i just realized i never tried the  turkish delights the best i haven't had them yet   so we have to do that really quick they're  fruit flavors with like a powdered sugar okay pick a good one just a random one out  of the bag here all right this big one here   big old squishy cube that's  what a turkish delight is wow the powdered sugar is flying off onto my black  shirt that's not a good look people are gonna   think it's dandruff well anyway i think that's  pomegranate and it's actually really good this is   basically a gummy bear but a little bit different  of a consistency they're a little less sticky it's pretty good it's not too sweet either it's  sweet but it has a good amount of sweetness so   that you can have a bunch of them it's not too  much let me try this one another pink looking one that must be a strawberry not my thing  but if you like strawberry pretty good that's a good looking carpet rug okay so that's turkish delights you've  probably heard of them famous around the world   and that's basically what they are little  gummies how much is pomegranate juice 13 16 20. okay uh one small small orange juice enjoy it okay how much was this one fresh squeezed orange juice is almost always good  right guys it was an awesome day trying istanbul   turkish street food all over the city i  think i'm done for the day can't eat anymore   but stay tuned for the next one because we're  gonna do another street food tour hopefully in   turkey just in a different city so if you  like this video please like it and let me   know which food was most interesting to you or  look the best i know it's not the pickle juice so so

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