Turn Your HOBBY Into Your CAREER Using Social Media!

Turn Your HOBBY Into Your CAREER Using Social Media!

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This has been from life in 360, and this is Richard, from Life in 360, and Richard, is my old man my dad and my. Dad is someone that has had a lot of successful just like me on social, media and who. Actually has more followers than me believe it or not on basically, every social network you, think I'm doing well he is doing more than twice as good as me he's killing it on Instagram aren't you yeah they, call me dead the crusher, yeah dead the crusher and I, thought we could make a video showing, you guys what we've both done in two very different fields, to, enable us to thrive as creatives, my dad is an artist he, paints amazing, landscape, paintings, but, what, he's better at is marketing. And showing, his work to the world through Instagram, and Facebook so, I thought we could give you our best tips for gaining, a massive social media following and using that as a call to action for your business, and turning, your hobby into a career, so, dad, tell us a little bit more about, you where did you start how and how did you get to where you are now okay. So I started, life as a postman. Delivering, mail everyday did that for basically 29, years towards the end of my career I, developed. My passion, for painting, and I, decided that was what I wanted to basically, focus. On yeah, you done art your whole life right but, you weren't making many sales yeah. That's right I am I, was a postman and an artist at the same time and they worked pretty well together cuz I was a posting in the morning and an artist in the afternoon, but. Prior. To social media things. Were pretty tough I was pretty hard to make a living as an artist so, I'm. Very grateful for the digital age that we live. In now that makes that all possible so what was it that changed. Everything, for you and really. Got the ball rolling for. Getting. You to where you are now and really thriving, with social media what what, was it that made you realize that this, whole social media and Instagram, thing had potential, well, once an Instagram came along it was pretty clear that you, could I came in at a huge, number of followers very quickly just, by posting good, quality regular. Content, and that, really is the key regular, content. I like, to post everyday and update. People about what I'm doing even if I even got a new painting to show there might be something, that I can talk. About from an earlier time but the key is just keeping, in contact with people so at what point did you realize having. An Instagram, profile. Has, the potential to build a business and make money well. I guess what I could see that it, is possible. To accumulate, followers very quickly I could see the scope of, building. A business fairly. Quickly it's, always easier, to build a business, online. Rather, than offline it's a lot more efficient, so. Pretty, soon on I could see that. There. Were just thousands, of new people that hadn't seen my work before who, were being exposed to it on a daily basis, and. All. Of a sudden just the sheer numbers started, to stack up and, all. Of a sudden yeah. My my business was off and running and I started to do quite well so where did these followers first come, from they have to come from somewhere they're don't come from thin air how, did you first attract followers to your account so, they can see your amazing artworks, to begin with so they can then think about buying them where, do they actually come from and where did they come from in the early days well, it was a bit of a mystery to start with but that's the beauty of hashtags, so when we hashtag oppose it, alerts people who are looking for something in that field that you're trying to promote, instantly. And your product.

Will Come up on their feed so if. You're a little bit clever about your hashtags, and. Provide. A great. Number up to 30 that. Will really accelerate, the. Number of people who come in contact with you but then you learn that it hashtagging. Didn't. Really mean as, much, to you as your account grew as it did as a baby account. As you got bigger and bigger you, realize there are more important things like quality. Content, and consistency, yeah, absolutely I mean that as your account grows, hashtagging. Obviously is good in the early stages but once, you start to accumulate. A significant, following it. Kind of has a snowball, effect where people start, to repost your work they'll. Share your work on there, pagers and. Also instagrams, algorithm, itself. Will. Share your work organically. As, suggested. People to follow, so, initially. Hashtag, is very important, but the. More your, account starts, to grow and the. Better you get at posting. Learning. The optimal times of the day to post I post at the same time every day it's. A matter of identifying where, your your key audiences, in the world and tailoring. Your post to their timezone, all. These things seem. To make a difference yeah yeah so I want to talk more about the business aspect, of it because, that's really what I want to make this video about how to turn, your hobby into a career because it's something I know so. Many of you guys want, to do your. You have all the passion in the world but the passion isn't translating, into. Money. And you need money to survive there's no avoiding it I was at a point in my life where I was a filmmaker and had all the passion in the world made the best films in the world well I thought they were the best at the time maybe they weren't but, it wasn't, paying the bills after. 10 years I became, so, frustrated that, it would take so long for me to produce a work and there was no ROI, which, means return on investment, of my, time and effort. There was none, so, I also, realized, that social, media was. An excellent, way, for. Me to get an audience and to, make mini films, for the Internet to gain a following and then once once you have the following that's when you have your, audience those are your customers, that, you can then sell, to so, you. Don't need a single dollar to be able to do this you need any money that, that's the adventure has over conventional business is there. Are no overheads, upfront all you need is to, know how to use social media really well and that's something we both really have, have, mastered. By, this point and know how to use social media in, a way that gives value to people and also encourages. Them to check out our call to actions, which is our business, so if they want to buy a painting or they want to buy my ebook or, whatever. They want to work with us professionally, the. Work has been done already and, in. Platforms. Like Instagram and Facebook act as a portfolio, so if someone too covers your work for the first time they're, not just seeing you last one or two paintings, they're, seeing everything, you've done has a cumulative effect and, they. Can see, your entire story, from beginning to end so one thing that dad does really well is story, he tells stories in, his work and people love stories it's what, really. Gets people emotionally. Engaging, your work which, you can then push, people, to, your, products whether it he's selling a painting or I'm telling an e-book or whatever. If people, want to work with us professionally, because, we've told the story over the course of our social media profiles when, people discover us for the first time they'll, go back into our profile, they might dig deep and see posts, from maybe. A year ago and, see what we were up to then and get value from that that entire collection, of posts so what's your attitude in regards, to story, and how you use story to, grow. Your, business, and your personal brand yeah story is absolutely critical as, human beings we're we're hardwired, to both, tell and listen to stories, ever. Since the days of you, know cavemen, like, stories, are the way that communities, bond they're, the way that we share information. They're. A way that, we make. People interested in us and and explain our ideas, so it's. Absolutely critical I started, out telling my story as a postman, just delivering the mail every day and pretty, soon I found that if I got to the stage of doing little paintings out on my run that. All added to my story and got people interested because it's a little bit unusual. Nothing. Unusual at a post for nothing unusual about an artist but you put those two together and that's a story that's something, a little, bit unique and a little bit worth commenting on after, that. Things. Started to snowball a little bit I became known as the painting toasty, and. Then. You know that that whole sense of storytelling. Evolved. Because I got really good at doing these little paintings around my run and yeah and this grew his account to around 20,000.

Followers At the time and he. Got, featured, on two. Of the top TV, shows in the, whole of Australia he, got interviewed live for, being the painting post he so this is no small little, Instagram, thing so something, as small as Instagram, and telling stories on Instagram can two really big things can't they yeah it's just a matter of capturing. People's, attention, working. Out what's unique, about your life everyone's, got their own story to tell you've, just got to really think about what makes me unique and, what. Are people going to be interested in because, you're pretty far, pretty soon find that the. Story you're telling will overlap with someone else's story and where those two meet that's, where the the really exciting stuff happens that's where sales happen that's where, engagement. Happens and that's where people get really excited about what you're doing yeah something, that really frustrates me when I look around Instagram, is seeing people that might post an amazing, photo, but then there's no caption, and no story, that gives context, and they're the emotion, of that post so it's. Something that you don't need to write an entire story, but just something small tell people what you're doing, inspire. Them give them value it's all about giving value if, if you're, someone that gives value consistently then people will see you as someone, that gives, value and that they can get value from so they'll want to be associated, to you they'll want to follow you and that. Who doesn't want value right who doesn't want to learn something or be entertained, so you need to be that person that consistently. Post valuable, content, yeah and, I think if you always ask yourself how is this interesting before, you hit that publish button just. Ask yourself how is this interesting yeah how is this going to add value to someone's. Life like obviously me. Posting. A photo of my cat it's, not going to be that interesting everyone, does it so, you. Know maybe if my cat, was wearing pajamas there might be a little bit more interesting yeah and if there's a fun story behind the cab then maybe it's getting there but it's always better to post something specifically, about you something about you're doing something, that ties into your story because it's all about your story. You. Know why do we watch soap operas on TV why. Do we watch all those reality, TV shows it's the story we, don't really care you know how this person's going to make this amazing, dish on MasterChef it's not really about that it's about who the person is what, they're doing and where their story is going and the interaction, between the characters, so, something. To keep in mind yeah. And why. Story is so important, it's not so we can be a great storyteller for, our grandkids, or anyone that wants to come hear a story it's for our business, businesses. That all stories, effectively, sell, things so, if you want, to turn this into your career no matter what, creative, field you're in and you, want to be able to sell something you need to create a trustworthy reputation. And that's done through stories, so business, and, storytelling. Through social media go, hand-in-hand to, to really thriving yeah that's right the more the more people get to know you the more they feel like they actually know your personality, they, see you're turning up every day they're comfortable with you they're familiar with you once, they get to know you don't trust you once, they trust you they'll buy from you it's it's a it's a three-step, process you. Got to start at the start by letting people get to know you you can't go to selling, before you've done the other two steps it just won't work exactly, people will, feel like you're you're, a con, artist or or you're a Salesman, straight away you need to you need to give value Gary, Vee says Jab Jab Jab right hook which means give value give value give value and then ask suggest. Say hey you can say hey go check out my ebook I wrote an e-book about tiny planet photography, as I'm sure you guys have seen 6,000 times in my videos by now but it's because I'm giving so much value beforehand I'm sharing my story with you that you feel open to that and you don't feel like I'm a Salesman, from doing it so yeah. Yeah it's the mistake I see all too often people go straight to the selling process.

Before They've done the groundwork and it, just looks a little bit cheap it looks a little bit desperate and it. Doesn't work like like that's the main thing you you've, got to do a process, that works. So. Yeah tell your story let people get to know you build. Valuable content, and by. The time they. Know you they'll be ready to buy because you've been turning up every day it's, a very simple form yacht yeah yeah it really is very powerful. Another thing I get disappointed, by is people, not treating content, seriously. Content, is so serious, because of that business potential, it has if you can create good content like if you can create a good viral video on Facebook and you have a link to your product in that viral, video you're, going to sell tens, of thousands even hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stock content. Is everything. So, you need to really take content, seriously. Especially. As a business. Person because. It's. What gives value, in what, it's what builds trust, and Trust is what sells so if you're someone that wants to turn your creativity into, a business there's one key ingredient that most creatives, miss, that, is crucial, to. Your success and that is having. An entrepreneurial. Mindset you, need to be an entrepreneur you can't not be an entrepreneur, and be a successful creative you can't just put, your amazing creative work out into the world and hope someone will just randomly, give you a million dollars for it it doesn't work that way you need to have an entrepreneurial, mindset you need to self, study learn, business and really. Master. The art of, social. Media, and business, and, and then intertwining. Social. Media into, your business but you do need the entrepreneurial, mindset. Don't you you need to be an entrepreneur, first. And a creative second, yeah yeah absolutely and, they and they tie together very. Closely I, like. To think of it as a, three-legged, stool you've. Got it you've got to have a great skill set you've got to have a great product whatever that may be.

You've Got to show up and do the work you've got to work at it every day you've got to work your butt off and thirdly. You've. Got to be you've got to have a business plan you've got to know how to follow through you've got to do the paperwork you've got to get back to people you've got to take care of the business you've got to grow the business so those three things together are, a very powerful combination and, they will you can be just average at all those three things and you will succeed if. You're not good at one of them your. Stool will fall over there are so many creatives, out there especially in the 360, and VR fields, that are so much better than me they can take photos better they can take 360, videos better however there's something I do a lot better if not better than the vast majority of people is I'm a better marketer, and I understand, business better and that's how I'm able to grow my profiles, and turn this into my career this is my full-time career because, I have that entrepreneurial, mindset and it really is key you can't just, be a creative, it doesn't, work like that no one is going to knock on your door and offer, you a big cheque you need to make sure that, you, have the, groundwork. In place and the structures, in place for, people to know what you do know your body of work see, what you offer so they can give you money, for that, offering. Yeah. I think another another, rider that I admire Jeff Goines, he describes that are shipping your work you must ship your work it's, one thing to be creative, it's one thing to. Refine. Your process, get better at at that you must ship it at the end of the day it's, got to go out in public and, it's got to resonate with the public. If. The public doesn't know about it you're not going to get anywhere so that last stage of shipping the work very important yes exactly you need to distribute, your work as far as possible and that's why both, dad and I aren't just on one, platform we're, on as many platforms as, we can fit into one single, day which, varies, for each of us but, we're, not just on Instagram we're both doing extremely well on Instagram but I'm also on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. Even. On Pinterest, and Tumblr even though I've got about 3 followers on those you, just need to get out there as far as you can because that's where your potential audience is you can't just be, on one and just rely on that one thing that's. Right yeah, I mean obviously there's going to be more there's, going to be a platform that you resonate with better that is more suited to your particular audience so obviously focus. On that one but, don't neglect the low-hanging fruit on other platforms as well I. Do, best on Instagram, but my. Twitter followers are coming along I'm proud to say I've got my first follower on YouTube, now so, I'm pretty happy about it not me, it's. Not even me I don't subscribe, but. Yeah. So so that the wider you cast your, net the more fish your reel in definitely, yes exactly and you need to work out where your content thrives, the most it just depends on what you do if you're a 360. Photographer, then there's going to be certain places that your content does well like Instagram, and Facebook or the two biggest ones for, video you add YouTube. To that equation for art its Instagram. And Facebook, don't. Even post on Twitter and he gets about, a hundred likes per tweet now very high engagement not. So good for sales but it still adds still building. A brand awareness it's. Good for your Google search results, so, even, on the ones where you get lower you. Know obvious, effect, there's always a spin off there that's contributing, to growing, your profile yeah exactly. And often, if you create one piece of content it's not that hard to push it to another network so, if you do a painting or if I do a photo it's not that hard for me to post it on Facebook from from Instagram, then on Twitter then, on YouTube, and so on and so forth so if you have one piece of awesome, content it helps, to spread it as far as you can look you do need to optimize it don't post the exact same posts, everywhere.

Cuz It will look spammy but, if you optimize it say for Twitter or Facebook, or for Instagram, so it looks as good as possible on those platforms then, it's going to get the best reception possible, and then therefore you'll, get the most amount of people that follow, your call-to-action end, up doing business with you yeah, and and just tailor, tailor, your content for each platform yes you can use the same basic photo, video whatever but, I. Don't ever like to see something that's been say, reposted, from Facebook to Instagram or vice versa I think. It's always better, to share it natively, on that platform so, the you communicating. Directly with your followers and you can put in the appropriate hashtags and really, tailor it to that audience so they, think you're turning, up just for them basically they don't want to be taken for granted so, now I want to talk about the actual sales process, where we make the money from our creative, works and this is a key ingredient there's, so many people miss they put the work out there but they don't have anything for sale so you need to do that and part of that is really gaining. The, business expertise, and tailoring. Your profiles and your content towards the eventual sale. Of something, because you need to make money if you, want to survive. And then thrive, as a creative, so. I want to talk about the process of actually selling, something like a creative, work and what. We might do so you put your awesome, content out there into the world so you need to have something, that, that you've decided that you want to sell whether it's a physical products a, painting. Whether, it's a service say I want, to advertise myself as a Google, Streetview photographer. Or whether it's say something like a digital product like I sell my ebook so, those are a few things you can offer I'll. Start, with my YouTube video so as, I mentioned before I will always send people to delink, in my, videos to go buy my ebook cuz they want to learn more about tiny, planets, and that's, ecommerce. There's completely automated, I don't have to do anything other than put content out and then tell people to click my link and because, I've spent the time and built the audience there's going to be a bigger pool of people to see that advertisement, that I put. Forward and more, people will be likely to end up following through on that if, you're a Google, Street View photographer, or you want to advertise your services you, need to put the content out to begin with and then, you need to make, sure at least one in every four or five posts you tell people you I am a photographer, I offer my services, so, if, anyone's in my, local area and you need a 360. Virtual, tour you need 360 video 360 photo. Inbox. Me I'd love to help you out so. What's. The process of actually, calling people to action to sell a physical. Item like, a painting, yeah, my sales, funnel is probably slightly, different to yours in that, because. I I post, a painting every day which is kind of that the basis of what, I do, I don't, always put the deer for sale like maybe one in ten I might say that this is available but. On my Instagram, page. I have a clear link to my website and likewise. On Twitter. Pinterest. And all the other social networks a clear, link back to your website where, they can buy from a specific sales. Page so I don't, like to do upfront selling, on my actual, shop. Front which is Instagram, I find. That that can look a little bit pushy. I. Find, that people just contact me about the sales you know see something that they like that they just contact me yeah and the reason is in disguise he's actually selling in every single one of his post by posting, he's, product, yeah what Dad is doing is posting his product, every single day product, product product product product, people know obviously, it's a physical, thing it's something he's produced, and he, can't hang the six thousand paintings in his house like, they need to go somewhere so because, he post product after product he doesn't need to have that call to action as often yeah and and I always think that the selling process starts, a long time before the actual point of sale the, selling process can happen weeks. Months, in advance so say on putting on an exhibition of my paintings in a gallery, I'll start, promoting that months in advance I'll be telling a story about each painting, to get people excited, I'll.

Be Posting new, content. Links. To relevant articles. About myself I'm, really getting people excited so, by the time I have, a show they're, already primed to buy and you actually don't need to sell that hard at the point of sale because you've done all the all the selling upfront and it comes back to telling your story you're telling people about the process, of creating your products, and setting up an exhibition if you're an artist or whatever. It is that your product is blogging, about. That documenting. That creates, awareness and, with awareness, comes, sales. Eventually, because people know what you're doing that they're anticipating themselves, for maybe opening their wallet if the product is good enough later on yeah the actual physical, sale is just the final point of the of the total sales, cycle, and it, starts with marketing yourself. People. Think are marketing, you know that's something we should be scared of and you shouldn't market yourself but you. Know whether you like it or not you're actually marketing, yourself from the time you get up in the morning till the time you go to bed at night everything. You do say, tells. People. What. Sort of person you are so the only question really, is what, message, do you want to send out to the world because, people are watching regardless, of what you do so. If, you want to send out a particular message, make, sure that everything you do throughout the, day and the way you present yourself on social media it all ties in to. Your personal, values that that's key people want to know what your personal values are and. Once. They know that and they're, aligned with you the actual sales, process, is. Very streamlined, and and you don't there's. A time to ask for a direct sale there definitely is but. Most. Of it really is that, the pre selling people getting to know you that actually is selling already yeah it's, building that trust in that relationship people, want to do business with people they have, a relationship, with not just a random stranger so if you're building a relationship it. Gets to the point where, people have, will have had a relationship with you for years, and when, you finally release something whether, it's a painting, or a print. Or a book. Or a, digital, product of some kind you'll. Have given them so much value by that point as it would be hard for them to say no so, when it comes to actually, physically selling, the goods what, is your process so if someone messages you on Instagram, they say I love that painting, is it, for sale I'll take it what, happens yeah well I I, generally, like to be pages through my bank account so people can just direct. Deposit. Their money into my account that way I don't pay any transaction, fees anywhere. For. Overseas buyers I use PayPal, just. Because it's a lot more streamlined and, it's difficult to do overseas bank transactions, so yeah. I do pay a little bit of a commission, on that but it's worthwhile just to have the the payment instantaneously. Into my account and you know what his main platform, for communicating, with these, customers. On several. Thousand dollar sales is Instagram. The Instagram, inbox, is where, dad communicates, with his customers, yeah I can, do the whole transaction, entirely, on Instagram, without, them even looking at my website my. Instagram, page is a permanent, revolving. Gallery of my work. To. Be honest I don't really bother updating, my website that much I've gotten really slack with it because people, just don't go to it that much people are quite happy to.

Do The whole transaction, on the front line of social, media so there you go guys you can message people through the Instagram, and Facebook inboxes. And it. Is kind of accepted it as a professional, tool now if you want to sell something and, then you just go to PayPal you don't need a website you don't need a receptionist, you don't need, a, salesperson. You can do it all through, social media which again is a free, tool all of this credibility. And business. Growth that we've both been fortunate, enough to experience has, happened for free we're using a tool that's free to anyone, social. Media is the great equalizer and, it's. Such an amazing tool for building your business because you can build a, profitable, business out, of completely nothing yeah it's it's incredible, like that I always say there's never been a better time to be a creative, because we have all these tools at our disposal and. They're completely free there's. Never been a time when it's been so easy to, create a profile, for yourself and build, a business online yeah, we live in a great age you've got no excuse, where, can they find you on Instagram, they can find me just in my name Richard, Clermont, so feel, free to drop by I'd like to have. A chat and buy some paintings from don't. Forget that bit also. You can follow me on instagram, at ben claremont, also, check out the life in 360 facebook page and of course subscribe you I know you guys already subscribed, but for those that are new here definitely. Hit that subscribe button alright. Guys hope you're having an excellent day and I go and get my drone, out and get some shots around this Bay because it's looking like a perfect day for that hope, this was helpful leave a comment in the box below if, this has inspired you or if you have any questions, about, really. Thriving, on social media or if you have any struggles as an artist it's something we can both relate to so, we'll do our best to help you out and hopefully. We'll, see you guys getting out there putting your work out there starting a social media profile and turning, your hobby into a career alright. Guys until next time keep capturing your world in 360, this has been Ben and Richard, we'll see you in, the next video.

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Ok then haha

Great video, quick question how did you change the different view points with your 360 camera? On the go or in an editing software? And how? thanks...:-) BTW I have the Samsung gear 360 2017

If you're serious about selling things, there's no excuses not to have your own domain name and put something simple there with simple checkout process. It shows you're professional and genuine. Advocating "Facebook only" is unfortunate, particularly due to the privacy concerns and "anti-web" nature of that closed eco-system. Don't forget the original principle of the open web and its purpose. Facebook is the opposite of that, they want you to never leave their servers and they track you when you leave. If anything, be ready to move away from Facebook. It's like saying "join Telstra Big Pond Social app you don't need anything else". Facebook is a private company and you are bound by their terms which they can change any time. I don't have a Facebook account and never will.

I appreciate everything you're doing. I haven't paid you a buck, but I still want you to know that your providing a lot of people with tons of value and ideas and it's appreciated.

Thanks- see my reframing in Premiere tutorial

Another winner......Thanks again. You sound like you've listened and learned from the same podcast as me. Keep this up and the 25K subscribers will be 100K in 2 years....maybe way more.

Who said Facebook only? I think we very clearly said that you should diversify as much as you can.

Hey thanks- that’s the aim above all else.. to provide value!

ok thanks

Thanks- hope you can too!

Brand awareness allows you to reach a wider audience, painters might sell 10 prints and those 10 buyers might recommend the painter to 50 friends, that kind of reach would cost a fortune to pay to advertise. So this social way of promoting yourself/your brand is fantastic if you've got something people see value in. Another great video Ben, really great to get your dad involved too.

Thanks John, agreed!

dope video!

Good informative video, thanks


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