Turning back time in Cartagena Spain - Sailing A B Sea (Ep.022)

Turning back time in Cartagena Spain - Sailing A B Sea (Ep.022)

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It's, Wednesday, morning and it's a bit of an exciting, day today Fernando. Is coming at 8 o'clock and, he's going to finish putting, on the rest of the ABC, logos, onto the vessel which. Will of course mean she needs to be pulled out of her slip spun, around 180. And back into a slip so he can reach the other side of the boat. Today. Oh yes, a couple of you wanted. To see the final. Finished. Product, with the damage with the solar and the dinghy and the outboard and all that sort of stuff so, I'll show you that to you now and the, the, forward pulpit. Stainless. Steel situation. Our. Stainless steel damage system is fixed onto either side of the back end of a BC by just five bolts so, we have actually got three. Bolts. In that. One there and then just behind, it there are two bolts and they've got really big thick backing plates on so I'm fairly confident, that that's that's, well fixed, as, you can see on the transom we've got two little gates, that you can walk out to the swim platform, so. We made sure that the the davit was high enough to be able to walk, through without having to stoop or anything obviously, when, we're at, anchor, we won't have the dingey there we'll have that lowered into the water, so. That won't cause a problem but that gives us enough height to walk right through you. May have noticed there are two pink, pool noodles stuck on the, stainless. Steel of the damage and those, are to prevent the dinghy. Rubbing, up against the steel and leaving, a mark on the the, rubber of the dinghy there's also a separate little dab it here for lifting the engine, off the transom, of the dinghy and onto, its wooden. Block on the back railings, here it's, still yet to be have the rope run, through it and the pulley system fixed, but, yeah that's that's. Going to give us a simple, way of getting I use, the word simple now I haven't actually tried it in practice, it's only theory an. Easier, way of getting the engine off the some of the dinghy and put. Onto this block of wood here on the push, pit on, top of the debits we have four solar panels.

They're 150, watts each which, gives us a total of, 600. Watts I'm. Not sure how many amps that, gives us we do have a little, monitor device down, at the nav station which tells us how much power, is being pumped in or sucked, out so I've got to get to grips with that I guess but right now it seems to be working very very well. Well. First of all it's happened, just a slight incident but I think. We won't live from so. The Mantis anchor is quite a lot bigger than normal anchors, and we've. Got a slight issue where, the pulpit. Is, slightly. In the way so. We might have to get the stainless steel guy in to. Redesign. The pulpit, stainless, steel I have mentioned in my blogs, and possibly in a couple of YouTube videos here and there that, we, had issues with, the anchor, on the boat not really issues more of a thought process the. Work to anchors on the bow, roller and when. We asked about this the reason we were given was because the the one big anchor was not enough to hold the boat now. See this we're going to be spending a lot of time an anchor an anchor. That does its job is very important, to us so we splashed out and bought ourselves a 38 kilo mantas anchor which, was a reasonable. Price considering, it's good, qualities, but, unfortunately. The price has escalated. Since, we began the install of it in the, fact that we now have to redesign our whole pulpit, area which. Means the pulpits, being taken off the boat and sent off to the stainless steel guy to be, modified. Shall we say so. This is what the front of the boat looks like right now, here, you can see our new mantis anchor it's, in. Itself is not big but it does have this huge roll, bar that. Goes across the top and basically. This, top, part was lashing into, the underside, of the pulpit, so. Without. The pulpit. The, front end of the boat looks a little bit odd I am, hoping that the modification, of the pulpit is one, of the last major things that we need to do to the boat before we can. Get. Her legally signed over to us and then begin the process of getting her registered, and insured and, once that's done we can actually go and do, some sailing, which. Would be fabulous. I've. Got to say I'm very pleased with the turnaround time from Paco with the stainless-steel work here on the pulpit the front end is what, has been modified it, used to come out from. Here and meet. Back up here but, obviously, that's. The bit that got changed to allow, for the size of the mantas anchor so now we've got these two support bars here this one and this, one there. Are two new support bars and of course that will allow the, big mantis anchor to, sit where it wants to sit and, everyone at the front of the boat will be happy, and get along quite nicely so if, we open up the anchor Locker we can have a look here, the.

End Of the shaft onto a galvanized, u, belt, onto. A small. Length, of chain I think it's about five, or six links. Of chain onto, a galvanized. Swivel. And then. On to the galvanized, chain which. Is 50 meters worth in the locker down there and a, little bit later on either today or tomorrow we're, going to be adding another 50, meters of Road. Not. Won't be chained it will be rope so that'll give us a total, of a hundred metres, of scope, that we have available, to us depending. On the depth of the Anchorage we're at. Well. This is what our aft portside, head looks like at the moment it's, been removed because there was a slight salt. Water leak from the bottom, in two, little spots and the. Reason why it's saltwater is because that's what's used on boats to flush toilets here. In the workshop is the toilet the. Leaks were coming from down here somewhere so the seals will be replaced there but, while it's in the workshop what I've asked the guys to do is if you look at the seat it, moves too, easily on these hinges on the back here now, normally you would just tighten up the the, bolts and that will be it but, unfortunately when somebody's. Sitting on the toilet and the our vessel, is underway what, happens, is the, lid will just, automatically. Move from side to side like that so. To prevent, the issue happening, what I've asked the guys to do is whoops is, if. You see these plastic, bits here I want. Something about half that size, screwed. Onto here and screwed. Onto here so. That when this seat closes, down it. Actually holds the, toilet. Seat in position, against, the side of the bowl and that. Should. Stop the swinging, as. You can see the toilet is now back in place in the aft port head or, the day head as some people like to call it and Fernando. Actually, managed to implement my idea, with the little I don't, know what you call them Stoppers underneath, the toilet seat which look really good and they're. Very solid so that'll stop the seat moving around when somebody's sitting on it for number. One or number two, while. The boats underway. Today. We're guessing new logos, put on the boat so they're taking off the old name, and. They're. Putting on the, new name. ABC. What. A fantastic, job look at that that's, great. Great. Thank, you tell. You all their great workers, these guys. YouTube. Now. House. A he's got one under his belt you, can did the second, one knocked out in about 30 seconds flat.

Don't. Tell him I said that. Now. It's time to switch the boat around to the opposite, side and. Get. The other side done. And the, final thing in the same writing is to, remove. The last name, caught a header. My. Way. Yeah. And. That's. It Carl. Kato is gone and, ABC. Now takes a place still. Got the slight, technicality. Of having, to register the boat in the UK and deregister, in Spain, but name. Changes as good as anything as far as I'm concerned. This. Morning, we're driving, to Casa, Hina and it's. A bit exciting, because we've got full places, planned that we want to go and see one. Is the ancient Roman theatre, another. One is the Punic, War. Another. One is the music. Of aqua. History. And boasting, history, and. The other one is an old gun battery, this on the top of a hill with fantastic views. So. Let's drive and. Find, out what, we're gonna see first. Because. It all depends on parking, how, the parking. Problem in Spain is fabulous, it's a challenge, in its own right but we got plenty water with this so you know like if we're driving around for a whole day before we get a park doesn't matter. Well. We've arrived at Carter haina and parking. Was an absolute breeze yep, slipped right into an open slot just. A five-minute walk away from where we wanted to start our look, around yes and that is the nautical. Museum that we're going to see first it's, right by the marina, check this out. And. That is, where we're going. So. How was that that's great it's, pretty good wasn't it it really was they've got so much detail and effort, into all, of the exhibits, like yeah it's, quite. Interactive too, yeah yeah thoroughly. Enjoyed it it's more music but it's packed with information and. Noir little, exhibits, of Roman. In town. Brilliant. Yes, watch. Let's get all bags, and. Go to the next place. Okay. Stop, number two is the roman theater and, we. Had a little glitz as we came up, to here and it's looking pretty stunning. So. Let's, go see it definitely. Gonna be getting my 10,000. Steps in today that's for sure. You. Got. Myself piece of life and don't know if I'm allowed to I, couldn't. Go past the, smell. Wow. Yeah. You. Expect this. It's. Got to that time of day where we needed, to put our hats on it's it's getting a bit worn now actually, at the the, top of this walk that, surrounds, the ancient, Roman theatre and not. A stone's throw away from it, is. A brand-new, kind of amphitheatre, that's, just being refurbished. By the looks of things I wonder. Which one had the best acoustic, qualities. I'm. Not sure what this guy is looking at but I'm going to make one guess that, that tree wasn't, there when, he started looking that way. That's, where you go, I see, no ships. Can. We go on the Cecil's daddy. So. Who came it. This. Is. Oh yes, and. What. You like about Carmen, well she will grieve oh yes. Inquisitiveness. Okay. Okay, hello Carmen, oh that. One's, an x-block. Yes. No she. Keeps herself to herself very. Instrument, yeah yeah. Anyway. I gotta go lunchtime that's. What reversing, the, backstreets hang. On we, finally decided on a restaurant, the, thing we need to want to shade absolutely. Lovely. Lovely, old city. Lots. Of back alleys and yeah, it's a mix of ancient, and. Just. Being a wonderland, and. Shadowing, lose. Yourself, one. Dropping down back alleys it, was an interesting what you find. Yes. Yeah. Yeah, we did nearly lose ourselves but. Not. Quite I knew, where I was all the time I know and I've got Google Maps. Yeah. It's, um, it's, just. Lovely cuz it do you know you got your little boutiques, you got even better you can. It's. Very very pretty, I mean. Christus. You could come and stay, there. He's absolutely. Terms. Of history historical, days. So. That was lunch. Tried. Pork. Cheek, for the first time it's quite nice it's a bit again what. Did you have I had hake, it's. Very nice, stuffed. So. We're gonna have to go for another big walk which, is a good thing because, the. Next place that we're going to the. Punic. Wall is, that. Way, where. Oh. God. Call, me an ambulance. It. Cost us 3 euros 50 each to get in and. I wouldn't say it was exactly, worth 3, euros 50 no, there, was a, film. Which. Was in Spanish but they did also have it in English but they forgot to put it on for us but, they had subtitles. So it wasn't too bad. And but, the Crypt itself, was very interesting. Within. The. Old, Punic, Wars though, fascinating, so I'm glad that we went although that. Was worth 3 euros 50 each I wouldn't, have paid anything honest. With you. You're, in and out in three minutes. There's, not a lot there. So. This airplane behind me is the one that. We see flying over the boat over the marina every day virtually, and these are the guys who are the spanish air force aerobatic. Team that's, the thing that they fly. We've. Seen some fantastic places today kata Haena is a beautiful, city and if, you were staying there.

For A week there is plenty to see and. It. Was really worth the 30 minute drive to, come here, to see. The views and the, fortress. Yeah, I would, suggest if you're coming here with kids bring. Some torches. And. Let them run riot through the maze down, below with. Torches they will have such, fun yeah. Yeah. Before. He come yeah do that yeah. Next. Week on sailing, ABC, our dive compressor, is delivered, we clean the boat after the rain the, fridge has issues, we, make insect, screens and we. Redo, the reflective, strips for the life boys if, you liked our video give, us a thumbs up subscribe, and. Press, the bell icon to, be notified of future updates. Don't, share this with your friends as it really helps us out.

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Great Video, just wondering of those guns are from WW2 and could you use your outboard motor to push A B Sea if your inboard motor had issues ?

[Baz] Construction at the site began in 1926 and the two guns were installed in 1933 and 1936. With only 8hp on the outboard I'm guessing it would be a last option and if there was no wind, waves or current we might make some headway, but not at any great speed. It might help if we were going downhill.

Did you do the full renaming ceremony? :)

Szymon D No we didn't. Aannsha is putting a ceremony together and we will do that with the guys and girls from Marina Estrella once we have full ownership of the vessel. We will of course include it in a future video.

Almost, almost there. It's bloody cold here, looks nice and warm over there! I went for a dive yesterday. The vis was absolutely fantastic, at about 25 meters. I could see the bottom of the boat nice and clear at 20m. The temperature? 15 bloody degrees.

[Baz] 15C water temp holy crap! Yes we are almost there. there are just two more bits of work to be done and we've already begun the paperwork so we are on the home stretch.

..... thx for sharing your adventures, enjoy both aspects, the boat end and the excursions that you share on land, informative but not too deep ..... do you have a background with a camera, like your footage and editing .. complete and utter novice here .. smilin ..... look forward to your next instalment ..... have fun be safe ....

Hi Peter, [the other half of Sailing A B Sea] I don't have any editing experience at all either, but have a background as an artist with various media, and its a steep learning curve for me!

[Baz] Hi Peter, thanks for watching. I was a professional DJ for 23 years and did a lot of audio editing in radio, so that's the only background that's related to what we're doing now. So glad that you like the balance of what we share. Cheers.

Blimey Baz! I was a bit worried that you were gonna catapult Aannsha over the wall behind you when you sat on the seesaw.

[Baz] Hahaha I'm not sure what you're trying to say here mate!!! This last 6 months of sedentary life has the bathroom scales frightened but once we start sailing things are gonna change.

Hi, I guess that fitting seizing wire to the Anchor Shackle Pin is on your to do list. I wouldn’t want to lose that lovely new Anchor. Nice video as usual

Yeah Andrew Logan, thanks for your comment, seizing wire is on the shopping list and we're going to go round the boat and do all the shackles before we leave.

Great video guys.. im officially hooked after 4 weeks. I am/was amazed at how much you spend on labour but after reading your about page I kind of said ...why not. Any how im on the journey with you guys and looking forward to your next chapter.

Hey Geetee50, so glad you're like what we're doing! We figure, we're going to have to pay for it sometime, why not get it done now with someone we trust to do the job. That way when we sail, we're as well prepared as we can be... and will fix anything else along the way as we need to. It's just giving us peace of mind.

I have really enjoyed this adventure with you. The scenery is amazing and I love all the rock and block work. Aannsha and Baz you are both looking fabulous. Big hugs xx

[Aannsha] So glad you're enjoying the journey, yes Cartagena is AMAZING. We're looking forward to sharing more great sights and sounds with you over time. Big hugs from Baz and me. x

'enjoyed your vlog. Hmm, Cartegena looks beautiful and not over-run by tourists.

Agreed, Cartegena is beautiful, you could easily spend a couple of weeks there discovering all of it's delights.

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