TWO Garden Workdays! Shoutout! Capers, Bamboo, Beans, Greenstalk, Irrigation Fail | Thursday Workday

TWO Garden Workdays! Shoutout! Capers, Bamboo, Beans, Greenstalk, Irrigation Fail | Thursday Workday

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Welcome. To another Thursday workday. I've. Got Eric started, in the back picking, up passion. Fruit on the ground and. Tying. Up the vines and, doing, some cleanup of the beans, meanwhile. I'm going to give you an idea of what we're going to do today I've. Got some packages, to open that's, going to be exciting, and. I, want to give some shout outs to. Three. Subscribers. In particular, and, I'm, gonna fill you in on what happened last, Thursday. So. Don't go away I. Didn't. Film, last week per se, I didn't. Plan to film, but. Once. We got, all this okra, planted, from, the seeds that I brought back from Kentucky I said. Well I have to take a few pictures, we, used the Rings I planted. Them the way they came up some came up two, and three together and some came up single, I didn't, thin them out and, whatever, came up went into a ring right, down the middle of the, back, forty while, Eric, was doing, that I put a lot of bean seeds in where, the tomatoes had been all. Of these beans are. Long. Vines and they, can reach up and get the late, afternoon Sun so. I thought, why not, then. Eric planted, two, beans, I had sprouted and found. Big worms in the planting hole. While. He did that I photographed, the harvest. The. Next, task was. Giving the weeping acacia its, first pruning. Eric. Likes me to supervise all, the major cuts. When. He was in cleanup. Mode I started. The watering, and pruned. The, perpetual, spinach. We. Took out a number, of lower branches. To. Give more light to the plants under the trees this. Is what happens when you dump. Two gallons of water on your prolific. Eggplant, bush. And. They split but, just, look, how, many in this one branch, it. Is so loaded, down, oh this. One split - another. Big one this. Is what I harvested. Of the, Lestat octagon, dia this one was completely, disgusting. I think. Three more of these are split. That. One's starting to split that's okay, and. This. One's okay. This. One's good. These. Things are so sharp it's, like cactus, oh that's. A good one yeah. These two this. One's too far gone I think it's got some mold on it and. This. One. Might. Be able to eat around that. Okay. Eric has just taken some baby giant.

Climbing, Bamboos, out of the ground because they were breaking the irrigation and now, you're taking a bite of it mm-hmm. Really. It's, like edible. This. Kind of people doesn't. Taste like food though. Kind. Of. You. Can eat it if you want but I'll. Pass all. Right cool okay. Ah. Very. Nice they. Never stop growing Wow. Chop. It off well. You can do so much with bamboo I suppose you can eat it. Cooking. Okay take, it, you're. Welcome to it. Okay. Yeah. Okay. This. Is a package, I have been waiting for patiently. Since. Last September. This. Is from, Carmen's, nursery, a family-owned, nursery, for three generations and. I. Met Nancy you'll. See in my. Segment. From the, National, heirloom Expo now. Ever since I went to Phoenix and, visited. Jack Davis, I've been a little, covetous. Of her. Caper. Plant and, I got this yesterday Nancy. And I know always, supposed to open it yesterday but I I, thought. It would be so much better to, open it on camera and, there. Are two paper. Plants, in here which. She has packed, beautifully. Uh. Isn't. That precious oh my. I am, so excited. Look. At that. The. Next thing we're gonna open is from. Angie. In Kentucky, you've got a glimpse of Angie, and my latest video, driving, to Ashland, please, don't miss that video it sets, up the whole series. To follow even. Though it's the middle of August, she. Sent me a package, of honey, select, corn, her favorite, and. It's. From, southern, states seed. Purchased. At Bolling's in Catlettsburg. Kentucky. Pink. Corn. How. Unusual. I'm, gonna plant just a few of those kernels. But. I can't have great expectations. That I'm gonna get anything before, it. Cools off the. Next thing is from, botanical, interests. And you, know I'm an affiliate marketer, for a botanical, interests, so, if you want. To buy seeds please, buy them through my affiliate, link which you'll find in, the description below. Okay. What I ordered, was. Something, that one of my viewers recommended. They always send a free packet. Of lettuce Oh. Cucumbers. This. One this. Is, one. Person recommended this and I ordered five packages, of seeds, okay. This, is Cardinal, climber, I think, it's toxic, to eat, any part of this flower but, the. Hummingbirds. Love, it and it loves to climb up and I just. Thought it would look beautiful climbing. Up my pine tree I have. Such wonderful, subscribers. And commenters. And one. Of those is mr. Thomas Hines now. Mr. Tom found, me through old Alabama gardener, Channel, he's. Been riding me wonderful, comments, and watching all of my videos, mr.. Tom recommended. Something, for. Mildew. And blight that he saw on Gary. Pillar checks, channel and that, is to add 12. Tablespoons. Of hydrogen, peroxide into. A gallon of water and spray. The tomato's either, early, or late after, the Sun Goes Down so of, course with all of my mildew, problems I jumped. On that and sprayed. Yesterday, so, I'm waiting to see how, that's going to do, also. I wanted to give a shout out to Nia, Linn and I, looked back and Nia. Has been following me for two years now but just recently she's, been writing big. Comments. Which have been so helpful, she's. In central, California, close to the fires and, so she's dealing with a lot of stuff in, her garden from ash in. The air it's. Very hard to breathe but. I want to give a shout out to Neil in thanks so much for following me and being, such a great viewer and also.

I Want to give a shout out to, Jack, redden, now. Jack found me just a few days ago and he, wrote me about the lizard about, touching, the lizards because I had mentioned, you're not supposed to touch lizards, because they can carry, salmonella, and, just. To watch, them and leave them alone and let them do their thing in, the garden, turns out Jack is 16, and he has his first ever garden, and, he, says it helps him with his autism and, I. Wrote back and said gardening. Has so many benefits, for, so many different kinds, of people and I. Encouraged, him to send me some pictures so. Look forward to that as. For what happened last week uh we. Were, over there I was running the irrigation, he. Walked over here for something and he saw that there were two inches of water standing. Between these two raised beds. Okay. A. Bit. Of an issue here a. Little. Bit of a flood on the irrigation. My. Least favorite, part of. Gardening. It's. Underneath both, of the. Raised, beds because I only have a walkway of, I think, it's 14 inches all this has to be dug up now. I had just, an. Hour. Before gotten, all this okra planted, and I said there is no, way we, are digging this up I am going to have okra this year, even. If I have to hand water my whole front garden which is what we're going to have to do it's, going to be challenging, because it's not just watering, these two raised beds. Unfortunately. The. Whole front, yard, with. The exception, of my little triangle, over there with the pine tree and. The. Section, on the other side of the driveway is also, tied into this water. The. Bowling red okra, is are coming, along and the, scarlet runners have. Sprouted and grown four inches in a week. The. Crimson, red clover, is finally, blooming, I. Don't. Have many blooms but, the. Ones I do have are very pretty. This. Is turning, out to be a bit of a monster vine over here, where. I had one last year this is all one tomato plant I did, not prune it but, even though it's huge, I only have one tomato on here and. It's a pretty. Big one. Eric. Has cleaned, up the beans. From. The green stock vertical, garden, we're, also going to clean out this because you, can tell it's already getting mildew at the bottom so we're going to take all this out he's going to shake it through the strainer we're gonna refill, it and plant, some arugula, so now he's working on the bean bed back here got, quite a few beans, are. Most of these dry, I've. Got some green beans in here I. Think. I'm just gonna let them all just dry. There's. A lot. Eric. You're very popular on my videos. People. Like you on my videos. Yes. I'm. Very happy, from working, on the beach. I. Like. It because it's, not it's. Not everything national. Below. No. Effect, is nothing. Organic. Right, they like it content you put it in there, ah. Should. We because, it's a lot of good matter but it's got a lot of bugs I guess. It's okay yeah is, it good for this soil yeah, for the compost. Yes. Are you saving it for the compost, okay. Good, good here are the passionfruit he picked up and we. Have three figs, from. The brown turkey Fig tree. Bugs. Love beans. I'm. Trying to keep the nozzle as close to the ground as I can get it. When. Your garden, is prone, to mildew. Overhead. Watering is a no-no. This. Is actually, gonna be the best drink. My plants have had in a while. Wrangling. A hose pipe is. My. Least favorite thing, to do. And the, green stock gardens, are. Rebooted. With. As. A my slow. Release organic, fertilizer coffee, grounds, bonemeal. And. Planted. With kale. Premier, blend and the. Lower two, rows in the upper row is. Arugula. And. The. Boysenberry. Got, clipped, back the. Raised. Bed got cleared of all the beans and. Rebooted. But, nothing planted, in it yet yeah. They're beautiful what. Do you want to do with it. The. Giant. Climbing, bamboo, takes some, maintenance, you have to know because, it keeps growing. And. It, keeps putting out babies pups. He's. Digging out a few, more in here. Under. The house or under the wall. Wait. Where was that. Where. Did you get it on. This. Side. Okay. Yeah. He's. Talking about the Richie right. He's, talking about the retaining wall that, they put in next. Door when, they built the big, house I got, a tool yes. Wow. Yes. It's. Just dead, yeah. Can you cut that one out. I. Don't want to plant it, we. Have enough in fact it's, touching the house and it should not be touching the house this is fire, season oh boy. Eric. How are we gonna get all that off the house. Okay. Let's do it today then. Josh, oh they. Love, it a bamboo. Coming. From Gaza. Well. He probably had a lot more space than I did. Oh. Yeah. It comes Eric he's, gonna start, whacking on the bamboo.

Yeah. We. Save the big bamboo just, in case I ever can. Find a spot to make another teepee, trellis. Here is, my poor. Plum. Tree that is sandwiched, in between, the. Two houses and gets. Very little sunlight, Eric. We need to clip, some of this from. The neighbor so, that it the, plum, tree has a little bit more light. There. Because. That's on our side so, seems, to me that we can cut that I. Mean. It's too late for this year because the plums have already fallen but. Yeah. Let's. Take some of this out here. This, stuff all gets in with the plum tree. This. One. Okay. There's, one that's really tall, I almost. Think this big one needs to go see. Eric this one this one goes right up and it gets right on that wire there. No. This is not on the list. But. This is this is a fire hazard so it's on the list now. Beautiful. Wow that's, a lot of beans that's, everything, for. Today okay, all. Right good. Thanks. So. Eric, is. Preparing. The holes for my caper plant and, also, we. Are moving, a marigold. Plant. It. Needs good water to start and then it needs not so much water once. It gets established, Jack. Davis, watch out. Yes. Please. Mm-hmm. I'm planning, it right beside a ginger, plant I mean at some point I'll harvest that ginger, and maybe, divide the plant so I just can't worry about it, this, is my sunniest corner, and. Nothing. Needs the Sun in my, garden more than the caper plants. Forget. Any roots down there. There's. One little one, it's. Got a nice thick stem though that's what I wanted. This. Is an exciting day I. Think. So yeah oh. Good. Okay, I see, it and, a nice thick stem. It's. A great sunny day but as you can see the corner. Right, where they're going in is already, dropped, into the shade and, that's only going to increase as, the season. Goes on but. At least they'll have all. Morning. Up until 3 o'clock, this. Was salvaged, from the green, stock vertical, garden. We've. Got a worm in there great mm-hmm. It's your close-up baby. Look. What's right behind this marigold. The. Moringa. Came back to life I think. It's because it's getting more water and I have another one here and I have another one, oh here. It's, the most success. I've had with Moringa, to date. I just. Wanted to report on the progress, of, the. Goji. Berries. Look. How many berries I'm gonna have this is the second year so, exciting. If, you. Enjoyed, this, video maybe. You'll enjoy these. I. Have. A wonderful, series, from, Ashland. That I'm rolling out now I've got part 1 online and then, we're going to roll into some interesting, interviews, about gardening, and farming and. Agriculture. And challenges. In the, Kentucky, area so, you don't want to miss that thanks. For watching.

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Oh my gosh, lizards! I had one get stuck in one of my compost tubs. I laid the tub down for the night and in the morning it was hugging a woodchip. I took it out and placed it on the top of the block wall, and in a short time it warmed up and was off and running. Today my grandsons happily reported they saw it in the garden

Corn, this late? I have some company!

Do you have many water restrictions in your part of ca

None, at the moment. I suppose that could change at any time. Colorado River is low and we get a lot of water from there. I don't know what will happen. We had hardly any rain last winter, which made up for the surplus from the year before. I'm very conservative with water. So much water is wasted in L.A. growing grass, AKA, weeds.

Awesome video and that Eric is a keeper

I know, right? I'm lucky. I couldn't possibly do this filming and work all day, and since these videos seem to be popular, or getting so, this is the way it will have to go. Thanks for watching!

oh my, those capers would be so awesome to have. Good for you! And hi Erick! You should can some of those bamboo shoots. Cut them up and use them in Asian dishes!

Oh! I'll be asking Jacq Davis about that! Thanks!!

The bamboo shoots is highly utilized in Chinese cuisine! Google bamboo shoots recipes. My heart broke when you allowed your Gardner to throw it in the trash!

Oh, I'm sorry! Don't worry, there will be more. In fact, several have written about this. Now I know! Many thanks for watching! My Taiwanese friend said you can't eat it raw though, must blanch it first.

Hay Kaye, The chinese and japanese use bamboo shoots in cooking so its definitely edible!

+Kaye Kittrell | Late Bloomer Urban Organic Garden Show very nice in a stir fry if you lke the flavour of water chestnut its very similar. it can cause a little upset stomach but nothing overly bad.

Yes, well, Jacq Davis filled me in in her comment. I've pinned it so hopefully some people will see it. She said it is toxic until you blanch it, that he should not be eating fresh bamboo raw. I certainly didn't know. Others have also written it is good stir-fried. Thanks for watching, Karl!

You'll have to find a VERY GOOD friend to cover your new watering regime when you travel... I'm guessing hand watering your front yard will take quite some time :-/... I'm amazed to keep seeing "new" areas of your garden I can't remember having seen before :-)

The bamboo corridor at 15:30 was something I don't recall having seen....

LOL, where would that be?? You mean parkway #2? Yes, well, it took me an hour to do minimal watering today, just enough to get back, but I haven't watered the driveway garden or back yet. Good point. Who will water while I'm gone? Leaving Thursday for 4 nights to go to MN and see my son and his new place and farm where he works. He's got an 80 year old farmer lined up for a video. Fingers crossed.

What a wonderful long video! It’s always great to see more of Eric, too. Such a nice guy. Oh your irrigation leak! We’ve got the same prob in the front/side yard. I just have to use an old fashioned sprinkler to water the flower bed over there. I can’t imagine dragging the hose around to water as much as you have to & so much of your hard work to disturb later! I feel for you Ms. Kaye. Your new plants are so healthy & pretty! How exciting for you to finally grow them. & for us to watch them grow! It’s funny how happy you feel when you get a plant that you really wanted. It’s a great feeling! Thank you so much for the shoutouts! It’s such a very positive, kind thing to do. Happy to report the smoke here is less, no more ash. They’ve made headway w/the Mendocino Complex fires & our winds returned last week to help clear the air. Having some haze stick around is a blessing compared to what others are going thru! Love that a fellow subscriber told you about Gary’s hydrogen peroxide treatments. The hydrogen peroxide “series” is his newest experiment. His tomatoes are looking so healthy now! I really hope it works for you. You deserve to finish summer fungus free! It’s my biggest garden wish for you

Kaye Kittrell | Late Bloomer Urban Organic Garden Show So much great stuff for us to look forward to watching! It’s a lot of work, but what a good “problem” to have; lotsa solid, good content in the pipeline. A gardeners work is never done. Every time I get “ahead”, I realize in a day that there’s no such thing! It’s also getting to that time of year when clean up takes up a lot of time. I also have several projects that I need/want to get done. We shall see if that happens! I’m wishing you a very happy, thoroughly enjoyable & safe trip Thurs. We shall all be thinking of you!

Thank you, Nia! I love your rambling! Don't ever stop! And thanks! My problem is I need more time out there. I have not had time for a repeat application, and certainly no time to watch his channel. Most early vines are kaput, but I'm hopeful this heat will bring about a second wave! Heading to MN on Thursday so look forward to that! But, I've got a bit more on KY and then SoCal before I will be able to edit MN.

my pineapple guava had a ton of flowers this year but no fruit developing I have come to the conclusion that I need a second plant alas NO space, none. I am also thinking of finding the nearest food bank and begging them to take a box of tomatoes, LOL---it has been a good tomato year in the PNW, now however we are buried under a layer of smoke drifting done from BC (not to mention the many fires burning to the east of me...ugh.) I am also going to plant the annual version of arugula today, in my climate it usually will keep going all winter then bolt in the early spring.

Congrats on the tomato success and boo on the smoke! I sit here and shake my head and worry what's in store, and pray the powers that be DO SOMETHING. Washington Gov. was outspoken about it yesterday in the news. It will take a lot more of that.

Hi Kaye Wat r you doing with the passion fruit? And Erick's tool for pruning is great....

Yes, I have one of those extension pruners but it was rusted out years ago, lol, because he takes the time to sharpen and oil his, haha. I have give it all away so far. Isn't that insane? I don't have time to cook anything. I'm working 14 hour days at the computer, trying to catch up. It takes me 2-5 hours to shoot a video and about 20-25 to edit, finish and get it uploaded. Thanks for watching! Your support is appreciated!

Another beautiful video...can't wait to see how the caper plant does...very interesting!! Looking forward to the rest of the Kentucky series. Have a great week!

Me, too! You have no idea! Ha, ha. Hoping to get Lori's interview online on Wed., and Judy Fannin and garden on Friday. I leave on Thursday for MN. Was hoping to finish it but it would seem 14 hour days at the computer is not enough! Thanks so much!

I trellis my Cardinal with my morning glories! Hummingbird s and butterflies are plenty!

Sounds lovely!! I've been hearing in the comments that the Cardinal vine can spread easily. Is that your experience?

OMG Kaye that cardinal vine can take over your garden their seeds are pressure packed and they dispersed far and wide I am still struggling to contain mine good luck

Thanks for the warning! Maybe I'll hold off. I've got enough to deal with right now, with the watering issue.

Those caper plants looked beautiful

I know, right? As much as I love to grow from seed, there are times when it's nice to get a healthy plant in the mail!

YAY! Congrats on your caper plants! They look beautiful and I am sure they will grow and produce beautifully under your care! The yummy bamboo shoots actually are considered poisonous when freshly harvested. We usually blanch the bamboo shoot first to remove the cyanogenic glycosides called taxiphyllin from the shoot before consuming or use in dishes. Eric is so funny that he was eager to bite in, but I really hope he did not experience any sickness after eating that. I have been wanting to grow Cypress Vine for the hummingbirds too, thanks for the reminder, I am going to plant some seeds to see if they will sprout for me. Love from Arizona~

Both Cardinal Climber and Cypress Vine are different species from the same Ipomoea family, related to morning glory. They have a very similar look, red trumpet flowers, and almost fern-like leaves. They will both do well for hummingbirds.

Cypress vine, is that different from what I have? Portia mentioned Cypress vine above. Thanks so much for all your inspiration, Jacq!

Kaye, I have one of those hoses that shrinks up when you turn the water off. I can't think of the name of it, but they sell them at WalMart. They are immensely easier to deal with in the garden than the kind of hose you have. A little pricey (I think $15), but, in my opinion, worth it.

My editor had one of those. My hubs came home with something I thought was one, but it didn't shrink. I want one for sure. This green one is for organic gardening though, which means, it doesn't leach toxin from the rubber material. It's a pain to use because the walls are thin and crinks constantly. I don't know about the shrink ones.

Hello Ms. Kaye! It's nice to see you moving around a bit more. I hope you are doing better, and as always, I loved seeing what you and Eric are doing on your workdays!

Thank you, Ms. Tonya!! I love having your support! I hope you are enjoying the Kentucky series!

Curious to know how the climbing rose is doing??

It's alive. It had another round of blooms since you were here. Right now, none. Had bugs. We sprayed it.

I’ve been watching your videos since 2015. I love watching your videos, and they inspired me to start my own garden. I live in Belton, SC, right now I have over 9 tomato plants! My zucchini and squash didn’t make it due to powdery mildew, I wasn’t happy about it, but I’m going to grow peppers, winter squash, watermelon, and tomatoes next year!!! Can’t wait!!!

That's wonderful! I was in SC last year. Too bad I didn't know. PM is my nemesis, have to say it! But, I love the fact that you are undeterred and looking forward to next year!!

young bamboo shoots are delicious....cut the tender part into strips and stir fry....delicious and very nutritious...

Jacq Davis says you must blanch them before eating to remove the cyanogenic glycosides.

Oh so jealous you have yummy bamboo shoots!! I would like to grow some in my future home one day. :) Miss that taste.

Oh yeah. It normally happened on the tip of bamboo shoots. You can taste the bitterness. Sometimes it looks a little bit yellow on the meat. Boiling or after cutting the bamboo, keep them in the water until you can't taste the bitterness that will help to get rid of cyanogenic glycosides. That's how I learn from my parents's bamboo farm. Hope that helps. Erick should be alright. :3 He only bite the bottom from the video. lol

Hi Kaye, It sure is a great video again. I’m a nurse and each day when I wake up in the morning on my days off the first thing I go after reading my scriptures is checking if you have a new video . That’s my routine now since I found your channel . You give inspirations on a novice gardener like me on your many experiences, stories and I learn a lot of ideas from you. I live in a city and just like you have so little space for gardening. The challenge in space doesn’t make me feel restraint to plant and try gardening at all. The cool weather of Monterey county is another challenge but so far my first year gardening is a good one. Thank you for all your great videos. It’s fun to watch you and Erick tackle such a great garden. I have a challenge growing my Moringa plant too. Good luck to you n me. What is that plant again where the bees buzzing ? I know I’ve seen it before in your other videos . I would love to grow that in my front yard for the bees. Tell Erick he’s a celebrity now in gardening like you... lol!

thanks so much kay!!!!!!!

Exactly! Thanks, Jack!

me too! so helpful land i love how you show not only your success but your failures too. because mistakes are how we learn.

You are welcome!! I'm so glad you found my channel!

Hi Kaye! Great Workday along with Erick!! Big Hi to Erick, so much fun and innocense :) Your passionfruits were much more diferent than ours, love that red & purple combination. Best Wishes :)!♥♥♥

Yes, there are different kinds. This is my first experience, and of course, you know I love red!

I planted Cypress Vine in my composter. I have a lovely green plant, but bc the nitrogen level is so high I have to wait until October for it to drop and then I will get flowers, also with my Cosmos. The hummingbirds love the Cypress Vine. My field peas are blooming as the temperature is dropping. Gary Pilarcheck is in MD and he has an excellent channel. I bought Neem Oil from him when I first started gardening. I am eclosing more female than male Monarchs. There is a bacteria that could be responsible for this. Other people have mentioned having more female Monarchs. The Monarchs are still laying eggs. I have (4) crawling cats in the house and lots of eggs. The female Monarch perch in the grass, on roses, on the Butterfly Bush, on Buckwheat waiting for a male to fly by and court them. They are true ladies in waiting. I have seen (2) copulations in my garden. I thought one was dead, but no. They can copulate for up to (2) hrs, lucky them:-) Well I have to return to our other house around the corner and finish cutting the grass. I came home and finished laying a river of dark coffee grounds on top of cardboard.

Ha, ha!

I am back to charging my battery I am cutting the front grass at the other house now. It is nice not having the gas, but as I always say I'm going to have to break down and get another battery. Mom is in the basement cleaning it out. I went out into my garden and there are (2) Monarch ladies in waiting. I sure hope my (2) chrysalis are males. My females are desperate. I don't know why they don't just start flying to Mexico, maybe they'll meet a man along the way, sounds familiar:-)

You are amazing! I guess if I didn't spend most of my time editing, I could be more involved with Monarchs and expand my knowledge. You are VERY knowledgeable and I thank you for sharing that with us!!

With all the hand watering you'll get to skip the gym workouts! :)

LOL, it's been YEARS since I had a membership. My hubs cancelled it because I wasn't going. I'm going to have to remind myself to get out there though. Thanks for watching!

Tracy Garns I agree :)

Eric is always so happy no matter what job you have him doing! Love watching your Thursday Workday videos!

That's true! I'm so glad this series is popular! I hope it continues to gain viewers.

Love Thursday Workdays!! What a great harvest from your beautiful tiny garden; the production you achieve still amazes me. The Bowling Red Okra looks awesome, and I'm excited for your corn! We have harvested over 200 ears so far from our patch, and that's a little over half of what is left. Honey Select is a triple sweet that does not have to be isolated, another reason I love it. Thank you for continued inspiration in the garden, love the longer video, say hi to Erich!! LOL

Kind of? Ha, ha!

Tracy Garns yes we do, all of us. PA is beautiful country. We order about 1/4 of our seed inventory from Baker Creek, we love rare heirlooms. We have a lot of seed, I am kind of a seed hoarder, lol.

Yes, most is automatically treated. I'm in Pa. and I've had some success with Baker Creek's untreated corn. You do the best you can. :)

Kaye Kittrell | Late Bloomer Urban Organic Garden Show my pleasure. Questions and comments are awesome. You have great subscribers, I always learn something from the comments.

Thanks, Angie!!

Tracy Garns it is fungicide. In this part of Kentucky, the soil is heavy clay base and fungal and bactetial pressures are insane. Even with a fall planting of mustard worked into the soil, which kills many harmful organisms in the soil. Without the fungicide, the corn rots in the ground before it can germinate. It is not gmo, and it is not the commercial/industrial coatings. Although we grow organically and source our seed responsibly, corn seed is the only seed we purchase that is treated and it is purchased locally. For us, it came down to a choice of corn or no corn, with such challenging environmental and soil pressures. As a southern girl, I love love my corn. It's easy to forget that other parts of the country and world have vastly different growing conditions and pressures, lol. So in your area, is treated seed common? Here, it is rare to see untreated corn seed.

Angie, is the pink on the corn a fungicide or is it actually pink?

Did your goji berry made any suckers yet? If so I would love to have one of them so I can added new collection in my garden

I'll check on that when I get back from MN. Leaving on Thursday and slammed to get out of here. But, happy to send if I do!

I love capers, I wonder if they'd grow in Texas? They're so good in chicken piccata:)

+Kaye Kittrell | Late Bloomer Urban Organic Garden Show Thank you Kaye!:)

Oh, I'm sure they would! Please contact Nancy at Carman's Nursery in Gilroy, CA. while she has plants! She sells out fast. They may all be spoken for, I don't know.

Morning Kaye, I had watched this video for the first time yesterday as I grabbed a quick lunch between rain showers. But , I had to run back out and tie up some tomatoes, pick a few yellow crock neck squash, cucumbers and Rattle Snake pole beans. So this morning I watched your video again. I do want to thank you for the shout out and for Gary Pilarchik of The Rusted Garden channel. Be sure to check your plants today and take close notice to the leaves. You may see some holes in them, but that is where the Hydrogen Peroxide reacted with the fungus or viruses on your tomatoes. You will not see this on any other plants as far as killing of mildew. The holes come from the reaction with the virus, this is similar to the reaction you see when you use Hydrogen Peroxide to clean a cut, you know it fizzes up in the cut killing the bacteria. You may want to spray them again today, making sure to spray the tops and undersides of the leaves. Then after two more days you will want to spray a preventative spray of baking soda or sulfur and water. Both of these just change the leaf surface PH so the fungus cannot grow. Gary does like I do and uses baking soda using 2 TBS per gallon of water. Here again spray both the top and undersides of the leaves. Repeat the spray once a week to prevent mildew and other fungus from returning. This spray routine of first using the hydrogen peroxide to kill off the fungus and then spraying with the baking soda is working very well for him in Maryland and for myself here in the Deep South of Bama. I also recommend watching his video he put out yesterday explaining this spray routine. I noticed you were planting some Rattle Snake pole beans too. My family has been planting them starting with my Great Grandfather, with seeds being handed down to each son as they set out there first gardens. They have always been highly productive and drought resistant here in the South. Sad to say since I had to put off gardening for some years due to work consuming my life, my Rattle Snake bean seed died. I had to break down and buy some and will start over saving seed again. I just picked some yesterday, I do not have that many put in this year, but I got about 25 off of 11 plants. They were all over 6 inches long, still very tender and no strings, there will be many more pickings before our season ends here in the Deep South. They will be good as a side dish tonight with the chuck roast I will be having . Well, I see the sun is peeking through the broken clouds now, so I must grab the old gloves and head on out. I got to drop some tree trunks today in the old upper garden patch. Then pot out some more veggies for fall planting. Always something to do especially as I restore this Old Home Place. Till next time, take care, stay safe and God Bless you. Mr. Tom

Kaye, please stay safe out there on the road, I know you can't wait to see your son. From what I saw in a video with him out on that ranch, he is fine young man,I am sure your so proud of him. I will be looking forward to your Kentucky videos, its become my morning routine with my coffee. God Bless Mr. Tom

Thank you, Mr. Tom, and God Bless YOU! I hope to have the time next week to do as you suggest for the mildew. I'm leaving Thursday to see my son in MN, and it is a jam packed four days, will be shooting a video or two as well, going to the Guthrie Theatre, visiting the grass fed farm where he works. I won't have time to do any of this maintenance before I go. I must finish two more KY videos, and pack. But, the mildew will always be here. Thanks so much for contributing! - Kaye

A male Monarch has arrived, Thank Heavens:-) The female went into the street near a curb. They kept scooting closer to the curb, then the male flew her up into the trees. I have a bloom on my Cardinal/Cypress vine. They look like Christmas balls when they grow up into the evergreen trees. I prefer them around the square compost bin. The temperature has dropped some, but the humidity is again very high as usual. Today is a rainy day. My new radish are coming along since the moving van ran them over. I deadheaded my butterfly bush. It is a morning and evening chore, but one that I enjoy. The deer don't even look at the butterfly bush. It is ideal for Pennsylvania. I added Pink Delight and Royal Red to my Black Midnight. The butterflies ignore them bc they are short, but will grow just as tall next year. I like the tall ones. Miss Molly and Miss Ruby are intermediate versions. My daughter bikes to work everyday. She enjoys it.

I second that! I visited Japan a few months ago, and had grilled bamboo shoots and they were such a nice treat!

love your garden workdays

Hello there, Kaye.. I'm Laura from old channel BirchtreeGuardianGardener.. Now with a re-tooled channel with a new name, Food Thyme. I live in Northern Ontario , Canada and can merely garden for 3-4 months out of the year. So, since I can cook 365 days I thought a wee bit of change was needed. This year my garden has been the best its ever been .. We've had a drought for the entire spring and summer, hence no garden slugs to eat everything around. It's sort of funny really, the change in channel direction when the garden has been so beautiful this year. Oh well, isn't that always the way. I just entered my 60th year and most days still feel like I'm 40 ... The joy and beauty of gardening keeps me young in spirit and in heart.. Just a little bio for you.. I was born in L.A. Calif.. so this I suppose is why I love watching what you're growing out West. Hugs from Laura

Thank you! (What's your first name anyway?) I shot another one on Thursday but I won't get to it for a few days.

M back...catching up on all videos I missed in 3 weeks. Its raining in India and everything is just beautiful. Off course people in Kerala are suffering and I feel for them but I living in desert I was rain starved and I loved it. Ah I would love to see how you are growing capers. Loved your drive through Kentucky.

Kaye Kittrell | Late Bloomer Urban Organic Garden Show that's great as Kerala is beautiful and I want to visit myself. I hope that your caper plants thrive.

The capers have struggled and I'm praying that they adjust. Glad you are back and watching! Especially the Kentucky series which has yet to catch on. I have another fan in Kerala, she wrote to me recently, invited me to come there. That's a long trip from here and expensive. But, maybe when I get 100K subscribers.... ❤

Hello from Osaka, Japan. I'm addicted to this channel. Lots of things happened to my life but this channel is healing me over. Well, the young bamboo 3:30, are commonly eaten in spring time. Roasted in oven, or simmered in soup stock made from dried fish flake.

OHHHHH! Okay!! I knew you sounded familiar to me. Well, I hope you have more luck with your channel with cooking. You have a lot of competition, but if you have nice light in your kitchen and you are a good cook, you will do well. Funny that a drought should give you a nice garden! Yes, I agree about it keeping you young, at least it keeps your mind active. My garden doesn't look so good this week, lots of June gloom. Was hoping we were done for that till next spring. Out of the remaining 20 something tomato plants there is only one tomato out there and it has been eaten on. Sigh.

Well, I'm staying up late so you and others will have something to enjoy with your coffee! I've been working night and day as I'm leaving again on Friday, back on Sunday, leaving on Monday and back the next Sunday. Whew! Wish me luck. I'll be in your part of the world, TN, but no time to head South unfortunately. How close are you to Perdido Key anyway? I'd love to get back down to visit my friend Lyndia. You did watch my Southeast Gardens videos, didn't you? I never finished, there are four more to edit including one with Charles! I vow to get it done this year!

Yeah, I'm not over there with the camera that often. We planted it on both sides of back of house when they built the big houses on either side in 2006.

Did you answer me wherever I asked you... how far from you is Livermore? I'll be there on Saturday at the 2nd annual memorial roping event. If you saw my video I uploaded just before Christmas, the woman in the video, Dorothy has invited me up as she is riding this time. And I'm going to support the family as we gave a donation to Mike's favorite, FFA. If you aren't far away, I wish you'd drive up. Contact me.

I got the package and gave you a shoutout last Thursday but haven't had time to edit it yet and even when I do, it won't be uploaded for a week or more because of the backlog. I'm traveling again on the weekend and all next week. Thank you!!! What's in the bottle anyway? It's not labeled?

I sort of forgot about them, been too busy, didn't get them planted.

Wow! One of these days when I have nothing else to do (haha) I'll do that. Glad you got to visit Japan!!

Oh, thank you so much for the knowledge!

Yes, they mated. They are still laying eggs. I am gathering seeds every evening. I am observing that grass under the milkweed plant is important. They jump off to hide. I put some tall stalks in a 5 gallon bucket and they roam freely. Most all of them make their pupa on a Rubbermaid bucket that i have on top of the bucket. I used some of the Starbucks bags to cover the bucket and taped the bags to close the gaps then put the bucket on top. I read that the aphids are protein for them so even though they are unsightly to us and they suck the plant they are useful to the Monarch cats.

Wonderful!! Did they mate?

Kaye Kittrell | Late Bloomer Urban Organic Garden Show I did reply to you on that video. I wonder what happened to it? Livermore is 1 1/2-2 hrs away from me. I will contact you thru your website by tomorrow so I can learn more about what you guys are doing & see if I can come down! It would be awesome to meet both of you! Thanks so much for the invite! I really appreciate it ❤️.

+Kaye Kittrell | Late Bloomer Urban Organic Garden Show it's homemade coconut oil...i hope it'll be of some use to you.. :)

So far, I would not call them thriving. But, when I get back in a week, I hope to see some improvement.

Hello!! I'm sorry for the delay in responding. I was madly rushing to finish videos before my latest trip. I'm writing to you from Minnesota, where my son lives. I am so happy I have helped you!!! I have some dried fish flake. I should try this. Do you have a recipe? Perhaps I will make this and shoot a video and give you a shoutout! Please keep watching! I have lots more great, inspiring videos coming up, and if you have a few friends who might enjoy it, please tell them. I must grow to keep going. Thanks so much!!

I'm so happy every time I watch your videos.

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