Uncovering Prince with Morris Hayes of The NPG | Part One!

Uncovering Prince with Morris Hayes of The NPG | Part One!

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Everyone. With a violet reality my name is Katie rain, and. We are back with another episode of your favorite show, uncovering. Prince Oh because. The last couple of episodes we, did pantomime buff Tamar, you. Know these people you, better watch him if you haven't watched him we get all the new info that's, how we do today, we are here with the legendary Mrs. Hayes from the MGP, how you doing, I'm. Good man beer, chill, day last night in London amazing, show thank you so much for coming out. Great to see you back at the Indigo because I was there 21, nights. It. Was crazy when you walk in and you feel that same energy from like me over there before so many great. Shows that we did there you know at Amy Winehouse, we barely made and entered, to have her back last night man it was cool man I was a super food I wasn't saying she is she's great she's. So down-to-earth. We're, at the o2 last. Year when they took the exhibition, there and they brought all the staff over from Paisley Park and Jenny came to the the VIP and she talked with us raises and it's just such a wonderful person an amazing, talent so she is men and it was just great men is this good by being back in there and everything did you think people. Generally. So. Let's see what we usually do and we usually go all the way back in time start at the beginning and move, forward so. Let's, go all the way back to the first time or the first being that I own chronologically. That. You're on and that's the back cover of Maserati, - oh. So. You know we're going deep with this interview, so. I'm a little bit of talking, about the history and or. Any of our viewers don't know so 1986. Maserati. Or until we Prince end of the air Prince breaks up the revolution, round, much splits over to Motown, takes Maserati with him because that's his band and, does a couple of solo albums on Motown and just, like that good feeling great records and then, starts working on Maserati - weird. Slightly different lineups and people have left us and new people can be in tune yourself yeah and so, tell me how that how that happened, how did you end up in Maserati this, crazy man I used to be in a band in Memphis Tim Seco fingerprint, and. We. Ended up getting some opening dates for. Maserati. And and. This is the kind of short, story but we, got some opening dates where we like open for them in Memphis and the Nexen places in Texas and, so. When, they started working on this second. Record we. Got a call from Craig races with you know the manager, for them and. He, said man we want you guys to you, know the lead singer myself to audition, for the band so yeah. You know we, went to Minneapolis. They. Did this audition, movie got, it and then, we you. Know went to the studio and they'd. Already started working on the record and then, very. Exciting and the guy who was one of the other singers came, on and then then we, just started working from that point on the album just like boom, and then you. Know we're all more town I mean that was like crazy because it's like that was always one of my dreams you. Know I always seen those black and white pictures, with the Motown him on it with the band I was standing in the line and. I just said man one day man I want to be a Motown, and it happened which I got I'm on a black-and-white picture for Motown. We. Go this is before my time was sold so. And. What happened is of course our. Record got caught up in the situation where I say change hands to MCA and. A guy named Gerald Busby was the. He was had taken over. You know the situation at MTA, and and. They. Said okay they, didn't drop us at first it's like you had to redo the record they wanted to redo it and so it. Was it was kind of a tumultuous time man, because I, thought it was great you know the guys in Maserati, was like this sucks because, you. Know they. Were and, see it was allowing us to produce it you know Marc Brown had been producing. And, and. Me and this other guy Greg they're like the songwriters, we want, to be like dude, this, is our chance like give me and Terry like right. And, those. Bands like Audie Rhoda Presley. And this sucks man like, you don't want to do this week mark did it and. So it was really crazy man but uh you, know and then of course when all. The said done in the drop in a band anyway you.

Know All, of these people come in you, know that's what they usually do is just clean house manner, just like that but yeah. It was it was it was cool making the record at least you know we had that michael sembello who's lonely but god I loved pieces, man hi Regina, sorry was great man and. Dick. Rudolph. You. Know Minnie Riperton. Husband. And I just was some Jerry cats man and, there's, some really cool stuff you know it's unfortunate it, didn't really, see, the light of day because the way the situation, and I think a buddy of mine that was playing with Kenny Loggins. That's. Crazy. I think, a lot a lot of even Prince fans don't know. But. It is a great album and I'm surprised that the. Label didn't put too much more focus on it because actually like you said you, know you got some heavy hitters on it michael sembello yeah, I know there's a track on that by David patients need for chemical, absolutely. Them. And from. David. Wait. A minute it's, a. See. Mike's umbrella did the thing oh and. From. Climax. Yes. No no she actually had the single. Was. Really cool man I mean Bernadette. Did a nice job on, the song, that's. Cool but I think. There, was another opportunity on, that record that was kind of crazy because there's a time there, was a movie called Scrooge, that was fun be a Bill. Murray, yeah and, they actually wanted to use we did a cover, of, The Beatles song come together come, together yeah. Thing. Is, Michael. Jackson people shut it down and it was like because he already. Get. In aware that it may shut it down this if we couldn't put it up Oh crazy. I was like dang. He owns that Beatle stuff. Movie. Soundtrack. Right, and, a Cygnus. It's. Crazy mmm. Legendary. Artist but. I. Mean it's like it is what it is. At. The same time. One, thing that I think is really interesting about Maserati, too as well as I said first maserati album you just have Terry, Casey doing, vocals the second one you have Terry on some tracks and Greg on some dragster like why was that was Terry kinda like not. Completely, committed any more no I don't think it was ed I think it was you know the one thing about that band that was that, I found. Interesting is. That it was it was different. From any other band that had been in that this. Band was run by Mark. And management, it's like no. Debate, itself, had limited power like Terry was not like Frank's, like we could just call the shots and it's probably like this no. Mark, and Craig call the shots right and everybody, had to kind of like go with whatever they, came, over to this March band was. His concept, it was you know so he ran the fan base so. It was like this, is what's gonna happen. Abc123. And, that's what we did you know we did what they wanted us to do and so. I think that they thought that needed. A different vibe going. In to, know. The next record I guess, the only thing I. Kind. Of recall and during that record with the drummer Cal at the time, this. Was such a departure from what. You, know we were moving into the 90s like he was starting to come into this. Whole be. Kind of neat jects, when he kind of by that you know music. Was kind of hip-hop in it and. I think we just kind of got out of our element like. Like, the funk in the rough kind, of side, and. Try to get conform. To the sound that was happening, and I think that fight it was about of a reason. Why it probably, just did not really. Slow, because, even, to a lot of bands, yeah. Just, I think even. Like Carroll trying to like try to get how that feel, it. Just was like trying to get somebody from Def Leppard, to place a mere puppet dislike. And. I, think that was that was, kind of one of the issues I think the situation. At the time remember. Around the same time ready for the world did a new jack album and it wasn't. Outside. Trying. To make, something new but I think that stick close to what made. You and what you know what your vibe is and you know what's, your. Way from I mean so. Sometimes. It works sometimes it, doesn't you know that's. The one thing I had to say I loved about Prince you know. Anything.

That He touched on all that he wanted to do RAF. Whatever, you know the first peoples like I don't know press forever but he had by. You. Know does the approach to different that you know it. Worked for him. We're. Trying to be dr. Dre or in the, letter cats but it dislike coming. From the musical, place and, it just worked. I think, my favorite hip-hop track the Princeton is probably acknowledge me that's, why they're so. Like. To play that to man and you. Know we had a lot of stuff going on in that track but it was fun to play man you know. It. Just had that cool break did did. Many. Michael. Bland just laid they just fat backed out from the Andes. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. What, happened is you know you. Know they did the movie. Called. Me see, yeah man you know Dan Willis hey dude can do, to get so I. Would. See prints 1982. The. Time in vanity 6 and all members did and I remember seeing the time I said oh my god man they're awesome I play with them dudes man. And. So that was kind of like the, first part of that, saying. That that's what I was one of the gate man that, was the first part of it was the time and then it, was great man I've learned a lot like, jellybean was an MD and man he was tough man again I'm gonna set me up for what it was gonna be like with president and and, man I didn't know more simply drums like that I came in one day you know nobody was there just more so there it took his jacket off and had his best on this, dude is killing the drums man in, Prince Tony oh yeah man Moore's complaints. I was like what. Anybody. Had been expecting. This dude is funky bands no. Wonder, he knows you know he knows I think a lot of people don't realize that scam playing drums on new power generation, they. Don't know they don't know. People. Don't know I mean Prince told me and then Morris did all of those time records there's, more soy sauce. They like the wall he. Said yeah man we need a crew drum somebody, said that tote March we need a cool like intro, the drum feel the more just, he. Just heated like let off the top just like straight off and Ozma you tell me she just went we just said you need to intro and that was the intro, leave, it on the wall was just like that. Is. One. Take you know more. So. So. Then you've got so you're in Maserati during the time and, then but, there's, another thing before you're in the mpg and that's being in comments man yeah. So in common lectures back with Greg from yes who's in charge who is also in Maserati, with you and. There's. One thing that's really interesting and, I don't think you've. Ever spoken about out I think anyone's ever spoken about it so, princes. Is working on conference record but ages, major names like two years everything like starting finish takes, are on tour to the European leg diamonds. And pearls. After. About less, than two weeks the drummer quits the bass player quits the guitar player quits and you, leave, I and Michael. Jump. In or, Sonny and Levi and much of jump in your early in the man jump in with you to be in Carmen's band as well as playing with with Prince then. You do like three four more shows with them in the band and then, your last show is here at London Earls Court yeah there's bound comes off the tour yeah well, haven't you know. It's, funny I think, first. Of all, banded. Quit transpired. Right right doesn't, important distinction is a distinction, because, you know it's one thing city would just add me again unhappy no I mean. It's. Decided, to like he. Called me up is crazy and call me up in my dislike. Somebody from Paisley Park called me it's. Gonna. Call you like seven. Minutes or something like this like I'm like like. This. Hang tight Eastern college. Okay. So. He calls me and. And. He just kind of tells me the reason why he let the man go, he. Said you know. 75%. Asked. Me if I had a tablet so, I can make some notes and. He just got told me this. Band because they worked on that just. An, arrangement, they pretty much know you. Know stuff anyway. So. We. Had a couple days. It. Was crazy. We. Did the shows i don't know if it was because i don't know the exact reason why he did. A few of the shows as court. Did, the traditions. Here it's. Like. Now the energies. Are different and. So i'm just gonna make table. It now i don't. Know exactly what, the reason was but, i. Recall. The. Last show i remember. Going and it's fine George Michael was there and. I'd, seen a lot of people I think of, some. Of the Royals and but.

During. Michaels backstage and, I was just kind of you know he was like really I'd seen him out in the audience, I just danced he jumped up down like a cheerleader, man it's great and. I remember, going back to the dressing room and just distilled. Rights you know I know we were gonna be going home you. Know there's, only a couple of us estate over to two dancers, and other keyboard player and, I. Just, tell. Him like hey man appreciate, the ride you. Know thank you for having us out and sort, of thing and, he just said your work is not done here kind, of thing like. Oh my god I know what that member. Comebacker, what, but. But you. Know and and George Michael was was super cool to just a nice guy, but, that was really cool you know and and sure. Enough what he was, elaborating, to is that you will be an MP to down right, women. Account was because, I was, like it, was really but he would do stuff like you're very cryptic, and night. Cuz I remember it is. His birthday happened, during that tour when, you're in like I think Berlin and. And. He came over to me you know and it was funny because he. Really didn't talk to a lot of the guys in my band that, much came. Over and was talking to me in and, he, freshman, he always sharp man he always Betina I was the best man, like. Cleaning, all the time I said man I, said, it's got you hooked up at all nails the girl that made his clothes but he had like 12 or 13 girls, at like those stairs and face, department, sold all his clothes their, wonderful, part and, I call them the elves. Miss. Amanda ELLs got you hooked up man you go be clean man you see you think you'll be you know a bit about six months or something like this. And. He just was real cryptic, like like can I say, some real stuff. Again, I came. To find out you know he, knew you. Know but karma would tell me like you really like she was to, get you in a band and right thing to tell me - you know I like, to you man he's got Barbarella's, got Rosie, man. You. Know you got room for three keyboard please you never said three you. Know, but. They knew. So. You kind of already.

Knew That rosie, was probably on her way how did I. Guess. Your quit before, and. Then you, know this time she made it stick. And. Sure. Enough when she left you, know this funny I start hearing all these people was call. You graduate. You know like for what like. And. Nobody. Don't need nobody told me right and so it, wasn't until I went to the glam slam man that uh and, I walked, in and dude they won it all. Gilbert. Davison who was, no. One princes bodyguard, but then that started, you know taking on phase the parkin and the felicitous partner at the club was. At the door like waiting for me like waiting, for me like and I'm, like what's up Gil. He. Said don't, worry about it okay. I already, told friend she said yes. Be. Cool don't worry about it it's. At. And, I said well. And. I was like okay. Because. He knew when. I went in French, was already upstairs, he. Knows he's gonna see he's gonna ask me like yeah man you, know you're the fan of whatnot I'm, gonna be like what. He's. Gonna be like freakin Gilbert. So. So. So Gilbert did guessed me beforehand, so I kinda had the full warning. Or. Some princess. What's. The kind of lead in time from this to then like study. Rehearsal, and things like shows that. Wasn't. Seemed. Like it was it was after the tour you know it came. Back and I think that was all final and Nigel I I, think. This was like late August, early, September. Kind, of thing and and. Uh and, I, this was to, be honest man but he, said it I had. Two feelings, man it was really too promotion, that happened. He. Says you know and I made a big joke out of it when I was sitting at he's like any man you want to get the band-aids and work grandson, to work. Yeah. I'd be able to mold that yard for you first thing one thing that's pretty left you know he, says now a man in the band you know like that that's like. Okay. I was, like yeah. I. Was like yeah that's this so. I was all excited like I'm walking back to my car and I go oh my oh my god oh my god. Welcome. Back. McManus. And then, half, of the way it, kicked, in like oh. I'm. Gonna be the laughingstock, of Minneapolis. Man like be like I. Just. Had that feeling like wrong, way, over my head what is just happened here and I'm just like oh my god I'm in trouble man. They're. Gonna be like okay, thanks, for trying. If. You don't get it. I. Have. Tricked these people, and, I'm gonna, but. You know what man when, I got there everybody, was so cool Michael, Graham and, Barbarella. You, know Kirk and all other people that had advice for me that, talk, to me about different, things and just kind of gave me some advice, everybody. Was really cool. It. Was really hard but. It just worked out. Yes. You, have no idea at the time that they would take you on a 20 year plus, journey, bro. Most. People don't stick around. Bananas. Man and, to, this date man I have. To wonder I don't know why kept, me for she really. Is. One of the things when he died I just like I'll never know and I was too afraid to ask like. Why. Cause it has so many great keyboard man, you know look. I'm. Fully aware that I do undated, for my gift but, it's so many you, know so many players that here but this is far better than me in terms of just flat-out, play was, very good on the technical, tip that's what I think I was good at you, know I introduced. Prince to a lot of Technology, because, I knew about it I hadn't told him when I first came into the band I said you know French my keyboard, stuff is better than yours bro that, shouldn't be the case you.

Got Way more money, than me yeah, but I know about this gear he, said fix it. Myself. He start with my gear to do he was like oh if, you, can do that. You. Don't think I'm showing off like my tech and he's like old just. Created more work for yourself and. I was like yeah. But that's. Gonna be hard. Like. Oh man, so, now I really opened a can of worms myself, and they work a lot harder just, showing off you know I was like I didn't know I was going to get in trouble like that but, it was it was something you know and, it really uh sure din you. Know and, one of my I think one of the things that go, down for me is, you. Know I had some influence on presence when I was what to come his band and when I was in the band a previous the club band for grabs man he. Came to the rehearsal, check. Us out and, I, was triggering, loops, like. We played his song, 17, days and some, other stuff and I used drum, mix I took, a drum, loop from his bank called TKA. And. Put it on 17, days and blew. His mind nice. He, heard that loop under, his tray and. Was. Like stop, the presses, Levi. Call me and Tony said Manimal, he, said you got prints left over man he went back to Paisley like stop the presses, we got to do what Morse is doing like with these loops and. Put them under the track like what he's doing is just make the whole song this kind of movie and. Do the thing hey. Mackenzie what time we leave him bro okay. That's. McInnes. So. So. So it really. That. Was, like crazy because. Levi. Told me now Wow, he's, like hate to do Chris flipped out man he's like he's got a track and he's got some groove underneath it, and, it's like humping you know it's like burning. And that track I use from TK a. It. Was, pretty dope if I were calling this kind. Of had a lot of stuff in it and it really made the strong, kind. Of kind of kind of moving you I, was. Like wow. So. And then from that point on ever, since then he was on that from now the, devil, so. That was cool, so. As I think, that's what I brought to the situation, that technology, sided, and that sort of thing in the innovative side on that in front as, more than cuz we're not I was like you. Know Lisa Coleman would not like you know to, my favorite players that he had and I think just, you. Know Lisa. Had just such a texture. Just, unbelievable. Ash with amazing texture and, then we're, not we just good play you just put him on a piano and let it go what. You mean like Barbarella. And Cassandra. Love Neil, just, like amazing players you know just like they just sit, down like. Piano, player Jim right yeah and and they could cover some ground you know and so for me. You. Know that's not, played. Part to know what I mean oh. My, home but. You. Know that's what the thing was so. And what I came, to understand, was this orchestration. And where your part be apart within the group and, everybody had a like, super funny you know is like justice, because we always looked at it it's like everybody's, got their own individual, superpower, and you bring, your. Situation. To the to, hole and then, you're. All just raided and everybody's, got a part. You know and then it all comes together and you all do, that and y'all work like that you work like a unit, you, know pressure tell me all the time like you know Michael. Jordan could shoot. 60 points in a game and still lose a game because the rest of achievement stuff happen you know he. Was great but. They still lost the game, you. Know so and she team, that played like a team we can't wait in the NBA with, one player anymore. They got three dudes that stars just gonna blast you man that's. What double teams got to hold up their end and that's what I learned from Princess like everybody's, got a part to play and, then, we'd all come together then, we kill yeah, so you don't have to play like Chick Corea more she just hold this down I'll, get him to do the solo I'll get them to do this I'll do this you know I'm saying that's what hey dawg I think. The thing with knowing like the tech is thick because technology, moves so fast and changes you have to stay on top of it could. Be a great kind of player but it doesn't change I. Think. That was that was my edge in the situation, you know and the other thing is man I just know we've never wanted to be the problem and I never want to be the reason why some got held up or missing. Flights or just. You know that's a lot of time the band man baby you know them being you.

Know Laid, in any, causing, problems this what causes them to go home you, know I just, never want to be in that boat you know. We. Need to be he's, gonna get his work done he's from blood you know that's. That's important, and I think a lot of times you can overlook, yeah, well he made a mistake he did this because. He's like you know what he's solid you know it's, like you wanna do solid Kim, Barry was telling us that Prince never said Benny fine and he said you fired yourself, well. I guess you, know I guess that's a good way to look at it if you have a position because you don't want to have to say I fire somebody yeah. I guess at the end of the day that's true and because, if as long as you're doing what you are supposed to be doing and you're doing it well you, need. To fire you but, the thing is sometimes. It just would become a night everybody. Still does something but he just wants to change the sound yeah and, so that's just you know I'm, just feeling like a different Thank You friends would be back features hanging house you, do you, know people that was like working, from like, bruiser. He. Worked, at the studio I mean it just like he just like blood, just, like okay everything. Else everybody. Out and. We're gonna start fresh until. You do that for Johnson I was. Fortunate nervous went through a lot of changes and I somehow. I managed to stay just. The thing was hiding in the back room behind the curtain so I. Could say you didn't know realize I was still there I, returned a reclaiming house you like no not me in, there. Alright. Everyone that was part one of our exclusive interview, with Morris, Hayes from the npg as part, of your favorite series, uncovering. Prince. Make. Sure to LIKE this video leave, us a comment to tell us what you think, subscribe. To us and hit the bell to receive a notification anytime. That we released within video and. Stay. Tuned for part 2 coming. Real soon. Hey. I'm Anna fantastic. And you're tuned into the, violent reality. You.

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