UNEXPECTED Adventure With a Local!

UNEXPECTED Adventure With a Local!

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Welcome. I have, a feed, from the Backson. Help, me put this on please whooping uh okay. We're, getting your hair. Saudi, Arabia. This. Is a story about Saudi, people not, Saudi politics. Today. We're. Going on a mega. Road trip. Through. The mountains of the southwest, corner of Saudi Arabia I, found. Some random, windy. Road on, Google Maps it looks interesting and then. Down. Down down, so we're at 7500, feet now torn roughly 2,300, meters, down. To G's on which is on the Red Sea, coast. Help. Me put this on please. How. Do I here. Oh. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, that's, what I didn't have the extra fold. What. The wrong okay. A baby, honey we go. Selena. Was born I would ha, no. But. Good, sir. Shook, it on one. Much. Better. King house king house okay. Shook. It on. There. Looks. Like a palace. There. Has to be some, beautiful. Landscaping. And vegetation in there I think. This is as, far as temperatures go the coolest, part, of the country. We're. Gonna go down here. There's. A windy, road. Where. Is it there it is I think that's the road, and. Then go down through this valley and. Out, towards, the Red Sea. This. Wood is so. Rugged. Weathered. Hard. Yeah. I don't think it comes as a surprise, to. Anybody that, Saudi. Arabia is an, arid. Dry. Rugged. Place. So. Just getting a little bit of greenery like, this. Does. Absolute. Wonders. For the mind I'd say Salaam. One. Thing I don't get about so, much of the, world is. The. Whole trash thing. Especially. When they're all these trash cans around doesn't, make any sense to me there's a can right there. But. That's how it goes if your father. If. Your father threw, the bottle on the ground most. Likely you're gonna throw the, bottle, on the ground, that's. How humanity works, for, the most part. Habits. Get passed on you, either learn. From, your parents and you emulate them or you learn you look at what they do it and you you. Do the exact opposite. This. Is called Raja. Heritage. Village. If. You want to be in a country where there are absolutely. Zero. Tourists, I don't. Think you can beat Saudi Arabia, on that front. Shukran. Shukran DeLand. I'm. From, Yemen. It. Reminds, me of that. Art. Area. I went yesterday when, there wasn't one. Person. There. They're. Drinking the green cancer, here that stuff used to make my teeth hurt I used to be addicted to Mountain Dew which is. Terrible. It's, like antifreeze. Looks. Like people are living up here. This. Old village. Some. Of the buildings well. That one's been redone some of them are broken falling. Apart others. Have been redone. My, boy Ali's setting things up here setting. It right it's getting really hot out so. This is the way to do it right, shook, it on. We're. Kissing we're blowing kisses. Right. In. The, Saudi government took. Control of this town, 100 years ago right. 89. Years ago okay. And. The. Wind that, make. America fall, we. Can't pay, by. The minute, ready give him back on. Right. Do. That again. All. Those doors, are shops, to. Sell a lot of things. How. Long ago, were. People living here. 50. Years ago they. Move in ABBA. That's where I came from here it's interesting these. New. City lights in here. Okay. How. Old this is this, town. You. Have a lot of snake. People. Live in these now, no. Cool. They. Bein takers and. A. Lot. Of. Baboons. Do you, like the baboons, vicious. They're, vicious aren't, they yeah, people think you're cute did they think they're cute nice. For. The kids for. Everybody. The. Monkeys. They found you know they. Won't attack you they'll, rip your face. Oh. Yeah. It's my mud floor. They're. Making those. Floors. My. Mixed. Mode. And. Okay. -. Bad. I'm. Not a big fan of bad. Peter.

His Fed, from the baths. This. Is traditional, gets through. You. Can see the bats. Are. You. Blessing me what's going on yeah, thank. You. This. Is that really hardwood, from up in the mountain right. Yeah. If. We think this, village. The. Built. The house or, something. Mm-hm. This, was here Oh. How. Many years ago 48. Yeah. So. What's happening people are moving out to. Search, jobs, right. And the school. Coolidge sure. Mister. Be like, living, room. Yeah. Okay. So. Where are you taking me. I. Like your road yeah it's quite steep. Actually. That's not scope from the game from beta thank you. Well, I live in Ukraine, bro and you always have to if, you enter someone's home you have to bring a gift it's a very cool tradition, nice, place. Yeah. This is cool, G. T's, great this. Is this is your brother yeah, okay. What's your name, Ahmed. Peter, yeah yeah. Thank. You what's, in here. This. Oh this is your house I thought that was your house. This. Is your place you, live alone or your brother lives in here too. Rochelle. It, was a center point for trade, right from. Djibouti you were saying yeah Djibouti. And, Sudan. I'm, a Cuba, and, from, Yama I, love. The look of the Arabic language so beautiful, actually, not this. Is not. Arabic. What is it ethnic, language. This one this one this, can. You read this. That's. A nice view, great. View Wow. Amazing. This. Is how you make your coffee here. I was. Lucky to meet. Impotent. O'Malley fatty, right. When I was leaving, because. There were no English speakers and. He. Gave me the tappet or that, I like I think. You guys like that too right going into different. Different. Zones different areas. Venturous. She. Could on. This. One Mahad. Marca. Suraj. Habibi. Yasha. You. Are saying a wedding. Here costs, how, much. $5,000. So. It's, difficult. You. Face out. Yes. Three. Times you, must. Based, out your face. It's. Relaxing. Okay. Take it. That. Would that I just smoked was, like. Very. Light. It. Sort. Of like what marijuana used, to be before, that all. Scientific. And, super. Powerful. At least from my experiences, in California, recently. Salam, alaikum. Okay. These. Are live. Uh-huh. Right. Yes. From India. Nice. To meet you, where. Are we going, toilets. Right, toilet. Okay you know this stuff. No. Burning. Fire. Really, good I do, someone, is from Kerala, India one. Of the nicer parts of the country, a lot, of Indians here huh are, you many. Indians, yeah the.

The Toilets, not in the restaurant it's down here right okay. Here, no. Quite, a mission for the toilet. Mercedes. Next Mercedes, truck Hey Oh, toilet. Okay, fantastic. Proper. Feast. 15. Water waters, back. This. Looks like a traditional, Saudi. Meal, Saudis, let us know. In. The comments, what, this is it. Looks good. I scored. Okay, so. Good. I needed, that so bad. And then doing that fast-food. Just. Because they couldn't find places, usually. Cool, thing about the open road, like. A day like today you have that skeleton, root but. You don't know what you're gonna go into you don't know what to expect you know what you're gonna eat. Who. You're gonna meet what, you're gonna see, love. This stuff and, so the theme running, through. The day is. Friendly. People cool, people. Hospitality. So, you know what people say the, curse of knowledge. And. What, I mean by that is, what. Do you know something. You think it's common knowledge. And Saudi, Arabia to me the first date didn't know I'm a thing, nothing. Zero. I mean except, from what. I heard from the outside right but. As far as like how it felt on the ground, no. Understanding. Now. What is it Dave five. Acclimated. To it and, so. The. Curse of knowledge is. You. Know once you once you've done it in experience, too you. Think it's just you, know it's normal, I don't, even know right now at this point in time if this even looks out of place it even looks that much different, because I'm I. I'm here if this makes any sense at all. But. You know what I'm talking about like when you when you speak, when you know something when you learn something and they're like oh yeah I know that now and then it just, becomes common. Saudi. Arabia, is not there yeah for sure like on the macro no way this place is so, complex. This place is so. Mixed. Up I mean I've had. Conversations, that I couldn't, bring the camera out right and. But. I've heard everything from people, telling me you. Know alcohol, will be legal, in a couple years more, a year I think it was told, to. Someone. I just met saying, he thinks it's terrible, that woman are allowed to drive now. And this. Is because he says he respects, woman it, wants. To look after. Spectrum. Is massive. Here it's, all over the place. There, are a lot of social pills, here and I don't really know them all to be honest. People. Seem to like this though they get a kick out of it, now, obviously I'm not fitting in with this I don't look like anyone from here. But more than that it's, it's, cool to play with identity. It's cool to wear, just, call it a different costume right identify. Myself differently. Being. A completely different culture and country, operate. Outside of my language. Or. Let's just call it get my house out of my mind much. Really, really, odd set like that adventure. I think, it's not for everyone right, but. That adventure, we. All long for. You. Can find it in this type of travel you can find it in the. Unknown the. Predictable, shed is. Great. For many things and we all want safety and security fact. But. Zagging. The other way from time to time where, I find this is a balance I got my rent-a-car know. Where I'm going got a hotel room tonight roads. Are good it's not that crazy but, the interactions, throughout. The day along, the room. There, surprises, they're magical. I didn't, have one bad experience today. I really.

Feel That you the world is universal, in that sense is if you if you just God with an, open, mind and open heart people, are. More. That's. It guys end of, an epic. Saudi. Road, trip here. In geez anon the Red Sea coast, gonna. Try to get out to an island tomorrow I heard there's an, island out here to explore so I'm gonna try to make that happen, so. Thanks, for coming along. I'm. Really, excited for this this is amazing I think it costs like $45, tonight and. Airconditioning, it is very. Very hot outside, so. Until. Tomorrow, peace. Do. You like the baboons. Vicious.

2019-12-16 10:09

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I am cracking up! Love the videos!

Welcome peter ❤️

U should delete the part about smoking the oud lol

Seriously amazing Peter... The first American who go deeper inside our culture and trying really hard to understand our nature and our real life without misleading and misconception that lead by foreign media... I'm so glad that finally an American guy understands that we are really nice kindhearted people and very welcoming to the others.

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It is really great that you decided to explore the various cultures in Saudi and not just visit the big cities like Riyadh or Jeddah. You probably got to experience things here many of us sudis didn’t. Btw, thanks to Ibrahim for that tour. He was very knowledgeable and you ware lucky to meet him.

نريدك الذهاب إلى نجران انها قريبه من جيزان اسئل الناس عن مكانها

I hope you know about Islam because our religion is so beautiful and the media lies and lies and I hope you will be delivered because the meaning of Islam is to hand over your will to God and there is no God but God

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I live on Farasan Island, I want to meet you in order to show you everything

21:19 Alcoholic drinks are prohibited in Islam; and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country whose constitution is the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet .And everyone knows the economic, psychological, social and health effects of alcohol as well, and also how a Muslim can wish that he is a disgrace to Muslims. I Am Saudi and Muslim Girl

Hope you enjoyed your trip Peter :)

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Abha Metropolis includes Abha, Khamis Mushait and Ahed Rufida. Its population is around 2 million. Khamis Mushait alone is around 1.3 Million.

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Peter, you are not suppose to inhale the oud like you did in the tent. You either burn it to give your place a nice smell or put it close to your outfit to make them smell good.

I'm originally from Rejal Alma, my grandfather's house is still there it's not in a good shape though as the man said people left to search for jobs and to go to colleges. I feel sad whenever I go there knowing how amazing that place was filled with people who truly loved their land but they couldn't afford to take care of it even though they tried and saved a lot putting their own money hearts and souls to make it feel like home whenever they want to visit. Thank you so much, Peter, for the nice vlog

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Hi Peter, loved your insight. I’m from Riyadh and i lived for a few years in the states, if you’re ever back in Riyadh i would love to host you and give you a deeper understanding into the saudi physique and culture.

Thank you Khalid :)

Thank you for your efforts

الله لا يحييكم

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Welcome to jazan In Jizan, there are many beautiful places such as Montenegro , Viva, Wadi Lajab, and Farasan Island I hope you enjoy it

Yes! Some of these places will be in upcoming videos.

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And if you want to know more about Saudi Arabia, do not see it with an American eye, come to Saudi Arabia and talk to an Indian or Pakistani worker, and they will tell you the truth, good and bad people in everywhere, but the people here very respect the American people.

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Hello Peter we welcome everyone in Saudi Arabia and we wish you a pleasant vacation. We are generous and kind in nature. We hope that you will visit us in the future and convey to the world the extent of our awareness and understanding of different cultures. Thank you.

You should go souther to the Fifa mountains Yemenis borders , different land scapes and they have their own drugs lool. In general, South of Saudi is packed in the summer and empty in winter that’s wrong timing .

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Hello peter . I hope you are doing well. The only thing that I noticed in your last 2 videos you kept saying ( no tourists ) and actually it was because we visited these places early morning which is sleeping time in Saudi Arabia. As you know we sleep lately and people start the day from afternoon further you came in the middle of the school year. I wish you enjoyed your trip and I hope to see you again in summer session .

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Jizan, Najran and Asir are all part of historic Yemen but were annexed by Al-Saud Wahhabi jihadists when they created their fake state. The indigenous ppl of these region are all related to northern Yemeni tribes. Google it!

Abha is the part of Yemen that was annexed by Al-Saud jihadist when they created their fake state

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أنا إيراني وأحب السعودية أتمنى لو كان هناك جسر بيننا بدون مشکله كنت قادمًا وكنا نأتي ايران جميلة جدا والسعودية جميلة جدا تحدثنا بالعربية معك وتحدثنا بالفارسية من فضلك أعطني رأيك

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Hi Peter , I hope you enjoyed your tour . It is nice to see your videos . Abdulaziz AlRabbah

Hi peter, if you are coming back to Riyadh,send me an email and I will give you a tour, in my farm!! in the country side my email Azizbadersaa@icloud.com

13:40 يحسب العود حشيش

ابو علي منور الله على ايام التامين عملت معاه سنتين في شركة ميد غلف وبالصدفه شفته في الفيديو

Peter do u ever get sick when travelling?


I think its cool that Saudi exploring different venture. I can understand the concern from some ppl from the unfamiliarity from the resultof the changes and how some ppl are for the changes becos they can experience new things. And im not sure what you think. But you wanna know what i think? Saudi will lost its islamic culture in decades times. With all the introduction to many things and modernizing, and perhaps who knows alchol will be legal, it will take away their muslim identity and islamic character. As a muslim living in city country, and watch over the span of 30 years how my country singapore went from developing country to fully developed country, initially in the 80s and 90s we were all excited for the change, we live from village to high rise buildings, jobs availability are increasing and etc, but on the sideline, the muslims and their lifestyle start to change gradually as well, from conservative dressing to expose dressings, from modesty to immodesty, muslims drinking alcohol, sexual activities amongst unmarried muslims become common and norm, promiscuous lifestyle is a norm in muslim community today. We become muslim by religion but liberal by daily lifestyle. I once talked to a british(i think if i remember his nationality correctly) he converted to be a muslim and he now in my country and he said the muslims in my country doesnt exude any islamic identity at all. And as a muslim who went Saudi for the first time for pilgrimage, i like that they are a country with preserved islamic mannerism and character. But with all these changes, I think in future Saudi will lost it as well. Becos it has been evident through history that modernization takes away a country culture identity. Even Britain have lost their iconic dressings. I hope Saudi dont introduce the forbidden the stuffs and preserve the islamic lifestyle.

im surprised when he said the cost to marry is $55000. Becos its a country where Islam starts. So i thought they would practise the most basic islamic tradition. Cos in the narration hadith of Prophet s.a.w, theres mention that the most blessed wedding is one with the least mahr/dowry. I thought people would follow this. I live in Singapore and we dont even fork that much even after including the dowry. The dowry is usually $5000-$15000 and the cost of wedding prolly $10000 inluding gifts for the bride and groom. But muslim community is starting to dislike grand wedding becos we have high cost of living so alot of youngsters now are trying to follow the most basic teaching of islam. Islam makes marriage easy, divorce difficult. Humans makes marriage difficult, but divorce easy.

Peter i love how you record your video of Saudi in an unconventional way. Like I watch many vlogs of Saudi from ppl of other countries coming over, but they do the typical way and explore the common things. nothing exceptional. But yours, you explore the unknown. its quite fascinating. And also I think people of Saudi must be an excellent drivers. Especially those near mountains and valleys. The very steep unpave road is just beyond what you see in city life. I went Mount Nur at Mecca and when i see how they driv up and down the steep road like nobody business hahah.

He asked to marry Ukrainian girl while he has the most beautiful girls in the world between his hand yes saudi girls are so pretty because of the arabian features.

Ask them what they teach in school about jews and christians.... this could be interesting

привет с Украины)

Which part of the Saudia is this?? Very beautiful landscape and beautiful building and architecture are similar to yeman.

There is a place in Jizan that it is very beautiful. I advise you to visit it. It is a fictional name, Wadi Labab

يقولك الرجال انصمخ من ريحة العود شبهها بالمارجونا

When are you coming to Jeddah? Let us know

Wow this is cool

The Saudi people welcome everyone, the Saudis are new to tourism, but we are developing day after day for the better, and finally the day has come when the world saw the Saudis for what they are

Hi. Where was it better? Iran or Saudi? I mean not the government. People

Hello and welcome in Saudi Arabia I hope you can to visit winter tantora in ola I think you will like it

Hi bro, I am here in Jazan city any help u need it just hit me up, I am ready and free. In any thing u are looking for.

come to Tunisia and you'll e see the most beautiful people and culture and places

Favorite episode so far. It's so good that it's up there with the top videos of your channel tbh

Peter don't smoke Oud. Just use make coal hot and put the Oud (one piece) on it and don't move it. It will then burn slowly and produce a nice smell. This smell should stick to your dress. Don't inhale it directly.

ليه ما راح الا هذا المطعم كذا تشويه سمعه

أهلآ و سهلآ بك في

I love your Adventure Boss,,and you look so great used Arab style shirt ✌

Saudi Arabia is most misunderstood country in the world

Dude the first thing you should do when you visit Saudi city is to ask about their local food, the variety of the food is just amazing. Hope you enjoy it

I am from Kurdistan. I like to visit Saudi Arabia.

looks like a ghost town

You didn't meet that guy by coincidence, he's a government operative that's following you around, incognito.

-_- What is this nazi germany for gods sake ? He’s a worker in the heritage site dude calm down lol

Cool video

Hallo dein urlaub is gut

Welcome to jazan

apart from thank you is saudi what other words does he know?

55k dollars !!! Aastagferullah.... Marriage is very easy in Islam..... You don't need that much money!!! Saudi people are becoming kafir.... Specially girls

its amazing what vloggers do to get subscribers, dressing up in arab gear seems to increase his views, & not discussing saudi society also helps

welcome to Jazan

this is a country where you never get citizenship even if you get old and die

Niiice..never knew Johnny Sins had a vloggin channel...best of luck sir

You now the oad he give you is about 2000 DOLLARS

Please come to Al Hassa it’s in the eastern region of Saudi and it’s very unique and beautiful. You are more than welcome

العالم اصبح قرية صغيرة

بيتر عقالك يضحك

I’m sorry Peter but you met a stupid guy.

15: 00 what the hell are you saying Ibrahim. You look like Bangladesh guy and you wish for a blonde

Because of Western propaganda Saudi Arabia visitors have to start saying: "This for the Saudi People, not Saudi Government". The reason is they believe Saudi Arabia is oppressive regime. My question is: Why don't you say the same about Israel; they are worst oppressors in the world today- Occupying and colonizing entire nation of Palestine. My point is: Saudi Arabia is oppressive but not the only one - let us treat all oppressing nation equity and stop double standard and hypocrisy.

11:41 damn i got scared

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iSwear you have to go jubel en Saudi Arabia

Let me know if you come to jeddah. I'd be happy to show you around.

Commnts that was a fly!

You are looking like Arab prince haha Enjoy

Laugh my ass out dude you cracked me up so bad. The kiss blowing and oud that's like marijuana, my god you're hilarious.


I love Saudi Arabia,because my father worked there for past 25 years, so we got bread & butter ☺️ always grateful ☺️

By any chance, is Iran in your sights? No joke, it would interesting to see someone like yourself go there and give us some perspective.

I did! Loved it. Check out this series. Episode 2 is my favorite. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TWNXneUrMY

المسيح هو الدرب والحقيقة والحياة

لا إله إلا الله اما عيسى عليه السلام فهو نبي من عند الله جل جلاله

I don’t think him blowing you kisses was a Saudi custom lol

Lmfaoooo oud is basically a perfume based plant - it’s not a source of smoke

Saudi is biggest country in gulf, if you go to northern province Tabuk, Landscape is more like Jordan.

That was compelling. The landscape alone was epic. You have such a gift for exploring and then sharing with us. I am truly amazed at how well you continue to be received by other cultures. Lol on the maryjane comment...I miss the ole days too!

Thanks Brother!

Abha is a hill station in saudi with an altitude of 2000 meters from sea level, climate is very cool throughout the year.

He like Ukraine girls

15:00 55.000 SR Not dollar and it is depend on the region

Do you have social media like Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter etc.?

19:15 Its name is barbecue rice and sayadiyah rice is one of the local meals in Saudi Arabia, but it unifies other meals like Mandi, Madhbi and Kabsa.

You should tell the Saudis to visit their brothers and sisters that are in Yemen, would be an even better trip for them.

Go to Viva, Wadi Lajab, Bani Malik, and this one in eastern Jizan

Hello Peter, you can go to Ferasan Island, and do that at the reservation office in the northern corniche in Jizan. Ask people over there and they will tell you where to book.

I'm sorry, I can't speak much English, but I understand what you say

Big respect to the chap who took you around the old houses, speaks good english and lives in a village, great sense of humour!

الرجال يحسب البخوز حشيش هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه

Masha Allah ilove the Saudi Arabia Very nice place

I loved this video.

Man you surprised me How did you got a mariguana in Saudi Arabia ?!

اعلى نسبه مشاهدات في قناتك هي جولتك في السعوديه العظمى وأعلى نسبه لايكات وأعلى نسبه كومنتات أتوقع انك ذحين غبي وغبي جدا ان كان مافهمت مامعنى هذا الشعب العظيم في كل شي والله انحن أعطيناك وجه كا انحن نعبي في قربه مخروقه ماش ذا فهموه انه في اطهر بلد وهذا لوحده كفيل لجذب السياح وخلينا السكر والخمر لكم

ياأخي عالمكم تشرد وفقر وذل للمرأة مالكم اي دخل في حياتنا كسعودييييين اللي رفض ان المراه تسوق هو حر لكن لا يعني انه غير متاح عندما يشعر بانها بأمان راح يتركها تسوق فكركم سيئ وانا سعوديه وأغار على ذا البلد

اذا بعطيك لايك فاعرف عشان القرى العظيمة ومناطق مملكتنا وايضا حتى لاجل كل شبر فيها وغيره مايهمني

عندنا سياح لكن فيه موسم الرياض اغلبهم هناك فلا تهايط علينا دام الأمن والأمان موجود وايضا مكه والمدينة الحرمين الشرفين فااعتقد بل متاكدين انها تكون الأولى في جذب السياح وبثقافتنا وعاداتنا وبكل مانحن عليه

Hey bro I would like to have you in Tife city if you Don't mind Here is my phone No 0551058744

I liked ibrahim we want his insta or snapchat accounts or youtube channel?

0:18 ياخي يقهر لما يقول غتره عقال

Bro you smoked oud

... Saudi society is distinguished by respect and appreciation for others and it is part of our morals because we are Muslims, but we must not judge everyone if there is a bad situation because Saudi Arabia is large and there are foreigners working in it and there are races of non-Arab origins and also we must believe what is written in the media about Saudi Arabia because what is transmitted is not It is true and the experience of visiting Saudi Arabia is the best proof of that

man get the real teachings from there about God then your whole journey will have the real worth

Guys we gotta try and inhale the oud like what he did lol

پرچم هر چی ایرانیه بالا قربونتون همین طور الکی یک حالی به مابدید این جمله را لایک کنید دمتون هم گرم

I fear Islam but these videos show that Arabs are friendly welcoming people like any other,thank you

Did you rent a car there ? How much they ask for that Chevrolet car , that you are using in this episode , please ? I will visit Saudi Arabia next month and I am very curios to have freedom of movement with rented car. Thanks in advance

you know scumbags like this would be doing a day inside NAZI germany video if youtube existed back in the day

Peter i am from jizan and proof the island that you were talking about is called farsan if you need anything from tours to a lift just hit me up

OUD not like Marguana OUD like perfume

Ibrahim makes me smile while watching the video he definitely have a nice personality. You should visit wadi lajab as you in Jazan and visit Alnamas too.

Yeah he was great! Yes these places are coming in future videos.

Come to Jeddah city

I from Saudi bat l didn't go for abha or any wear just stay in tabuk north Saudi Arabia and America

I respect a person who respects the customs of any people. Even if you don't like it. Welcome to your country.

يالربع يحسب البخور ماريجوانا

I really don’t know were to start : the marriage has a different cost from tribe to tribe , I really don’t know why he doesn’t want women do drive???!!! & actually his Opinion doesn’t matter to us

YOU look very handsome with our THOBE ( the white dress)

Haay Peter, come to Yanbu. It's on the red sea cost north of Jeddah. You will enjoy it. If you are coming, let me know. tnamankani@gmail.com +966551667136

12:41 that tent is called " bait alsha'ar " . Its like the " backyard living room " usually for hosting guests and gathering friends and stuff like that

ابراهيم حبيبي ليست تقاليدنا نتزوج اربع نساء.... ديننا الإسلامي وسنة نبينا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم

You need to visit Jeddah bro

I did! It was great. I'll have videos live in a few weeks about it.

Man Ibrahim al-Fatehi spoke so well & such a genuine person.


Peter Santenello hahaha bro I’m in Lahore if u wanna have a smoke up and some good food spots from uk

Yes! I just crossed the border.

Thank you... once more you show the world kerala people everywhere...♥️♥️

Why din’t you go for a trip to the desert

Beautiful❤ love from iran

5:14 that writing on the wall to your left was beautiful. It could be translated as something like: "It may be that a determined endeavor gives life to a whole (people) nation" And as you were attracted by the Arabic script you should look into the different styles of calligraphy and maybe even study some Arabic. The Arabic language is the crown of languages and Arabs (especially historically) were masters of speech. Saying this as someone who has studied Arabic and fallen in love with it.

Peter got high from oud XD its a sort of a perfume for clothes it just have a good scent and you dont inhale it , even if you do it wont affect you

The population of this country is very stupid and the country is expensive, boring and gloomy

Ibrahim you are the best my brother

mmmm good video

OMG I'm so happy that I found your channel . i've never seen any place look like this and I live in Riyadh it really looks awesome you made me so excited to visit these places thank you so very much for showing us this mega road trip :) Edit: this is not the coldest place in this country usually it's in the northern borders of saudi arabia like in Turaif and Arar it's pretty cold out there.

Don't take anyone's opinion because it's really different and everyone is for his own opinion

You have to go to Puerto Rico (Vieques, Culebras, Isla de Mona, Caja de Muerto), Cuba and Dominican Republic. ❤️

Now Peter is a OUD dealer.

r g

peter,bro. Could u pls tell me what is the or will be approx cost of this ksa tour of u? Plsss at least say a amount

I think it’s nicer when you interact with locals. It’s like you get the full experience. Are you going to Farasan Islands? That would be fantastic you’ll love it

Yes! Next episode.

you can say that your from US its ok

GREAT, HAVE been looking for your CHANNEL since you did IRAN. Keep up the great work.

Mr. Peter, you must come back in the summer season to see tourists in Abha. Now it is not a tourist season, so you did not find anyone there. Fainly welcome to saudi Arabia and have fun❤

this tour guy is the BEST!!!

باين حب الكشخه بالثوب والشماغ هههههههههههههههههه

You are a nice man thanks for the video I really enjoy it

Even the people who are not saudis are welcoming people to saudi

“The oud I smoked like marijuana” hahahha

شكرا للسعودي اللي معه انت تشرف كل سعودي وتبيض الوجة.

ابراهيم اذا انت تشوف التعليق الله يعطيك العافية والله انك كفو

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandalwood Oud is sandelwood

I love your voice

ابراهيم رجل اكثر من رائع والله يشكر على المساعدة في التغطية الجميلة والروح الأجمل اللي يمتلكها

Come to jeddah

I wish se you again in Abha \

Welkam saudi

تعقب كحول ما راح تجي في سعوديه

This guy is a total spy or ...

when u said im not fitting in this "talking about the way u dress" actually u look amazing and if i dont watch your videos i would say that ur from sa someone in the comments said that they dont throw trash he said that the monkeys who did it eventually hope u enjoy ur trip Wish u the best

السعودية بلد الاسلام وفخر العرب احبكم يالسعوديين . اخوكم من بغداد


Thank you Peter for showing beauty of all the cultures around the world especially countries which have been demonised for long time . peace and respect to saudies.


Grow some beard and you’ll fit in

Wow.. Beautiful place Saudi Arabia

That was ace man. Id have inhaled that too haha seemed like the obvious thing to do. Can't believe it was for scent haha.

That salad is tabboola

Where are you from? Is it US?

Do they also have Kath or is it illegal?

Hi Peter, just so you know this is the first time for me to comment on a video. In the beginning I would like to tell you that you are a very special human being with such great personality. I love your spirit, your open mindedness and how you respect everyone. Please keep doing what you are doing this is exactly what the world needs. Your videos are entertaining and very well made plus they are like bridges so everyone can see our beloved country without any stereotypes clouding their minds. I really hope to meet you some day to thank you in person for reminding me how great saudi is. Please enjoy your visit and give us more videos.

He doesn’t have to marry 2 or 4 wives. It’s not a tradition. But u know this type of men! They don’t have enough money to make one wife happy but still search for 4. Men r still trash.

Im am so happy to see an american guy genuinely enjoying a trip to Saudi Arabia, and a cool vlogger too ! can't wait for the next one Peter!

I discovered ur by chance! I love what u do!

Thanks Fred!

Would love to know roughly the costs overall touring their? High end/low end

You have to try Mandi & kabssah


"I'm from Yemen" jaw dropped... Omg. Your videos are opening up eyes everywhere.

@Jani Rox you should read the news

Why is it jawdropping??

@Peter Santenello been going all over southeast Asia and I'm not going to lie, your videos literally make me just want to join you in these non typical tourist countries.

Thank you :)

هلا والله نورت جازان

أشكرك يا صبي المع ماقصرت بيض الله وجهك انت وأخوك ، ويا شباب جيزان بيضوها مع الأمريكي لأنو يقول بيروح جزيره وأظنها فرسان والله أتمنى أقابله بس دوام والا ب الف به كل مكان الوديان والجبال عندنا ف جازان وعسير وتهامة وغير كذا انقله صوره حسنه عن ديننا ثقافتنا وعاداتنا مو زي هذاك الزفت

My tribe don’t go further than 13000$ for marriages

Peter you'r in Jazan now don't forget to visit Wadi Lugib (( https://www.google.com/maps/place/%D9%88%D8%A7%D8%AF%D9%8A+%D9%84%D8%AC%D8%A8%E2%80%AD/@17.5954048,42.9336814,5112m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x15fce177ce193ab7:0x536f0522d6537376!8m2!3d17.6048019!4d42.9301407 )) ,, if you do rent four wheel drive car (^-^)>

I did! I'll have a video about it.

If you want to come to Jobah you should told me and i will show you Jobah it's inside Hail city

Hope you wear that style rest of your life. Buy some extras before going home!

welcome to jizan bro

Beautiful..... different types of oxygen! Good for the mind.

He looks like the Hitman 47 in that dress

you gave him all the oud

the tour guy is like floki......................

حلوه السعوديه

Com to qatar

تعالى قطر

رفعتو راسنا و بيضتونا و جوهنا ماعاد الوصخين الي يرمون بالارض خربو ام المقطع و المنظر و المحتوى

My brother from another mother I really enjoyed this video. My mom and dad are born in Iraq and I was born in Michigan. Maybe that’s why I enjoyed this video lol. Thank you and god bless America.

Very cool place, thanks for sharing!

علموه يحسب العود سموك او دخان

ينعل ام الزحفان ياشيخ خخخخ

What a beautiful and amazing country I can only dream about to come. Big hello from Ukraine

btw forgot to mention that you must visit Fifa " فيفا " since you''re in the south it's like the best destination for tourists in this country

15:47 blonde and skinny like flower inshalla u get married soon brother

But can we travel without the cap you wearing?

For sure.

Saudi religious, cultural and tourism guide Saudi Arabia has the oldest rock writings in the world. The country where the Holy Quran was revealed, born, lived and died, the best of mankind, the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). The most important Saudi cities: Riyadh. Jeddah, Dammam City ، Makkah, Madinah, Hail, Qassim, Madinah, Jouf, Baha, Najran, Jizan, Al Jouf The most important natural cities: Taif. Abha . alnamas, balgorashi, Faifa. :For fans of clean beaches diving and watching the reef In the city of Yanbu and the city of Haqal (Tiran Islands)،City of Umluj, and FARASAN ISLAND The most important projects in the Saudi tourism: Niom / Red Sea Islands project, Amala project, Qudiyah, visions of Mecca, visions of Medina, Royal Commission in Mada'in SalehSaudi Arabia has a Vision 2030 to change dependence on oil as a major source of state treasury The Importance of Saudi Arabia: The presence of the most sacred cities of Muslims Mecca and Medina + the most important oil exporter, its presence in the heart of the world + Arab and Islamic depth Headquarters of the Muslim World League and the headquarters of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation The headquarters of the Islamic Alliance to Combat Terrorism Islamic Bank Headquarters ، Of the largest sovereign funds in the world Among the most important heritage buildings: Madain Saleh, Shuaib Caves in Midian ، Thi Ain Village ، Historical Diriyah Rijal Alma historical heritage ، Jeddah Balad Historical buildings ،Al Ghat Heritage Village ، Ushaiqar Heritage Village ، Palace of Qishla in Hail Khuzam Palace ، Shubra palace ، King Abdulaziz Historical Center National Museum Riyadh ، Al Moger Palace Of the most important skyscrapers The World End in Riyadh, Jeddah Tower,King Abdullah Financial Center، Mecca Tower, Kingdom Tower, King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, Towers Kudai ، Jeddah Fountain, The Kingdom is famous for its many festivals such as: There are many festivals in Saudi Arabia, such as: Rose Festival in Taif, Camel Festival in Riyadh, Camel Racing Festival in Taif, Jasmine Villa Festival in Jizan, Mango Festival in Jizan, Janadriyah Festival in Riyadh, Okaz Market Festival in Taif City Harid fishing festival in Forsan Islands, coffee festival in Dair Bani Malik, olive festival in Jouf, date festival in Qassim Tourism festivals: Tantura Festival in Al-Ula, Entertainment Festival in Riyadh, Jeddah Summer Festival, Abha Festival, Taif Festival Religion: Saudi Arabia is a fully Muslim people and they are descendants of the Arab tribes who accompanied the Prophet and his friends and invaded with him to spread Islam. Islam is the closest religion to Christianity and is the only religion that believes in the miracle of the Virgin Mary's birth with Christianity To understand Islamic philosophy : https://www.islam-guide.com/ ‏ https://www.islamreligion.com/ https://en.islamway.net/ https://islamqa.info/en https://islamhouse.com/en/main/ http://way-to-allah.com/ http://tubeislam.net/?cat=1 http://www.odhniger.net/sections-110.html Islam is the closest religion to Christianity Al - Quran, which talked about the story of the family of Mary and the story of Mary and the story of the miracle of the table of Jesus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdcFP-EYnKM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBg16Ny0bm4&t=219s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFx8wOKqqM0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1V1BG3WYqQ Explanation of the Book of Tawheed Imam Muhammad Abdul Wahab https://d1.islamhouse.com/data/en/ih_books/single2/en_50_questions_and_answers_in_faith.pdf One of the most important cultural programs about Saudi Arabia In the footsteps of the Arabs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjqTRCCc92s&list=PLRYcyEuHZSGvh5Vupkrm9Lrvi6ubsxUYY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpX-s9UBIIA&list=PLX0V5w2lNtS0XenoZCTJSpIopLr4ewcIM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wtjr78kK3no&list=PLX0V5w2lNtS0DqdSqwDqWDEVVXinINK6h https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2x1XBtWbwUI&t=961s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xwyohm37658&list=PLg1D2gomWzaGUjZs3jvq4humlcaq4nSZU&index=2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdhwkcSgGaE&list=PLP7aCa9rxhk4dtBxvrgQ6wqIhMtEJ3bJ6 Some programs to understand Islamic philosophy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9Yo43w62FA&list=PLwpWNTLjV2091zs4FkItmzL1cGZst3WdD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIB0cCYWDxc&list=PLPQRQh-icbNO4xab3MchJOaxxvsYoMUrY Medina mosque from inside https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5W5US7sZNQ&t=1676s The Grand Mosque in Mecca from inside https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKor2m3F5tg&t=597s Folk dances in Saudi Arabia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMTMlKA9BuU&list=PLS0XfTlb5-bKtV4i0OmGlfOeWOjzxWwlI&index=2 The most famous readers of the Koran are Saudis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fs-Hc662lEI Sheikh Muhammad Al-Luhaidan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBTiYU4oS2o Sheikh Nasser Al-Qatami https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9zUD5njLi4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44x1QmswaSA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPGU10YcqQA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dG57DDr4_E https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9Ub_B_L_wo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gOasdTBhAc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pckJnAkSpA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDWh3eVbxQQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPnaZoblcxE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cjh0QcUKMbI Channels to understand Islamic philosophy https://www.youtube.com/user/hudatv/playlists https://www.youtube.com/user/H0LABOLA/playlists One of the most important books for non-Muslims to understand Islam Musliam christian Dialogue By H.M.BAAGIL,M.D THE UNIVERSALITY OF ISLAM DR.ABDALLAH AL-KAHTANY HAVE YOU DISCOVERED ITS READ BEAUTY ? DR.NAJI IBRAHIM ARFAJ EXPLAINING THE FUNDAMENTALS OF FAITH BY SHAYEKH MUHAMMAD BIN SALEH AL-UTHEMEEM THE PROTECTION OF TAWHID MAKING WORSHIP PURE FOR ALLAH AND THE ACTS THAT NULLIFY ONES FAITH BY SHEIKH ABDUL AZIZ BIN ABDULLAH BIN BAZ There is no religion or Wahhabi thought in Saudi Arabia. This name was launched by the Ottoman Empire after the revolution of Imam Muhammad bin Saud to restore the Arabs to the monotheism brought by the message of the Prophet Muhammad. صوت الآذان - The sound of the call to prayer in Saudi Arabia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GN1f4LNoTUs&t=14s I hope this will help you understand the Arab and Islamic culture. Thank you

Plzz Help For Indian Muslim People.

It’s just so interesting to see the environment. Previously, I had to use my imagination when my Saudi students would explain where they were from and what the environment was like.

15:24 its not really a MUST to marry 4 nowadays the idea of marrying more than one is not good lol that was yearrsss ago


Because of propaganda Saudi Arabia visitors have to start saying: "This for the Saudi People, not Saudi Government". The reason is they believe Saudi Arabia is oppressive regime. My question is: Why don't you say the same about Israel; they are worst oppressors in the world today- Occupying and colonizing entire nation of Palestine. My point is: Saudi Arabia is oppressive but not the only one - let us treat all oppressing nation equity and stop double standard and hypocrisy.

I bet most of the Saudi people haven't seen this side of Saudi. It's beautiful tho.

i like this episode thaks for sharing.that guy so funny i was enjoyed when watching

يحسب العود حشيش

wow Mashallah Saudi Arabia so beautiful i wish i go travel Saudi soon inshallah

Welcome to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

I have only made a transit stop in Saudi Arabia, so, have never seen the country close-up. However, had some Saudi friends in the UK and they were among the best people I have ever met. As an Iranian I had many negative assumptions about Saudis but they dispelled them for good. Shout out to Abdilillah Al Ahmari and others who were such amazing friends.

shame they abonded the old stone houses to live in the city like that..

Happy to see you enjoying the Saudi Arabia vibes and culture

ما قصرت يا إبراهيم بيض الله وجهك و لاهنت رفعت روسنا❤️

Yes, it would have been nice to know more about it

4:31 it s Yemeni style !

Jizan, Asir and Najran belong to Yemen !

I recommend you to visit Dammam it's located in the eastern province .

الأخ ابراهيم له مني قبلة على الراس , ماشاء الله اسلوب وادب واخلاق وروحه حلوه ,, ظروري يصل مايفعله لكل مسؤول ليكون قدوة وكذلك يكافئ .

That pose with the imaginary gun got me weak

ونعم يا ابو خليل، I’m really so proud of you

Come to the cities of the eastern region ,, Different experience

loved the closer lol

First welcome to Saudi Arabia Second I think that you maybe need to do two things: - You have to search more for places to go - You have to go out from afternoon until midnight , to see the Saudi people

Oud is not to be smoked like marijuana it's incense is a very expensive fragrance

Oud.... allah Akbar ask for guidance

Why did you turn of the Azan

Can’t wait to see the next video

Ba Boons Are Vicious

13:25 يا ليت أنك ذكرت انها لغة التركية ولكنها التركية القديمة حيث كانوا يستخدمون فيها الأحرف العربية حتى أتى العلماني أتاتورك وغيرها للأحرف الأنجليزية ...إلخ

Come to the western and eastern regions of Saudi Arabia because there are very wonderful regions

This is an Indian meal, not Saudi!

15:23 يفشل ليته ساكت

ذله انه يخاف من الخفافيش

Masha Allah love from Pakistan... peaceful areas

The marriage cost will be cultural not Islamic, the cost would be seen as extravagance

3:33 فشلتنا ياليت يطبقون نظام اي واحد يجدع القمامه بأي مكان غرامه

LOL hahaha, Oud is for making your clothes, House, car, smells good and Luxuries, no one inhaled it in Saudia Arabia lol, by the way, peter genuine Oud is too expensive, some kind of it reach to 10,000 USD per KG.

And suddenly I'm, your old subscriber, the Ukrainian guy, watch this, having the Dehn Al Oud oil applied on my wrist just about half of an hour ago. Peter, it's not a drug, but you can become addicted to it as I am, and it will cost you much much more than smoking MJ :)) Thanks for showing us Saudi Arabia, hope to visit this country someday, looking very interesting and hope that authorities of KSA will open their heritage places for tourists

Do visit the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Al Khobar/Dhahran/Dammam . ^_^ Beautiful cities!

16:36 يقول البخور ماروانا اي نوع من المخدرات للامانه هذا الانسان غريب بشكل تحسه يبغى الزله

طيب يسال اذا هو ماعنده خلفيه عن الموضوع

Vegan Marine but what does the political conflict have to do with its citizens there are many yeminies living here and many Saudi tribes originated in Yemen so I don’t know what the news is telling you .

Go to jeddah and riyadh thats it nuthin more

i thought you were going to answer the age old question....why did the camel cross the road? its a shame that you didnt find the answer. you may not look saudi but you should try passing as a somali considering how big your head is. and you lost your chance at becoming the next batman because you couldn't face your fears of bats. but its okay, flying rodents arent for everyone

Peter, I am a resident of Jizan. I want to be honored to meet you and eat popular food in my house. Even my mother wants to meet you. how can I contact you?

Been loving this series!

oud like weed lol, stroll on. additional, methnx indian guy thought you was trying to push hash.

You are so cool and have great energy. You are more respectful and humble than other YouTube travelers I've watched.

Dude I am from Minnesota I like you videos and your perspectives. I promise you if you keep going you are going to be a big shot. And I’ll be happy for you.

Amazing vlogs Peter I am from Saudi and u show to us new things !

Beautiful vlog beautiful people ♥️♥️

Omg ur so funny wearing the ghutra and aqhal on a scraffy way

Welcome to Saudi Arabia

اهلاً هلاً به عد ماعد قرطاس

اكره المطاعم السريعه، سرت اكره الرحلات الداخليه، لان ماتلقى وجبات خاصه بالمناطق

U should learn arabic, if u go to any foreign country u should learn some, as foreigners learned English language

15:07 55000 SAR is not equal to 1000 USD actually is about 15000 USD

في بلدان العمران يتعدا ال عمر ذا وكانها جديده مامر عليها الزمان

I loved your tour about my country very much.. and i hope you had a good impression Welcome home .

900 سنه وكذا مزبله

مدمره وسخه النفايات بكل مكان، اغ

I just watched you and i really like your videos im from jazan so you should spend more time there I recommend you to visit AL Ardah and FIFA I mean every part of jazan is beautiful so ask the locals to show the most beautiful hidden places, most people have no idea about Jazan except the people who are originally from Jazan

If you are in Jizan now, you must go to the Viva Mountains, Montenegro and Wadi Jabab. Wadi lagp is one of the wonders on earth. I hope we go together to Wadi lagp. Call me 0502130104

Larcade فيفا جنّة

Hello I advise you to visit Makkah, Madinah, Abha Abha: a beautiful and green city, and its people are kind and generous. Madinah and Makkah: You will find a lot of interesting things and you will find different nationalities there. You will find the Prophet’s Mosque and Mecca, where there are many people who came from different countries such as: Morocco, Malaysia, Egypt, India, Turkey ...

World peaceful country..... That is Saudi Arabia

15:36 أقسم بلله انك تمثلي بالضبط فديت روسيا و اوكرانيا ههههههههههههههههه

Here 15:22 He was joking. It's not a Must. It's an option. If you want to marry two. But maximum is 4 if you can be just with all of them. Quran says verse 4:3 -- "And if you fear that you will not deal justly with the orphan girls, then marry those that please you of [other] women, two or three or four. But if you fear that you will not be just, then [marry only] one or those your right hand possesses. That is more suitable that you may not incline [to injustice]."

where is Jazan Vlog? :)

Man you make me happy! Really i like that. we always getting injustice from the media. and this thing you do is really showing the world how is Saudi!! And I totally agree with your words at the end of the video ( 20:57 ) Hope everything is fine with you. Can't wait to the next video,thanks.

Very nice series of videos about SA. Agree with you, self exploring always gave me fun and positive experiences. I've recently visited Oman and UAE, super cool ride and friendly people everywhere. I will consider visit Saudis in the future, thank you for sharing your trip :) Hugs from Costa Rica!

That guy is a great guide. I like his hosting and him being tourguide in this great tour of yours, Peter!

4:31 Architecture copied from Tibet.

Plz go alhssa best City

First of all, thank you for making these videos from your trip to Iran.. Changing the bad idea about other people from other countries is what we need, screw politics. Also, there are a lot of places you can go in Saudi where there are a lot of people, beautiful places and not cuz i’m from there but we’re friendly, and love to show people the great things about us. Of course there are assholes everywhere in the world. But I really wished i’m in Saudi now I could’ve take you to good places like the ones you’ve been to and better. I’m studying in the US right now and hopefully you’d be able to send me great places to visit. Enjoy your trip!.

So very beautiful. Love the architecture and the surrounding. Wish I cld visit some day. Insha Allah TQ. for sharing the beauty of the place.

I’m dead

هههههاي تخسي اليمن تنتمي للسعوديه

@Jani Rox my jaw dropped in shock, the humor in his presentation was great. It's a 1000% shock for any human whom is outside of those countries with brief understanding of the genocide taking place. It's not an attack on either countries people.

It appears from the content of your channel that you traveled a lot to many countries. Do you remember the best country and city you went to and the best city you went to in Saudi Arabia?

Rijal Almaa was very crowded with tourists in August because of Alsoudah season. Each month or so there is an organized season by the government in different regions where most tourists are recommended to go to. During those seasons guides, trips, events and tours are available.

15:20 No matter cultural  boundries, it's alyways the same - whenever two men talk about women it's always fun ;-)

لماذا المبالغة في جلد الذات

Having four wives isn’t a must!! There’s many reasons and rules behind having multiple wives but some men ignore them for their own favor and liking the idea of having multiple women which is against the religion.

such a nice guy

I want to go to Jazan immediately ohh my God

The stuff they gave you it is incense,do not smoke that.

بيتير يشبه ممثل مثل دور عميل cia

He’s so funny man

You should to come to east of saudi Arabia there is a lot of interesting places

Visit tantora winter

Lol, dude getting high as fuck off perfume......

Hahahaha the oud you smoked its not for smoking and inhaling to get a buz , oud we use it to steam a unique good smell in our clothes or rooms or cars. But its not for smoking. Its not like Marry Jane. so be careful.

welcome to our country you very welcome

The Oud smoke is a traditional perfume, not to be inhaled. You cracked me up when you compared it to Marijuana. You're not supposed to inhale it.

Why so expensive.. Marriage??

I am an educator from Ukraine

Their white gowns are always white?

we wear colors in the winter season but in the summer we wear white only


Super, need new Saudi friends

What you have said at 23:00 is so true. This reminds me of what I have read once in a blog of one of backpacker whom has spent around 6 years traveling around the world he said peoples are decent by default in general you deal with them without prejudgments they will nice to you and if you be nice to them they will be nicer to you

Hello Peter, I am Saudi, I live in the Riyadh region, but when I was a child I used to live in Abha, you came at a time when there were no tourists, because at the time of study and work, the city of Abha is amazing and wonderful beauty. I wish that there was someone there who would take you on a tour to see her and I would like to tell you that There are a lot of food shops such as the one that you ate your food from, and that the people of Abha city adhere to their customs and culture strongly, and the person who provided you with hospitality Hamad gave you what is called an oud, which is good for Saudi occasions, and this is my summary. My words are very enjoyable.

سعودی انسانیت خراب است

Abrahaim we heard you

منجد فيه زباله ليش ماحط فيه

the blowing kisses was awesome! Your videos of Saudi Arabia are amazing. Can an American woman travel there alone?

حرام قرية رجال المع ما تترمم وتكون كمزار سياحي تقام فيه امسيات سياحيه تعبر عن تراث المملكه انا يمني وعندنا مدن زي كذا لا تزال عامره بالسكان

13:23 actually yes, it was in the Ottoman Turkish language, but the letters are Arabic, so Turkish was written in Arabic letters before Ataturk change it. maybe ibrahim doesn’t know that Thank you Peter for share us your journeys

16:57 hahaha "oud is like marijuana". Its not a smoke, its like perfume.

Can Saudi Arabians accept Jesus Christ or Buddha or Hindu Gods and convert to Christianity or Buddhism or Hinduism? Yes?

Uh btw your profile pic is hot

Yes they can do it but if you understand the people mentality here no it's impossible, with no offense I will just explain why it's impossible, no offense, For christ and buddha worshipping humans is something that sounds very stupid & illogical for saudis, so christianity and buddhism are so weak to be accepted by saudis, for Hinduism it's obvious hindo gods are either myths or normal ordinary humans that people of old india forced to worship The idea of converting to christianity doesn't exist here, converting to paganism is a laughable joke so the whole converting idea you're trying to push is impossible for saudis Saudis are either Muslims or atheists nothing more than that.

The ascended one who said that we don’t accept jesus . We believe in him that he was a prophet. Also, in the bible it’s written that the last prophet will come and his name mohammed peace be upon him. I advice you to read carefully. But nowadays bible is not original people change many things on it . And many copies of bible abd writer are there. But quran is one . Thank you

حبيت ابراهيم

1:40 man! he made you look like a royal prince! and then... 2:25 a sad burglar comes out

ليت الحكومة تهتم بهذه الأماكن الجميلة ويتم ترميمها وجعلها صالحة للسياحة

يحسب البخور حشيش

The Saudi ruler and government are Twats !

Very beautiful and fascinating landscape :)

Amazing Saudi Arabian highlands and native trees !

man im saudi and I've never been in to these places

John Smith cannot be copied man!! It’s geographical far away.. just google it!!

تفكيره سعوديه ١ شمس تسولف مع سعوديه و متكيه جنبها

Just in a single video Peter has changed his nationality , like three times

“ That Oud that I just smoked”

اشكر ابراهيم صراحه علي الحرام انه رجال ولد رجال والله انه اطلق واحد طلع في مقاطع بيتر

اللهم أكفنا شر من فيه شر ورد كيده بنحره وأرزق ولاة أمورنا البطانة الصالحة اللي تعينهم عالخير وتنهاهم عن الباطل

Very interesting! Thanks!

Arab become green

F you Peter santello, you shill!! Again screw you!!I Good people watch out for wolves, in gentle, kindly disguise!! Hold on to your deen!! Just saying! Watch: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-B-YkOvsviY

I love saudi country thats my 2nd home saudi people have a place in my heart. I give all my family needs when im work in al kharj city al khobar city but i love very much the capital city called riyadh city. Im pray hard this coming march 2020 i can go back to riyadh hoping and praying that my ban already finish. I got home way back december 1 2016 and i need to return by january 1 2017 but i got a family problem thats why i refuse to return. Im from Philippines by the way.

Haha! Yeah, that was a wild day.

Haha! I had no idea what was going on with the Oud.

4U 2C South western part and it’s snowing every year in the northern part

@Abadi AlAbadi witch part is that

Actually, this part of Saudi Arabia has been always green since the Big Bang

EmmasChannel365 Anyone is welcome

Yes Anyone can And the visa u can Extract it From the airport in minutes Welcome to Saudi Arabia

Of course

فاطمه عمر معلش قاعد اشوف خرابه لازم تكون البيوت كلها مرممه ونظيفه ويكون فيها فعاليات ثقافيه وتكون لها صيانه دائمه هذي ثروة حقيقيه

caning in saudi arabia


Hey peter i just want to give you some ‏ advices 1- most of the tourist usually go out at night that’s why you can’t see anyone 2- You Must have a local tour guy if you really want to see the most beautiful places on this country also the same thing about the food 3- about the gutra or the shemag the thing that you but in the top of your head you shold iron it every time it gits curly 4- that’s the most important thing is You must have plans for your trip Do smoe researchs online and ask some locals for the best places to visit on the country 5- one of the best things to do in saudi arabia is wild group trip you can go to the desert and have some bbq or a traditional dinner you can do that with some locals or tourists 6- visit https://www.visitsaudi.com/en https://tourismsa.net/#prettyPhoto

Oud .. it smells very beautiful and is also expensive because it is wonderful

أبها والجنوب عموما فيها أماكن طبيعية رهيبة لو بس يعطونها حقها من ناحية المدن الثانية

Abha beautiful place


Damn that fish looked delicious. This episode was by far the most entertaining of all saudi ones.

Dangerous country... Risk..getting your head chopped..!

what I like the most is when I see an open umbrella at the Nabawi mosque...i miss u saudi especially makkah n madina

يشفط البخور الدلخ قولوله طيب مو حشيش

Peter I like your vids, but sorry this time Ibrahim is the star of the show, thank you both

Watch: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=V9XeyBd_IuA https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=c5Gf0VKXk5Q https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=q_qgVn-Op7Q

Salam to my respectful stronger Saudi brothers! God bless you Insha-Allah, if you are able to do a little thing to facilitate a sweet marriage for your younger brother (the guide) in this video. It seems marriage has become an impossible dream to come true for him (because of current costs) that he dreams about girls of other nations! Peace be with you... :-)

My man, Oud is not for smoking, we use the smoke to perfume our selves

Marion Ramos Let us know if we can help.

Peter Santenello Just be yourself and you’ll have peace of mind. Their government has a good relationship with USA’s currently...

noorah nn Please talk about it more publicly with specially younger men, Noorah. They simply don’t know everything correctly. God bless...

Whoever wants to know which country should visit that country and not listen to rumors and false information about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Rumors and the media whoever believes it is true is a fool

That was awesome adventure bro!!!

Peter Oud is not weed

Dont ever u inhale it again

Welcome to Saudi Arabia ... a happy and enjoyable trip


The curse of knowledge is not ignorance but truth. Knowledge is truth, truth is never a curse!

No sir the guy who doesn’t like the women drive they just want to control them that’s it

اهلا وسهلا بالجميع في المملكة العربية السعودية بلد الأمن والأمان والمحبة والسلام

Peter looks such Arab gentlemen..I’m sure people getting confused..only his whiteness gives him away.. Because of Islamic law you will not get petty theft or any other crimes because people know the consequences will devastating delivery’s by government

that's not a palace in the beginning of the video that's the intercontinental hotel of sodah

Oud is not like marijuana

oud like whatt!!!!? by the way you look handsom with thoob

Hi Peter, when the saudi guy said he cannot get married because it's very expensive and he would like to mary 2 ukrainian blond women, he was looking very strangely to you. Are you from russia or germany ?

has anybody ever told you that you look like vin diesal because your are bald headed; cool a very cool job with vlogging brother!!!!

We are so glad that you decided to explore Saudia Arabia. This will prove others that it’s not only about desert. In fact, there’s a lot more to offer

EmmasChannel365 Yes. Could you.

@فارس علي thank you

traditional saudi guy ^_^

How refreshing! Thank you so much for this!

الدقيقة 5/44 قال انهم يشربون سرطان الاخضر يقصد العصيرات الغازية صدق واللة وللاسف عندنا العصير الغازي شي اساسي ابعدوو عنها العصيرات الغازية تسلمون

Is that you Lawrence of arabia

7:01 the look in his face I’m dead.

From about the 9 minute mark, I half expected the short chubby guy from American Pickers to appear and ask "How much for this plate?"

شوفو يا حقين الرياض الي قابلهم الامريكي .. شف شف و تعلم من رجال الجنوب .. وانت خلك على الوشم و مع حبيبتك و حركات المقح** ذي الله ياخذكم شوهتو سمعتنا ..

Ukranian girl

My like is for just because loved what you said which is universally true " If your father threw a bottle on the ground, most likely you are goin do it" perfect .

يتواجد السياح في الليل لأننا شعب مايطلع الا ف الليل عشان الأجواء

Aye Peter, I am hooked on your very interesting and detailed videos. I wish I had more time to watch but I will make time to watch your very lively and informative efforts. Thank you and if you are ever in Toronto let me know, we can have lunch. Khan, Muhammad kkhan1425@gmail.com

Thanks Khan!

My God, my brother Peter, the wooden sticks with you are no smoking It's called bokor, it is used to perfume homes and clothes

13:10 I'm not sure why Somalia wasn't mentioned. Djibouti was part of Somalia.

I am a local and i would like to say that it takes courage to take a road trip in a foreign country that you knew a little about. i also admire the way you were analysing the culture through what you witness in your day very naturally in an accepting lovely manner. i absolutely love the adventure you went for. Hope you enjoyed your visit.

Thanks Dan!

Thats the problem in Saudia it very hard to find a toilet, In Resturants don't have toilets , WHYY ?

هذا اسمه سمك هامور مطبوخ

Peter, I am inviting u to the eastern side of Saudi Arabia, I will be your host.. plz contact me: ahmadnaif400@gmail.com

Your eqal must be close together not separated .

WTF u smoked oud lol and u said its like weed LMAO

19:00 No

4:59 Really !!

Peter, i wish you did't start with "this is about Saudi People not Saudi Politics" if they understood what you meant non would appreciate that. You have offended Us. and that's not your style especially when you haven't said that on your previous videos Ukraine and Iran.

dudes high as hell

where are you going 2:21


You should go to the northern cities

I heard that if you are born in saudi arabia and went through the whole system you will never be able to become a saudi unless you are rich af ? true or false Now count how many immigrants

Yo Peter you don't breath in the smoke Oud is used as sort of a perfume usage cause you know the smoke that comes out of the oud smells good and all that

duuuuude you don't smoke oud xD you shouldn't inhale it. it causes lung cancer just let the smoke stick in your shemagh and your nick to make you smell good when you greet other people. and traditionally if you are a guest they should do what they did. the hash here is less potent than the Bay it comes from afghan but it is super prohibited and you may have heard about the latest Lil Wayne incident in Riyadh. dude I love seeing your reactions to those traditions.

أبراهيم يوم وصل لمرحلة الاوكرانيات قلب كنه عبدالله بلخير

Oud is like perfume not drugs mate

i subbed because your videos are made with skill. question though why teh sa marking next to inside. i see this everywhere.

Thanks! I'm happy to have you here.


Thanks Maida! I'm American but live in Ukraine.

عطوه عوده وهو قام يوزعها يفكرها يحصلوها من أرضهم

These are the type of random travelling experiences I wish I filmed during my travels. Love how you travel Peter! Thank you for documenting. Ahah your unexpected guide was such a cool guy- his amusement of your fear of bats was funny and the view from his house is breathtaking.

اهه هذا الرجل كفو مثفق وكلامه منطقي

You have to focus more in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must be an Arab he is very beautiful there are many regions of the world in order to visit him Eetmnh

Well he has the right to say whatever he wants in his channel. I’m saudi and I don’t find it offensive. You have to realize that not all people like to be represented by their government. It’s always about the people. People matter not their governments

I am in love with Ibrahim

Must say you look really handsome in a thobe and ghutra. This attire suits you better than western clothing.

it’s not marijuana you are just not supposed to cover it

Peter you could be another Anthony Bourdain. I loved his cnn show Parts Unknown. If I worked for CNN I would hire you in the spot. I couldn't stop watching your video.

Please don't smoke the Oud

15:58 بيتر قاعد يشفط الدخان كأنه بينتشي 16:38 وهنا يقول العود الي كنت أدخنه .. ههههههههه .. يدخنه مو يشمه

0:40 please ask locals for help before wearing it this way. Otherwise thanks for the laugh

6:55 عسير كانت في الحكم السعودي من 1338 يعني اكثر من 100 سنه اما 89 سنه هذا وقت توحيد المملكة وضم جيزان للحكم السعودي عام 1352

Bro, you are a bless. Give thans for sharing love.

انهم يشربون السرطان الاخضر

الله يرزقك بذات الدين والخلق

4:10 its a call for prayer for muslim , adzan ... all radio channel will broadcast the adzan.

سلطان عسيري هههههههه

XZOI 77 انا قلت الي قابلهم الامريكي

ياخي كل تراب علشان كم شخص اساؤوا بالرياض قلت عن حقين الرياض مقحححبهَ لعنك الله

It’s because of the monkeys in this area who dig in the trash can

Amazing amazing. Enjoying your trips , wonderful loving brothers and sisters, thank you thank you for sharing your wonderful videos . God’s beautiful lands. One day wish to visit Bethlehem in other countries in the Middle East. Love from Austin,Tx USA

The saudi Arabian people have the most beautiful culture I love my people in saudi Arabia God Protect them for The Sharr

بيتر لف أماكن احسن مننا وشاهدنا اشياء جميلة عمل جيد يابيتر احسنت

سوي لقاء ثاني مع ابراهيم واخوه

Saudi Arabia is a good country but 60% of the people still needs education about what is really happening in the world today, that we are now in the 20th century and embracing the new generation tradition but still keeping the old tradition to be a better person and of course educating some of them about the importance of respect.

Andro Lopez Ayuda Do note

Sumbtch yeah I know but I’m not saying all ❤️

Saudi people are in touch with the people outside we do have internet, social media, youtube, watching movies, we know what’s happening in different countries and we like the things the way they are in our country

Women is pronounced WEMEN in the plural. It’s funny some Americans can’t speak English.

Great video!!! Nice people!!

I’m surprised how many speak English (and so well)!

Salam new subscriber watching from California Salam alaykom they’re very nice man

That freaking bat made me duck. Lol

No no no 6:32

شكله يعامل العود معاملة الدخان

@Sumbtch well that's some big changes I doubt it will happen, from what I read saudi does give citizenship of you pay 218k per person that is new indeed

Saudi doesn’t give citizen ship for anyone rich or poor, but its changing at the moment they will start to give very soon

المباني المفروض يتم ترميمها لان حلوه الصراحه

How much money mbs paid you for propoganda videos ?

هدفه تشويه حنا الحمدلله شعب مسلم نعتز بديننا وعقيدتنا حتى الدوله ماترضى بكلامه الله ياخذ عمره فاهم التطور بالدشاره والوشوم التطور بالعلم والعمل الناس الي قاعده تدرس العلوم وتطبق التطور العلمي والصناعي والمعرفي هذولا هم الي نفخرفيهم لمايكون بيئتك مهندس ومبرمج وتقني حاسب ومدرس يخدمون الدوله ويبنون الوطن تحس انك متطور وديرتك تتقدم اما اهل الضياع كروت تحترق لانتهت مدتها

ouda is not to get high its to smell good

مرشد سياحي ممتاز

Looks like those boys got you a little high


Brilliant video, so interesting

You are my hero Peter. Thank you for these incredible videos.

Man that guide man was great! Give me his contact number. Would love to meet him and explore

i have to visit this place .

ططططط يوال أمي وأبي

Hi did you visit jeddah peter

I enjoyed watching your documentary in Saudi Arabia the gentleman his name is Ibrahim should I Authority of tourist support him more and the village you visited seem to be need more reform advertisemeant I didn’t know why you visited jaz during the summer time choosing this season is very important where u travel in the world Keep going with your good video and you surprise me that you be able to adopt different Culture very fast All these places you visited I have never been there the way you showed it is really lovely you give me the courage to make a plan to visit


0:58 اهلا بك عندنا فجازان.

Don’t pick it up ( MT dew)

6:29 قتلني الله يقلعه

Saudi Arabia looks awesome with a great history and culture. Respect to Saudis from Poland!

ابراهيم شكراً وانا سعودي من نجد استمتعت .. تحية لكل اهل الجنوب

والله حرام مثل هذي الأماكن مهملة ولا ترمم من قبل هيئة السياحة شيء يقهر بصراحة.. والأخ إبراهيم ماقصر ألله يحفظه

اشكر جوك يا ابراهيم

The things that Ibrahim’s gave you, or what we said Oud is not for smell or kind of smoke to smell as you said marijuanas no!

حرام اماكن سياحية وتاريخية ومحد مهتم فيها

وش نوع الكام الي معاه اسطوريه

THE AGARWOOD you take it it expansive and the give you nice smell and relaxing nothing worry abut it ad welcome to saudi

ابراهيم الله يزوجك 4 اوكرانيات

كنت بمدح إبراهيم بس خربها بالأخير يوم قام يمدح ببنات اليهود

Ibrahim represents 90 percent of Saudi youth

Thank you Peter for showing the true picture of Saudi people, you’re so brave and that’s what people need to discover the truth them selves

Middle Eastern Mountain Dew is actually much nicer than western Mountain Dew Peter.. There’s a little Middle Eastern restaurant in Edinburgh where I stay (kebab mahal) whom sell it & it has a noticeably smoother softer taste. I’m not trying to say it’s a health tonic or such like - but it is a tastier alternative. Love your videos on KSA - a real eye opener for a Scotsman & is making me want to visit too.

بيتر يحسب ببسي فيه كحول

You are a wonderful person and your report is beautiful on our beloved kingdom. Thank you

Sad to see this things in bad conditions

17:58 i feel sorry for the guy who was about to eat the piece of OUD!

my father traveled the world like this throughout the 70's and 80's- its incredible how much easier things are with the wonderful technology in you phone!

Does anyone know what kind of camera he uses ? Is it a gopro and if so which one ?

Acaully indian have no toilet that's going to shit on the moon cause of this he took u so long hahaha

Yes, I'll have a video about it next Thursday.


I watched all your videos and i know what you re trying to do and i know exactly the reason why you doing this video so as i told u before stop saying in the beginning of the video that it had nothing to do with politics ,because in each episode you throw more than one political issue that people didn't realize maybe some of those dislike that u got realized it

Sorry, Peter, you got it alls wrong. The places you are visiting in the south is very popular tourist attractions for the people of the region. So zero tourist is not accurate, it is the ongoing war in Yamen and the missiles attacks that made this place less attractive since 5 years ago.

Lol 11:41

Ibrahim is so cute and such a nice guy with beautiful heart MashaAllah

Watching from Kerala India I was there in jiddah Saudi and like your videos

Hi peter i discovered your channel yesterday , and i am enjoying your videos , come to visit my country Algeria

The Saudi young man made me laugh a lot and the tour was beautiful

Oud or incense smells beautiful only and is not for smoking or inhalation and does not resemble hemp

yemeney land

Danger محمد اليافعي قو برو

17:12 that car undertook you! Maybe you was driving too slow

oud is not for smoking my dear its for the smell of it lol

20:28 - 20:56 Exactly how I feel when learning a language, indulging myself within a different culture, it’s something that with everything new, you get used to it and it’s just apart of something you know and it’s no stranger to you anymore, I know exactly what you mean

We don’t smoke oud

Guid man very nice

Wow amazing trip bruv

my father did the same before he got married to my mom

بيتر انسان طيب ومهضوم

What nice people! I'm really surprised. I didn't expect arabs to ever be hospitable but they are more welcoming than us. Hi to the Saudi's from the U.K

Just a quick reply, the Baboons go into the bins & create the mess you saw trying to find food. Also you really shouldn't inhale the Oud. Aside from those two points you seem to have captured the spirit of the locations & the people, great video.

Saudi Arabia is very peaceful, I have visit saudi to perform umrah, it's a beautiful country.

When I watch you about there trash it's part of there life they doesn't know what's the used of trash bins even at home they just throw there trash everywhere especially tissue in sorry for that but it's true maybe because they have house maids but it's enough reason ...im not saying all but mostly....simple to-do but it's hard for them ..... There's a saying What's the used of your education if your trash picked up by uneducated one

haha I loved this vid of you guys !!!

this brings me a lot of memories i remember my grandma's old house and the stories they had in it i love Abha more than Riyadh Abha is the country that i really wanna go there again but i can't my family doesn't love these things except my parents of course and a lot of the places that you visited i did ago there actually

”we’re kissing... we're blowing kisses” and Peter kept kissing him hahahahahahahahahahahahahah

16 of the 19 highjackers in 911 were from Saudi Arabia. Yet America attacked a innocent of Iraq and turned a blind eye to the real culprits. Something is terribly wrong here.Really sounds like America and the Saudis were in on it together. What a world What a world.

It’s actually way bigger than that. If you look into it from every angle you would know that there were connection to many of the secret intelligence services of the world...to name a few; Kuwait, Pakistan, British, Israel, and of course the US. The wars on Afghanistan & Iraq were pre-planed & prepared for years if not decades. These things don’t just happen...nothing in this world does. We are living in a very very controlled world. By the way; I’d advise to take a look into a very important book on 911 called; “911 As A Mass Ritual” This world is run by freaks. All the best for you & your loved ones.

الدقيقة 3:33 يقول كلام أصاب فيه عين الحقيقة ترجمته "شيء لا أستطيع أن أفهمه لمذا هناك كثير من المخلفات في الأرض مع وفرة سلال المهملات، الحق أن الأب إذا كان يرمي مخلفاته بسلة المهملات فكذلك سيفعل أبناءؤه والعكس صحيح" بالعربي يعني ناس ما ربت عيالها على خلق عدم إلقاء الأذى في الطريق.

ابراهيم ماتكفيه الحروف لمدحه يعطيه العافيه

PETER!! You DO NOT inhale the smock from the OUD.. you just let your cloths wear its smell.. while holding your breath.

2:30 فندق السوده ❤❤❤

الله يرزقه انصدمت لاما شفت بيته

والله شكراً للي خذاه في جوله.. بس جاب العيد لما جاب طاري الزواج ليته سكت

I am not Saudi but the way he reacted to the oud..

I love it and it was funny, too.

تظنون انه سائح اوحق تجسسسسس

المرشد قال أسلحة الإحتلال العثماني لأن مقرراتكم التعليمية غلط الإحتلال الحقيقي هو من عائلة بن سعود الذين قصمو البلاد وأنشأو مملكة تحت إسمهم تلك أرض الحجاز وبلاد الحرمين ليست ملكا لكم هي ملك للمسلمين في جميع بقاع العالم وبإذن الله يوم تسقط إسرائيل فأنتم تتبعونها لأن ما بني على باطل لا يدوم ويل للعرب من شر قد إقترب

Oh God, dedicate your heart to Islam, Mr. Peter

يقول عندي بيت تحت فخم لكنه يقول ما ارتاح الا في ذا المكان الي هو القديم

The trash were in open area and we now how it is hard to manage people and animals in these places. Dont say thing if you did not saw that thing by your self

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