UNEXPECTED Adventure With a Local!

UNEXPECTED Adventure With a Local!

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Welcome. I have, a feed, from the Backson. Help, me put this on please whooping uh okay. We're, getting your hair. Saudi, Arabia. This. Is a story about Saudi, people not, Saudi politics. Today. We're. Going on a mega. Road trip. Through. The mountains of the southwest, corner of Saudi Arabia I, found. Some random, windy. Road on, Google Maps it looks interesting and then. Down. Down down, so we're at 7500, feet now torn roughly 2,300, meters, down. To G's on which is on the Red Sea, coast. Help. Me put this on please. How. Do I here. Oh. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, that's, what I didn't have the extra fold. What. The wrong okay. A baby, honey we go. Selena. Was born I would ha, no. But. Good, sir. Shook, it on one. Much. Better. King house king house okay. Shook. It on. There. Looks. Like a palace. There. Has to be some, beautiful. Landscaping. And vegetation in there I think. This is as, far as temperatures go the coolest, part, of the country. We're. Gonna go down here. There's. A windy, road. Where. Is it there it is I think that's the road, and. Then go down through this valley and. Out, towards, the Red Sea. This. Wood is so. Rugged. Weathered. Hard. Yeah. I don't think it comes as a surprise, to. Anybody that, Saudi. Arabia is an, arid. Dry. Rugged. Place. So. Just getting a little bit of greenery like, this. Does. Absolute. Wonders. For the mind I'd say Salaam. One. Thing I don't get about so, much of the, world is. The. Whole trash thing. Especially. When they're all these trash cans around doesn't, make any sense to me there's a can right there. But. That's how it goes if your father. If. Your father threw, the bottle on the ground most. Likely you're gonna throw the, bottle, on the ground, that's. How humanity works, for, the most part. Habits. Get passed on you, either learn. From, your parents and you emulate them or you learn you look at what they do it and you you. Do the exact opposite. This. Is called Raja. Heritage. Village. If. You want to be in a country where there are absolutely. Zero. Tourists, I don't. Think you can beat Saudi Arabia, on that front. Shukran. Shukran DeLand. I'm. From, Yemen. It. Reminds, me of that. Art. Area. I went yesterday when, there wasn't one. Person. There. They're. Drinking the green cancer, here that stuff used to make my teeth hurt I used to be addicted to Mountain Dew which is. Terrible. It's, like antifreeze. Looks. Like people are living up here. This. Old village. Some. Of the buildings well. That one's been redone some of them are broken falling. Apart others. Have been redone. My, boy Ali's setting things up here setting. It right it's getting really hot out so. This is the way to do it right, shook, it on. We're. Kissing we're blowing kisses. Right. In. The, Saudi government took. Control of this town, 100 years ago right. 89. Years ago okay. And. The. Wind that, make. America fall, we. Can't pay, by. The minute, ready give him back on. Right. Do. That again. All. Those doors, are shops, to. Sell a lot of things. How. Long ago, were. People living here. 50. Years ago they. Move in ABBA. That's where I came from here it's interesting these. New. City lights in here. Okay. How. Old this is this, town. You. Have a lot of snake. People. Live in these now, no. Cool. They. Bein takers and. A. Lot. Of. Baboons. Do you, like the baboons, vicious. They're, vicious aren't, they yeah, people think you're cute did they think they're cute nice. For. The kids for. Everybody. The. Monkeys. They found you know they. Won't attack you they'll, rip your face. Oh. Yeah. It's my mud floor. They're. Making those. Floors. My. Mixed. Mode. And. Okay. -. Bad. I'm. Not a big fan of bad. Peter.

His Fed, from the baths. This. Is traditional, gets through. You. Can see the bats. Are. You. Blessing me what's going on yeah, thank. You. This. Is that really hardwood, from up in the mountain right. Yeah. If. We think this, village. The. Built. The house or, something. Mm-hm. This, was here Oh. How. Many years ago 48. Yeah. So. What's happening people are moving out to. Search, jobs, right. And the school. Coolidge sure. Mister. Be like, living, room. Yeah. Okay. So. Where are you taking me. I. Like your road yeah it's quite steep. Actually. That's not scope from the game from beta thank you. Well, I live in Ukraine, bro and you always have to if, you enter someone's home you have to bring a gift it's a very cool tradition, nice, place. Yeah. This is cool, G. T's, great this. Is this is your brother yeah, okay. What's your name, Ahmed. Peter, yeah yeah. Thank. You what's, in here. This. Oh this is your house I thought that was your house. This. Is your place you, live alone or your brother lives in here too. Rochelle. It, was a center point for trade, right from. Djibouti you were saying yeah Djibouti. And, Sudan. I'm, a Cuba, and, from, Yama I, love. The look of the Arabic language so beautiful, actually, not this. Is not. Arabic. What is it ethnic, language. This one this one this, can. You read this. That's. A nice view, great. View Wow. Amazing. This. Is how you make your coffee here. I was. Lucky to meet. Impotent. O'Malley fatty, right. When I was leaving, because. There were no English speakers and. He. Gave me the tappet or that, I like I think. You guys like that too right going into different. Different. Zones different areas. Venturous. She. Could on. This. One Mahad. Marca. Suraj. Habibi. Yasha. You. Are saying a wedding. Here costs, how, much. $5,000. So. It's, difficult. You. Face out. Yes. Three. Times you, must. Based, out your face. It's. Relaxing. Okay. Take it. That. Would that I just smoked was, like. Very. Light. It. Sort. Of like what marijuana used, to be before, that all. Scientific. And, super. Powerful. At least from my experiences, in California, recently. Salam, alaikum. Okay. These. Are live. Uh-huh. Right. Yes. From India. Nice. To meet you, where. Are we going, toilets. Right, toilet. Okay you know this stuff. No. Burning. Fire. Really, good I do, someone, is from Kerala, India one. Of the nicer parts of the country, a lot, of Indians here huh are, you many. Indians, yeah the.

The Toilets, not in the restaurant it's down here right okay. Here, no. Quite, a mission for the toilet. Mercedes. Next Mercedes, truck Hey Oh, toilet. Okay, fantastic. Proper. Feast. 15. Water waters, back. This. Looks like a traditional, Saudi. Meal, Saudis, let us know. In. The comments, what, this is it. Looks good. I scored. Okay, so. Good. I needed, that so bad. And then doing that fast-food. Just. Because they couldn't find places, usually. Cool, thing about the open road, like. A day like today you have that skeleton, root but. You don't know what you're gonna go into you don't know what to expect you know what you're gonna eat. Who. You're gonna meet what, you're gonna see, love. This stuff and, so the theme running, through. The day is. Friendly. People cool, people. Hospitality. So, you know what people say the, curse of knowledge. And. What, I mean by that is, what. Do you know something. You think it's common knowledge. And Saudi, Arabia to me the first date didn't know I'm a thing, nothing. Zero. I mean except, from what. I heard from the outside right but. As far as like how it felt on the ground, no. Understanding. Now. What is it Dave five. Acclimated. To it and, so. The. Curse of knowledge is. You. Know once you once you've done it in experience, too you. Think it's just you, know it's normal, I don't, even know right now at this point in time if this even looks out of place it even looks that much different, because I'm I. I'm here if this makes any sense at all. But. You know what I'm talking about like when you when you speak, when you know something when you learn something and they're like oh yeah I know that now and then it just, becomes common. Saudi. Arabia, is not there yeah for sure like on the macro no way this place is so, complex. This place is so. Mixed. Up I mean I've had. Conversations, that I couldn't, bring the camera out right and. But. I've heard everything from people, telling me you. Know alcohol, will be legal, in a couple years more, a year I think it was told, to. Someone. I just met saying, he thinks it's terrible, that woman are allowed to drive now. And this. Is because he says he respects, woman it, wants. To look after. Spectrum. Is massive. Here it's, all over the place. There, are a lot of social pills, here and I don't really know them all to be honest. People. Seem to like this though they get a kick out of it, now, obviously I'm not fitting in with this I don't look like anyone from here. But more than that it's, it's, cool to play with identity. It's cool to wear, just, call it a different costume right identify. Myself differently. Being. A completely different culture and country, operate. Outside of my language. Or. Let's just call it get my house out of my mind much. Really, really, odd set like that adventure. I think, it's not for everyone right, but. That adventure, we. All long for. You. Can find it in this type of travel you can find it in the. Unknown the. Predictable, shed is. Great. For many things and we all want safety and security fact. But. Zagging. The other way from time to time where, I find this is a balance I got my rent-a-car know. Where I'm going got a hotel room tonight roads. Are good it's not that crazy but, the interactions, throughout. The day along, the room. There, surprises, they're magical. I didn't, have one bad experience today. I really.

Feel That you the world is universal, in that sense is if you if you just God with an, open, mind and open heart people, are. More. That's. It guys end of, an epic. Saudi. Road, trip here. In geez anon the Red Sea coast, gonna. Try to get out to an island tomorrow I heard there's an, island out here to explore so I'm gonna try to make that happen, so. Thanks, for coming along. I'm. Really, excited for this this is amazing I think it costs like $45, tonight and. Airconditioning, it is very. Very hot outside, so. Until. Tomorrow, peace. Do. You like the baboons. Vicious.

2019-12-16 10:09

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I am cracking up! Love the videos!

Welcome peter ❤️

U should delete the part about smoking the oud lol

Seriously amazing Peter... The first American who go deeper inside our culture and trying really hard to understand our nature and our real life without misleading and misconception that lead by foreign media... I'm so glad that finally an American guy understands that we are really nice kindhearted people and very welcoming to the others.

Actually the south area of Saudi (Abha and surrounding areas) have very different traditional dishes. Like haneeth and areekah. حنيذ و عريكه.

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Alcohol will never be allowed inSaudi Arabia. Not even in your dreams so take it easy you and the other west worshippers minority of Saudis that you have met and promoted for.

I was just restating what someone told me. Personally I don't drink and loved being in a culture where alcohol wan't the center point of social life.

It is really great that you decided to explore the various cultures in Saudi and not just visit the big cities like Riyadh or Jeddah. You probably got to experience things here many of us sudis didn’t. Btw, thanks to Ibrahim for that tour. He was very knowledgeable and you ware lucky to meet him.

نريدك الذهاب إلى نجران انها قريبه من جيزان اسئل الناس عن مكانها

I hope you know about Islam because our religion is so beautiful and the media lies and lies and I hope you will be delivered because the meaning of Islam is to hand over your will to God and there is no God but God

16:43 lol This is Oud its like perfumes in traditional way. Dont inhale it

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Bruh the Saudi people love the night in the night every where is crowded that's the reason you didn't see alot of people and I hope u come to albaha I can meet you and show you alot of things and answer all of ur questions albaha not far from jazan

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Thanks :)



You come in the wrong time you have to come in the season

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Hi Peter, Welcome to Saudi Arabia. Thank you for having the courage to come and see my country. I used to live in the US for 5 years to complete my bachelor. I live in Jeddah. You must visit Jeddah. It's near the red sea. You will see the fun part of Saudi, more modern and there is a lot to do.

You must visit Khobar and Jubail Industrial city (both in Eastern Province )

Are you actually from Yemen I’m not a old fan so sorry if I don’t know

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*Awesom* ✌ Make one in *EGYPT* as well

اميركي عاش كل حياته في السعوديه ويقدم محتوى مميزا على قناته لا تنسى الاشتراك في قناته وحط له لايك https://youtu.be/oWhRZ-sEpqo

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Oud is a natural perfume

The area of Rijaal Almaa is a Yemen territories historically. It has been rented by Saudis in the 50's. You can see the similarities between the heritage house you visited and the ones in Yemen.

Hello from France. Love ur videos


حنا ف الجنوب مانرمي بالنفايات برا الزباله الله يكرمكم القرود هي اللي تلعب بالزبايل وتطلع النفايات عشان تدور اكل ، لايك عشان يعرفون

ما قصرت يا إبراهيم ونعم

Islamically, alcohol wouldn't be legal at all.. May be you meant it might be allowed in future. I can't guess bro.. I hope you read my comment✌️

I read it. Thank you :)


Where this place

مرحباً بك في *المملكة العربية السعودية*

i am enjoying your videos about saudia and yes you r right about throwing garbage..we need to educate ppl about it

شكرا ابراهيم الشكر لايوفيك حقك

Welcome to Saudi Arabia

كفو يا ابراهيم

عقاله يضحك

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Amazing guide

The tour guy should be an idol for all the others Tours he's so funny and respectful

Yeah, he was awesome :)

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i love my Arabia

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I was just inhaling it so it gave me a little high. Perhaps!

ي ربي شكلك مرهه غلط بالعقال

I live on Farasan Island, I want to meet you in order to show you everything

21:19 Alcoholic drinks are prohibited in Islam; and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country whose constitution is the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet .And everyone knows the economic, psychological, social and health effects of alcohol as well, and also how a Muslim can wish that he is a disgrace to Muslims. I Am Saudi and Muslim Girl

Hope you enjoyed your trip Peter :)

يحسب العود مخدرات

Beware of Houdis at the Yemen side

شكرا للأخ اللي كان معاه

The palace is the InterContinental

Bro, you should come to Al Qatif. You will like it a lot

Wow you actually look handsome with the saudi uniform

Abha Metropolis includes Abha, Khamis Mushait and Ahed Rufida. Its population is around 2 million. Khamis Mushait alone is around 1.3 Million.

“If ur father through his garbage” u nailed it, thats what’s happening sadly

I am very proud in Ibrahim that he is a person who loves his culture and I also think that he is my type

Welcome to my city

Peter, you are not suppose to inhale the oud like you did in the tent. You either burn it to give your place a nice smell or put it close to your outfit to make them smell good.

I'm originally from Rejal Alma, my grandfather's house is still there it's not in a good shape though as the man said people left to search for jobs and to go to colleges. I feel sad whenever I go there knowing how amazing that place was filled with people who truly loved their land but they couldn't afford to take care of it even though they tried and saved a lot putting their own money hearts and souls to make it feel like home whenever they want to visit. Thank you so much, Peter, for the nice vlog

بعض اللي بالكومنت تحسهم بلا كرامة ويترجونه يعجب بالبلد لانه امريكي وخلاص هههههههه

You should come to Dammam in the east of Saudi it the best city then go to khobar wich is 30 minutes away from Dammam

I know im jumping the gun a bit, but once your done with the trip in Saudi are you considering or would possibly consider visiting Yemen?! ..... A culturally and historically rich Country that has many sites (be it natural or Historical) to visit and discover.

I would for sure.

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You look so nice with gotrah

قولو له السياح مايروحو ابها الا في الصيف عشان الاجواء

Go to jeedah

Hi Peter, loved your insight. I’m from Riyadh and i lived for a few years in the states, if you’re ever back in Riyadh i would love to host you and give you a deeper understanding into the saudi physique and culture.

Thank you Khalid :)

Thank you for your efforts

الله لا يحييكم

والله فله صار عندنا سياح

عبود عبود عطنا رقصة من فورتنايت اتحفنا ب مواهبك

عبود عبود ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه☹️

عبود عبود كل تبن ياخي. ورع

Ahmed Akour وأنت غير صورتك فضحتنا ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه

احمد عبدالله احذف. تعليقك يفشل.

حياك الله في ابها البهيه ❤️

Welcome to jazan In Jizan, there are many beautiful places such as Montenegro , Viva, Wadi Lajab, and Farasan Island I hope you enjoy it

Yes! Some of these places will be in upcoming videos.

اشكرك يا ابراهيم شكراً جزيلاً

If you want adventure go to WADI LAJB AND JABL ALDUOD it’s good plices.

And if you want to know more about Saudi Arabia, do not see it with an American eye, come to Saudi Arabia and talk to an Indian or Pakistani worker, and they will tell you the truth, good and bad people in everywhere, but the people here very respect the American people.

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