Universal Studios Orlando 2019 Attempting to Ride Every Ride In The Parks

Universal Studios Orlando 2019 Attempting to Ride Every Ride In The Parks

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Jarrid Lindsay here heading into Universal, Studios, bright, and early on a Saturday morning today. We. Are going to try and see if we can ride every. Single ride, except, for tubes I'm not riding the two water, rides or. A couple, of months ago when I was at more nights I went many nights but I didn't really try to go through all the haunts and tell the very last night and, I got me thinking like man. If you just have one day at the park how, many rides can you get through I said, hey you know what when we come back and do it we're gonna do both parks we're gonna see if we get them all done a universal, and I like adventure, what we're gonna do is we're just gonna do you through the regular line or single, rider line we're not gonna utilize Express, Pass and. We're not going to even, actually. Utilize, our early, entry from, Annual Pass or, I guess if you had earlier I think you get early entry if you're staying on resource we're not gonna do that either we're. Gonna just do a normal, day which. Is a Saturday, in January, which I don't think we'll be too busy can you get through everything let's, find out we may fail they. Fail miserably. But you never know oh we're also gonna do we're also filming later and in the video. We're eating three times inside, Universal, Studios so that's, another. Thing we're gonna see if we can get done all the rides and. Three, meals, so. Far early this morning there's not that many people but you know I would really expect there to be too many then, we're gonna head back to. Diagonally. First and try to get Gringotts, done first, it's 9:30 we're ready to take off the challenge kind, of wanted to wait a. Reasonable. Time when most people be getting here outside of early access so we were kind of tooling around we're. Gonna start off with bring guys, so. We gotta get a locker. This one we're gonna do a single Rider first. Ride done and 30-minute wait for green guts but. It was a zero weight for us cuz we did single rider I mean seriously, we walked right up the stairs right on zero weight I do want to say one thing though the, locker area for green cuts is the absolute worst in, the park I real way it's just so congested. And they tight only send one person in but. Not a big deal big. Deal is I think they decided a, little poorly X right I think we're gonna go over to island an adventure not stuff out agony I'm sorry fill up the big breakouts and sometimes.

This Train ride can be brutal but that's, 15 minutes what it's walk on at the moment. So we're gonna take this you'd, over to the other part inside. Ride, the train you have to have a party. Without is I think. They meant 15-minute, walk at 15-minute, Wade and. Welcome to island, of adventure or. More specifically, there's an island of adventures, yes. Sure but. More specifically, welcome, to Hogsmeade. Every. Your, bathroom - yeah, I, was. Gonna say add my little snowman friend here Hogsmeade, but. Buddy bad news ray and I are in the shade but. That Sun. Is. Inching, closer and, closer to, you here, we go for the dream, 15, min away but I think. There's a single rider option that's what I'm gonna do. Another, great gun locker situation. Was bad I was wrong new this one is worse, is there a there at the entrance. It's. Right next to the right entrance it was just like a mass of people but anyway the single rider line, nobody's. Here I've been journey done. And. I've said it before but if you're even slightly, prone to motion sickness don't write it, up. Next flight of the Hippogriff. 15-minute. Wait a grid-tied. It as. Far as what in the Hippogriff we're, gonna get another really, awesome agritopia. Pretty soon on the new Harry Potter. Have. A Griff diet. He. Says she doesn't like riding roller coasters with me because I swisher. Harry. Potter I've been checked off now we're heading over to the, Jurassic Park area. Jurassic. Park here we go it's the only water right I'm gonna ride too because this one doesn't get you too wet, I'm. Ashamed to admit that I've actually never noticed, the. I don't know what that thing is the lapis Oris from Jurassic, Park 3 I have. Never noticed it in the park before well. Kind of bad news our, ride. Challenge is gonna be slightly skewed, because the. Jurassic. Park River Ride is down, for. Maintenance for, three, more weeks. So what we're gonna try, to do is write the Tara dot, writers, I know they're tearing on fliers I'm sorry but. I don't know if we're gonna be able to do that either because I thought, you could, only write if you were a company in a child yeah and there's the verdict not allowed we're, not even gonna ask sign, that's pretty clear, Oh is, he you. Look over there though, there. Is a slide, do. You want to do that it's part of the ride challenge. I don't. Know. You. Want to go find out. We're, gonna do single rider on. This little slide. You. First here okay. I'm not gonna film I don't think they're just filming allowed inside the slide well maybe I can sneak it here. You go slide POV. Bad, idea. What, are you talking me into this. Lord. I. Think. The slide broke my ankles not. Lost now in tamp drastic, but now, this seems like a good idea we'll go this way what's. The worst thing to happen Oh. No. You weren't wrong there is a little spray thing easier oh. No. I got a little wet it's. Almost like I was on the river ride, all. Right that's enough oh, there's. Cannons up there too I need to get us area before it becomes a bloodbath. I don't. Want to get wet still. Lost though a really. Good thing I was really actually hoping that was the way out where in the world am I. I don't. Know if it's one way in one way or whatever, but we did find the way we came in so. Onward I think to call Bell, dear, I'll. Do here so far this is just bit Jurassic no ride for. Us hopefully. We have better luck with skull reign, of Kong Skull Island. I don't, know 50 min away and, I don't know that there even is a single rider for Kong. Goodness, there is definitely single, rider I don't utilizing single rider a lot today but I think. 30-minute. Waiting for a single rider I mean that's a 20 minute shape, 20 minutes off 50 min a regular wait 30 minutes single, rat await onward. To I, think the, marbles. Marble. Area, right as. I think there's a lot of water rides there in the tune yeah but we're gonna check out the wait times anyway, just. To give me an idea how long you'd have to wait on a day like today. This, is Dudley, do-right rip, softballs, and I'm about to show why I'm not. Oh. Here's another example, you can see them coming off this way absolutely drenched. I don't, think the rides over either.

Now, I've seen the. Ride it looks super fun so if you don't mind getting wet, that's, exhaustive, because. It. Does have a real long cool track there. You go, soaking. Wet not, me today. Well. If I was feeling froggy, five-minute. Way pretty much walk on but I'm not. Someday. It, was fun. This, is what would happen if I got all that I'd be sneaky. And, if we wanted, to ride fields, red builds. Pickled. Red charges. Five. Minutes let's, see if we can get a look at this handyman idea what the ride does. There, you can see what kind of what style right. It is does look like in the center it's got a little spot for you to keep all your whatever. You've got and it'll keep it dry. I think. Normally that thing drenches, water on them and they go, under it the little boat there. Yeah. So this area may not show you all the waterfalls, but I think it gives you a better idea of how quickly. Riot, can ignore. Rapid style ride. I bet, it's a lot of fun. Next, time I'm here it, is warm I promise I'll ride this and the other one. All right walking into the Marvel area there's four rides over here we need to do we need to do Doctor Doom, spider-man. Storm, four and. Incredible. Hulk it's. All, really. She won't do his storm forest in the spins. What. Are we gonna do first price spider-man. I think weird, if I've been away for the amazing, spider-man. Turns. Out I am gonna ride this one by myself, Lindsey, says this one at, times bothers, her she doesn't want to risk it well. I was able to get through spider-man, fairly, quickly as you can see Lindsey, and I are now alive. Doctor. Doom. Let's. Set a 35-minute, wait. Unfortunately. Dr. doom broke down I'm still getting in to ride it you. Wait clear out. Hopefully. We'll get back up and we'll get to do it today with. That one is you know kind, of beyond our. Jared's, provenances, store for romance. But that means letting. Happen. He. Used to go everybody. What. Are the odds. We're really spinning. A 45-minute. Way for all but. We got to get it done. All right incredible all complete. It was, Natalie. It was 45 minutes. We'll have Seuss Landing lab over here. And it's possible. Another, cat, - Vania. What they're doing over here an island of adventure. Welcome. To Susie Landy and this is what we decided to do err over here let's. Get it over it oh man there's a carousel, - I forgot about so I think there's four rides, over here we're gonna knock out, I. Love. Seuss Landing one of these days I, may, do just a video all. About Seuss Landing. We're, stuck in Seuss Landing can. We. Get. The Hat is in the bag and. I love that in Sakura one right. Time to one. Fish two fish red fish blue fish. All. Right do you think you can write it it goes on a circle. Now it looks like I'm riding, single, rider why, the frown TV. Okay. The, entrance. Here it goes I'm. Just gonna figure out what crazy creature, is variety. They all looking pretty wild, in there. There, is. I don't, even know what that is. And, we have come to the last ride a pirate. Of adventure, ten-minute. Wait Lyndsey's never been on this one he's excited excited, are, you. Really excited, really excited really. Really, excited. The. Story of us meet you. Aha. Now we have to say bye to Seuss Landing today, heading, back over to Universal, we're, done with the island of adventure. 2. Seuss Landing in particular, at some point because we want to do a video just on this place. It's, just really funny there's lots of cool little neat. Things to see and do. If anybody's saying like but what about Poseidon's, adventure, or whatever that you free walk through is I don't, consider it a ride and. I got to be honest I don't really like it so we're not doing it, like. That you can actually see them out working on, a guitar today. It always seems worse, going. From universal, you out of adventure, glad. I'm not waiting that. Right back on the universal side and we got kind of lucky because going, into the app now three. Gods has closed the Incredible, Hulk closed. Dr.. Doom finally opened back up but it's an eight. There, was another one close. That's, been closed. Man. This is stressful but we're, continuing on next. Up is the. Z's. She. Does not recommend the Simpson right after eating. I liked, it it was fun it wasn't not a 20-minute, wait. Sorry. Really, helpful so back, to men and black yeah. I assure. You I just, got off him in a blog that came right up to the, front of the park I was trying to do the Annual Pass holders lounge but I missed it by minutes so.

Now I'm gonna think. I'm gonna run get on minion mayhem only. If there's a single rider option since I can't ride it I don't, want to leave her for 35 minutes well, there is no, single, right around me and, so, I'm kind of just looking at this figuring, out with that riding next. If rocket fast and furious and maybe, Jimmy Fallon. That looked like I had zero weight. Okay, next, Jimmy, Fallon. Apparently. Jimmy Fallon is a virtual. Line so. They made us go over and get a virtual ticket, tells, you when to come back to ride your ride the, ticket it gave us says, we have to come back in two minutes so. I'm not really sure what that's all about, so I'm gonna stand here, or. I guess well I'm not a minute 45 seconds, now and then I get to go on the ride. It's cool like. I had, to sit out here. Jimmy Fallon made. Me. That was a good ride but we didn't know I was in three. So, Jared's going into the fast and furious supercharged. Ride. After, we had to wait for the parade this afraid of the street I like but I like worries. 3b. Wasn't man I'm. Sorry what that wasn't me was it 3d, no it wasn't oh, it. Was but you know what it was like it. Was a lot like Raina Kong like it was the same bride style vehicles, and the same kind of like you go through sets, and, it's. Got the screens going on, that's. Where cool on the queue was cool but this story. Is absurd. Like. This and suddenly. I don't know how was the photos pay attention this tends really weird I don't know cuz, I got to network we're, done you know I mean it was like it was doing like a little car, chase and then. You like fell, and awful I don't know what happened, I don't describe. The end of it but it's. Definitely probably. My least. Favorite right here I've gotta say. And thank you could, be better I mean, they wouldn't have to do much but maybe. Change this door. Some, of the scenes. Or piano is, just. That, was low on my list probably. Will never ride again to, be honest us I have to know okay. Well, I enjoy googling, the cars out here yeah. They got a lot of cool cars in there it's I guess it's worth going on just for that to see the assets. Inside, in. The Q line okay. I mean okay I just feel like the ride story is. All. Right, okay. It'd. Be better if you're chasing like an all-star or, something. We. All had just finished transformers. So it's another one done but. It's getting dark it's getting late it's. Not looking good for getting them all in well, Lindsay and I are gonna do something we've never done here, the, Universal Orlando or. Makeup show you're. Really excited I've always wanted to do it and I never have and I'm going to take, the opportunity, to do all right now I don't know if you can film in there if. You can't I'll get some footage if not I'll. Tell you what I thought of it what, it's over well, this is cool inside a lobby there all kinds a little displays, so we can look at all waiting. For the show his. Eyes I'm trying to say that there was that's, how thick this dude's appliance, was. That's. Exactly, what a saint Wow is. That the Phantom of the Opera here or is it somebody else No. Yes. You. Sure. Ya know it's the Phantom of the Opera according, to this. She was almost ready to start so I kind of go through this pretty quickly. Creature. From the Black Lagoon. Oh look. At its. A Norman Bates mother. And. Norma, Bates, they. Didn't, lose to the Hitchcock promise hair or the Bates Motel they're, you. Know they have it over in. Hollywood. Mario's, couple my favorites Chucky. And. Then my absolute. Favorite, Michael. Myers, and. His knife. And. A velociraptor, oh, man, and a couple horror my god, he's jacked a clown and the caretaker, oh. Man. I wish they'd him all in here and I also got some photos of. Some of the horror night scare, zones and, a house. Is. The storyteller. What. We just got done with the monster makeup show and it wasn't what I thought it was I thought it was gonna be like mom makeup, demonstrations. It wasn't, but, it was really cool it was funny it was just sort of a sorta, like an improv, comedy. Show I mean they showed some. Clips and explained. Talked. About some of the old like makeup artists and whatever, but overall, it was just more, of a comedy show but it was really funny I liked it what, do you think it was really funny it but it's definitely not a makeup demonstration I don't try to make up like I thought even, though the stage looks like that's what they're gonna do it's not but, it's worth uh it's worth checking out it was fun had a lot of fun in there yeah. So, in here we found a little section. With. Ornate stuff. Like. Some of the stuff that they've used for Horror Nights. Who's. The mermaid. It's. Cool but this it's, chance.

And. You can buy her two chances. $3,000. This. Is awesome. And. Then you get the stranger things stuff. Yeah. You buy the, seasonal. Surf. And waffles. From. 300. Bucks who's just signs they head out there in overnight. You. Want you, can buy them. This. Was. From. Way. Back. There. Were nights over there. This, is awesome. I, think. This stuff you know they put different stuff in here all the time. Some. More big whore night prints back there. What's. This dress from. Hundred dollars. This. Is this dress yes. So. This mirror. Has. Been seen in multiple locations. You. Guys remember these. What. Were these I think these marked, the interactive. Areas, if. You about that interactive, lanyard from last year. So. Williams of Hollywood was fun I wanted, to stand there in the film more, but, it was pretty tight it's, pretty tight quarters and there was actually quite a few people coming in anyone. Accidentally, like. That, was already cut off people, already got bumping into me it's tough so I wanted, to get out of there make sure I didn't break anything expensive, it doesn't have to buy but. I was kind, of caught off guard I know they're gonna have all that Horror Nights stuff in there I, didn't. Either I wasn't sure what to expect but when. A good like that yeah. Well then I guess the merchandise it changes over so if you go in there like the next time it'll, be different. Well. We. Tried. I wouldn't even say it's like moderately, busy. This is too hard I mean summarize, some, of the rising rear parking up to an hour. You know we had already done that one, but communion. Mayhem has been, 3540. Minutes all day and, et. This, is 25 to 30 which is you, know right sometimes we walk out so. We missed let's see what did we miss I missed et Woody, Woodpecker. Cato's. Marilyn, drawer I. Think. We've. Got everything. Me, and dr. doom. Over, there so that's five right so I would say. I mean, maybe if it was a really really, not busy day you. Could get them all done and I did single right around quite a few open visit leads a good ride the rides we, also did like our three wheels so. Some. Of these. I don't. Know I mean if you have one. Day and you needed to see everything, anew, you, know the jobs. Trespass. After all. You know like I said we could have done one part one or the other for sure. I would not suggest I ran your car. You might do it. Just, rights you're, doing it just barely. Really. Dead day in the park. Or. Maybe in a lot of words during the summer when there. Open very late today that's the other kind of hindering factor, is, the hours they're.

Closing A little early. Help, Shou kind. Of gives, you an idea how much you can get done in a day and I'm. Less. Than moderately, busy days we're doing moderate, and a little busyness I would say today was.

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If you would like to see the Horror NIght Video where I try to do all 10 haunts in one night without express pass, you can see that video here :) https://youtu.be/6JDGtsjYtfk

At the beginning of the video I thought I have seen this place but at minutes 6 I saw an entrance "Camp Jurassic". Very nice park and too many people visiting too. Hmm let me sit down somewhere and have coffee. Nice video

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What a great challenge! Pity there were ride closures but I guess that's to be expected during the off season. I've heard some pretty terrible things about F&F, it sounds like the best bit of the whole attraction is the queue line lol!

+Adventure Mode Traveling I think next time we're in Orlando, we'll only do F&F if there's a short line! It seems bizarre that Universal would commit money to this. If it's like the Universal Hollywood version, the F&F segment is only part of the tram tour and nothing more than filler.

F&F was pretty bad. It is just corny with really goofy acting. The actual ride mechanic is ok. Plus, there is way too much set up time before the ride starts to do anything. There were probably better rides that could have gone in instead, lol. I didn't really know anything about F&F before this, I have always been too busy to ride it when I am in the park. In fact I hadn't ever ridden Jimmy Fallon either even though I have been in the park many times since that ride opened.

Lindsay actually rode the one ride I pretty much can't ride, and the ones that made her sick I can ride lol. I can not ride the Simpsons. It's the only ride that bothers me and even when it was Back to the Future it bothered me. All the rest are good. You definitely need to ride all the water rides one day. If you don't like being wet make it a time you are staying onsite so you can go back to room and change. That's what we like to do cause they really are fun rides! ~Dawn

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She has a really tough time with the Simpson ride as well, she just tried to power through it, lol. I can honestly say she never rides as many rides when we go to the park as she did that day. She usually takes long breaks in between each ride and that makes it easier on her. Our daughter is the same way with rides, but the boys can ride anything. I really want to ride the water rides and I probably will give them a go at some point, they look really fun. I don't mind getting wet so much as I just don't like walking around the park wet. I like the idea of staying on site and changing after :)

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Adventure Mode Traveling Yes, Busch Gardens has a stellar coaster lineup, in our opinion. We’ll git ‘r done soon enough. :-) I didn’t get to ride the Python, lol. I was tiny and scared to death of that thing. I was apprehensive of most coasters for a lot of years. I deprived myself of a lot of fun. Credit to Zena and another friend or two for showing me the light.

+Park Hopping Mad Oh man, that is rough :(. Busch Gardens has some really good coasters too. Riding the Python doesn't count but riding the elephant makes it a true visit ;p

Adventure Mode Traveling A similar kind of rhythm-breaker happened to us at Busch Gardens last month. It was our first visit. Well, it was her true first visit, and it was my first visit since I was about 4, and I remember the Python coaster and riding an elephant, lol. So, does that count? We wanted to ride a couple/few coasters and get a general feel of the park in general. We got there later in the morning on a random Thursday, and saw mostly short wait times for the various coasters, although the two newest were longer. I wanted to ride any of the older ones, too. So we thought, cool, we’ll get some rides in somehow! But we were starving and started walking the more desolate side of the park, which took some time. Then the food wait was looong. By then, all the wait times were bad for the rest of the day, and we ended up riding only one coaster, Cheetah Hunt. Waited almost an hour, but it was good. We had to wait a while even for the non-coaster flume and river rides. We don’t usually wait long for rides, but we had no choice in the end. Out of our six hours there, we were in lines for literally half the time. Food, rides, Skyride, etc. Long story short, we will be inspired by videos such as yours to go about our next visit differently!

You know at first I thought for sure I was going to be able to accomplish it. Everything was going really well. But I think I screwed up the order toward the afternoon because one moment Rip Rocket was like a 15 minute wait so I figured I could circle back to it after Fallon, Mummy, and FF but then it shot up to over an hour and stayed like that right up to close. It is a lot tougher to get done than I thought it would be for sure. When I did the HHN video that challenge came right down to the absolute last second possible. The food was really good, I was really happy with the meals :)

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When it comes to rides I have an iron stomach yet that ride almost makes me nauseous every time I ride it. The slide was brutal, lol. I would do Universal in two days instead of one for sure, just a much more enjoyable experience. Plus, I love going into shops and looking at stuff and we pretty much only got to look around the prop shop when Lindsay needed some recovery time :)

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Yeah, I think I could have gotten it done pretty easy with either Express Pass or if I had been on a day where the park closed a little later. I could have even gotten another three rides in pretty easy on this day but my wife got sick towards the end and I didn't want to leave her. At that point I already knew I wasn't going to get all of them in so I didn't see the point in trying to get a couple more in and have an angry wife, lol.

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It would probably be even tougher to try at Magic Kingdom, they have a lot of rides. Plus, I like taking my time and walk through some of the shops while I am there :)

@Fiona & Scott's Adventures I'm not really sure what they were thinking with the script. I would not be surprised if the ride doesn't last longer than 5 years or so. I think it is largely the same as the Tram version.

@Adventure Mode Traveling I think next time we're in Orlando, we'll only do F&F if there's a short line! It seems bizarre that Universal would commit money to this. If it's like the Universal Hollywood version, the F&F segment is only part of the tram tour and nothing more than filler.

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@Adventure Mode Traveling Keep up the good work! Will keep watching,

@F&S Disney Adventures I'm not really sure what they were thinking with the script. I would not be surprised if the ride doesn't last longer than 5 years or so. I think it is largely the same as the Tram version.

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