Universal Studios Orlando Full Park Tour and Walkthrough

Universal Studios Orlando Full Park Tour and Walkthrough

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At Universal, Studios in Orlando Florida, and, today I, am. Gonna do an entire, part tour slash, walk through Universal. Studios Orlando. You, can see the very first thing we're gonna do here is enter, the. Universal, Studios arts head. Up here. Give our passes at the front gate into the park and, then we're right inside the cart we're gonna walk up here because we have two choices of which direction to go we. Come up to this little fork and we can either go straight up, here by men and ma'am which. I think is probably the most common, way people go, when they come into the park or, you can turn right. And head down holly was right here in front of minion and mayham if you look slightly to. The left of it I do, believe that as the Blue Man Group entrance. And. To the right. Shrek, 4d Theatre we're, gonna continue up the road here. We are we're getting to the end of the minion mayhem and. Forty, theater and. If we turn, to, the left here. That. Is the entrance to the rip rocket. Now, you can turn right instead along, Shrek 4d, Theatre pop out over there between Transformers. And, the transformer, photo-op. But, you can get to that a little bit better way. If, we just continue on down, this. Way, as. You can see next to rip racket is the universal, stage I'm not exactly, sure what the official name of this is but this is I believe, we're all the concerts for like rock the universe take place at and. We're gonna continue down here we're gonna come up to the monster cafe next. Thought. It comes in the monster cafe there's actually two things there's this little outbuilding, here sells, frozen, drinks beer slushies. Soda, that sort of thing. And then directly to the right of that is the actual, monster. Cafe it's a cafeteria style. Restaurants. You just walk in pick your foods and I underneath, its. Heavily themed in there too like classic monsters, very cool and. Then just up past the monster cafe is, the Jimmy Fallon and raced their new york ride. Sort, of a 3d motion simulator, ride pretty. Good it. Utilizes one of those virtual, cues where you go up get, your ticket from a kiosk. It gives you time to come back come. Back. Ride. The ride those are the kiosks, you get your virtual ticket from just write down Jimmy. Fallon, if, we turn, this direction. We're gonna walk this way we're gonna head to the mummy you. Can see the mummy a nice little dark indoor rollercoaster, right. Next to it to the left is, the lockers can't take any of your stuff on the mummy but you can get one of the free lockers there. We're gonna continue up the road here. There's. The gift shop for the mummy where you pop out it's actually a pretty big gift, shop and it directly connects to this arcade. And. Then directly across the street from it. This, finnegans is. One of my favorite, restaurants here at Universal, it's an excellent, Irish. Pub. We're right here on the block of where, Finnegan's is kind, of look down this direction. See. The Transformers, ride I'll. Head over there in a second. One of my favorite things about universals all these facades that they've built up and, if we look in some of the windows there's. Some cute little fun scenes I really enjoy going, from window to window to see what they got in here let me show you one or two more this one's pretty easy to see just a, little pet shop. Look, at this. Mademoiselle psychic readings I think that's her name Madame Basile but this is one of my favorite ones you. Can kind of see there's a little bit dark, it's. Kind of a gloomy day so that's a helping, me and, at the end of this little street that I walk down is the entrance to transformers. Back. To where Finnegan's is. Finish, up in the New York section, real quick here, mayonnaise. We're just out of the tail-end of New York there was the Ben & Jerry store here. Italian, restaurant, over there. As we come up to here and we go to the left.

We'll Head into the San Francisco, section of the park there's. Just a tad bit more to show New York. Right, here at the corner is, a Starbucks. So, we kind of just turned the corner here and headed back towards transformers, this is a much better shot, of the. Entrance to transformers. Like. I said these little window facades are awesome, I love the displays, I suggest. Anybody come in here again. Take. Your time go through home, you. All read it it's fun. This. Is my favorite section of the park it was a couple little back alleyways, here that you can cut through New. York and get from one side if I go down that. Alleyway I pop out where Finnegan's is. And if I go this way, kind. Of gets me back to where I'm almost ready to go into the San Francisco, section, of the bargain. It looks like, alright, here we go it's heading to the San Francisco section. If, you like looking at these all. These little decorations, up here by the waterfront. Be. Builders is a really cool street, show you should watch if you're here it's a bunch of construction workers out there making music on all those inanimate objects, those buckets and trash cans, it's. Good I like that one. Onward. We go through, San Francisco. Up here just past fast and the furious entrance. Over. Here I'm alright we're gonna come to Richter burger just basically, sort. Of a quick service burger place, you could go in keep. Walking through San Francisco, here now. Up here normally, on. The right there's. A photo-op back there's the last remnant, from the Jaws ride. Unfortunately. Today there's construction walls, around and I'm not sure what's going on over there but I'm not gonna be able to go over there and get a good shot of the shark. We're gonna move on. Past. The exit and the fast in the various up there we're gonna head up to the London section, say, London but it's actually called the Wizarding World of Harry Potter up, this is the diagonal a section, of the Universal Studios part. Couple. More restaurants right here is really San Francisco. Lombardi's. Landing not sure, how to say that it's, a seafood place and.

Then Up here here, San Francisco pastry, company. It's. A pastry place we're, coming up on what's probably the most popular part. This. Part. Harry. Potter section, King's, Cross right. Outside San Francisco that, is the entrance to the Hogwarts Express it'll take you over to the islands of adventure fun. Little thing about this particular part of the park and, them really hot days if. You stand right here and. I'm quite always away from that entrance, you. Can feel the air-conditioning, from Kings Cross it's pretty intense it's. Quite a little arctic blast to kind of cool it off one. Last note about the Kings Cross though you do need either an, annual, pass or a park to park ticket to be able to get on the Hogs word Express and write it over to Hogsmeade and islands, of adventure you. Cannot. Write. It you only have a, Universal. Park, ticket fare. Between Kings Cross the, diagnolly there's this little ATM I call it the secret ATM. It's. Not the only one in the park I'm sure but it's the only one I know over the park I don't, really use ATM, so they're not on my radar. Remember. In their locations, but. I always, got kind of a kick out of this one kind. Of tucked away back there, continuing, up here now right before I go into Diagon Alley. To the right is the night bus. Let's. Take a look at that first and then we'll head into Diagon Alley the night bus is fun walk, up to it take a look in those windows if you're ever here he will, not regret it it's a pretty funny, and, then here is. A, fountain I don't really know the name of this phone. It's. A cool phone we. Were gonna turn directly. Across from the, night bus and. Walk into diagonally. I'm. Gonna walk through the Diagon Alley section, fairly quickly I haven't done a little. Bit better video. A little bit more in depth video I'm. Dining an alley and I can put that in the description below, let's. Take a look quickly, here. What I mean by quickly is I'm just not gonna go into any of the shops today now this is usually the. Busiest section, of the park on, any given day, unless. You're. Here for Halloween Horror Nights at night it's, actually a really good time to go into diagonally, if you want to miss the crowd. If you're ever here for Halloween are nice and you should be Halloween, Horror Nights isn't awesome guy. Directly, down the entrance, here is Gringotts, escape, from Gringotts rather. And then slightly to the left here is the leaky cauldron an, excellent, restaurant highly, recommend, eating and very tasty. Now. We could turn right here walk in front of Weasleys. Wizard visas. Or Wizards. We're. Gonna end up walking that, way when we leave. The left is where you can buy some wizard, robes. And then ray here. This Ollivanders, wand shot. Quick. Here in front of Gringotts I'm gonna turn left. We're. Gonna come up to the fountain of fair fortune. Place. In, both Hogsmeade hand diagonally. To, get butterbeer right. Next to the fountain of fair fortune.

To The Nocturne, alien, there's, a gift shop down there. We're. Gonna first it's very cool I'm not gonna walk down there because it's very very dark and. This camera does not do well in low light and you won't be able to see anything. That is an. Extremely, awesome section, diagonally. All throughout Diagon, Alley and hogs meat as well you could buy. Those wizard. Wands, you. Can do a little. There's. Sections that you can walk up to and wave the wand in a certain pattern and something external happened who they're about to get wet from the one. Let's. Move all. This. Dragon threes fire too but I can't ever figure out the fire-breathing schedule, currently. A 25-minute, wait time for a skateboard agree guys that's not bad that's a fun ride. Here. Hey. How about that I got the dragon, that was. Just dumb luck so. Wrap it up dying in alley like, I said I'm not going into any of the shops. Taking. Quite a bit of time to go through a wall and there were all worth going through. This. Is section they do do. They, do do some little place throughout the day right, next to that is hopping, pot I like this little picnic tables you can sit ahead right in front of it especially, those little lights and now we're back to that little road that I said you could walk in front of Weasleys, Wizard whizzes, or reasons. Right. Next to that. Sugar, plum sweet, shop. Awesome. Awesome, candy, in there I especially. Recommend the cauldron cakes delicious, walking. Around outside Harry, Potter. You, can see grimwald, place. If. You watch long enough, creature. Peeks through one of these windows. Move, it all. Springfield. Springfield, that's coming up don't, you worry first. I wanted, to show this up here by the lagoon. This. Is one, of Lindsay and I favorite places to come and sit at. Night and, either she drinks a butterbeer I have a Wizarding brew or whatever we. Kind of just sits there. At, Springfield. Let's. Move on let's keep checking out it's, getting dark it's getting late. Let's, get dark because it's getting late then. Right here basketball plays I want to show you the excellent. Restroom. Facilities. A. The, second ATM there now I know where to eight teams are how. About that I learned something. Every. Time I come here I learned something, you. See the fear factor live. Show. Must, be the old Bill, and Ted, excellent. Halloween, adventure I think it was some, called that excellent Halloween adventure. At. Horror Nights but they discontinued, did wish. They'd bring it back but you know I it's. Not up to me last year was a villains Academy, Air Academy of villains and, then right up here passed a fear factor stadium men. In black a million, attack, this. Is a really fun shooter ride to. Do okay, coming up here on the right of men and black we are now heading into Springfield. Absolutely. Love the, Springfield section, as, they come in here I do want to point out you. Could sort of bypass the men in black and the fear factor. Arena. If. You wanted ahead from either to or from Springfield. The. Diagonally, over that bridge personally.

I Love the Simpsons right I have heard, people. Complain, about it but I like it a lot I have some pretty hilarious carnival. Games out here in front of the Simpsons Ride. Let's, move on. Towards. Industry, you, can see Kang, and kodos twirl. And hurl a, pretty. Fun little flat ride we've. Got the kwik-e-mart. And. Then the duck beer bar and right here across from the duff beer bar and walk in there and there's several little restaurant quick service restaurants, you can eat at and get a Krusty Burger some. Cletus chicken. I remember, the names of everything you can get but there's, quite a bit then there's Moe's Tavern, so, I find Krusty, Burger is kind of interesting, they're. Pretty, messy. All. Right they're. A fun experience. But. Bumblebee. Man's taco, truck is. Awesome. See. You later lard. Lad. Heading. Out of the Simpson area okay so I am back again but this time on a different day to complete this part tour you, guys the last time I was here and I was heading into the Central Park area slash Kid Zone he's. Getting dark it got so dark I couldn't see stuff very well so let's pick up where we left off one. Thing you may see today. In, this park towards you didn't see yesterday. They, have a lot more characters, out during the day when it's on nice days yesterday it was raining and storming all day and there wasn't as many character. Meeting. Opportunities. As. You can see we're heading up here we, could go right. In the Central Park or immediately. Left and, they had the animal actors on location, show. Let's. Continue on in the Kid Zone. I said, there's another, part. Of Central Park over there we're. Heading this way, great. Towards Spongebob store fans and. We're coming up on et this is one of our favorite, rides I believe it is the. Oldest. Attraction. Currently. In the park if not the oldest that is at least one of the. Oldest and, if we stand here looking at ET and instead of going towards that we had left come up to a couple other kid attractions, sign. Of a Finals Playland. I remember, watching these five old just, one five old movie or is it a couple a couple. Okay. I remember. Watching it as a kid and Lindsay said it's actually one of her favorites, now there's a lot of little climbing. Ropes. And, nets, and stuff for the kids there's also a little waterslide in there. We're. Gonna move fast. Fievel. As, you can see right directly to that is a day in the part of Barney I've never been in there have no idea, what. A day in the park of Barney is, what. Kind of show it is nothing, never, seen it the only thing I've ever done is sort of have to walk through there get. To a horror night house and here. We go this is a cute little roller coaster woody woodpecker's, nuthouse coaster. Proud, to say I have written this with, my. Kids and, without, and. Then heading up here is, the thing that I, fear the most in, any amusement park Curious George goes to town a, complete. Wet, mess. Yanks. Water, and I and theme parks. Do. Not mix as. Hot as it is today. Still, wouldn't go in there I don't. Get me wrong I love water parks but, I like it to be a, situation where I'm gonna be in the water park all day getting wet and going. There for 10 minutes get wet and then walk around trying, to do other things what. That. Doesn't. Maybe, in the future we're. Gonna take, our youngest in there someday before he gets too old where. It would, be too strange to see a grown man and. His swimmin trunks running, around a water interaction, I. Really. Don't like it but I might. I might. Yes he does, time. To leave kids on and they go take a look at Central Park Lindsey. Doesn't have the same aversion. To water as I do inside, the theme park she's gonna go get missed it off and, now we're back here at Central Park and were gonna head straight through there and see the first part at Central Park there's actually two little sections or, two little walkways I would say this, particular section you go down to the water there he's when I'm in the park and I'm really tired this is another one of the sections I like to kind of come and sit and relax, this. Actually goes all the way back over. And around. We. Kind. Of close, to the transformer. Ride this. Is also the best section. Of the park to catch the cinematic, celebration. Light. Show that they. Have at, Universal, about. The time the park closes as. We see bungee. Bob store Vance we're gonna hang out right here to the other portion. Of. Central Park, ie, it's the back of the future doc so you Lucy meet in green town today now, this, is one of my favorite, sections of the park top five I would say and.

It Also has. Also, by teachers usually, it's. All my favorite scare zones for. Halloween Horror Nights it's, doing at months away and see, right there after my left, CNBC. Media Center. I'm, not a hundred percent what all they do in there but I do know, some. Days, they'll. Randomly, ask people, to come in and sample different media. Things either. Shows or, clips. From shows that are currently I don't just kind of get your opinion on them I've been lucky enough to do it once, we. Are leaving Central Park and you can see a gang right head back at Transformers. But. We're gonna continue on forward, into. The Hollywood section. And. The first thing you see heading into Hollywood, is the Universal, Orlando or, makeup, show which is an awesome, attraction. I always suggest check it out if you're here we. Are almost all the way back to the beginning of Universal, so you can see the Hollywood. Or the Orlando, or Bingham show now, we're gonna continue on through Hollywood. Rid. Up here on the right you can see Williams of Hollywood this is a cool little prop shop that, you can go in and buy old, movie. Props and props. That they've just had around Universal, Studios, how's it going in there every time I'm here to see if, they have any new horror. Night stuff to buy I mean it's not new but old Horror Nights stuff up for sale and, usually they do, and. As you are walking through Hollywood it is a lot of fun to. Check out all the little stars. Let's, see who all's got a star here in the Universal. Orlando Hollywood. Stretch. Continuing. Through Hollywood this is another good years I don't usually during Halloween Horror Nights, last. Year I had one of my favorite ones. You coming up on here is the old Terminator to ride I don't know what's going on, today. With it I got. A bunch of construction walls you. Know they're just doing some maintenance. On the facade or if they're. Actually. Maybe do it's a building in there I really don't know I don't know what this whole attraction, is gonna become. Here. We go we are all the way back to where we started. We. See the Hello Kitty store, there and. That Universal. Studios. Store. Is the, very first fork we came to so that's gonna do it for the full park tour and. That is gonna do it for our Park tour walkthrough. Of Universal, Studios I would keep in mind there are a ton, of, gift, shops at Universal, Studios and, a lot of them self-similar, merchandise, but. They're all pretty unique, as. Far as how they're laid out what they look like decoration. Wise so. Thanks, for watching.

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