USA vs. South Korea // Women's Soccer

USA vs. South Korea // Women's Soccer

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Oh. South. Korea. Is, also, scheduled. For the month of November be taken on Sweden. We are so happy right now CB, joined by Alex, and Morgan we're. Not going to see you on the pitch tonight but if, you can hear the crowd they're very excited, to just yeah it's, pretty loud in Charlotte, we know you've been battling a needs resurfacing, world cut so tell us how you're feeling in when we see back mention your endued while I'm in physical therapy and. Gusti. Slowly, taking. My time because I want to make sure it's done right this time so. I'm. Happy to be here supporting the team but obviously, bombs are not playing you. Had a huge year winning the World Cup just, came back from being nominated for the best player on the planet what is this year men and how, do you stay motivated going, forward yeah, this year has been tremendous, I feel, like I've done really well with the national team at the World Cup had a good showing our, entire team good really so I'm. Really happy with the performance that I put out during the World Cup and before that I'm. Not just back to getting healthy obviously. That's motivation in itself you know that and. It's just you know getting out there going, again for the Olympics yeah I, think, it's pretty easy to stay motivated. Yeah. You're. Outspoken certainly. Off the bills one of things I love about you so I'm gonna get you to think about things maybe bigger, picture right puts, you in charge of the United States Soccer Federation what, are some of the things that you would do immediately, I think, something, that's important, is like starting. From the youth up and so it's starting with the like, under, 14 teams under 17 teams that kind of hobby like. An identity, within those genes something that replicates, one not the co-chair they commended employee and. And. Show within the Nationals with in the fall team so I think that's very. I also. Thinks just the structure, of the. U.s.. Soccer's, sanctioned. And. Everything, diet overseas, I think, we've done better in terms of diversifying. And, allowing, more kids to gain access to play the sport I think it it, cuts off a lot of a. Lot of kids from being able to play because of the the price really. You've. Had a summer, of tremendous, tremendous. Accomplishments. And I wanted to ask you about one, of your teammates from Orlando, Sydney, Leroux Dwyer, got back on the field recently, last, week just, three months after she had a baby is she's back professional. Soccer and you see the picture of her touching. She talked about in a tweet what this meant to her this past year filled with so many ups and downs but I made a promise to myself that I would come back she, did come back what did you think when you saw this Alex yeah I'm so fortunate to have her as my teammate, for the last 10 plus years and, then obviously as a club teammate as well in Orlando, she's. Worked so hard to get back and is. Mom obviously. Is juggling I mean your husband as well being a professional soccer player it's, not easy and so. On that field again I, know is long-awaited and, she's. Been training our cassettes for the last month or so and so is celebrate this year back on left-field driving. To kids I mean what a supermom yes she is what a role model she is and so we just wanted to paint that he. We. Can't wait to see. Game for you yeah so enjoy this one. Okay thanks guys. Morgan with us let me come back we are getting sent for the u.s. taking on South Korea Ali Krieger is going to be honored tonight she's, not sure one. We'll see. We're, in the US. This. Match on fs1 is, sponsored, by Volkswagen the, presenting, partner from US soccer. Welcome. Everyone fireworks, pregame, here in Bank of America Stadium in, Charlotte, North Carolina for, this international. Friendly United States vs, South, Korea, part, of the Women's, National Team. Victory, Tour first. Of two games, versus. South, Korea the other Bowl every Sunday in. Chicago. Without. A Wagner, I'm JD della camera, still some things to play for here some players some. Healthy players tonight but also they'll. Be a good half a dozen players that we won't, due, to injury. The. Blessing of the first. Bacon. Country. If they're hopefully FET to sit down and to give opportunity, to other players. Still. Minutes away. Kickoff, for the night now. The creeper, who's one of those players that's gadget on it for her, 100. Set, a good career with the u.s. national, team.

A Couple. Of years away from her team so it's a bit of a surprise, selection. If you will but. Was. Written off the list and Jill Ellis his eyes and, outside. Back position, was not as deep as anticipated and, she found her way back gonna be credit to her and. And, the self belief that she had to continue to push on and earn that position. 104. Appearances, for Ali Krieger, we saw her in three games and one, start and for, its World Cup. Tonight. Is a night in, front of these fans in Charlotte North Carolina where. This US Women's National Team is going to celebrate for, trophies no, other team in Women's, World Cup history can, make that claim they added a fourth star on their Jersey, on, a journey that began with, the very first World, Cup way, way back in 1991, so far back alley. Playtime, anyway and it wasn't even called. Just. The World Championship. Nobody, knew about it back then. Social media. No big victory parade. But, college, players like, me a hand. Did, get the job done. Really except the paceful was to come. Cut better go all the way to. To, get that done this. Was 1999. That was the year. Scoring, in a row. For, 250. Christie, really. Memorable, players. All the games last couple. Here, on Fox. Way, to be liable. Out of the tub. We'll make changes, we showed you the starting line ability. Some, players. Tonight of some extended, minutes. Haven't seen in the past. South, Korea has brought 13, players off, the woods. Disappointing, to them they were in a very tough group only. Scored one goal could see today lost all three games but, to, have to open up to that first game. World cup favorites. In France as well. From the kickoff. Figure the ceremony, for 100, camp. Countries as well. Kick, this off US. Has not played in Charlotte, since the year. So. It's been a long time away from Charlotte North Carolina, expecting. Some 25. Tonight's. Please turn to midfield, for a special, presentation. On May 16th. We. Manage for our country. Female. Player in the. The. Commemorative Lodge designed, by un hawkers Trident a new partner. We're. Just about set for, this one USA, versus South Korea the 12-time advant, meant, the best at South Korea could do is a couple of draws against. The USA, nine previous, losses including, two back, in, 2017. Let's. Go downstairs and. Hear from Alex curry on the sidelines Alex, Navid all cover made her presence known. Playing, the most minutes for any us field player when I asked Jill Ellis about Abby's, performance, she, called her iron woman Jill Ellis talked a lot about how, much her confidence, has grown over the years which has led to her consistency on both sides of the ball she said defensively the, amount of situations she's been put in.

Under Fire she came through and she proved that she could do it and what I asked Abby about playing for Jill she said the biggest thing for her is how much her confidence, has grown and that's because. And she invested, in her and she just said she is so thankful, to have been able to play under Jill Ellis and witness, what she's been able to do four women saw her. Was a very good story you see what she did the World Cup all of those minutes that she played but also she and, Kristen press are the only two that played in all 20 games this year. Wally England, soon is the interim, head coach we. Say interim head coach the. Forced head coach from last year. Left they hired someone else there was a scandal there from verbal. And physical abuse, from a previous, coaching. Stint so, that person is gone and I was wrong and soon and who knows for how long, as the captains meet, and it's nice that they're lettin, Ali Krieger come. Out there for this ceremony. And that she is not expected, to play at all tonight. Not even listed on the subs bench they barely have six players. Chili in the Martindale. Barbados be, in charge of this one. And the change in captain there that's Kim hey Reed, normally, the captain, is. Joseph's. Children but, she plays overseas, in, England so they wanted to go with somebody that had been more, with the team in Korea. Especially. Considering, that his son had only five training, sessions of the squad's they wanted it's. Sisseton seem. You want to know the difference you know the gap between some, of these teams consider, that the, u.s. since coming back is already played in three Victory Tour games, they, bet these two here they've got another couple of games in November and. South. Korea has not played a game since her last game against Norway. So it's tough to get, through but close that gap but you're not playing gigs, for. This, turn, over. It's gonna be a new generation that's going to come through. Priya's at White's. Us. In the USA Jersey since. The Women's World Cup Finals, is playing the two games with a club team reign, FC but, was injured and, unable to play in previous, games on this victory, - on. Charlotte. - joining us tonight, here on fs1. Rose, libellous over the ball. Joint. By Juliet's. And now Hertz will peel off its, labelled. On, our own. Under. Anthems Charlotte. Long fall immediately from doll camper it's. Gonna go deep. In South, Korea territory. First. Clutches from the goalkeeper kim min-jong who, was the goalkeeper in. All three games all those losses in, France this summer, she. Was not expected to be at the starting goalkeeper they had a couple of injuries she. Had to get the job done, Friday means it is just her seventh cap today so consider that three. And which coming in that World Cup yeah she didn't get much help. It's. Alexi mentioned before, for. The eight goals they conceded one set pieces. Very, limited marking, there of those set pieces a couple those goals came in that France came the opener that we did when she just has trouble coming, off her line so you can be sure the u.s. is gonna look to take advantage of that tonight. Going. From the near sideline, it's off the chest of Lavelle. Collected. Have been given away. Sal. Geet. In the middle. Let's encrypt ahead alley long, we. Almost got taken out he'll be in throwing for, the US. Outside. And put back in a play by the South Korean goalkeeper, kim min-jong. Sonnets, starting it right back that's Kelly, O'Hara spot, but O'Hara among, those injured, she is here on, this trip with her team. Not able, to play. Then, we'll see if Sonic gets bored as often as Kelly O'Hara. On this right side. Dill, Ellis is asked. Isolate herself 1v1, that will create space underneath, for Lavelle she. Wants to receive in the pocket or dart through in the channel they pull that outside back out. Provides. That balance, shocks, LD, push, it back to his huh, and, that ball lost, out. The, USA throw, Sodom. Was club team his, partner. Four teams to qualify to the upcoming NWSL. Playoffs. Carolina chorus, with, their third straight regular season title, even though they're still another.

Week Of play. Some. Sound broker the outside. Dollars. After it. To, see you. In the box. And lost the bet. But. It's interesting. More aggressive. Nice. Goalkeeper is lit coming off the line. Boy. Who was up deal. Terrific. Addition of pastel. Minute of play on. This right side. All the way back. Sour. Brunt plays, for the Utah Royals. The players of this us squad. And three straight games in his victory tour on the cup. And then gave them all away. There's the run back at our normal left back position we say normal such a versatile, player and who knows when. The new coach takes over will Christmas will be a left back will will she play, higher profile like she does with the cookies such a good question. There's, TBD. Right yeah. Just, like you. And then lost it. Back to. Harris. Marisa, where the captain. Take it away Kim. Hey REE going. Back to gold a little bit slow but Timothy John was able to move it. Sell you. 13 players the. South Korean squad that sigh action his, last World Cup in France in, one of the interesting stories for this out. Hundred yeah employer. Claire left. Mid room. Residence. The box what was that. Counter. The numbers in red, outnumber. Them. Came, back quickly in transition, defense. 17. On the ball be. Jim Harry almost. Lost it recovers. Reflected. Ball ahead. Find charlie. And. Say you wanted. To go wide. Something. Couldn't get it Sonic at hue. Dropping, it back picked off. Sloppy initially. What. A great idea that lesson ji so-yun but it was intercepted. She saw the runner. Arts. Done, to, the outside. The slow start for, the, offside, flag boarding. I just, think it's a different approach that they weren't expecting from South Korea the initiation, of the pressures hiring and looking at how compact, South Korea's. US. Has to stretching them behind with Carly, wood and they're not Alex Morgan running the channels, isn't necessarily a strong suit yes she may the early run on I, think. The US has to stop them up and just play a little more director Leon. Abraha. Who heads it out. Gyan that side. Rose labelled the. Goal of the week this past week in the NWSL. If you haven't seen it go online it's a beauty in. The game against North Carolina Courage. From. Distance. She was trying to chipper. Violet to take it. Streets winning 16th, consecutive games, are unbeaten, tonight. For games now. Tuba. Left side. South, Korea will have a throw. Visual imprint that they want to see. Quite, in here for all these people yeah. Here, in the ninth minute they're waiting for an early goal like they saw the. First six games the Women's World Cup three minutes right first of all minutes every game yeah expectations. Gives it up deep in. Their territory it's, out for Dubna. Sauer, run. Don't, Capra right. Up the middle, this, is Laval. Her options. Finding sonnet right use. In front of her. Kind of close. Space. South Korea's able to keep, the pendant. That's, where they try to win it squeeze. You against those sidelines. Mr.. Dog left side and. Recently. Turned 37. But her goal. Numbers continue, to go up and this is important for the US but South Korea trying to squeeze them to the side it's a quick change of point that get done on that far side. It's going to unable to get over that one. How. About Carly though at age 37, goals, in the three consecutive games as we said victory tour with a club team five goals in the last five games comes, sky Buddha some nice.

Wins And draws towards, the end of the season. 37. I think yeah. Top. Cell Gabe. Shoots, he'll return. Look at the speed doll Capra shed the good ankle to the ketchup as Harris pings, it ahead. Taken, down. Lost it. Lazy. South, Korea struggle event. The markers, late. Ones in the box. The far side of the stadium. I'm the target boy does the coast. Put. 20 19 in the rearview mirror this was a sensational. Year for Megan Rapinoe in, the year of the hair for her, come. On different color right different. Shade shade. The. Year for celebration, let's hope we see one. To try to track that one sonot. Helps I. That, lost it at the end. Good job in the sideline by the towels at GCU plays. For Chelsea. Take, place. For Westham. Three, players saw this Worcester. Play outside of South Korea everywhere else plays domestically. Huh tasty right angel, is the dominant, team several players played for them and, won six straight titles. First, place this. Current season. South Korea to continue, to brew. For swine. The center that box laid, off to done timing, was off but. As conceded, as cleared up by G so you. He was gonna take another. This naked short comes. Back to rapido. South Korea. Great, year for Louisville as well, bronze. Ball winner. Where. We thought she was not, gonna play maybe anymore she said it's my hamstring, seem to be in pain just putting the next game, and. Did well. Sketchy. Scared, us she scared us but split, well. Philo was fantastic. Lumira, lost. The bear. Art's turning, facing the opposite way has, helped, seize. It over the shoulder though off target, intended for mouth dear. Just, going back to Lavelle I mean you think about the match that they played against France which she really struggled, and she disappeared, and to bounce back from that in a world event. Says. A lot about the character the confidence that she had because. Against. France. Free-kick, Rapinoe. Here's the Bell looking. For a better spot for this. Computer gets ready to take it. You get to it. Kim min-jong huzzah. That. Mirko so she could flick on. Close, call. The, u.s. pushes. Forward. I was 15 minutes gone, laid. Off from the left side rapido. Such news. Was, going for. Some children. She, has huh. Good, job by done. To, South Korea. Here's a look at the set peacemaker Pinos trying to find Juliet so she can flick it on doesn't. Get it over that first defender, from. The redirect, by Abidal Kemper and Lloyd, Montalban offside. Doesn't, matter in the end Hertz, shot things off that far post. We come back to us a throw-in, Julie. Earth's on the world best eleven team, Susie. I only want to play full 90's in all three Victory Tour games. From distance that's what, actually, hit Lloyd. And. You'd think that she would play full 90 tonight in Chicago's one of the teams. And into playoffs so they're gonna want to stay. Their congratulations to Chicago they finished in second place. Called. Played long events cut off center, what 18 goals this year but. Not on the world Vestal ever explain.

That I can't some, things are not explainable. Especially. When it comes to P faux. Pas. Will push it back. Kim. Hae young, living. Sun-joo. Halfway. Line game as Lloyd goes in after it. From. The outside. Comments, a dream. Will they get a corner they. Will. She's, only 21 come to him she was the youngest player on the South Korean roster, of that wall covered. She's. Setting up to be possibly. One of the targets here, right. By the near post. Lise c'est une one. Of 80 plays for Hyundai steer white angels to take this. Grunting, ball in. And to, the Box, recaptured. By South. Korea now push it to the middle. Simple. Play right back to gold Kim min-jung. Jim, hey yo that's blocked. Lloyd done. Laval, returned. Here's. Crystal. Try to go up high. Compute. Possession. Kempt it's done wide. Defended. By Kim Henry to. The end line tackle, out should, be us hey throw it. I'm, just laughing Duns up on the back line of the opposition, and Megan, Rapinoe is in the left back slot. We. Know that's not her favorite position. Defensive. Discipline. Always, kept in play and, five it go line now goes out FS. Ones coverage. Of, this international, friendly sponsored, by AT&T. Schools. Here 19th, minute closest. Anyone has come to the Earth's ding. One, goal. Post to the right side of kim min-jong who, clears this up, field. Moon. Me rock. Jeonse, Algy. On the cut, curling mall way off target. How, many of you tonight in the home of the NFL's. Carolina. Panthers, for more on that angle Alex, curry the, Panthers have been very welcoming to us a the players and coach are very here tonight on the sidelines they came out to USA's practice, last night the Greg Olson and Trey Boston surprised the players with personalized, Panthers jerseys they said champs with the number 19 on the back which, was fun for crystal Dunn and Trey Boston, who knew each other and went, to school together at the University of North Carolina and crystal, added that she's also excited, to see all the Kerch fans here tonight cheering them on just. Wonder what Julie arts did with that Jersey. What. Do you think. Let's. Not throw in, on. The ball moving it ahead, that's. Curt doll. Can't press to chase it back lumira. With speed but it's cut off good. Angle from. Sauer run Ashlyn. Harris clearing, it up field picked, off. Jones. Algy into. The middle looking for choice so soon she, couldn't get it without, here's, rose that's. Should be a card. It's, an international, friendly she's. Give. It a break rent it's a smart foul might show she's no she's beat that is so intelligent, by Rose LaBelle though she cuts right across recovery. Path of her draws the foul, her. Breakaway. Speed with the ball at her foot so impressive. Dumb. Launches. That one Lloyd. Look like she touched it last, should be a goal kick for kim. Min-jong. Man. Just. 23, years of age. Julis. A couple of games to go trying, to break the. All-time wins, record helped by the late great Tony. DeCicco. She's. Already coached the most games for this team. She. Seemed relaxed, yesterday, very. Relaxed. Said. No second, thoughts I said she said the last time so she she, is sticking with that even though she doesn't really know.

What. The next part, of the journey might be she seems very comfortable. So. That's good right yeah, you don't want to have second, thoughts no. I mean you win two World Cups it's the perfect time to go out as, Alexis, Fed dropped, the mic she. Did. Kim. Hey y'all. Holding, there. Tried, that long ball it's. Well covered by the US. Temprid. Coverage now it's saba on the ball it is but it's difficult ball for anyone to bring down lumira. The lone target up there, nice. Ball. Nice, ball, movement there from Iran but she couldn't get around, sauerbrun. Labelled. Into, the middle. Let's. Go to the ball the way more than they normally. Do. Jogi. Down, that left side. Right, to Ashlyn Harris. Distribution. To Rapinoe. Done. Pressure. To. Agree. The, seats it goes USA, crowing, they. Want the ball back quickly. On. That throw in the look was for Lloyd. He's picked off Kim min-jung wants her teammates to settle down a bit. It's. Kim hae young, on, this, ball. Just, watching the US is positioning, an attack JP they're just too flat across their lines there's not enough depth between them. Here's, the press get, me drunk just got rid of that quickly. Had. To peanut. Was there. And the middle it comes. South. Korea keeping possession huh, okay left it off one. Of the returned doesn't get it instead she's, so young goes the opposite way. South korea numbers forward for one of the few times chunk, a riemann trying. To shake free done good, recovery, South, Korea still has possession, though. That. One's too close to Harris. Nice, moment, for chae-rin on that Farsight cutting back across Dunn's, recovery, and then beats her again, Dunn, stays with her ultimately, but. That ball pinned out wide to chae-rin, Bhaiji. You see how talented, she is. For. This korean side. Son, finds this one appeals try. To find the feet of Carli Lloyd. The, u.s. not at their precision, like best for the passing. Jill, said yesterday when I spoke to each don't know, we're gonna get out of the side, these. Players are exhausted, there's been a long year I mean half of them aren't playing tonight because, of injury and the other half are beaten, down and mentally, worn out, it's. So difficult I mean you want these Victory Tour games to celebrate, but. Just waiting for the end of the, show, a lot of these players are looking for an offseason break, and then they'll get started for what, comes next but. Some kind of a break from this right because as Megan Rapinoe said, it's been a world members very little time to even say. No she's going to belong for one award coming back trading with teammates know. The game here I'm trying to push on in the playoffs the idol just qualified yeah. Grants to death. Thought, was given or. The rain we, have seen yes we have see. 26. Minute. Spoil. Us at the moment yes. Coming off - shut up wins and late August early September vs, Portugal. Sonot. Trust, by. Trunks LG. And. That mood Mira going, forward after it. Ng. To force it back to, Ashlyn Harris. 23rd, international. Appearance for Harris. You're a senator a little bit of pressure. Maybe, they didn't expect like you said with a new coach coming in and the fact that they haven't played, since. The summer. So. You really don't know what, you're gonna get even, if they didn't have a new coach. So. Little time to. Train. But, the principles, still apply and I'm just gonna watch him in the next built for the US where, they're gonna try to expose. South Korea. Thought. It was going to be in those at wide pockets, you pull their outside mitts forward, and then you get him behind their midfield line, but. Those outside mitts for career doing a nice job of spying, the outside backs and not going too soon so that speech had to be there tape mark Repp general manager US Women's National Team. Who's. The next head, coach Kate. Did, she hear me. She's, had interview I would guess Ali. Several, candidates, several good candidates, and then you have follow-ups. Etc. They, want to get this right you're replacing, some of us won two, World Cups so. It's, not a decision, to be taken lightly obviously. Some. It. No they're going to rule in a corner instead. Better. To the u.s. 28-minute, zero, said abort. Peter's. Gonna come over for. Another one. Rapido. Outswinger. Not out of danger yet Christel done. Thumbs gonna be a corner no it's. Gonna be ruling the goal kick. Allie long was after it. Kim minjung we'll, send it long. Loyd far from goal and, take, it out. Free-kick. USA. Almost at the half hour mark, still. Without a goal. Here's, Ertz and, that short pass the. Past moon Mira, so we get through that fly, pistol. Donna. Here, in the 30th minute we go downstairs to, Alex. Curry, I'm here with Panthers safety tray Boston who grew up with, crystal dine you guys went to school together at UNC she's now a World Cup champion, special. Was that to see oh it's, amazing you're honestly you know you're seeing friends become legends, and uh that's.

Amazing Amongst itself you got to spend some time with the players last night you brought them personalized. Panthers. Jersey what was that like it was fun you know it's just something for you know our. Respect as a Panthers, giving them some jerseys with the champs, on the back just. Paying our dues is it's just having. Fun with them being able to give them their just honor them a little different look to your field here tonight huh yeah no. Different, lines but uh you, know I like to feel it's time for us to get a team out here the. Perfect way to share it with the champs. Trey's. Right it would be a good time to get a team and MLS. Is apparently interested, Charlotte, is one, of those cities alie that was probably on. The lower end but. With NFL ownership, now part, of this they've. Moved up the ranks from what people, are saying. The real football here is that what you're saying yeah a real football could be, could. Be. Past. The half-hour mark. Injured, players off the field she saw you and appears. To be okay. Short, ball played now, wide, chunks. LG, South. Korea playing with 10 Sal. G's pass blocked. Here. By the Bell. I slick. There on the turn Joe, couldn't get to it. Filed in the process. She's. So young once back in. Waiting. For the referee to approve, of that that's. Twice on it Joseph, young. Learning. Something over there in England I think physical. Play a. Field. Hurt slipping, by one, could. Get by the second. South, Korea back to their full complement, of eleven players this is G on the wall. It's, skill. Fifty, four goals in her international career most for, South Korea. Both sides think it's tears should. Be a South Korea throwing I. Actually. Asked Emma Hayes about ji so-yun today, and. She said one of the areas that she's improved the most and she's come to Chelsea, is just her strength on the ball we. Just changed the call on the throw. The, US will have it sonot. The. 33rd, minute. Us. Struggling. A little bit to find their rhythm in this game. Off. Joe. Laval. She played herself out of a jam, now and, now, here's the u.s. going forward with dark. Long. Salary. Brook, doll. Temper. Another, switch trying. To stretch that south korean defense. Bending, but not really breaking. Backpedal, kemper up the middle hurts. You. By, that balled-up true she, was off to the races, ha. That pass ahead. Would. Be rock. Back for huh. Jim. For, South Korea. Longer the stays at zero. Our continents out where you would think would be. They, just look like a different team from the World Cup squad even the confidence, with which they're playing and I think a lot of that comes, from pressing, up high on the pitch they're, winning in more advanced areas and like you said they're the ones that are actually stopping the u.s. from getting any, sin. It's, okay the US might be off their game but I give a lot of credit to South Korea in the way that they're defending and not. Dangerous. When they get in behind the midfield of the opposition, they're not getting into those pockets often, enough. Krystal. Dodd. Save it short. Pass to her was picked off here's she'd. Off. The middle she had Mira open. South, Korea is missing on these through. Balls. We, didn't see those transition, moments in France from them No, that's. Because they were sitting it back in their defensive, third most of the time and they didn't have an outlet they could hold the ball back to goal. Mira, was after that. She, can get it apparently was on last touched by the USA it's a throne for South Korea. Played. In three World Cups their best ever was back in 2015, in Canada, where they lost in the round of 16 to. France. Five, given their us we'll pick it up. Both of these teams next, thing they have to think about Olympics. Olympic qualifying. South. Korea have never been through on Bicks. They. Have a decent shot at it in, this next round.

Lavelle. Boy did that challenge. From cotton Jerrod. Peel, left sideline we're done. Staying. Away this three players after her. Touched by South. Korea cornered repute elated quickly they're not gonna allow that. Play was stopped. That's it played by repeater to try to pull that off they. Don't have the numerical advantage the three. Korean players against the two of the US but that doesn't matter to Rapinoe she spends that second defender. Yeah. Ready, for another corner far side of the stadium. Scented, low near post watch. Farts. Done. Sauerbraten. Sonot. Sighs ships. Is off the ticket tips of Kim min-jung. And they get in it quickly. That was a tough angle, quality. Shot here's done looking. Shooting, over, the world. That. Last attacked by the u.s. so strong switching it to this nearside labelled heads-up play with you and the inside out run not. A bad look that is all feeling, she doesn't get her head up it. Was exactly where the goal is it tries to rifle, that one so if it finds the far clothes and tucks in great if it finds a teammate even better. She. May have hurt herself on the landing, kim. Min-jong is being, treated now at the moment that. Play worked. So well because of the way they moved the ball around what five or six passes before you got, to it it, was the recycle. He's right so the way there. That's. All you have to do against this team. They've, been quick with their pressure here it is the ball cycles, out and these players know their spots, on, these dead ball situations, they know where their teammates should be just the no-look pass there by Sauerbrunn so, on it knows that Lavelle is gonna be pulling wide and then. You get Laval going to work with her vision and the. Right run by Mallory Pugh that's a nice gap to exploit that was number two Pass, you know Pugh has been around it seems like forever right she's, 21 she's. One of the players that you think could benefit by, a new coach right because she's someone, that on, most. Teams in the world she's the starter, here. She's off the bench she's got all the tools. Was if you're sitting if you're Mallory Pugh and you're sitting behind a Tobin Heath a Megan, Rapinoe Alex, Morgan you, can lose your confidence say I don't, know that I can do what those players can do on the ball.

Malory Few skill set allows. You to take players 1v1, in open space whereas, a Tobin Heath wants to. I, think. You need to stick with what she's good at and then layer in those other elements when she decides to tuck in what, do you think is the best position a winger. With. But I think she needs to figure out how to ask questions of the. Out thinking, the opponent, at times and look it's a fine line which would be for, someone like her were you overthink situations, and you become less confident. And like on that last one. Your. Instincts. Has to be there for her. A new coach coming in and perhaps breathing, some confidence. Paul will belong to South, Korea but the US have a player down to. The Eretz. Trying, to be a professional lip reader. Little, shove in the back ask your asses out by ji suyeon. Probably, right what's, your safe. Good, for South Korea they played pretty well in this first half. And they've held us, scoreless to this point, which. Is an achievement in and of itself. Chunks, Aldi's pass. On, this left side no, room for chow it's coming all the way back towards Harris. The, CONCACAF nations league will debut October. 11th fs1, USA, facing, Cuba, in Washington, DC coverage, from Audi field begins at 6:30 Eastern on FS 1 or, you can stream it live on the Fox Sports. App. At, the wave going here in Charlotte. 24th. Minute. Zeroes. Of the board. Just trying to reward this, crowd with. A goal I've come close. Chris, was going forward South Korea getting to it instead. The. Past three outside Zhang's, helgi. Ha. I'm. In the middle 4G. And then it was lost there - Hallie long. Ball. Played back the return - quick intercepted. Kangjae. Bounce-off done. - dumb throw-in in the 42nd, minute. Towards, Lloyd. Sold. The shoulder from Lin Sun Joon. With, another corner. Means Megan Rapinoe again. And I'd like to see her just rifle, this one right at Lloyd. So, good in the air. Drove, in towards the middle got. To that. Sabra. Rapido. Try. To chop it back South, Korea wins. It and breaks out. Accepted. Sidewalk. From distances blocks. G, coming the other way. Sirens. Never scored the u.s. 167. Pappi crowd was willing, to shoot. Earth's, dropping. It back alley long, slipping. It through to Laval. Rose. Going forward. Getting. It wide left side. Q, on the opposite side dropping. It back picked off liesl, net. In. South Korea well it's a moment I'm talking about Mallory Pugh take your player you're in the 18 draw the foul go at or be confident. Show, on the ball. Coming, up at half-time sponsored. By AT&T. Sarah. Heather, Alexi, will have all of your first-half highlights and, analysis. Half-time moments away we'll see about stoppage, time. The show pass, for. Jeep. She, will hold it. And no hurry we'll push it back. Kim, Heil. Down, this right flank, two, in the box. The, attempted, cost goes out off the deflection it's a South Korea throwing. It's been a good matchup between done, and common children on that side. She, is on it be sold.

South, Korea recovering. Looking for a good crack at goal ball, slip through that's, got to be cleared away by the u.s. up for lloyd, to, sneak by. The recovery. Kim hey y'all pass to the outside and. Now show in the middle. Almost. At 45, minutes here. USA. And South Korea are scoreless. It. Looks like the u.s. is wingers, and Rapinoe, and pew are actually sitting further back and whether, that's a product of Korea's possession, and the way they're attacking or the u.s. just trying to conserve their legs, interesting. To see how it continues to play out, two. Minutes added, on here in stoppage time. Lee, sunjoon. Over-the-top. Contouring. Good. Footrace back and, trusted last. With adult kick. Sometimes trying to play between the lines that last look over the top. Here, it is. Centre-back, playing it over the top the chain. Tribeca. Sour. Strong. Defensive, recovery. Turn, by Lavelle that. Oh pulled, down chuckles. Tell G. That's the second South Korean player that's been give it a break don't leave those yellow cards. Crafty. By Lavelle, trying. To split the two defenders. Try, to leave it off good, jump ice on it. U.s. might, stay inside and they were then. He, was taken down, the, last thing South Korea wants to do now. You bet this at zerozero going, in at halftime you. Don't concede a free-kick there. It's. The recovery, effort, from, the left back that tangles up with you. But. You're right there's a quick free-kick that could be on to Emily sonnett if, Rapinoe plays it. You, know stay here time this could end up being the last kick on. This first half. Three, in the wall ten yards back. Five is anticipating. Something here bachelor. Rapido. Rapinoe. She gets him behind her defender. And try to compete for that she, gets stymied. For, Aitken national, goal. Where the time is going. Sir--what, South Korea is. Seems harsh on South Korea though after that half that they just played against the u.s. to go to. Concede right at halftime. I. Don't. Know where the extra time came but it came and. It went. Chris. The, game's only. So, it's a one nothing lead to the USA, over South three here at halftime was. That long maybe offside. And. What they're arguing about she. Is. We. Don't, so. 1, to nothing is your score line USA, / South Korea when we come back Sarah Heather and Alexi will take you through a very busy halftime here at Charlotte.

And See. 45. Minutes, for the US. But here's the goal Megan, Rapinoe fine. To. The back of the net in the US. Into, the break against, South, Korea. I'm sarahwalsh here Bank of America, Stadium killer takeaways from the first half of this one let's see. That's. About as uninspired, and sloppy as I've seen this team in a long time it, happens, I know it's a friendly but you know what you have build yourself and you are the, best, team in the world you're coming off of a World Cup this is a tour to celebrate that these people have paid good money to see you you got to put on a show they got another half to do it but that first half that is not going in a time capsule of how to play the game. Maybe. That gets them going to say head into a locker room and it starts, a spark here they see some more of those there, was a big highlight though before the game started and that was seen Ali Krieger be, honored for reaching 100, caps what does that mean is someone that's been there I'm gonna put that much. Incredible. To me it's actually disappointing, that she's not able to play, cheat, a little injured. What's a fever. Hundred games to. See her family ken, that's, her dad who was recently in a really tough car, accident, be able to be there for this special moment and her brother Kyle as well I know, that she worked really hard for it and she deserves it I talked to her yesterday she was on the bike she's battling a knee injury she said she wishes she could be out there playing, but she was so appreciative, of the warm warm welcome she got here in Charlotte, there's gonna be much more to come from Baker America's, stadium we are. After, the grandparents. The. Are taking on South Korea. Look. At the u.s. women's scheduled, right now they, are involved, in the first of three matches, against South Korea the countries are staring up again on Sunday. Americans, also a 2-game scheduled, for the month of November, they're gonna be taking on Sweden, and, Costa, Rica it, has been a relatively, quiet, start, for the u.s. women tonight, again, South Korea Ali Krieger, being, honored, for notching, her 100th, cap there's been a few chances, and they finally connected.

On, One in the 45th, minute Rapinoe, to Ali log and, JP, and Ali back for the second half call after this. Coverage, of this international. Friendly sponsored by Volkswagen presenting, partner of US. Soccer. One-nothing, us lady gonna go buy a meal on the assist going to make. It Rapinoe. And. We're gonna see some changes. Kristin. Dress we're told is gonna replace Ali, long and. Turner. Davidson is also going to be coming in to the game. We'll. See who she's gonna be coming in for. Well, the press is coming in for a long you can presume that that means Lloyd then drops back into midfield. Harassment spearhead that attack. And that's good I think the US needs to stretch the. Back line of South Korea fetters the case. So, different positioning, perhaps maybe different ideas fresh lakes all. Of that. Christen, press is that a good year. Mentioned, before she and Dom camp were the only two that have played in all 20, games at the World Cup she was very valuable even. Big goal towards, the end. You ask the question you know Ruben. New manager coming in she. That could lift to push for a starting spot. Lost, the talk over that first half not like. We're used to seeing but the US team not the decision, that we're used to but. I give to South Korea a lot of credit to where they played that first time. Let's, see if they make any changes, I don't believe they are going, to. I'll be curious because I know that a lot of their club coaches. South Korea mandated, that some of their players only play 120, minutes between the, two matches so, they're gonna have to manage minutes. South korean side, much like the u.s. is doing. Or the dearest only have six available substance. Because of injury and. Her, backup goalkeepers. See how that plays out tonight. Waiting, in the whistle to get the second half underway you, see no changes for South Korea. How, do they respond, after. It's, may, have been outside they're arguing about that. Gee we'll push it back South. Korea in white looking. Long I. Am. Able. To bring it down on a bounce blocked. Here. An appeal by Davidson. This, is one of those players sent. It back possibly. A left-back. New. Coach may. Decide that which spot is best. Give it up there by their way she's the future of that back line for the United States six Oh. The question will be, which. Position. -. In the wall for. The US. The words of Ashlyn Harris. Instructing. Her teammates. They, say moon could take it so could G number 10. She, leaves it off, in. Too. Close to, Ashland Harris from resalable let's. Go downstairs hear from Alex curry Alex Jill, Ellis told me attacking lies there was not enough movement in the first half and they became too static so offensively, they, need more penetration, than defensively. She said they need to squeeze the space in front of their backline because, they gave them too much space see. How that plays out here in the second half especially with the two changes made. The. One with press to help the offense. Pres, sitting on 40 ventilate the International, goals.

He. Goes pass blocked out throwing to us. Davidson. Sauerbrun. Out doll camper. Hats. On it to the right goes, left instead. Off labelled. Rapinoe. Ketchup, she. Did her best but lost to the man throw, it in South Korea. Sorry. Some, of these us planners to get a break because their teams are not playing this weekend in the NWSL. Saturday, Washington, is at Orlando, but everyone, else gets a breather until. October. 12th when they close out the regular season. Just. Announcing, the substitutions. Here my, salvation for christen press. Back, in South Korea's half. It's, going out for a throne for Rapinoe again, she wants it it quickly, presses. On the move. The. Cross. Nobody, she nails, those, what. A setup, from. Press. And of all that was cut back there was another problem, area defensively. For South Korea at the World Cup but the quick throw in from Rapinoe I mean she was almost at the bench when she took that. That's. More like we're used to seeing from the US except the finish there, from Lloyd paint. It off the crossbar. Kim, hey read 20, and white for. South Korea getting it forward, moon. Mira. Kim. In the middle. We. Now. In the turn no. One free davidson, jumping in winning, it, getting. It up field. Crushed. Legs of christen press on the chase washed, that ball on look at Raveena wants the creek born again. Well. That's a look at the initial, one by, Rapinoe press gets in the ha. We. Have live action with press. Turning. Squaring. Hurts. Flips. That one wide, Lloyd. Across. Let's. Denied. Us. Recovers. Rather. Well. Boy, try to slip it through was that a handball. Appeals. For it. Instead. Kim, min-jong will put it back at a play. 51st. Minute on one to nothing lead for, the USA, and an alley long goal, assistant. Megan Rapinoe came, off of a free-kick and really the one, of the last kicks of the first half. Off the, head of Davidson, throw in South Korea. She's, gonna take it. Jim, Harry. No. One open, she. Will try to pounce on it gets to it geez shot is quick and walked. Sonot. Moving it ahead. South, Korea will get another quick recovery. G, on it. 10. And white for South Korea. Going, wide. Jim Harry. Sliding it through moon Mira tackle, away. Here, to fear by Sauer run the football rapido press. Trying to get away nice, cut, insides horrific, play and. A second, move by press taking. It forward. And the flag is after. All that hard work and, skilful christen press so. Yeah. Lettuce ISM the touch first you get the flip by Megan Rapinoe good, back to go play by press just as Jimmy off. The second one coming. In. Impunity. Man. That she's, looking down the line and that's just awareness you have to have. Better. Patience, and I think if she leaves that then you can allow the ball to scoot through for that second late runner coming in press. Had two options really well done though by press that's the penetration, Joe. Ellis wants to see the positive play. On your left back of the ball just, a slim one nothing lead here. Yet. Another giveaway. Jump. Turning. Away from the pressure of Laval. She's, so smart in her positioning, she, pops off that midfield line and the u.s. is having difficulty, getting any sort of pressure in the center, of the park, she, played well together communicate. Well normally. Paris, will push it short. Fact for Harris. The. Bouts to press. And, now back to go. Here, in the 54th, minute just a one to nothing weed November, seventh us ruin vs Sweden. Familiar. Rivals and the World Cup in we, expect, Ally a new coach then possibly. New, players possibly. That's, gonna be a good one and, hopefully it'll be a new coach by then right quick. Turn around to the Olympics and that's a really good opportunity for, a, new coach to come in and, bring. In new players and really try to implement. A style of play that we're gonna look forward to seeing how, important, that is I know Lexi really values that style. Of play a. Field. Of target. And tan for Kim Harry.

We Saw Sweden play some good games at that World Cup. Remember, the game against Germany yes that. Was one. Of the more fun games to do on, one of the hottest days of our lives. High. 90s almost. A hundred. Then. The Sun came, through somewhere at the end was. Like an eclipse we remember. It. Was crazy, crazy. The. U.s. pushing, it forward. And now it's gonna go out of play. 55th. Minute alley, long school the difference here. Back, in the south korean half - kim minjung. Let's be a huge step to their program if they, are able to qualify, next. Summer for the Olympics. Another. Step for their development, their, youth teams have done pretty well especially lately I feel. That comes calm. Chae-rin, lost. It there to Davidson. She. Just heard safety, throw in South Korea. And. I just be curious what this does for the the search for, the next coach for the South Korean side I know in Sona is really the interim coach they said she doesn't really have a shot at that head coaching job but with, a good, performance tonight I wonder if any of that changes. We, haven't see the yellow tonight we should have seen - we'll, see what not. Gee. And there was no arguing no G just gives the ball away sloppy, there. And that's a football tackle. 56th. Minute. Harrison. Put her back in a plane to the US well, away from her goal, that's. She. Was a player on the 2003. World Cup team for South Korea. Kim, min-jong will hold. I think, they're playing so, well tonight - that's why she hasn't made any changes, Ally. Because. They've got 23. Players they're healthier than the US coming into this game yeah I mean a that would make logical sense. But. I think it also could be a situation where they're they also have to manage their minutes. As. Mandated, by the club coaches. Long. Flight - to get here. Throwing for Davidson, they've got to play two games in the space of just a few days, play. Somebody in Chicago at, Soldier, Field. Ciao, under pressure she. Turned. Off Davidson. Throwin South, Korea. No, one is up for. South Korea either by the fourth official. We do have players in the sideline but no one was even warming, up. South Korea's ball the free-kick. She's. Gonna leave it. There's, little. Seung-jun. And. That ball has lost out of play. It's a quick throwing look. Like a crook for one for Davidson. For press who's had an impact since coming off as a second-half sub. Right. At the start of the second half. Sour. Brunt goes back to. Harris. Chung's, LD try to intercept, that the US collects. Sonic. Dolf, kemper. One. Of them has to step through that first line of pressure, it's. Too easy. Davidson. You know. Cut. Off and then our. Challenge, from, Davidson. I think, it's been a frustration, for Davidson she's had some loose touches tonight. Comes. In hard on Joe. We'll, see here on the playoffs for the NWSL, with her Chicago, red stars team. Think, of all the years in the NWSL, this is Chicago's, best chance at vying, for that championship. Yeah. It's not just SAMCRO right a listen air on that team arts. Davidson. Morgan. Bride have been playing better I know she's injured, tonight but she's. Become a key piece for them. Kim minjeong off. Choke. Earth's, moving. It Lloyd. Taken. Away by Jeep. Ciao. Chung. Trying. To go outside of Davidson. Chug. Cheering. Davidson. Didn't bite but did concede the corner. David, sent another one was young talented. Players only 21. South, Korea taking their time. On this corner. We, say. She's. A captain of, the Hyundai steel red angels her last cap 2011. So she's been out of the national team for a while. And, say to, the back post area. Second. Ball. It's finally cleared out. She, heads it down calmly.

Kim. Hey we back. To go. Past. The automark is this getting closer than you might, have thought without. A doubt and I think the u.s. looks flatter than I anticipated you, I'm used to seeing them pick up the pace and press the game at moments you seen a couple surging, runs by Megan Rapinoe defensively. But other than that I think the u.s. looks. Exhausted. Ahead, of Laval. It's gonna go out of play for South Korea and you can't rely on a. Couple. More games to go for Jill Ellis she's won two World Cups, twice. She's been coach of the year, what. Else can we say about Jill I think. Pushed, on. Women's. Football tactically. I mean she's one of the first coaches, to flex a her team in and out of different systems in, a. Major championship, and and come up victorious. I. Think. That's an evolution, that. Maybe we won't get spoken about enough and needs. A lot of credit I mean think back to when this team she tried to play the three back and when they got slaughtered by France yeah, and there, are a lot of questions about whether she knew how to implement. The, right tactical, system for this group of players and then we flash-forward, she's. Gotten a lot of respect to from people, outside of the sport like Carolina. Panthers yesterday she went visited, the Miami Dolphins I remember before one, of our other games. Word. Gets around and, who knows what her next job is going to be could she coach. Another. National, team who, knows right and she told me eating could she coach men. Does, she want to be a head coach only, would she be an assistant in. MLS or with, a men's. National team we'll find out answers, answers. To, come but I think she'll take a little bit of time away she better she deserves it rust yeah. 63rd. Minute. -, nothing weed over South Korea, Kim. Hae Young's past so get the return. But. Stay with Jill Alex curry what do you have water well it's all starting to sink in for Jill Ellis of this chapter is, coming, to an end and when she was asked, about the advice she'd give to the next coach she, said make sure you do it your way trust, your instinct, and take advantage of the tremendous resources. You have lean, on them and use, them. Back for Kim min-jung. That's, a good advice right from, Jill yeah I mean, she, learned. To. The, this, tools, that she had in her shed with this group of players and yes. They're the most talented players in the world but there are also strong, personalities. And to be able to manage that. And. Like. She said to trust her instincts, that has got to be a challenge because you know along the way in the locker room there are players that are gonna be chirping there are players they're gonna step up and say we don't like it this way we want to do it that way you're not utilizing my, strengths, and that.

Tests, Your character that tests your conviction, and, at. The end of the day players want someone to lead them and you. Want to believe in that conviction and that's, massive, with professional. Athletes like these. Beautiful. Specimens. The. Vetos pass ahead and. Shall, get the return. Megan. On the right foot crosses, in her, down. Sauerbrun, Hiab, field, leaving, it off for Sodom South, Korea is getting ready to make their first change. Lee. Jung Joo is going to be coming in for. Lisa. Into, the box it's. Loose pasta. Say, you in spinal touch there that last. Play. Why. Well why not have a go. Now, we should see the change for South Korea. Good. Pressure by dog, camper not to allow that hold, later return. And, then that ball pops up as you. Said JP and Lloyds gonna have a go. So, they say on comes. Out. Lee. Jung Joo comes in he's played in one game at the moon's walk-up almost. 70 minutes for her and. That stint. And. Was sailing coming out I mean she's a player that young duck Yao did. Not include and, it was largely because he wanted a physical presence from the center of the park she's more of an elegant player you saw it even on that last ball that was flipped up to moon Mira. Andy. Sullivan is gonna be coming into the game, she. Was one of those players just, called into the squad because they had so many injuries, and, he's had a good year with the Washington spirit she was really one of the final cuts before the. Women's World Cup roster was put to bed the difference between her. Rookie season NW Sola this year has been massive. And, she's one of the another player I think they can benefit from a managerial. Change. We. New Roosevelt, wasn't going to go to 90 tonight she. Went a hard, sixty five-plus. Was, another fan, favorite. So. Sullivan gets an opportunity here she's the captain of the Washington, spirit which. Is impressive, considering, she's only 23. And only. In her second, Pro season that they would give her the seat. Us. Scrambling, back here to, play it back to Harris. South. Korea is still on the chase. It's. Still just one goal down. To the feet of Ashlyn Harris. For Earth's. Their collapse on Julie, just. Slip the truth but it's too slow out of the back. Rapinoe, try. To poke it ahead. Press. Was trying to hold up that run to make sure she stayed on side. Kim min-jong, will. Slow things down. It's, going to land by the South Korean bench. U.s. while Detroit. Rapinoe. Got. It in quickly, dressed. No flag up presses. In looking. Shooting save rebound, lloyd, couldn't, get the shot off. Still, in the box pushing it back out. You've. Had so many close calls tonight, they. Could have had four goals but, they have one. And, don't figure their greatest weapon is the quick throw by repeating, or the long throw in this case. Christen press Jimmy's off of her defender, gets in behind. She's, been a bright spot in the second half. Parrot. Is repeat oohs throw him behind the. Center back in the outside. She's trying to line up right for the job, yeah, I forgot that it was right off that throne so she could not have been no. And young stood. Tall she was patient. Let's for the quick throw-ins you see a lot of professional, teams fall, to sleep on those throughout. The world. Believe. It in the World Cup. We, couldn't get through here's. South Korea moving. It forward. Virat. Makes the run up feel but they don't spot her. Catch, a rim was calling for that vault for several seconds now gets it has. Davidson, to be help. Is coming, slip, to towards moving around but it's played back calmly, to Harris. Lloyd has. Press into your head. Looking, shooting, safe. And the third time was not the charm, looking. For goal number 15, or international. Then, everybody, out of their seats that whole sequence. Costel. Yes. Back to Kim min-jung. She, got a late start so, I felt she was going to get beaten there by Press. South korea back. Jim Harry. It's, from June. In, a space movie Rock can't get to it to, the feet of Harris. 71st. Minute a much closer score line than we, would have predicted.

Three, Kick-ass a difference in the game Lumira. Stepping, in and winning it, so. Us with. Talc temper, rapido. Look, at this boy. The idea itself was fantastic. But tough. Pass to make over that distance. Here's, the last chance to get Lloyd in behind the midfield, really. Good vision to set up rest there in space, use. Your left foot. Just. Notice that I was gonna say trust your left foot right. Tries. To keep it on a right and that means it's gonna fade, away, from, goal get. On the left fire back across frame. You. Pair it up real tight there. Then good recovery ultimately, by all the South Koreans. Yeah. They didn't give up on it. 72nd. Minute u.s.. Leading one to nothing, ally long the goal of record. He. Longs 8th international, goal. It's been some doubt. To, walk for Jean. South, Korea though first. On the ball. And. Wanted back nicely. The, young Jews paths is short should. Get the return. Gee. Slowing. It down. So was trying to get free near the circle let's. Play to the right instead Kim. Hey REE. Halfway. Line South, Korean want to make another change. See. This Adama. Getting. Last-minute instruction. Jim, hairy right, sideline. Thank, children's pass was off target, here's arts. Earth's will lay it off sauna, on the right, because. Of injury a lot of these us players, whether. Plank 90 minutes night. There's, six subs of these international friends, Jill Ellis will use them all yeah but you know who has a field Jersey that's on the US bench right one of the goalkeepers, Wilson air, rusty. Put her in. Hertz where, would you put her. You, think it's gonna happen do you think it's gonna happen. Now I don't. Rapinoe. Trapped. It good, well to keep that in play. I'm sorry I'm right, on her tights. Here's, another quick throw in South Korea sleep again on those press. Shot, radical. Beware. Of the quick throwing I, mean. In the World Cup France knew was coming they prepared for it and they still suffered by it. Player, down is calm cheering. And so let's clear it out and you may see this up in. Will right now let's use, coming. Out. So, it's coming up. Replaced. By leek so damn another one of those woke. Up wires. Compl, air replacing. Another. When. It's two-bit from the World Cup that we didn't get to see the interactions, we've seen tonight between G and show. Too. Incredibly, talented players, in the centre of midfield. Kim. Min-jong sonic 75th. Minute. Singing attendance, tonight. Here in Charlotte, over. 30. Over, 30 coming, out tonight in downtown Charlotte. The stadium, is right. Downtown. On a bounce flicked. Forward. Davidson. High up feel is the left back leaving it rapido. Tempting. Ball. Just, missed ha was over there defending against pew. Two. Number twos.

Mallory, Pugh, cider, sir. It she leant over the corner try, to cross it, South Korea's gonna make another change. 22. In, Sun, hwa-jung. Will, replace, contraire. It. Might. Be either out of gas or a slight entry there on the, last challenge when play was stopped. She's. Played well tonight. Really. Well. And. The player, replacing, her quite, young coming in. Going into the World Cup she's one of those players, it. Can stretch she opponent, more she's got good patient likes to run in behind so to be interesting to see how she changes, up. What, South Korea does on the right side. You. Know with, a party. -, nothing. Not the way most of our goals go. As if that how she finished. This corner kick and she's wanted open just sitting in the six-yard box. Redirection. Defend. Himself. Choose one players out there maybe this one is for the US this, is a new one ending in South Korea mister, we're. Hearing rapido is going to be coming out for. Curtain, call for Jessica, McDonald, this. Will be the ovation, for rapido. Her, first game back in the USA, Jersey, since, that World Cup final and she lasted some 77. Minutes and now it's Jessica. McDonald's. Turn, making. Her 12th, international. Appearance is McDonald. - rapido, deliveries. So, you go back jp2 when Jill, Ellis opted, to bring rapido into. That Olympics. The last Olympics that they had and there was a lot of question marks around that decision, and one of the reasons jewel Ellis took her was, because of her set-piece delivery. Two-nothing. Lead for, Jill Ellis and the USA, in the. 79th. Minute South, Korea is not gonna make another change so they went with, their. Best group for, the longest time and now this will be their, fourth, change, once. They make it once, Jim. Solon comes in and, they're giving some players an. Opportunity to play their first international match so that's good too. We had standpoint. But last supper' hasn't happened yet. I lungi. Earth's, slowly getting back up. Fs. Ones coverage, of this international. Friendly sponsored by Allstate, you're in good hands with Allstate. Here's. The other sub. Ha, number, two will come out Kim, so. Makes, her international, debut. And, ha is gonna go off on the far side or. The new laws. Of the game that was changed. And it looks like battle push cells you descended up. And. So slide. Into the midfield. You, saw them all trying to close it out you've. Got two goals tonight one by long one, by pew. Julie. Hurts. Some, of dangers on the ball playback that the u.s. still has it. With about 10 minutes and stop it's time to go. Hertz. Davidson. Might, see some more pressure now for the fresh legs and players like Sun why young who. Wins it here two. Goals at our international, debut at the age of 19. While it was called free-kick. The, US. The, reps missing, a few calls they're not last one with Davidson, the Jersey tug, ultimately. Dispossessed, because, of it. It's sound, room playing it's short for Hertz. Cut, it back, sonnet. To. Back, inside the circle bell pepper. For Davidson. Slipping. It in try, to find press. And that was lost on that last touch on that right side by cheek. Last. Two plays by Davidson, no they haven't come off but have been the right ideas. She's so positive in, her approach in her actions she glided, past that first line of pressure on the initial and on that last one to, open up and play that first time ball and oppressed so good. Some. Lost it there Jessica, McDonald, on the attack. Nothing. Out of the good season with the North Carolina courage. Miss, McDonald, here's Lloyd. Outside. Q McDonald makes her on the box, he, was stood up

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