USWNT vs. Ireland ⚽ Women's Soccer (HD)

USWNT vs. Ireland ⚽ Women's Soccer (HD)

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Was Bowl in Pasadena California. As. We prepare for the much-anticipated. Final. 20. Years ago it all started, here guys. Hurry. Through this whole. Lives something. That is purely ours, you've. Created a, vortex. Today. We the u.s. women returned to this iconic venue, after being crowned back-to-back. War, champions. Once, again becoming, a fountain, of inspiration. And record-setting. Fashion. With, the tour before complete, we welcome, back the US women in proper style, will. Just be known as, America's. America's. Team indeed. Fresh, off yet another World Cup title the US Women's National Team has. The turn stateside, as conquering, heroines. And today finally in, front of their home fans the, US will enjoy a much kinder gentler. Gauntlet, than the daunting one they survived earlier, this summer in. France. Welcome, to ESPN's, coverage of the US Women's National Team brought to you by Volkswagen we, are live from the historic Rose. Bowl in Pasadena California. Where. Yes 20 years ago last month the u.s. women's soccer team won. A second, World Cup title today, the, u.s. faces Ireland. To launch a five-game. Victory, tour in honor of the team's fourth, World. Cup triumph and we have the evidence of that World Cup triumph right, in front of us the FIFA, Women's, World Cup, trophy truly, a thing, of beauty and, a thing well earned alongside World, Cup and Olympic champions, Julie Foudy and Kate, mark raff i'm sebastian salazar great to have you with us from here in southern california we. Have what the 2019. Team has accomplished. We are feet away from. The field on which the 99 errs you all started. This whole thing I gotta ask you Julie with 35,000. Some people here what are you feeling oh I actually, have never called. The game from here so I walked into the broadcast booth and the view of the hills and the palm trees and I was like oh my god this is it, and, it's not the first time back of course but the first time actually calling, a soccer game here so it's been fun it's been neat to be here well. I walked in I didn't remember that this is even situated, amongst the hills because I was so nervous but, all I could do is put one foot in front of the other I was you know with the first new player in the big tournament, so I show her the deafening, noise at. The jets flew pass and me being I could hear my heart and. Then only one I couldn't hear my teammates I couldn't hear anything it was by, far one of the greatest moments in my life you, guys were dominant in that run but not as dominant as the 2019. Team, and what they just did in, France. It's just the second team ever to win back-to-back Women's, World Cup titles, Germany did so in 2003, 2007. They, beat a who's who of. Consistent. Or emerging, European powers, along the way and ago of firepower for they had it 26. Goals at the most ever scored at. A Women's World Cup of course half of those goals came against Thailand multiple. Records set in that famous 13-nothing, victory, and perhaps most impressively. They, did it as a true, team nine, different. Players who scored in, France. Kate, so much was said about this team before.

The Tournament so much more was said about it during the tournament now that it's all in the rearview mirror what are we saying about him well I think the one thing we didn't know going the tournament is did they have enough time to bond with so, many changes so many players getting caps so many players in that starting lineup and a constant rotation would, they bond would, they find that chemistry, and you know what once they got there they became a team they decided to leave everything out on the field play, for each other and buy, in to, make maybe taking some personal sacrifices, for the greater glory and that's the reason why this team won and this is by far the greatest team Julie, best team ever I think it is and let's, put that in context, shall we there. Have been eight Women's, World Cups the US has played in five, of them they've won four, of them so, there's been a lot of good US teams as we know but, this one was emphatic, it just felt dominant, on the field off the field the, stat I love because. Every time you would say how does it feel coming in as defending, champions they're like we're defending nothing who we're attacking and they did just that on their front foot it took them at at, the most 12 minutes to score it every game and tell, the final and so this was a team that was hungry, and that's hard to, do as a as a defending, champion of, course a big part of this team's journey is their manager, Jill al has some breaking news around her this week on Tuesday announcing she would be stepping down in October after, the Victory Tour her resume, speaks, for itself five years in charts the only coach to win two Women's World Cup titles, and as you see there she's closing in on the legendary. Tony decicco's, all-time, win, smart all that said Jill, Ellis took a lot of criticism throughout, the tournament and maybe even more before. It now that her tenure is over effectively. What. Is her legacy cake I think your legacy is how important, it is the journey I mean this is a coach that won, two World Championships, with two different rosters, two, different styles of play gave, 30-plus, players their, first cap played over 70 players in different possessions, right within that entire player pool this is still not through the player pool set it up for the next round and not only that she was willing to take risks right she was willing to do whatever it took to put the best team on the field when it came time in 2019, Julie, yeah, and I'll second, that last bit I mean that takes a lot of courage even though you're talking 2017, 2018 where there's not a major championship.

She, Was rejiggering, she was experimenting because she knew she had to bring in players with more creativity like Rose level which I think will be part of her legacy but, I think that's the one thing she talked about all the time if we're caring about results in 2017. What are we doing you gotta have experiment, and you got to try and she was courageous enough to do that of course people will want to know who the Jill Ellis replacement. Will be first things first though there's some tricky timing, involved isn't there case I think that's really important but the the, naming of who is gonna be the next coach but it does come down the timing the Olympics are gonna start late, July early August, qualifying. For those little bits two slots from CONCACAF, starts, in late January, early February so, that coach ends, up coming in is going to have limited, with this mustard, yeah and I'm gonna add to that again, because with, that limited, time and I'm gonna float something that is interesting, could you almost do a short-term solution with, a a coach that's very familiar with this team for example assistant coach Tony Gustafson, who we have seen on the sidelines very hands-on he's constantly, making tactical adjustments. Changes, talking, to the team could you hire him short-term, so, you stay consistent because, you have such a tight turnaround and then you look for a new voice going, into that next cycle for the World Cup plenty of NWSL, managers, and, even collegiate, coaches I think that would want to take over the best team in the world it's, a question for the incoming, general, manager of the u.s. women's national team a position US Soccer hopes. To fill soon, this week Kate it was reported by Stephen golf of the Washington Post that you are a candidate, for that position just to be direct would you be interested, hiss, Eddie who would not be issue in that position, I mean valiance Christ Valdez name didn't come up but, she's so good at television oh I would love to. Be a part of that situation Kate, I got my lesson, right here I'm shorting it good to get you though you're in.

Julie, Foudy wish list I'm sure it won't be long or look a question for the not-too-distant. Future but we're really here to celebrate the not-too-distant, past, when, we return a look at what this team has been up to since, winning the World Cup against. The Netherlands just three short weeks ago. I, tell. You what to call a whirlwind, would be a massive, understatement. All that more when we return it's the US Women's National Team victory tour from, the Rose Bowl. At. Spectrum business, we, know today is the most important, day for your business today, you have to stay one step ahead solve, new problems and. Adapt to whatever the day throws. That's, why you need spectrum, business with, over 99.9%. Reliability. It's the network that keeps you connected to all of your clients and all of their needs it's, always I like, you, because. We treat today like the most important, day for your business that, is until, tomorrow spectrum. Business we, keep small business running. This. Summer Volkswagen. Is supporting, America's, teachers visit. Your VW, dealer to learn how you can join in hurry, in during the book swag and drive bigger events and lease a family-friendly 2019. Atlas s for motion for just 329, a month, remember. When your house had this thingy. Now. It has that but. With spectrum smart homes aren't stopping there because, they'll have all this amazing, okay. Soon. Our homes will have this, and that. You, get the idea that's why spectrums secure fiber powered network is ready with the privacy, you demand and bandwidth, you need no matter how smart our homes may become. But. Some things will never change. Spectrum. Think. Forward I switched. From dark research before I switch from ramp I switched. The Chevy we, we. Switch to Chevy for dependability for these guys and just look at it. See. For yourself why people are switching at the Chevy all-star, open house get. 20% below MSRP, on all 2019. Silverado double, cab pickups, that's, over 97, 50 on this. Find. New roads at your local Chevy dealer. We're. Improving fifty, thousand homes about 2020, one, of the first things I noticed was that they didn't have a smoke detector so that was the very first thing I did when I got here it's a big relief to, know that my baby will be in a safe environment, the. Team has really come together to. Do something powerful for the community, we've had people tell us they don't know how they want to get their house done if it wasn't for us. Thank. You very much for everything that you've done spectrum, it means the, world to me, welcome. To Toyota's national clearance event and hearing a lot about some great deals yes with the great deals on the last of the 2019, and low APR financing options, it's a win-win what about me it's a win-win-win.

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All Those holidays, that you miss for all the money put in vacations, lost you, know in the end sometimes are the best team and don't win but when you do in that's a shared medal but more importantly, I guess what my friends knew I wasn't crazy for not getting a job instead playing soccer of, course we're celebrating 2019. We're also celebrating, 2015. We're also celebrating. 1999. We're, also celebrating. 1991. In fact it was after the 99 tournament that you guys first enjoyed Kate a victory. Tour what was your experience like it was wonderful because we got to share the, World Cup in our experience, with everyone across the country because only a couple of select cities got to see, the World Cup firsthand we were able to play these games and interact, with the fans sign autographs and more important grow the game and, you can grow the game when it's approachable it's best it's most approachable when, you can see it firsthand are you surprised that 20 years later we're still doing this victory tour I am NOT surprised, for that same reason when. You see magic, happen on a field and you see the, best of the best do something, that is incredibly, hard to do you, want to be a partner you want to witness it firsthand see. Mia Hamm they're getting a comfortable, with the camera we're hoping that she will join us here actually at. Halftime of this broadcast, it really should be stated it's a great turnout here, over. 35,000. It is a homecoming. Worthy. Of this team I think and not only that when you log in this is one of the most majestic stadiums. You could play and every single one of us has our favorite stadium that, we've ever had this is always in our top five I always, wonder what the young fans who. Are watching this our thinking right, now you had a chance to be somebody's, icon now it's, 2019, team, is going to be all, the young ladies and young boys in this audiences, and it's even better for, me personally is that my daughter, looks. Up to one of these players she'll play soccer but she's like this is amazing and that's when it did boys and girls everyone. Now has a new icon hooked up to and that inspiration it's fueled it for, the next generation alright, we are about to get a history. Lesson in, what is the US Women's National Team, for. More let's, send it to today's public. Address, announcer. Become. Yes. Here. We come. Ladies. And gentlemen, please rise and remove your hats for. The playing of the national anthem, of the Republic of, Ireland. Ladies. And gentlemen, please remain standing and welcome, national, recording, artist and renowned singer, song writer Jules Arora to sing tonight, Star, Spangled, Banner oh.

Say. Can. You. See. By. The, dawn's. Early. Light. What. So proudly, we. Hailed. At. The, twilight's. Last. Gleaming. Whose. Broad stripes, and. Bright, stars. Through. The perilous. Fight. O'er. The ramparts. We. Watched. Were. So gallantly. Streaming. Through. The. Dead. Say. Does. That. Star-spangled. Banner. For. A porcupine the u.s. women's national team our World Cup champions, their victory tour starts, next the United States first island, when we return to the Rose Bowl. Remember. When your house had this thingy. Now. It has that but, with spectrum smart homes aren't stopping there because, they'll have all this amazing okay. Soon. Our homes will have this, and that, you. Get the idea that's why spectrum secure fiber powered network is ready with the privacy, you demand and bandwidth, you need no matter how smart our homes may become. But. Some things will never change. Spectrum. Think. Forward. This. Summer Volkswagen. Is supporting, America's, teachers visit. Your VW, dealer to learn how you can join in hurry, in during the Volkswagen, Drive bigger events and lease a family-friendly 2019. Atlas s more motion for just 329, a month. This. Bell has rung three thousand four hundred twenty. Three times. Spectrum. Business knows the sound of that day means, that business is good it. Means that someone got their first basketball, or, a glove they'll hold on to forever with over 99.9%. Network, reliability spectrum. Business is there to help so, you can be sure your business will always be stopped always, be connected and, of course. Always. Be ringing. Spectrum. Business we. Keep small business, running I switched. From dock, I. Switched from ramp I switched. The Chevy. We. Switched to Chevy for dependability for these guys and just look at it. See. For yourself why people are switching at the Chevy all-star, open house get. 20%, below MSRP, on all 2019. Silverado, double, cab pickups, that's over 97, 50 on this Silverado. Find. New roads at your local Chevy dealer. We're. Improving fifty, thousand homes about 2020, one, of the first things I noticed was that they didn't have a smoke detector so, that was the very first thing I did when I got here it's a big relief to know that my baby will be in a safe environment, the. Team has really come together to. Do something powerful for the community, we've, had people tell us they don't know how they want to get their house done if it wasn't for us. Thank. You very much for everything that you've done spectrum, it means the, world to me. Didn't. Two Toyotas, national, clearance, attained. Great, deals were all. Better, get here, the booty and. That's. All. Get. A rugged, new 2019, Tacoma with 1750. Total cash back 3.9. Financing, plus 750, bonus, cash or a low mileage lease for 209, a month. Toyota. Let's go places. Spectrum. Originals, presents. Nothing. About the race is easy but it is going to be worth it because at the end of tonight one team is gonna come with me into a place without race. Yourselves, free. I think. I broke my glasses. Curfew. Watch, all episodes now, for, free exclusively. On demand. Welcome. Back everyone ESPN's, coverage of US soccer is brought to you by Volkswagen. Coming, to you from, up the Rose Bowl, never, the easiest assignment, is it being a victory tour opponent, but the Republic of Ireland team hoped to join the rising tide of European. Nations becoming. Forces, to be reckoned with their squad as a season. Mixture of pros playing around Europe young up-and-coming, talent playing, in Ireland and collegiate, Li here. In the, US the. Big story for, the u.s. their, exertions of the World Cup and what has followed in no place in the starting eleven tonight from Megan Rapinoe or Alex. Morgan Carli Lloyd though will, lead, the line Tobin, Heath and Kristin. Dress either. Side of her after, the coronation comes, the celebration. Before we get to that though it's, more of a somber moment sure, we'll send you down to the PA announcer on the field, Megan, Alexander. Ladies. And gentlemen, please join us for, a moment, of, for, those who lost their lives in, the tragedy, today in El Paso Texas. Thank, you. Moment. Of summer reflection to get us going here before the the party gets started in, that Pasadena, the u.s. against, the Republic of Ireland four weeks, from, France and a fourth star on, the u.s. journey it's the start of a five-game, victory, for tour for the twenty, three women who. Captured, the hearts and minds of a nation. Appropriate. It is here at, the Rose Bowl. That. We get things started, Adrienne Healy with the Julie Foudy alongside.

Nearly. 20, years on if you can believe it from them that, wonderful, day those strange, to be here I've never been I've got a call the game from here Kate and I were discussing walking. In the tunnel, the. Hanson brothers JLo. Good. Times. Celebrities. Here tonight Kobe. Bryant Islamic way of walking in. An. Area wants, a piece of this 13. Grand. I should, net any. Of the same ways that you guys did 20 years ago Julie been to. Stop. This victory tool here in Pasadena. Just. The perfect setting. Was. Talking to Alex Morgan earlier when she said we've never played there was Bill we're. So excited for this yeah none of the players involved. Here, tonight have. Done that exactly, the first time for 17. Years the. US. Women's National Team has been here, at. The Rose Bowl. She's. Going out on top as in she Gillis first. To win that to FIFA, Women's World Cups has joined a very exclusive. Club only. Two men all women to. Win consecutive World, Cups servitor, Leopold's on was the other Juliano, 1930. Long. Time ago that are there, yeah. Remarkable. Five. And a half years, in, charge, for, Ellis which will end, with. These five games a. Chance. To, go out as the winningest. All-time. Us with national, team coach as well. And what a run she, had to come in as defending, champions as, we know was you just said so hard, to. Win it back to back Germany having been the only country to have done that on the women's side and for, them to do it in the emphatic, fashion that they did it went, just, pounding. Through teams. Starting. Strong and. Then. Beating, five European, teams. To. Actually, win that. Back-to-back, title, and. Look at that run Sweden. Spain. That's Spain game still. I. Still. Get nervous thinking about that one frame, was it that was a nail-biter Julie, rights after that England, after that and, Netherlands. For the final, you. Said it it, was a booth, business to, the US this summer in France an. Unshakable. Confidence would also a sense of joy, and front that they were really out there to. Enjoy themselves. Absolutely. Oh. Man. -, Becky, Sauerbrunn. Around, before - Carli. Lloyd's need. To make an immediate impact. Noise. 280. Second, back tonight. Third. All-time in the US which is something. We know Lindsay Moran can, do quite well, find, those players in the box. It's the corner. Policemen, punch away. Dissipating. Volley busy, night. Right, number 33. In, the world. FIFA. Was from Chris depressing. And. Then he found out his crystal, donk. And now maybe we've we've, talked a little bit about the fact that you know you come into these games as a victory to her and they're. Not your typical game, of course they're here. And I wouldn't call, it an all-star, game to that level in terms of no defending, you, want to win these but I mean the team is clearly here to thank their fans, have. Fun enjoy it, I mean it's not the stress level you get even. For it on the friendly but for Ireland, on the other hand I mean they've got their first you're. A qualifier. In one month exactly, one month and, they don't get a lot of games and especially games, against top teams, especially, games, against the number one team in the world so this is a huge, event for them, very. Seriously be nice it's Monday. The galaxy facility. Since. April. Paris. Bought a, little. Too stronger like the u.s. island. Facing. At an uncertain coaching. Future they've just lost hurt their head, coach Tom Bell and left for the English. Championship and Huddersfield Town Tom O'Connor, his first game as in, terrific, how, about that for your first as. Head coach yeah just, started well job. The. Restart. Why'd you crystal done. Topping. The jello is yes sir they're two about kind of the strategy behind that some food she's playing obviously she. Said we're just trying to share the love and share the load was the pork she gave up and by, load minutes. Especially. Because you have some midweek NWSL. Games that they're very cognizant, of. Pistol. Donna's leaped away crew.

I. Thought. The okra was coming christen press we. Can do the attack Juliette's. These clips. Advantage. Page. As, Croesus. Too. Well. Lloyd's. Didn't. Quite get the placement right. Karley. So good at just shaking. A little bit of space this is crystal Donna earlier. Working. Through three for finding, a seam and. Then. Here's the chance where Carly SS has, such a good sense if, she takes her defender, away and then, finds a little gap in front of her. So, good with that movement of the box. Offer. Newest. And. - Tobin Hoover was originally, gonna step up, before. Kickoff. The original starting lineup. Tobin, he's one of those players. With. A bleep, gang Portland, plays on Wednesday, rain. Playing, on Wednesday Utah. Sky blue. Plus anything, behind. The. U.s. corner I'm coming to. Purchase, Gargan. The. Coach making. For national team debut tonight. Host. Juliet's. Just. Wider Julie. Let's take a look at our Continental. Tire analyst corner what you got for Unigine, this earlier Adrian and I couldn't agree more is that I think, so much of that success, in France has. To do with those two things right there chemistry. And the cohesion, and then just this joy, that. I hadn't, seen in this group that actually reminded, me a lot of the 99 group and, having spent a month with them in France and watched him at every training and everywhere you went there, was laughter and they of, course we're. Ready to go and competitive when they needed to but there was always this lightness. To them as well that I think is so healthy and receiving, so many successful, teams and in, all sports. And. It was wonderful to see. Stanton. Records broken 226. Girls go by his team in. France. For cheap to. Set. In the very first Women's, World hippie. My, score 25. Fast, start them a little fire starters, one day the u.s. school those goals yeah inside the opening 12 minutes of games I mean, every time you ask them you know would is a few I coming in as the defending, World Cup champion, and we're defending that they were attacking I was like okay okay alright I get it I get it but. They definitely have, that mindset you could see it from. The first moment the, whistle was blown. Le O'Hara was repelled. Katie. McCabe. But it would be clear violet. Doorkeeper. Expecting a busy night the other perhaps not so, much, so. Now getting is her first touch of the ball. Juliet's, vault. Is yesterday, it's my, first trip to the Rose Bowls since she, came to watch. And. He was said then the future husband Zack you play a college. Football game here for Stanford I have seen some of those Stanford girls ball games. I said the last time the US women managed to hear David bladed Julie although you plan not to remember it that, 2002. Will Cup qualifiers, I, was. Convinced, the last time a US team women's, team had played was the 99 final, and then Aaron - suppose officer was like no there were two more games between these. Thanks. Ago in Canada here. -. I said did I play in this case was you know 90. Minutes a new - captain. Age. It's, a beautiful, thing thanks, to the reminder yeah it's a first. Address. We're kinda hunt. Down the loose ball something. I can't afford to do tonight. Errors. Of the back there is a strength of this Irish demon is defensively, they yeah. That's her although they're veteran, feel early is. Blue. Alien. Hominid, I'm told now, he's. In the German Bundesliga. Seasoned, pros. Around. Europe. So, beyond. In talent as well. For. Grabs and, maybe put away. Lloyd's. On. The end of that bubble of bowl and then couldn't keep her ramp it down. No. Surprise again its Carli Lloyd who. Just seems, to have a sixth sense for that out when flying to her on the backside.

She. Just catches, under it doesn't quite hit it properly. When. She stands in earth time ranks in so, many different categories ten. Women's. World Cup goals as well. For. Most. Where. In US history. At, the next. We're coming up at the goals in the big games, hominoids. Big. Finals world, cup final 2015. Crystal. Duck and further inroads. Dissipated. Early siege. Damage penalty area is, truly. Under white. Shocked. To, see. Her on took a massive deflection. And the skirt ultimately. Result in another Dora. With, dolls against. Thailand. And Sweden. Big. Assist in the semi-final, two against. England. Mr., France, dig, it in it's fine, he was off-balance. To understand, busy. Bounced out another door. Crysta. The mind you the left back for the United States so is, getting. In on the offensive fun and. Especially in a Victory Tour game. It's. Gonna find, its way through to Lloyd's. Quite happily Dali Lloyd's. Now couper my little business. At. The pain had been able to play more accurate bill the. Barrage. Haven't. Painted and, Rivera though she. Had a to be one as well. I mean that's what you learn to. As. A young team. Can. Assist them on the today's, Tobin. Heath, gets. The party started in, Pasadena. They're at the far post not home. They weren't able to do it inside 12 minutes as they did so often the world couple took the emitter to do very nicely. For lack of looks that's for sure so after, the Miss counter-attack, by Ireland, this is what happens when you don't punish the United States a Mew is stepping, on that one. Finding. That. Player why don't what a nice ball in determined. Beef just, working by christen, press, just. Working that backside. Scot unable, to stay with her and. That one becomes an easy finish throat, Ellen he's got. A great ball in by christen, press. Deliciously. Served in from brass was no tonight Tobin. Heath. He's, gone number 31. Affair. Us crystal, art Julie, thinking about Tobin Heath there's a veteran but that is now, is. The. Age of 31 three World Cups our, belt. For the us of. Ironic. Which. They've done. Jaunty, from Louise Quinn Anna needed speak. He's sleeping in that bowl first time. My break their way and the shown on the toilet and. Samantha. Lewis. Who, were happen. Sammy, I see it's. Not a tournament, she didn't I mean you really were looking at going into that World Cup you had four. Really. Good options, for those three in the middle Rose, Laval of, course. Sam us Lindsay Moran and Julie Erickson so it was the constant, debate of who, do you go with of those starting, three and I think Jill Ellis got it right as much as you love the creativity, of Lindsay Moran and, what she can bring to a game with her distribution.

With Her ability. To break pressure, Sam. U.s., box-to-box. Good. Defensively, greed offensively. Such. A good engine. All. Those little decisions that, Jill Ellis had to make she. Got right yep, you, know for all the criticism she, took coming. In to the World Cup about, losing. In 17 News. She. Always had such, a conviction, up and choose, to say to me offline all the time what, are we doing if we're worried about losing in 2017. We should be able to try and experiment and, I, should have the courage to do that in the freedom to be that and good for her for having just. That and for, breaking through US. Soccer giving her that leash a little bit. Got a piece of edge. Over the top. From Lindsay here on ESPN's, coverage is, brought to you by Volkswagen, presenting. Sponsor of US soccer drives something bigger than yourself and indeed. The, world's number one job. Site. Doctor. For jobs and that jealous. Boss. Is announced. Departure. And. I think that's a good move you go out on top you go out with back-to-back titles. I think. It's smart, she. Felt the timing, was just right. As. In tempted to try and stay on him winter and Olympic Games it's always been so hard to do with a new team it's. Won a World Cup hasn't been done in fact it's. Crystal dad. He's. The chisel, away on the far side of us. It appears Bulger, Allison was, asked that yesterday or T about the but the Olympics was attempted, without. Experience. Three of the water he was a head coach but and that's what people forget I mean she's been around since, Pia took over in 2008, as her assistant I mean that's that, goes. Way back to the time. On the road away from the family. You. Get it you get it it makes sense yep. Conjecture. About what happens next vote for her and. Us. Women she said yesterday, publicly. At least them, hasn't. Given the matter much thought to. Spend. Some time with the family is. It's. To the byline. It's. Stopped. Who, pays. In Europe who's with her Birmingham City. Miss, Brittany elite. Prosper about newest. Through. To her hat. It, is hard to go out at the top isn't it, the. Coaching profession we're at so often it's not your, decision to leave.

Coming. Up with a. Phone. As well as sir and the back muscles away through episode, first. Voyage, into. The u.s., penalty, area for Ireland and amber Barrett almost. Made the most of it to talk about going out on Harper, that's. A sort of company she said look, at that girl Freddie. Bill. Walsh Red, Auerbach. Rusa. Don't. Get to dictate the terms of your exit very often in that profession. In. Soccer terms on the men's side you might you. Might add Pep Guardiola, to that list too Neff Barcelona. Forces. Continue. This Sarah Michael, Carrera sir is. Never. To come out. Denied. Lindsay, Hara. It's, gonna be a lot of chatter Julie. Until. Some, sort of announce announcement. Is made as to who will succeed. Till. Eros something was said that why not pep guardiola there, you go you just said it we've been talking about it but but, seriously is you sure man said he would be finally back. Maybe. Not talking panting specifically, but of that sort, of caliber that's or the Panda that is is, there any reason why. The. U.s. woman should be looking in that sort of director well. I was trying to interesting that people say well it's gonna be hard to get a college coach to walk away from the game, and. I get that there's a lot of stability for, some of those pictures we've been at their universities, for many too many O's. But. A sitting don't we but it's the United States, hey. It's, it's the number one team in the world that's, a coach's, dream is, to try and, do. What Jill just did. So. I. Do. Think you're gonna have a lot of people on Titian and. I do think you shouldn't set a limit on what you're seeing is. We're so god. Continuing. Her. Rampaging. First-half displays, must. Impress, to. Juliet's. Let's, of course a venture of Athiya. 2015. World Cup when she was a rookie year. Recently. The difference was when start in 2015, described. As having nothing to lose oh it's. A nice, fall, at the new house of Tristram, dress to boot internal. The, initial save. Christian. Press having. Flashbacks to, the World. Cup or the same thing would happen, goalkeepers, making great saves on you good run by press though to get on that bull, side of her defender. Just. A little burst. Get. You that window. World. Cup. Since. The dawn was a massive, one note it's making the semi-final, against England. And. A header just, but. Unusual, to her. Would. Admit that, she. Needs one more by the way Julie - and that, was a game remember.

Where Megan, Rapinoe was, unable to start Chris and press comes in off the bench and and, we talked to all-tournament about the depth of that team I mean there it was in action. Or. For, example an Ali Krieger able, to step in and that final, in, the second half. Tonight, to join the 50, Gold Club. The, US Women's National Team victory tour will continue on. September. The 3rd right, here on espn2, and the ESPN Apple, will be in Minnesota. To see them take on Portugal, and the fabulous new, Mansfield. To a decent, 5 Pacific. All. Your soccer needs and check out ESPN, FC on is being plus every. Day and. Obviously. Make it Raveena and Alex Morgan a big school right here I. Mean. Such a bummer for fans that neither are gonna play tonight but, they also. Thinking. Long-term and, with the club's wanting them back healthy yeah, talk to Megan. Rapinoe talked. To both of them yesterday her Pinot saying, that. She still has a lingering. Achilles. Issue from. The World Cup and, Alex. Morgan says a bone bruise in her knee that is taking longer to heal than she had hoped. To say that they've tried to be cognizant, of the the, NWSL. Scheduler, his. National team us went. Back to their NWSL, teams. Ejection. Of interest. There was being around. The league as well so great to see. Crowds. That's the, middle, we. Was trying, to help it all. Morgan. Brian is another one you may not be able to to. Play a little bit tonight. Matthew. Is a late change to the lineup she had a little she was actually struggling for Tobin Heath and she had a little tinge. That she was feeling so they're obviously. Playing it safe and guys, should just imagine the wear and tear on their bodies and what they. Beyond. Just the wall covered, the emotion, of what you go through after, and the victory tears and the media and you just. It's. So much fun but it's so hard to come off of that time. Refer. And, get yourselves, ready for, playing. Professionally. And traveling, and the. Demands of that schedule, as well it's asking a lot of these players for sure abuse, a grows Lavelle on the bench there as well littering many. Of you as fans will get to see I'm sure later on in, this evening and that she told us it seems really the mental, side to. The work of that but took her by surprise more, than anything is, the mental fortitude woman wired to get through. And. Secrets, of seven games. How. Hard it was to. Be. So locked in all the time. And those are the things you run on as a young parent and that's the beauty, of those World Cups. Is. Now she has, that wealth of information. And, knowledge that. She can share for this next one to the younger players, I just. Thought things junk that young hoop did so well in this World Cup. Samuel. Is evil. By pure. Abidal. Camper, and a first minute. For each leg even Luis we can get there. Decent. Clearance actually in the end by a Clara rig. For. Cleaning mccabe to trying to find amber barrage to the world and around the batch. The parents, it prepared. To chase it down. Merlyn's last game, of any sorbitol event in April so a, 2-1, defeat against, Italy of course another kind of a breakout World. Cup themselves. As win came. Against, Wales, as. He mentioned Julie from the Irish you talk about a, meaningful. Game coming up in just a month's time for them they start the. Qualification, in Europe, 2021. I thought, once we plant in England's we look down the, Sun, setting. The. Mountains, here in Pasadena. Glorious, setting it is. We have to go of the road up still. Much. Similar. And some over on the ground in there's number two. The. Offside flag stays. Down. And Lindsay, Heron has. Ago. As long as we don't see that motion of the box I'm. Going too far I'm happy. I've, had enough of that for this over. Tobin. Heath doing, her thing. Collecting. One to a third, defender. And. Then her and making, that run from deep. Looks. Like she's on from this angle because. She started deep in touch from Trish to dress as well as a ball game in an era anticipated. It, moves. Beautifully onto the end of it. The. Personal disappointment for Julie not to start. Want the big talking points wasn't the knockout rounds. Off, the bench as well in. Spain. And to jail a lesson. Ability. To withstand. It. Questions. And criticism, is she off well maybe she is, the. Tap on a closer inspection. Defectors. Worship while viewing. Every. Right to. The most and since, number. 11. Witzy, Haram. U.s. career. Hank is a good good. And for the flag to the ashpit - buhdeuce. Just. Still. A benefit. But Oh buddy you can do, the. Tricks of the flakes. Going. Back to Ireland. They. Finished third. We know how how difficult, that European group is to get out of this is they start to to. Wind up and get ready for the European, Championship, qualifiers, but they finished third in their World Cup qualifiers. Behind. The Netherlands, so they actually tied the, Netherlands, in World Cup qualifying who as we know played the u.s. in the final Norway. Finished top of their verb Netherlands, right.

Underneath Em they lived through of course on a playoff in Ireland. At 13, points. Would. Leave to see that flow behind. Juliet's, is feeling the pain, so. There were six points off the qualifying, phase from Netherlands and you. Feel like they're at a tipping point and they are sitting, in a group where, they've. Got Germany, Ukraine, Greece, and, Montenegro. So, it's trying to get on the end of the dress it's. Scott. With. Fire. You. Don't have to see each other it's fall down. Especially. Not defensively. It's. Not to say earlier about. They have nothing to lose in 2015, and everything, to lose in 2019, be mental, difference for her being. A rookie in. Canada. But. They'd be plain, the. Weight of the world on their shoulders. Against. They both, insisted meticulous. Planning that went into this team's, preparation. For France. Mr.. Stivers, left unturned ISM I was, a delightful. Kepta. That's again. Is why for christen press, press. With the quick give it go and looking for God. Next, step MLS broadcasts. Coming up tomorrow a good one to Portland, at Allianz field to take on Minnesota. United for Easter three central, on ESPN. ESPN Deportes and the. ESPN, app remember. All your canoes. ESPN. Plus, studio. Show, in. This pmf see every, day of the week. Delighted. Agree with us tonight for the opening, of, the victory tour, for. The US. - five dots would want to count against Portugal. Korea. For weeks. Since they left it all on the field in Leon. Natali Larry leaving, the Amish defenders, in her wake. Rehana. I. Had. The bounce down, off the turf and you do keep, her at bay. Heard. She was thinking too if I can just get this keeper to fight as if I'm coming across I could catch her near post. We, were Hannah wasn't biting, wasn't. Leaving her near posed either. Very, briefly teammates, together Carli Lloyd and who, react with Manchester City. One, of the few touches by a listen error what a tournament she, had as well with, all the fire, coming her way going. Into the tournament about, how do you how.

Do You fill the shoes of Hope Solo. Is. She ready for this job can, she make the big save. And. Then. For her to have the. Tournament she did. When. She had heard moments of course we saw in the Spain game where she played that one into Becky Sauerbrunn and, then Spain. Scored. Yeah. But. She also saves, the penalty, kids. Steph. Found that English. Made. Another big save. Against. Able to keep him in that game. Was, solid against France I mean she. Answered, every, bell and. The. In it was or it was amazing, to sees when. She saves that penalty kick, you might remember it with the, entire back, line went her and her jammies and, you. Could see the joy. They. Had in her having that success, and she wasn't. Appreciative. But go. But. They always had her back and Jill Ellis every time you would say you know you, can't put in an award absolutely. Still, down. And think her teammates ever lacked confidence of a man yes, in there too. So big moment. For her. So. Really, speaking to public. Robinson. Emerging, from the shadow, of Hope Solo. Toby, chief. The, address. Everyone, inside the, Irish. Half of the field except, listen. There. Who is. Parsons. Thinking I am getting one before, they set me out, the. Line midweek game. It's. We go in this first half. Which defense that tip. Pretty, beleaguered, at the moment of a theme breached again. Just. Have, her go. Had, a sense of inevitability about, it. It's, been closed there, or there abouts and finally she gets a header to. Go ahead. Good, forever and, what a good one, Kelly. O'Hara, constantly. Giving. That wide option, fighting balls in, and. Look. At you have two players on Carli, Lloyd one, in front of her one behind her they're, going to get the power that she can get on these head ball she's going away from goal, what. A nice goal that is. That. Might have been the toughest, headed this is a told by Julie because, she's marked well. It's goal number. 114. To, her. We. Didn't talk about it in the pregame we didn't have the time but one of the things then, I also think, is so impressive in jail Alice's tender is you you'd look at her, 2015.

World Cup she had to deal with it ageing Abby Wambach who was on her, final, leg. Of her career and how you manage, that and, Jill Ellis also, had to they went of course in 2015. And Abby handlers, that beautifully, Joe, Ellis also had to navigate how. She deals with another legend and Carli Lloyd and her. She. Won't say yeah but perhaps her final World Cup now. At 37, and. What, a crew if she's had and she was more vocal than Abby about wanting the player wanting to start but yeah, I. Think. The team is familiar. With her that's that's, Carly that's always been her it's not something that's a negative it's I'm I'm driven I want to be out there and I want to I want to be playing yeah. Managing. Reduced, minutes, playing. Time for superstars. And leaders of team is its it it strict up and flow many a great coach, this was look. You're tripping up Katie McCabe. Ruling over Juliet she was. In the process of own earning, islands first corner of the game and that she's come up hurricane McCabe as a cheap scored. More goals and, then anyone else out there in the Irish darling 11 to their. Last God against. Italy, in April. To. Place for Arsenal. English, top flight. Alongside. Kimber, tolling. The, via MIDI nerve goes also voice 13. A colossal. Good my Netherlands this. Is a player Ireland, wants to keep on the field clearly. Making. Sure though that there's no concussion which is great. To see. They. Have their first corner they have a couple of big Tigers well movies, Quinn the center-back was, number four will be an. Obvious one she's a six footer sin towards Quinn, and teacup the header. Blast, it wide. It's. A long way back isn't it, just, a couple of minutes before halftime coming up at the half for the legacy, of the. 2019, team a more Sura video, preview, of the and a good show on ESPN Plus, called deep equalizer. And. So far of that it's. Just about to drop. Just. Watched it today it's, very good yeah yeah, lots, to a joy in that series. Get. Some at the ESPYs. Get. Some going on Jimmy Kimmel. Now. That is there another to come the. Galleys lychee. Pickpocket. At work there then couldn't find the finishing touch. And, this is what you just gotta love about Carli Lloyd I mean there is no victory to her game for Carli Lloyd she's coming. Right it's, not like I'm. Just gonna you know how fun out here and take. My foot off the pedal no. I, mean, that is what has made her so good for so many years when, you think about a player that's doubled, reproduction, in her 30s. And. That's why I, mean it's why it wasn't disruptive, at the walk-up person. I. Proved. Him that I should be starting because. That's how karlie always has been. She's, back you're playing with sky-blue. The. NWSL, but far from where she grew up. New Jersey. You think this is a John sterling she's, 37, to be 40. 41. The. Next World Cup rolls around tell you what I would never tell cold wouldn't, bet against it sir it's a bad idea you wouldn't want to be that coach yeah. I mean, it she. Said immediately, after, the game in the mixer and I heard the audio from her sang you, know when asked, what do you want to do here on a girl for the op-eds to want to continue to go for another cycle and you, could tell she was so, ecstatic of course not the team had won but also felt like she had a bigger role to play so I think she probably. Will. Continue, to play through this Olympic, cycle, and then. Retire. At 38. Yeah. 45, minutes in in the books and, the victory tool. He's offered Ronnie for Jill Alice she, heads, towards, the exit. To three nil at. Halftime, Malloy. Dat grabbed her goal there. The end of the half. After. Tobin, Heath had, opened. Up the store again. Hope. You join our coverage when we come back at halftime we'll take a look at the legacy of, the, 2019. Team. Welcome. Back everyone to the Rose Bowl ESPN's. Coverage of US soccer is brought to you by a Volkswagen. There Adrienne Healey alongside. That, someone who's just delighted, to be back here. Julie. Foudy loving, every minute of it as, we get underway at the, start of the second half three, nail the. U.s. opening, up their victory. Tour in fine. Fettle and. A. Few switches to, tell you about it at the sound of the second artist on the back of Julie when it finishes come on to the place. Listen. There. These, Sonics is, also on as if. And, Jessica, but dollars, is. Gonna be, October. Teeth. I just, want their change for the Irish as well Rihanna jherich, replacing. Amber Barrett of French. And although I'm sure Jill. Would like about 500, substitutions. She's, only about six as they are for friendlies, three. Of them have been used. It's. Been great - let's see Jessica, McDonald, out there the. Story she was her. First World Cup. The. Age of 31. Which, is. Fun. To see her success, over the years of, her climb that ladder continued, to fight to be on the national, team, there. She was holding that will, Cup trophy, yep. Good. Night Kate, mark I've told you about the NWSL, and Jessica McDonald, has really used the NWSL, so beautifully, to elevate.

Her Career I only, heard them talking about when I said I've. No idea, was. There something about her. I. Started. To get kind of teary when she was talking about the impact on our kids because that was that, was, such a moment for all of us there were so many of us over there at France, Mia. And her kids I had both of my kids is he used well Declan, Stan and, the impact it doesn't just have on your daughter's but your son's as well. Gabe's. Gonna. Take. You the ball for Ashley Ashton's, be. More work for her than that Ellison air and. In the first half. Most. Recent appearance was. Here in LA against Belgium before the World Cup. Chesson. At McDonald's, pulsing, away into the penalty area chagrin rough. Thanks. Cap, he's. Got the goal in that Belgian game back in April also stowed. Against Portugal. Unwavering. Perseverance. The. Story of her journey. Mr., press. Set. The table to really good service corner. Yes. John, that's a long long chase because, it. Here at, Bristol. Doctor. Adults. Who. In the corner of a pain. To. Get the tackle in its. Heavy paint she will be playing collegiate Lee at Florida, State and. Just a couple of months John Mark, Krikorian the, master, of ruling, the international, player yeah. It's. Made a habit of luring, Irish players as well as her today, for, the Seminoles. Megan. Campbell, Megan, Connelly. Whatever. Than a 'post. Gavage. Both. Still playing Megan coño Megan. Campbell for Ireland, Megan Connolly, was a a. Late. Drop. Sadly, with an injury. They. Can Campbell playing over man City so they do are, missing a few key players Ireland. As, they gear up for the European, qualifiers. Desperate. To be at harder fed here a 20-watt which, it's. Being played on, the doorstep, in English. Dirted. To see over the last. Five. Or six years the rising, tide of. European, winning song good yeah. Yeah. Flair's. The crowd are hoping to see tonight, Rose LaValle I. Said. Rose how your hamstrings, feeling when I spent for yesterday. Yeah. Everything's fine. They've. Been great I thought there would be little, tighter but they're not I've been great. Mr., Hoshi was. Frogs. It's the exact player that the u.s. needed given. Their struggles, to break down that compact, defense of Sweden in 2016. I mean that was the big lesson, that Joe Ellis took for the, Olympic disappointment. Jessica. McDonald Ross just. Address. The. Head I couldn't put it on target first impress, plays, for. The. Utah Royals, and, Jessica. McDonald we talked about their. Journey. He. Plays with the North Carolina, carriage and coming. NWSL. Schedule, all on ESPN, news Holden. And North Carolina have her that for a top of the table tilt. Was. The 11th Lea another, massive, crowd I would think to get the Rose City they've 23,000. Heir to the forms. Their first game coach their job yeah and we know how great. That crowd isn't is, important. All the time but to see the bounce from, other cities, as well yep, Juliet's. On, the ball now take them to us do, lowering terms about the 17,000. She played in trouble for, the Chicago red stars. It's. A sellout back on July 22nd. Rita our Royals, of that. Nearly. 16,000. Drivers are Orlando, at smashing, their previous, best for the Washington spirit. Visage. Much. Smaller stadium so, it has been league, wide, the. Knock-on effects, of. These. 23, women did in France. So. You. Can see exactly what, the ideas just didn't, quite and execute, it she sees there's that little window on the far post if I could just bend it in there just.

Doesn't. Curl but. She takes that peek. And. Crystal, done always, finding those little seams Sammy was just trying to wrap it around. Every. Place for the North Carolina courage Sam, Hughes. Was. Being such a dominant, force, in, the. Center midfield dating. Back to her youth. Club soccer days in Massachusetts. Sister. Christina. With Blair as well. Allegedly. And he talked about her will capture six goals she scored in 2019. Best. On the team. And, that was another great talking point for the World Cup is just how many different players, the production, nine different. Players. Of. Course have to brag about that bit there today. Scoring so many from midfield as well. One team a certain, shared the welfare and more than that underscores. Your, team in 99. Prison, in the attack I did. Not know that over, oh you know you played here in 2000. Twice. Here, do those of dude. Is, preparing, yet another switch. Cheerilee. Kreega. Much, longer before. That. Or the christen press. The, half-time substitute Jared's. Who got it away and then the fall shot and. Skewed well wide and now and he cleaned it can. Make. Her entrance and, it is going to be Carli Lloyd's who. Departs. She. Waited a long time to. Play. Her first game at the rock Rose ball. Simply. Made the most of a she's just getting the message now that her number is, up. So. Shows, no, signs, of slowing. Down the ship. Over, the armed bandits. Congratulations. Angeles. Makes. Way for another, veteran, in. Ali Krieger Sebastian, sellers are still with us is something, on Ali what do you got - yeah, guys triggers huge part of the 2011, 2015. World, Cup teams but after the tournament of Nations in. 2017. She went over a year, we basically radio, silence, from the national team staff effectively, she's left out of the team she, was still playing well NW cell best 11 2017. I spoke with Ali just before they left for the World Cup and she actually credited, her NWSL, teammate down with the Orlando pride a world couple in herself Sydney, Leroux with. Keeping Krieger positive, during what she described is a very difficult time the route kept toner I know you're gonna get called up I know you're gonna get called up and Sydney. Was right Krieger, was in between pre-season, two-a-days with the pride earlier this year when, she finally got called back into the team cuz she ends up playing in a third world, cup and on top of that she played some significant, minutes in, France as well yeah, it's. A long time to go without a cola but Julie, great I mean Jill, took a ton of criticism for, that because she was rotating, again through those outside, backs. Sam. You Asst checking. Her nose and. We'll. Get back to the Ali Krieger. Story, yeah. He's, gone I picked, up a booking at your vigorous sir, Nev, Farhi, for this yeah was Nephi you. Clattered. Into Samuel. Is trying to. Stem. The tide of blood. It's taking some doing she's really, taking, a blow. Ah hee. And and, and backed it to Ali Krieger, I do think, Jill waited too long to bring her back in but here's where again, I give Jill a ton of credit in. That war Cup final and actually picking her roster, she picks Ali Krieger with not, much time back with the team because she brought her in so they but. She brings her because she knows she has that experience and so Ali. Krieger is able to jump into that final, game in the second, half imagine, that the score was still nil, nil I think as she, comes in and Jill, has that on her bench as part of her arsenal because I think there would been a lot of coaches who said yeah I'm, not gonna bring her after I've waited this long you, know you know maybe made a mistake, on the hut and. She. Brought her and was able to use her and, helped.

The US team with her experience in a failed World Cup is everything about later will Pope. Francis. Free-kick, his last. To, be well-traveled, into five years playing professionally, in Germany, Oh sir a year in Sweden. Over. A hundred cats now. Sonic's, first. Touch of the ball. Sam. Vos is going to be able to continue. To dress, Sam's even competi. My invitation. Around. But, you put her, will. Attempt, on target, and indeed Ally long is gonna come on. Sam. Us. Squishing. Button. Along. Another who battles. University, to make her first world cup. Summit's. Switch to three gap. But, look across it was sin, notice. Of computer, the back to the Irish shoot mother, service. In towards afar closest McDonald. To. Getting something on it. Four. Stars, I'm a jersey continue. From. That before here. We're still done. Looking balls and crystal damaged a little bit of hesitation from, very. Long. There's. Going to be some reception, here it is the Rose Bowl after, all. So, good one I got. Well you revelation, I think it's fair to call her that Julie of the Walker for, the u.s.. We. Aren't sure that's Roosevelt, Mike 18 everyone thank. So. Much fun delighted. Excel. At that woke up there first woke up as we were talking about everywhere. And. It's show what she can be and why, Jilla has stayed with her stayed with her through her injuries in 17, and 18 I mean she was out almost a full year rose the vote. Where. A lot of people are like why. Isn't, she playing again and she was another setback in another setback and Joe I was new and. This is a player for the future and you stay with players. Like that. If. Boy did it pay off she. Was telling us his day now this. Exact, Victory Tour back in 2015, so first, taste. Of really. Took two computers level she didn't get to. Play in any of those games which use brought, it by killers, to. Play, and. The training for those games. Individual. Honors Megan, Rapinoe of course for the Godin book dog ball and golden boot Alex Morgan with the silver, boots and, rose. LaValle, she, makes she could have predicted that four years ago and all victory through her games yeah I'm gonna walk away with the bronze. Yes. The. Gold and silver either, of them can play a part tonight. Couple, of weeks ago Julian. That Roosevelt. Was, the queen of the Queen City she was. Center of attention. We're in the center of the city with a man. Nice. She is devout. Yes the little too strong for Crystal God. Tomorrow morning, 10:00 a.m. Eastern, on ESPN, plus we're at the 97th. Annual FA, Community. Shield it's, always the curtain, rose up to, the English domestic season the Premier League champions the FA Cup winners, Man City and livable and, so 10 a.m. Eastern download. The app ago, that is Ben Touch. The game anywhere. To. Get ESPN, that plus you can also see. Studio. To ESPN FC who, single day. Maybe, info. Can't. Stop won't stop, don't this I think it never stops no. NWSL. Beautiful. League, seasons. Portland. North. Carolina Chicago, they. Train the top floor of the moments. Washington. Trying to get into that top four. To want it. So, obsessed we haven't, yet. Which to the season backstage of the plan. It's, Rosa Laval. With the Washington, spirit. On their feet here. Go, against. The Netherlands will live a long. Long time in the u.s. some collective. Memory. From the talent, eating it up. Salbo. Wouldn't. That be something to see Becky, sour run getting in on the action, she's. Never scored yet in, these. 64, appearances. For the US this. Is never too late to start she's like The Kinks a girl like that maybe. They can take that penalty kids. Don't. Take it. Previous, meetings by the way. 1216. We. Started talking about just the dominance, of Europe, and. They rise of Europe this, is a team that has, never. Qualified for a major tournament, it's, hard to get out of Europe the. Back in April of 2017. Their players actually went. On strike against, their Federation, it needs. To be bothering, but they need to be paid better they, were sharing tracksuits, with a bill they had to take an opera put further about the tournament. The. Down to is it may refuse, to trains are there too until the Iron Chef they actually sorted things out which they did we, talk a lot about the pay equity issue happening, right now with this current team and yet all, over, the world you see it in pockets, and in different countries where players are standing, up and saying nah this isn't this isn't right. And you. See the Federation's. Who are supporting, their programs for, just a little bit of investment the return has, been huge, when you see the response in Spain and England and, France. Italy. The, globe remembers, the audience, they've been preached. Megan. Rapinoe. Considered, best delivered assures that everyone's, ready for this conversation to move on to the next step we.

What. Is that goal for you do. I, mean I think the Federation, made that publicly over the other side of that but they all say. It's. It's. Such a hard conversation to, have in terms of the pay structure because, they're two different, types of pay structures, where the men don't, get the guaranteed salaries, that the women do, and. I. Think actually what you're you could see going forward is the women go to a. Sour. Structure, similar to the men where you get paid only if you come in you get a game bonus and if you win you get an additional bonus on that and I think that's where US. Soccer could. Make a big stride if they if, the women do decide to go

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