Vacation During Covid - Among Clouds and Birds in Kerala, God's Own Country

Vacation During Covid - Among Clouds and Birds in Kerala, God's Own Country

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Very good day folks, A Very good day to you You might be wondering what's with the mask. Well we started off 2020 with a Road trip And I am planning to end 2020 with a road trip So we are currently about 100 kilometers from Chennai. This place is called Melmaruvathur and we have stopped here for lunch And from here, we are proceeding to our destination. And the destination is a surprise i will reveal it later in the video Do continue to watch, like our channel and subscribe Thank you Good Morning everybody today is the 28th of December And the third day of our road trip.

After taking a break on day one at madurai, on day two we traveled to this place in kerala This place is called Thattekad and is situated on the banks of river periyar Right now we are at Hornbill camp by Amrita an eco-friendly camp consisting of 20 luxurious Italian Tents. Okay so what we are seeing is the beautiful cottages at Amritara Hornbill camp So basically you have lot of space to move around to play around And play cricket You have bicycles which you can take out for a ride if you wish to. Each of these tents have a different Name. We are looking at tent number one which is the Hornbill. Like that each tent, there are 20 of them here.

All of these Tents have a different name. Just look at the tent. And we are on the banks of the River Periyar. They also have kayaking here.

You have cycles through which you can quickly take a ride around the resort. So we are inside the main building this is the reception and Dining area. They have a Gazebo here. And I am Climbing up the First Floor to take a view now. So this is the camp. From the top of the Gazebo, From the top of the Lookout There you can see the Kayaks.

Okay this is one of the accommodations what you have here in Hornbill camp. The first Tent, This is called hornbill. Like that each tent here, Has a different name of a bird species which is endemic to this region That is the Western Ghats Region, Specifically the Kerala side of the Western Ghats. And These are Two chairs have a nice table, so that you can have your morning coffee or your evening coffee or tea And this is the view of the river Periyar. Let's take a look at the inside of the accommodation. So this is basically the luxury tent what we have here.

And this is a weather proof tent, You have an air conditioner and a fan and everything. This is the changing area. And you have the Restroom here. All neatly sanitized and clean.

So if you want, You can roll up the windows. And let the breeze come in The windows are all fitted with the mosquito nets, so that actually you're not bothered by mosquitoes That's the view of the River Periyar from inside the tent. And that is the main reception area and the dining area.

Like that all these tents lined up There are total 17 tents which are facing the river. And three tents here which are actually facing the garden You have a lot of activities here like Cycling, Kayaking Outdoor games The name says it all. Hornbill Camp.

Good Morning everybody, Today is the 28th of December 2020. We are at this beautiful beautiful place in Kerala. This Place is Called Thattekadu, This place is about 50 Kilometers from Ernakulam town And We are in a camp called the Hornbill camp on the banks of the river Periyar. Hi Sanjay Hi Praveen so if you're wondering, This is one of the many activities which are available here at this camp i'll show you around the camp and the activities which are available here in a few moments The tiny blue speck which you see in the center of your screen Is the kayak with my son and the kayaking guide Who also happens to be the in-house naturalist for amritara Camp Hornbill As you can see they are slowly kayaking their way From the East side of the bank of River Periyar to the West Side So how was the Kayaking ? Good ? Enjoyed ? Did You thank Praveen Uncle ? So here come the Mother and Son duo. After successfully completing their Canoe trip.

Sorry kayak trip on the Periyar River. you can see i'm shooting from the banks This is our resident Naturalist Mr. Praveen Hi guys can you explain to our viewers, where we are ? So Basically we are in Forest in Kerala, Near Thattekad And we just went Bird Watching and we saw a Couple of Birds Just a Couple ? you saw a lot of birds.

Okay on day 4 evening after finishing the Bird Watching visit in the morning at Kuttampuzha. We visited the suspension bridge at a place called Inchathotty. This place was very near to hornbill camp. And they also had boating activities there.

And just as you would have seen there are a couple of youth. Who were riding a motorcycle on the pedestrian bridge. And on the contrary they were asking us not to film. Probably they might be worried that they would get into trouble.

Anyway that was the only sour incident. Apart from that you can have a beautiful look of the river. And this experience is amazing. This is something we have to experience.

I don't think words can do justice to this. Okay right now, This is the Karadi Para Viewpoint. Near Munar. This is a very famous viewpoint and you get beautiful views of the valley. Below in the Western Ghats.

Hello my Dear. So Where are we ? We are in whats the name of the view point ? Oh the name of the viewpoint is what's the name of the viewpoint is it ? I don't know It's called Karadipara it's amazing view out here. On that side we can see the western but it's nice and cloudy and over there you could see big green trees and the valley below. It is nice and cloudy and so misty here.

Well thanks for explaining that Sanjay, Thank you very much Okay right now, We are at the Mount Caramelgiri Elephant Safari This safari is run by a private party, They have quite a few elephants here And they use these elephants to take you on a ride. approximately lasts around 20 minutes. And you also have a professional photographer who can take clicks of you. And they hand it over to you, Either on your pen drive or on your cell phone. You also have the option of feeding these elephants They have cut fruits like Pineapple, Watermelon and some Pumpkins So you basically pay for each and everything.

The ride costs around 600 rupees per person and 250 rupees are the charges for the photographer. And 100 rupees is for feeding the Elephants. Since me and my wife, didn't want to overburden the elephant We just let my son, To travel on the elephant on a short ride. Can you please explain where we are ? We are in echo point. okay, where we took some wonderful pics. okay And my son is shouting all his favorite words.

can you please don't shout at the camera shout at the echo point. Thank you, Thank you for the promotion. Now we are at the Mattupetti Hydel power project in Kerala.

This is also known as the Mattupetti Dam. This is a few kilometers away from Munnar Town and one of the famous attractions. You can see this Bridge is built over the Dam. And that makes for an ideal location for videography as well. Okay this is day 6 of our epic road trip through Kerala. We just dropped off my wife at the Kochi Airport.

Me and the flying rat are driving back to Chennai. Through Palghat and Coimbatore Time is around 12:30. On the 31st of December, And we had an awesome vacation. And we also hope that you would enjoy the video as well.

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