VADA, ITALY (TUSCANY) | Nicka Cailao

VADA, ITALY (TUSCANY)  | Nicka Cailao

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hi guyss! welcome back to my youtube channel!! we are already here, on the bus and we're going to the beach again say hi hello what's up vlog welcome to my guys actually as you can see it's dark outside cause.. it's already eleven p.m and we decided to leave at this hour, so we can arrive there about 5am so we can witness the sunrise..

update you later, as always i can't vlog before, because it was very messed up less than an hour and we already stop over singles' sign... show your lockscreen.. and then, there are them i want it too.. one day...

omg! I thought you were a thief.. thief, thief.. of your heart hahah lol sooo, it's already 2.40am I'm feeling dizzy and her back hurts I want to get off we stop, but we don't know if it's for the autogrill or to change the oil noo, i wanted to get off..

update you later so it's already 3 a.m Hi @carlino.fendi are you vlogging? oh here he comes again.. what's up guys, we havent slept yet the aircon was good.. yeah bro, it was really cold and the seats were too comfortable, in fact i don't have a stiff neck comfort: 100 hiiii it's already 3.22am

and we haven't slept yet there's a long line inside (the autogrill) so, we are a little bit tired, but we are not sleepy.. cause we are team "wakeful" they pair just us.. just the two of us.. what time do you usually go to the bed? about 6am i go to the bed about 4am what about our tiktok? WOOOWWW, there's a lot of starsssss she's taking some pictures of our aunts nice shotss we are hyper so we are back again guys hii! we are here at the autogrill.. yo bro how you doing? hello vlog welcome to my guys yeah you want a shout out someone? i just want to show you that hello vlog welcome to my guys where are we now guys? hello vlog oh shout out pre' shimmers drink it change we drunken and hi guys! shoutout to all of my friends that are in Brescia i have only one friend... hi Ivan..

can't see anything.. yes you can with flash yeah guys, you know, we are going to Spiagge Bianche single vs couple.. Ate's here..

Can't see anything it' already 5am, almost 5.. and there's a lot of people.. we 've just arrived.. Hi Fatima and Chelsey.. there are a lot of buses too..

1 2 3 4 there's a lot of people.. 5* there are 2 more buses there it's so dark Ate there are ZombieEeEeE here oh, it's the same as the vlog of Ynah where you need to walk we are still far away we are walking in a dark street i left my boyfriend behind let's go, he's with Lester.. let him.. i pity him you should pity me, I dont have a bf i'm scared here.. it's like i'm in a film horror cause you don't know where are you going.. but, i'm happy because there's a lot of stars Guys, I can't see you..

Veronica.. oh Giancarlo.. oh Kieth Geraldine y'all have 2 names.. Fieme.. just 1.. just 1? take a guess.. you have 2??? you just don't know..

soo, we've just arrived, joke it's already 6am and the sun hasn't rise yet but they all are taking pictures.. she's already choosing her pictures.. add her on IG they are taking pics.. they've already finished you so cuteeee Atee! Take off your sweatshirt take it off for a moment hahah Look at our outfit..

they and white look they match then, there's the two of us.. the only single we match..

i'm single too cause we are single!!! oh you also match.. brown and black we are the only ones that are single.. third wheel can u respect the single? :( you are so cute guys.. it's like that we are in the Savanah hiking, hiking.. we are hiking.. at the beach.. at the same time.. if you happen to see some pics on IG..

you already know.. it's here.. we are here, at Vada.. in Toscana..

this is our guys, who came with us.. and they are playing.. there's a lot of people..

look.. they're camping here so, we've just finished having breakfast.. they are jamming.. and we also played volleyball in the back but it's too hot, so we are going to swim, with Hannah and Ate, who is there.. we just need to put some sunscreen and then we are going inside... update you laterr..

we just got out .. Hi mum.. and the others went inside.. update it's already i think 10/11 a.m so we've just lie down to rest.. hannah is sunbathing also Fieme is sleeping..

and the other are still inside... we are now going to eat i can't see anything.. they give me some food, from Hannah, from papa, from Lauren and from Ate.. thankyouu they are also eating.. they too..

eat with us!! i only vlog now cause.. I was too lazy to take the GoPro.. can you spot them? and tell where are them? help, help help i'm already tired.. yeah, me too..

who touched my b*lls, jerks we are here since 5am who is missing? that girl! run away, run!! *screaming* this makes a lot of views... are you okay? be careful, cause they will get you.. faster! we got him! who's that? guys, who's missing? run, run! guys! we are going on the people I'm the only one missing.. Hannah is the one missing!! what a bad brother..

Dan is a Snitch you were exactly at the centre.. and they surrounded you.. it's a little bit messy here.. Hiii! you are so bully guys! your father, your father.. I'm getting bitter here.. faster, they are waiting you guys, it's too antisgamous..

you look like seals again, again... look, look at me (floating) 1, 2 2 seconds.. *laughs* *tiktok* yuck, disgusting..

i really thought it was poop WOOWW @chicchiobello we have already dressed and all and we are haggard.. there are still a lot of people what do you want to say about this day? so you know it was very very very what do you want to say about this day? it is not to be redone.. lucky who dont have to work, and unlucky who needs to work.. right! you need to work everyday, menthally and physically.. we are here in "Spiagge Bianche" I want to say that I will never come back here. we are here to interview a zingara.

what do you want to say.. the beach is too far away that I'm the prettiest zingara it's hot I won't come back I'm sweaty.. what do you want to say? hakdog -what do you want to say about today? -my big bro is ugly.. you are so bad with me :( what do you want to say about today? what are you doing? Go slowly, carlo what a vlogger... look at the crowd here.. "no green pass", "no vaccine" "no vaccine."

i actually have it.. for who, who hasn't take his vaccine.. you should go to *bip* because if you get the virus.. you will say "oh you were right" "i regret it".. i wont give a *bip* to give you the vaccine what a guy..

he's always motivated he's part of USA Army.. mygadh their camera is better than yours.. Hi Buniknikks we call it a day..

super tired and tanned asf it was a tough day.. we've done 1km on foot with the sun beating down on our heads 2km* Bro, this tris is 2in1.. trekking+beach he wants too.. hello say hii.. hi vlog! so, it's only been 5 minutes..

and look at them.. they are K.O. thanks Ate.. the cake of our 5th month (in relationship) the cake of our 5th month ayy, so I'm the third wheel..

so we stop again.. this vlog it's all about stop over lol we are just taking a rest.. watching the sunset, without the sun.. you match again.. they want to do a tiktok...

hii! what color is this? red or brown? brown.. Hi Kielvin.. say hi! mosquitos!! it's a fly, not a mosquito.. Hi vlog! please subscribe to Nicka's channel   so it's already 6 30 p.m and it's quite cause..

they are all sleeping.. actually, we are all tired because we didn't sleep much.. update you later if something happens *vlog take over by Carlo* *organizing the mini prank* *laughing silently*

2021-09-09 12:16

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