Vice President Pence Holds a Lunch in Honor of the President of France

Vice President Pence Holds a Lunch in Honor of the President of France

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Well. Thank you good afternoon every, IBM LCA been implemented to join, vice-president. Pence in welcoming. President, Emmanuel, macron and his. Wife Rashid to the State Department, yen vanu, it's. Fitting that we meet here today in the Benjamin, Franklin room. Where. We have welcomed many French presidents, and diplomats in, the past and for. Good reason, Benjamin. Franklin was. A central part of our two countries diplomatic. Relationship. As. The United States first, ambassador, to France appointed. 240. Years ago he. Was instrumental in establishing with, France our, Young, Republic's, first treaty alliance, from. In the very beginning of our nation's history the. United States and France have shared deep and abiding friendship. Built. On our foundational, commitment, to the defense of Liberty in our, own countries, and around the world. President. McCrone your. Visit today offers, an opportunity to, deepen, this historic, relationship, at a, time when it has never been more important, today. The. United States and France are together. Addressing. Global security, challenges and, supporting. The Democratic, aspirations of. People across the globe as well. As taking a firm. Unapologetic. Stand against. Regimes, that, use despicable, means like, chemical weapons against. Their own people. Creating. A more secure and prosperous future, for ourselves for. Our children for. Our grandchildren, requires. Steadfast. And willing partners we. Are so grateful for President McCrone he. Is that partner, in that leader. Fortunately. Our countries also benefit, from longstanding, commercial, and educational ties, our. Economic, relationship, is robust, and growing with. More than 1 billion dollars in daily bilateral, commercial, transactions, and our. Education, and cultural, exchange, programs serve as a foundation, for fostering. The deep people-to-people, ties that. Bind the United States and France so closely, we. Are proud that the hallmark educational. Program between our two countries the. U.s. France Fulbright, is one, of the oldest, and largest, in Europe the. Program just celebrated, seven years of engagement, and has provided 20,000. American, and French, students, with, the opportunity, to study teach. Or conduct research in each other's country. Of. Course we know that our partnership, is not just about the past it's. About the future we. Look forward to working with president McCrone to address the global challenges, that lie ahead, with. No further ado please join me in a toast. To. President, macron and to, the people of France may. Our alliance grew ever stronger and more dynamic over. The next 240, years and beyond, of, betrayal. On tape. And. Now. It's my great honor. To, introduce, the. Vice president, of the United States Mike. Pence. I. Want. To thank our Acting Secretary John, Sullivan. For. Those stirring, words and for his warm hospitality, here, today, at, the State Department, president. McCrone. Madam, mccrone. Ambassador. McCourt members of the, cabinet. Members. Of Congress distinguished, leaders and guests from both, sides of the Atlantic. You. May feel free to be seated. It, is a great honor for me, as. Vice president, to. Host you at the State Department today mr. president as. We celebrate the enduring friendship, between, the United States and America, and the French Republic. Karen. And I are deeply. Humbled to. Join you and med Emmett Rome today, with.

All Of these distinguished, gifts. Mr.. President it's no accident that France is the very first nation to be welcome to the United States for an official state visit, under. This administration. History. Attests. France. Was America's. First Ally, and France. Was, America's. First friend. And, as you visit demonstrates. Under. President, Donald Trump our cherished bond is only growing stronger, but. Mr. president it's also not an accident that you in particular, are. The first leader to receive this high, honor as. President, Trump said, earlier today the two of you have a wonderful. Friendship. It's. Evident, for all the world to see today and. It, is remarkable, to think about the similarities, the two of you share, just. Like our president you want an extraordinary, victory you. Upended, the establishment. You're charting an inspiring, new course for. Your nation just. Like our president you're fighting tirelessly to restore prosperity for, your people enacting. Bold reforms, by cutting regulations and, cutting taxes, actions. That even now are reviving, the economy of France and, just, as president Trump promised to make America great again, you. Promised to move France forward, on marsh. And. I. Know that everyone here will join me in applauding. The historic, progress, that you and president, Trump, are making. For both our peoples. Under. President Trump's leadership, sooraj. Election, to president. I am Peter Voser, known. As John Bonzo develop is so, home to row propulsion. Company. Lady, $2 ho Bertie. Couldn't, imagine it had ever been closer. And. Your. Strong personal, relationship is a reflection of the. Bond between our two people, but. As we heard today on the South Lawn to the White House the the. Vibrant, friendship, between, the. President of France and the President of the United States as, you. See. Huh seeing a donee indeed, this morning, you, both reflected.

Of, A 19 year old Frenchman who. Aid in America, during. Our revolution. And today. It. Is, a it's. A joy for me to, reflect on the story of the great friendship, between the. Marquis de, Lafayette and General. George Washington, as, President, Trump said this morning the bond between the United States and France actually began. 241. Years ago this month when. Lafayette, set sail for America only. Weeks after he arrived Lafayette, met George Washington. Lafayette. At age 19, General. Washington, at age 45. But. There was forged, a bond for the ages Washington, saw in Lafayette. A leadership. Qualities and the courage that would make a difference in the Continental, Army and, the Alliance was born for. The next four years Lafayette, served at General Washington side he survived the, long winter at Valley Forge he fought the enemy to a standstill at Monmouth and he. Led one of the final charges in the siege of Yorktown that, won our war of independence, and, secured our, freedom, after. The war concluded, Lafayette, returned to, France to advance the cause of Liberty in your, homeland, and. As you mentioned, on. The South Lawn today. Last. Night at Mount Vernon you, saw, firsthand, the. Key to the Bastille that, Lafayette, would. Return to, America, and present to General Washington as, a sign, of his enduring, and. Raishin and the. Strong, bond between our two people. Ultimately. Those two, great men shared a love of Liberty and to. This day freedom. Liberty. Is the, cord that binds the United States and France together as allies and his friends though. We're separated, by an ocean freedom, unites our nation's in common purpose though we speak different languages, freedom. Gives our people, of common tongue and. Though our two nations have, charted, our own distinct, courses, over. All the years freedom, gives us a common. Future a future, that, we are forging even. Today the. Shared lover Liberty is why France and the United States stand together with our NATO allies, to ensure a Europe, that is whole free. And at peace it's. Why our citizens, and our, soldiers have stood shoulder-to-shoulder together. In. The fight against the barbarians of, Isis, and work. Together to cut out the cancer. Of radical, Islamic terrorism. The threat and civilization, itself and, it's why earlier this month the United States and France together with the United Kingdom took. Decisive action, to cripple the chemical, weapons, program, of Syrian dictator Bashar. Al-assad. And president, McCrone on behalf of President, Trump and the, American, people let me say once again thank. You for your leadership, and, thank, you for the brave and capable men, and women, of the, French Navy. La, Royale, did, an extraordinary, job. Times, like this in the life, of. Both of our nation's it is heartening it, is heartening to. Stand. With a friend who shares our most cherished values and, who a friend. Also who has the strength and the will. To, stand with our strong president, to. Defend our, way, of life and our values and we know that friend. Is. France I couldn't. Help but think as you and president, Trump planted a tree on. The lawn of the White House yesterday of. Of. The metaphor, of long. And enduring relationship. Let. Me just say in the in. The words of the psalmist, may this relationship, grow like a tree firmly planted. By. Streams of water it. Produces its fruit in season whose. Leaf does, not wither. So. Today. On. Behalf of, our president on behalf of the American people I offer a toast a. Toast. To, President, McCrone. To. President Trump, to. The good people of both of our nation's may our friendship grow, even, stronger and may. We never grow, weary as we work together to forge. A future of freedom and peace. In. Our time, god. Bless you mr. president, god, bless France and God bless the United States, of America, ah. Vaughn. Trey Sante. Yeah. Thank. You very much. And. Percy ladies and gentlemen president. Makram. Miss. Universe president. Mr.. Vice president, madam Penn's, Secretary. Of State, madam Rodriguez, members, of the American Congress and of the French parliament ladies, and gentlemen, it. Is for British myself, and immense honor as well as for the, whole of all delegation. To. Be together with you today. In. This temple, of. American. Diplomacy, a. Diplomacy. Which, has. For, a long time being. Close. To them France. You. Both. Be, monitors mr., vice president. And Secretary. Of State reminded. Us of the, deepness of, all bonds. As. Illustrated, by. Our. Contact with President, Trump since we arrived yesterday we've always, been. There for one another when. It. Was about. Building. A new free country, some young French men, came. To support it because they'd. Found. About. The. Values of the United States when. On both sides of the oceans, it was, about. Defending. That freedom you, jaundice. On, the occasion of the first as, well as the Second World War where you suit stood with us to. Defend our values and this joint destiny. And, all. Along, these, centuries your, diplomacy. And. I.

Apologize To. The. Military. Presence. Here our defense, is. Great. Because our diplomacy, is great and they. Strengthen, each other your. Diplomacy, has constantly, been working. With ours in order to build. A coherent. Approach. Of, the world in. This, place. Some. Major. Events. For. Modern. Peace have been prepared. For or, agreed, upon. And. This. Is in particular based on the friendship between our two countries which, has. Contributed to forge to. Forging, this. Western, world based. On democracy the. Freedom, of individuals, and. Enable, is to build the international, order that we know. It. Is based upon a, balance. Always. Fragile. Because. It. Relies on the powers, and come to Paris and. What. Each. And. Every one does but. It is an indispensable. Balance, for, the world, an. Economic. Financial. Political. Order, has been put together after the Second World War is it perfect, probably, not. Can. It be improved, definitely. Have. We seen, anything better I do. Not think so this. Order, that. We build which. Your diplomacy, contributed. To is, the one which is in, the name of our values, from. The United, Nations to the IMF, and, the. World. Trade, Organization, and thanks. To all of the international. Organizations. We've put together this. Order. Enables. Us to enjoy. The framework, for. All cooperation. And for defending all values and this is what we're here to, defend today I, will. Talk. About it further tomorrow when, I take the floor. Before. The Congress it is an honor for France and I shall. Thank your country, and prison trim for that and I. Will say, it once again I believe in the. Modern, multilateralism. A strong, one, which. Knows. How to be respected. Hard. To build peace foster, peace. And foster, jobs as well. It's. Not about endless regulations. Neither. Is it about a. New. A. New. Framework. Within which we, would give, up on the values on everything we've taken, so much time to. Build so. In this place which. Is so important, for the history of your country as. Well as the, history of our, relationship, I'm. Well, aware that, I'm talking to leaders. In. A place where a lot of our future. Will. Be decided, I, also, would like to say a few words about our economic, relations. Today. All here with us many men and women who. Are very much. Are. In child, thanks, to their investments, of all. Economic. Bonds. And. The. United States of America, as matter of fact is, the first for. An investor, in, France. And. It, is also the first. Country. Where. French. Businesses, invest. In. Total, it is a hundred billion dollars in goods and services, that we exchange every year it, is therefore a relationship, based upon the strength of our economic relation. Because. There is always something more, than the economy between our two countries because, it is a vision, of the world our values. Our joint. Ambition, from distribution, to finance. The. Energy sector the defence sector. Research. Education. Scientific. Cooperation. We. Have this strong bond over. The past few months we, implemented. On both, sides, of the ocean, some, major reforms, which have brought about some new momentum to. These exchanges. Since. 2017. The United States is once again the first source of foreign investments, in France and. I'm. Very pleased about it and now would, like it to continue and, I'm very pleased that some. Of you however. Two weeks and even today have announced some huge. Investments, in France. In. The field of tourism. Or, the, media, intelligence, artificial.

Artificial. Intelligence. The. Financial, sector. From. A suitable sector as well and I, would, like us to continue, to work to that end. Investments. Investing. In a business. Investing. In human capital, through. Education, and training. This, is absolutely, indispensable for. Us to succeed. In. France well. Continuing to implement reforms and, to transform, the country in, order to make it even more competitive, so that within the European, Union, we, can shoulder all of our responsibilities. And support. The necessary, reforms in the coming month and continue, in medication. In culture, in research, and in. The business sector continue. To be the leader that we, are. In. Order to be. Continue. To be, this. Long-term this, can't be part that, we've been to, the United States for a long time of course it is about creating. New jobs for our peoples, in particular our middle classes, it is about also, facing. Up to the coming challenges, the, energy transformation. As well as the digital transformation. Everything. That will be required, in. Terms of intelligence. Artificial. Intelligence. The, changes. That it will bring about our, ability, to to. Attract talents, and, we will have to work. To, make sure that. It is, still. Possible because. We. Know how to defend, this piece that we shares together, and. Bit. But, the. International, order or the economy Accord we believe in we. Can only keep. Them if we constantly. Reinvent. Them, by. Managing. To convince, on a daily basis our fellow citizens that this is the right thing for them. They, can be no success. Detrimental. To our peoples. And. I. Know, that, we cannot succeed without. Protecting. And continuing. To. Share. Cherish, all values. This. Is against this background that we will face. Up to the challenges ahead, of us be, the political no economic. But. I'm aware that in this city and together, with you Secretary, of State, mr.. Vice president and, together with President Trump, we. Have. Reliable. Allies. We have one. Historical. Ally. Which. Means that, any. Disagreement. We may all have at some point in time will not overcome the strength of history. The. Weight of, our duty and the values that we've been. Sharing. So. Please allow me to raise my glass to these hounds to your diplomacy. To. All of our guests, who. Are keeping. Alive the, relationship, the economic relationship between our two countries. Raise. My glass to, your present, to, your people to the friendship between the United States of America and France, santé. Cheers.

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Dear Sir, Any information in this video link that you or the President have not been made fully aware of might be of vital importance to consider.  Thank you.

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Love both sir from Vietnam

I hope VP Pence would not sabotage President trump. VP Pence He is a very religious man and His family as well. I hope VP Pence is Truthful to President Trump. God Bless President Trump and family. God Bless VP Pence and family. God Bless Trump Admin and family. God Bless America.

VP Mike Pence Amazing Speech. God Bless VP Pence and family. God Bless President Trump and family. God Bless Trump Admin and family. God Bless America.

My vice-president

Two assholes meeting after bombing a sovereignty state Syria 2 weeks ago and toasting champagne.

Lets never sell our values or integrity in the name of some economic promise. America's values are what have made us strong.

Please note that our lovely VP did not partake of his wine even though he graciously participated in the toast! He walks his talk inasmuch as he is a Christian. I don't believe sipping wine is a sin but I sure do love and support a leader in front of the world to hold to his belief of not front of the world! Precious man, lucky us!!! ss

We need laws for paper ballots (no chads & no voting machines) & ICE at voting places.


A vote for a neocon like Pence is a vote for the death of Western civilization.

It is confirmed that France is a strong and reliable partner to U.S.

Pence and Trump: king and queen of the swamp rats

America, please throw this warmongering globalist piece of shit out of your country. We all know the elites want Syria, we all know Trump doesn’t agree and we all know Macron was sent there to apply pressure.Stay strong America and ship that European cunt back to the continent I live on. Emmanuelle Maggot has got to resign or go. No more war, the world has been crying for it since Obama lied to get the Nobel.

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Pence says correctly

Say it with me, FREXIT!

Harm Emmen I believe that the centralization of the EU's power should move to more capable hands, or be reformed in the hopes of a less imperfect union. I am against the EU as it currently exists, only because I see it as a slowly sinking ship that's being bailed frantically by only a few members. It'd be a lot easier just to build a bigger boat with a thicker hull than to salvage this one again and plug it up with yet more corks. France symbolically leaving would represent the disgust with the cronyism in the European Council, as well as give other countries the incentive to shape up. I'm no political expert, but I can say with certainty that the EU won't last forever if it keeps getting mismanaged by the same cabal of Bureaucrats that are currently under investigation for corruption.

I get the sense you don't have a clue Macron stands for. He's all for a strong European Union, with a strong France as a part of it. And I'm very glad he does. The free world needs to stand strong together in these dire times. We need each other. For peace and prosperity.

God bless both nations, I hope real change comes to the immigration in france!!

Peace be unto you שלום ושלום Benjamin shall ravin as a wolf in the morning he shall devour the prey and at night he shall divide the spoil The Lord bless thee and keep thee The Lord make his face shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee and give thee peace America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle Donald John Trump, The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet First Lady Melania Trump, The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle Michael Richard Pence, The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved and my sweet Sister Lady Karen Sue Pence, The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle John Joseph Sullivan, The LORD God bless you My beloved The Kingdom of England The Great Britain and Ireland and Scotland and Australia and Canada my sweet beloved Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, The LORD God bless you Ma chère France mon frère aimé Emmanuel Jean Michel Frédéric Macron, que Dieu te bénisse Ma chère France mon adorable professeur ma soeur aimé Brigitte Marie Claude Macron, que Dieu te bénisse IN GOD WE TRUST GOD BLESS AMERICA THE GREAT FAITH GOD BLESS AMERICA THE GREAT NATION GOD BLESS UNITED STATES OF AMERICA אלוהים יברך את ישראל הכלה של אלוהים GOD BLESS THE NATIONS Dieu bénisse la France GOD BLESS THE KINGDOM OF ENGLAND THE GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND AND SCOTLAND AND AUSTRALIA AND CANADA GOD BLESS WE THE PEOPLE a sweet and good year with love אהבה אמונה ותקווה Semper fidelis yuli':):)

Pense seemed off...just sayin

This French President knows how to speak English. Why isn't he?

It's part of the protocol. These meetings are broadcast in both countries, so the respective leaders speak in their native tongue to address their own peoples. Macron does however speak English when addressing Congress, since that is primarily meant for the American people, whereas this ceremony isn't specifically targetted at either country but to both equally.

TRUMP 2020

Mike Pence frightens me. Disingenuous to the President. "He is a globalist and l feel he and his wife are planning ahead when they Support the impeachment of this wonderful President for ABSOLUTLY NOTHING.

BEAUTIFUL crystal toasting flutes! Everything at these special events is always done with impeccable taste and CLASS.

It's so wonderful to have partnerships and peace in all of the World. #MAGA

We had lost every battle in our war for Independence . The French arrived with their gunships at a key battle in NY and turned the tide and blasted Cornwall out of existence.. We would not have a USA without them. Viva la France! I am so glad our relations are better than they have been for years. #MAGA

It's good now, and has been good in the past as well.

It's a shame because a lot of States. Doesn't recognize our constitution or second amendment rights anymore

Right because today's soyboy's like you are willing to give up their rights so the nanny gov't can protect them.

Anthony Because those are laws from 4 or 5 CENTURIES ago that don't align with today's societal norms, traditions or goals. If you want those laws in place, you should binge watch movies about 1700's until you can't. It's a new world with less of those "influences' thank God!

TRUMP WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO DEAL WITH THIS ISSUE..The Federal Government gives ALL companies a 2400 DOLLAR Tax Credit for EVERY Refugee/immigrant they hire..that is why Starbucks is/has hired 20,000 of them it why Chobani yogurt will ONLY hire refugees...Look it is called the Work Opportunity Tax Credit...Any American going against any refugee or immigrant will lose if the employer gets 2400 dollars per head to hire someone that is a refugee...

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Herm I am refuring to R jays comment. Oh they are terrorists because they cause mass terror across the world!

If you are referring to anyone who doesn't agree with you, quite well. Life is so much nicer when you don't turn it into a frustration fuelled conspiracy.

@R Jay How is it going sheep?

No, no they won't. Simply because the aren't terrorist. I might not completely agree with both Trump and Macron, but they most certainly aren't terrorist, and they both represent countries that have historically always aspired peace and prosperity, and they will most certainly continue to do so.

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The French Republic supports the dictatorship in Morocco

What country in the middle east (minus Israel) isn't some form of dictatorship?

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I am so proud of the entire Trump administration and his family!



Today has been one of the Classiest Days we have had in America in years. President Trump, First Lady Melania and Vice President Pence have really thrown out the stops!!

How about you focus on your own faults first rerere2 then once you get all yours under control maybe you can question someone else ?

I don't think anyone here is defending Hillary, we're just saying how shit of a flotus Melania is.

Take Crooked Hillary, for example: She was talented at handling top-secret info with disregard, selling priceless American natural resources for personal benefit, and threatened victims of her husband's rape and assault with further bodily harm. Now, that was a FLOTUS to admire!

YEAH !!!!!

I guess I prefer a FLOTUS who is talented at something else than organizing dinners.

rerere2 .. Why the sarcasm? The FLOTUS does many, many things of value!! This dinner has always been the responsibility of the FLOTUS, not only was it done with so much class & elegance by Mrs. Trump ... it was done with her own 10 person staff, herself, down to every single detail & for much less expense than any other 1st lady for MANY YEARS! I'm thinking you may have NO CLUE how much time, planning, talent, creativity & hard work something like this takes!! I doubt you could even come close!! So, instead of being sarcastic, negative, senical, etc ... maybe you should work on acknowledging others abilities. Everyone .. yes you too have your own abilities, unique to you & admired by others!

One would think she would have something of value to do, instead of choosing the color of the napkins.

Amen! Trump/Pence/Kelly/Mattis/Pompeo/Bolton/Haley 2020. Promises Made/Promises Kept. Simple as that. Took a NON Politician to MAGA. Finally a POTUS; a friend to Military, Police/Law Enforcement, Fire, Veterans, Border/ICE, First Responders, miners, gun people, NASA, Truckers, steel, aluminum, Farm/ranch, and American Made products (Ohio). 8 Years of the, do NOTHING NObama Lazy days are over. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR COUNTRY. Keep it going, get the Vote out.

And they didn't break the bank to do it! The First Lady was in charge of planning the whole event down to the last detail.

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Thank you VP Pence for the loyalty you have had towards our country and the President. You go unappreciated many times but we see you.

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Scotty Elliss if you don't like our government or country...why don't you just hop on down to Mexico?

Thanks for Help for My Life America, Israel,France and Bulgaria ! Shalom Andre' Bauer von Lobkowitz

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Vice-president Pence is an incredible man. We are so lucky to have him. Welcome to our cherished alli France. Please post the tree planting. It is an important and meaningful gift. I would like to see the event

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Pence isn't who you think he is. Trump now knows.

And a great cousin to us from Indiana! We are blessed!

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Macon speaks very fluent, near perfect English. I love that he chose to make his speech in French, if only just to make Trump, Pence, etc uncomfortable and have the 1-2 second delay waiting for the translator.....

In the past we were enemy each other but now we are mutual friends. Now majority Vietnamese love valua American and love France too.

Duc Truong - That's something France and USA have in common, screwing over the Vietnamese.....

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You pull OUT stops, you don't _throw_ them anywhere.... You pull out stops in order to make the most noise possible, not something Trump needs much help with...

Sarah S, Yup! You can see what Donald Trump was thinking and calculating when he picked Mike Pence to be VP! Very safe very secure non manipulating Christian values, self made middle class, was no accident that he picked such a high-class man. JFK picked his vice president to please his party which intern now we see is irredeemable at every turn! Trump took a risk by picking such an honorable man instead of a more popular man like Arnold Schwarzenegger versus, like JFK did with LBJ where the more popular of a man and more supporting of a well-known character! Seriously Jack should have listened to Bobby on that one but it did end up to be a big cluster disaster! That's ancient history so we'll move on and not make the same mistakes as our forefathers

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maria gabrielle

Global Aide, it's not necessary to read the Bible or have any religion to follow God's rules! Every human being knows right from wrong, should should follow the ten commandments without necessarily being told! Or taught. Donald Trump the other day brag about that he taught the people to know what fake news is! He doesn't have to tell me what fake news is! Especially when the four major MSM monopolies are pushing 95% fake news! Funny how the human mind works! Self worth and the greed of ones thought process to evaluate oneself! The ability to reason and calculate, you must pack yourself on the back and love yourself to be able to return the Same Love to another person! The new Asylum Seekers trying to invade this country! Are greedy! They think that well I've traveled 500 miles on foot hopped fences got bit by dogs and insects, now that they're here they just are entitled to be a part of our society! SORRY DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY WELL! NOT NO MORE. Over the last hundred twenty hundred fifty years! We have claimed this country and land! There is impoverished and poverty-stricken areas and every spot of the globe! Common sense says well if you can't afford to bring a child into this world, you don't! But these silly people breed like rabbits out of stupidity and instinct! Crazy cat lady syndrome, it's a wonderful thing to have a loyal feline around the house that keeps mice away and gives you companionship! But it makes no sense to drag in every stray cat and let them breed to the point of Idiocracy! Because some of those cats! Are poorly bred and have no morals except the instinct to survive and kill! Now it's necessary to get a German Shepherd exclamation point to guard from these mean cats, trying to eat your wonderful loving feline friend! But in the United States it's not necessary because we should be able to let our friends roam free or safely walk down the streets and leave the doors unlocked. Because when we lose our basic rights because of government policy that we have worked so hard to obtain! We need to reevaluate the policies that are bringing in these stray cats that are causing such a mess in our country! Also we have our 2nd Amendment rights! And if these stray cats get too close to our friends then we have the right to defend ourselves and we will! If the government fails us we have no choice! The first time that you fail to protect yourself you are failing the next person that gets terrorized by these criminal Stray Cats! Cuz it's your civil Duty to do something about it if your government fails you! God watches from a distance!

I'm very proud of my cousin from mother's side! There are many in our family with values like Mike. He is quick to give God the glory and praise for any good that comes his way. That is key to his success.

Very speciel Gunnar s.... a a man who tried a life rescue therapy which wss outdoor activities South denmark

Amen Vice President Mike Pence , amen President Trump and President Macron , amen USA and France ... we the USA and France have come a very very long way "together" through many trials and tribulations , and here we are today united in respect and history prepared to face the future and prevail ... respect , honor , dignity , and sincerity ... amen

Mr. VP, your diplomacy with our allies, is a MILLION times more effective, than Hillary's and Co. She transformed the State Dept into the Hate Dept 2010-2016! She took diplomacy into the darkest of deplorable levels, in modern history. She was running DoS .... like a slumdog trailer park, managed in Little Rock. THE dictionary definition of deplorable. Diplomats who were the Arab Spring cheerleaders? Those are oxy-morons. Great work 2018 WhiteHouse team!!! Great work on the Korean Peninsula!!!!!!!! Go Secretary Pompeo!!!!

Mr pence could never fill President Trumps shoes. "So dont even think about Mike!

Eric, Weird comment. We fought the British for our independence from them. So yes, the French are our oldest allies. They were not on the USA side, because that's who we were fighting? Our roots come from GB though. The 13 British Colonies fought for independence with the French backing us. Without them, the War for Independence would have gone down as a civil war within Britannia.

Perhaps you don't remember or don't want to remember that the traitor Major George Washington's military experience began in the French and Indian War with a commission as a major in the militia of the British Province of Virginia. In 1753 Washington was sent as an ambassador from the British crown to the French officials and Indians as far north as present-day Erie, Pennsylvania. The following year he led another expedition to the area to assist in the construction of a fort at present-day Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Before reaching that point, he and some of his men, accompanied by Indian allies, ambushed a French scouting party. Its leader was killed, although the exact circumstances of his death were disputed. This peacetime act of aggression is seen as one of the first military steps leading to the global Seven Years' War. The French responded by attacking fortifications Washington erected following the ambush, forcing his surrender. Released on parole, Washington and his troops returned to Virginia. As  a commissioned officer in the British Army he swore an oath of loyalty to King George. An oath he broke. Britain was not only Americas first friend it was America.

I'm dying with cancer but I'll be there for you

Little Frenchy I don’t trust you !!!

Pence did NOT drink the toast?!?

And you fought with the British years before in 1745  at Louisburg  British and American Colonial troops fought against the French . In 1759 British and  American Colonial Troops fought the French on the Plains of Abraham out side Quebec City,  In 1754 the French and Indian War Virginia  militia under the command of Major George Washington (yes the traitor Washington was an officer in the British Army) fought the French at Fort Duquesne (now Pittsburg) Oh here's the best one in 1776 most of the people in British North America identified themselves as BRITISH. Britain was not only your first ally they where you!

Pence is so creepy


More decent and appropriate to our Christian cultures, not forceful like Trump and Obama, two arrogants wanting to change European history and putting European security at risk.

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Do you notice that? The USA is suffering from the ST. RReet Drug wars which hit the China Quing dynasty and celebrating Returned Hong Kong from the England as well as India and Korea enjoy own independence . They hit the nation poor/labor/ fighters street floor with drugs destroy the FOUNDATION of the SEMO(Trian-gle) not NEMO(Square)

Trust me

Tu crois qu'on t'a bien entrainer virus zika ? Sa ne sera pas sans conséquence

C sûrement Trump Il veut avoir l'exclusivité de l'image présidentiel c la possible de choisir quelqu'un d'aussi peu convainquant un entouré de kabyle juif

Une vrai merde ce vice président

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