Village Food in AMAZON RAINFOREST - Fish With Ribs + EXOTIC Energy Drinks! | Manaus, Brazil!

Village Food in AMAZON RAINFOREST - Fish With Ribs + EXOTIC Energy Drinks! | Manaus, Brazil!

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Good morning hope you're having an amazing day at smart Queens I'm in Manaus in the state of Amazonas, right, in the heart of the Amazon rainforest we're staying in the city but today, we are gonna go on a village. Trip, we're gonna take a boat we're gonna go to a local village we're gonna eat some amazing, locally. Prepared, village. Home cooked Amazon, food it's gonna be an amazing adventure in, the Amazon so, we're on our way. On. Our way first to go try to seek out some exotic. The Amazon, is just a paradise. Of fruit, exotic fruit we're gonna seek, out some exotic fruit for, breakfast, before we then go to the river to take the boat. Mattie, Mattie she sells an amazing, selection of exotic fruit fruits that I've never seen before, tropical. Amazon, fruit stall this is hell Mario nada muddy, muddy. Muddy muddy muddy. Fashion. Is, not a job. Yes. You. Would not even think that it's a fruit and she, kind of like twist it to open it up on the inside it looks like like, like Mentos, like a pack of mentos. Like. Immediately, it tastes like a green apple but. Like slimy. Well that's incredible it comes out of that pot they just fit perfectly. They're like little tablets. It is remarkable how, similar it tastes to a green apple. Really, juicy really fresh really, really. Cute. Inga. Locally. It's called Inga but I'm pretty sure the English name is ice cream pods or like an ice cream ice, cream beans, that's what it is when you can feel that it's my premium. Okay. We. Lost one doesn't. Really have much of an aroma. Oh. It's. Like creamy. It. Does kind of taste like vanilla ice cream do, another troops where it's there's not a lot of meat to eat you just kind of shuck the flesh and just kind of slimy. Beauty. Balm the outside, appearance is just a minute oh here it is back here you, can see this is the fruit but. It. Looks, like cherimoya. Or, kind, of yeah kind of like a cherimoya or soursop but then it has these amazing little spikes almost like melting, like juicing, because, it's so ripe. You know like smell cream in it try, to scoop out some of this. Well, this one is awesome. It's, so sweet it's, perfectly sour I'm kind of dissolved in your mouth and then you got your little seeds almost like watermelon, tea very, similar to cherimoya and then kind of like with, a sour sup type, of sourness like a mellow sourness, that's just like it just, tastes amazing that's, like pudding pudding. In a pod. That, is so good. Just. Made it to the market we're gonna go check out the market maybe some more fruits and just see some of the the local life in manaus before we take the boat to the jungle. This. Cup of tea is there is the the sundae on here make with the tokoha is. It is that. Wow. Obrigado, right, at the entrance of the market we found another fruit it's called Takuma and they're peeling it you peel the skin and then they cut it in like a floral. Formation. And almost like a plasticy, aroma. Well. That, is not. Sweet at all more, like bitter but. The flavor keeps on coming it's almost like confusing, what even it tastes like.

Kind, Of like meat almost that's, like harder you can feel the oil the fat in it. Well. What that's gonna pack the vibrant, colors so, many fruits and vegetables, from. The Amazon. This. Entire area is filled with markets but we're walking over to the Municipal Market where. We're gonna try a local, street food that's very common for breakfast, like a sandwich. Looks. Like a mini passion, fruit but just kind of like open up your skin inside it kind of looks like a like. A log in. Well. That's amazing. It's. Perfectly, shower again like milky, the amount of like milky, fruits I just saw behind me look at this guy he's munching one of those pods that we had earlier in the morning that, is awesome just eating it like a drumstick. Wow, the fruit snacking, fear is out of control, and these, are all like unique fruits every single, one of the fruits is new to me, Jenny papa Jeannie. Jeannie Jeannie. Papa. It's called genie papa oh wow. That, smells like, it. Smells like fermented raisins the, entire shell, it's not even a shell it's like it's, mushy and then, it looks like just. Like straight like fibrous. Machinist. On the inside that, is unique. While it has this like almost fumes, coming. Out of it but, it's like really, ripe tasting, very. It's. Almost unexplainable kinda, tastes like butter kind of tastes like caramel to me. We. Just stepped into the indoor section, of the Municipal Market and they sell fish here amazing. Huge. Beautiful. So. Fresh right out of the massive, rivers. Okay, so whatever, tender we choose it's good I say right inside the market we've stopped at a little cafe they have a number of cafes where they just have some seating some tables, some plastic, tables around we've ordered what is one of a specialty, of this region in the Amazon. Oh. This. Is with also with the. Co-defendant. We've, got two different things one of both, with that fruit now we just tasted a little while ago at the market but. Two amazing, things the more traditional one is actually the sandwich which is in a bread. There's, banana, in there there, is, I. Think it's just banana fried, banana, and the talk will be fruit in a toasted bun but the other one we got is just, fascinating. To me like, a circular. Tapioca. Cassava. Shell, I cannot wait to try this. That just like it works the. Tapioca shell. It's. Kind of elastic eve then you've got the really sweet caramelized banana, in there paired with that like meaty. It actually is like me t2 will be with, like the palm oils and. Then you've got the salty cheese. There's, a purulent combination. That just works well, that's incredible. Let, me get out of the wrapper. So we can see the whole thing again, it's just like a toasted, bun bananas, I think there's no cheese oh yeah there's cheese on the bottom here okay there is cheese as well down there, but. Then a bunch of the fruit a bunch of the fried bananas add, some chilli sauce to this it's. Just a mandatory.

They're Doing good final holds. Together better the, same ingredients just, wrapped. In bread, crispy. Thin bread take, note of this sandwich this could be the next big sandwich. You. Saw happen. It's such a good combination those. Like palm like shavings, tukufu for, sweet banana the salty fries you, could wrap that into anything in it tastes good. Oh. God. They're. So friendly here they're so nice that, was such, a delicious like. A sandwich. Amazon sandwich, snack. Okay, we got to move now. One. Of the main fish that they have in this region from the Amazon, from the river is, a comeback, II fish I'd, some, pretty good-sized, fish it's so meaty. Very, few bones we're gonna buy one of the fish here and then we're gonna go into a local village we're just gonna buy a fish because we're not totally sure what they'll have but. We're just gonna buy a fish here to bring with us. How, many chemo is it like like. I feel poor, kilobyte there. We. Made it to the boat pier, into. The river this is where we're gonna take a boat into the village. It's. Beautiful. The color of the water I guess this is so do naked oh just the black river but. It is like it's, almost like coffee, colored, water it's not like muddy water but that's the actual color of the water it looks like coffee. We. Just stopped by a local home we're just seeing if they're home if they're available if they can cook. Some food for us. Beautiful. And the boat ride to get here was fantastic. The trees, the just like variety, and diversity of, trees it's, just like about maybe like one kilometer, from the, city, though so I don't know how authentic, it will be and then. They said they might do a little dancing so I'm not sure if it will be a little bit touristy, but anyways, it's going to be fun it's going to be a learning experience it's, going to be it's, just beautiful, here to. Back. Here is, school. They even have a football field, and. Then these are some of the homes, some of the houses. The. Monkey is a little bit playful jumping. All around he's, setting up the grill over there we're, gonna have the fish that we brought some other things that they cook that they prepare from here. It's. Like a full-time job to just the monkey just keeps coming back hey guy. He. Is friendly he is friendly but he just jumps. On everyone, and everything. Chocolate. Vug. Baba. Baba. She. Bad she bad she bad she bad she bad party. I'm only at the FortiGate Baba, is there. Whoa. Mike. You just jumped out an hour. Wow. No. That's not chocolate that's some type of fruit. It tastes like it's. Not sweet at all it's, amazing, like. Tastes. Almost like a like, blended, bark like. It tastes like like, you're drinking bark that's awesome. But. It's creamy okay I want to try this other one that he just made oh. I. Don't know what. Anna. Yeah. That. Tastes like ginseng, like. It's no sweetness at all you. Taste like ginseng yeah like a root like. A like. A root and, then the other one I want to taste this. Is. The powder of the butter, yeah. Smells, like ginseng for the my god yeah she. Back she bet she been bought up a she bit. Oh been. Slightly, shower and crunchy. Like unpopped. Popcorn. That's. Good that's like you're drinking and eating at the same time one of the things they eat here are ants and so, she went, to go get some hands puts them in water so that they don't crawl out of the bucket, and I'm not sure how they're gonna prepare it yet yeah it is definitely gonna rain soon clouds, are coming it's getting dark and evil already feel some sprinkles. Wow. That's a burst, of flavor, soul, tastes, like lemongrass, just being released into your mouth that, is delicious. Osa. High visual. Yeah. She. Back. Okay. Completely, natural this is after we drink the water at green with he, put the red ants on top of it. Wow. Completely, natural dish, no. She's innings just the answers that lemongrass, like. I. Think. I felt that an but, you got like the crunch of the grain which has been soaking in the water and then that vibrancy, of the answer the answer so, powerfully, flavor. Chase. That with some of though I don't up. That, just tastes like health. Andy. They also have these little corn chips they. Taste. Like just like dehydrated ground, corn. This. Is one of the ultimate fish, of this area of the Amazon it's, such a meaty fish it even has its his fishes famous because it has ribs, like, like, literally like ribs.

She. Boiled, a soup, think from the river right outside their house and. She boil it looks like with some chili some onions and it's. Pretty good. They're. Actually eating this and just offered me a a bite. Oh. Yeah. That's wonderful. The, banana is more like plantain it's not sweet and. Then that's, just like a pure fish fish. Broth salty. Fish broth. Like. Simple, simple. Banana. Or, plantain fish broth. And they, put it over a pretty hot fire the flame is flaming. And. Yeah that is a that, is a beautiful. Beautiful, fish it's good. Size that's. A that's a family fish. One. More beverage that you just made this one is the, fermented. Fermented. Yuca or or, cassava I believe. Wow. Well. That is sour slightly, alcoholic, tasting, but I think just just, slightly fermented mmm. That's nice. I'm. Sure they cut the slits into, the fish and this is a very local fish just from the river, like right, outside of their house probably Janicki from the name of the fish gotta try some of this. Maybe. Dip that into the soup oh. That's. Wonderful, the. Fish is quite salty, really. Really. Smooth and texture really really. Oily tasting, he just addition me some of the cassava into, my plate all to eat with this new ball so cool. Fish. Is excellent, that's, just like simple. Just. Like natural tasting, it is natural. That's. Great, luck. Cream you put up the. Fish broth. Is. Ready. This. Is this is how he would eat it he just takes some of the fish cometh at top. What is that fish called come. Back here come back here the grill tickets ready he puts him under his plate and then mixed in a bunch of the cassava and he's throwing on some more right now put. On mix it with the fish and then, just like eat as is, no extra, seasoning just pure, the cassava the, fish, I'm. Gonna make a plate right now. I'm lucky. Those. Are the ribs right there. We've. Got some of the fish mix it with that cassava, and you can see these are the these, are the ribs of the fish. Everybody's. Grabbing, and. Everybody's, just family, here it's amazing and everybody's just sharing the, community, the the, cultural. Community. Of sharing, food and enjoying it all together with no losses fantastic, mm-hmm. That's really good. Just. The pure like, all of the food is so pure no. Extra, additives no extra anything just straight up down greedy 'it's straight up the ingredients just like two, or three ingredients mixed, together from. The juices the fish the cassava powder the. Fish. Which is just straight boiled, with, some onions this, Amazon meal is just focusing on the natural, ingredients. From. Right here. That. Being said. All. Of the simplicity all of the simplicity and all of the like natural, ingredients being said we, did buy some chilies, and brought some chilies so that, would go great with the fish yeah. This. Is something, from Manaus this. Is chili from Manaus some base study the moon, door that's, it, has the orange goopy the, to copy others to copy in here which is making the orange a, little. Bit of this. And. I'm gonna try these ribs you can see the ribs if you get a real rack of these ribs you can actually look like pork ribs from this fish this, one is a smaller smaller. Rack. Oh. Awesome. The. Fish itself is outstanding, it's so oily its. Suction like pure. Tasting fish like not fishy at all and so, meaningful and then yeah there's like barely on bones just the ribs check that out yeah, yeah. Look at those rib bones. Like. These clean huge bones and that's it and the rest is just like. Tom. Cruise wonderful and then with that chilli chilli, sauce it's kind of sour and just. Like the vibrancy it's not very spicy but it does have a vibrancy, of chili flavor that's, our flavor the, fumes. Oh. This. One is fresh off the grill this is the other half. That. Can do my cord you. Can see how oily. That fish is. He. Does like that that, chili as well. Yes. Good. Togepi. Chili sauce to, Kobe chili sauce this. Is just a beautiful, fragrant. Like fruity, fruitiness. And, mash this around. And. I believe that this, is where cassava, originates, this is native, to here oh this is for sure we're gonna find the best cassava in the world pretty much all starches are cassava, in. Different shape and form if you can hear I'm not sure if you can hear in that in the background but literally like just, on the on. The river like just 100 meters in a way there's a party. A party boat going you can even hear the music from here but this is just a village. Of an amazing, humble. Family, and. This, is what's, amazing, about this experience is that were, like. We came out and we. Didn't really even announce we didn't even know what we were gonna do but so, this is just like completely.

The. Way they would eat like, nothing extra, is added it's just exactly, the way with IOT and and and, the food like, the, flavors, are not. Complex, it's just the, land the, food the, abundance, of the Amazon in the ingredients. Just is, what is the, highlights and, then just this special time they didn't hang out and eat with the family is spectacular. It's, it's amazing you really this. Has turned into something, beautiful. They're. Gonna do a little performance for us I'm not sure where they normally do the performance. That. Was beautiful. And I love how this, is not a remote village they are literally like a kilometer, from the city and again, you can even hear the boats the party boats but what's amazing about this village is that they're preserving, their cultural traditions and, so I was just asking them about the the paint on their on their bodies and they do that every now and then it lasts for about 15 days and. They then. It's its ritual, its religious. Its cultural. But, it's it's cool to see them as there and there I mean even one of the girls has braces so I mean it's not it's not a remote village but it's cool how they are preserving, their traditions. And their culture here. Surprised. Us with a turtle, I'm. Not sure. Now. He just gave it to me so I'm just carrying a turtle around oh it's for to show mica turtle. In. A lot of years. But. Now is the time in, the Amazon this. Is great on the sand pitch. No. Okay. Totally. Wasted right now I'm so tired just drenched. In sweat the. Children. Here are amazing, they're, so cool, they're so friendly look at the way that they're playing with my canal after the game. Awesome. They're. So nice to us. Some. Of the water the. Natural this is an energy drink yeah. Oh. Oh, that's, what I need all the monkeys drinking from the same gourd. There's. Still some ants floating on it. This. Is the next one the other one. Yeah. Slowly sourdough stays amazing with cassava, chips, in. Here. Good. They're, fast - yeah. And. After, football swim, the kids are amazing they're like literally climbing, up the, entire polo shirt here he comes. Yeah. I'm definitely not brave enough for the tree, but. I got to I got to get in. Touch. To the bottom oh. Man. That water feels amazing, oh. Wow. It's. Still refreshing that's so amazing. Yeah. Dude they are just like out. Playing, us at everything oh man. You got to be a little bit careful of piranhas, in this water seriously. Yeah there are none here but around, this area they're definitely around. There Oh on, the other side of the river there are piranhas, so this Tyler we, are sort. Of safe swimming. You. Guys are champions you. Guys are champions. Okay. This is so beautiful the, family, is so amazing, the, like. Peacefulness, of this village and I have to be honest with you when we set out today we, honestly, didn't really have a full plan we were just gonna try to find a village come, to learn, about the, Amazon culture, and and like. It's. Just turned into something spectacular, one, of the most memorable, days that, I've had, ever and, on this trip to Brazil, and if you think about that the food was great it was such a learning experience the, drinks, were fascinating, but it was the people it was the family it was the father and mother it was all of the kids that, made it just next-level. That. Turned it into such. A memorable, such a special, such a such. A. Privilege. Of an experience, again thank you to this family, thank you to gaveta me and Rafaela I'll have their links in the description box below. And. If. You haven't already seen, this entire Brazil. Food, and travel series I'll have the link for the entire playlist in the description box, below so go check out all of the videos and, I'm. Gonna say goodbye from, Manaus from, the heart of the, Amazon rainforest, and, I. Want to say a big thank you for watching this video please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it leave a comment below I'd love to hear from you and if you're not already subscribed, click. Subscribe now and also click the little bell icon so that you get notified of the next video that I publish thanks, again for watching goodbye. From. Mine I'll see you on the next video.

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Mark reminding us that good food is not only available in town streets and hotels. In a way, I think this is how we (humanity) was meant to live. Simple, uncomplicated lives with plenty of food, surrounded by loved ones, sharing what we have and being hospitable to everyone who visits.

Nice but still need to on shaking video n pls use deadcat for your mike to read surrounding noise

BIRIBA is like Guyabano here in the Philippines

i swear mark gets even more smiley the more videos he makes! he looks so overwhelmed with happiness in this video. its awesome.

Did your wife eat the ant?

WOW! This was such an amazing video, such a welcoming family too. Love your videos Mark!

After a long, long time, I felt sad when the video ended. One of best presentations - PERIOD!

Are you sure its fried banana? My guess is,it's fried plantains-Big difference.

Thanks for show the Culture of Brazil, i Live in Rio Grande Do Sul-Brazil, in the south, it's so good, are so cold and have a beautiful mountains, vegetation and the food, so good and famous "Churrasco" make with meat and salt... Thank you for show us culture for the world mark

He makes me wanna try some ants too

Fantastic !

Wow, everything looks delicious. I don't know about fruit that tastes like meat though.

I hope your tummy is alright!!!!

"It tastes like you are drinking bark, thats awesome".... Yes, that does sound awesome haha :)

your not taking safety serious it won't be fantastic if something happens and you guys don't have your life jakets on on your little boy SMH big No safety first

Micah is the happiesr kid in this many experiences despite his age...God bless Mark and family

Simple joy and tranquility

I'm not to crazy about the ants part lol

You know Mark living till a 100 without modern science.

Nice video brotha looks alot like muang lao muang thai too yo ♡

Mark is crazy you had me laughing, it taste like bark, lol and you be always smiling, spit it out, lol, the fish you got looks good, that was cool Mark swimming, best video I have seen, I'm even trying out different foods in Michigan, only got sick off the neighborhood icecream truck

Really special episode Mark!

I love to watch your food show, great job almost every where, so real so fresh so much respect for people who u work with and the viewer, so much little detail keep your work Man,we love to support u ,i love Mica so much.

You must have a gut biome like no one else.

Bro I want to meet you and travel and experience alot about food travel..but I'm far, far away from you place and I'm your big #Family. fan.

Brasil só tem comida top é nois kkkk

É tão bom Ver você comendo! O Love it!❤️

What a life of Them....

Mark can eat anything...

I love Amazon tribe alot.

U´re amazing, Mark!! This is the most ICONIC place/video!

Phenomenal video Mark! Keep up the awesome work!

Excellent episode, really.

its ten to five in the morning and I am now starving

Love this video.

Yeahy it's the food rangers brother

i’m bothered like u travel for food in every country and u didn’t get fat though gaddamn wats ur secret mark Lmao

Mark Wiens cuando vienes a Colombia aqui tambien hay Buena gastronomía

Omg that looks so amazing your so lucky.....

Coloca legenda em português !!!!

This gotta be my favorite video. Seeing those smiles on their faces, the culture and foods. What an amazing amazon! Thank you Mark!

Awesome video, great to see unspoiled native food . The family were amazing . very lucky to have that experience .

Dear Mark.Please Put your boy on screen .He seems talkative narak mak mak na kub.

Nice video


Watching the video it makes me smile simple life amazing

Wow, two thumps up for u...mark, ur so humble man blogger...nice vlog this....

Great video.great people

I've seen this dude's other videos... and you can tell he ain't so excited in this amazon buffet video compared to the other ones... what a good sport though, could swear Mark would put anything in his mouth, including a sweaty pair of sock, and would still say 'oh wow... mmm... that's nice...'. *thumbs up*

Amazon is truly Amazing

Amazingly beautiful place and family , i love watching your vlogs mr Weins , your beautiful wife and adorable son as well ❤️

best video ever!! ppl there beautiful like the food.

vem aqui em casa q o rango é bom kkk

Mark, you must be the only man on the planet with a cast iron stomach, to try so many gut wrenching food, and not have food poisoning

This is one of the best video from Mark in my opinion. Love their food and nature in Amazon. Very refreshing and best people. Video That shines Brazil.

Mark is a lovely calm man, if you agree with me hit the like button

The other side of the river, there are piranhas..... damn brave...

Many thanks for showing us so many amazing fruits and vegetables !

eat sleep travel earn

wow, you are such a foodie!

The yellowish grainy stuff he compared to popcorn at around 15 mins is called couac as well, made from manioc/cassava

This is so heartwarming..

great video !!!

I like your videos with subtitles in English

@1:50 Did she say the name of that fruit is 'rambutan'?.. Wow that's a Malay word, 'rambut' means hair, and 'an' at the end is just to show the pluralism for having many hairs. So it's Rambutan. Rambutan is the native fruit of South Eastasia, to be exact Malaysia and Sumatra island of Indonesia. Hence the name of this fruit has been named after a Malay word.

Awesome video! Very inspiring. Thank you, Mark, and congratulations.

Esse episódio foi um dos melhores.


Wow what a treat Mark!

Dude it seems like every single thing you ever eat tastes good. I don’t believe everything taste that good there has to be some food you’ve tried that is terrible right?

The folks seemed hungry ... Who eats/serves themselves b4 the guest! ... The lady seemed agressive... And the kid's eating from the fish. Instead from a solo plate! I feel like you left hungry!... There was a village there to eat a single fish... Different cultures different mannerisms I guess... Happy traveling...

20:58-21:03 I know that look all too well from my childhood. Some idiot kids acting up in front of company and he's getting an asswhooping later.

super ok bravo spoko #markWiens

eu morei mais de 15 anos em manaus e tive a chance de experimentar tudo isso que ele fez nesse video, infelizmente o povo de manaus têm esse recurso e não aproveita, muitos nunca se quer foram visitar uma tribo indigena perto, mt bom video, não curto o tucumã (portanto não como o x caboquinho), mas aquele tambaqui me deixou de água na boca hahahaha

Suprised you don't put on more weight with all the food you eat

Awesome man

amazing amazon Mark! :-)

My favourite video.....more exciting unique food


Come to the states mark, it’s not always burgers and tacos. I am Hmong, we can show you good food also.

I must say one of the most authentic videos you’ve made. Thanks Mark Weins

La belleza de Brasil! Muy hermoso video1

Buscando conhecimento Pra minhas circunstâncias também trazer essas experiências

That's it! I'm going to Brazil.

Love from guyana. Our culture is so similar to amazonia with the cuisine and everything. Proud to be indigenous


travel, travel, travel.

What a beautiful culture! Love it!

I just watched the hole thing and it looked like it was 5 min long. I love my country!!!!

vc no brazil tudo de bom Mark venha mas vezes pra ca....

Hope you got your vaccines

No finalzinho do vídeo , nota-se que ele está sob forte efeito do Guaraná kkkk

how many times his eyes open wide

Awesome clip the family and the monkey

Dude you are the best I have seen all of your videos, even I love eating new rhings

Mark wiens you must visit Madeira Island, the "Atlantic Pearl" as they call ir, land ir Cristiano Ronaldo (futeboll player).. se are waiting for you.. regards

Brazil looks like an amazing place ! Watched almost all your videos and I think this one is one of my absolute favorites. The visit to the village was very fascinating!

This dude looks like Kiko from El Chavo.

Your passion for food truly is a pleasure to watch. Thank you for trying different things.

why do you only visit third world countries?

You know Brasil better than 90% of brazilians.

I love you

Are you eating the seeds? nobody could explain to only eat the cover and spit the seeds?

OMG!!! I would love to try those exotic amazon fruits/snacks....and tribal local foods....something different...(COOL).

Mari-mari I have a fruit named after me

Mica, you are the most travelled child ever!

That chief's wife is really digging into Mark Wiens

Come to my country its USA for one more time!

international food... hummm yea I draw the line at insects... some of the slightly living off grid or off the path as they do... pretty cool!

OMG you are such an amazing guy! I love the way you interact on your journeys! Indians tribes were here way before Brazil was colonized by the portuguese people. Nowadays Brazil is a multiculture mixture. By the videos you shared you had the opportunity to know our contemporary "meals" but also, I believe that you could not have a better way to live a truly native meal. Thank you for being such a special person! We love you!

Hi woody

Mark Weins for US President 2020!

One of our favorite videos Mark! Great experiences you’re showing us back at home

biriba is called sweet sop in jamaica

Mark is more in love with food and Joel than his own wife and child

that woman just eating stuff lol

Was a pleasure have u guys here in Manaus... SELVA!!

Came here from Sailing La Vagabonde this!

Man the way u eat with your fingers is damn disturbing

Mark, I doubt I'm the first to come up with this, but I hope so: I believe you should trademark your signature move as "The Wiens Lean." It's catchy, no?

Keep visiting tribes

28:17 Golaço da porra

You are just amazing!! Haha you just go and eat everything very natural


Mark Wiens do you ever get the shits or get really ill?

Eles nem oferecem hahaha Tipo, come aí, ta na mesa pega e come hahaha adorei

Eh anaknya Mark udah gede..

What a wonderful episode.

Ele precisa visitar BELÉM no PARÁ!

I love they eat and drink everything before serving or offering to mark. And thry aren't afraid to eat in front of camera. They just eat and feed each other. They treat Mark as family.I like that. I also love Mark isn't faze about anything . Ants, sure. Don't know what this is, sure. Lol

It looks like you had so much fun in the village.

every video of yours is amazing mark !!!! keep doing the good work :)

Simple life. Closer to the truth.

It was such a memorial LOL I think he means to say memorable moment something he can look back on and remember

Mark kill 2 birds with one stone and please go to colombia aswell which is my country of ethnicity. keep up the great videos!!!

I'm from Ivory Coast. We have an abundance of cassava. I don't think it originates from Brazil

Visit Bahia state to prove the Acarajé!

excellent episode Mark. Mahalo for doing what you do!

I love Brazil. The people are top notch! Love this series. You outdid yourself!

Come to Colombia

Why do many Brazilians look Asian?

so why don't we just eat always fruits? it has all flavours we love and it's healthy for us and the planet ;)


Very informative. Got a glimpse of totally different culture.

24:38 She’s really going at it back there.

This is amazing! Not a lot of people experience these remote living conditions/environment. It’s amazing! Don’t have to stress about the 1st world problems!!


Love this video Mark!

Original people, original food. What an experience.

Wonderfull. Not just a look at the food, it is peep in to a living culture. Thanks for such a lively video.

Mark, your Brazilian series has to be one of your best - what an experience!

This was amazing to watch. Thank you.

video yang sangat bagus. suka sekali...

So many different kinds of fruit it's amazing

Mark Wiens, you are the best! Love watching your every show!

You have a GREAT job!

Hey Mark Can you please visit São Tomé and Príncipe

On behalf of the Brazilian people, I thank everyone and especially Mark for the kind words towards us. Treating everyone equally and warmly should be commonplace, and it saddens me to hear people saying it's not like this everywhere in the world. It makes me happy though, to hear that people recognize our heartfelt welcome when they come here. The heart is the base of everything. You can't build for yourself a good home without knowing to appreciate the most simple and beautiful things of a peaceful life. That's why passion and laughter so important to us. They are what make life worth living. I hope everyone can visit us someday so we can all learn from it. Thank you.

one of the best episode

Be careful with the yellow shorts

Rambutan wow is the same like in indonesia.......

these people are living a very natural life......v nice........(Pakistan)

"Mmmm taste like your drinking bark" can't wait for that to hit the local grocery

food: A mark: oh wow

Eats a ant

Mark wiens you are the best food blogger.... your reactions is genuine.... you used your hands, messy sometimes, I love your videos, i hate other food blogger who is pretentious and boring! !

wow those kids are so amazing. Hanna came to my mind when I saw them :D

And the food is incrble I live there

Go at Mato Grosso in Brazil is very beautiful

Nobody: Mark: Obrigado!

yeah no msg

You r an amazing guy Mark. Please keep the videos coming I love them all

I like this...but i like your came balantak and baru ga city luwuk banggai sulawesi tengah

this is a real cowboy men,, talo pa ang mga indians hehe

amazing video!!! luv u

can you just eat enaf talking more plss.

Hii..bro..i have seen lots of vids..its really good..if u ever visit india pls be my guest..i am from hyderabad..will surely show you best moghlai food n biryanis..waiting for you bro..good luck

All I have is Doritos :/

Tô amando,love it

When will the video recorded in Salvador be posted?

Was reading about Guatemala a government site. It’s a very poor country they have no real export. they say over 50% have no jobs. And you see goat and chicken in most of the poor shacks They said that is how they can feed the family without working is selling eggs and animal meat when they can. They can’t afford meat but eat beans and tortillas and vegetables they grow everyday. Meat is a luxury item. but here at lease the amazon give them fish. Venezuela is more a mess 2,300% inflations sad people can’t even feed their family and it’s getting worst. Sanction is damaging the people as oil sales & bank are sanction.

Mark you should offer them some cash for the hospitality. I know his well you do. Give back don’t take advantage and only take.

That shot was a lit Mark..❤

deu jenipapo pro cara comer mano.... Kkkkkkkk nuuuuuu pqp

It's the same reaction every time he takes a bite from all the videos I watched of him, it is not normal anymore. I tried some of the foods/fruits he feature on this channel but I don't think his reaction is necessary or let's just say he is ACTING! I will stop watching your video from now on until you show your true self during food tasting.

Thank you for this! This Brazilian series has turned out to be one of your best.

Mushy fruit could take some getting used to

I like your are my inspiration!!!

Se eu comesse tanto quanto esse cara eu já tava com uns 200kg

While people like having hot chocolate when raining, this guy eat some ants

Visit Jamaica next would love to see their culture

We love you!!! Hope you can come to madison Alabama I will cook for you and your family

The girls are hot. Who's the blonde cutie?

One of the best video tours,Brasil.

is not "banana", it is Plantain!

Thanks a lot Maria, for showing our culture, our foods. Brazil is giant, with great heart like you.

Mark, you are brave for drinking that water and swimming in the Amazon. I was there a few years ago and was careful with water and still lots of GI distress

from Kenya welcomes you test what all the champions and record holders in Kenya athletics take #mursick ... Eldoret.... You raise my appetite dude!!!

2:12 poor hahahaha....

I just want to enjoy anything as much as Mark Wiens enjoys eating... well, anything.

If you bring these ants to a fancy restaurant in Manhattan, they will sell the delicacy for top dollar!


I am surprised you shared a food with the inbred on 13.25

the people you meet are just amazing. I get watery eyed seeing how kind and generous they are and how they just treat you all like family. such wonderful people. you are very blessed.

I started watching mark before I realized how fake he was. Sure he got some good videos but come on... “THEY USED SALT IN THIS DISH OMFG!” so much click baiting. Via Mark I found this guy instead, he now became one of my goto channels instead. Small but genuine...

Go to Morocco after this , really , it's an amazing country with great food like couscous and pastilla . YUM !!!!

"it's like drinking bark... and it's awesome" mark can only pull this one like you wanna taste it too!!

a primaive village with energy saving light bulbs ?????????????????????

Mark, você é a humildade em pessoa.

Brazil love u frm pakistan

His wife is so cute and humble

Its just a your positivity mark.

First time i an watching about amazon. Wonderful video. Thanks Mark Wines.

Mr Mark u shld visit North East India


Micah is now so grown up

Dan akhirnya saya menelan ludah...

5:00 ✊

Essa cara de felicidade e esses olhares provando as comidas. So nos videos do Brasil.

mark wiens...number 1st food vlogger inthe word (mantap pokonya)..yang setuju like ya...hehehe Rambutan banyak juga di indonesia (rambutan namanya sama juga kayak di indonesia)

God damn ,you guys are eating what we call "Kenjuga" here in India!!!

same as atis in philippines

So amazing Amazonas

I like sunny .the best food ever

I can say that they live a still primitive lifestyle. AWESOME!

This guy is should be an ambassador of goodwill. Move peace forward . Mark see's the good in everything and every culture!!!!!

I want twerk it like miley

Wow! Fruit Sandwich! Awesome!

I never been to Brazil ,but I want to go there in someday.There are so many fruits I never eat

Non sitting? All those hours?

@markwiens - My Lady and I love your channel. We work so much and our only day to really spend together is Saturday. We wake up, and I check for updates from you, and we breakfast as we binge your videos. :D Best to You and your beautiful Family. Thank you. You do more good for the world than many. Cheers.

love this video

Love your videos. Why not try some Maldivian food sometime? :)

Same grin.. same expression when eating.. don't know whether taste good or otherwise.

Fantastically, Mark. It tastes very good. Please subscribe to my channel

After watching this video...I m feeling refreshing...such an amazing video thanks Mark sir ..

17:20 Think the lady wants her banana soup back, licking up the table. Mark just ignored her, and took another bite, savage!!!!

Mark when you finally finish travel in Brazil you could come to Uruguay. My friend is a big fan of yours, he study in Boston University and could show you all the local food here. He is a food lover like you. Best wishes.

I would've ran away after he showed the ant rice

your flexibility and adaptation with different people and cultures is great.good luck

What Patti kattam kittiyalum thinnolum

Pudding in a pod

Extreme adaptability.

That brazillian family eats super healthy. Low salt, low fat and plenty of veggies.

wow superlike for the video....loved it

Mark,mouth watering I'm going to kitchen in search of something to eat

Brazil and soccer lol. Love.

28:24 finish!!!

can you eat every kinds of foods in the word???

so geat, thnk y Mark

What a nice content!!!

Amazing , the way you adapt to different culture

Such a beautiful video ❤️

Moro em Campinas SP, mas sou do Amazonas, eu amo meu estado

What a great time you had. This video was beyond the food and so much more about the people. Beautiful. Thank you Mark!

Amazing amazon loving the culture kudos for you mark weins more power godbless

Legend portuguese

did anyone else notice how immaculately clean everything from the boat floor to the tin roof rafters and well-used pots is?

I loved the children"s performance, keep the culture alive for the next generation.

Mhmmmmmmmhmmm mm. You can literally taste the AIDS.

:D come to Viet Nam and i'll show you thousands incredible things

Mark: So natural! That being said we bought some chillis... the cook next to him suddenly looked sad :(

I think this might of been one of my favorite video of yours. Luv them all, but this was just happy.

28:22 GOLAÇO!!

Hey Mark, you are such a good guy, I just love your videos! The way that you express your emotion when you are eating it is just lovely, but when are you gonna come to Salvador, Bahia?

Mari Mari mean Come Malay Language....when they sell something they will shout mari mari...come come...

No offense But Is it just me or do you also think he was really struggling in this video

Bota legenda em PORTUGUÊS Mark!!! Por favor...

Mark you are just amazing such a daring great hearted friendly person! I pray that God continue blessing you and your love ones to travel and meet great people and visit the world...Blessings ❤️❤️❤️

That was not banana it's call ripe plantains kinda looks like banana buts it's plantains

I'm from south of Brazil I've never seen a lot of these fruits..


Mark, your impromptu visit to an Amazon village with natives who shared with you their meal was amazing! Thanks for showing us their lives!

Come to Bangladesh Mark


Simply brilliant video! Beautiful people, awesome food. Right on! your flexibility and adaptation with different people and cultures is great.good luck

Thank you for all the amazing places you take us. I am always so surprised at the food you try and joy. Travel on.

I 'll say this is one the best food, culture, adventure, exploration of amazon... Just wowww

They will bring cell phones and Mcdonald and taxes and call it progress

your best series by far, you have really improved on your camera angles and recording as well...... Super stuff, keep it coming.....

"The flame is flaming" -Mark Wiens

Sorry for what I said earlier. Please forgive me.

Yucca is the best!! ❤ thank you for sharing your trip

I like how yours eyes just light up when u try something new and good tasting foods.

Super like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i never see all that fruit in my life. makes me really wonder how does it taste like

Sharing is caring ❤️

Man, you cant eat everything like its equally good, some things HAS to be better than others, at certain point it starts to look like fake reaction!

Comming in india chhattishgarh

One of the best video vlogs on YouTube i been there its a great state Manaus


O que esse cara está fazendo pelo Brasil é mais que todos os governos e ministérios do turismo fizeram por décadas. Simplesmente fantástico. Graças aos esforças do Guilherme do Rio4Fun vc é o cara.


Fake facial expression in every video.

awesome tribe people with cultural values

This is mesmerizing video.

Gotta say it’s nice seeing little kids not doing fortnite dances.

Did you eat or drink anything that you did not like ? It is quite suspicious.

Lucky people, living in natural habitat. Sometimes I wanna leave chaotic city life and live with nature and only the basic necessities.

Mark would travel anywhere for food. Thank you for letting us experience the Amazon culture.

Thanks for this. I am studying here in Manaus, and this encourages me to go out and try those delicious looking fruits.

Wtf... Your reaction is always yummy...

Wow the amazon family is so amazing people on this planet. It's so peacefulness and they don't need money to live. They've living with nature.

3:05 he is eating with the seeds. Wild sugar apple seeds are poisonous

I enjoy all your videos you make me feel like I'm missing out on this lifes traveling. I'd like to see you go to El Paso Texas my birth town. Keep safe


Love and big respect

Love your show. Checking in from Willimantic Connecticut, u.s.a

O vídeo é muito bom mas tirando o x caboquinho simplesmente não teve nada da culinária manauara

Wow! I enjoyed this

This is great video

The best outings are the ones that aren’t planned “spontaneous”.

What a rare occasion! Thanks so much for sharing. How does Micah keep up with all these travels? I have a little boy younger than Micah. I'm planning on taking some time off and travel too but not sure if it'll be too tiring or even overwhelming for my son. Do you take days off to just relax and sleep in? It looks like Micah tries out all the food you guys eat too, which is amazing. I'm glad Ying doesn't have to cook separately and take something for Micah wherever you go.

Mark, you should carry a spoon with you.

Omg ... that foot forward dance.... thats my traditional dance steps... yoruba culture.. took me back to my childhood!

Mark ... way awesome video ... swimming in the river just topped it all off ...

We called that roasted cassava granules... Garri where im from ..Lagos, Nigeria

Wow Mark just love the way u fit in with all people and countrys. U just fit in and go with the flow trying and enjoying everything. You are a Blessed soul, u just love all human beings. May Almighty creator Bless you and your fam always.

Pro tip: watching Mark's video without munching on something is not advised! It miraculously leaves you hungry! Im having

Protip: my balls hang low.

ele xonou no nosso guaraná

um americano já visitou vários lugares do Brasil sendo q eu moro nele e não saio da minha cidade

Junta um dinheirinho p fazer uma viagem vale a pena. Principalmente se vc for em baixa temporada aonde vc quer visitar

Why people dislike this video? My favourite channel..great video mark viens..

They are not human many fruits

beautiful people, food and culture brazil is great place

This was such amazing video. I love everything at the village. The tribal tattoos. Just love they living life. Humbling!

Very Nice

That kid with the monkey on the island looks so familiar.... wasn't he on the cover of National Geographic without the tattoos?

I love this episode

I love your channel so much mark weins....

This is the best most heartwarming episode you’ve made

Thanks for sharing, I really do enjoy ya every video, best!

Mark with the clutch goal!!!

28:38 What a goal!! Cool vid Mark!

is there a episode where youre at Salvador? if so, youd be visiting all the cities that so happen to birth great MMA fighter: Belem = Machida, Manaus = Jose Aldo, Salvador = Anderson Silva.

I hate his face but still watching his video

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