Village Food in Thailand - SHRIMP CURRY and FORAGED VEGETABLES in Trat, Thailand!

Village Food in Thailand - SHRIMP CURRY and FORAGED VEGETABLES in Trat, Thailand!

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Good morning, I hope you're having an amazing day it's mark Wiens I'm in flat Thailand, and this is day four of our eastern provinces, of Thailand food and travel, tour today. I have a very special day for you we are on our way to ban, hai yang which. Is a community. In the forest, in throt and they. Are gonna, cook, for us some local very seasonal. Dishes using, some of the local, ingredients from this area I'm not sure all that they're gonna cook for us but I know it's gonna be delicious and I'm gonna share it all with you in this video right now. It. Was about a 25-minute drive to, get here from the center of throt town and we. Are at wat clonk root which is the temple, where someone for the cup from the community, is about to pick us up and then. We're gonna get started cooking, and eating, they. Should be here any minute. They, came, to pick us up we are following, them into the village now. Okay. And here, we are, oh. This. Place this. Place is gorgeous. Sunny. Cub sunny cop, lots. Of friendly dogs we have met up with the family this is where we're gonna cook this is where we're gonna eat it's gorgeous, there fruit, trees, it's. It's, lush, oh. Wow. This house is absolutely gorgeous you got to love that door net an old pair of jeans but, you walk up to this platform it's elevated it's, a huge. Platform, this. Is traditional, throught style, and it's it's, gorgeous, I mean you have the open air you. Have this, whole community, section, here I think the kitchen is back there and then. Over. On this side you have more of the, room section where you can sleep and they, have the the mosquito nets over there as well I'm, loving, it already. It's. Actually gonna be a very it's not just fried rice it's, gonna be combined with a bunch of ingredients and wrapped up in. Some type of a leaf. Wrapper, but also a banana, leaf so we're. Gonna go get a banana leaf - oh. This. Is a tropical paradise, they're durian, trees bananas. Mangosteens. The rambutan and it's, not quite, durian, season, yet but look so you can see the little dirt oh I just get bit by ant oh yeah, look at the ant. On. Yeah you, remember the dish it's called Mucha moon by Chuang which, is in English it's called Kawa garcinia. I'm. Still getting bit by ants, Cala garcinia, leaves this, is the tree right here these are the leaves I know it's an evergreen type of tree but. It's very, very commonly, eaten, in this region. Of eastern, Thailand they literally, have everything. That you need for a thought Thai, feast, within. This within. Their yard within this jungle. It's gorgeous. Absolutely, gorgeous. What's. Factual that's the actual name of it. Huh. It's. Like a little purse cow. Mock. And that's. The official, name of it so she took some of the fried rice stir-fried. With that numb prick and then she, adds in all the components of ingredients, specifically. Quite a lot of pineapple a cucumber. A salted. Egg and, a. Handful. Of cashews. And, fried. Fish, and that all gets wrapped up first into a banana leaf and then into that extra, giant. Leaf and she, makes a purse shape that's that's cool. Okay. Can you show your paw like I show your Hall. So. That's like a little lunchbox. Purse that's. All everything. You need for a complete meal wrapped, up in that leaf something, else that's very cool and I didn't know this from the start is that this is, a little spoon all natural.

And, That. She includes in this in this packet and even this string this is all natural this is made from that same wrapper the, greater the greater wrapper. It's. Absolutely, beautiful a. Little. Packet, the spoon is particularly. Cool, this is what I'm most excited to use I'm gonna get a little bit of that salted egg I'm, gonna get a little bit of that pineapple that, fish and, Oh. Cashew. I got to have a cashew, on this bite to scoop. Up a little bit and there's also a purple. Sweet potato in in the, the rice as well oh what, a bite. Hello. I'm on mmm. Oh. That's. Delicious, I mean, the rice has, a little bit of a shrimp paste flavor to it I think there's some shrimp paste in that numb prick, and. Then you've. Got the starchy pieces of sweet potato you've, got that sweet, balance, of acidic, pineapple, and then, the crunchy fish, that's. Awesome, that's, that's such a like soothing Nicks oh. My. God. Mmm. It's. Really awesomely good. Hmm. Yeah. You just it just it's. Such a harmony, of ingredients, and so, many different things going on honey like. She's. Getting immediately, started, on the next dish and she's making a curry with this fruit, called gaddama and if. I if I were just to guess is I've, never seen it before in Thailand. I've never seen it before in my life, but if I were to guess it looks pretty sour I'm gonna little crude fruits like that but. The first step is that I could be totally wrong the first step is that she added some salt and she's just mixing that around and then they're gonna cook it with shrimp. Back. In the kitchen they're squeezing. The coconut milk by hand that you, know it's gonna be that ups, the notch fresh. Coconut milk makes, all the. Difference. Oh. While. The curry was cooking we headed out to forage a seasonal, ingredient, along the banks of the water we are now going, off into, a boat to get an ingredient, it's a leaf I'm not totally sure what it is I've never had it before but we're gonna get the leaf we're gonna bring it back and they're gonna make one more dish and then we're gonna eat I can't wait to try that that other curry with the shrimp and then. The the other dish that she's gonna make. Though. The house is actually right, next to a river I. Mean. My, god. And. Again he told me that this is brackish, water and that's part of the reason why the fruit, and. Ingredients. In this area are so good they say because of the brackish water the, mangoes are extremely, sweet. Yah. Ding ding ah yeah. I like up, but. I'm done bison. Dung and. This is tight that type of leaf it's acting its of vine actually, it's the the Red Vine it has a red color to it. It's. Kind of looks like it's kind of tangled with some bamboo and that's, what we're gonna get. I. Need like a tiger Wow. Pulled. That vine off that. Is straight. Foraged, leaves, vines, from, the jungle, for. The dish she's gonna make. We're. Back at the house now with that leaf with that vine they're gonna make a gang sim which is a sour, curry getting, some by, sangani. While. The main meal is being prepared, we, took another brick, to eat another pre-meal, this, time a Royal Thai dish called kaanum jeans Sonam uncle, had made it himself for the family and we, just happened to have the honor to be there for the occasion, this was a surprise I didn't even know they were making this dish but it's called kaanum jeans Sonam, and this. Is a really. Old, traditional. Thai dish very hard to find, but. It's a summer, dish and I'm not whether you deal with the kind of Jean which is the the soft rice noodles and you have all the different components with. The curry yeah. It's, fantastic and, we're, all sitting down to eat it right now. For. For, here because. It means we have a coconut, we have a pineapple, know a nigga kneecap loam kebab King ginger Colunga. Na thum na na Rania. Delicious. There's. So many ingredients this. Is an exciting dish to eat. Yeah. This. Is ginger yeah. Raw. Garlic. Oh you. Come here I don't know and then I come thank, you, Oh too. Much today okay. Cause might be like hard, for. Me okay a cup I got all the components and now it's time to have a real actual, agree with. The fish meatballs. In here I'm. Gonna add it to that the side there. The. Fish balls are fresh and they are very spongy, all the garlic and the garlic and the ginger, down, there too a little, bit of all of this oh. Oh. Whoa. Oh. My. God oh my god. No. Might not mean hey Tommy. Okay. And uncle, was telling us that he made this special. Very, special it was completely, unplanned the sum of all the ingredients together, that. Makes it spectacular you've, got the coconut milk with the fish balls you've, got what.

I Like is the ginger. And garlic but paired with that salty fish sauce and then, the sweet pineapple what. A contrast, what, a delicious mix in your mouth and this is actually a traditional royal. Palace, Thai dish. Okay. I. Need. Some more. There's. No way you'll not have a reflow of this the. Entire sum. Of the ingredients but these these, fish balls are, notable, they are they, are stunning, that's, bringing, texture, all natural, all fish, he just pounds it with. Salt. He said and he pounded it by hand and the fish balls that's why they're all random shapes, and sizes and, it, those, are some of the best fish balls you'll ever have. Which. Awesome, and. I. Don't really know what we're doing on, the. Day has sort of shifted. We're. Just kind of hanging around, eating. And, I'm, loving. Every moment of it. Family. To me man cool, yes. No. Madam, is under some can catch I raka, home day. Nigga. Pentamidine. Do. Their. Color oh my. Dangling. Check, up her see added the, chili. Paste he added some extra chilies, and then he just added in some sour. Tamarind. And. You gotta make one. Cut. I mean cow. It's Barracuda, very fresh very tiny, said once you add in the fish and the shrimp you don't want to really stir it very much or they'll get a bad smell. Yeah. I see. The battle, game that. King so he put in the entire heap, of those, leaves that was a mound, of leaves and they immediately turned from a bright green color to kind of a like brown green color. Cumin. Poly. And final. Step is to add in a bunch of shrimp. But. Why let's have my bending i me. Pitt mireille. Cha-cha-cha. Ok you should have three flavors in one sour, salty. Sweet yes. Mm-hmm. Sweetie, laughs mmm, bye bye. Santa and prio Marcus. Allen. Is coming from the leaves and the camera oh, that's. Beautifully. Sour. Near. Like a dead hare. We. Are sitting down yet again to eat but these are the two dishes that are specifically, the seasonal, dishes from, this region, in that these, are ingredients the. Forage, Divine's and, then that other like little fruit, with. The shrimp, curry it looks delicious and, I. Can't. Wait to taste it so this one is that Ganga dawn with the, little fruits they're all below here all of that coconut milk and then.

The Shrimp I have to just taste that fruit first with some of that hurry. Some. Young. Boy. Okay. That's. Exactly right he's telling me you get the bitter first taste and then as you keep on chewing it's there to get a little, sweeter as it goes down but. Yeah I was totally expecting it to be sour not. Really sour but. Yet it is it, is bitter kind of like bitter gourd um. Like, a more subtle bitter that, is wrapped up in that that fresh coconut milk and then. It's a little bit spicy you've got that shrimp in there oh that's, spectacular. That's. Fantastic, I love. That bitterness okay. And next up this is the gang soul by sundown which, is that leaf and again, there's fish in here we saw him make the whole thing and these giant, prawns. Shrimp, but. That leaf I'm most excited about that leaf. Those. Leaves, are. Outstanding, such a sour flavor when, you cook them they, really are like more. Soft and more silky than spinach hire almost no chewing they sort of just dissolve in your mouth and he was very careful not to overcook the. Shrimp oh. Well. These are very soft though the shell first eat the shrimp and then I'll chase it with this bite of rice with, some of the leaves. All. That trip is incredible. It's. So tender and then, the man cumin which is the Gotama. We that hadn't buttered juices, it's. So creamy and so rich. What. A fantastic leaf, and it doesn't get better than foraged, leaves. And vegetables, just, wild, natural supreme. Yeah that's one of those leaves that's so sour and, immediately. Like leaves like that sour chalkiness, on your teeth. And. That, one is spectacular do, you, know they're both really good both. Totally. Completely. Opposite. In flavors. And. On, our way out the. The family graciously, gave us an entire bag, full of bananas right from their garden. What, a fantastic, day what, delicious food and a. Little, insight, into the, village, life community. Life in throught a, big. Thank you to the family for hosting, us and grandma for cooking and uncle also those special, dishes we didn't really plan much. Of what we were gonna do and it just unfolded as it did I'll have some information, in the description box below but the community, is called bon Qui tang and please remember to give this video a thumbs up and if you're not already subscribed click, subscribe now and also click the little bell icon so that you get notified of all the future videos thanks. Again for watching and, I will see you on the next video.

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