Visit Most Beautiful Place in the World I Pilatus Mountain I Switzerland I Travel Vlog

Visit Most Beautiful Place in the World I Pilatus Mountain I Switzerland I Travel Vlog

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And. There is the lieutenant, the city. Lieutenant. Is the lake of the sand it's pretty. Nice, hello. Guys and welcome, to a new video today we will not talk about car review. Today. We will talk about travelling travelling in Switzerland, and. Today. Together. One, of the most, interesting. Mountain. In the switzerland, where, we. Will find the. Business. Train, railway. In, the world so the, train will, go like this on the mountain, it's. Actually. For. The first time when I go there I know, it's a little bit expensive, I, will tell you about the. Ex and. I, will tell you about all, the, other information a. Little bit later but, first time we, have to drive in. I. Have. A question we. Want to go up there to the pool I think yeah and. What. We should do from here you. Can. Can I come back maybe, halfway. We. Train and then walk. Then. Can. I walk down here. Yeah. Then you want to go by train, that's, supposed. To uh. Okay. No but, I can go over you, can go up and. Close. And, then the walk. So. I'll physically, up and then back in front, and. Then walk okay. Yes. I do that from here we take directly, up there, no, because, the second separate index then you exchange to, go, big, one, can I have to buy, another ticket there no no I give, you the whole way say, 78, thanks, for those please. Thank. You very much. So, guys, we, just ride the ticket, so. We have a map here too. Of Christ. It's, right here. But. Something. That I don't understand, it we, have to change the Train there and. How. Can we change it, because. We. Have only two tickets and. I think we can use the vote to get four. Or, the train or something. What. Happened. Stupid. Strain was in this this, area here, and, we are right, here increase. And, from here it's only the. Distal. Cabin that goes right. To the. And so we. Are in this way and nothing this way here so. When we go directly. Until. Here, and, here we changed it. Change, this cabin, and then we go directly to, the wheel. At this school and then when you come back we come back until here and then, we try to walk, down to here, from, here walking, with until. Here so. It's see what happens. So. You got. So. Here is a first step and. Now you. Have to change and take the next, one so, you can actually you. Have to take the train from there up to the cone we have to but here. There. Is the train go, up. It's. Really cool and this view at this view it's fantastic. You know it's pretty nice. It's. Really great it's restaurant, where you can eat really. Nice and the people can. Do a lot, of stuff here. So much based. Actually. We are here we. Have to work until. We. Actually. Come. From here. From Koreans, we. Take the telephones. Oh here. We go. Right. Here, and here we change. Directly. Up here, and. Now we try to walk up there. And, then we'll come back to. Here and then from here just walking. Down. So, we actually made a mistake next, time I have to make this train from. Here this, is the train that goes straight. Down but. We take on this side and. This side was, the. Gondola. But. But. Next time we take the other train, because we made a mistake and we. Take the other route but. Now I want to show you something, look at this view, with. This telecom, bow we was up here it's worth 20. People, and. Look, at this view guys it's really great so, you have to option here you can take this. Instead. A condo or you can take the train from their. Train. Let's go it's the steepest. In the world. And. Now. We go, there we. Try to walk on till there, it's. Pretty great. Amazing. Place. And then we will go there down there it's, not so much to what we have a cross there too, it's, pretty nice, and. Then we go there. Let. So many people today then.

We Have some mountains with. Some snow. And. September's. Maybe. With this. Global. Warming it's a little. Problem, which is great. Let's. See the other side to. Look. At this mountains. There with the snow and it's, pretty, deep. And. The train this is the steepest east rain in the world it's. Going right here, through. These stones and it's going down. And. There's the Train it's, going back now. Oh actually. Guys here is the restaurant, and. Right. There you. Can eat and sleep there, you. Have everything you need if you wanna hit flip. Up in. The night they. Make different. This. Year for example astronomy. You can see there if you stay all night here, and sleep. So. Actually. Here, it's a picture with. All the mountains, that are there, and, you can see that. The younger. Crowd is the most. Whole. Mountain, from here this, I think, it's right there you. Can see it. Wow. And the monk. Monk. It's further it's, really, great that you. Can see this picture with all the mountains, here. You. Can walk too if you want to come here walking but. You need a few hours setting, five, six hours. As, you have to have made that it's a nice place to visit so. If you come in Switzerland, you have to come here to Pilates, and the, price is not so big it's. Really, great look. At this you with this leg. And. There is the lieutenant, the city. Lieutenant. Is the lake of the sand, it's pretty, nice they have the big, mountains, like. Young. Cows and other pretty. Nice. So. Now let's go up there. So. This is, a. Really. Great place and I totally. Recommend, it. And. Visit. This. It's. Pretty great. Look. At this road guys, you. See it just like that, super cool, very, nice road really. Cool, there. Is the Train. The. Steepest, ring. Really. Great. Train. Rail oh it's. Just like that, it's. Pretty. Great place here to visit guys, and. Only. $52. The. Francs, come. Around. That maybe. 60. If you want to go down, but if you walk a little bit, you. Wanna, come. Cheaper you can walk more and, but. I need more hours saying, things how much live free here. Yeah. But. You need a few hours to walk up. Here or. You can take the train around 60, francs. And. It's. Really dangerous here, we have to follow that. No. You can go down on the other see. Go. Back go, back. Yeah. So here's the road when, you go down if, you don't want to take this they're, going down or the Train, you. Can go down. But. It's a lot of horse, walk, to walk okay, so the idea is you want to go down without, the Train. Go. You have to walk. Here down, but. It's a lot. Down. There. In. Other. Words. Start. To go up and. If. You want to work. Maybe. It's ours, now. We. Go down and then we go up there. Five. Minutes. There's a lot of places. This. Is so nice place and obviously one. Of the best. Because. We saw, three. People and. This. House they're going. To treat. The amazing. Scary. This. Is the previous. Cool, place, in the world. The. Most it's. One of the best place I ever been. What. Do you think guys about this place please, write me in the comment what do you think about this place you like it or not, it's. Really great. So. I find I find here the name of the gallery that was the gallery we was. The. Mountain, and you. Can go see, the path from here and. You you, go out, on. The mountain you, see it before and. Look at this view guys this is pretty amazing. Look. So nice. And. Then here you have the restaurant, and the. Tourist there you can stand still and all. This is really nice it's, a really great place I don't know if I can do, in this video to show you everything. I hope, you make an image, about what, is here enjoy. And. You. Can subscribe if you like it and if you have a question. You can comment. Down, there and, ask. But. I totally recommend. This. Thank. You for watching. So. Here is the train he. Was building, a. Friends. -. You're right. To, create. Get, this crucifix, personal, friends. One, particular, attribute. Notice. There. Is the road when. We go back walking. Now first. Time we take the telecon doll until they're in.

There. And then from there we, walk until. The city. Right. And. Yeah. That, would be nice, I hope, it's a nice road from, here we take the telephone doll on the other half and then, we. Walk on till down so. We pay from down until. Up here, we. Pay fifty. Two francs $52. And, go. Up and down until half. And. From. Half we go down, I think if we go directly, for, down. Up and down the, price will be 60, francs but we want to walk to, see how it's to walk down there because, I think it's very nice to walk. It's. Very nice to walk the road it's very well and easy to do, and we. Will do that look. At this leg here, and. And, you can see all the mountains on, the other side and you. Can see in this side this return, lake it's fantastic. The, color and everything it's great one of the best place. I ever been. Totally. Recommend, you come. Here it's not so expensive, the. Prices are expensive, for the food but for, the food and stuff but it's totally deserve it one. Time in life to come here and see, all this great, stuff. My, entire financial muscle. There. Are the mountains. Jungfrau, in the the. Top. Of the mountains, out there, and. There is the train where, we were before it. Was there that there. You, know here, here's. The most tall. Clip. Okay. Guys so now we have to wait for the. Telegin. Dog to go down, with, us because it is, so. Many people right, now here that wait, and I think we have to wait half hour to, go down this. Is the last train. 5:30. Is, the last one and then you have to go, halfway. To. The mountain and then half way we have to work and. I, hope. When. We get there because it's. Not so nice on the mountain when it's dark and we don't have very light, so. The. Tree. Pointed here was not so expensive. Was. Fifty-two. Francs, that, you can actually make. It cheaper if you want. Or. You can make it expensive, if, you take this. Train. From here this. Is a little bit more expensive, because. It's the train that is the most. Best, in, the world and. Here. You can buy a lot of stuff but they're very expensive or. You, can take it from home and you have a lot of stuff for free for, example I can stay on this sit leather. Seat for free, or you can, actually. Stay outside in the Sun for three you. Have papers, for eating, and all kind of stuff it's.

Really Great this really cool place here it's most, of the, one. Of the most beautiful, things everything. Alright. Guys so we are here now, we arrive and we have. To. Walk two hours under. Koreans when. It was first time and then, the. Adventure, begin. This. Is the road we, have to go here to the wood I. Hope. Will. Be a nice trip, we, was there. Early. And now, we go down, look. At this so beautiful. Such. A beautiful. Such. A beautiful. Way and. Now we go here, what. I want to say I made. A mistake in the beginning of the video the, price for, the tickets from Koreans. Until, pilato's up there it's, 72. Francs. With, gondol and with. The other train on the other side with, the. Train. That it's. Almost. Like. This, will. Be the same price 72, so up down 72. With. Condor. And of them 72, with the, Train so. Now let's. Look. At. This road guys, here. Can people come and play in, the streets, it's really, great it's. Really nice, place to play, right here look. At this really great this, is the road it's look pretty, nice I. Hope. Will be not night. When we go down, we. Was there and, then we go down now. This. Is the road and. We. Walk and, I see you later guys. So. The road road, get, you to the trees, and. It's. Pretty, interesting road here guys just. Wanna, show, you look. At this road. It's. Really, interesting. Really. Nice. Really. Nice place to walk but. Now it's a little bit late and we have to go faster. Than normal, you. Have to actually walk. Like. Running. FCU, simulator, look. At this beautiful. I. Need. This place. I need this walk in the woods it's. Really great I. Hope. There are not so, many. Crazy, animals, here. Ok, so. Finish. With. Finished. With the woods now, we go on a better road, guys. Like. That, so. It's not so bad actually it's really great. Look. At this. But. We have to walk and. Walk and walk and walk and we have on the trees to science there that's, very easy to work. So. Let's. Go. Look. At the Gondor still. Working. Pretty. Cool the Sun is there and it. Has a lot of time from, there to, there so I think in, two hours we. Are down we. Have to go there in the city and in. Two hours, we have time until, the Sun go down and, not. Be. Dark. Here in the woods actually, there's no more wood for this, pretty. Cool. Nice. Road from. Up there, on. The mountain to. Down there, but. It's only the almost. Half maybe maybe. A, little bit more than halfway because. We go. We walk. What, yeah see, you later there's. A guy with the dog I think. He, works too it's. Political. All, right yes, this is my, adventure, so, if you want to come cheap here at the, fill out this we. Don't have to pay seventy, two. Francs. You'll, actually. Have to walk come. Here in the morning walk. Him to up four. To five hours and, then. Go down a little bit faster. What. You're doing nature, my team export, and America. Savings. So. You take food, drinks. And then. You just go up and down so you can travel the Switzerland, chip to but only in other countries, and, here it's really. This. Is the most nice place to ever be so. Comment. Ask me everything. You want to know and subscribe to my channel see, you later. So. Guys on the mountain you can make a shower. Or bath too if you want here, in Switzerland you have everything you need it's, just cheap just. Go. There and, you can you. Can make a shower a bat but. The butter is a little bit colder. Look. At this really, nice. See. The. Thing because the thing that I like here the, most is that you, have signs everywhere, that tell you where, to go so you cannot even think you. Can not if you're not lost on. This month, you. Will always find, the good way because it's signs. Are everywhere. To. Tell you where to go so, it's. Really. Alright. Guys so. Now we. Arrived at better. Road look, at this it's. Much better it's. For the cars too, it's. Pretty good Road and we. Run a little bit. We. Have one. Hour and I, think. 35. Minutes, until. Down. We. Didn't arrive at the first station but, we. Will search, so. So. We. Just run for a little bit. Look. At this guy, it's, going up with the bike it's crazy it's. Really hard and, now we will run for. Five okay. So we run it. We have a six, kilometre to, go we. Had nine, point five kilometer, from from. The last telugu, no and now, until now we. Have, six. Six. Kilometer, the sun is still around. There and. It's. Up anyway, it's. Not so much light what is it. Still, up there. So. We arrive this here I think you say creased. We. Have to go, there.

It's, Look like creepy. But. Forward, it's nicer, and. Backward, and forward, and. We have to go there it's cool strange let's. Let's try it that's. Right. Okay. So the, Google map tells me to, go around there, where. Is the road for, the cars but. It. Will be a little bit more. To to. Walk and. Here. On the signs. Tell, me to go like this in. This way it's. Little, bit creepy in. The wood. But. You see is the sign a, yellow, sign here that's, they to go forward, and, we try to get, this road, it's. A shorter. Maybe. It's a shortcut to. Go faster, there we. Will see what happens, see you later so. It's, really nice, the, road, is nice but it's creepy. So. The. Sun is still there, great. Sun. Is still up and. We still have to go. To. The, woods and. We have to go there so. Let's. See where we have to go forward, I think. We have to go in this direction, that. We will do. So. We. Found this crazy, nice, things here that you can see the city how was before, before. Today. 200. Years before. Five. Hundred. Fifty. Thousand twenty, thousand years today twenty. Thousand years I watch. And was like a nice it's, really interesting really. Cool if you come here it's really deserve to take. The path and walk and see this nice, thing. This. Route, is rather route there it's longer but it's, better here, it's a little bit wide, like. A wild, road, look, at this pretty, pretty wild, the, Sun is still, there. Somewhere, and. We go in this way, this. We, ask a guy and we tell us that, the. Route this route it's kind of. Crazy. It's. Hard. To find but it's. A shorter, so we take the shorter. Far. Away from. From. The people. It's. Crazy nice and it's. It's. Really cool so, see you later, we. Have to run a little bit before. The Sun comes down because. Here in the world, with dark, like. That I don't, like dark in, the wood. Alright. See. You later, here's, some water. People. Think water from here I think, it's. Interesting to stuff, alright, sorry for the shake the road is not so good so we have to take the yellow. Route. Back. See. You later so, we are right here look, at this path you, almost, didn't, see it it's really crazy and. We have to go like this way and the city is there a. City. You. Can see it yeah. Alright. Let's go. What. I like better when it's when. It's like that down like. Grass. And. Storms. I don't like stones they, are good for. Raining. But they are not good for. For. Weather. Like that and. The. Grass. Is much better look, at there there is the city and, there is another road better then I think we go, this road is going this way and then it's better until, I hope, so anyway. See. You soon guys see. You later the, Sun. Somewhere. I, think. It's up now because there is no still. Sun and. We, have. Five. Kilometres to go over. 4.5. Kilometers, to go. So. We, arrive again had the better out and. We. Still have a. 4.3. Kilometer, to, go and. The. Google Maps, a. One. Hour but Google map doesn't know because we take the shortcut and he. Doesn't know anymore now which. One. Which. Road we had now so. Anyway. Around, one hour and something. Everybody. Else from up there he takes the kondal to down but we take it like that. Because. We want to walk a little bit in the wood. Some. Nice. It's. Actually great and, good tip for you when you go on road they. Take, something to do it with you now, on the road we. Don't run anymore because. I think we. Have time but. We eat a little bit and then we run again, so. Take. Food and drink with you when. You go on these, kind of trips so, guys and other tips, that I want to tell you you. Have a lot of nice view there if, you see it. Try. When you go in Switzerland in other countries. Try. To go with gondola up and, down. Walking. If. You have time if it's not too late walk, down because you see a lot of nice stuff in, the nature a lot of amazing. Things and places. So, that's. One of my tip go. Up with the gondola. Or train and go down walking, if. It's not more than four hours or something like this or go in the morning and then, you have time for everything. So. Look at their. Beautiful. So. Guys, look at this they, have irrigation. System, on, the, mountains, the. Water come there and, floating. Down, this. Is crazy, in my country we. Don't have this in. The big city. We. Have but on the. Sides. We. Don't have this Jewish, look at it another. One this is crazy, what. Are you doing there in my country with. The irrigation system you have to do this for all the people, Switzerland, they have this on the mountain, is this crazy, and. The cars. - oh, yes. Critical. Repairs. On. The mountain. Really. Impressive. Okay.

Anyway There is the city. We. Have one, more I think. Four five fifty minutes to walk a. Little. Bit faster. So. Guys here, hotel. The. Roads are to be much, better and here there, are more cars. See. There in the back a lot of people come here to the restaurant. And. This hotel and. We. Have to go for work, and. I think, we. Have, another. Freaky. Llama to do something like that front to the bundle, and we, are there, so. So. The, Sun is up. Anyway. There it's. Okay. Try. To see because the Google thing. And. It's. Pretty. Easy, not. Hard, work. Here I think. You can walk, back to but it take more time to go up then. Go down so, see. You later guys. So. Guys just one. One. Kilometer, to go until. The Gundel where we park the car, that. We have to be and. We. Have one kilometer, maybe. 50. Minutes or something like that, here. The road it's a little bit not, so nice, it's. With. Storms. But. It caused houses. And. Animals. And. It's, pretty, cool and safe. The. Sun is still up so, that's good we. Didn't catch the night. So. It's really great so. That was the experience. Tell. You what it was a nice experience and, I will be back here soon. Because. I didn't see everything up there I didn't have time but I'm gonna come in the morning 8. O'clock and, stay all day. And. Relax, a little bit so. That, was nice experience, 52. Francs go. With. Bond. All until, up in. Their own down only, 1/3, of the road and then walk. Until. Condo. Down maybe. I walk two. Hours for something like that it, was really easy the, road is easy it's not like here just. A little a little part it's like that, but, it's pretty nice easy, to walk and. It's really cool, for the nature it's really amazing it's really. Beautiful, beautiful. Nature. Beautiful, path, and. Nice. Feeling. Pressure, pretty, great. We. Are almost arrived at the deli. Bundle and, I see here some nice houses. These, people return they have sold. Great. Houses and the Sun is still there, look. At this it's almost now. Almost. Down but. It's. Really great twenty. Ninth houses they have here on. The side. They. Look pretty cool. Creating. A modern, and very, nice. Look. At this, cool. Houses. Very. Great. Was. A great idea to walk down next. Time I walk from up to. Down. No. More. Going. Down only. Up, so. We, are actually arrived here at the condo, here's. The condo and the car. It's on parking. Under, in. The garage and, it. Was a great trip, you, can see there it's writing. Look. At their. Korean. Serving. Frank. Meeting, Pilatus, so, we ways from. Here. Koreans, directly. To pilatus and then we was from, pilatus, - Frank, mutter and then from Frank, Motech, directly. Walking, down here, and it was really easy and really nice 2 hours and the, Sun still up in this room it, was a really great trip we, go to the car and then, I.

See. You soon. Alright. Guys so that. Was the trip please. Subscribe. Comment, I will. Be, back with other video if, you like this one, when. I go to travel. And I, hope. You enjoy it please. Feel free to comment. And ask me if you have any questions, so see. You soon guys bye. You.

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