Visiting Jeonju and Gwangju w/ my KU fam

Visiting Jeonju and Gwangju w/ my KU fam

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We just arrived at the hank village, the traditional Korean houses, it's super cool. We're going to sleep here tonight so it's dope. It rained a bit which was annoying but now it stopped so we're continuing our little tour. Yes. Fish. Fish.

We're walking next to a little river which is really nice. You speak English. It's nice.

We just saw another nice Confucian place. Hey friends! Hey friends! We're going to eat bibimbap since it's Jeonju's specialty. We're starving. It's raining which is quite annoying but we're getting chocopies! Like, real chocopies from Jeonju. They we're born in Seoul in 1951. (Nope)

They're like artisanal ones not the ones we get in supermarkets. It's going to be really nice and probably really good. We shared a bread with Barbara. I missed it so much.

It's so cool. (Pedro:) Is it good? Is is like French bread? No, obviously, but it's good. It's pretty good. (Marie:) Really. After savouring this bread which actually tastes exactly like one from a French supermarket, we're continuing with chocopies. There's actually strawberry jam in them which is weird because in the supermarket ones there isn't any, there's marshmallow.

What is this place? Guys, this is scaring me so much. Seriously, look at the mannequins. Guys, this is a Korean culture museum but it's just super freaky. What is this place? I can't. I don't understand. (Barbara:) It's like we're in a horror movie. (Alex:) Really. Guys, there's an arcade.

I don't understand this world. The lanterns are cool though. The karaoke should be arriving, don't worry. Damn, it's not stable.

This is a really cool place. I really love lanterns, I think it's going to become a passion. Oh, this is cute, these little mini houses. Let's go.

Little bonus, apparently, there's free popcorn. It's nice. I don't understand it, but it's nice. There's a little Lhassa Apso. Hi, little Lhassa Apso. It's so pretty. It's so pretty.

I love it. (Pedro:) I love No-Face. (Alex:) I love it We just arrived at the hotel. This is the bathroom. We are now at Gwangju. This is the room. I'm with Alessia and Pedro should arrive soon. We have a little terrace, which isn't really nice but it's still cool. There, we have a princess tower, I don't know why, I don't know what it's doing there but we have that.

So, it's pretty cool. Look, we have some really cool robes. Guys, it's snowing! It snowed in Seoul and now it's our turn. It's so cool. Guys, it's so cold, it's -1 degrees.

We're at the Boseong Tea Plantation. We're going to see the green tea fields. It's going to be nice even though we're freezing like never.

I can't stand it anymore. It's going to be nice though. I love tea fields, I think they're really cool. It's very sunny though.

(Elisa:) Hey friends! We're at the green tea fields. It's very cold. It looks like I have no eyebrows with my beanie. (Alex:) Sorry? But, it's really sunny, so it's nice.

(Elisa:) Very sunny but very cold, it's important to remind it. (Alex:) Yes, it's important. Look at all the green tea.

Guys, it's so chill. Rudolph is here. Look at my nose. This is a really cool place, I love it. Guys, I lost my friends. Basically, I didn't go up with them in the beginning.

They went up the mountain behind me. I was lazy, so I didn't go up. When I realized I couldn't hear them anymore and they were taking some time, I went up. I don't know which way they went down or if they went down. I'm kind of lost right now but it's okay.

I think I'll find them again. It's okay, I spotted them. They must have gone down on the other side, there must be another path. I hear their voices down the mountain.

I heard a "Fuck off" and I was like "wait, that's Richard" so I decided to go back down. So, I spotted them, they're going towards the entrance so I'm going to hurry up a bit. Hey friends! Hey guys! (Elisa and Barbara:) Hey friends! (Alex:) We're in a shrine, right? (Elisa:) A what? (Alex:) A shrine. (Barbara:) What's a shrine? (Alex:) I think we're in a shrine.

(Elisa:) In a f*cking temple yes but what you're saying no. (Alex:) No, it's not a temple. (Elisa:) Hey friends. Part 2 of the vlog of the road trip for the end of the year.

Today, we are at Gwangju. We slept in a love motel, woohoo.

2020-12-23 03:19

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