Visiting Pagodas on the First Day of the New Year! Vietnam Vlogs Day 7

Visiting Pagodas on the First Day of the New Year! Vietnam Vlogs Day 7

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I. Have, to die, yeah, I'll do the reason, to. Believe that. And. You and you you. May. You. Come. On oh my dear. Know. It and then but we would keep something, going. Down. About. The one yeah. Come. On. You. Might know you know. My, dear. Yeah. I know that little buddy there, ble. That. Name. What. Do you get there. Yeah, she's smiling. Yeah. There. You go, got. The money it's Bend, oh. That's. That was people. My. Chinchilla. Where's, mom what's. This. Okay. So, now since, it's the first day, of the new year we'd, have to go around to all like, the relatives, to wish. Happy new year and we, see which is the lucky, money so. We have lots of little red envelopes, to give and. So. I guess that will be. So. That's it. It. Is so hot isn't it. Those, are my rights for kids, haha. Hi. Anybody. Breakfast. Okay. Ready. She's. Making her face in the video right now. This. Is the first time she's counting so. This is. She's, learning so fast, 28. 30. So. I didn't, close enough though Wow. Wow. Babies. They're. Exploring. Peanutty. Peanut. Fluffy. Because. Oh. They're. Still too young they don't know their names. What's. The plan for the rest of the day. Soon. Okay. I'm. Sweating. Okay. So yeah, I'm sweating, it's really hot today and we've been out the whole day. Okay. Wasn't the whole day but Tim. I think. We. Went to three. Places today, so far, huh. Yes. The grandparents, we went to Van Nuys and. Then we saw home, bang white and then we saw back, home. And. Then all like a bunch of family was there too so it, was pretty good oh, the. Baby's playing oh. He's. All dirty now. Yeah. She's really cool. But. I still love peanut, the. Best. Yep. Peanut. It's my favorite. Yeah. Fluffy's cute -. Fluffernutter. Well you're not fluffernutter, cuz peanuts over there we. Say when it's fluffy and peanut together playing there fluff another huh. Ah. Yes. This fur is cute. I. Love. This for. You. Know lick my toe ma. Licking. My toe, what. Is uh what is. Little, babies doing over there. Jesus. He's gonna eat my toe, let me go over there and see them. Oh. Wow. So, cute. Amazing. So cute alright. Peanutty. My baby, hello, peanut, I. Love. Peanut. Oh that's, fire ants over here though I. Already. Have a really painful bug, bite on my foot so I need to be careful about bugs, I have.

Been Icing it but it still hurts like hell, okay, here's peanut. Hi. He. Knows his name's. Peanut. Is my baby. That's. My peanut. Hears, pika so. My. Picasso, you look happier now, he, looked super depressed earlier he was just laying by himself, hi, now. You look like a normal happy puppy, that's, much better, I like that much better not. Be tussle huh. See. His tail it's like a paintbrush with paint on it, must. Be dust and, fluffy. Fluffy. Fluffy. Peanut. Oh. My God all the siblings together. Well. I mean, there was more but they already gave them away, whoa. Whoa. We. Should go get another toy the, teething should I bring another toy down for them I'm destroying, well. Let's just give it to the peppers. That. Means if they use it they use it and they use it, should. I go get a toy. Alright, I'm gonna go get the toy. Let. The babies, eat. But. Your babies, eat my, goodness, is it really that hard to be a mother huh. Nothing. Eat. Huh. I. Know. Come. On everybody, get your milks. Rude. She's, so rude they. Would still want to eat. She's. Not made for this. Really. Well. She's my baby I. Can't. Tell the campers. They're. Fighting over this snake, toy we gave them tug. Of war can't. See him now there well. There they are. Yep. So. Cute. Wow. I'd hit their, club, where, I see vegetarian, oh that's, it it's so small. There, you. Oh. All. Right we're on a tour of the gold is now. Come. To. Me. Man and Zoe. Carry, on boys. I. Began. The meeting of the country. Right. Here, he's not so big not beautiful in here oh we have the Laughing Buddha here. Just. Like me, now my wish am I gonna do it I see my poster point yeah yeah. Yeah like a wishing well this is. Nine. No. New. Thing. Napping. But. Thank. You. I. Have. No idea what I've just written. Come. Here. When. You know that, it's. Out bring. It home. I. Mean. You have the option to go to the site a tempest to, the what. The. Frame of riots oh look at this view like. For throw it away I'm, keeping, mine. Wow so crazy it's so crowded but beautiful, there's so many nice. Things around, here. Look. At the flowers. Sunflowers. Didn't. Do. It's the way your bill. Wow. This, is pretty interesting. No. Yeah. Yeah. Well. This. Amazing. Mom. Is reading my name. All. Right I think that's the end of our go, to tour so I think we're going home now which. Is good because I am sweating, right now so sticky, this weather. Is very hot and humid right, now so, I think we're gonna go home now. Yeah, this is so cool. So. Pretty. Here's. Some music. Sitting. In there oh wow. Oh wow. It's. This. The. Thing is ringing up there anything. How. Blow. The balloon yeah. With helium to make it flow. Hey. Hot I do agree. Well. You, need to helium to make the balloon float. Yes. You. Just, blowed with your mouth and it will float. You. Just said that oh yeah, no. You doesn't, float, float. No. -. Backed me up. Oh. It's. Still so yeah. Like a sign buddy. Wow. It came off so well, so. Easily. This, pillow, more. Alright, goodnight. Say. Goodnight just. -. Alright, well that's pretty much it for today we, came home and I was so sweaty I took a shower then we had dinner which, I had. Taken. Off and. Rice. And vegetables, and apple. And. Ice. Cream so yeah I had I had dinner and then we helped clean up and now I'm just gonna relax for the rest of the night it's, like. 8:15. Right now so it's. Not super late. But I think I'm just gonna like lay down and, rest. Watch some youtube and then go to sleep early, because I slept, after 2:30 last night because it was a new year and then I had to get up this morning to. Go and like do stuff so I only, slept 6 hours last night when normally, I like to sleep 9 I haven't slept nine hours since I've been here because I always wake up super early but uh yeah so I'm, gonna go rest now but thanks so much for watching and I hope you guys enjoyed, this vlog and you're enjoying all the vlogs I've been uploading lately. And yeah by the way I have a like. A bug bite of some sort I don't know what. You. See that it's all red I don't. Know what bit me. Can. It focus. Yeah. So, it's like bit me right here and, then it's it was swallowing more yesterday and hot now, it's starting to heal but anyways, it's like super. Super. Itchy and painful. So. Sorry, if that was TMI, but I, just felt. Like sharing that I have a bug bite from being. Here which I feel like I always get bit every, year but alright. I'm going to bed now so thanks, again for watching and, I hope you guys enjoyed give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed the video and subscribe I. Know I don't normally say this like too often but if, you're new here hey. Why not okay, so thank you guys I know this and well this is really a long time true I'm so sorry.

I'm. Gonna end this now I apologize. For being so crazy and not just, ending the vlog like I should have okay I'm going to bed now goodnight.

2018-03-10 23:09

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It's funny to see you gave away "lucky money" the first time.


Happiee New Year Audrey , That Little Beast is cute with expressions, So what was your Mother in Law Writing on a paper ? One more Loving Vlog , keeping my rest of the week alive . Kudos man

She was writing all of our names I guess for them to pray for us. So glad you enjoy mu vlogs! I really appreciate your support!

Your dad’s voice sound really really like my dad

Hahahahaha yes my family is from Haiphong!!


Gia dinh Cua Huy kha Gia va cha Cua Huy phuc hau , con Chau duoc phuoc , chuc Audrey Tre dep mai va hanh phuc

The older girl seems to be really attached to you, Audrey.

Yes she is, she always wanted to sit next to me and play with me. I love her so much!!

15:09 Lol nice try

You follow buddhism too right? Where do you live in us?

I live in us too and i same your husband lastname

I am in the US, and my husband and I do not follow any religions, we simply respect our families for doing so.

Where are they from? I thought before you said Ho Chi Minh but they all speak with a Northern accent.

Audrey Nguyen oh ok. I was so confused for a sec.

My family is from Hai Phong in the north but they all moved to HCMC starting 25 years ago.

OMG! Audrey, children in a moving car without seat belt on..AHHHHHHH!

hahaha sorry! That's just how it is there. If it were up to me they would all be seated with their belts!

Glad to see the Northern Vietnamese love their dogs, and hope they won't eat them one day.

My family does not eat dog.

rat la hay


i have never learnt vietnamese when i was there 43 yrs ago cos i was studying only chinese long story short it takes only 6 months to read & write Vietnamese for any foreigners...good luck to you with your viet-101!

nothing is tough just set your mind to it...please eat some bánh khúc for me i love that northern xôi!

Thanks. I learned Chinese too. And I don't study full time Vietnamese so I think that's why it takes me a while to learn it.

oh please don't let the little puppies out in the dirt field cos so easy for em to catch fleas...great to see you folks once again! greetings from NYChinatown

lol, well that's where they wanna play :D haha dogs will be dogs!

Nice and different too

Thanks! Glad you enjoy!

Is your husband Buddhist ??

I glad to hear that you are interesting in it :)

Oh that's nice! I enjoyed learning about your religion.

Oh I see because I also Buddhist(Theravada)

No we don’t practice any religion but his parents are Buddhist so we respect it.

Did you know ...In ancient times a vietnamese girl going to pagoda with mom was the behaviour of a well bred maid ( and skillful at cooking was considered one of the main qualities)

lol sounds like the old times in the U.S., like 1950s.

Vietnamese parents want their son to get valuable diplomas and their daughter to become the most sought wife to be . So women often taught their daughters their cooking and sewing know-how.

Haha I did not know that. I’m not sure if my cooking is skillful, maybe just up to par.

I wants Vietnamese why ?? :((

lol I believe you. I just didn't think people would want to write them because it's a lot of work. Even I don't have time to make it because I spend a lot of time filming and editing already. But if you want to help I will appreciate it a lot! Thanks!

If you want to write the subtitles you can, here is the link for community contributions:

I will not take the money will not steal your youtube channel you believe me

Audrey Nguyen Or let me help you with subtitles

+Van Dinh Nguyen oh, I don’t have time to do it. Plus, my vietnamese is poor. My husband is also too busy and we don’t want to pay someone to do it. I hope you still enjoy the videos. Sorry about that!

The reason you do not translate into Vietnamese

What do you mean?

great video, audrey. really nice job. it's wonderful you can share what the experiences in vietnam are so well.

Audrey Nguyen life is so much richer and more interesting, huh?

Thanks, Thomas! It was my goal to film as much as possible for two reasons: mainly my own memories, and also to share the Vietnamese culture and lifestyle! :)

Those pups are to old to nurse. They all have sharp teeth by now and are biting the poor mothers nipples. That's why she is running away.

They are so fun! I miss them so much now that we are back in the US! Still have many more vlogs to share. :) Can't wait!

Audrey Nguyen those puppies were so cute. I can't wait to see the rest of your trip. Looks like you guys had a lot of family time.

hahaha now it all makes sense. We actually bought them puppy food and they also eat chicken and rice.

Audrey Nguyen ahhahaha yeah. That's why the mom wanted nothing to do with nursing. If the puppies are eating solid food they have no reason to keep feeding on poor mom lol. She was a trooper for letting them try still

Really? haha I thought they had to drink the milk as long as possible. They were only around 5 weeks old! Well that explains a lot!

Will I be getting a Li Xi as well LOL

hahahaha :D

Are you living in Viet Nam right now ?

No, I was only there for vacation, I'm back in the US now.

Guess I'll freak out if I go back there!

Audrey Nguyen bugs, temperature, freaking ppl lol

I love how the kids are not required to wear seatbelts in the car, just like America in the early 80’s. Btw, love how much you guys respect the Vietnamese family traditions.

Lol kids without seat belts in the car is wild! All you do the whole time is say, "sit down, sit still, dad is trying to drive, don't yell, sit down!" hahaha And I am honored to be a part of the Vietnamese traditions so of course I will respect it. :)

So sad that you are so far away from those girls. You seem like an amazing aunt. You’ll be a great mother.

It really is sad! I cry every time I have to leave them! I hate missing seeing them grow up!


Is Fluffy your favorite puppy?

Thích vlogs của bạn nhất trên youtube, và tôi muốn xem nó hàng ngày.

Cảm ơn bạn nhiều nhé!!!

What’s the name of the pagoda that you guys went to pray? I am glad that you guys have a great time in Vietnam. I haven’t been back since 2009 Tet. We plan to take our kids to visit Vietnam the summer of 2019. We want them to know where we came from. All of my children were born here in the United States

Thanks, maybe I and my family will meet you guys there.

The first pagoda I'm not sure, the second one I put the name in the description box, it's Pháp Viện Minh Đăng Quang. And we also hope to return in summer 2019, since I will be starting a full-time job this summer so I wanna work there for a while before asking for a long vacation! :)) I hope you and your kids will enjoy the trip! p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 14.0px Helvetica; color: #101010; -webkit-text-stroke: #101010} span.s1 {font-kerning: none}

Oh my God! Audrey Nguyen is very good person. ==>Thiên Đường = Paradise.

:) Thank you! I always appreciate your support on my vlogs, Anthony!

Vietnamese dong looks so cleaner than US dollars. I like how there's like a see through spot on the dong too.

Yes, and a lot of the money during Tet is brand new actually, which is why it's so clean!

look like someone having baby fever lol does the mask really make skin smoother ?

hahaha only a little. Once they start screaming and misbehaving the fever disappears immediately! hahaha And I guess the mask was nice, but I only used it once so it's hard to tell.

OMG. You shed your dead skin with that mask. :)

It was so fun to use!

The little niece so smart and not shy at all, she can learn quick. Are you and Huy recover from the trip?

Yes both of them are very smart! And we are almost recovered, I still sleep early and wake up early but I guess that’s not the worst thing. We both caught colds but we are better now. Traveling takes a lot of effort!

The mother always look sad.

I know, that’s just how she looks. Some people don’t smile all the time. I told Huy she reminds me of a sad puppy, but in most cases she is not sad, just does not feel the need to always smile.

I think those lil puppy’s are gonna be for

You are Vietnamese and you are telling the world bad thing about your own culture. Think before you speak!

haha nooooo come on!!

how many more vlogs of Vietnam you still have until there are no more? :(

Yes but I think it will be summer 2019. I need to find a job after I graduate so I can’t take a vacation right away.

are you planning to go back to Vietnam in the future?

So glad you’re enjoying!! It’s so much fun interacting with everyone here!

Haha well I’m happy too, saving great memories for myself to watch in the future!! :)

That's a lot more than I expected. Thanks for showing my culture, you're a treat to watch hehe

Audrey Nguyen wow that’s awesome! Now you’re just spoiling us hehe ^^ Feel so blessed, thank you so much Audrey your VN travel vlogs have been amazing so far!!

7 more and then I’m making 2 special videos as well, so 9. :)) then back to the normal daily life in the US vlogs. I hope you won’t be too disappointed!!

when u guys plan to hv baby?

A few more years, we are still young.

Also Audrey Nguyen I almost forgot to tell you that followed you on Two Social media such as Facebook and Twitter profile

Audrey Nguyen Sure Sissy, No Problem !

Great thanks! I will post interactive content there :))

And Audrey Nguyen Good Vlog btw

Audrey Nguyen You're Welcome

Thank you!

Hey, Audrey Nguyen How Long did it take you to edit the big Vietnam Vlog ?

I decided to try it like this for now.

Audrey Nguyen Also What Happen to the intro of your video like where is the music intro ?

Audrey Nguyen Okay

Depends, usually around 2 hours per video

Cho hỏi chùa bạn đi tên gì vậy, nằm ở quận nào?

it’s so cute to hear u speak vietnamese. how long did it take for u to learn?

Hehe thanks! Well I’ve been self teaching myself since around 2012!

Thanh Nguyen ông coi lại chữ ông viết ở trên kìa có trúng ko

che tieng anh nguoi ta thi nen coi lai tieng anh cua minh. Chua thay Unusual bao gio ha? Can dich cai cau do ra cho de hieu ko?

Thanh Nguyen tiếng anh ông giỏi quá unusual

Same last name is not unuasual in Viet Nam lolz.

oh my previous prediction that Huy's family is from HP was right since I heard her voice.

be noi thay cung wa, co ay that de thuonf

Bạn vẫn giữ tôn giáo riêng của mình chứ?


Chúc anh chị thật hạnh phúc


Audrey Nguyen ban thich Viet Nam khong

Có, mình rất thích Việt nam nhé

Có vẻ mẹ chồng ko thích con dâu Nước ngoài. Tâm lý các bà mẹ việt nào cũng thế thôi. Cố Lên e,

Were those small red envelopes at the Pagoda similar to fortune cookies? The Pagoda is beautiful!

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