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Hello. Babes do, you guys see a huge, change guys. I am all the way blonde, again I came from the hair salon yesterday I showed, you guys a before and after on IG if you guys should not follow me on there make, sure you guys do at depth you Macedo I am kind of preparing for my birthday. Weekend. And I have a trip. So. By the time you guys see, this vlog you would have already known where. I was, because, I am most likely posted, in airport, photo heading, off to New, York on Sunday. This. Time I'm staying from Sunday, and then I'm coming back Thursday morning, I'm so so excited like, it hasn't really hit me yet and, weirdest. Thing I'm not even packed yet um so today is Friday we're going out for a family dinner tonight, today it's actually just his birthday so happy birthday jazz. She's. 26. Yeah, 26 is were three years apart so I'm turning 29 she's, turning 26 so weird you guys I don't feel 29, and then, next year I'm the big 30 and I'm not gonna feel 30 I have a feeling I don't know it's just weird but, I feel like 30 is the new 20 which, is great, because 30, used to feel like 40 I'm growing up me and just always had a birthday party together and I handed it you guys I really hate it because, you, know I'm a diva and bougie and I want my own birthday I don't want to have to like share it with anybody else so, she's, March 8th and then I'm March 11 so for all you Pisces out there guys are super, cute okay, so please you're just so sweet and we, just like to have fun and, we're just so loving and caring we just have a big heart yeah we're just awesome, so make, sure you guys comment down below team Pisces let me know if you guys have the same birthday as me if you have the same birthday as Jess, if, you guys are just a Pisces in general let me know down below Virgo moon and I have a Scorpio rising which I can definitely see like, all of those all together in me my, Virgo is like the OCD, person and, the. Mom and the worried one and. Then my Pisces is like yeah let's do it let's go to New York by myself my.

Scorpio, Is like don't, trust anyone don't, forgive it's, hard to forgive like but my scorpio is also very, very loving but it has a massive wall and it's, like it's so hard to get past like a Scorpios wall and once. You get pasta like do not mess. You guys don't hurt them, don't, ruin, the trust that you guys have with them because it's very very hard to get our trust back and most of the times to be honest with you I don't. Hand out trust back to the same person so that's, definitely my Scorpio side so. Team Scorpio down below and timber go y'all can take that too because no, matter - like you know what you should just take this birthday time and just enjoy it it's, gonna be a very kind of chill trip, it's. Not gonna be as shopping and, as like city as last time I just want to kind of get. A sense of New York I'm gonna see a bit of Brooklyn I'm gonna see New Jersey, you guys are like is she moving here guys. My, legs ain't nobody moving nowhere no I, just I Love New York but I just want to kind of make, this trip a little bit more toned down than, last time and I don't want to really rush for, those of you who don't know I make, my birthday last like as long, as possible. But I don't like the attention of like oh it's her birthday like that. I don't like but I just like making my birthday super. Special and just making it last as long as possible yeah. So after that feel I'm gonna show you guys what I'm actually wearing tonight I'm, so excited I actually picked this up like over a month ago I believe at sirens, it's, so funny my birthday outfit last year was from sirens and this year I founded it sirens again I'm just like so. I'm gonna be wearing this two-piece like snakeskin, outfit, and I'm not really sure about the shoe these, ones are also from my boo-hoo-hoo. These ones are from pretty little thing and I love these guys are so comfortable, and they're, a very very stretchy knit I don't know if they still have them if they do I can link them down below and, I can also link like a similar set or if I find this exact one but. This boohoo shoe I love this one I talked to you guys about it in my last boohoo, haul if you guys haven't checked those hauls I have two up on my channel to spring hauls and I, will also leave a link down below to those as well and there's also a coupon, code you guys make, sure you guys use it before April, 20th because that's when it expires and it's gonna be an extra 10% off your order including. Sale this, is the look you guys this is what I'm wearing and I'm wearing on my little side bag over here that I have from JustFab I have my boo hoo long faux. Fur black. Coat, really super long because it's gonna be really cold so. I don't want to be cold or anything and then I was gonna wear that kind of sock boot but I didn't like the way it kind of paired with this overall look so, I decided to pair with the clear, like Cinderella, heal from boohoo, anytime, you're looking for a shoe and you don't know what to wear with your outfit they, are good for every single outfit I have a shaper, underneath because I just like feeling like really, tucked in when I'm wearing anything, tight like this I'm wearing the one that I showed you guys from my shaper mitt video it actually gives you a really nice like booty lift to again, like when you're eating and stuff like that and I go out to a nice dinner I just like to feel super.

Nice And tight because I do get bloated and stuff but, this is the overall look you guys our little snakeskin, kind of look darling, I kind, of feel like Corolla Deville especially, with a long black coat by honey we. Are serving, this look of course I'm gonna get one of them to take a pic for me I'm, gonna text them right now and be like which one of you girls are gonna take a cute pic of your older sister okay, which one of y'all because y'all have to make the pic come through you're going to head up to Copacabana. My. Ultimate, favorite restaurant, I like to go every single year for my birthday yeah I'm going to finish, packing this, weekend before Sunday and we are gonna head off to New, York you guys know how much I love a New York all of you guys that are from there oh my god you guys have a beautiful, beautiful city that it's full of so, many things to do class of Brooklyn you got some New Jersey New York City Manhattan Soho. Like there's, just so many things to see you used to compare to Toronto, but it's it's just not a comparison, it's just there's just no comparison. Toronto, is so much, more small and, once. You see New York and you really experience it you. Really, see that Toronto, is just like it's literally this compared, to New York that's like massive. We can't really compare a near to Toronto the, only thing I would say is that. Toronto. Has that City vibe obviously that downtown vibe like, New York does but. You, guys just have so. Much that it just makes Toronto feel, so chill now it's. The weirdest thing so, yeah I can't really be out with Amy like all day tomorrow but at least I get to spend time with her today and just and then tomorrow we'll be together and then. I just have to like get everything finished and I'm gonna be off I. Love. It is. The night your want all or no no no, this is. Look. At that right there Jess. So. Pretty. It. Looks so huge like I know from. There. And. The way the Sun hits it I. Know especially, at nighttime though. Think. Of a Polish be Kenya. So. I always look forward to seeing the dancers sometimes, they come out sometimes they don't but we got to see them and I'm so super excited that we did. The, counter, to. Can done. Shake-a-baby. Look at Dina I. Don't. Know if I brought my phone oh. Here. I'll hold that yeah. The. Food girl I got. It. Baby. No no no. That's. For Dana didn't, even give that oh, my god really. And, we got sugar-free, vanilla ice coffee. Sugar. Go play with him oh. You. Just want your mommy, belly. Is like the the introvert, and sugars, the extrovert play with complete, family. Hi. Vivi. Look. At my soft two different colors go, with Dana. Wow. Amy. I don't know any dunk that's this calm inside of this bag he's very obedient oh. My. Okay. Ben be nice. Guys. We left my mom with sugar and family and she texted future Damian this is what she was doing. Guys. This is Bentley enimies arms right now he's, just a baby. He, is a baby. Big he is I'm not used to holding that I know guys. We're all ready to go. Obsessed, with my tag - I. Decided. To bring it is this her so I was gonna bring me a black one but I'm like you know what most, of my outfits are like nude and stuff so I decided to bring this one and this. Is the jacket I'm gonna bring because my birthday outfit it's gonna be all black and, this. Is here with me she picked me up girl. Was on time I was like girl be on time that. Girl. I love, to selfie thank you this is like all Americans see. What I saw the grade was like you know what I'm gonna do great I don't know why it's a good Airport open okay. I'm. So much more like animated, than you are like. You would you like the. Airport, I'd be like arriving and. I'm. Like oh my god guys like. We're here. My. I stomata. The. Brown green and Fiji water. Yeah. Okay. This cemetery, was insane. I've never seen such a large cemetery, in my life. This. Part looks so cool. So. I think every, single bridge is like the most interesting thing and I love seeing different bridges so I have like a little bit of an obsession oh my. Gosh I. Love. When they have character, like that, we. Went right into the city to stop at Delos vbq for some food it, was so good you guys I got, a jumbo, Caesar salad I was so shocked how big this thing was you guys I could not believe it then we got a virgin pina colada, and the. Straw was so big and then I just got a chicken dinner so, now we are heading back home so we stayed in Brooklyn this is the Brooklyn Bridge it was so beautiful, it was a very very foggy as you guys can see I was a bit tired by this time two guys, were just grabbing some Starbucks right now we just finished dinner that. Was really good I'm full but I need some coffee to wake me up because I am like super tired right now, and. We're just gonna head back home right now because it's like really cloudy and kind of rainy too but I have to show you guys like.

Look, At the character. We're. In Brooklyn right now the, character is just insane, like I just love it here and, this. Is literally like kondal. Goals for me you guys imagine, me up there and then a Starbucks right at the bottom. Most. My birthday so I'm super excited but. Yeah it's just time to kind of like chill and tone down, the. Cup pretty it is out today. Today's 10 degrees. That'd, be great if there was a Starbuck. My cup for you that is. I don't. Think I got to visit the Fulton Center last time I was here it looks a little bit familiar but, I'm really glad that I got to see it and I'm just being extra coming up on the escalator, with this footage right now but it's super cute, yall, already know I had to make a Starbucks, table. Love. That I got little bits of this footage of me just walking in the city because I didn't really get that last time I'm, about to show you guys how beautiful. Inside the oculus is this is like my number one place if you, guys are coming to New York City please, please, please go inside of the oculus cuz it's so pretty. Are. You guys ready, to see what this looks like this is my favorite. Part and I'm. Taking an IG story right now to show, you guys how cool it is inside of here I just love, the white detail, and just the whole architecture, design, of this, entire place. Well. Coco this looks I came out and I was like oh my god I have to just take a little bit footage and the American flag is their next. Job is a Chelsea Market this place was full of little tiny shops, so, much good food we, ended up having tacos, I'm gonna show you guys what we ate but it was such a cute place, this, has the bread plays. This. Is so funny, this. Is the lunch spot. Having, tacos. I'm. Ready for some steak, I. Want. To show my steak plate, guys. Look at my sangria it, was stuffed mozzarella, mushrooms, I wanted. To go to an all-american. Steak house we went to log worn as I showed you guys look at that Lobster, my steak was so. So. Good and then of course I had to have my gravy on the side we got some onions mushrooms. On the side as well it was so, delicious, I eat my entire, plate. I don't. Think I ever got to see the Manhattan, Bridge I think this was my first time I'm not too sure to be honest with you but I really got to see it this time I got to see so many different bridges, there's, the World Trade Center in the background I don't know if you guys caught that this, bridge was so, cute, - I love, the aesthetic of it but my favorite, one was the Washington Bridge, look, at that view. It. Looks so cool and you're filming it when you're oh. My. God. This. Guy used to be so popular I. Think. We are because the I can tell by the Billings now so, this is my favorite, so how my love of New York I didn't get to shop here but we got to see it. We. Just made it to Jersey I, cannot, believe the view that is behind me I'm gonna, show you this right, now. I'm, showing you guys on IG story how amazing, this view is in New Jersey I couldn't believe it I. Don't. Think I would ever get tired with this view by the water I love just like walking here I can imagine when it's super warm spring. In summer just walking, here every single day it is so beautiful, for, those of you who live in New Jersey I don't know how you guys don't walk here every single day it was so. So, beautiful, look, at this like just look, at how. Big. This city is like oh my god I. Feel. Like half of me does this for Amy and then, the other half of me does this for me for some reason when I come here I have to go to Ulta. So. I only came here to be honest to check out like makeup revolution I, love. Their foundation, sticks and that's exactly what I picked up I also picked up a lip gloss I'll show you guys at the end of this vlog what I got from here you, already know I'm not like huge, at like looking around and makeup all the time but every time I come to the States I must stop.

At Ulta, and I just like literally stayed by this section this entire time. Guys. Were going to chick-fil-a, first, time. Chicken. Strips. Cam. Now had a waffle fries before so that'll be first and spicy, chicken and, then of course. We. Have to have all the sauces on deck chick. Felisa, dusty. Buffalo and honey mustard so. It's like evening, time and this is the George Washington, Bridge my, absolute, favorite wine look at this beautiful, white bridge I was in love look. At this beautiful pink sky that came out in the evening time it was the most amazing, Drive, look at that view I had to like lift the camera to, show you guys how it looks like kind of under it but look at that look at the pink sky it's so beautiful. This. Is the booth this is where you love your bougie, my. God, guys. We just found parking and we're going to cha-cha. Hotcha. Last. Time I didn't get to go to this place I'm so excited. I don't, know what I'm gonna get but I think I'm gonna try their matcha ice cream and also their latte. We. Were so lucky to find a parking spot look, at your girl just walking, the streets of New York like it ain't no thing now, I'm just doing you guys I always have to look side, to side you gotta be careful you know I'm saying the traffic yaryna joke so, from the moment you walk in it's all pink it is so adorable, everyone, was so friendly so this, girl that I met right at the front here she was so super sweet she, even like participated, in the vlogs was so cute so, I was obsessed with this handheld whisker, that she had it's like I guess, battery-operated. Look. At her with the peace eye and she was so cute this place was such a vibe I loved, it inside of here and I just had so much, fun just seeing everything, I'm. Asking her if they have the matcha ice cream I really wanted to try it but she said that it was sold out so, I said you know what I'll just get a regular matcha, latte with, soy milk unsweetened, and, then I put my own stevia, that, hard at the top there says I love you so much' they. This, place was like so busy impact, I think everybody, loves coming here because it's so fun so, that's my lattes you put two little hearts at the top they're so adorable look how cute it is with their little cup warmers, guys. Look what we found the, friend's apartment I can't, believe it, so. There's like a literal cafe at the bottom but it's called the little owl I think I saw on the sign yeah, I'm so glad I saw it. Okay that's cute too. Okay. Guys I'm staying, in a real Brooklyn.

Apartment It's, just so, weird. So. I'm cooking a breakfast. And I'm gonna be making two eggs I have my pan over here I have. Some taters. Inside, of the oven over there guys oh my god I put some chicken spice over top. You. Know I do mostly my turkey bacon but I'm like you know what I'm gonna do orell bacon in New York these, are so good so it actually says for, 19 pieces it's 114, oh my. God I feel like taters are so like. American. And it's not really a Canadian thing but I believe we have oh I'm pretty sure I've done with her, guys, this brick wall though, like I can't like for Canadians, it's a really big deal because it's like we don't really see this, unless. You like live in Toronto but like I'm sorry but the brick wall is mad cute and I'm like oh my god this is just so like I love the character, I. Got. Some bougie on the milk over here I. Packed. My whole earth stevia with me. I'm. Going to take, all these guys out I sprayed, this foil. Sheet with a little. Bit of Pam and I, currently can't throw this out because my tripod is on top of the trash can. This. Is real New York life right here guys lay down a paper, towel because I like my Bacon's, oil to be kind. Of taken, out oh. Yeah. Honey. Let's. Do over-medium today I've actually been liking the scramble so this is our finished breakfast. Of course with our coffee on the side now I'm gonna catch up with Teen Mom because I missed a couple of episodes, so. Today is. Wednesday. Tomorrow. I go back home, I'm. Not, back home to be honest with you guys I'm really not I'm just I'm having, such. An amazing time and. Today. I'm by myself as I mentioned, my. Friends at work and, I. Was like you know what I just want this extra, day even, though they're at work because, I, wanted, to see what it would be like by, myself in this apartment and. Like. Last minute toward the Anna was like oh my god like I'm gonna be by myself. It's kind of wanted to get that experience I love, just being in the kitchen and cooking with that like brick wall in the back I know it's like I know, two New Yorkers it's probably like a normal thing but it's not a normal thing you, know where I come from but, I'm stuck here all day I'm not gonna be going out I'm. Not at that confidence, level yet, I have like a dollar store haul that's gonna go for my channel so, probably wouldn't this is up that's already up so make sure you guys go check that out I'm, gonna look at the footage from this video oh my god I'm so excited there's, so much footage and my friend. Really. Helped me out doing. The vlogging and I was so excited because I never really have anybody to kind of fill me so, this is my last name.

I'm, Going home tomorrow morning Thursday and, I. Don't want to go you guys I really don't want to go next, time I told my friend I just want to come for like a week or like I don't know if it can make even longer and, I love it here, but, it's funny cuz I said the same thing about Gerard oh I want to live in Shoreham I want to live it wrong and then, recently when I was there like for a day or so I was like. It's. Just not for me so I wouldn't, live in New York City. You. Cannot live in Toronto, downtown, you kid now I live, in York City downtown I'm sorry, that. It's just that's just absurd it's, just insane, I Love New Jersey you guys oh my god the. Part of New Jersey we went was like along the water I don't know exactly where, it was but anyways um I showed you about like footage like. You. Guys are New Jersey have that, skyline, to watch every night near, the water and that is insane. Like. What like, this view is insane and. Those condos. Right there like those apartments. But that part, that I was in. It. Reminded, me so much, of missus. Like it was so, because. Of those like parts of Mississauga that's becoming, more City and it's starting to like a mini Toronto, that's what it's looking like to me very. Fun and like really catering towards the new generation, that very young generation. For our and that, part of New Jersey I was like I, felt. Like I was walking around and Mississauga you know like I went to Starbucks so until grab our drinks because, like parking, there and this side was difficult so I'm like I'll just run in and grab for drinks and. I kind of wanted like I know it sounds, like such, a small detail, but I wanted to just go out and be there on my own you know you mean like drop me off I got this like you, know just to see and I felt so comfortable it, was such a safe area like I could just tell I'm huge I'm like safety, and like what's around me like does it look like I can be here you know what I mean because I'm just huge on that I've always grown, up in my sheltered bubble I think, when you come from Canada you're so used to everything being new and you're not used to like all these older. Characteristics. And like my. Friend said they call them brownstones. Like those older, homes I didn't know never called that but, we. Don't really have that you, know what I mean and those characteristics, are, what I believe make this make. This city what it is Brooklyn. Has been beautiful, too it's a little bit more hipster. I hope, I'm I don't, know if that's offensive I don't know, be offensive they're all just very like if I hit area. I. Don't. Know honestly you guys I don't know what words are offensive, these days because like, you can see like this latest thing it was like oh my, god that is so offensive but I'm like watch.

It Though I feel, like Jersey is more what I am right now, whereas. Brooklyn. Is like now you're starting to get into like an older, hipster, vibe you know it's. Like it's. Like Toronto Mississauga cannot, put together you know what I mean I love Brooklyn too because I really love seeing the characteristics. And the homes and stuff like that the, apartment, it's just the cutest thing ever like it's so cute. It's. So me you know but it's so bougie like, it's saw. By. The. Buildings that I saw was just like, but. Just too expensive and too busy and I I was telling my friend if I were to be here I need to be in a place where I could have my car, but I'm not a subway, girl I don't think I can get used to that life I would probably see myself taking it here and there like a ton of bridges, that I've never seen before I saw a ton of new things that cha-cha, watch up please, stop. That. Was a violent that was a mood and vibe, on its own it was so freaking cute but. Yeah it's just it's, been the most amazing trip, like it's you. Know every New York trip it is really getting better better my first trip is like oh my god I saw new you work and then the second trip was like oh my god I got to be by myself and, you know be with my friend and be in the city and this time I was just like I got to see this and I got to see Jersey Brooklyn. I got to see New York City you. Know and it's, just we. Really packed, everything in and I was just so, happy, I had the best, birthday you guys, really. Not trying to get on much fun because I just I love. To travel and I love to see new things but, this trip was so special to me. You. Know what I always have a thought like I should go to New York my birthday that would be like a dream come true and the, fact that I got to do it I really didn't expect to this year um like. I'm not ready to go back I just checked it for my plan I got the email like checking for your flight and I'm like I don't, want to, don't. Want to I, don't want to check in to the damn plane like. I don't want to pan it'll be interesting to see when I do a week here if I want to go home not sure I feel like I'm doing like these like trial trips, this is a very different life than what I'm used to it it just is and, I don't fit because it's new that I'm like oh my god you're, not saying I'm moving here you guys I'm not saying that but, I'm just saying like you know I I just can't help it when you come to a place and you love it you're. Just like mm, I'm gonna be depressed like when I get back I'm feeling why am I here like because, I know I'm not ready to be back to be honest with you those, of you who live in New York like, honestly, like, discover, your city because you have the. Most fun. Filled. Like. A bit of everything you, guys just have it all you have it all you don't need me that I really hope that you know seeing this vlog makes you guys really appreciate where, you guys are from because, I was from New York I would be screaming it from the top of my lungs like I'm in another I'm, from New York and. That's right New, York the best city in the world that's right watch yourself, that's. A from Toronto and you guys never been to New York City you have got to come if you love the Toronto vibe you're going. To just die, for the New York City but you're honest you know how to die but you know not interesting, forget. It leave, some love it down below comment let me know a place that I should see next time cuz I'll go be next time honey watch. Yourself there's gonna be a next time funny enough I said that I would never try shake shot cuz it's not really my thing but at the airport they had it I needed breakfast, so I got their breakfast sandwich. Just. Made it home you guys and. Mama. Is here mama, did you miss me you. Miss mommy I miss you, you, cutie, you. Cutie. You. Miss mama you. Guys he ran. Up, the stairs and then he, came running, up to me with like excitement, like where the hell have you been, guys, I got this big for my birthday in New York and I've been wanting it so bad it is from Amazon and we'll leave a link down below for you guys I'm so, happy, with it I think I'm just gonna get one of those like inserts, that like you can put it inside and organize your stuff because it's like one big bucket, but, obviously it's Selena inspired and then I also got these sunglasses. While I went to century, 21 you. Guys one of you told me you have got to go to saturate 21 you guys were not kidding that store. Was like my dream, departments. Or I could, be in there forever. I always, pronounced, this way, Australia. But it's a key anyways, I will definitely, leave a link down below for you guys ones are actually retailed, at $55.

Normally And I got them for 29 and 99 you guys I got, my favorite favorite makeup. Revolution foundation. And I this time I got it in two different tone so I got F 2 and F 8 F 2, I'm gonna be using obviously underneath, my eyes as a concealer and then F 8 is my tan, shade that is what I wear all the time for, a fee lip gloss in color boho, I'm at $9, I will actually shocked I always, think that morphe is like super expensive but it's actually really important, it's like very pinky. Bentley. Like you knock a girl, out that, what is wrong with you. I'm, back home I'm gonna be showering, right now because I want to wash my hair so bad. Guys. I got to try Shake Shack I thought Airport, Airport. Airport. It's. Bittersweet I don't, really want to be back home but then like when I see home it's like it's home you know what I mean so, it does feel good in a way too, but if you guys enjoyed, this video don't forget to give it a big thumbs up subscribe and also click been on a vacation about to get notified for all branded videos thank, you guys so much for watching and me and Ben will see you, Ben, say goodbye, man, Ben will see you in my next video.

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Happiest Belated Birthday Stephanie. You are a beautiful babe and I wish you all the best I absolutely love watching your sass and your confidence grow as I continue to watch your videos. You are a diva and I love the way you present yourself. You motivate me ❤️☺️. P.s. I know what you mean about NYC, I used to feel the exact same way before. However I. think I've been there so many times now, that I'm afraid it is losing its charm. What maybe you could do next time, which is what I did when my family came to visit, We basically WALKED the ENTIRE of NYC. It was AMAZING!. I can totally see. you in a chic yet super cozy little apartment with brick walls meal prepping. I love that too and thought it was just me haha. Come visit whenever you come back again, I live near Washington DC, USA now.

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Thank you!

March 13!!

♓️♓️ Yasss

Its actually Long horn....lol you're so cute! Hehe

Dead I said log horn. I always mos pronounce stuff

Beautiful... what is your body shaper??

It’s the short shaper from my shapermint video!

omg your hair is gorg!!

Loving the new hair!!

Thank you!

Bronx girl here!

My youngest son's birthday is March 8th.. Also your hair looks amazing hun! Love from Scarborough❤️

Thank you!



GIRL, you look tf good in that snakskin outfit

Girrrl I’m loving the hair❤️So pretty #Team Pisces March 17th St Patrick’s Day ☘️

Team Pisces ♓️

Love how much you love NY. I am born and raised in Brooklyn it is the best. I live in New Jersey now.

Definitely check out the port of Montreal and old Montreal area super aesthetic and old looking , the notre dame church, the mont royal park was probably my fave and the botanical garden too in the summer is gorgeous! You’ll love it ❤️❤️

No sorry hun, I’m not familiar with anything there

Oh nice! And yes I love New York

We are actually trying to go to Montreal for the 1st time in September. Do you know anywhere around there?

Omg I miss you!! Your hair looks amazing! Love the light blonde

Thank you!

March 18th Pisces girrrrrl


Everyone is out there walking around in parka's and Steph is out here just rocking a cute sweater girrrrrrl Canadian orr? But like I feel you! Live ten minutes away from Brampton and the second that temp hit 3 degrees you know my ass stopped wearing my coat and was ready for spring! Love your vlogs!!

Omg I didn’t notice that, real Canadian blood over here

March 17th

Yasss Pisces !

Love your hair!!

March 12

Oh wow so close to me

I love when you travel! I feel you when you weren't ready to go back... bless your heart for this travel vlogs

Aww yay happy you enjoyed!

I’m March 8th too! :)


I love scorpios lol love you baby ❤️

Too funny ❤️

Omg yasss queen steph!!!! You’re lookin lovely❤️

Thank you!

Love your hair girl, Happy birthday girl!!! Enjoy & God bless!!!❤

Thank you! ❤️

Im a rising scorpio also, i think thats why people dont like to meet me and approach me very hard at trusting people

Omg so funny

Im also a sun and moon Cancer


My boyfriend of 14 yrs is Pisces and I’m a Scorpio! I feel we are such a perfect couple combo!!! Pisces are sooo understanding, caring and loving!!!

Aww that is a good combo two water signs!

You’re 29!!!! Holy shit

Well thank you girl. I get that a lot I think it’s my face

You're making me really want to visit New York! You can buy makeup revolution online at orabel.ca! I think there are a few online stores you can order from here in Canada. My family home in Etobicoke has those brick walls by the way.. so happy that you enjoyed your trip..I feel like we are alike in so many ways.. wanting to travel but also being kind of sheltered and not wanting to go out alone in a big strange city alone.. I definitely want to go see the friends building!

oooh girl my birthday is march 10 :) happy belated xo also I'm from jersey. it was so cute watching you get excited about the view from nj !

It was gorgeous & I have never seen it! ❤️

Yass amiga!!! You deserved this trip!

Yayyy NY gang!!❤️❤️❤️

Happy birthday girl! I just get super happy seeing you live your best life, we can tell you work so hard to produce AMAZING content and you deserve that trip and more, love you Steph ♥️

Aww thank you love! Happy you enjoyed the vlog I had a blast

Happy belated birthday Stephanie so glad you liked NJ I’m from Jersey and Blvd East is where u day the few is where many people go when traveling. Edgewater is where ultra and the condo are is a nice area to live

Thank you! Yes I loved it

STEPH!! I lovvvvvve your hair!!!! My grey/silver hair eventually turned into a similar color but now I’m tempted to take a pic of your hair to the salon! I need it

Aw thank you and Yass

BABE, what did you think about chick fil a??!!!!

I loved it! Those sauces were

Love the hair

Omg It’s no wonder I loved ur channel from the beginning!! We have soo much in common!! I am a pieces born March 4 !! Just turned 26 and Girl!!! I make mu birthday last at least 4 days long ! But of course the longer the better ❤️ love you so much the hair is gorgeous!!!

i wish a have a sister

Scorpio Rising too

Yasss Hair!!! Loving it

Great vlog ❤️

Team Scorpio here! But also love Pisces. My dad's a Pisces and he's so nice, never holds any grudges, and he's always giving me chocolates lol

I love this video!! You have sparked my interest in learning about my sign and my families signs I’m a Taurus my husband is a Gemini and my son is pisces. I would love for you to make a video talking about signs and maybe your thoughts on each. Love you so much you beautiful soul!

Omg mama! My spirit animal! Pisces are the best! Mines march 10th and everything you say, giiiiirl aint no denyin! Love your energy! Happy Belated!

who's the man behind the camera making you smile so much sis ;) so nice to see you happy love you!!

RIGHT sis whose the lucky man

Team scorpio!

Aww yes I loved it ❤️

Thank you love


Aw yay

Aww I know I have a deep & appreciate love for it ❤️

Yasss ♓️❤️

Thank you!

Yes I would def love to try!

omg so excited for thisssss. only 4 seconds in & I’m already loving this lmao ❤️❤️❤️


Loved it!!!

Aww thanks girl

Yes it’s very emotional leaving, I didn’t want toooooo

Thank you!

It was goooood girl

Do you happen to know the name of the brand? :) I am making a trip to NYC and this seems like the perfect carry-on!+Stephanie Macedo

The end was so emotional girl

Team cancer...where Amy at...lmao

Spill the tea sis!!! Who’s your “friend” ?!!! Okayyyy? We see that glow

LOL dead

your hair looks so nice! also I'm jealous i wanna go new york so badly x

Just move to NYC already! haha, love you Steph!!!

Team pisces

I’m in the city everyday and it’s awesome to see someone who’s new to it appreciate it so much cause we can definitely take it for granted.

I looooove being 30!!! Smarter than 20 ad still hot lol.

Loved the vlog gorgeous,You look so pretty...Love love love your outfit❤️❤️❤️

Thank you!! ❤️

You look amazingggg

Thanks love! Yes I need to do one

I’m from New Jersey!!!

“Watch yourself” lmao

Jersey girl

All the good feels! I get that when I visit London, or Chicago! You might like Chicago too!

You’re literally me when I go to NewYork.

It’s such a vibe!

I can't get over how flawless your skin is. May I ask what you wear under the Makeup Revolution stick foundation? Like a primer or a moisturizer, etc.?

Aw thank you! I actually use glycerin a lot before my makeup & recently shea butter! I never use a primer

Stephanie Macedo

Ny looks amazing my ig handle is @karins4040


brittany_garciaa ❤️❤️❤️ this vid is amazing , always wanted to see nyc ur the cutest steph

Aw thank you ❤️

You inspire me to travel alone get out of my comfort zone! I actually watched this video off wifi was waiting for this video to upload. Ig:vivapats

Aww I’m glad it did! Traveling is so much fun plus life is too short!

We love a pisces queen!

Aw yes we are the best


I already commented but I love your vlogs

Thank you!

I love New York!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Contest; @holgirl

Thank you

oooo your hair looks bomb

I seriously need to go to NYC!! Never been!

Team scorpio all the way and you explained it right, that's us!!! Steph I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday...and I remember I first discovered your birthday video last year and I've been watching you ever since!!

Aww yay!

came from IG for the giveaway love your videos my IG is cooking.with.trish

Such a fun vlog Insta: sumiii.7

Love the blonde on you it looks so pretty ! Ps who else saw all of her instagram stories lol

I love watching all your vlogs! Happy belated birthday! @sheenagurditta

Pieces feb 22th

So glad to see that you had such a good trip!! I definitely want to visit NY one day :) Ig: @childishjenna

Gotta love NYC


literally love the Canadian babe content

My favorite part was when you talked about Los Tacos No. 1 because when I went to NY two months ago I went there every single day of the trip


Instagram handle : imreginedemison

I’m from jersey. I wish I could have met u!! You r so awesome!! Your hair looks so beautiful. I wish I could do blonde hair but since I can’t, I’ll enjoy looking at yours

Aw thank you!

Your video is really so inspiring!! I just started my own channel with a travel vlog to Japan and I would really appreciate if you support me by subscribing! Thank you!

Oh nice! Thank you!

I live here and it’s pretty nice to know a tourist like you appreciates the city for what some of it is and so excited of what the city and around the city has to offer. Thanks

Happy birthday your like gorgeous

Aw thank you!

I really want to travel to new york too, lots of love from CA!  ig:astrogirljen

Happy Belated Birthday Beautiful! I absolutely love New York City especially in the winter!! So cozy with a hot beverage walking the streets of New York. My Instagram is @templink215. Thank you Steph for the opportunity to win your great giveaway!!

Thank you!

came from the insta giveaway girly! i hope you enjoyed new york i go almost year and i love it! my insta is khadijaxsafi99

Stephanie Macedo omg

Looking fly in New York!!! I’m not surprised❤️ Insta: @zoe.monsterr

Thanks girl!

Love how happy you are in this video!! Much love❤️❤️ IG: tatumcooperrr


Edgewater NJ is super cute next time check out Hoboken, NJ.

Looooove this vlog!!!! My IG is gemforlily

Back again for the giveaway! Haha IG: emilyxgonas ❤


love your new hairstyle & love love watching your videos!!#teampisces

I live in Jersey about 20 minutes from Weehawken . And i go there to see the view all the time but girl in the summer it gets crowded because of tourist. But that’s why I love Jersey we got the best views of NYC . So sad I missed you . When I saw you were there I literally was thinking about leaving work and going but I was like “nah she needs to experience that view without being interrupted” but girl next time you in nj announce like 1 hour before haha


The stuff you point out as “so American” ...

Ya a lot of people think it’s super similar I mean some things are but when there’s a lot of differences and we don’t have a lot of the products you guys have access to or stores

Omg I live 2 minutes away from the park you visited in jersey..that’s in Weehawken, New Jersey. The view at night is beautiful

Omg girl i went to New York for a week last week and i did not want to come back home either . I definitely want to go back soon .

You are looking so good

omg :( you’re came to visit the part of Jersey I live in! Its crazy how you’re visiting the Ulta I go to, and the plaza i used to work at. Its a small small world, love you Steph!

sis AND the chicfila TOO, okaaaaaaaay

Omg you have to try Del Frisco’s Double Eagle steakhouse when you come back!! It’s a must!

Ooo I’ll look into it!


Can you link your shaper please

I need to see more the next time I visit New York. & I’d like to see New Jersey, my family & I only got to pass through. Glad you had fun

team Pisces March 7th. big 30 next year for me too

Loving the blonde!

I live in New York but I live in Long Island you should go to Long Island next time

Team Pisces mines is march14

I know I’m late but team Scorpio ♏️!!!!! November 10

I'm so happy you loved New York. I've lived in NYC my whole life and it's so amazing. I wouldn't change it for anything

Move to NY! I had such special visits like you did and I made the move years ago and love it. Come, I’ll meet you for coffee if you want a walking around buddy!

I would love to get s taste of what it would be like to live there! So much to do!


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