Vlog#1 A Trip to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK): Islamabad | Day 1

Vlog#1 A Trip to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK): Islamabad | Day 1

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I'm. Telling. You this. Is. Actually. We came here to help out but they don't have we don't have. It's, winter here and it will have fog. So. We can go to combo probably. And. Some other place. Here, we are they, totally spying, on with aminah Alvey and Cena. Oh, my god you, totally could. Anyway. So we just, kind. Of took a pit stop to have. Some tea and, actually. Amy's having hope you, know. You. Know. English. If. You are ba ba-da-da, yes for time. Alone. You. See. The response Wayne. Chinn. You're sitting in a pool. Yeah. Cause, it's on quite by sea of creaminess yeah. But, it's you know from Netscape a machine so bound. To be a little bad some dude is not as previous. I would, say today, it's much much cleaner, than, music. And. You're not supposed to know when I'm stalking you. Look at this. In. Action huh. Why. Are you doing you're not supposed, to show that I am showing our viewers what, you do behind the scenes it's. Not behind. Why. Don't you get on with your makeup and do what. You do I'm trying. To do eyeliner, but I think. Because. You've actually parties, wearing you not supposed to. Well. My, name's. Oliver. I read, like, implemented. For the, more, deals that make me happy. Stop. Pointing I can see them. Because, I thought container, really. Wow. What the Athenians. I'm, just surprised, that he drinks if someone like you. Family. Firstly then, hastily. You. Make up your mind. Look. At me what is he doing, rusty, I'm feeling, sleepy. You. Were supposed, to stay. Awake you know. I. Did. You know and just to take bed, when. Ma doesn't sleep well you know what she doesn't see us leave the next morning again. And again and again. All. That's not recommended, to other. Troubling. Accept, me I'm the exception. I. Had. No, idea the, place. I wish, I could get on ones and just ride into the Sun like. In those old movies all, we can. Always. Find out. Selector. Are you from here. I right. Do you think if like an official officials. Play assaulted, like a private, sort, of thing. Oh. Right. Oh. You're. Begging. He, was amazing. Wrong ever. Nothing. Divided, by, the people, we reached, at ammonite, fiber and that is not stuff that we're going to make because, we just love this, place and they come with best Romney's ever are, you going to agree, we. Should i exactly. Beautiful. Pass. Oh. Fault. I saw, many people. I think. Probably fortification. Because the weekend. Here. We are but, it down. But, I get so happy with the same crowd. Banging. Melanie. For. Money. See. Oh. Well, how was it. It was amazing, as, always. I'm. Finding. Everyone. Here. Oh. Michael, are amazing. Are actually. Other. Thing I will, be open one of the French as boy if you watching this particularly, I, hope, you really, really open again Robert because I love to eat buckling, in the morning, and lasting, in the night. Basically. Everything yes, some. People if you ever compete llama more, depending, on you can easily find it is summer stock it's knocking, OH. And, gets. Rather. Marvelous. Treat BB. Okay. We are, here at this furnace to have some cedar probably. Barbecue, BJP, and. She's just trying to act as Sweden or Norway. Where, do you sit. Oh. Lord. Cannot nevermind. You. Sure you don't mind. Why do you like this light this, kind of lights at a time. We're, listening. Yeah. Okay. So we're add. Is. Right before they're feeling it right now, it got this, purchase, and I think Donna probably order by. With you which, is all game everyone's, favorite, food I am showing, money isn't.

It Yours, thank. You. By. The way it's. Too. Big for me you don't have to laugh it's. My brother's jacket, oh. I. Mean I think everyone. Would agree that you know, you really go invisible in, this jacket this layer you look so thin it. Oh. Now, each one them. Ramen. Is what you eat and. The green one is more like cheetah. You're. Gonna. I'm. You talk about this thing what, is it called that it's, chicken chicken. Sama I really liked it because this, life changer. In it. There's. Ginger in it and there's only. An. Image that. Is. Really. Immediate. And. I don't like this green showed me. Previously. It. Was afro by email, and. It. Was like 1k, for the chicken. Tava and. Purposefully. Not all. That, in through that is like 12 and. A. Feather itself, to people but I am like. 3. To 4 people can easily eat because you can't finish it. They come. Down. Our. Room dressed. And. Call it a night good night yeah see you guys tomorrow for, more. Adventures, and, fun.

2019-02-25 18:46

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Great.... You guys are doing pretty well. Have a feeling this vlog's going to be among the favourite travel vlogs on YouTube. Keep it up.

Hamza Shahid Thanks for such kind words!!

Nice vlog cut talking style

Zaryab Hassan Thanks

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