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Part of our presentation, is how, we bought into cryptocurrency. I'm. Gonna have to go find myself some, videos on on, trading, on YouTube I think there's this guy called became, crypto, trader. Hey. Looked. Up we're not clear water clear. Water what for Florida, for, a, Board. Of Advisors, meeting, Oh. Board of Advisors, a yes, yes, I'm on the board. Every. Day, that's. A pretty day. It's nice. How's, it going so far pretty good is this started we just had a couple people present, this morning about their business, and you, know what their what they can offer to help people and what they need you know help from others pretty. Cool kind of like a gift to receive kind of thing yeah yeah they would, it's. A beautiful day. Yeah. But. I'm saying is um, hopefully. We'll get to pick. It out wow there's like so many people. That's. Where the party is right, right, we got to go to these meetings. What. Is it what are you wearing, Zimmerman. Zimmerman no, yeah have. To be fancy, Oba. All. Right let's go back down. Big. Win me. Hey. Um. So. One. Day one day without would've congrats it. Laughter. Your man. Fix. Us it says plate yep Brandon, thinks called, on let me get Alma and the camera. Brandon. Thinks he. Does does a real good father and acts out so you would tell. You what. What. Do you tell me tell. Me I can't. Just. Hanging out I got some more ba over there, got. Some fashion, designers, and. Entrepreneurship. Innovator. Businessmen. Innovators. What. Influencer. Influentials. Influencers. I hear, I hear they got that black same technology. Great, have you heard about that I have heard about. But. I'm not too familiar with, that future I heard, it was the future, that's big coin right there that big pile 82 on it right now you know I think I heard about something called a theory of a theory. Yeah. We're. Gonna have to do more research on that day come I had to go get me polluting, one of them encyclopedias. I'm gonna have to go find myself some, videos on on, trading, on YouTube I think there's this guy called beak a crypto, trader I. Don't, know what he does but. The. Mouse I think, he trades crypto. So I grabbed that one so. Put it right here, into. The dollar bill. We're. Going to put that video, class. That's, the coolest thing, so. Excited. Day. To be. It's. Nice I, think. The camera is fogging up because it's like he's been hey. How's. It going hey, how. Are you no I mean like how it's ba going oh. We're. Getting ready for the cold we're. Getting ready for the cold.

Big. Debut tomorrow that, really might be toggling, Colten her up, not. Really we're just um. We're. Just. Trying. To figure out how I'm, going to use my, pass, segue. Into what. Our, whole. Everything, is about yeah, yeah. So. That's what we're trying to figure out it's like the past present, and future right and I'm gonna. Part. Of our presentation, is how we thought into cryptocurrency all right. All. Right it's, got a little bit a little bit of a backstory yeah. The BA people, can understand, like, why, this is, important, and why we're doing yeah. Very. Cool. Opal. Opal. A key, is. It opal a key a tribe. I. Think. Is the opal Sands Resort. Sandbar. Yeah. That's. Nice. Looks. Like it's gonna rain. Um. Maybe. Not now, because I have heels on it takes, a while to take them off see. Heels. Big, Bird's, pretty. Though. This. Is the cool sandbar helicanus. Pelican. Bay. Hasn't. Been a clear. Sky since we came out here. Let's. Do around the world no. You. Can go around the world. Some. Think I hate her not. Being a hater have, heels on. Get. My whole outfit I. Feel. Like we do this every time. Wait. Wait let's get a good background stand right there, all. Right. Thanks. So. How's, it going to find a radio there's. Pretty. Good so positive, we're. On a little break, it's. Like our number five. All. Right something, crazy that. Just. Listen to one. Community. Members from your Facebook group yeah. He. Has a email. Email. Marketing. Services man I'm, working with. Word. So. I'm gonna get some jasmine tea and then we're gonna go back upstairs yes. Right. The. Day. So. We're on the beach and. Apparently. Point. To the helicopter, flies over. Apparently. Opal, sands. Opel. Fans is, the, number one beach. Resort, in America. Apparently, we. Heard that were you in the elevator yeah and one. Of the couple a couple from Canada, actually. Told us that I was. Like whoa because it's so beautiful here and they have got like five. Swimming, pools and. It's. Just really really awesome that's. Pretty cool so I'm, glad that we're here let's, do the here let me go run. Yeah. I think that's what it what you guys just have too much power draining these things. Yep. I'm still spinning to the whole time so. We're. Back so. We, have, one. Of the early, adaptors to the black man technology. Bitcoin payment processing, for the, healthcare space can, you tell us about your, business and you know what brought you to the blockchain and the story and how everything worked yeah sure, so, I was. Back in probably. About. 2013. And. I. Was, invited, to come on to a. Really. Strange. Type, of podcast and. It, was actually a podcast, of. Currency. Exchanges, like the Iraqi dinar, and, it's, in Bob way bonds. And like that, and so. The hosts of the show said. That he wanted. To bring me on because he had had some health issues anyone. And I had talked to him about and helped him a little bit so we wanted me to talk to his audience which, was financial. The show right so, it's kind of strange the health. Care guy coming, on and talking on, a financial show, but, it worked on a whole bunch of people started calling me the, next day that wanted help with all their health issues and this, guy, Randi's he said to me hey, would. You consider. Taking Bitcoin. For. Payment, for your health care products, nutritional. Products 9th, 2013. Wow and so I was, like well what's, Bitcoin, so he, explained, it and I. Was like yeah I don't see why we wouldn't take, that and, so, that was back in the day we had to go to the drugstore and get it everybody, got a money card and like that and it was it was hard to guess about this Mongkok Specter, and sort, of and. I was like I will do it but back, then the merchant, service. Providers. They didn't, know anything about it so they didn't care and. Now they do but they. Didn't care so I just started, accepting Bitcoin. And people wanted, to buy my nutrition, products, with, Bitcoin, in this guy Randy. Randy. Come. On if you go yeah you can use Bitcoin to buy to, the products, from rulers, River young right so I'm Sun be starting, and so I would pay me, a commission, for. Promoting me on his show and, yes rv1 get, pay in. Bitcoin. Thank. You so much I appreciate that you, can talk to you and, also. Your. Contribution. You know the big coin.

Thank. You very much. Now. We're doing video for the vlog. We, just finished last. Day of be a. Michael. Grandage what. The. Cole did possible, all. Things. Represent, it I did do pasta so. Yeah see you later. So. This. Is a package from. Some. Of our community, members Anthony, and Kinlan and I. Remember, it. Was one video where I, was, talking about crystals, and energy and. One. Lady was in the chat she was like I made crystals. Crystal. Pizzas and I would love to send you something so, they arrived and. We'll see so we got Big. Macs Wow. All. Right every. Time. Oh. Big. Oh well, it's beautiful, oh. It's. Awesome. From. The Dawson's, oh that's. Nice. Well. That's. Beautiful. I. Wonder. It's like some kind of holder. That's. Awesome. All. Right what else is amazing sorry. What's it it's, just that's, it the email, we. Sent back and forth and oh that's. Nice Wow. Oh. That's. Like moss agate Oh. Oh. Yeah actually it is labradorite, oh my gosh. That's massive, yeah. It's, beautiful. Yeah. And so, they gave us a little printout crystal. Vaults oh. Yeah. Cool I go there sometimes to, look up the information, labradorite. Is awesome, member when we were in. When. We went to the Grand Canyon and we went to that one store and I wanted to get the labradorite, oh yeah well there was a reason why I didn't because it was anything - yes oh my, gosh labradorite. Is an amazing, stone yeah the, amulet. Of protection. Labradorite. Is a power barrier, filter. Helps. Us focus and amplify our efforts to keep undesirable. Elements, out of our lives, oh yeah. Keep. The haters all right keep, the haters off haha. Yeah. So thank you Timlin, dawson and her, husband thank you so much they. Said there's been like you, know thousand, hours, to learn crypto, and teach it and that's, what we need you know just. People helping people so I appreciate, it we will, add it to our crystal, collection here hmm, you know and, you. Know keep amplifying, the positive inner kasam, we got back from traveling, to life and I. Went on Amazon advice, of dog food and this, was suggested when I founded on Amazon's, recommendations, I saw him like four, and a half stars. And. It actually turns out to. Be one. Of our friends, businesses. This, is his product, true. Dog and so, I bought some for Tula, this. Is one of our good friends and Board of Advisors. You, know and he comes in and speaks about the business is like one of the fastest growing dog food companies, in the world yeah organic. Organic yeah, and it's a super food for dogs yeah you, know and that's what I was looking for I was looking for like good, healthy food because I saw like a lot of stories of like Purina, and all these companies like pudding you, know Salmonella. And dog food, mm-hmm I literally killing dogs for what you feed them yeah, and I think I think you'll like it yeah, well try it out yeah yeah I will take something ready, put it on the ground cool, there. You go.

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