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are you guys ready for it?... are you guys ready? hi everyone and welcome back to  our channel so as you can see   today we are in the car because we are on our way to Napa to celebrate marcio's 29th birthday   so we are going to be doing a vlog and style  video for you guys since we had so many people   requesting that we do more vlogs so we're going  to bring you guys along to celebrate marcio's   birthday we're going to go to some wineries  and have lunch as well in napa and then we're   going to be staying the night at a resort there  too so you guys are going to get to see some of   these wineries.. hear about some of the wines with  us.. have some lunch and hang out at the resort   so we're definitely going to be starting off this  vlog a bit more sober than we're going to be ending   it so no judging us if you want to drink along  go ahead you guys are all invited let's go so before we get into the video please remember  to subscribe we upload new videos every wednesday   and sunday also remember to turn on subtitles we  have english and portuguese for all of our videos   and follow us on instagram marcio's over here... mine  will be here and if you guys like these vlog style   videos let us know down in the comment section  and we'll start doing more of them for you all   we'll talk to you guys again once we get to napa see you there hey guys we just got here in the winery it's super nice we're going to show around hopefully you guys enjoy with us okay... so exciting.. watch out there's little holes in the floor... this looks like a castle so should we go straight ahead? oh my god so cool wow... i could live here easily you know is this where they said that it is? for tasting check in...check in for tasting I think it's this one right?

we have some flowers on the table so cool so actually we're done with the first taste  as you can see and then we're ready for the   second one it's coming up in a second  and alicia is getting there already   not yet server: "blackberry.. dry spices... dark fruit...specifically dark fruits...nice colors here" sounds really great perfect thank you what do you think? that's interesting yeah? what does it taste like? it's like crispy like the other one before? it's sweet.. it tastes almost like apple juice oh wow oh my god... this is amazing

i like that elephant server:"here's one of my other favorite ones..it's smooth but well balanced" Cool I like the color server: "there you go man..enjoy..happy birthday" thank you very dry..but good i can't tell if that's a good or a bad look no this is good this is soft i think this is softer than pinot noir like dark color but that one is more lighter.. we're getting  there we are on the third one right ?  number three she's getting there.. cheers number four what's up guys so hopefully you  guys enjoying this... this special day

you know it's so pretty here..all beautiful.. look at the roses this is like vineyards.. the grapes it's all beautiful in here look at this what a beautiful day today so cool as you can see here i have to admit something i don't like  mac and cheese in general but this one is   so good this one over here.. this guy over here

show them... show them the cheesy babe  some chicken wings... some frango   look at the cheese... look at  the cheese... look at the cheese so good we are going to do this as you  guys can see there's like wineries all around here we made it and as you guys can see i changed my glasses hey guys we're here just got seated we made it! as you guys can see this is the area so please guys remember to subscribe to our  channel.. leave us a like... comment and share  

it's my [ __ ] birthday today hopefully you guys enjoy it   so okay everyone we got our champagne..  we got our room keys and everything the good thing about here is they give you free  alcohol while you try to figure out where the...your room is   because the building is so big I'm not wearing my mask right now you guys ready for it? are you guys ready? wow oh my god i don't know if we're going to...   show them right now what do you think? show them this is so cool check this out guys oh.. my... god wow wow put my wine over here wow this is insane i don't want to show you guys this... oh my god so cool we got our own closet..some robes

and everything wow what's this?  must be the bathroom... holy sh... crap babe this is huge wow.. wow.. my god shower... check this out I'm going to jump in this thing in a bit so we ordered some room service because we were too tired to go out and this came from the i think it's the... hay and oak   restaurant which is right across the  street we've got a margherita pizza   which looks delicious beautiful smells so good check this out we got...

it's a big box we got a burger and we got some tiramisu   oh did you order dessert also? parmesan cheese and then we've got some mayo.. mustard.. ketchup okay this is... ready to go dig in all for tonight oh my god look at that we're going to eat now and see you guys later so okay everyone we are downstairs now Alicia is recording for her stories on instagram and we want to show guys  around here..how cool it is... check this out you can rent these little private  cabanas they've got..each of them have like tvs and stuff hopefully the sun comes out in a bit but how cool is that...

check this out guys it's like private cabins hot tub or jacuzzi is right over here the sun babe.. the sun is coming out   finally.. finally.. oh my god so scared it wasn't going to so this is the courtyard show guys around still working on this tripod you can always go and play  there's some games over here you know can always play the game and you can just hang out here might as well can you have some food  there's a foot truck over there yeah there's some fire pit here too  like a heater you know and if it's   too cold you can grab a beer...drink.. sit down and be comfortable babe there's a bee on her butt  don't touch it... don't touch it   this is a rooftop we can just like come here  and hang out there's like many different areas   in this hotel... every place it's so cool ....beautiful so these are some different wineries they  have at the resort you can do wine tastings at   it's literally above our room so our room  is going to be one of those over there and then we can just come  out and come down here and   we can just come down here and  have some wine some coffee here oh we got our breakfast here remember that? five town grocery show you guys this..

okay so we decided to stop at one of the...   it's just like a little winery it's called Anarchist wine co. I said I wasn't going to drink today but.. here we are you we are hungover i like this glass too.. kind of fancy you know so  we're gonna hang out here for a little bit before   we go to the jacuzzi we will talk to you guys in a little bit once we head over to the jacuzzi and we are hopefully feeling a little better after this glass of wine...

I am already feeling better...ready for another bottle

2021-05-04 07:04

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