VLOG: RANDOM MOMENTS | Cooking | Studio Tour| Pastor's Homelessness Testimony- Episode 1

VLOG: RANDOM MOMENTS | Cooking | Studio Tour| Pastor's Homelessness Testimony- Episode 1

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Hey. So. Glad to have you back on, the John and the Tristan, YouTube. The love station. Alright I've got something special for you today this is the, me moment is one of those days, no, makeups, just. Me at home had, a long day, it's. Been a very. Low. When. When. The Bible says the joy of the Lord is my strength the kind of days it, has been one of those days I've, had. Not. So pleasant they became all things I'm, so thankful for life and, I'm glad, that you are also alive in your world, so, whatever, talking to about some personal. Stuff today, this is the John dimension. Of the John and Joseph things vlog. Channel. On, YouTube so I'm, gonna take you through a quick poll a big toss a quick, talk off of my my, little CD in the house I don't know if some, of you I've. Seen it well it's just what's they be within this video so it's not it's not a lot I'm just gonna take it - it didn't, work - go quickly so of the, news to do my little getaway space, in the house where. I, just, had myself in the house locked myself up and I find me, if I saw this I just find peace and a it's, not the bedroom. I'm. Gonna show you two gonna take it to be some of the things I'm like I'm videos i watch I'm, a big. Myself and resting we're big collectors of movies. And she. DVDs, ever forgive, me um acquired. We, bought your stack top. Yeah. Let's. Go, so. Now this is the entrance. It's. A little space in this place in the house this, is not a sitting room this is nothing. But, a little camera spacing that these. Are our, stacks, of DVDs. Movies, I'm, just gonna shut the door silenced, of the kids quite the late at night so. This our stuff some DVDs. That's. Football. I always have football on the screen so, this I've gone activities. Players on the floor, to. Some watch movie I put, it on there oh come on this is music, this is like my little getaway I'm a big fan of things. Like that look at that that is nice as. Realized, I am I picked. Up some. Very big, big. Student I won't mention what, sparkle it's quite nice quite lovely, a lot of family pictures out that you see kids. And a, beautiful. It smells. Smells. Really nice so, this is where I lay, down on the floor, no, mattress no, sofa, is just lay down on the floor fine, yourself. Trust, me is really good and this. Book this. Book. This. Book right here is called, score. The pastor's pain it's. Called the pastor's pain is. Written by a, man a real man so much I call him and mentor because, the stitches are very. Unlike. Many stitches are very good. Islam. Is. Possible. Since, Suleiman, this, book is called apostasy, and I was reading it and I so I'm gonna be share with you today and, I said I was low today I've just, had a very low. Day a very, they. Were, finding reflection, reflected, like a reflective, mood all day and. Trying. To ask myself a cool question why is this happening why did that happen and why would, that happen, I know some of you go through those kind of moments, where. You ask questions when you're wondering why, I think star happening from wherever things happen to me I'm, gonna be talking about this so hanging the walls I finish my. Tour. Milo. Getting. Many to get to be roommates from a studio as well so. When my mom wants to look out myself away she comes here I would lock myself away we come into this room we. Also. Use the room for prayers. So. I love me my action movies moment, my mama loves. My. Love that. You say mommy. So. But my love's I soft. Romantic. Movies, and all the cuddly, cuddly could make a list of which, a. My, romantic. The. Man is I. Must. Not say the house Mama's, gonna cut my head how, they agency you know. So quickly what, do we have here we have stumped. The ad, many of you should know that again saw the way cookie it's. Let's do this let's, do this so I have stopped. The app I, have. As. My master six on the city. My. Baby my dad my baby's dad okay, I. Love. This one sabotage. I start, off action, plenty. Plenty of action, plenty. Plenty, action, this is the room we use for prayer so yes some nice pictures are there yeah after the wall yes. The Eco nice, pictures a locational, of us for the ego last, year a slow studio, section, so we use all of this space all of this space for.

Students. And, new kids fast as, changes, its. Closet, for, some reason whether it's in their studio, chill, like a bus so, does teaching. So. The. Eagle saloon talked massive, as a tall plant in school gets, away. In, the, house, lovely. Space in the house. Is. Quite, required. To, be honest. Once. You in this room especially. Me I can't. Really speak for Mama because she would have been obviously, explain. And talk to yourself but, for me when I'm in this room I feel show so. A piece maybe I want to pray or meditate him. I'm. Someone, I love my, space location. And he just wants you, it, makes me think it makes me. Find. Myself. And. Also much she saw the floor at home I have. Like duvets, on the floor because. Any flow set up. So. I use that so just lay down my. Pillows there. Yes. My table yes. Justice, as a lay down and. Pink. Pray. Sometimes. I, myself, watching. Sports. Football yes. So. Guys I'm back I. Did. Say today I was feeling a bit low you. Know people think oh as a preacher you must be always, on fire you're, always, excited. Your your your your your, you. Feeling. Good. Let's feel at the top, not. Necessarily, you know this, is really the case but, times when I feel like giving, up. The times when I feel like Oh am i doing the right thing and I, I. Just end up. Feeling. Down sometimes, in admission, on, my. Platform. I also you. Get. To know John. There's. A difference between. The. Anointing, pin on you. When. You are preaching. Your. Ministry. Feeling. Pumped, up feeling you. Know this energy. But. There. Was a moment where you were alone and. Just. Thinking. That. Doesn't mean dimension is in there, but. There, was a moment where you, need. To. From. Encourages. Or in the Lord as well like, Elijah Elijah. As. A moment when Elijah the same man that come under fire from heaven had, to run for municipal so. We're all I believe go, through you might be watching me you might think you know, I'm. Having a very bad day today. I'm. Lonely spirit, but, be encouraged to know being correct, don't, don't feel that way this. Book was actually a very good book is called the. Pastor's pain by, Apostle Justin cinema I read, it and a, little people don't understand what's. Buster. Goes through you. Know I'm trying to get away from, the. Bus rule now and I'm just it's just junk they. Don't know what we. Go for as pastors. So. Picking. Ourselves, off ease. The. Responsibility. I. Like. To encourage you, what. Is what if I agree for you be. Positive. Don't. Never feel like oh I'm. Not. Rushing. You like I'm, not. I'm. Not good enough we condemned, I was over for me never, flew that way it's not wonderful, it's. Not pick, yourself up never. Feel like you cannot do it yes, you can pick yourself up how. About a very low day but. I've chosen, to pick myself up, one. Thing you have to realize is, if you want to be great in life. We're. Ready for the knockdowns, ready, for the beatdowns, ready. For the low moments, we're ready for moments when you feel like so later, through. Leadership. And. Finding. The true path to greatness. Would. Make you walk a very lonely, Moor. Leave. A very lonely life. Leadership. Isolates. Great. This isolates. You're aspiring to do something, marvelous in life something beautiful, in life something.

Inspiring. A liar you. Need to. Understand. That you go through moments where, you. Feel like you're all alone in, this big i. World. Called. Planet Earth, but. No you're not alone there is going to a process, a process. Isolates. What eventually, celebrates. Hey, a. Process. Of isolates. But, eventually, celebrates. So. Offering. A summation process, to, you enter, a time of celebration and, there's, any funny when you get to the top everyone or glooms in moving listen. I. Set. Myself today and, I in length today from. My little reflection. Time. In my own king. That. Will keep today I like anything to. Get the top. -. To, get to the top he must. Celebrate. Isolation. The, most celebrated, isolation. Isolation. Makes. You, values. Of isolation. Makes, you, enjoy. Your company, I mean, but you can never be. Because. I'll say it kind of Abby. Cadabby. Someone, else's company others, we don't want your company if you don't first enjoy, your own company I cannot. Enjoy your company. I cannot, want to be and I wouldn't want to be in your company if you don't first love yourself you should not first love, your companies, and love who you are stay, true to who you are then. Courage it's not over for you like, I said to myself today. Listen, I'm, ready to do this I'm ready to keep pushing I'm ready to keep going this. Is Johnny this, is this, is this this is this is. My. Time my. Season, of process. My, time my, season, of isolation. My time my, season, wailing oh no. No listen, there are times where you don't want to listen no, one believes in what you carry don't, believe in in. In what you've. Written down as a vision about you for yourself to them but, keep pushing, them, the back no. One will buy your vision, if, you stand on invest in it profess, don't believe that most, fast believe in your vision sell. Your vision to yourself be the first be. The, first, clients, of your vision on the line. Be. The best claims of your vision and what others buy, into. It eventually. Listen. And. I'm so dizzy. It's. Not only. Especially. Wonderful, in, somewhere. Yes. You might be down today but. I know tomorrow, is, gonna be better, tumors, not encouraging, you. Might want to WoW is this profit talking it's, really charged, and pumped up on the stage and the holes are preaching to everyone, else like, I said this, is that Joan and the Joseph in. Online, to, keep you encouraged. To get to know who I am to get know who we are behind. The scenes no, suit no tie no. No. Glamour just jump. This. Box really helped me the pass the speed I wanted to find, things that will help you win, without speak. To the right people. With. The right folks. And. Cover yourself in the world. All, this d+ remind, yourself it's not going to be down but. Don't stay down, it's not long it's not wrong to get low but. Don't stay low find. Yourself pick, yourself does, the feed does, yourself I'm. Right back up and trust, me you'll get even higher they, sniff level subscribe to my page please. Do many. More vlogs. To, follow minimum, videos to be uploaded. We. Get them getting together I'm getting to you I'm. Getting used to this now, slowly, I don't know to release I'm just just gonna use the whole vlog. And Dean /, blessed prophet. John what are you do something that's more personal no. Shouting, no preaching, just talk to us open doing that now maybe I mean if there, are topics wanna talk on their, topics what makes you so pretty prepare, a vlog, for mushy. Inbox. Write something and put some comments, at the bottom click. The subscribe, button as well click the notification, button make. Sure you do so so that when, I think of some. Of the comments and some, of your. Ideas. For ideas. Or questions that you want to deal with. Obviously, go through them in order I'll pick the best ones pull, himself big as, much as I don't eat is that preparing something that, will also keep you hooked, on this platform hey, guys I love you again. Steak. Treat. Yourself nice stay. True to yourself don't, be fake leave life to, the fullest you're, not living life to impress the one we, live in life to be happy be. Happy, mm. Honestly believe, it walkie, talkie walkie. To. Embassy no I don't wanna still have words fish is gonna chop my head off, so guys I love you hey it's. Our first time watching this for the first time share, at someone else know that, German. Just read right now on. Blocks. Talking. About our lives. Family. Two and. Three, everything. Else in between, never again staples. They connected and get addicted to, this channel again. Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe peace. Out. The. Next day good, morning good morning good morning, hey I'm excited, I'm, alive I'm well last, night, was.

You. Know we, had a chat, I was quite low last night, today. The morning after, I feel good I feel great, I'm. Excited they. Started well for me got, a phone, call I made me excited I received an email that. Was. So good, good. News started. My day and I hope he also started that way hey, guys. If. You haven't yet subscribed, make sure you do so, today. I'm gonna be talking to you about some. Things but, I think mama also has got something to say and actually. She's cooking we're, gonna sneak into the kitchen she, doesn't like it when I interfere, but I'm gonna make her yell. Get, out of my kitchen I know she does that alone so we're gonna say it stick, into the kitchen very quickly but, before, this so I just wanna make sure that you're doing well I'm excited on this platform again, I'm. Glad you did not log, off or log out or leave, if. You told someone about my platform, my youtube channel is. Exciting, times ahead, I'm in the studio we're just also getting ready for, the. First couch to broadcast. Later, so, a business to do just antiques ready like, we always do and, making, as well this year and. Hey. Guys, so yeah so, um do. You are. Let's. Go. Hey. You mama. Good. Make. That up looks nice. What should. We go. What. Surprised I'm not surprised anyway but hey guys so. I'm. Excited, anyway, breakfast. Getting. Ready. And. Yes, from, last night I ended. Up by saying being current I hope you really encouraged now pick. Yourself up get, yourself ready get, yourself tell. Yourself. Even making nothing gonna stop you and do all you're gonna do good, you're. Gonna come correct, I'm a communicator so. Guys um, I'm, gonna catch up with you the second anything, step up very. Clever. With them our. Part of the dimension. As my master dimension, of our. Channel and, I'll be back with, your data. Pills. Hi. Everyone, welcome, to just. A fifth dimension, of this channel I. After. Said prefer to be earlier but, I thought I actually needed, to speak to someone I find, that in love we. May actually. Get, to bond in the kitchen and, some. Of you that might know me personally and, someone, every free ministry publish that prophet about it I actually have passion, for food, I love, cooking. I love. Cookie, but, know when someone asked me to cook I don't know why I just find it funny way so I'll ask you to cook I resent, okay but when I go, into the kitchen myself. I enjoy. Food, I enjoy, cooking I enjoy the feeling I feel like sometimes maybe, I should be a cook or a, chef but. God. Hasn't called me to that I'm just gonna stay in my lane, I'm. Just kidding they, have, poor, breakfast, for the family and I'm. Gonna be speaking to you about being, encouraged, and a prophet showed. You and the studio, in our prayer room I spoke. To someone yesterday, I believe you were touched about. Being encouraged, I want, to say to someone that you need to be encouraged, because the last night mom's I know you've published in our testimony, video. If you haven't is on Facebook. What. Profession, what will filter in the last nine months and it's. Just been really touching. Because once. When, we first got married I. Love. Cooking but I don't like to cook so that was a team, that was a bit of a frustration, for both, myself a challenge I was a frustration was a challenge, because, II didn't, understand, after someone loves to cook but, yet don't like being in the kitchen but. When we experienced what we went through which, some of you might not know we work we're homeless for a while and, God, just blessed us with a house we're very blessed, we're, very excited we're. Very happy enough, to probably, spend most of the day since you've been in this house in the kitchen can you believe that so now. I've attended this on on, on to find passion for. Cooking and I, think you just appreciate. What you, have when. You don't have it and now it's like I cherish, that moment to just be able. To cook. To meet my family to be able to be the mother that they need to be able to spend.

Time With. Myself. In the kitchen just reflective. Doing. Things that would. Encourage. You to someone out there I believe this platform, would be a an opportunity, for us to talk to relate to, be able to, deal. With some Matins pressures, of life as women, I know love you watching me some of you are single you're, thin yourself, and thinking I don't wanna be in the kitchen all of the sideburns this cliched. Women. Are supposed to spend their time in the kitchen I understand. You I was, there I won't put it but now I feel. There. Is this on, the, find encouragement. To, be able to tell. Someone that is, important. For you to cook for your family when. You don't have a kitchen when, you spending your time in the B&B for nine months believe, you me you will appreciate the, joy. Of being your own space, being in your kitchen being able to cook living. On fast, food is not. Healthy, at all I'm invested, money so, I just hope, that song was encouraged, by this video, was, encouraged, by this opportunity, to spend time with me in my kitchen cooking. Breakfast, for my family, and I hope you enjoy, the opportunity, to be able to taste this, meal complexion. And I'm hoping to place if you adult, yet subscribe, you are missing, what, are you waiting for you with the precious subscribe. Button, below and any, short. An eclipse application. For, as well, so you could get a notification of, when output. Uploaded our videos, and then I hope, you do place I really enjoy, spending, the time with you and I will. Invite you into the kitchen to, come and have breakfast, with us but otherwise. Possible, maybe I'll show you at the end the, new place. On the, own maybe you can imagine. You eating it even, though you're not Lesley. I love you I. Olympians. For, Fez 11 to 13 says not. That I speak in respect of want for, I have learned in whatsoever state, I am therewith to be content I know, how. To be abased and, I know how to abound, everywhere and. In all things I, am instructed both. To be full and to, be hungry both. To be abound and to suffer need I can, do all things through, Christ who strengthens, me amen.

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