Volgograd on $100: Military Parades, a giant lady, and Salt

Volgograd on $100: Military Parades, a giant lady, and Salt

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Guys, I think, I need a vacation from. Vacation. Hello. Friends welcome to Russia, tips tricks and travel, this, behind. Me everywhere around me is Volgograd. The, hero city and as always we have one camera crew two days and $100, to show you everything that locals recommended, that we do see taste and experience in, Volgograd. Wait Volgograd. During. This week it's, actually called Stalingrad, yes once a year this city becomes Stalingrad, and I'm going to explain to you why right, now. From. The end of the sixteenth century up until 1925. This city was called Tsaritsyn, but that royal sounding, name did not suit the communist party and until 1961, the city was called Stalingrad. Khrushchev. Changed to Volgograd despites, towns memory there, have been many calls to have a referendum to change the name back to Stalin, however, local authorities chose a compromise, position referring. To the city of Stalingrad on a few specific holidays, and Volgograd, all of the times the. Center of the city is absolutely lovely with its massive late style and era structures, much, of Olga bread had to be rebuilt after the war and thankfully. They did unlovely, jobs, cameraman. Pasha, told me that Volgograd is actually, the sister city of my native Cleveland, which makes perfect sense because not one person, here told me they are Pittsburgh, Steelers fan. I forget. How unbelievably, hot for us you can be in. Summer. Anyways. Tasha Tiffany, room in your backpack. AHA. Here take my sweater I can't, stand holding all this stuff what, that next the other cameras alright. My. Daughter's name doing about the bank on this building at least a Kirby I ELISA dad, loves you. Guys. This thin chunk of building is called Pavlov's, house and actually, might be hard to believe but it's one of the most important, locations, in Russia for, Russians you. Want to know why I'll, tell you why but you'd have to wait the end the episode.

It. Was sad guys. After bit I'm a little embarrassed here I'm a terrible researcher, I didn't, see anywhere the Volga where it has its own subway system well apparently they do so, let's go inside and check it out maybe it's as effective as the Moscow one is. Well, it looks like they have one big long, line, but then again the city's one big lug line and here, we, am. I have core god I always thought that that was a way outside the city but it's right here that's, awesome the motherland calls my favorite Monument in fact I just heard the call so let's go. That's, what. Well. I've. Never seen this before. Well. That. Was. Very, bizarre. We started off in basically, a metro underground. And now, we're, outside I've. Never had that happen where you start, in the metro and then you're just I mean there are outdoor metro stations, but there's just, weird. Put it I think. I see a very, famous lady over there who I want to get to know. Why. They put this barrier here now I can't go all right well we're going over there all right. The, Mamayev Kurgan memorial. Complex is something, that everyone, who lives in Russia should see at least once it. Is truly massive and has enough to see to occupy, at least half of a day of your, holiday, trip at, the top of the complex, is the largest, statue of a woman in the world the, motherland, calls, at. The time of its construction it was a true wonder of architecture. And a very powerful, ideological. Statement, it, was the Soviet Union's answer to the Statue of Liberty, now. People say certain places like the Grand Canyon cannot, be captured in pictures you just can't get. The real feel for it and, this. Is one of those places it's utterly amazing and only when you get really up close can you see all the little details, all the little popular slogans, from world war ii inscribed. At the base is all the sculptures, the size of, the motherland calls it's, really amazing really. One, important thing I should tell you is that this is the one place in Russia where you must keep off the grass there, are actually, thousands, of bodies under the complex, so stepping off the official path is considered, stepping, on someone's grave which is very disrespectful. This. Is the Hall of warriors glory, which. Just, like the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in, Moscow, receives. A 24-hour, sentry. Patrol. As you can see the guards. Are standing right there and around, us have written over 7,000, names of those who fell at Stalingrad, at, 7,000, is. Just a drop in that bucket. Being. At mamaev, Corgan certainly, made me want to know more about the. History of the bloodiest battle, in human, history so, I decided to visit the, Battle of Stalingrad Museum. The. Museum had an appropriate, dark interior, and although it may look very modern this, is the original design for the museum from the Soviet Union the. Blacks grays and bursts of red in the building really give off the right field as you go around seeing all the relics of that, battle and time period, this. Panorama, is one of the largest in the world and it's definitely the largest in Russia but things really interesting about it is it shows the Stalingrad, battle from. The viewpoint, of the monument. The motherland calls from up on the hill this, is exactly, what it looked like, some.

Many But, not that many years ago. Actually. The museum is very near Pavlov's, house which I showed you earlier in the episode I fear. That my inbox, will be full of hate mail from Russians if I badly describe the meaning of this remnant of a building so I gathered some quotes as to why this single. Solitary, building, which the Nazis and Soviets fought, over for weeks during, the Battle of Stalingrad is, so important. One. Person, said it was important, because the German 6th, army took, all of France in six weeks but, couldn't take this building in six, weeks, another. Said it showed the resolve, and bravery, of those Soviet soldiers, and proved to the nation that the slogan our deed, is just so, victory awaits us was. Correct. One. Of our viewers said she'd be willing to show me around and told me to meet her at a local coffee shop. Of. Xemnas. Oh, No, pathetic. Over Perez. Kinnison opposed dear image Gustav watched Patricia. After. Cigna Hiroshi Palmer's, though I do. Aha. But reports, ammonia, is religiousness chromeless, gusto. Picasa minions voice Volgograd, hoministe', ass. The. Boat ride was very relaxing, and I noticed that everyone around me really liked the price of those hundred ruble beers at the bar, Irina. Told me many a tale of local projects, and problems that would make any libertarian. Cringe, the. Biggest of the bunch is the dancing. Bridge that, went way over budget was, passed from company to company and, took, 20, years to build and. It's called the dancing bridge because one day it just sort of started shaking, and threw cars over half a meter into, the air the. Sight of this looked like the cars were dancing, and the name is stuck although, this occurred once. With. An engine we watching her shows nineties Roy Gordian, nickel denisa biorisk a satin solution must. Know. Start a hands after he knows but a move to savour diminished, but sheer planning, z'ha'dum, it, lay out of another boot around of a machine. Spasiba. Williams, montages, after Thursday. There, are a few things in this world that I love and driving. And forgotten, isolated, places are top. On my list although. It was a long brutal, drive, over some really beat-up roads, it was great, to put myself and the, manual transmission, to, the test so. Guys we're on our way to Lake Ellen which is a huge saltwater, lake that is a very unique color, to it hopefully we'll be able to see that color and, yeah, it starting to get a little bit late evening, here and I hope we'll get there before dark but, um, never, the feeling that's, not gonna happen oh yeah. I forgot that when you get a rental car in Russia some, companies, just tell you to bring it back with as much gas in the tank as when, you took it needless, to say I forgot, I wasn't trying to go car in America. It. Thanks for the help Pasha, haha. Well. At least the gas station wasn't far the, weather was lovely for me personally and the lady at the desk said they had coffee for sale.

So. All in all our petrol problem, really only hurt us timewise, because, we got to L tone really. Late. Oh hey, while I am still asleep most tent how about you subscribe, to our Channel just, take a second, to click that button it really helps me out. Good, morning, friends. This is Lake Elton and. Maybe. It was mental, that we decided to drive here in the evening, we arrived at night somehow, got a tent set up but. You know it's worth it because this is the best cup of coffee I've ever had in my life. The, surroundings, make it even better let's, take a look around. This, my friends is the true mystery of Lake health on how. The, hell did this get here there's no fast food places for like two hours by, car, that means someone what it is so bad they bought it in Volgograd, just, to bring it here four hours later to eat what. Can I say mala, gets so, guys what we have here is. 100%. Pure. Natural, salt. As far as the eye can see. Now I'd recommend taking a little bit of walk out here towards the lake but be careful as my co-worker said it's very buttery, out here and it does kind of feel like you're walking on butter it's bizarre, because in mud you sink in sand. You kind of go in it but here you sort of step and you just blow her down an inch it's, a very weird feeling. But. I've never felt before. Well, guys the weather get warmer, and that means that, we might be late to see the Victory Day Parade, I'm putting. The gas pedal to the metal here let's, hope we're not late because, I'm missing the Victory Day Parade it. Kind of makes Victory Day for pointless. Well. Even, though I was technically, late there, was still plenty of time till the parade started, so I decided to chat with the parade participants of, it, judicially. A german bitch now machine up at. Rio, Jima was together ooh sweet o na Mai a machine, of. American. Rivals the, clips. On your push. Kicks. On your ovary. Danny. Was rainy with your random tuition. You mean that story, would, come. Last time super, voltage appeared at the time was to me you, know can you open it it. Constructed Rieman of Thomaston women Elkin sweden in the giving tactical do now Simon he rather know. He's picky - Luda Kotori me. Still, not a historian. Spearman. Fuck. You more than a bunch of Paki Molly Daniels. Nayad could be the brushwood, Pokemon. At, Oriel stop. Tory's. Got a clue be reconstructed ah Kotori, many. Wires cross to form above the pitch Odysseus, has got. A. Question. In the PD would a sort. Of a Buddha would be Emma crying I did. With that but the Worcester people. Agreement. With. A loud command from, one of the officers everyone. Raced into position after a few hours of waiting and, the parade began a t-34. Tank led the way and, we made our slow mechanized, march, towards. The start of the parade route, this. Was a very unique experience. To say the least. Okay. Guys so the parade is over and I learned one big thing now I understand, why these guys were into historical reenactment, do what they do I mean it takes two months of preparation, they have to wait outside for three hours standing, around and then they finally get to drive for five or ten minutes so is it worth it absolutely.

Because, There were thousands. Thousands. And thousands of people packed there and as you drive by especially after you leave the main prey people want to be more serious in the main area, but once you sort of get onto more of the side streets everyone's, you know giving you the thumbs up like yeah like. You did it you did it this is awesome thank you so much and you get this really, amazing feeling of gratitude, gratitude, for, people and now. I understand why they do it and it's really great in them you, know everyone's. Happy thousands. And thousands of people are really happy and it's worth showing up to Volgograd to see that. Guys. A lot of countries including Russia there are some holidays. That governments make up and they expect people to do something to give you a day off and everyone just stays home not, Victory. Day I mean look at this the entire city is out here this is why you want to come to Volga right because you can see the entire city look over there Pasha turn this way turn this way look there's just as many people over there as our producer ran away it's amazing, could really feel the energy it's, a real holiday. Not, like other holidays, there's. Some sort of Constitution, Day no one cares. The. Historical, reenactors, with whom i rode in the parade offered to put on a little show and help make our video top-notch, and add a little extra stalingrad, flavor so. Enjoy our little reenactment if you don't like the outcome or authenticity of the following scene then please write all hate mail - cameraman Pasha who made all the decision I am. Just, a grunt with a rifle. How about that. Because I think I need a vacation. Vacation. I. Took. My glasses off and I looked down at the German soldiers about 200 yards away for, about a tenth of a second, something, on my mind let my Slavic instincts, turned on and it it was like real you know you're like wow they're there, right there and another. Thing is to tell you is the ejector, on this gun really doesn't seem to eject very much so, you'll see me in the video fighting, with it it also doesn't seem really like. Closing, very much but then again that's the reality of war and there's sand everywhere so, very. Interesting experience. And I'm, so glad I never got drafted. So. Friends this is the immortal regiment, it's a movement that's become very popular we're on Victory Day people, gather together with portraits, of their our ancestors, who fought World War two like my grandfather and I'll, remember so.

What, Can I say, I really, miss my grandfather, just like these people around miss there's the. Tragedy, that was World War two still, has a very deep effect on life in Russia I actually, hate when people get emotional in public and on camera so please forgive my moment of hypocrisy, so. Guys, that was Victory, Day and that was vulgar, I hope you had a great time because I sure did, now the one thing is if you come here for this holiday I gotta, tell you one thing plan in advance because I saw a lot of school field trips people from other cities in Russia and I have a strong feeling that every hotel here is booked up so maybe think like two months in advance and speaking of doing things in advance you, know a lot of people want to see the parade as you might guess and so if you don't get there earlier pick a good spot you're, not gonna be seeing too much so to go everything go early, get there in advance get your tickets in advance or, whatever the freight is free but you might need to get tickets for other things anyways. One nice thing though about the city which is something I really didn't expect is it's actually very compact, it's actually not a big city usually, every major residence Russian city is really, spread out here everything is super. Compact, which is great it will save you a lot of money on taxis, and so. On and maybe, the best thing that I was I was really afraid people, told me and he destroyed, everything in World War two the city centers really active no the city center is awesome because Khrushchev didn't rebuild it it was still built and rebuilt in these Stalinist, architectures, so you go to the city center and you see something still really, amazing, that really should. Give, the people here something to be proud, of so anyways guys. What. A great victory date and as I say Victory Day is always a bit bittersweet, but, when you're working a TV crew or not in the front it's, a lot more sweet than.

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Stalingrad battle (with English subtitles). Documentary : https://youtu.be/q0Z_zM5-fAc

Улыбнуло про компактный Волгоград. 3 город по площади в России (после Москвы и Питера, больше Ростова на Дону в 2,5 раза) прокатился бы на 55 или 77 автобусе и прифигел бы :)

Мост "золотые ворота" в Сан- Франциско бро ))

2-ая часть на русском тоже вышла. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_3hU32T6OE

Михаил Севастьянов and Pavel Voronin wrote in Russian these great comments: The monument "Mother-land calls" is the part of the triptych; it's one of 3 monuments with the Victory Sword united by common idea and representing it in its development. 1st is in Magnitogorsk where a worker gives the Victory Sword made by him to a warrior. It's named "From home-front to battle-front". 2nd is "Mother-land calls" in Stalingrad shown by Tim. 3d is "Soldier-liberator" in  Treptower Park (Berlin). It pictures a soldier with a little German girl on one hand and with the Victory Sword in another cutting up swastika.  Two of them was created by famouse Russian sculptor Eugeny Vuchetich -  "Mother-land calls" and  "Soldier-liberator". In addition to the triptych and as a conclusion of its idea Vuchetich also made the famouse sculpture "Let's beat our swords into plowshares" wich stands before UN headquarter in New York City as the gift from USSR to UN.


Volgograd is not so compact as you think. This city is almost 100km along the Volga river.

Я с вами не соглашусь на счет того что Волгоград маленький город. Вы наверно были только в нескольких районах, а точнее это центральный и тракторозаводской. А так Волгоград протяженностью 100 километров. Приезжайте еще раз и я вам его покажу весь.

Спасибо,покажи много,общайся с людьми.

Приезжайте в Астрахань)

Михаил Севастьянов and Pavel Voronin wrote in Russian these great comments: The monument "Mother-land calls" is the part of the triptych; it's one of 3 monuments with the Victory Sword united by common idea and representing it in its development. 1st is in Magnitogorsk where a worker gives the Victory Sword made by him to a warrior. It's named "From home-front to battle-front". 2nd is "Mother-land calls" in Stalingrad shown by Tim. 3d is "Soldier-liberator" in  Treptower Park (Berlin). It pictures a soldier with a little German girl on one hand and with the Victory Sword in another cutting up swastika.  Two of them was created by famouse Russian sculptor Eugeny Vuchetich -  "Mother-land calls" and  "Soldier-liberator". In addition to the triptych and as a conclusion of its idea Vuchetich also made the famouse sculpture "Let's beat our swords into plowshares" which stands before UN headquarter in New York City as the gift from USSR to UN.


this video should be seen by much more people. loved it! you have done a great job, but yet there are more places to see in Volgograd, may be you can make a second video on this beautiful city.

Потому что это была внешняя война и в ней участвовало относительно мало народа, но интерес к этой войне в США все равно есть спустя столько лет. P.S. в войне так же победил Советский Союз, а это значит, что война не достигла своих целей...

Cheeky swipe at Pittsburgh, Tim! Don't worry, we still take the Browns to the super bowl about once per day. Great video, greetings from the 'burgh!

HaHA! Loved it! Tim, could you do an episode from Vladivostok to Khabarovsk??

Привет) спасибо, что показали нашу страну) *нужно самой посмотреть Волгоград))

Эх, мо ГовноГрад .....

Приезжай в Челябинск, свожу на экскурсию в Карабаш

My pleasure!

Real good !

после поездки в Волгоград какое мнение о победе над Германией?Кто победил,Советский Союз или Америка?

Ааааааа спасибо, ты даже показал кусок гВолжского, я частенько запрвляюсь на той заправке куда ты толкал машину. Но блин жаль, что ты мало что показал на самом деле. Приезжай ещё раз, я покажу тебе весь Волгоград. Это второй по длине город в мире, там ещё есть самый большой памятник реально жившему человеку, Волгодонской канал, в 10 км от той заправки делают самые мощные мотоциклы в России, я могу тебе даже экскурсию туда сделать. Блин, блин, блин, а бельджамен совсем рядом был разрушен Тамерланом, а озеро лотосов ты проехал в 5 км от него и наверно даже не знал. Приезжай ещё раз и я открою тебе Волгоград который ты ещё не видел!

Please bring it back this city's name: "Stalingrad"! The matyrs were died for defending this name! "Volgagrad" is not a respectful calling of this city!

Ну я давно изучаю историю.

С удовольствием!

Thank you! I actually went to college in Pittsburgh. So I was there for a few years. By random chance I got to meet a few of the Steelers and I always told them "I hope you have an amazing 14-2 season next year". They always asked "why 14". I told them "because I want the Browns to at least go 2-14". Suprisingly almost all of them were offended by that. Football players are touchy I guess. One day we will make the playoffs before I die! In short thanks for watching and all the best to you!

Please help by sharing this and telling people about ti.

my pleasure!

Laughed so much about the constitution day

Pokemony and reconstructors)

You went to see Eltin? Nice man

Ну вот не должна быть такая бородка у советского солдата!!



I’m from Akron and that Steelers jab made me laugh so hard

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