Vortexes, Chakras and Multidimensionality

Vortexes, Chakras and Multidimensionality

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Swirling. Means. It's a symbol of energy. Just. Like when people crystal, bowls. Part. Of the energy, of a crystal bowl is not in its molecular, configuration, or, structure, it's the spiraling. And I don't know if I've ever even heard anybody, know, that or figure that out it's, not just the work we're creating, a Gong because we're rubbing an object on a crystal, the. Spiraling. Itself. Is energetic. And if, a musician or crystal, Bowl practitioner, knows that it's only going to increase its. Effectiveness so you, know here we have that. Right. That vibe right so. That's energy. And. There's, a place called Newgrange, in Ireland outside. Of it they've got this picture of so you know this carving of spirals, on the rocks there's, all kind every country, every continent. Has these this symbol like a spiral, kind. Of like the Celtic knot idea. But, spirals, and you know and you get these. Archaeologists. And oh. My god I can't even watch shows like that because, you get them but we don't quite understand. What, they were doing maybe they were mixing, bread you know I mean it's like they. Come up with these like you, got you could you paint you got paid to, be on the show to talk about what you you guys how, they gonna ever say anything intelligent, on these shows if you don't tap the mind, of the spiritual, minds of the people that created these things you. Know then they come up with all these bizarre, notions. And theories and it's just like aw jeez, so. You, know I just don't even bother with it. But. It is that simple when you see that symbol just like if you drove by a place in Sedona and you saw us a sign, and there, were hands like this you, might assume it's. A place of Reiki or healing you just might assume that if they're. Flipped over it might be they want to do your nails but if it's this way. It's probably, healing, energy, pictures. Like this you know and heal energy, from the hands if that's what it means and we know that ancient. People, when they saw that symbol they knew, this. Is a place of healing. Transformation. So, on it. Just that's what it was, it's, a placard it's a sign, except, it's carved, intent. On rocks. Energy. Here. Lock-ins. Welcome, you know. You. Guys even might even remember the van Gogh starry night. Why. Why. Are, there spirals, up in the sky it makes no sense, logically. But. It's because in hearing his hypersensitive. Mind he. Could see spirals, I remember. Talking to an artist once and. She was talking about her favorite art was impressionistic, art and, I was like yeah you know impression, this is probably.

20-something Years ago and I said you know impressionistic, art isn't my thing it's. Kind of fuzzy looking I like. You know as you can imagine just symbolic, I like crisp, I like clear you. Know, so. I didn't at all dig you, know impressionistic. Art I said what's with the fuzziness, you. Know because metaphorically. I like clear clean, to communications. It's, conversations. Relations, clean clear, no fuzziness, right. Her. Response, and I've only heard her and no one else in history that in my history ever say this the. Reason they're fuzzy is because, impressionist, artists. Are aware, that everything vibrates. And. I went oh I'm. So dumb. You. Know to me and I'm good I love I love being, wrong when. Being when the right is so much better it. VIPRE, I'm like that's, it these, guys it, was vibrating. So. That's. How their mind they experience. It which of course. Also. Can make you a bit fragile mentally. Because. Everything's, vibrating. Not. Only does that mess with your head because your eyes can't. Comprehend. It but, when you try to communicate that, to people as an, emotion, as a. Thought. As an, epiphany, it just, sounds too abstract cuz everybody wants things linearly so you. Know I was like wow that's. That's. Amazing because, of course everything does vibrate, does, that mean that's the healthier mind we all need to get to that no we. Can all see that it vibrates but, for them it, was sometimes, so, hypersensitive. For them that, that's all they could see and what, happens is then you don't know how to communicate three. Dimensionally, does. That make sense you're. You know you're a little too far out there so. We. Have these, spirals. In a place of Sedona every continent, has them they're called vortexes. So. Vortexes. However, are grossly, misunderstood. They're, there you know you. Know people kind of hype them there's these vortexes. And Sedonas, got we have probably, the highest concentration. Of vortexes. Here more, than anywhere in the world then that's why it is what it is we don't have a major vortex. In Sedona. Like people would like you to believe especially, if they're trying to sell you something here's. A picture of the largest but you know we're the largest it's not like that at all we're not a major vortex, on earth we're. Just the place with the most vortexes. That it's like its own major. Vortex, kind of like one the. Quantity, of energy feels, like it can't be anything but a major, vortex, but it's because of the number so, how many are there, oh well, somebody says I've, mapped them all out and I'll sell you a brochure you know that, tells you about there's seven, there's 30 there's 11 or whatever they we're into that week. But. You, can't actually count, them there. Are some that are a little more solid here, consistent. Here, but. You. Can't count them and the, reason is because the entire, region, is like. This, buzzing. Vibrating. Energy. So, within that, every. So often its own little whirlwind, start and so, you can't catch them you can't trap him you can't box them because it keeps creating new, ones and then those fade like, whirl winds see. That some. Are more consistently. There but, often there's just new ones kind of one, raises. You. Know that's kind of that why it's kind of got this unstable. 'no sand for, people that are mentally unstable, it can, intensify it. That's. Kind of a bummer you know because, it's. Not understood, people. Unstable. Will go ah I gotta go to Sedona oh don't, man. Totem, don't. Come here because. It could set you off. They're. Going it's it's my it's my tribe, I can feel I know, you're. Already vibrating. And you're trying to go to a place of vibration. Then. It's. Excessive, instability, but far more even, than the impressionistic, artists. So to speak right so. We do we get that a lot people take their own lives a lot here and things, happen instabilities. And. You. Know folks just don't even know how to handle that sometimes, I mean when somebody is unstable you try to be all loving and new agey but sometimes they need 3-dimensional.

Help So, you have to figure out how can I do that from a loving place and so on but. I remember, like I mean there's other places on the planet that our major vortex, is some of them other. Times like like Brazil, is a place that's very high-energy, but. Most of its unstable, most. Of the geography. Geology. Sorry. Most of the geology. Of Brazil. Is crystals, under, the ground are crystals, everywhere I mean. I've been one, of the times I went you know maybe twice of the few times I've gone you, can some of the streams you walk in now they've made this eleague which I'll get back to but you walk in the streams you can just dig your hands in the mud and bring out crystals, it's not like you have to look for, them there's. So many crystals, there that I remember, being at a hotel and you know you have flower beds in in hotels, outside inside for kind of display you know like we have bark bark. In the in, the flower, beds they, have crystals, just. Trillions. Of point, like the ones you'd usually wear on a necklace you. Know I mean just filling, flower beds, they're. So plentiful, there but, you can't live, in, a, crystal, it's not a good idea, you're, just living in this. You. Know it like how is that a good idea, I guess. If you were really really dense earthy it my kind of help to wrap up your vibes but, anything. From midline, to higher vibration. It's gonna just launch you. The. Great Pyramid of Giza, you know people, Oh. God. That's an end beautiful, place to sleep the night used. To be able to you, used to be able to get away with that now, so it's not so unless you really pay off a guard a lot of money but it's. It's really they, make a lot of these things illegal, but sleeping. In the grape you just figure it's a Great Pyramid it's the highest vortex. On the planet Giza the Great Pyramid is capping, off the highest it's, the crown chakra of planet, Earth how. Could I not want to spend the night in there and. And. People have I mean Napoleon went, in there he, came out white, as a ghost they said and people. Tried to ask him even to his death what, did you see and he said you, wouldn't believe me if I told you. Wow. Do. You understand that Mina has to be big stuff. For. Somebody. Of that level. Meaning, of authority. Non fear battle, you know general, whatever the heck he was and and. To say it's he comes out white like what. Did he see. That. Place is so high, it's. Important, that we understand, vortexes. Are not just, cute, energetic. Tornadoes. Their. Places, of, multidimensionality. So. A place, like. Brazil. It's, it sets a lot of people off there's, a lot of instability. There energetically. Another. Place that, is a vortex, is Glastonbury, England it's one of the seven, major vortexes, on planet Earth and. Bloody. Heck man, there's. A lot of instability, there you. Know the one of the main streets, in that town is called High Street and, that's. Right, if. They're. Not on something. They're, energetically. Out of it the high you know I mean it's, such a trip. But. Again it's, so full it's so sad to go to energy, plate to come to Sedona and hear that there's anything but, bliss. You. Know kind of like wait, not in Sedona all, it is is more intense. We. Would love to say I want to create a safe little vortex where there's only peace and love, and fairies you know, but. Vortexes. Are, multidimensionality. And any vortex, that has high energy also has other, kinds, of energies trying to destroy the high energy the. High vibration. Just. Like the song we sang for those that didn't catch, this we opened. Today with serpentine, fire by Earth Wind and Fire serpentine. Fire needs says he's saying in the song this. Is a battle, and and. There's a part in the song surely, as one, you. Know you will battle with the serpentine, fire. Everybody's. Got to deal with that your. Chakras, open up your your Kundalini, rises it's not all just nice. Isn't. That sweet, anything. That is unlike. It they call it the super serpentine, fire because it burns away anything. That is unholy. So. Think twice. When. You have somebody say to you hey fur ten bucks I'll help you raise your Kundalini energy you know I'll just do this or a special, ceremony. Away you. Know what the, Mystics, of old used to say be. A nice person, and the. Kundalini, will rise or, the. Actual, phrase, was be, loving, and of service and it. Will rise on its own. Commit. Your life to Christ. Consciousness, the. Holy Spirit, of God technically. The, serpentine, fire is the. Holy spirit, within us but, unawakened. But. The Holy Spirit is, according, to you. Know the Asian trip Trinity. Vishnu. Brahma Shiva, the, Hindu Trinity. One. Of them is called the Creator one.

Of Them is called the preserver and one of them is called the destroyer and. The. Destroyer, means I'm going to destroy your illusions, so that's the that's the Holy Spirit and it's, also the Divine Mother oh the. Divine Mother wouldn't destroy your illusions because, you're interpreting it as a negative but. It's fantastic. That she destroys your illusions, and she. Doesn't actually destroy, them as much as say here's. Where you are so. I'm here to help you see that would. You be willing to kind of go. Over here, yes. I am excellent so this has to get destroyed, so, that she can mirror a higher thing for us. We. Call it destroyer, beacon, that's a really rude term to put to it even though that's the traditional, interpretation. It's a rude interpretation. For the Divine Mother and the Holy Spirit, but, who made up that term people, that don't want the change so. You're destroying, my reality we're going to call her and give, the female again a negative, slant, but. This because you got issues. Caller. The recreator. Call. Her something else but. Not to destroyer because, it then scares people and, then. It's like the, old days when somebody would say you know if you go on acid, when you're in a bad state of mind it's not a good idea because you could have a bad trip it's the same with Kundalini, if your. Kundalini. Where that energy, moving through your body awakening. Can be negative, you're. Going to take that along for the ride during. Your awakening process, if, we. Understood, I can. Sacrifice nothing. Of real value. So. I'm ready to surrender the old testament, if you could see God it would destroy, you all that's. Something I want to do right away then you. Know that's not a good sales pitch who's gonna you know who's gonna go on that trip. Destruction. The immediate destruction just this way you know. It's, like the Monty Python you, know Life, of Brian you. Know will, they be crucifixion, or freedom today. I'll. Take freedom just kidding crucifixion, please and then they write. This way I mean great. Irreverence. About, it all but. That's it who would choose that in their, right mind would choose it so we. End up by all these weird. Inadvertent. Sometimes, and sometimes very purposeful, things about fearing, God and fearing. A letting go of the old and awakening, into the new life so. Sedonas. Got these vortexes, but so do you. You. Have major, vortexes. Sedona. Has major vortexes. Of itself, not major to the planet the planet has major, vortexes. So, don't has got its own version of its its own major, minor, and even acupoints, acupuncture. Like points here here here, and there but. The planet, has chakras. Minor. Chakras, and acupoints. And and. She cuz she's a being just like us, why wouldn't she so. She known, as Gaia or key in some traditions but Gaia gay. Or key, she. Is a being so. She like, other beings has major chakras minor. Chakras and acupoints, and. We, can't just go you know like for me, if. You ask me how many times have you been to. The. Vortexes, Michael I mean Here I am like. Eight years that I've, been here been touring here I, don't. Know maybe 20 years total often, up before I even arrived I used to come here once or so a year like most places I tour and do workshops, how. Many times have you been to the for like, zero. And, there's. A reason which I'll explain but, like it's like zero maybe. A couple of exceptions but. Practically, zero and. One. Reason is because. People. It's. The the some people overestimate them, and worship them some, people underestimate. Them some, people over value, vortexes, they make a religion, out of it have. You been to the vortexes, you're not spiritual, if you haven't been to the vortexes, I say, then I'm not spiritual as I'm not going so, I'm, making, a point to I make, a point to this but some. People you, know they underestimate. It one. Way you underestimate, it is not just by saying oh it's, a hoax that's some people under estimating, it there's. Other people that underestimate, it and they do so by analyzing it, whenever. People analyze. Something I think it's hilarious very. Sad but, hilarious because. They think the more they analyze, something they figure it out you. Cannot, figure out anything, when you push yourself away from it and when you analyze something you distance, yourself from it, you're. Analyzing it because you're afraid of it, so. When you start to oh well the vortex isn't in this and and it does this and and you start making up all these things and you overanalyze. It I hear people say there's no such thing it's actually you. Know anomalies. Of geology, and they come up with a they're not impressing, me at all, they're. Shoosh you know they're just pulling away the whole. You. Know spirituality. Of it they, think it's a joke Delphi. Or Delfy depending on how you want to pronounce it in Greece you.

Know The scientists, say oh we. Figured it out figured what out for. Generations. You told us there's, no such thing about the phenomena of of Delfy, but. When it's convenient to them it's, real, but. Only when it fits their three-dimensional science. So they say well there's a fission there a natural. You know geological, fission and so when, the earth makes itself in movements that you can't always feel, it, releases, like, a certain. Fumes let's call it to keep it simple fumes, that caused the Oracle. To. Have visions, and she. Would, go into trances, and they'd say so that's what happened okay. Thank you but riddle me this Batman. If. It. Was just a geological. Anomaly, of a fission moving. A you, know earth geology, moving, and it created fumes, that caused her to go into a trance why were they accurate. How. Come she could prophesy, things that were accurate you're still not getting it are. They're accurate fumes in the earth geology, that versus, inaccurate, fumes come on there's, something there but people analyze so. When you hear people going overly, intellectual, on the vortexes, just smile, and remember. What I just said just smile and realize. Wow they're. Pushing away from it so they can see it and point, at it and analyze it and evaluate. It in the end that's what we do with people when, we fault find it's, a way to distance, people from us, every. Little judgement means, we're not the same we're. Not one and, that's. Why we do it you. Know that's why we you, know when you do things like you look at yourself or. Others. You're. Not the person I married or, you're getting older you find a photo new wrinkle on yourself, or others all you're really doing is, love. Is just too much for me today so I have to find something. Unloving. Or that doesn't look like love so, I can go well. That was a close one I almost. Felt too much love there but now, that you've got a flaw I'm feeling, much safer, and this. Is what people doing it's the same with the vortexes, and other you, know spiritual, things that go on so. I don't. Believe in over, analyzing, them because, that pushes them away or just pooh-poohing the whole idea I don't believe in that but, I also don't believe in worshipping them you're. Not spiritual, till you've been to the vortexes, here's. My take on that. You. Can bring the vortexes, to you believe. It or not and I'll get to that a little more in a sec. One. Of the most if not the most but, one of the most powerful vortexes. In Sedona. Is right. Here where we're sitting at Unity of Sedona they call it the hill the hill were on at Unity of Sedona now. You won't find that in the brochures, because. They can't make money on bringing people to this one but. This is one of the most powerful and it's, only been one of the, vortexes, in Sedona in the, last few years that we've been doing this now that sounds really easily, kind of cocky and like a sales pitch so don't believe me, the. Tibetan, monks that came here to unity of Sedona went this, is the strongest, energy, center we have felt in all of Sedona then. A couple of native of different native, elders have said the same thing when they came here Wow. What's. This and. You. Know we don't we don't say it's a geological. You know of, vortex. E ology, nor. Do we say oh well. It's because, of special. Ritual. Although. That's been there too that's, been a part of making this vortex, when. You put. Consciousness. Into things you draw attention to it and we. Have done work here that's not, like. What color eyewear or, or, you know we have crystals we set around here that's not what creates the vortex. That's. Just fun to, put. The crystals around and line them up and that's cool that's great, it just supports. Consciousness. Comes first, and it's. The consciousness, we have here, as a rule as a theme, as a focus, and intention of God.

First And. Then. Love. Attracts like itself. There's. Not a lot of ritual to that God first. That. Already starts to do something, when. We start to say what's what goes on at unity what are they about unity of Sedona it's, about God. First and allowing, the intention, of focusing, on reconnecting. With God to, awaken, because the divine mother then births it in us the child called Christ God. First in the awakening of the Christ, make. Your home a place that angels would seek to dwell is the old statement and how. Is that not going to apply in the concept, of, vortexes. Because. Vortexes. Are just energy, creative, healing. Energy but it's still, and, something. Has to start swirling, it, sometimes. It could be things happening miles, over there away miles, over there and might just like wind creating. Those little whirl winds all, right that, happened or tornadoes, for that matter it's never right there it's you know by itself it's, kind of an ecosystem, that moves and creates, does that make sense it's. The same with us when we do consciousness, work you. Could also create a vortex by, ritual. Ritual ritual. Ritual on a site and you'll, probably create, your own little version like in your own backyard you, could do this your. Own version of like a little acupuncture. Point in. Your own backyard kind, of cool I wouldn't do it in my bedroom because. You're not gonna sleep as well when you have all this buzzing energy but. I would find a place maybe your altar if you have an altar in your home or, maybe it'll be in your yard. But. What happens is then we create a collective grid system, if, each of us does some ritual, and consciousness, work to anchor to be the presence, of that. You know high, vibration. You're, going to create your own little version like an acupuncture, point in your own backyard let's, say and then, the person over there is doing it and she's doing it she's doing it he's doing it he's doing so we all have these going on what. Happens, is the. Mother the, divine mother and then the Earth Mother the Earth Mother says thank. You I know just, what to do with that she. Can never fail at this it's part of her whole system. As soon as you create one of those she starts stringing, it to another one lining. Your grid with someone else is your point with someone else's and then someone else's some and we then have a grid, around, the planet a grid system of light and. Even. If we die it's, still there and she. Is. Just. Soaking, in light, light. Molecular. Energy, light waves, particles. Photons proton. Whatever, is filled with light she, draws it into those vortexes, and feeds. Herself, and her whole body is then filled with light. So. Then we have a planet, that's ascending. Instead. Of us sitting around waiting, to ascend and to, heck with everybody and the planet, we. Become a you. Know a part, of that we become an actual, participant, and a part of that process. So. We become the change you, know like we've said you know we've heard many times we become the, change we'd like to see in the world, but. Not just saying it I mean. We're living it so, here at unity of Sedona we're just living love and there. Are people that don't get it and kind of get matters, don't like us there are people that you know they push away because, that's what people want to do with love. But. We just keep holding the vibe we just keep you. Know don't. Overestimate don't, underestimate don't, get caught up in any of the human thoughts, about vortexes. Don't overestimate don't, underestimate. Don't worship the vortexes, although, if you have friends that go can we go take, them to it that's fine don't. Worry about it like don't be anti, it. But. Just know the truth, respect, the illusion, but know the truth and, how. Cool it is to say. Like. You know I don't have to run, to it, become. If, I'm gonna become that thing that can draw a vortex. Right where I am, because let me say this there's vortexes. And sacred sites and all kinds of cool things around the planet grids and points but, there, is no despite, how cool those can be believe. Me when I tell you there is no, holier, place than your own soul, your. Soul created the entire universe so. It doesn't marvel over a, stinking. Little vortex on planet Earth your. Soul created everything, that we see we co-created, this so, there's nothing more holy than your soul but not your. Soul when it's filled with hate and fear. Then. You're. Negatively. Creative. Which is an. Oxymoron you're, negatively. Creating. For lack of a better word but. When you focus on love God. Forgiveness. Compassion you're. Creating a different kind of a vortex right, where you are, however.

A Place, of love compassion. And forgiveness in, me, is what starts, to create this its, own little whirlwind right, we're used to if you're coming to a center. In town some you know somebody does sessions. Here or our chapel wherever. You do it and you go and do some forgiveness work you've just created a, sacred. Site. But. It's not just the location. The. Sacred site you're nurturing is also your own soul and. That's. Why the old saying you can take it with you. Consciousness. You only ever, take, it with you so. When. They say the money in the possessions you can't take it with you yeah, true what you can take is consciousness, and you do take is consciousness, but, it means not just when you pass over everywhere. You go like the example I gave when I started about this experience with this lady in town you. Go to a grocery store you bring that vortex with you and this. Can sound like a lot of work some of damn, I'm not always in the mood to be all loving, vortex, you know okay. Fine then. Just own that just. Own that and when, you say father mother God man I'm just off today, I'm feeling kind of out of it, when. You run into someone who is in a better space you. Just walked into a vortex that's, different a vortex. Of love and it's. Almost, impossible to, not be affected, by that shift, that higher vibration. I say, almost because we. Have free will and we can say I refuse. This. Is just so much love I just cannot have a lit I refuse, you can do that I. Remember. Um a. Conversation. I was having having, with a brother, of mine when I was probably. 22. Ish and. Sitting. At the table and his. Wife he and his wife were arguing, about something and she was trying to get something across to him he was not gonna hear it and they just went back and forth and back and forth and so. I kind of stopped I said well I think what she's trying to say is and I, did one of those like you guys you know we just kind of I think with you and you tuned in and I said it she. Goes that's. Exactly. What I was trying to say and. I'm. Like you know I cause. When you when you love people you know what they mean so. I'm like okay I got it he. Turns to me as, straight. As can be like he was as being as he, was serious he was said, you know what your problem is Michael you're. In touch with your feelings. That's. What he said to me like. I was going to go oh no is it contagious, like I was like. Yeah. Okay, I was, waiting like where's the hint you know but to him that was completely nuts like what's wrong with you Michael your. Touch with your feelings so. We. Can bring our light. Everywhere. We go but you know you're allowed you know to say not today, for. Me I, have. To say though. John. Of God we're, gonna go a couple of us you know we're a handful, of us are gonna go see John of God in August so, I'll probably be two or three dozen of us but we're, gonna go people that aren't from the unity of Sedona and people that are here we're gonna go and visit him again it's been several years since I've gone but I'm gonna go again. That. Is phenomenal work but. He's in Brazil and there's. High energy. In Brazil, but. John of God will tell you the same as I've said but you you probably could never find me saying these words. Historically. You're not gonna find it on any of my videos or. Talks, or whatever because I don't think I've ever said it but I'm gonna say it now I don't. Have to go to the vortexes, I can bring them here, just. My decision, to put God as a priority in Christ consciousness is how I do it not because of like, my own powers, or something I don't even need. To, think of my, own what do I want of my own. It's. Like Jesus said of myself I am nothing because. That means of my little false self I am nothing, it's I'm only the real I'm only something when I'm my real self, which is God so. That focus, means yeah, I have. The power, and the right and the consciousness, I as, Michael Moore dad I can do that and I've done all kinds of fabulous miraculous. Things in my, years at. Different times all kinds, of things, you wouldn't even believe, but. I did find and you know and I want you to understand that's. Not an arrogant, statement because I also chose, to stop doing, as much of it was which was a really weird, decision. Because. When I moved here people. A lot, of people took two camps, one they, felt overly, in love with the Guru and oh he can do amazing things and then there's the other camp we, don't like this guy he. Could do really weird things. So. They took it one extreme to the other so I thought and it's not I sacrificed. It but I thought the.

Greater Good is for me to back off on it and just teach and, not show, too much, in terms of action, powers, and good things like that let, me just teach because it. Was the same estándar. Safest, for everybody, it doesn't, tempt them to make me into something woohoo and it doesn't tempt them to overly hate me either well they some of them still pulled that off fairly well so. So. I did back off even, with my closest friends years ago I noticed, that there were times when I would just do things kind, of for. Fun but. More more using more like human. Skills. Not powers, it's hard to explain without getting into specifics, and gonna but I just, more, like sleight of hand or play playfulness. Because. I started, feeling some of my closest friends started. Getting too far out with it in the. You. Know opera. You know rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar it's sort of portrayed where. Some of the Apostles are saying you know Jesus the people are starting to believe this stuff that you do, which. Because it's true but, it's scary so. As a human being, I have, to say it's kind of scary it was and is sometimes still scary, when if you, get too much in the zone people don't know what to do with that I remember. My middle daughter say man dad it was it was hard growing, up with you as our dad and I'm like really cuz I did, my best to create fun and kind of a good vibe she. Said no it was just and I. Never thought, of it this way she just said but we could just feel something and it was like we could never live up to that vibe that that who you are how could we ever be like that but, I never said you be like me you know but. Yet they could still put that in their mind she. Said dad you know like like. We. Can you can walk by a donut. Store or a you, know those mime Cinnabon, Zoar one of my favorites so you you go she goes you could go buy those and you'll just like all to have 12 integers, if she goes and you'll lose weight she goes, if we even smell, them as we walk by me we, like you know blow up so, that was our fun, way of articulating that. She saw felt something, different. But. As a dad, or parent, does, that feel fun to. Think your child's intimidated. By that it didn't feel really great it was funny and kind, of true in this and that but, but. It also feels weird so as a human being, wrestling. With that you and I wrestling. With your, healing, powers your intuitive, skills or whatever it is you are unique, at there's. Some of you that are painters, you know first week you went to class you were painting better than people that have been there for years that's. Exciting, but doesn't it sometimes, feel a little yucky, when you know some people hate you for, painting, so so, easily when, you worked at it for so long they, work at it so long. That's. What it can be like and I. Can't say it's easy and it's resolved, and here's the answer what, I can tell you is in general truth, to thine own divine. Self be true. You. Don't need to apologize you, don't need to be ashamed and when. You do show skills, you're painting, your healing skills and so on if you're, doing it to be, superior, you, are wrong for doing it that way people, don't like the word wrong in Sedona, I don't care you're wrong any. Time you're coming from your ego Jesus, says in A Course in Miracles you're, wrong. But. He doesn't mean you're bad. He. Means you're in your wrong mind, you're. In your ego, so you're not even in your real self, so. I know how to do at least that much and I'm grateful check in and you know make sure my intentions, are good but you to make. Sure you make sure your intentions are right I've. Taught you no classes, on even sacred sexuality because. I could, show people and, I've demonstrated this, on videos now and again but I show. People how you can grab. The, energy, of light, of God and even the, spirals, and you, can even bring them as you're doing healing work even if you just do hands-on healing but, also in, in your intimacy with another you, can actually do vortexes. Work on a human body creating. Vortexes, that starts, getting their body to absorb pure. Light and their body starts getting activated, like, a spiritual. Orgasmic, experience, now. You. Know I've been to, places, where. Lectures. And conferences, experts. On Tantra. Sacred sexuality healing. Conferences, and I demonstrate, those kinds of things part. Of what I enjoyed, about it was. Not looking. Cool it was, because. I could see the skeptics, always. Leaning a little like Italy. They would start to. Like. How's he doing that and I, would just. You. Know, because. I enjoyed. Seeing. Their minds not being, able to figure it out not. Because I'm trying to taunt them but I'm getting them to go what. I believe, is not, true and maybe, there's more and I like that idea maybe.

There's More to life. So, Michael can you tell us how. You do that and they're waiting for me to go well I, three. Times a day I stand, on one foot do pranayama and chant Larry. Moe, and Curly Larry, Moe and Curly but. I don't so. They're like well what is it do you do do stare at mandalas do you check what do you do to create for Texas on human, bodies, God. And they're like oh that. We. Don't like that we like to think that we're amazing we don't like to think that there's a God or and and, the, concept, of Christ consciousness. Was. Way out there for some of them so I had. To just find a way to articulate, it laid it in a way that they could hear and sometimes it wasn't gonna be in a way that they can hear don't. Underestimate ever, the. Power of you in a relationship with God. Don't. Just don't even bother it's, beyond, comprehension. You, can create vortexes. Where you are John of God says I, will. Open a vortex, for something to happen here today and it's not figurative. He's. Literally, doing something, paranormal, something, that's multi-dimensional. And then he says do, not meditate. While. We're doing this work well. That doesn't make any sense, oh it does because. When you have multidimensionality. You also have. Multi-dimensional. Beings, and you. Have dark things kind of coming in to invade the energy so he says do, not open yourself up to complete. Like. That kind of spiritual, vulnerability. Energetically. He says because you might have energies. Come into you that you don't want. Hold. Center hold. Focus in God that's, all you need to do then you're gonna add to the vibes we have but don't oh I'm, just gonna meditate and be open because then he's gonna have to like do an exorcism on you later. So. I I I, for one I kind of you know turned off I don't take my groups that come to town twice. A year I do five-day, intensives, and, as I'm starting to close here now I'm, just letting you know I don't always we, go to spaces. That are beautiful, and there's energy I do and we then do our own prayer and energy, but, I don't go to your famous vortexes. I find. It to be, ridiculous. To have you know tourists, climbing, over us taking pictures of us while we chant you, know have a look at their meditating, you know they take pictures let's take this home you, know back home to I won't name any states or cities or countries but you know they're gonna they're, photos these are meditators, in Sedona I it's. Just kind of ridiculous, you know so. Like as though we're like we're a species, look meditators, I. Mean, that's what it's like so so, you, can't, explain, it to them and when. We've gone to places around the world and we bring that energy I love. That. From a distance people go, even. But we before we do anything who. Are you guys oh hi. Michael. You. Know I don't we are meditators. From. Sedona. Michael. Because they'll say there's no there's something else, there's. Something else going on you know who, are you guys and then we get into a circle, and we start doing our work in in, cathedrals. And chapels, and you know we do fairly well but I don't appreciate that governments have started, making it illegal, to go to some of these places or, they. Make it a tourist, attraction and, just get money off I don't dig what, the world is doing to these places so that's another, main reason why I don't do it so much we go and create our own. You. Know I don't like the way places, have been mauled and ripped apart that, were a sacred, space I just don't dig that sort of thing but. We, go to these cathedrals and so on and we find a little quiet corner, because we're not trying to show up and we just and we're not talking about singers, we're just people and then, we do just like we do here guys at the end of service I asked. Him to concentrate. On God. Christ, energy whatever you want to call it concentrate. On. Light, pure, God light, because. The intention is going to be what you're infusing. Concentrate. On that and then I tell, them oh. And. They all start joining it all and. It sounds like this choir, that's trained, and these, are folks typically they don't know anything about it but they find it and the voice finds it because spirit, starts working through and before you know what there's this, room.

This Vibe, and, people. Come to us that, was the most beautifully what choir are you what what you are you from what you know, this. Is Manny, Moe and Jack I mean you know we're, just and and, they, don't understand, it and I'm saying it's, not because, of what we know it's, the intention, of God and it, makes anything happen, send. Her into that and you're a better painter send, her into that you're a better mom or dad Center. Into that and anything, you do is different. And made greater because, the, little self falls away so there's no little things happening, greater. Things you'll. Know your clients, better you'll be a better healer, I don't care what you do you'll be a better hairstylist. You'll be a better friend, anything. In all things. With. Just intention. It's not like between every haircut you have to, you. Know do long as chant you know for hours and hours it's not like you got to do all that nice and long us sorry but. You. Don't have to like bliss. Out for, hours guys intention. Just like that just. Remember the word now, and, you. Begin right then. I'm. Gonna. Take it further some day this, whole notion of calling myself a nowis, because, it means so many cool things, now. Where's. God oh we're gonna prepare for prayer now and it's gonna take hours of us getting. Ready for prayer because. We live in Sedona so. We have to breathe. Just right we. Have to make sure we haven't eaten and only purified, distilled, water we, have to have colonics, first we have to do all these things to prepare because, we're so unholy, we got to prepare for prayer that. Doesn't make sense to me I am. Holy when, now. Because. I chose to be in this, moment, not focusing, on what is or isn't in my stomach in this moment I'm not focusing, on yesterday. Or tomorrow, now. God you, ready cuz I am here we go boom believe, it believe. It because. God is in the moment God is found in the present so be quiet and find. That space. Let's. Take a few centering breaths and take this into meditation. God. Is found, in. The. Present moment it's. Not found because it was ever missing. It. Was just not in our attention. Which. Is corrected. In a, single choice. When. Now. Imagine. That. You can view from, higher. Up in the air, the. Sky, looking. Down on earth and. Imagine. The, stuff that goes on on the earth someone. Had. Emailed. Or whatever and said what, about dramas. And traumas. Crisis. Food. War. Economy. Shootings. Just look look at the earth guys don't, shy away don't fear it just look the. Stuff that goes on. Protests. And violence. Household. Abuses. And, just. Observe, it. All. Around, the world. Animals. Being. Killed trees, being, cut down it. Takes lots of forms, but. The, truth is the. Further. We. Go out from our Center, the more this happens. There's. More movement on the outside. And, it's, constant. We. Have to go inside which, at first seems, like the winds are speeding, up towards, the center of a vortex but in the eye is. God. So. Let's withdraw from, all the stuff in the world that's not, deny. It not. Pretend it's not there let's choose. To. Find our own Center for a moment God, be. With me in Who I am remind, me of Who, I am as I observe all the stuff of the world. This. Is our doings. This isn't your, being God. It's. Our doings. So. Much even. Disease and greed. Doings. Doings, doings, those are the negative. Energies. Trying to infiltrate, the, center of the vortexes, and they can't because. In the center is God and. The. More God is, felt, the more the outer perimeters. Start to fight it and create, more distractions.

To Take our focus, from the middle of the vortex, out to, the world and get caught up in the winds. Let's. Determine, father. Mother God there's another way of seeing all of this I'm. Asking now for the Holy Spirit. The Divine Mother birth. Me, mother, a new. Set of eyes called my divine eye. Birth. Me the ability to see the world differently. Burthen, me my sent her, God. Presence and. Let's. Do that. And. Bravely. Start. Descending, towards the Earth where all the winds were really big and heavy just, descend safely, nothing. Can touch you. Even. If debris flies, in those tornado like winds, your. Spirit, so it passes right through you. No. Hate no. Actions. No. Emotions, of the world have. Any effect my centers right here and it just blows by and blows by, and. I come in closer and closer to the earth you. Might suspect that the winds are a little more intense as you drop in ignore. It God. Is, with, me what could be against me. Dropping. In and dropping in and then a nice, deep breath as you lock in right to the planet somewhere. We. Breathe in and we lock. In we ground ourselves some, of us didn't even do that when we came to earth to be born we, stayed half out of it centered. Grounded, yet safe. Um. In the midst of all, the stuff. I'm. Safe. Even. If I as a child thought, I was not safe to come here I am. That. I am I am. Safe I might. Not have felt safe before, but. I am now. And. We. Hold that focus for a moment. And, then the. Things that used to make us want to run away let's. Hear these words. What. Is God, love. Happiness. Joy bliss. Whatever it is I am. Whatever. God is I, am. Believe. That and breathe that. And. If. I am. Then. Now I am the change I would like to see in the world, I. Am. A. Vortex. Of God. Presence, a. Vortex. Of light, wherever. I go, God is. Become. The multi-dimensional. Experience. Of a miracle, worker. Right. Here, in my own little, spaciousness. Called, me is. Multidimensionality. Where. I go God, is and, so. Too then, goes miracle. Consciousness. The. Miracle, worker I. Really. Mean little old me yes because, I'm not little anymore. Presence. Of God I, can have an off day I'm allowed to. But. The real me is the presence of God and, I. Go and I bring, that light imagine, it guys this vortex, which. Is not a hectic, one like like negative, energy vortexes. This is pure, light it's. Not a wind that blows people, over it's a grace. It's. Not winds blowing, hard it's more like an ice. Swirling. That. Starts, from, the center in me that is God and the. Swirling is not. Blowing. People, over it's reaching, out arms, like a nice. Solar. System. Galaxy arms. Of light out to, the world. Here. I am. How. Can I help today. Your. Arms around people, that need that your. Donations. To people that can use that, your. Smiles. Your. Laughter. Whatever. It is that you're gifted with we bring it when. You paint, you never do painting, anymore it comes, from God through. Our soul, and like, the, nebula. Like that beautiful, war swirling, of light it comes, out the paintbrush onto, the canvas. When. You go to kiss or hug all this, God energy, reaches, out and embraces, someone. Your. Healing, work. Your. Work at whatever, your occupation, may be it's, hard to believe sometimes with some of our jobs but. Picture it and then, it will be. And. We close with this beautiful. Sentence, one apostle to another when. One apostle said. Everything. Will go back to normal once we're done with Michael. Or unity, of Sedona or when I'm you know eventually I probably won't meditate, as much or be into spirituality, as much that's that's. Our fear talking one. Apostle said something along those lines when, it came to having Jesus in his life and the. Other apostle, said to him stop lying to yourself our. Lives, will, never be the same nor. Will. The lives of anyone else. Imagine. That. From. Our work here today watching. Or being here our, lives, will never be the same if we choose, to. Let this in. And. So, it is. Beautiful.

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Your right,Our lives will never be the same, Thank You Michael!

Hi this is really interesting information

Do you know your dominate aura? I see indigo, but I am just starting and have hardly any practice.

Really enjoying this talk so far! Only 12 minutes in but I like to comment along the way. I'm really glad you mentioned that the raising of energy Burns away impurities and is not necessarily peaceful transformation. I think it's important to understand that similar to the scorpionic energy of the Phoenix in astrology or astro-theology, that you have to burn the impurities in order to be reborn pure. Metaphorically. To rise from the Ashes. And as a person with a stellium in Scorpio, I can tell you that it feels like dying inside a little bit every day, sometimes. That transmutation energy is tough to harness, which is why so many people in this world will never truly be very consciously spiritual to do that inner work. Because it requires such an enormous amount of fearlessness to just dive into the deepest aspects and the ugliest aspects of our own soul in order to challenge those parts of ourselves and transcend that. That's way too intimidating and intense for a lot of people. I'm also a spiritual healer and do akashic record work and soul blueprint work, and can vouch for the fact that the soul does prefer gentle and incremental transitions into higher vibration rates, but even incremental work means a lot of junk coming to the surface. Most people think they're very high vibration because they think positively and do their affirmations and read a lot of spiritual books. Or maybe do some meditation. But in fact most of us including myself are not nearly as high vibrational as we like to think. There's so much Gunk to be cleared out of the souls experience, whatever that may be, in order to raise our vibration to get us back on our highest path and purpose... It's something that can take a really long time. Because many of us have lived many lifetimes and were carrying around a lot of baggage so to speak. Even from this lifetime alone. The thing to remember is that when you are trying to realign to higher vibration that means that anything and potentially everything in your life, including all of the people in your life, may no longer resonate to your highest path and purpose. If you were to face the breakdown of every relationship in your life, your job your home your, financial support, your emotional traumas, you're hurt inner child deep psyche wounds... If you were to face all of those things simultaneously, I think most of us would collapse into a coma and never wake up, or probably want to just end our life right there! The soul does not want that for its experience. All fast major change is typically considered traumatic. So the soul will want to bring to the surface little things at a time, maybe one or two things at a time in order to begin to transform those things. Then gradually, as the vibration raises and we are realigned to higher energetic state of being, we can take on a new set of Soul level healing issues. Or it might be that after aligning to a higher state of being, other things seem out of alignment because they're no longer supportive of our own higher vibration. In that case, New things fall into Discord with us. So then we have to clean those things out. We have to raise new concerns to the surface and accomplish a new level of healing. But that is the process. and sometimes, when it comes to clearing out some of those things that no longer support our high vibration, people choose not to do the healing work and to live in the lower vibration simply because they aren't willing to make the changes necessary. It might mean leaving a family member. And might mean getting a divorce. It might mean creating some new healthy boundary for yourself that you're just not okay with making it some point in your life. Something along those lines. So frequently, people choose not to heal through certain negative things, and will stay in a lower vibration because of that resistance. They just aren't willing to do it. They think it's worth the trade-off. And that's okay if that's where they're at and they're okay living and not state of being. That's personal choice. You never want to try to initiate so much healing all at once that you go into a state of literal life crisis. Because I can tell you for a fact as a soul healer that when you do real energy healing at the soul level and cleared some major Gunk from the akashic record in order to realign to a higher vibration... You will not only immediately feel it, but in the following few days to the following few months, you'll probably be going through a lot of transitional purging as all of the old stuff works through your system or out of your life to release. Because a lot of times even at the physical level that energy still find some sort of outlet, and suddenly it will feel like your life is falling apart even though you just did healing work! so even doing what seems like small incremental energy work can lead to some difficult energetic transitions, or having to work through some difficult mental and emotional processes to reach that breakthrough. This is why a lot of people come across some form of resistance to Healing work. Because it can be quite challenging. Recently I've done some more clearing work for myself and been through the same thing. It's kind of frustrating sometimes. But I know, looking back over my life over the past three years, I have cleared so much and raised my vibration so enormously... But at the same time it's been literally the most difficult three years of my life. and those energetic transitions brought about some of the most major life changes physically in my reality of any other time. but the positive thing about that is that now I am a completely new person. I put in the work and now I'm aligned with my life purpose and with abundance and blessings, and can see all of the things I've accomplished. I can know myself from the soul level, my weaknesses and my strength, and I can know my own power and divinity. So its totally worth it. So, no... Spiritual work is not meditation and trying to be peaceful. if you're only feeling peaceful, then you haven't worked through the inner Darkness to transmute it into inner light! That is how Christ overcame his inner darkness and temptations and then transformed that into an ability to know himself better, and to Master his own self. Know thyself. But if you don't delve into that darkness and just sit in a quiet room trying to be peaceful, then the internal work is not being done. You haven't really accomplished anything except in some cases to avoid having to face that darkness, challenge it and overcome it.

What does it mean when you stare at something and then everything spirals in infinitely and goes crazy and then you freak out and refocus into the real world

Yeah...there are all kinds of visual effects that can happen. And they are not actually happening to the eyes as much as it's happening within the brain. And it's due to changes within the brain that comes from changes within our mind and thinking. In other words, it's all an effect of shifts in consciousness. But we are not always aware of these inner shifts. But remember...you are not going crazy...you are just waking up! ;-) ~MM

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