Voted Best Hotel in Africa / Staycation in a Rooftop Pool

Voted Best Hotel in Africa  / Staycation in a Rooftop Pool

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what is going on everyone welcome to the channel  for another little weekend adventure you guys   know that we love traveling and discovering new  places during our weekends but this weekend we   actually are having a little staycation honestly  i love our staycations i do love traveling don't   get me wrong but our staycations are just kind  of more a little more romantic usually that's   for sure and this weekend we got invited to a  hotel the four point sheraton by the nairobi   airport and if it's as great as what we think  it should be the perfect little downtown oasis   so we looked at this hotel quite a bit online  and tracey what are you most excited about for   me it's like the rooftop restaurant yeah  because from the restaurant you believe you   can see planes taking off or you can see  nairobi national park something like that   one of the two but i think it's pretty  cool i'm excited for the pool too yeah   that's really nice anyway we're almost  there so catch you guys back up there we've been trying to get on the  highway probably for about a half hour   just sitting just sitting here i think we have  like five kilometers left and we're now saying   43 minutes which is better actually something must  freed up because like five minutes ago it said an hour so we just arrived at the hotel after being  stuck in traffic just a little kind of a lot   but first impression very very nice the hotel  from the outside looks super nice and this room is   probably one of my favorite that we stayed in so  far just because it's so modern like i would live   in a house that looks like this yeah you don't  really like rooms that have like carpet in them   i'm okay with having carpet as long as it's like a  nice clean carpet um but yeah so far so good we'll   talk about like cleaning measures too later on  yeah with covid because i highly approve of what   they're doing yeah so just like every time we're  in a new hotel we'll start with a room tour for   you guys but first tracey wants to do something  super important eat some chocolate coffee was   really close to being number one but chocolate's  in front of me so yeah what would you want we gotta try these ones too yeah  they're red oh they're mushy   i know that's why i'm curious  you want me to go first kind of the fruit inside i have no clue what it is  but it's good is there something inside no   it's like some sort of dough or something  really good though as usual let's start   with the room tour so we actually have a room  with a king size bed and it looks super comfy   haven't tested it yet though and as we said  earlier too there's no carpet in this room   so it does have a different feel it's  not as cozy per say but it's more modern   and we kind of prefer those types of room because  carpet i find sometimes you don't know if it's   dirty or not these floors you know that they're  clean so this is actually one of my favorite   office slash breakfast areas because it uses  a space very cleverly you can use it as an   office you can use it as where you want to eat  if you bring snacks or if you get room service   but on the other side of this panel too  there's actually your mini bar fridge   so it doesn't take out that much space i think  it's perfect and over beside the bathroom this   is where you have your wardrobe closet area so  you have your iron you have a safe slippers again   apparently slippers is common in hotels i didn't  know that um and my favorite you have two robes   and then on to the bathroom again keeping with the  modern theming um you have a nice large stand-up   shower and you have your mirrors i like this  thing i really do like that but they also have the   makeup mirror too for eyebrows and closeness it's  good and this hotel has one of my favorite hotel   room feature ac 18 please yes so because we are  so close to the nairobi airport i'm legally not   allowed to fly my drone outside but that doesn't  mean that we can't have drone footage in this vlog so after sitting in traffic  for two hours it made me mad   and coffee always cheers me up so we're gonna  go get a coffee and then we're gonna tour the   rest of the hotel and we'll show you what it's  like we don't know either so explore with us   okay let's go check out this hotel  and get coffee for her not for me   so this is actually their cafe and at nighttime  it's a bar it's very nice i got an iced cafe mocha on the first floor of this hotel there's the  restaurant called the marketplace we're not gonna   show it to you guys right now because we're gonna  have breakfast there tomorrow so we're actually   going up to the fifth floor because that's where  there's another restaurant up there for supper   tonight swimming pool gym and spa so after all we  just decided to come back to the room real quick   we went upstairs the gym looks very nice they  have like massages and you might try it with   some of their spa stuff tomorrow i'm tempted to  get a manicure yeah yeah it's it's very nice and the   restaurant that we're gonna go tonight looks  phenomenal but what looks super super cool   is the pool so we're gonna change and  we're gonna bring you guys back up there okay let's try the fifth floor once again so if you look to our left it's actually nairobi  national park and then on the other side the way   that our room shows is actually the airport  so we're probably gonna have supper up here   tonight and i think you can see like the planes  coming and going we'll see just ordered a drink   and it's going to be perfect for sitting by  the pool and looking at the national park   so now we're going back to our room and that  pool was great like that area the drinks the live   music there's live music guys and it's super  cool it reminded me of halifax yeah for sure   like very old country on some of them and just i  don't know that type of chill yeah music but that   pool area was definitely the perfect way to enjoy  your afternoon absolutely so we just arrived for   supper and they have a tangare gin kind of food  pairing thing so we have a gin cocktail coming   and our food is cooked with gin and they're  supposed to pair together very well super   cozy plains in the background i already love  it it smells so good in the restaurant because   basically they're grilling all the food in the  corner of the restaurant on a huge barbecue the live music here guys is so so good   it just like brings up like the  ambiance like it's really really nice so we just came back from supper we  ate way too much but wow it was great   like way too much so supper holy yeah 10  out of 10. that was so so good like everything   there wasn't like a semi-miss on an appetizer  or something like that appetizers drinks   main course dessert which i probably  shouldn't have had because it was   massive and i couldn't finish it all you  just wanted to try then ate it all no you ate yours, i couldn't, i got what was it called the two mountains yeah so it was like a tribute to kilimanjaro mount  kenya but it was two mountains of chocolate cake   it was good though that was amazing but  i actually couldn't finish it and those   who know me i have a massive sweet tooth to  not be able to finish chocolate cake yeah oh   it was really good so the appetizer like i  had the chicken wings probably one of the   best chicken wings i ever had you have the  grilled cheese like the cheeses skewer  they're on the barbecue and it was super good  then you have the shrimp wrap that was amazing   phenomenal the seasoning on the shrimps was  like and it was with the kashumbari yeah yeah   no was in the wrap too oh really yeah yeah so it  gave it like a fresh side like with the spice   yeah and i had some fried duck with a spicy  sauce it was so good with a side of kashumbari   also and like plantain fries they look  like no they were like potato fries oh okay yeah   and then the dessert i had the ginger and  date pudding with some caramel and ice cream   it was delicious it was like a sticky toffee  pudding almost but it like the consistency   and stuff reminding you yeah it was and  it was warm yeah that was very good too   and then the drinks were super good too yeah  yeah can't complain i still brought mine bacK and then   overall great service uh amazing ambiance  with the live music that guy was so so good   super good yeah and like there was a lot of  songs that we recognized i think i said this   before but like old country and just like just  really good acoustic songs yeah um it wasn't   like too much in your face the volume was great  his voice wasn't too loud like it was perfect   overall very good highly recommend it and can't  wait for breakfast but i need a break because   i can't eat right now oh and what i wanted to  mention too about covid so when we first came in   um even before you get to the door like that  hand sanitizer good like everyone's fast   and then when you go through security so when  you put your bags through like the security the   x-ray machine yeah lost words um they actually  like spray them down it must be some type of   disinfectant or something then you get more hand  sanitizer because you've touched other things um   and then when you go in to check in like there's  hand sanitizer everywhere and like i was just very   overall pleased with the way they're handling  it um and actually let me show you this too   and you're gonna be like that's such a small thing  but it's the little things you don't think about   so like your coffee your tea your sugar stuff  it's all in like a ziploc bag and i think it's   a good thing because i did notice when we went  to some hotels like it's just lying there which   is totally fine they probably put new ones in  there but this is just a nice like hey i know you   put new ones there exactly yes it's just easier  for them to replace at the end of the day right   yeah i like it yeah good job safety first so we  forgot the computer tonight so i'm on david's   phone answering the comments and i'm behind  because we were at supper and we didn't want   to have our phones out you guys always overwhelm  us with your support like it's a good thing don't   get me wrong but we're just trying to play catch  up but thank you something really cool that i just   realized that you can actually connect your phone  through bluetooth to the tv you don't get picture   but you can actually stream music or anything  you want but if you actually bring an hdmi cable   and then you can watch your favorite  youtubers like like us tracey how's the bed   so comfy it's perfect for our food coma time for  us to go to bed and i have to say this bed   is very comfy i think we're gonna sleep just fine  yeah and the blanket's not too heavy not too light   and there's ac perfect good  night guys see you in the morning good morning good morning slept super good yeah  super good yeah now i'm super hungry so breakfast let's go see what they have tracey looks  so tired always ready for breakfast   this tired face needs some coffee before  breakfast but yes i'm ready for breakfast let's go so we just arrived at the restaurant so it's just  buffet breakfast so we're gonna see what they have so i have to say like the breakfast  selection is as big like there's   everything from like yes omelettes  and smoked salmon sausage to pizza   and stir fry like there's a lot of different  things it looks and smells delicious and even   though it's a self-serve safety first they  give you gloves so that's pretty good too as you guys can see that breakfast was  really good and i can't believe like   the variety oh yeah for being a  buffet breakfast it was really good   so we just discovered this like lounge seating  area it's beautiful like everything's kind   of modern i love the wall and look at the  lights so nice time to go get my nails done   so i just came back from my manicure very nicely  done and only two coats too which is really good   normally nail polish needs like three coats but it  looks great i would definitely recommend using the   spa here the price is very good and quality  is the exact same and honestly i found it   a little bit better like the product  actually kind of soaks into your skin   really good hand massage yeah prices  are great especially if you're here for   a layover or something take advantage of the  spa and now let's pack up let's go the worst part and we're ready to go so guys another a great  weekend getaway little staycation this weekend   nothing crazy but still very enjoyable i'm  starting to love these staycations yeah for sure   so before we tell you guys uh all about prices  because i know you guys are very interested about   that i have to say like since we arrived very good  service very very nice hotel very modern something   we don't see a lot in nairobi to be honest no it's  extremely modern to be honest and i really like   it like it's not just the rooms like we even  found like the meeting rooms were modern the   uh restaurant was modern especially the pool yeah  the pool like that's definitely the highlight of   this hotel is the rooftop pool it's like it's kind  of like narrow but it's very long there's you can   look at the nairobi national park it's it's a very  very cool pool it is and then the food super good   like the supper we had last night was phenomenal  every course was great yeah so we actually tried   some other restaurants in nairobi and fell in love  with them you guys know like we go in restaurants   like quite a bit so we have a lot of other places  to compare it to and like it's it's at the top of   the list like it was really really good yeah  by far top five food yeah so the uh the price   for the supper was the equivalent of 11 400 uh  kenyon shillings converted prices somewhere there   so keep in mind too for that price like we  had alcoholic drinks in there as well so   that usually adds in usually an extra like 15  20 depending on how expensive they are yeah we   had each had a starter main course and dinner  dessert which was phenomenal yeah and normally   we don't have dessert so to have that in there  and still have like the same price point built   yeah i was impressed this is pretty good really  really good yeah otherwise the room that we're   staying at obviously there's different rates uh  depending on the room that you get this room is   normally a hundred and seventy five dollars us  right now it goes for a hundred and thirty one   five percent discount actually you get breakfast  included so the the breakfast buffet with like   everything from like eggs to margarita pizza is  actually included with the with the rate so the   fact that the breakfast is included we try and  always look for that because for one it's a pain   to try and find breakfast in the morning usually  super expensive so it's a bonus that's included so   anyway guys overall super great hotel especially  like if you have to fly in or out from the airport   like with the traffic right now it's worth it  to like take an extra night and have zero   stress in the morning eat your nice breakfast  at the buffet downstairs and then like go   into your flight especially if you're not familiar  with nairobi traffic because if we just came   in and we're expecting to go to a hotel and  come back we would have missed our flight   100 percent like without knowing the way that traffic  is and there's construction going on right now   so yesterday took us over two hours to drive 36  kilometers two hours so and for like 500 meters   we were there for like 45 minutes yeah yeah nairobi traffic is something else but overall   great hotel great service great food good  spa good spa and we had a great time   yeah yeah so anyway guys don't forget to like  this video subscribe to the channel as we upload   every single saturday and see you guys in the  next one good night guys see you in the morning

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