WABC-TV 11pm News, December 5, 1998

WABC-TV 11pm News, December 5, 1998

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Is. The new. Girl. Who lives in this Newark apartment, is in a fight for life tonight while her mother and a live-in boyfriend have been arrested for child abuse, good, evening everyone I'm Sandra, Bookman bill Ritter has the night off, police say that four-year-old, was admitted to a Newark hospital, unconscious, barely, breathing and covered, with bruises and bite marks tonight the mother and boyfriend are, in custody and facing some tough questions, from police John, Torres is in the newsroom with the latest on, this troubling, story Joe Sandra, a dead dog a badly, bruised girl and a mother and boyfriend charged. With assault it is a disturbing, scenario, in Newark tonight where neighbors are shocked, doctors, are stunned and police, are investigating, 8. P.m. in Newark more than 24, hours after, emergency, workers received word of a choking baby here at 320 Mount Prospect Avenue. The. Animal was in disheveled, and filthy apartment, number 7 were 21, year old Lou Kisha Kugler and her 34 year old boy friend Jorge Leyva lived, with googlers four-year-old, daughter about, 7 o'clock Friday night they called 9-1-1 saying. The child was choking, doctors, here at the University Hospital thought, otherwise this, after the girl arrived, unconscious. Covered, with bruises and bite marks, police, arrested, and charged the couple with aggravated. Assault and child endangerment, latisha, Webb lives across the hall she says the child was black and blue from head to toe brown both eyes was black. The. Baby was like, in a coma she was out of it she wasn't breathing right, her, heart was her, heart she, was her. Heartbeat was beating but, how paws will be in real slow webb, says the couple moved in October, 6th, the Lord told us they were troublesome, tenants, who didn't pay their bills the apartment, had no hot water no electricity no heat the, unidentified four-year-old. Girl is in critical condition should. She die police, say the assault charges against, the couple would be upgraded. To murder furthermore. Animal, cruelty charges, may also be filed as well, meantime latisha, Webb says the evidence of abuse is clearly, visible cause the simple fact that. O-town. Didn't, get the mark at all there. Was also a nine month old infant, in the apartment, police say the baby was not hurt investigators. Say they have statements, from the, mother and her boyfriend adding, each one, implicates. The other Sandra. Jo, another tragic, story involving violence against, a child tonight this one in Brooklyn a mother, is charged with murder, accused, of killing her own daughter, police say Maria, Santiago made. Up a story that her daughter was snatched from her in a subway station yesterday, instead. She is accused of killing the 20 month old and dumping. Her body in, the water the. Medical, examiner performed an autopsy this. Morning, and the, cause of death was blunt trauma to the left side of the head which. Caused the skull fracture, which. Resulted, in her death. Santiago's. Boyfriend, Jorge, Rivera is, charged with tampering with evidence and hindering prosecution for. Allegedly, trying to cover up the death the. Search is on in New Jersey right now for two teenagers, who escaped from a juvenile, jail the 16, year olds allegedly, attacked two guards, then scaled a 20-foot, fence at the Bergen County juvenile, detention center in Hackensack, last night they, face assault and escaped from custody charges, one, of them will be charged with attempted murder the two guards were not seriously, hurt a deadly. Explosion in fire rips through an apartment, in Brooklyn firefighters. Say there was a natural, gas explosion in, the apartment, in Flatbush, late, this afternoon. Two people, were inside at the time a 41, year old man died while, a 16, year old boy was, taken to the burn unit at Cornell, Medical Center investigators. Haven't yet pinpointed. The source of, the gas explosion. The. Indictment, of two officers has a New Jersey Police Department fighting, to repair a tarnished, image New, Brunswick police officials, say they are not sure what action to take against officers facing charges of drug possession distribution, and, running.

A Bordello but they stress, it's the officers, who will stand trial not the entire department. Integrity. Stands high and the. These, indictments here, are, focused, the fact that they focus on two officers, and no, other officers, are indicted as a result, of this grand jury would speak for itself, detective. James Marshall and officer Marco, chinchilla, now on paid, leave are, expected, to surrender early next week the department. Is considering suspending, the, two without pay until the outcome of the case two, New York City police officers who shot a teenager with, a water, pistol, armed with the water pistol rather will not face, charges, the Brooklyn district attorney says the officers, acted appropriately during, the August incident, 16, year old Michael Jones was critically, wounded after being shot six times by. The officers, who responded to an early morning call of a gun wielding bicyclist. Jones's. Family members are upset with the ruling and they said today that they plan to file federal and civil. Charges. The. Mournful, sound of bagpipes played, during today's funeral service, for an EMS worker killed, in a freak accident Arnold. John was crossing, the street when he was struck by an undercover police car last weekend, the, officer was pursuing, a reckless driver at the time hundreds. Turned out for today's service. The. Father of Vice President, Al Gore former, senator Albert, Gore senior, has died just, three weeks short of his 91st, birthday a statement, from the vice president's, office says the Elder gourd IED of natural, causes at his home in Carthage, Tennessee the. Vice president and his wife tipper, were said to be at his bedside the, highest. Scoring game in the army-navy football rivalry. Will likely be remembered, more for the action in the stands rather than on the field nine. Students, were injured when they fell some 15, feet after a stadium railing, collapsed, during the game, ABC's. Did rehén Rhee or Dedra Bryant rather has more. Cameras. Were focused on fans in the East End of Veterans Stadium when, the railing, gave way on a row of temporary, stands. Nine. People fell 15, feet to, the ground, for Army Cadets and five Academy, prep school students, were injured in the accident, spectators. Watched in silence. Were. Brought onto the field to take them to area hospitals, with sprained ankles, necks and back so. Our first concern is for them and their, families, in. Terms of what happened it's very hard to tell I look, a very quick look at the tape and obviously. There's. A lot of pushing against the railings but, we want to check and see, a lot of questions. Answered an, investigation. Is being launched, into the cause of the accident there. Have been questions about the structural safety of the 27, year old stadium, investigators. Will be looking into whether the age of the facility, played a factor after. A 30-minute suspension. The game resumed, Army. Went on to win 30 for 30 in the 99, year rivalry, of the nation's oldest, Military, Academy near. To Bryant ABC, News New York the. Teamsters have picked another Hoffa to leave their Union following, in his father's footsteps James.

Hoffa, Was elected president of the Teamsters Union today defeating. His challenger, Tom, Leedom James, is the son of the famous Jimmy, Hoffa who ran the Teamsters in the 50s and 60s he. Disappeared, in 1975 and. Has never been found, overseas. Now violent, clashes erupted, in three West Bank towns today a week before the start of President, Clinton's visit Palestinian. Protesters, threw stones at Israeli troops who responded, with rubber bullets and tear gas more. Than two dozen people were hurt the, protesters, were demanding, the release of hundreds, of political prisoners, Israel. Agreed to free. 750. Prisoners as part of the latest peace accord. Un. Secretary-general Kofi, Annan says, it will take some time to bring Libyan suspects, to trial for the Pan Am 103 bombing. He failed to reach an agreement during, his meeting today with Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, an on once Libya to hand over the suspects, to be tried in the Netherlands, before a panel of Scottish, judges. Still. Ahead on Eyewitness News baby, on board a woman, on a flight to Kennedy Airport goes, into labor and delivers the child right on the plane also. Head shuttle crew members overcome the first big hurdle in building a new space station and an. Unusual. Rescue in lower Manhattan. Firefighters. Come to the aid of a Santa, in distress. Have. You seen this child, abc7. Urges, you to protect our children. Marouk. I. Knew. Od. Quatro. The. Old wheel drive Audi Quattro track. One down at an Audi dealer near you. If. You're tired of paying late fees for video rentals, or paying for movies you didn't have time to watch checkout, DivX at Circuit City only, DVD players, with DivX play DVD, movies vivix movies and audio CDs DivX. Movies are only for 49 each and you never have to return them or pay late fees this, RCA, DVD, player with DivX is only 3 $99.99. And get, any 5 DivX movies free after, rebate plug, into DivX at Circuit, City. January. 4th the Tostitos, Fiesta Bowl, challenge, footballs finest put it all on the line alliance. Capital puts you in three college friends on the line of scrimmage win. Alliance capital's ultimate college reunion live, at the tostitos fiesta bowl this, year's national, championship, game enter, now go to the Bowl Championship Series, website, at espn.com. Or, mail a postcard to Alliance, Capital reunion healbots, 4030 New York New York 1 0 0 8 to follow, the new number 1 with investment, pro Our Lives capital. Need. Any help absolutely, fine thank you are. You lost. Get. Out. The. USAC results, are in and the competition's, sweating, it out the, all-new Grand Am se with its stronger solid form design delivered. A higher overall score, than Ultima contour. Even. A court for. A smooth quiet, ride and. Now, with the solid value of this limited time lease offer it's giving the competition. To. Think about the. All-new Grand Am. Excitement. Well built see, once a day at your tri-state, Pontiac, dealer. Federal. Aviation officials. Now confirm, a passenger, jet flying to Connecticut, earlier this week was, involved. In a close call in the air on Tuesday. A Northwest, flight bound for Bradley, Airport came, within a mile horizontally. And 300, feet vertically, of an air Ontario plane over Albany the safe distance is 5 miles horizontally. A computer. Malfunction, is being blamed well. The next time you request airmail, delivery remember. This story a woman went into labor today during a flight from Africa, and gave birth on the plane after, it landed at Kennedy Airport cheryl. Fee and daca has the story it, was a safe landing for, a little girl today the six pound nine ounce baby was delivered on board Ghana Airlines, flight 150. At 748. This morning, just 13, minutes after, the plane landed at JFK Airport. Flight. Crew within the area passengers. Were coming off emergency. Crews are coming on was, a little confusing Port, Authority police officers, were dispatched to the International flight by pilots, radioed in the medical emergency we, started, just. Assisting the mother was a natural childbirth the baby came out it was basically, textbook, delivery my, confident. Her and I let her know what was happening, and what was going to happen and, I, did not think the baby was going to come but.

It. Absolutely split. Out it was very fast the baby's mom who declined to be interviewed. Twenty-seven-year-old, Nigerian. Native she, was seven and a half months pregnant and traveling, alone to the u.s. to visit relatives both. Officers had some experience, in delivering babies but, that didn't make this experience, any less exciting for them baby, is fully developed is thought of crying right away we. Cleaned out his mouth and his nostrils and there. Was no other complications. The. New mom and her little girl were brought here did you make a hospital, in Queens where reportedly, they're both doing very well and are expected, to leave the hospital within the next few days and, Jamaica Sheryl Fanta channel 7 Eyewitness, News quite. An entrance this is the second delivery in fact for Port Authority officers this year while. The crew of the space shuttle Endeavour. Has taken a major step in the construction, of the International Space, Station a 25 thousand pound component, called unity, was lifted from the cargo bay and into position above a docking, ring tomorrow. The crew will try to catch a much larger, Russian, station component. That is already in orbit it will then be attached, to unity. We. Certainly hope you enjoy the warm weather because it's over, well. At least for tomorrow today and tomorrow we were above normal anyway, and it felt a little bit nippy, well we'll get that mild air back before the weekend without the, active weather forecast coming up when Eyewitness News continues. Test, drive the ultimate driving machine, is your tri-state, BMW, center. George. The Sprint store at RadioShack is a really, great idea for holiday shopping, oh boy. That's. Your clear Sprint PCS phone will make him smile and at RadioShack you'll get a $100, mail-in, rebate if you buy to. Let, Sprint store at RadioShack. The. New light compact umbrella. From totes. Totes. It's. So easy to carry you'll always have it with you. In, the early 1900's, Roosevelt. Field featured, some of the latest most advanced, creations, to come down the runway. 90. Years later it, still, does. You've got to keep reminding yourself give. 50 now you've. Got a lot of dreams you're still chasing and too, few dollars to catch them but, to help make up for lost time, you've got the investment answers, you need a chase investment, services or advice, you can trust right, there your branch, you've, got financial consultants, who know it's, not too late to get started you. Can chase the, right relationship. Is everything. Children. Around the world will, be happy to know that Santa, was rescued, from a man having skyscraper, today well actually he, was never really a danger, the, event was held to salute the families of New York firefighters who, have died in the line of duty after, he was rescued from the building Santa was taken to the New York firefighters at widows and children's, holiday party. Wow, big. Story I have one thing to say about yesterday's weather yeah. We. Have to get some cushioning, for Santa forget about that warm where they get in toward the holiday season we go outside feeling, a little bit raw a little bit muggy out there but certainly not like winter just yet boroughs I know bridge and we have some low clouds and fog and just some spotty drizzle to deal with at the 11, o'clock hour temperatures, are working through the lower 50s humidity. Of course on the high side and right now our barometer is, on the fall we've got that gentle breeze coming off the water making it feel a bit damp 63. We did break a record today that was just after midnight that record set back in 1982, so, here's your new record normally, we should be 46, we won't even go down to that for a low temperature tonight rainfall first measurable, in December, not very impressive 100th of an inch the Sun will come up at 7:05, you won't see that sunrise so maybe the sunset at 429. We lose one minute of daylight broken. Records this week Thursday Friday, Saturday most. Impressive, on Friday 74. Degrees that's the all-time, warmest, temperature, in December.

Since We've been keeping records over 200, years well, tonight we've back in that marine layer the cool northeast with this happened if you remember back on Monday, and then we broke back into the warm air again and that's what we're gonna try to do over the next 24, hours is get on this side of the front that's where temperatures, are really toasty, right now we're in that marine layer water temperatures, are in the 50s that's what our temperatures, for the most part right now although north of the working, into the 40s but look at the warm air mass to the south 58, to 66 degrees, that, should be our afternoon, temperatures, tomorrow again much warmer, to the south and west of New York and especially by Monday you're really into that toasty, breeze the air again dampen. A little drizzly tonight about 48, the front is still over us early tomorrow morning, so you'll wake up it'll probably still be murky and then temperatures will have a wide range tomorrow, depending on where the front lifts up it'll be just to our north tomorrow afternoon. Meaning coastal, areas will stop, in the 50s stubborn, cloud cover it'll be a mix in the city you'll probably get to 60 62 while, inland, numbers where we get the Sun in the afternoon you, go as high as the, middle 60s it'll be very nice football. Tomorrow Jets playing the Seahawks the Meadowlands Spence we'll tell you more about that in a second I'll say about the weather involved, 60, degrees at kickoff partly. Sunny much cooler out west in Tempe Arizona 55. Degrees where the Giants are playing the Cardinals here's my Accuweather Forecast temperatures. For us by tomorrow morning 48 degrees clouds, and fog looking, drizzly, not much hope but then it gets brighter in the afternoon, 60. That's an average temperature 50s, on the coast mid 60s, inland mild, tomorrow night we don't even drop below 50, and then look at the five-day 67. Record warmth on Monday, rain, comes on Tuesday and all of a sudden we may be turning the corner for Wednesday and Thursday getting, back into the 40's for daytime high so Monday is the day to play.

Mr, Tilman is up next with sports just, ahead they'll be calling this upset Saturday for a long time not one but two national. Championship, dreams go up in smoke and the, red-hot Rangers going north of the border to take on the equally red-hot, Ottawa, Senators, but, first here are tonight's lottery. New York winning, New York lottery numbers, and for. Those beholding New Jersey tickets here are those winning, numbers now. Tonight's. Lotto. Drawing. Good. Evening I'm Yolanda Vega welcome. To the live lotto joins us Saturday December 15, observe an auditor, from KPMG peat Marwick tonight. You could win no share jackpot, a four million, dollars, Hamilton. School in Mount Vernon Westchester. County is, recent recipient of computers, from the New York Lottery. Congratulations. To Hamilton, school tonight's. Winning lotto, numbers are. 30. 44. 43. 1. Seven. Eight. And. Supplementary. Number 15, making Saturday December 5th, winning lotto numbers 30, 44. 43. 1. 7. 8 and. Supplementary. Number 15. Thank. You for joining us and have a good night. People. Who can't help themselves. Don't. Take weekends, off. The. Whole time. The. Music unlight FM keeps you company all day while you work just like a good friend who. Knows when to keep their mouth shut the most music, with less talk 106.7. Lite fm. You've, got a new wake-up call. She's. Got her whole life ahead of her. You've. Got to wonder how they'd manage without you. But, to help you protect the people you love there's. Chase. With. The right insurance choices, to get you started. You've got advice you can trust right, there in your branch, you've. Got chase the. Right relationship. Is everything close, caption, funding provided, by your Chrysler, and Plymouth dealers, no. More excuses sigh van is here prescription. Medicine only available from your doctor ask, your doctor about sideman call one eight eight eight six five old pill to find out more sigh. Man now. You have another choice. Spencer's, in four mark he's been so excited we had to hold him down. Anything. We talked about football I get excited it was a fantastic, day for college football and let's begin you know it was Bill as the hurricane bowl UCLA, and Miami were originally scheduled to play way, back in September, but Hurricane George postponed, it of course until today fittingly, the hurricane, Bowl will be remembered as one of the wildest, college football games ever both teams get, this nearly seven hundred yards of offense and in the end Miami, Hurricanes, blow away UCLA's, national, title hopes it was a while when let's take you down there to the Orange Bowl rest, not on the plans for either one of these teams both could use them though after the track meet UCLA.

Was Down four at the half but came back to score 21, unanswered Port in the third Cade, McNown, to Brian poly Dixon 61. Yards McNown, finished with 5 TD trying, to close the gap Miami, comes back scott covington finds, Santana, Moss here, of 71, yard pitch in catch for a touchdown UCLA. Hanging. Onto just a three point lead each team, scored again made it 45, 42, then, Miami, gets a break McNown, hits, brad melsby here, for a big gainer, but melsby is stripped by Delvin, Brown now Miami recovers, and was back in business but on the second look here it looks like mill B's knee is down which, means UCLA, should retain possession at least that's what Todd Bob, Toledo was thinking anyway covington then he had three different receivers, to get him down to the one-yard line and the rest was up to this guy right here Edgerton James, who punched it in for a one-yard touchdown they, are finished with 299. Yards but, UCLA, has one last chance can't help but thinking about Flutie, in 84, but, McNown held Mary Pass goes out in the end zone along, with the Bruins hopes of a national title 49. To 45, Miami, wins, it so now Kansas, State who looked to be the odd man out in the Bowl Championship Series, gets, new life and blew it pictures, worth a thousand words as the TWA, don't scoreboard posted, the news that fans were waiting for all world, quarterback, Michael Bishop gave, him more reason to believe finds Darnell McDonald here for a big gainer 66. Yards and the touchdown had, him up 17, 3 trying. To put the clock out under three minutes to play Bishop, gets careless with the ball and he's gonna lose it and that would come back to haunt the Wildcats because the Aggies are upset, minded, AMM, came back and scored and you're gonna see sir Parker, he was big tonight, put him within 2 then, they got 2 points on the conversion to tie it up to send it into overtime both, teams got field goals there in the second session it's, that guy again sir Parker, makes it to the corner touches, the flag and that's the ballgame anm plays the spoiler gets the win and the big 12 title and, in Atlanta, Mississippi, State Bulldogs it, came with a little bit of bite but the number one Tennessee, Bunch was too strong tmartn, through, q touchdowns, late in the 4th to lead Tennessee, to a 24 14 win and a berth in the national championship, game in the Fiesta Bowl and they're dancing about it most likely by the way that's gonna be against Florida, State and down in Philly it was the renewal of one of sports great rivalries, army versus, Navy, let's take you and show you some of the pageantry, cadets, in the Midshipmen about, to see the highest scoring game in the series history turning.

Point Of the game happened, in the fourth Navy up 20 25 30. 25, and about to score again when Matt Hardin fumbles just, before he is paydirt army recovers, in the end zone and gets, a new lease. On life and sewing dr Terry and Amy rips off a big one 70, yards later he's in for the score army, later added a field goal and wins at 34, to 30 but, the victory was a bittersweet one as we told you the top of the show the accident in the end zone stands nine cadets were injured when the railing gave way during the celebration, of the winning touchdown most, serious injury was a broken, bone in the cadets neck thankfully, though there, was no spinal, injuries, of serious nature well we've got to take a quick break but when we come back a million-dollar, challenge it's a controversial, one to be sure and the puck stops here as Mike Richter leaves the Rangers north of the border against, Ottawa no channel-surfing please. To. Deck the halls' would strengthen won't wreck the walls you need the remarkable, command, adhesive, hooks from 3m simply. Stretch the tab and command, adhesive, comes off clean because, what goes up must. Come down take. Command holds, on strong releases. On command one, more example of 3m innovation. Lady. That's different. I have been waiting in line it's my good luck. Now. There's an easier way to shop value, America, the best brands, at the best prices like. A printer, scanner in IBM, PC just 1099 and the palm tree organizer, from 3com just 349. Holiday. Shopping done, good. My, turn value. America.com. Holiday. Shopping the smart way. We. Don't build commuter, cars. Or. Gets you to work back pinstriped, cars, we. Don't build cars, a period. We, build the 205, horsepower get. Out of town fast Isuzu. Rodeo. Because. There's more to life, than. The daily. Commute. Bloomingdale's. Always, the perfect gift. Welcome. Back everyone you know two of hockey's hottest teams faced off north of the border as the Rangers visited Ottawa let's take you up there it's chilly all, of the scoring in this one was done in the first period of Rangers on the power play great, passing, set, up Todd Harvey there who won times have passed Damian Rhodes to give the Rangers a 2-1, lead and that's all they needed because of Mike Richter he stopped 21, 29, shots including the Lexi action from point-blank, range blue shirts win their fourth straight to, the one is your final, hockey's equivalent, of the UCLA, Miami game was played out on the island tonight Devil's, in the Islanders meet for the second time this season they combined get, this 12 goals Devil's got 7 from 7 different players on the power play Peter Sikora turns, on the red light Devils win it 7, to 5 your final well it was a good-news, bad-news kind, of scenario today st. John's athletic, program bad, news st. John's men's soccer team lost to Santa Clara two to one in the National quarterfinals, of the NCAA, tournament now there's always the flipside the good news st.. John's basketball, team continued, its winning ways up in Boston College off the steal it's going to be Ron Artest, he's, going to take it the distance in throw it down on the other side no problems, with the 74, the 55, win rough 24 hours for seed the halls guard Remus Kirk eNOS he got roughed up in an on-campus incident. Last night but this afternoon he roughed up the South, perfect. From big distance, three for three and led up with 19, Seton Hall wins it by 18, a couple of significant, scores have passed along Rutgers, got a win tonight a number1, UConn Rose, pass Michigan, State and in baseball, news we want to tell you Baltimore Orioles have signed free agent first baseman will Clark to a two-year deal and finally, controversy. Hits a half-time contest, Marlene Hoffman, was involved, in one of those million-dollar, deals she, needed to catch three-ball shot out of this machine here now Marlene complain. To the official, on the field that the machine was not in the proper place and was, 5 yards too deep in the end zone her complaint went unwarranted, and she ended up catching just one of those three balls for a total of just $50,000, in but by the look of her face she wasn't, too happy about it at all, that's, all of my time thanks yours everybody I'm Spencer Tillman what the 2d net, was too deep because she practice we had the benefit of seeing the film the other day thank you she won that's it for us guys first, news tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. we'll see you at 1511.

And Had a good Sunday, Monday. At 5 on Eyewitness, News, many believe it's a normal part of pregnancy it's not see, by morning sickness can lead to serious health problems, for both mother and child sevens, on call then, she warned linoleum, installers, not to touch her stove you won't believe what happened next that's when she got seven other side also, light, up a loved one's life see the gifts that make the festive, holiday of Lights right for the entire family plus Sam, champion is the exclusive Accuweather Forecast 25. And Eyewitness News right here on Channel seven. I'm. A single.

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Bill Ritter and Lee Goldberg would move to weeknight newscast after Bill Beutel's retirement and Sam Champion's last day at WABC TV while Sandra Bookman remains on a weekend newscast.

29:02 Flat panel LCD computer monitor in 1998?! I don't remember those.

Among Mike Lewis' VO credits in addition to WABC were KOAT, WVIT, WUSA, WPDE, and WTOG. The latter station shut down its news department in the fall of 1998.

13:12 George Howard would go on to become one of 8 Port Authority ESU Officers to die on 9/11. 36 other PAPD officers would die that day as well, on top of 343 firefighters, 23 NYPD Officers, 3 New York State Court Officers, and at least 9 paramedics.

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