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Wales 6 Week Road Trip | Wild Swims, Beautiful Sunsets & Hiking Mount Snowden |  Full-Time Van Life

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We're Tania and Adam, and this is Jitters, our tiny home on wheels. Back in September 2019, we moved into Jitters full time and set off to travel Europe for an incredible, unpredictable year, exploring some stunning places. After returning to London for six months, saving money, and working on Jits, we're back on the road, living full time in our little old rusty van, with a very rough plan, starting with Wales. True to its reputation, Wales is a tiny country blessed with vast beauty.

This is a six-week road trip, exploring the  spectacular Welsh mountains, wild swimming spots, [Tania]: "Ahhh very cold!" and epic roads. We're excited to be back. [Tania]: "We're so happy we're back in Jits!" [Adam]: "So happy we're back in Jits." Subscribe to join along on our journey.

We are...Jits into the Sunset. Tania: We are very, very excited because after six months, we're back on the road in Jits, full time, here in Wales and we have our friends with us. And they are right behind us and we could not be more excited.

Let's see if we can see them. [Tania]: "There they are!" This is Craig and Aimee, aka Kinging It. They are very talented YouTubers, who spend their time traveling around the world and doing mad things.

(instrumental music) They drove the length of India in  a rickshaw. Did the Mongol rally, and recently converted an old bus into an amazing home on wheels. Not only this, but they are truly wonderful people. Who are all about spreading positivity, and through their mantra of, "Rule Your Own World," They encourage others to get out there and make the most of life.

Also, they're Welsh! [All]: "WALES" So, they will be showing us around Wales. [Craig]: "Welcome to the Wales!" We are blessed to be spending time with them on the road. If you haven't already, you really should check out their YouTube channel, Kinging It. Adam's going for his first crêpe flip since France. [Adam]: "There we go, big times."

[Tania]: "Yeah, here we go" [Adam]: "Two've got to have two hands for the first time." [Tania]: "Whoohoo! Look at that!" [Adam]: "Ahh perfect." [Adam]: "Happy days" [Tania]: Oh Craig and Amiee, won't know what hit 'em.

[Adam]: "Don't know what they're in for." [Tania]: So, while Adam is making the pancakes, my job is to get Jits hosting ready because we're gonna have Craig and Amiee join us, probably like 20 minutes. So..gotta get her tidy. [Adam]: "Oh quick" [Tania]: "Mmm hmm" [Tania]: It was so nice to be back in Jits, getting used to the small, but modular space. Reacquainting ourselves with our tiny home.

It was made even more special by being able to share the experience of life on the road with friends. And what better way to restart van life, than with some pancakes on the side of the road. [Aimee]: "Well done!" We're back on the road and Aimee has organized a  beautiful train ride for us. [Tania]: We don't really know much about it, but that's kind of the beauty of it.. just kind of showing up and it being a surprise.

From the seaside town of Porthmadog on the west coast of Snowdonia, we boarded the Mountain Prince. One of the four heritage style trains dating back to the 1800s. [Tania]: "Farewell!" The railway was originally opened in 1832 to bring slate from nearby quarries and mountains to Porthmadog's harbor for export around the world. This beautiful old train took us through picturesque hills with mountainous views. [Tania]: Rounding off what has been a brilliant day [Adam]: Oh sorry, just go look out there at that! Look at that. [Tania]: Ohh! Look at this.

[Adam]: It is stunning. [Tania]: Those views! [Adam]: I hope the GoPro does that justice. [Tania]: Adam and I literally just keep going, "Whoa look at this! This is amazing!" So, I'm just going to show you what the view is like. [Tania]: Look at this. [Tania]: Those mountains are massive.

[Adam]: There incredible! [Tania]: Being back on the road again was something we had missed. Being in nature, having all of our home comforts, and being out in the wilderness. Wales was an absolutely perfect reintroduction to van  life. Beautiful beaches and this quiet roads, amazing hikes, picturesque park ups, and of course sheep everywhere. [Tania]: "Sheep!" [Adam]: Everywhere. The weather was a bit hit and miss.

[Adam]: "It's a lovely  summer hike in Wales. [Aimee]: Yeah brilliant. [Adam]: Beautiful. [Tania]; But that's all part of it and it made  us appreciate the sun that bit more. The Welsh skies also treated  us to some spectacular sunsets. [Tania]: Good morning everyone.

So, we have woken up to a very beautiful, but moody scene this morning and we thought we would show you. [Adam:]: Rugged. [Tania]: Rugged and vast out there and the sheep  were there earlier this morning.

[Adam]: Oh, there's one. Just absolutely epic. [Tania]: Ahhh look! [Tania]: Back to bed, is it? [Adam]: Yeah...until someone makes  me a coffee. [Tania]: Okay I'll make your coffee. [Adam]; No, I can wait.

[Tania]: Or I can ask one of the sheep to do it. I know we say this all the time, but I really appreciate all of the windows that we have. [Tania]: "Look! A sheep...and the mom, right there!

[Tania]: It is so cute. As well as sheep, Wales has no shortage of water and some of the most beautiful, wild swimming spots we've ever seen. I've always hated the cold and never understood why anyone would choose to get in icy cold water on a cold day. The thought of it filled me with dread. But having heard of the benefits and with lots of encouragement, I decided to finally face my fears. [Craig]: You could do it, Tania! [Aimee]: Oh I drank it! [Aimee]: One, two, three (everyone cheering) [Adam]: Yes, Tania! [Adam]: So, if you hang out with Craig for too long, you just end up jumping in cold water.

(everyone cheering and screaming) [Adam]: Well done! [Tania]: It was so cold, like it's paralyzing, you just, like feel it in your bones. My legs start to shake. It doesn't feel  natural, like every part of me is saying   like, "please get out, please get out, please  get out." No, it just like really helped having everyone. [Adam]: Yeah, but then but then you do it and you feel great! [Adam]: And it's just like, "oh my god, I just jumped in this cold water on a pretty cold day in the wind in the middle of Wales" and you're like, " I did it. I feel fine that doesn't make sense" [Tania]: Yeah, so good it's actually such a good way to start the day. [Adam]: Such a good way to start the day.

[Tania]: Yeah!! [Adam]: Let's go, let's go, let's get warm. Traveling in a convoy with friends is the best. Exploring together in our homes, sharing food, emptying toilets, searching for park-ups, and braving the Welsh weather. And just doing the things that neighbors  do.

[Craig]: Thanks, friend. [Aimee]: Thank you kind sir. [Tania]: We have Mexican nights, work meetings at our window, and Craig and Aimee kept making us get into cold water. [Adam]: Oh my god that was a really smelly  one! [Tania]: It's especially convenient having a spare house on wheels when one breaks down as seems to be tradition, Jits broke down because of an ongoing problem. [Craig]: We're very lucky we  always seem to have friends of us when we break down. [Tania]: Don't worry, after a quick fine tune  she's back on the road and behaving well, for now.

Wales seems to have endless walking trails. Cwm Idwal, situated in Wales's oldest nature reserve was an especially beautiful one. We are literally only about two minutes into the walk and the view is incredible. Let me show you.! The views are all round. [Adam]: Amazing, isn't it? [Tania]: The scenery was special and the walk was easy and well paved. [Tania]: Whoohoo! [Adam]" Look at that. Amazing.

So we're just walking around the lake that's surrounded by mountains with a waterfall and you can see the clouds  just drifting over the mountains. It's incredible. [Adam]: Oh thank you.

[Tania]: Craig? [Craig]: It's not very much. [Adam]: We are on the way back down from the hike now and we are heading to a small  village. What's the village called, Craig? [Craig]: Betws-y-coed [Adam]: I don't know what that was.

[Tania]: Betws-y-coed. [Adam]: Betws-y-coed. So we're on our way to a small village called, Betws-y-coed.

[Craig]: Do you want me to say it? [Adam]: Yeah, hang on. [Adam]: So we are on our way to a  small village called.... [Craig]: Betws-y-coed. [Adam]: To try and have some vegan food..

um we've just finished up on the hike and it was beautiful, but now we're all very hungry. Snacks were great, but there's still a hole that needs filling. [Adam:] It's just so nice to know there's so many vegan options in this tiny little town  in the middle of wales. [Tania]: Yep, lovely. [Craig]: Vegan, baby! Mmmm Mmmm [Craig]: Alright. Going for a run-swim. [Tania]: Enjoy! [Adam]: Thank you! [Tania]: Bye! And what a beautiful day for it.

[Tania]: Adam and Craig made a ritual of morning runs  to explore the surroundings. [Adam]: You never know what you can come across. Highland cows in Wales right there! [Tania]: One morning they even made it to the top of Pan y Fan, the tallest mountain in  south Wales. [Craig]: We've definitely ran the whole way [Adam]: Eventually, thanks to Craig, these  runs turn into wild swim expeditions.

[Craig]: Going in. [Adam]: We're at it again. We're on the  hunt for another wild swimming spot, and we think there's one just up there.

[Adam]: Ohh that smells [Craig]: Ahhh [Adam]: Sounds like farts! [Adam]: It was something we both grew to love, making the most of the places were parked up starting the days by getting out there and immersing ourselves in nature. [Adam]: Craig thinks he's found somewhere. What's it looking like mate? [Craig]: Class, mate. That's probably a deep pool. [Adam]: Ohhh yes! [Craig]: Ahhh ahhh. Okay.. one, two, three. [Both]: Ohhh woo! ohh Ohh yeah! Ah! [Adam]: So that was an absolute success. one of the best wild swimming spots that we have ever seen..

oh, scrambling down over the rocks. Um..yeah back to the vans, and then we are going to, "Where are we going? Fairy pools?" [Craig]: Fairy Glens. [Adam]: Fairy Glens. [Tania]: Just outside of Betws-y-Coed, are the Fairy Glens.

It costs one pound to park  and one pound per person, and it's immediately worth it. We were surrounded by brown sheep and even made friends with this one. [Tania]: So cute! [Adam]: Hello, you! [Adam]: Look at his eye! [Aimee]: Yeah..class isn't there, look! [Tania]: I must have lost the clocks because some how, some way, I'm going on another very cold, wild swim.   [Tania]: I know my mum's not going to believe  this when she sees me doing all these wild swims.

The idyllic river ran  through the stunning rock formations, and while the water was cold, we couldn't  pass up the opportunity for a dip. [Adam]: Three, two, one. [All]: (screams) [Adam]: So, the weather has taken a lovely turn over  the last couple of days. Um the sun is out. It is warm.

[Tania]: It feels like summer? [Adam]: It definitely. It's summer is on the way. This is happening and we're getting really excited because obviously van life in the summer is just so much more pleasant. [Tania]: Yea. [Adam]: yeah. Pretty excited! [Tania]: We're so happy we're back in Jits! [Adam]: So happy we're back in Jits.

[Tania]: With summer fast approaching, we spend some time on Harlech beach, welcoming the warmth and enjoying one of the most striking sunsets we've ever  seen before heading to Portmeirion. [Adam]: This place is absolutely beautiful. I had no idea that something like this existed in Wales. Um.. [Tania]: It really does feel like we're just in Italy. [Adam]: Yeah it really does. [Tania]:We're back in Italy again. [Adam]: It really does. It does not feel...It feels so European and the colors, it's just amazing. We've got such a lovely day for it. It's so sunny.

[Tania]: Portmeirion is a beautiful small  village in the north of Wales.   Nestled in the trees, overlooking an estuary  with a backdrop of the Welsh mountains Created by architect, Sir Clau Williams Alice between 1925 and 1975, the village was designed to pay tribute to the atmosphere of the Mediterranean with a particular nod to Portofino on the Italian Riviera. On a sunny day, the details of the architecture   and the beautiful pastel colors  really do transport you to Italy.   [Tania]: It is the evening before we climb Snowden and we are driving these beautiful roads, and yeah we're on our way to our new spot which is about five minutes away. [Adam]: Oh loads of room.

[Tania]: Loads of room. Yay! It's always a gamble, isn't it? [Tania]: So we have just parked up on our spot for the night and the view is amazing. Take a look at this. This is the spot. [Adam]: Look at this! And up there, that  is Snowden.

[Craig]:Come on! [Tania]: Ahhhh!! [Craig]: Come on. [Adam]: Outrageous. See that massive spike up there? [Tania]: Yep. [Adam]: That's what we're climbing  up tomorrow, Snowden. Right there. [Tania]: Wow, what a view.

[Tania]: Woooo! Friendly neighbor. [Craig]: There you go. Thanks, mate. [Tania]: There are many different trails to hike Snowden. We took the Watkin path, Britain's first designated footpath opened in 1892. It's the longest but arguably the most scenic route.

You don't have to go far to  see why. Starting in the woods, the path leads to a river dotted with a series of aquapools. [Adam]: We have made it to this fresh waterfall and it is absolutely beautiful, like we cannot wait to get in it. It's so hot.

[Tania]:The water is like aqua blue. It's clear and it's probably the first time  that I've looked forward to getting into cold water, wouldn't you say, my love? Because it is a hot day. [Adam]: Yeah, it looks amazing. It looks tropical, so I think it's slightly misleading because I think by the time we get in there, it's actually going to be very, very cold. Um, but yeah. This is amazing [Adam]: Those guys are ready.

[Tania]: They're ready! [Adam]: Ready and waiting. Send  a quick snack. Dying to get into the water. [Tania]: Whoohoo! [Adam]: Woo [Tania]: Ahhhh. Oh it's very cold! Perhaps I was a bit premature in my excitement.

[Adam]: One, two, three. [Tania]: Ahhhh! Ah! Ah! Ughhh! [Tania]: Oh my god, it's so cold. Help me. Ahhhh ahhh ahhh ahh. [Adam]: Uh that is Tania panicking in the cold there.

[Tania]: Oh my god. [Adam]: Pushing me over. [Adam]: It's nice! [Tania]: Yeah, but it is... [Adam]: You don't got your head under. Do you want to get your head under? You'll feel better once you put your head under. [Tania]: No, because where I got brain freeze the last time that happened. I didn't like it.

[Tania]: Wooooo! Wooo! It's so nice. [Adam]: We're going to leave these guys relaxed by the pool. [Tania]: They love relaxing. [Adam]: They love a little bit of a relax and we're gonna try and hike to the top of Snowdon. Try being the key word because we're both a bit tired and we don't have a lot of food and it's already quite late. [Tania]: Goodbye, queen.

[Adam]: Bye, guys. Wish us luck. [Aimee]: You'll be fine. Best of luck. [Craig]: Good luck, lads. [Tania]: The walk up the valley began with mostly comfortable steps. A steady, but long climb.

[Adam]: So, we are getting higher and it is getting harder, um but  it is epic. We've still got the hardest bit to come. But it's amazing but we have it's pretty  tough. It's tough little climb. It's a long one. [Adam]: Look at this for a little pit stop. Whoa. [Tania]: Wow! It's so cool.

[Adam]: It's a nice spot isn't? [Tania]: Yeah. [Tania]: We stopped for a rest and some snacks before taking on the most difficult stretch of the hike. [Adam]: Here we go. We have now started the hard bit. [Tania]: The sun is coming.

[Adam]: The sun's come out for the difficult bit, but yeah this ground now starts to get very tricky indeed. But that's the backdrop we're working with so it's not all bad at all. Look at it. That's what we're climbing.

Come on, Tania! [Tania]: I'm determined! I'm going to do it! [Adam]: For the final part of the  trail, we walked on loose rocks   which slid underfoot. It was the steepest and the most beautiful part of the route. We scrmbled up one step at a time. [Tania]: "It is a real scum." [Adam]: "Keep going hold on." This is...steep!

[Tania]: Finally, towards the top, the  rocks gave way to some steps. [Adam]: This is it, the final steps, and we are at  the top of the tallest mountain in Wales. [Tania]: Whoohooo! Yeah! Yes! Yes! The Jits dance. [Adam]: Absolutely stunning. That wasn't  hard as the ladder(?), was it?

[Tania]: Ohhh.... [Tania] Mountains are often something we admire from a  distance, but being on top of one is something more. You feel accomplished, small, in awe of  the size of the mountain beneath you.   The aches of your legs melt away as  you're rewarded with unique 360 views. [Adam]: We'll absolutely knackered, slightly dehydrated, but we are on the top of Sowden.

[Tania]: So good. Like this has just been such a good day, and I have to be honest. I really didn't want to do it. I didn't say that I didn't want to do it, I just felt like I really didn't want to do it. [Adam]: Well, well done for doing it then. [Tania]: And yeah, I just try not to think about it and as you said, one step at a time and I feel so good. [Tania]: The walk down was just as beautiful.

We took the Cambrian way, completing the loop back onto the Watkin path. There was a bit of scrambling to do.  That was tricky, but most of it was easy walking. The heat of the day started to subside and  we were the only ones left on the mountain.

At the bottom, as we passed the pools  we stopped off to cool our feet. For our final night in JItters with Craig & Aimee, we hosted another guac-infused, Mexican night [Craig] Ah! The guac is there, is it? Get in! Guac o'clock! [Adam] So we are having another Mexican night in the van with Craig & Aimee. It's very sad. It is our last evening together BUT we're going out with a bang Look at this, we've got some stunning guac [Tania] Woooo Hooooo [Adam] Craig is the barman. Show us your kit... show us your bar. [Craig] The bar is open. Shaker is in full swing. [Aimee] What are we having? [Craig] Margaritas! It's the only one. It's the only one I know!

[Everyone laughs] [Adam] And Tania, what are you doing there? [Tania] Oh we're making little like...just like, fajita situation. We're going to have all the flavour We're going to stay up all night. All night! All night! [Adam] All night [Tania] All night! [Tania] But yeah, it's sad that we're saying goodbye but we're kind of just saying 'see you later' But what I love about just like, being together, is just times like this where we've just been cooking and hosting each other. [Adam] We're very excited! We're back in Jits. [Adam] Yeah, it's just neighbourly. [Aimee] Yeah [Tania] Yeah, it's been really really special.

{Adam] Cheers guys for having us and thank you for showing us around Wales. [Craig] No problem at all, it's been great, man. It's been really good having you guys. And the bromance... and the swims. [Adam] Yeah. That has been a highlight. Haha! [Craig] Borrowing toilet paper through the window. [Everyone laughs & Tania cheers] [Aimee] No but I just want to say a massive thanks to you both for creating such a wonderful video of Wales.

'Cause it's so it's so beautiful. And I really hope that it inspires your community, your followers, to come to Wales and to experience it for themselves. [Craig] 'Cause it's underrated! [Aimee] Very much so. [Craig] And you're going to love it if you come. [Aimee] LOVE IT! [Craig] If this video hasn't sold it to you then there's something wrong with you.

[Aimee] Then you might as well come over to our channel, I mean... [Everyone laughs. Tania claps & cheers] [Adam] All jokes aside, do make sure that you go and follow Craig & Aimee. They are 'Kinging-It' on YouTube. They post really good videos every week.

And they're going to continue in Wales for another month. [Aimee] I think so, yeah. [Tania] And more adventures & beyond with Custard. And hopefully we get to catch up again with Jits. Because it's been so exciting being back on the road, in JIts, in Custard.

So make sure to follow along their journey and yeah... [Adam] Follow along on our journey, whatever that will be. We're not really sure what we're doing BUT [Tania] We're very excited! [Adam] We're very excited, we're back in Jits We've got a few exciting things in the pipeline coming up, further down the line in Summer.

But until then we're kind of just working out what's what. But yeah, it's exciting times! And we're LOVING full-time van life again. It just makes us so happy. [Tania] Woo! Thanks for joining us! [Adam] So yeah, thanks for joining us! Bye! [Everyone] Byeeeeee! [Tania] Arriva! Arriva! Arriva! [Tania] AND we've started a PATREON! [Everyone cheers!] [Aimee] It's about time! [Tania] Yay! That's to these guys! They have persuaded us to do it and we're really excited to have a place where we can share behind-the-scenes content.

and just another place where you can support us, so that we can continue making these films. But obviously, as always, when you like, comment, share, subscribe, do all those things; it helps our channel grow massively! [Craig] Get them on the 'gram! Get them on the 'gram as well! [Tania] Yeah! On Instagram as well because that's where we post our regular updates. That's where you guys that are following us, will have seen all of our travels, day in, day out. So yeah, we'll see you there! Thank you so much for watching. We really appreciate your support!

It keeps us motivated to continue working hard on our films. We hope to see you here for the next one, soon!

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