Walking the Macau streets at nighttime (Moon over Macau)

Walking the Macau streets at nighttime  (Moon over Macau)

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Okay, so we're going to test out this camera this is her, in the cows walking, around. In the cow right now we're walking down this little alley right here so, you. See. I'm just going to test, this out and see some. I'm. Going to be talking, about Macau the next who knows how much time. Basically. I live, here and I'm writing a book about it that's going, to be published. Shortly. Maybe, from other videos you saw me promoting, no clutches in Korea, so. So be promoting, no touches in Korea but. I'm not going to be talking, about moon over Macau in the future as well so. I'm just gonna walk around and kind. Of go through some of them towel right now. Skipper there's a festival finance, so finds, it. And, actually this one they carry no copters in Korea so actually. Have. This one in here. And. Recently they sold a few of them because I did a. Talk. To the International ladies some account so they were really, fantastic to talk to you and, they, some of them about their books here and some of them read, it online. This. Is the. And, it's. Portuguese fixer. Guys. Famous acedia, fresh beats bookstore. Is towards, senado square you can see the pavement here. We're. Just gonna keep walking down this way. This. Is such a beautiful place in Macau so why not like it. I think about Macau is there somebody tourists that you can walk around the camera nobody. Thinks anything of it so quickly, and, I'm going to be. The kid st. Dominic's Church in a minute so, some. Of the scenery. This. Is kind of upscale shops, now. Here. I'm. Gonna click there. Go, back a little bit further. But it's boxes. Showing. You some of the seams over this Buddha, Burma cow probably. Later I'll go more into detail about it. But, this is actually one of the scenes when they walk up and down the street you. Got to stop on the ruins later. If. Your, person that buys the book later you. I know with the six like now. Yeah. The new book is a moveable, causa. It's gonna be available in December first going. To be changing the website. She's a name the website to. Reflect that might. Give it another name. This, right here's where we're gonna be coming into some other wounds. Let's. Walk up that, way. So, right now it feels like like you're kind of in somewhere in Europe, and. Then you get up here and there's a big large Cathedral so. This is the. Ruins. It's, funny this couple here I was. Up here when I was writing this book I'm. Going up there playing the scene I think. That old lady was. So. She might come up here every night just sit there. Okay, so we got one two. The. Daytime we can take, a look at this closely. Later. Some people who, read. The book will see this in the book, seem. To. Tell you what it is. So, actually haven't the response yet from the voters with every to me Lisa. So, I'm not sure the erection to it here, there's. A scene it happens here. Had, a good friend read it so he wasn't. So sure about the ending. But. Um. That. We'll see kind, of um spent a lot of time rewriting, it and kind of changing it quite a bit so we'll see if it's um it's. More acceptable to you. Know the Internet. Beautiful. So, there's also. A. Little bit. You, know walk across here there's a statue that's in the book too so I just want to capture it.

Is. Also rich in, Filipino. Population in, there you. See in the park too so we're gonna keep walking. That. Way you. Want to go up to this, statue. All right there. There. Is. I'm. Gonna hear another time. So. Like the Korean speaking. In Korean. So. Okay we're gonna keep walking down. Oh. Yeah. When you come to this area, you'll. Hear languages. From all over so there's. They're. All speaking Korean behind me a little. Family. You. Also hear lots of. Filipino. Chinese. So. Let's keep walking. Over. Here. Sudden. The seen I also brought, something over to this area. Dad. Are you gonna read about it anyways. Right. There. Good, right here this is the spot right here. So, yeah this spot, is. At the end of the book. So. Yeah it kind of goes down there. In. That time that's actually, even now there's that many people but you see lots of people right. Over there. Right. Up on top. Yeah, the ending scene takes place right there. This. Is to get this pole. It's. A graffiti. Turn, your head and energy of that. You see that in the book too. Who. Are Street. Like. She can't. Pronounce my poor, cheese very well but resurrect, our. Primary. Buildings. Then. You have this little area right here. Kind. Of hard to see in the dark. But. There's a Chinese. I walk, around a little bit so this little temple this little area has some, temples. But they also have people that live here so. When you saw us here, this. Is really pretty. So, actually we see I really. Like the way they'd this, actually goes to the other side this, is our residential down here. They're. Like how everything is set up with these little lamps. Everywhere. This. Isn't in the book but I want to show it anyways because there's a lot of little stuff like in the book we talk about these little things I'm. Like I'm, gonna definitely do more videos you know talk more about that those little things like that at. Another time, so. Actually, I think this is actually people this apartment so he has this scooter inside, this. Guy just after the dog. But. Things. In front of everybody's houses almost everybody. Pretty. Keep. Walking. Okay. I. Actually, kind of want to tell a little story so, I was researching this book I was, um I saw. I was looking around at the statue out there that. Statue was um. I'll. Go and show you in a minute but. The particular statue was. Kind. Of well known for among the Chinese community so. This guy's from the mainland so he was telling me all about the, some, of the background in history behind it, so. So, when I was talking to him it's kind of interesting because, we. Were able to. You. Spent a lot of time just kind of talking to me about. Ending. Mainland Chinese and of, his. Beautiful. Some. You know here's million Chinese and how the reaction, to people from Macau in Hong Kong and. I didn't really want to say too much to him about, my. Name behavior. Because. He's from the mainland he's. Probably aware of it already about. The perception, that's not always so good oh here. We go I was sitting here just reading this, so. I was reading at the bottom anyways on the book. I. Just. Kind of go through this go through this if you wanted to, you. Can. You, can just kind of stop and play the video sorry. Yeah. Hume and I were sitting right here. So. I was sitting here and um just. Tell me all about like perception. How. Excited, he was to be in somewhere. So different so even though it's China it's really not so. For him as is so exciting, and so different so he was saying like you, know you he. Was um kind of yelling and shouting and screaming you. Know which is a stereotype of me and then Chinese anyways and um and, then, you know locals would be like hey you know like you. Know set it down and you know don't yell like that that's not appropriate, so. Um. Anyways. He was kind of tell me all that stuff and we're sitting here he's also telling me about, the. Police system you know how it's different in Macau versus, mainland, China so. Then. As he was sitting here was kind of funny because he was actually a pretty good guy, as.

Most, Human beings are and, him, included and while he was here there was a guy that was like for. The mainland he had a beer, I think he can a lot, of the main night or so noise um they. Don't really do things they, were kind, of. Questioning. Behavior sometimes. Some. Of them not all of them a lot of my great people of course but this figure that when he had a beard his hand and he was like staring at us so they were just sitting here talking and the guy kind of got in my face like you. Know just, but. Not, as much he was looking at me looking more at the Chinese guy like you know like how how can you be speaking English you're Chinese which. Is a perception, that's more. Very, very much man you don't forget that here the. Locals. Here the balconies the Chinese from Macau the Chinese from Hong Kong are, very. Very international, so I'd never ever have, those issues you know they speak to me in English all the time I, can. Barely practice Chinese because they will, usually speak English to me no matter what. Anyways. I was like kind of staring at him staring at me and. I guess that's why him, and I he was teaching me about this kind of stuff and his. Belief system where he was from and then that, was happening so he was uh. He. Felt, pretty embarrassed by it and he was kind of telling me about. Yeah. I think I'll just kind of come how many like oh man that's really rude right and, then that's when we started talking about his. Embarrassment of being a mainlander, and his. Mistakes. That he made because he really loves visiting, here and he loves all the culture so. You know he was saying in the mainland China with, the Cultural Revolution, things. Have changed where, things are still the same here so I don't want to get into detail about that but basically. Here there's a lot of them like old traditional, Chinese characters, yeah. When they see these temples you know there was um they've been here for quite, a long time it's. A lot of history here so it's you know it's China, but it's also. Like. A different, kind of China than the mainland Chinese anyways. To my side here for quite a while I was talking in them that. I really enjoyed that so you saw me writing so I was reading with the UM I. Starting. Down a bunch of ideas for the book the stuff I wanted to include I'm. Cher in. Moon over Macau so that's why um, it's. Kind of why, the. Anyway. That was all right here talking. To him like that sure, actually. Spent one whole night just sitting, here. I think, I was gonna walk down here but I think we're gonna go back up to the top. It's. Amazing. Okay. So we're gonna keep going. So. The floodlights so there's a strong flow late sets in the book too and they are shine, up to. The ruins. Mr., moody right there. Is. They're always playing in this area. Tourists. Are kind of everywhere North Korean. Chinese. Korean. Okay. See. And. Then people hang out inside and, you. Kind of see actually, that's filled. A peanut language. So. You see a lot of Filipinos, in Indonesian. Too sometimes, and. They'll. Just hang. Out in the evening and eat. Or drink socialize, interact. With each other so there's. Not a lot of bars and MacArthur, son of course but. Not a ton but, um it doesn't really matter because it's legalized, to drink outside. I think it's legalized it's no comment anyways. So. We're just gonna keep walking down here, my. Team just walk into the batter he goes out. Coco. Legend I, start. Cooking it. It's. Interesting Coco's, legend. So. This is called the street of herbalist this is where the. Yeah okay, so this is really hope. You man Oh smile, still there if you can see it. Way. Down there you can see a super back sign so that's this place great. Place. This. Is um, this. Is also part of the street - so we're gonna go down. Student. Herbalist is it keeps going all the way down. So. We're gonna keep walking this way, so. They got lots of food here, they're. Making some. Okay. So there's a kind of a food area right here people are heat outside, but. I don't want to be rude. So, I guess this is all Portuguese food right here, possibly.

Some Macanese, food too. Let's. Keep going here. Fruit, fruit. This. Is right up by the main square, here so. Then. There's me. Okay. Okay. So I got the GoPro. This. Is um Sousa, come out beautiful, right here. So. Some other time I'll go up on the lighthouse move up to the saloon. Okay. So he's gonna walk down this way. Krisily, gonna walk out there to the bus stop next, so. How this cardboard here this is um usually. Every evening they have to take, out all the cardboard from we're, shocking others shelves. And then they somebody. Comes later and throws, it all the way so. On the city who does America Mercedes. Beautiful, trashcan. So yeah she's, an. Idiot. Yeah. I did. Yeah. You like. Okay. Give, her some money so I don't. Wanna put her on film directly, but that was actually. I kind of liked that scene because I'm actually. A no conscience sorry, moon over Macau there's a scene where. The. Main attacker actually helps out people like that so. Once. You. Yeah. The main character he's kind of looking for people like that and so. That's kind of where he causes he has some of his problems, so. He's finds. Tries. To help out people and. You'll. See once you read the book kind. Of telling, a lot of little hints about it anyways but. Uh. You. See many homeless people there's around but not many so. She was actually quite nice and she also spoke good English to me. I might just see. From. The distance. See. Or. Not, take, she's gone but anyways. We, might be way down there. Those. Cardboard boxes probably cleaning but at nighttime you'll see people, kind of go through all the garbage. And the cardboard, boxes usually so I think they get money out of the cardboard boxes. There's. Anything like Korea all. The older. Ladies to go through and pick. Up the cardboard boxes and bring it in for money but here I don't know maybe they're employed by the city or. They have a different system. But. I definitely see you know people who look like they should be retired like older. Ladies. Or men that are. Going. Around in. Yep, you're curious when I saw that a homeless, lady I gave her 20 maps of 20, map is like about $3 which. Would be enough for her to get. Probably. A Chinese dinner actually I mean. Usually. The foreign food is more expensive but the Chinese food is not not too bad so. This, is called senado square, so. I think we're just going to go around it real quick there's. A scene with a little boy - so. It's. A little bit of a hint but he likes trains a lot see there was a train in there somebody. Esta you'll get it. And, you can solve it in the process. Okay. Let's. See here. They're posing for a picture right there, actually. That's a really cool. Picture. This. Is really good for the moon right there so we have the moon. Back. There's. Another area that's really pretty too. Let's. Blow in the background. Okay. Beautiful. So this is posting out of square. In. The daytime you can see this is a shoe, that building. So they're pretty in the daytime so you kind of have these different colors to, cover light blue in the background that one way up there so light. Blue in. Kind. Of cleanse. Of this yellow one that the other one and then this one I think is. Green. So it's kind of a pretty, color. In the daytime. Let's, walk down a little bit this way. Later. Here's. A Filipinos. And people hanging out here. There. Was a ship going. Because. Really. Love living in Macau actually. That's one of them. Recycling. Plastic. Plus his wife. Post office, I'm. Gonna walk down this Main Street right here so. Sometimes. This can be really really, crazy crowded, in the daytime but right now it's actually not bad enough. You're. Gonna walk all the way down it, yeah. Sometimes I'll see you know like just people, with luggage and everybody trying to get to. Try to capture that a little bit. It's actually even more beautiful. The medium, of visual. Is. I might just walk up there real quick this is Cathedral bar. It's. Gonna go walk up here. Just, Messina cathedra bar here too so this, one overlooks the casino area. And it's like it's, there's. People hanging out here. It's. Say. Capito. This, was a. Computer. Bar, it's. A nice Portuguese. Background. Sit on benches so that, times people will sit out here and you. Can you, know bring your beer outside and sit. This, is beautiful, today nice night right. Very. Friendly I.

Don't. Really like this a lot. You, can sit right out there over that balcony. It's beautiful, beautiful. Spot. See. I think those those are. For the penis sitting there most. Likely. Fugitive. So peanuts are really friendly so this. Is javabeans, like. Change. And. It just came to Macau. Maybe. Maybe. Three four months ago maybe, so. It's almost brand new but, if you go up there you'll see almost off Filipinos. If. I can get across maybe, I would. Seeking. This kind of zoom in there. We go brueski that's kind of funny concern. The reference a person in the book too. First, I'm sitting in this thing right here. Yeah. Actually that bristly is in the book because it makes kind of making reference to it so later. If I talk more about the book it's um. It's. Kind of a cool shot take. They're taking pictures there so. There's. A, jewellery. Shop. Lu6. A bus. But, yeah the Bruce Lee he's actually in the book and, reference. Him. You, see earlier but later early I was study about the lady with the. The. Lady with the. Picking. Of garbage looking for somebody looking, for trap that can go through the trash and. I gave her 20 mop right so in the book there's, a few it's it is where one, of the main characters he gives money to people he's looking to do that so. It's kind of funny that I saw that and then Bruce, Lee, this. Is kind of a passing reference to him with. With. The. Kind of the Chinese belief system with a. And this book is called moon over the palace are you getting up. Having, a pretty, amazing that a preview they didn't expect to be doing. And. Actually right now we're walking back to the bus stop so. Yeah. The kindest beautiful. Living. In this city. I. See. I. Think we can go. Ready. For that leg. There. We go. So, now we got the light and. We got both lights so I'm gonna keep going through here I'm. Gonna keep going. There. We go got both lights all, three lights that's amazing TV it's time to or can't. Get across that's beautiful right there. Okay. So we're gonna keep walking. Yeah. I love this song I love the tile and the floor, this is all from. Portugal. A lot. Of Portuguese cities have this kind of stuff you know this being Rio de Janeiro. Definitely. Macau I, visited. Her, she'll a few years ago. You can definitely see, the strong, connection later, beautiful, love it. Okay, so we're gonna keep going. Through. The store right here mcauliffe. Square. Just, once stored here can't remember the location, but there's one that all the expats they'll talk about like you, know 50 other this new Johan way, down there so. I'd never go in there. There's. No reason to go in there but a long time ago that was where people would find all their foreign stuff. They. Need to anymore because everything is so international. The. Doughnuts. We're. Gonna keep doing go. I'm. Gonna talk to my robot gold some other time but there's a lot of gold shops, everywhere. In Macau usually around go around I think it's kind of, associated. With money laundering but it's hard to really say and. I don't don't. Fully fully. Bought myself so I have no idea, this. Little street is really, quiet, right, now quite. All the time but it's 600, underutilize, there's all these residential, so. Businesses. Here I. Always. Feel like this could be you. Know like a little um, poker, square I can Singapore you have all these little hawker squares everywhere. But. You don't really have them so much in Macau but you could. Actually. What I'm thinking about doing is um I'm gonna revive the, YouTube. Channel, Hui, the footage. Of Macau and kind of you know talk about moon over Macau and I live here where no couches in Korea are left as. There are 96 to 2008. Off. And on but I don't live there anymore, so. But. I do live here so I can I. Can. Get to I get to share the city with people. So, there's a Portuguese pile, right there there's a. The casinos. So. A lot of in Portugal there's a lot of tile like that. Just, wait for the green light. There. We go. That's, so here a big one of the beautiful things about Macau is everybody has cameras anyways businessman such a tourist city. Beautiful. A little, bit. And. That this crowd go a little bit right. Here for a minute. Yeah. So actually this is a mall kind of Portugal influenced, as is a tile, it's, beautiful designs.

Kind Of reference this a little bit the book this actually this school but um but. I kind of rewrote some stuff so I think I actually deleted, that part wasn't. Much more than a paragraph anyways. But. Actually and I'm just going to stand up here. This was kind of a run register, down. There it goes Justin out of square then. Right here it's right down there there's all this casinos. And, the bus I'm gonna take to go home. Just. Something I was really impressed by when I first got here these apartment buildings this. Little circular. You. Know like. Just. Kind of like the way that you could live. In one of those. Supposed. To feel sunshine in the winner. Got pretty mild winter so but, good. Nonetheless. Anyways, I'm gonna keep walking so. Yeah. I'm just gonna share it real quick but like years, ago I used to have a blog and Korea called um the soul journals and. You can actually find it you can archive it in. The there's a website you can look for how websites used to look like a long time ago so you can look under mine Kevin Maher calm. You. Can find it. The. Way it was a long time ago but now it's different, of course this. Times have changed, over. Here. So. There's some casinos right there I just. Wanna take a picture this, these. Are almost non-existent, but, some tourists take them sometimes but. This is kind of the old style my politics really. Only here for turistica, you know. Because, people still might use it in this area. Okay. And so we're gonna keep walking across, the street. And, actually the book this is kind of a popular. Tourist. Area almost almost. All mainland Chinese usually stay here I think, most of the. Sometimes. I see foreigners of course see them everywhere but. I think the bigger casinos, are more popular you know, the ones that like. Finnish. And Parisian, actually, lots of being then tourists. Are there too but but, here I always see them and they're usually hanging. Out right here and this is kind of funky buildings. To me I see it every day so it's not so interesting but probably. On the camera, might. Be really interesting. Later, I'll get a little view of it I usually, hang out here. I'm. Talking about moon over Macau this is to project you. Having to be changing the website and promoting. New. Number of Macao and. Getting. All these, kind. Of symbolic. Things, here. So, later I'm gonna try to capture. More of Macau. You're gonna see a lot more. 37. Seconds till. Came to the consumer. So this one has. This, kind of colorful. Stuff. We're gonna go take a look at this building. Have a lotus leaf shape up there so you see it from quite aways. Interest. Or. Interest. Okay. So interesting here right so in the book I kind of talk about you know just kind of a hires on those you can feel sometimes a walk through it quite a bit study. Portuguese. Way. Down that way and. The. Portuguese Embassy say, she always walk through there all the time. All right. So, grand this bullet right there, this. Is always on lots of people's photos. Because. Definitely in mind I took a lots of photos of when I first got here. See. These. Are all the relics of another. Take people around Elmo's never see them but. They're still. My first advice, okay. So we're gonna. I'm, definitely gonna show lots more of my call in the future. Today, is actually the first video. Lisboa. It. Is. This is also where the New Year's Eve stuff is at right here too. And. Many. Years ago this used to be a, this. Area said some giant statue so this was just. Some to a Portuguese guy to. Look. It up who it was again for them I guess. It was like pretty big symbolism. So when they turn it over to China they. Tore. Down I guess. And, now it's a, big. Bus station. Anyways, basically that's about it I'm just gonna be able to button again. Miss boa. For the bus and um. Covered, with cluster you talk, yes. So basically I'm, gonna be, showing. The cow, and. Letting. People see what it looks like I'll, try to record some different stuff as I walk around so. Let's. See how it goes and. I'll definitely um in a few write some comments. I'll. Definitely respond, to those or. I might turn them off depending it's. Hard to say really sure I don't, really like to go back from the katana comments actually they don't, but, probably all that get some of them. There's, my bus okay.

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