Walking To The Furniture Store In My New Neighborhood (4K) - JAPAN WALKING TOUR 2019

Walking To The Furniture Store In My New Neighborhood (4K) - JAPAN WALKING TOUR 2019

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Hey. What's up everyone its Corey here and guess what I am in Japan that, is right guys I moved to Japan a little over a week ago I think eight or nine days it's been really hectic getting a new apartment and, finding. Furniture and getting a new computer and job. Hunting and all these other different things but. This, is gonna be my first like real, walking. Vlog, we're gonna do a walking tour today in my area this is to, the north east of Tokyo, city it's in an area called matsuyoshi. Matsudo. City and my. Neighborhood. Is called kami Hong go so we're about a thirty minute train ride away, from like. Akihabara. Asakusa, a lot, of those downtown areas. In. Central, Tokyo, so. I, am, currently, outside of my apartment building we're, gonna do an apartment tour later on guys I promise we'll, do a really cool video tour of my new apartment here, but, um today we're gonna go and just. Explore, I'm gonna go to a secondhand, furniture store, and I'm gonna walk there and so. We're just gonna kind of go, down through the streets check out the neighborhoods of Japan some, of these nice back alleys, and side streets and just. Enjoy the tour okay let's go so, right here over the railing on the first floor of my apartment. This. Is awesome. Bamboo. Forest. Grove thing. Look. At it it's so awesome I love, seeing this every day as I leave my building, this. Is so cool. So. We're gonna go ahead and walk down this way. Alright. So coming out of the front of my apartment building and. Now, we are in. Japan. Guys Japan, look at this so. Beautiful. Japanese maple tree. Let's. Go down this path, this. Is a bit of a steep path going, down there's, actually two train stations. Close. To my apartment building. Keep Todd matsutake and. Coming. Home go ahead key. And. Both. Are like pretty much about. The same distance from the apartment building. Anyways. I am, super stoked. To. Share this with you guys. The. Entire inspiration. For all of my walking, videos, in Korea, in in Vietnam, and elsewhere. Were. All inspired, from, my childhood, and teenage years in Japan, I used, to walk these. Kinds of side streets and alleys. Every. Day every, single day and I used to explore them on purpose. Like getting lost and you know looking for cool hidden gems and whatnot and so that's what inspired all, the walking videos for my youtube channel back, in 2013.

And. Now. We're back in my, home country after. 20 years of living abroad. In. America and, Vietnam and, Korea. This. Is a local Shinto, shrine. Right, here. It's. Very small, and. Look. At the bamboo. But, what I love about, being. Back in Japan is just how quiet it is you. Can see there's just. Not. A lot of people like. Not a lot of cars there's. No street parking really. In Japan not too much at least anyways. Like. Those are all like Kade parking, lots. At. White car I don't know if they should be there or not but. Anyway. So. We're gonna kind, of randomly. Walk around and at, the same time make our way towards the, secondhand furniture store, because. In my apartment building or, in, my apartment I should say I actually. Have zero, furniture. I have, a fridge I have, a microwave and I have a futon, bed and. Those. Were all loaned to me by. The landlord, until I get my own I. Think. He's gonna allow me the microwave, for good but, the. Fridge. And. The. Futon means I have, to get my own eventually, so. Today we're, looking around, at. Furniture stores yesterday. And today and yeah. So. Anyways. It's. About 1, p.m. Friday. Just. A local park. See. Here's a local park he's a city worker taking, her break, lunch. Break in the park. She's. Like nobody, okay. I'm sorry there are people but there's. Not a lot of people. And, everywhere. You go, I'm. Not gonna go this way specifically. But. Oh. Nice. Look there's a little water. Kind. Of a stream thing here. There's. Some, stairs I go up to another road. And. Just. Like a beautiful, blue tiled roof house. Over there. And, I just love that sorry. I'm just like obsessed, with everything right now like. This. House look, at their landscaping, look look at the trees. Almost. Everyone's, bushes, and trees are like perfectly. Trimmed. And. Just gorgeous. Yo, we'll go this way. And. I. Arrived, here April, 10th and it was like right at the end of the Sakura the. Cherry blossom, season, so. You. Could still see some now. But not a lot. So. Hopefully along, the walk we can maybe see one or two I. Did. Do a live stream walking, tour for two hours, on, Instagram. And on, YouTube. From. The Llano area, that's where my hotel was when I first arrived and. Unfortunately. With the YouTube one. Look. At the smiley face mailbox. Unfortunately, with the YouTube app. The. Video was like encoded, really weird I had a really strong pocket. Wi-Fi signal, and, we. Were streaming in 720, people were receiving, 720. To. Their computers, and phones but, the. The. Images were very, pixelated, so. - I think it was like an encoding, issue. So. Those. Videos are still up on my channel if you do want to watch it, if. You can manage to watch it, I'll. Get this old like Daihatsu, van it's, so tiny I'm taller than the van. But. I like this micro bus. That's. Cool. Yeah. So it is still live on my channel if you guys want to watch it I'm, gonna leave it there it. Was my first live stream like. Walking tour I, was. Thinking about deleting it but you know what I can. Always make new ones, you. Guys can always go back and hear the conversations, with. That one stream because it was really good conversations, and good, questions, a lot of people left awesome. Comments. And. Asked. A lot of good questions during the livestream I was really thankful for everyone tuning in I. Have. Not a stream to twitch yet, but. Now that I do have my computer and. Yeah. I don't know well will do maybe an IRL. Walking, tour on Twitch as well and, just try to test the waters there see. Who tunes in see, the quality. Look. At this house, look, at the look. At the landscaping. Look. At this. They're. Like perfectly. Sculpted. These, ones have really cool branches. They. Seem chaotic but somehow they're like. They. Look like they were made to grow that way. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful beautiful. So, over here this is like a recycling area. They. Sort all their trash here, in Japan. Similar. To Korea except they do it on a much more extreme level, here. They sort all the plastics, by, the type of plastic it is styrofoam. Batteries. Glass, different. Types of glass different. Types of batteries light, bulbs everything everything is like categorized, and and sub categorized. Look. At these roses. Okay. I'm not sure how long it's walking videos gonna be because. We're gonna walk quite a distance and. I just keep getting distracted by, every, little thing because, I want to share so much with you guys.

But, As you notice there's, like nobody. Ok, maybe here comes somebody. Okay. It was like one person just Nana but, there's like no cars, there's no motorcycle, honking I'm. Like, the only one being, loud by talking and, walking, at the same time. The. Empty lot right here. Yeah, for this silence is actually. Very. Very, good welcoming, I. Enjoy. So, much I. Need. You up. Oh there. Was something I do want to show you guys. And it's the manhole, covers can, you see here so, this one's for the Matsu doll she and. I. Don't know every, every manhole, cover has a story. Something. Related. To the, area of Japan, that it's in. So. I'm not sure what that one was a bunch of people on a boat I. Don't. Know if. There's. Like a river nearby here, where people. Were. Riding. Around what. Is this pink car let's go look at it. Is. That up rx-7. I. Think. It is an rx-7, right. It's. Not a Porsche. It. Is, that's. One thing I miss about Japan. Is. All the cars the, car culture here. Like. All these tiny little box, cars. The. Car. Ooh this. House is beautiful right here. Beautiful. Front door gate. I'm. Nice a patina, on the, the. Gutter the rain gutter and then the rain comes. Down. This. How. Cool is that huh. Again. Beautiful landscaping. Okay. See you above there. Look, at this I wonder how old this house is. It's super, nice. Let's, keep going oh I, think there's some construction. Can, I squeeze by here. Okay, he signaled, me through. We're go ahead and, walk. Through here. So, we're out here on the Main Street this. Is, like, Boulevard, or whatever that. Cuts through this area. And. Connects. Like, Keita matsudo station. Which is up ahead going. Back back, way backwards. Towards. Matzo dough so, we're, actually walking away from the center of Tokyo right now. And I like that they had this barrier. Wall here so you don't like walk. Out into the street even if there's like the scene of three white. Bars. You, can still like potentially, fall right. Anyway. Yeah so it is a little bit noisy over here just because it's the main thoroughfare. You. Can see all the cars look at these little box cars they're, so cute. Yeah one day after. I get my license I'm gonna go ahead and get a car. I got, look at that small one right there. What's, nice about me. Getting a license here I don't, have to go through the whole process. You know taking the written test and the drivers test and all that kind of stuff. My, my, driver's license is. From the state of Maryland and. The. State of Maryland is one of few states in America, that. Are exempt, from, taking. The written or the driving, test. So. All I would need is a permanent. Residence, not a permanent. So. All I would need is. My. My. Little alien card, my like residency, card that shows I live here and my. US. Driver's license go down to the office pay. A fee and, then they go ahead and make, a Japanese, driver's, license for me and. If. That's not the, easiest thing I've ever heard of I, don't. Know what is. Yeah, so down here by, the main. Road you can see there's some large. Apartment buildings across the way. It's. Just more busy. Down here. There's, a great cut, of chicken, place. Fried chicken. I, write. There once actually, you don't eat there it's just take away only, so. You just go to the window you order a box of, chicken, and. Then you're good to go. Oh the, light is green let's, go. There's. Really no like, jaywalking. At major roads like this. Everyone. Follows the green light red light which. Is nice. So. This. Way. Is, straight. Ahead is keep, that matzo dough station, it's. That green building of. The green rooftop straight. Down there that's where I have, been from the city and, then. I walk up this road, it's. One of the roads that I could walk up to to get to home, but. I'm gonna go up this way and we're gonna go ahead and take some side. Streets. Kind. Of get away from the main road, the. Noise and, all. That. We're gonna go explore some like. Side, street side. Street stuff. So, this is kind of the area where I do my. Groceries. And whatnot like this. Store here. Motto. ETSU, this. Is a supermarket, this is where I buy all my bento, and. Milk. And well, so, am i okay I'm lactose intolerant, I don't drink dairy. But. Uh yeah. That's. One, supermarket. And then there's a like, a pharmacy, there's, some convenience, stores here like, this is called a Lawson, store, you. See they're. Lost. In store 100, it's 24, hours it's. Kind of like a mini supermarket. If. You happen to like. Miss. Going to the regular supermarket at least there's that there you can pick up eggs and ham and you. Know ramen, and whatever. Else it's got all the goodies there, unfortunately. They don't have shampoo, or soap or anything because, I did look. Here's. The other supermarket. And. On. The, second floor is actually a ISIL, I so.

Like 100 yen shop it's. Kind of like the dollar store I think. A lot of people around the world know it died so is now. There's, an Indian restaurant and then further up ghost's towards my house this. Giant thing that says create it's. A big pharmacy. Like. A huge pharmacy, it's like bigger, than CVS, or rite-aid. Or. Anything like that. But. They're loaded with anything. And everything related. To. Like. Self, care and. Bass. Related. Things. No. Food. Okay, so I've actually never walked here before. But. I have a general idea of. Where I'm going so. Let's. Let's. See what. We discover how long the way. This. Little narrow house, what. Is this place. Is. This a hundred yen vending machine it is, some. Of the drinks are 100. But. Most are 110. We're, gonna just keep going. So. Basically, the, way to the furniture store was. To follow that main road. The. Main through fair. But. These. Roads here run, parallel to that so, at least I know I'm going in the right direction. So. Beautiful and quiet. It's, a huge difference between. Japan. And Vietnam in. Terms. Of a noise pollution. Oh. Look. At this. Our. Apartment's. Is. A school. Looks. Like this is a school. Okay. We, do have to jaywalk here which. Is fine. So, hold, on I want to look at the school, it's. Friday where is everybody I haven't. Heard any kids or anything is this a school or is this a park oh it's. A park I thought it was a school, okay. So. Let's, just kind of walk through the park. Just, a big open parka with hot, a little. Gravelly. Dirt. This. Is the kind of stuff I used to play on as a kid. It. Gets super hot in the Sun trust. Me. You. Go this way. Yeah. Let's go back down. Yeah. So you. Guys if you are enjoying this walk please. Give this video a thumbs up share it. With your friends who are interested in Japan and seeing what just. Some normal side streets some, normal neighborhoods of Japan like what they look like and. If. You want to see more. Definitely. Subscribe. Definitely. Helps out with what I'm doing here and I. Have. So many ideas. For, videos now. That I have a new computer I can actually finish editing my Malaysia videos. Which. Were halfway done before. My laptop died. And, yeah. So. Many things to share with you guys from Japan. Not, talking right now just, so you can hear like literally, how quiet it is, you. Hear my footsteps and that's about it. Okay, I see something over here it looks like a temple. Sounds, like okay I hear like weed-whacking or something in, the distance or. Drilling I don't know what that is pretty. Much the only thing I hear other than the wind. I'm. Not sure if this is. Okay. This is to a parking lot. It's, a cool building though, across. The way. Alright. Let's go back down. Yeah. And another thing you guys. Anything. You see in this video if you have questions, about it or you, saw. Something that I didn't talk about and you thought it was really cool definitely. Leave a comment, or your. Question down below I will definitely try to answer it to the best of my ability, oh. It's. Hot. It's. Really warm I'm wearing jeans and a t-shirt. And, a. Backpack. And. My back is all sweaty I hope. It doesn't show through my shirt. Hey. There's a camper. I've. Noticed there's actually quite a few campers here in Japan people, love camping. In. This country, so. It makes sense that they have a camper, vehicle you know. There's. Another smaller, part. Yeah. So we're still walking parallel, to that main road it's on our left, to. The left of us. It's. This way there's, some more fruit. So, there's the Main Street that, way. Notice. It's like a, million. Times quieter just. One Street over into. The neighborhoods. Near, this house. Can, I go this way without going back to the main road possibly. Ooh. Is, this a skyline. I have, a GTR. Not. Ease whoa. Look at this garage. It's. Kind of cool, looks. Like a storage shed like, a very futuristic, looking storage shed, hmm. Here's. The local, post office. And here's, the mailbox. So. You can see the mailbox here they. Have two slots, the. One on the right is for like international, mail express. Mail, non-standard. Sized, mail and then on the left is just normal letters, postcards and, you, know stuff like that it's. A. Very. Cool. Okay. Let's keep walking. A bit, noisy over here yeah it's. Much closer to the main road. Kimbra, here is a cemetery. When. I go ahead and just kind of show you guys what a cemetery, in Japan looks like.

So. There's two types of like religious, buildings are gonna come across all. The time in Japan and, those are shrines and temples. Although. There's no temple here but, usually cemeteries. Are, on. Temple. Grounds, and using temples are Buddhists. Wow. Look at this rock, formation. All. The stones in there. Can. I go up there and look at it. Just. Take a little peek. Take. A quick little peek. Very, cool, yeah. And then over here you can see there's just more. Like modern. Tombstones. Made. From granite. And. Some other kind of dense stone. Very. A clean, very. Sharp looking. Yeah. So what I was gonna say was I. Love. This old house they're, probably the caretakers, for this uh the. Cemetery, that. Live here that's my assumption. Okay. So what I was trying to say it was, that. Buddhist. Temples usually, have some. Kind of a cemetery near them or if you see a cemetery, it's usually associated, with a Buddhist, temple, and. If, you see a red torii, gate or, like a white one or a stone one those are usually shinto. Here. You can see this is the. Very end of a cherry blossom season you can see here's a. Just. A few left on here and. Then this is gonna get really flushed, out with a, fleshed-out. I mean with. Green leaves. Okay I think we're maybe. Halfway. Or. A little over halfway to, the furniture. Store that I'm trying to go to look. At these crows, in. Japan there's a lot of crows. It. Can be kind of a nuisance at, times. You. Know like. Opening. Up trash and then spreading, the trash all over the street and stuff like that plus. Their their noise the calling that they do if. You get a bunch of them all at, one time just like flying around and calling and. It's. A pretty. Noisy. Nice. Truck. Such. Cool designs. Trying. To keep a nice pace going oh there's. Like a military. Plane flying. Well. If you guys can see that but I can see it it's a floor propeller plane-- looks. Like a radar plane for. The Air Force. Maybe. I don't, know why I threw radar in there, I. Was. Thinking like a PC 3 or whatever, p3c, I forget what they're called for the Navy the.

Big Disk on top. Let's, keep going. We're gonna cross road here. Anybody. Know, okay. Okay there was somebody but we're good. Yeah, so I think you guys kind of get the gist. Of what a normal Japanese neighborhood, is like. You. Know just a few. People here and there riding. Bicycles, are walking. And. A. Lot. A lot of cars or people, no. One's really honking I don't think I've heard a car honk. Even. One time here okay maybe, I take it back I think I heard a car honk one time in the eight, or nine days that I've been here. Pretty. There's, a lot of gardens I've noticed especially in my neighborhood. There's, just these like. I don't know if these are public gardens or if it this lot like right here belongs to this house, or. It's just like a community garden you know I mean like, anyone. Can come here and just kind of like stake out a plot of land and, just. Start growing veggies. So this place right here in the yellow this is called treasure factory, this is a secondhand, store that I went to it. Had some used furniture I. Just. Want to see out front up front it. Was like where the cheap stuff is. Actually. Sorry I took it back you don't have a lot of furniture but it's just like secondhand, goods but. They had a few washing, machines. I just. Want to see if they're still there or not. Yeah. So this is a use mitsubishi, fridge force like around, $75. Ish. And. It's got like some, dings I don't if you could see that ding. So. A washing, machine for about 50 50 something dollars. This. Is actually good. Because. I'm trying to find a washing machine. First. More than a fridge I. Might. Have to come back here today I go, check out this other second-hand. Store though. A little. Bit further I came, to this one the other day and. That machine was there and so it's still there oh wow. Look at this Suzuki, it's like a Jeep this is it Yugi, it's. Kind of tiny. Alright. Let's. Keep going. The, entire goal was to go to this, secondhand. Furniture store. Look. Secondhand goods store, just. A little bit further away. Since. I've already been to a treasure Factory. This. Looks like actual storage. Maybe. You can rent these out I'm not sure there's, a sign on the side of it so probably, says something. Oh that's, driving a little crazy. On that turn there. Well. Carla he was gonna tip over. Yeah. I want I want a little boxy car like this isn't. That tight. It's. So cool. All right I'm gonna get my phone real quick for the map just to make sure we're going, the right way.

I'm. Not sure. Okay, yeah we can go, this way. Yeah. We're uh we're, really close to mabashi. Ecchi mabashi, station. So. I think these people are like, just getting off the train kinda, like walking home. Look. At that blue house across, the way. Looks. Like there's a barbershop on the, first floor. Okay, we're gonna walk that way I believe. Oh no, wait sorry. We're had a what. A weird crossroad, here there's. Two streets over there we. Got a street over here I'm gonna stick to this one over here. What. Is this place. Like. A printing, factory, or something I smell like so. I'm gonna smells like wood or paper. Around. Here. It's. Like a row of homes back here pretty. Quiet. Now. There's another thing I wanted to point out while, walking around here in Japan is just. How clean. It is. Like. Like, I'm looking around no. Cigarette, butts no, wrappers, no. Cans even. Like in, the sewer grate there's. No trash. This. Is like leaves. They. Take really good care of their. Neighborhoods, and streets. I see, people sweeping all the time in the mornings and at night. And. Then I have the street sweepers that come by occasionally. Oh. I. Found a cigarette butt oh my god. Let's. Do a DNA test on it. They're, like really modern new homes back, here must be a new development. Wow. It. Is a yellow house - that's awesome. This. Red. Japanese. Maple tree may. Believe tree and I, saw a butterfly there it is a butterfly. Construction. It's Friday afternoon okay I was gonna say I hear no construction but there, as soon as I was about to say it I heard someone's. Like power drill. These. Are beautiful. Roads. Turning okay we got a. Scope. Off the map on, my phone. I'm. Sure we're going in the right direction. Okay. So. Up here we're gonna turn left. Or. Or. Little ways away from where I need to go. Kyle. We need down there. Man. I could walk these streets all, day. Whoa. Very windy. Sorry. About the wind. On. The microphone, I'm, covering, the. Mic with my hand a little bit. Hopefully. It helps. Let's. Cross. So. Big park. I hear. A loudspeaker. There's, some more. Farming. Action. Looks, freshly tilled. Probably. Did it this morning. Okay, I think I'm going alright way we're. Looking at the I'm literally looking at the map right now on. My phone. But. My the GPS is like slow. To load on Google Maps oh. Wait. We're going the wrong way. You. Gotta go back this way. I think. God I looked. Wow. Is, there a stream under this because this is a pretty wide sidewalk. Has. To be a. Stream. Or something like some kind of a canal, under her this I don't. Have ever seen a sidewalk in Japan this wide in a neighborhood like this. Nice. Wheelchair, ramp. Sign. Said. Vehicles. Are not allowed to drive on this. Okay. I think this is like a high-school over here I can.

Hear A trumpet, I. Can't. Really see. Whoa. That's something you don't see every day. There's. Like a rundown car. Can. You see it, can't. Even tell what kind of a car is it looks completely smashed, the windows are broken it's. Completely disassembled. Looks. Like a sports car though I. Wonder. What kind looks. Like a drifting, car it heads like some. Like what. Do you call it like, aftermarket. Stickers on the side and stuff aftermarket. Products. Or maybe sponsors, or something they, probably crashed, and. Then, a had. Their car hauled to that spot and just like dropped off. Oh I. Just realized that these bars are painted so, over here it doesn't look like anything but, over there you can see there's like it's. Like a flying fish see. The green waves and then there's the flying fish, coming out of the water. It's. Pretty neat. Yeah. I just checked my phone it's 2 o'clock right. Now. Okay, where do we go. I think we keep going straight. Yeah, we're kind of doing some zigzag, action rate now on the map I'm, looking at the grid. Or. We're, not too far. From. Where I need to go. They're. Appearing. Motorcycle. Repair. Yeah, so have. You guys been to Japan if. You have leave, a comment down below let me know where you went. What. You enjoyed the most about this country if. You haven't been here but you're very curious, about Japan. Leave. Your comments, or questions down, below I'd. Like to hear what, you guys are into. Or. You want to see about Japan or. You just want to know more. About something, like just. Let me know. In. The comments. Does, it come in six yo. There's. Like nobody I. Have. To stop saying there's nobody because there are people I, just, have a bad habit of saying, like. Blanket, statements, that aren't true. Like. Look there's no cars there's, actually cars everywhere, it's. Just very few of them driving around. Okay. We're doing the zigzag action right now. Kolkata. Cheap. Gyro. This way. Should, I go this way. I'm gonna go this way. This, is the best part about. Walking. Is the the. Unknown I literally. Have no idea what I'm gonna see when I turn around the corner. Luckily. I do have my map just, in case. Otherwise. We'd be like. Really. Really lost. No. We would have to backtrack to the Main Street. I want, to go straight but, it looks like a forest, up there like it with a hill, so. I'm guessing maybe there's a temple over there too, but. Let's go ahead and check the map.

There. Should be a park, right. Here I don't see anything about a temple though on. My map. Yeah, I think it's just apartment buildings and stuff up there oh yeah. You can see it, there. They're like modern. Apartments. Let's um let's, go. Through the park. Yeah, more, times than not in Japan like from my experience, growing up here is like when you see like. Hills like this it's big Hills with forests, and stuff there's usually like some kind of a shrine or a temple there. Kids. So. You see the hillside. And. See the apartment buildings. All, right let's, go back out. I'm. Getting kind of thirsty so, I, will. Have to find, a vending machine, with. Something. At lemon water I. Kind. Of don't want anything from here all right, let's. Keep walking, well we'll check out some other vending. Machines before. The end of this video I promise. My. Back is all sweaty. Do. You see these red bushes, right here I don't, know what they're called but I see them everywhere, no matter where I'm at in Tokyo, like whichever area of the city I'm in there's. So many places with this this is the most amount I've seen whoa. Windy, the. Most amount this. Is the most amount I've seen, since. I was in the away know area, I, don't. Know what they are I, don't. Remember them as a child. But. Uh they're, very pretty I like. Him. According. To the map we didn't need to head out to the main road just a little bit. They. Kind of walked down I might. Just stick to the main road from here on out. Unless. You know something calls my attention to. Turn left or right actually. It would be right only turning, left would be crossing. This street and I don't think I need to cross the street. Even, though I'm next to this road the hair smells so clean. They, don't feel like I'm inhaling, pollution. Like. I was back in a in. Hanoi. Over. There it's just absolutely. Insane. I'm. Sure Tokyo has his fair. Share of pollution, it's. Just, not. On the same level as Hanoi. Well. That. Kid had the green. Sea, he's looking at the green light like what the. Something, smells good I, bet. You it's this restaurant. Right here this. Is a like, a barbecue house. Grilled, meat. I don't know if you guys can see it because, we're far away with. The GoPro but. I can see I here you can see it there's a. The, smoke cents above each table. The hood. So. This is it this is where I'm coming to. Suck. A, recycle. Shop. Recycle. Soft. Doctor. Yeah. So, I've. Made it. Alright guys that's, it I made. It to my destination so I'm gonna head an ending video here as. I mentioned earlier in the video if you like this definitely, give it a thumbs up subscribe ask, questions, and comments down below guys, I'm so stoked to be doing walking videos and some. Other new videos will be coming this way from. The, Tokyo area of Japan. Thank, you and I, will see you guys later I'm, a little bit out of breath because. It's a little bit of an incline right here but, um, anyways. Guys peace. Out.

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Also, I have no Japanese blood so I cannot claim citizenship, even though I was born here. They should make a special visa for foreigners born and raised in Japan. Unfortunately there isn't one and probably won't be one, at least for a very long time.

I am on a tourist visa for 90 days while I job hunt from within the country. It's a common way foreigners find work here - come here first, then have face-to-face interviews. It's much easier, and also a bit riskier, than job hunting online. The good thing is I can do a visa run if I don't find a job & visa within 3 months. It would be ridiculous if I couldn't find a job in 3 months. LOL

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Silence is so good for your mind and soul. ^^

I've heard there are free houses to live open for foreigners, as well, like d old houses in countryside, we just have to pay d bills, I'm looking into that coz my hubby is retired now we can live in Japan for 3 months

There are some, but you need to do your research. You might be able to get the house, but it could be a big "fixer upper" situation, or the house might be free or cheap because someone died or committed suicide there. Then there's the legal issue of living in that house, such as your visa situation. You can't just live there forever on a tourist visa, and 3 month visa runs might work a few times, but the government catches on that you're just doing visa runs every 90 days. It's kind of complicated. I want to look into finding an older free/cheap home too, so this topic interests me a lot!

I'd like to live there in countryside.. So peaceful,

I'm not in the countryside, more like the suburbs of the greater Tokyo metropolitan area. But the countryside isn't a far train ride or drive away from here. ^^

Very peaceful, is it cheaper to rent haus there outside d city, how much

It's cheaper outside of major cities, yes. Price depends on where, and how big of a house you want. I'm sorry I can't give you numbers, but a Google search can reveal a lot. ^^

This made me miss Japan. I wanna move in Japan.

+Cory May Thank you for the motivation :)

You should make your dream come true! Anyone can do it if you plan and work hard!

Looks like a very affluent neighbourhood!

It's a pretty chill middle class neighborhood. Lots of families and some retired folks as well. It's very comfortable here. ^^

What kind of job are you looking for?

Anything that will sponsor a work visa, so I can legally live and work here. English teaching is usually the easiest one to find, since there are so many places hiring foreigners. But if I could, I'd rather work freelance as a consultant for video projects or make/sell art. ^^

Such a nice walk :-). Your home area seems to be well to do! Large homes on large properties - perhaps a lot of those houses are on century owned family land. So many areas seem to be small houses on small lots - and yet as close as they are is still beautiful and quiet and like you said clean! Am eager to see more of Japan - I love the old wooden structures, abandoned Japan is fascinating, gardens and the artfully trimed trees and bushes are amazing. I picked up my love of 1950s homes and look of Japan from my dad. He was in korea and spent some time in Japan, and fell in love with what he saw. Thanks for sharing - makes me happy and full of memories of my dad and his memories of japan. :-)

Yeah, it's just a middle class neighborhood, but everyone seems to be doing well. Lots of families and retired people around here. I like it a lot. It's very comfortable! It's always nice to stumble upon an older wooden home or building among all the modern homes. Hidden gems! That's really cool your dad influenced your love for Japan and Korea. ^^ Thanks for sharing that!

1) On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate Japan including the food ? 2) If you have 3 or more words to describe Japan, what would it be ?

Check out YouTube videos by a bunch of other YouTubers who made videos about this exact topic. Life Where I'm From, Chris Abroad, Sharla in Japan/Sharmander, Rachel & Jun, etc... Their videos will really help!

+Cory May Do you have any tips or advice for those visiting Japan for the first time ?

Yes, absolutely. Their infrastructure, technology, robotics, and many other things are amazing and some of the best in the world. They have a space program. They have a universal health care system too. It is definitely a 1st world country.

+Cory May Do you consider Japan a developed and advanced country ?

1) 10/10 2) It's beautiful, culturally rich, has a long history, amazing food, very clean, very quiet, everyone is respectful... I could go on and on.... hehehe

Wow Cory, how beautiful , calm and serene! So glad you are back in Japan! Vietnam is too chaotic for me. You are now in one of my favorite places in the world. Hope we can hire you for a tour of Japan when we are there in Fall of 2020. I love your walks and your videos!

hehehe Glad you enjoyed this tour! Yeah, the chaotic nature of Vietnam became too much for me, although in the beginning it was a lot of fun to experience. Yeah, I might be open for hire for a tour... drop me a line closer to your arrival!

Been looking forward to watching this vid✌

You're welcome! Stay tuned for more vids from Japan!!!

Welcome back!!

Thank you!!!! ^^

Good to see you back in your birth country and sounding happy again. ♡

Thanks Marie! It feels so good to be back, but you already know this. lol

always support!!!!!! aloha!

Thanks so much!!!! Cheers!

Why did you call that tree a Japanese maple? Shouldn't you just call it a maple?

hahaha I think that specific tree is actually called "Japanese maple", and not just "maple." I could be wrong. I have no idea how Japanese people describe it.

Thanks for making this! Walking through quiet neighborhoods is one of my favorite things to do in Japan so this is natsukashii- i appreciate it!

Awesome! I'm glad it is nostalgic for you too. Thanks for watching and commenting!

Hey! What about the vending machine before the end? I was so excited waiting for that! I always look for stuff like AW Cream Soda or Dr Pepper or maybe protein shakes everywhere I go, so I love to see details on Tokyo vending machines.

hahaha Sorry, I was wondering who would be the first person to ask about the vending machine promise at the end of the video. I ended up forgetting about that because I reached the furniture store. I'll definitely make a video looking at vending machines here. You can get so many things in vending machines, depending on where you look! I'm on the hunt. ^^

At 33:48 there were a bunch of water bottles tied to a pole, any idea what those are about?

I think that has something to do with keeping stray cats away. The cats don't like the way light refracts through the water, it's a weird thing. At this time, I'm just assuming because I'm like 95% positive that's what they're for (if I remember correctly). I will try to confirm it with someone.

Hey dude! I know it's a bit taboo w. some of the owners but if you'd be willing to look in some of the tiny ma and pa stores around there I think that'd be worth the video.

+Cory May you're the man. Thank you for the content dude seriously. Trying to read the signs and stuff you pass by has been the highlight of my week.

I'll definitely try to film some "walking tours" inside of places like supermarkets, department stores, game arcade centers, etc. As for small mom & pop shops, I actually don't see too many around here. There are mom & pop little restaurants for udon noodles or something like that, but not like a corner store. It might just be that I haven't found them yet, but I'll keep my eyes open. ^^

You should buy a bike

Yes, I'm looking for a bicycle. It's very handy to have here in Japan! Especially for commuting from my house to the train station or to the super market. ^^

were u able to find anything u liked at the recycle shore show us pls. like your video take care be kool always.

I liked a lot of things, and ended up getting a fridge and washing machine. I want to go back and get some more appliances and decorative things. After my apartment is setup a bit more, then I'll make an apartment tour showing all that stuff. Thanks for leaving a comment!

I've never been to japan, but i am curious why you made the move from vietnam to japan as i feel like it would be 2 totally different worlds! Also just want to say this video was super relaxing, please please do more!

Well, Japan is actually my home country, I was born and raised here. So this was a homecoming for me. But you're right, it is like two different worlds for sure. Glad you enjoyed the tour! Stay tuned for more videos from Japan!

I loved watching this. It was very calming and it made me feel like I was there!

Thanks for enjoying it! I'm glad it had that calming effect. ^^ Cheers!

Cory, thank you so much for this beautiful video. And thank you for the last walking video you did. It was amazing to me. You are walking in Japan and saying hello to me in real time here in Vancouver BC. I guess younger people take it for granted but as an older person I am awestruck. It is great to see you point out mundane items like trees and marvel at their shapes and branches. That is what I want to see, someone with a trained artistic eye describe their surroundings. Because of your interest I have noticed more alleys here but none can compare to where you have walked. Ours are pretty bland. LOL I will be watching this again with my husband as he adores your tours. Until next time I wish you the best of everything in life. You are truly a treasure.

hehehe Thanks for tuning into that livestream, even though the YouTube app was having encoding issues, which made the video super pixelated. It should have been crystal clear. I'm sorry about that. Thank you for all your support and stay tuned for some more videos!!! hehehe They're coming!

Wow...everything is very clean. I really like your walking tours. It let's me see things that I would never get to see myself.

Yes, Japan is a very clean country! Thanks for watching the tour, stay tuned for more!

Yo Cory, congrats on the apartment!

Thank you!!! I'll film an apartment tour once I get a few more furniture items and make it look nice. ^^

i heard it was difficult for foreigners to rent in places like Tokyo. I would like to get your take on this. Thanks. and great vblog.

Yes, it can be difficult. There's a great video about this on "LIFE WHERE I'M FROM" channel: https://youtu.be/iZ5f_QokinY I found mine on Craigslist, and the landlord is super cool. He didn't care about all the hidden fees during the initial signing. He was very straight forward and I'm super stoked I was lucky to find this place. Thanks for watching the walking tour!

Wow....the happiness I can hear it in your voice....and I am so so glad for you...you are were you belong...loving this video like All the others you have done....Thanks

Thanks Jessie!!!! I'm very happy! Catch ya in the next video. ^^

Great vid and beautiful neighborhoods. I am curious how you would haul a washer/dryer/heavy furniture to your place? Or, do most places there deliver?

Thanks! Ah, yes, almost every place can arrange delivery for a fee. Luckily, my landlord has a tiny truck, so he was able to help me take the washer and fridge back to my apartment free of charge. Some other places charge a delivery fee per item, and by distance, as well as how many floors of stairs they have to carry something up if there's no elevator. Those fees add up quickly!

Great walking tour Cory!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. ^^

I love all of the requests for an apartment tour. Dude you wanna see my shit all over the place? Lemme come to your house and film your undies on the ground lol People are weeeeeeeeeird

hahaha It's all good. I've made a few apartment tour videos, I actually enjoy making them. They get lots of views, which equals more ad revenue for me! hehehehe I'm waiting until I'm more setup and have more furniture before filming one here at the new pad. ^^

Hey, Cory. Glad you made it back to Japan! On my last day in Japan when I went on vacation in there a few years ago, I walked around the neighborhood where my brother lived in Mieken. This walking tour reminded me of how beautiful and serene the streets of Japan are. They are always hidden little oasis and parks everywhere. Wish I could get back there someday. Anyway, if you are looking to make fast friends and work opportunities there, I'm subscribed to Tokyo Creative, another YouTuber company that is based in Tokyo that is run mostly by foreigners. They have built quite a community of expats. I'm not affiliated with them or anything, but I hope you could make connections there. I'm looking forward to more of these walking tours. Cheers!

No problem, +Cory May. I'm glad you know them already. Unfortunately, my brother moved back home so I don't have any direct contacts to Japan now. Would be nice to visit again since I have seen so little of it. I do miss the food, can't get enough of onigiri and matcha. Anyway, good luck on the job hunting. Cheers!

You should definitely come back! Even if your brother doesn't live here anymore. Yes, I know Tokyo Creative. I've talked with Chris Okano once or twice, and Sharla a few times over the past few years. It would be cool to be a part of their team or network somehow. Maybe one day! Thanks for watching and leaving a comment! Cheers!

The area is nice!! Looks peaceful. Hope it helps with your anxiety.

+Cory May yw

Thanks Sky! It really does, actually. I'm so thankful for the peace and quiet in this country, especially in my area. It's SILENT all day and night.

I've not seen walking videos of Japanese town so much.I want to see more like this walking video.

Ok! Stay tuned, I will upload walking tour videos often. ^^

Hey Cory Best of luck in your new venture. Enjoy your piece to camera as always.

Thank you!!! I appreciate it. ^^

Hi Cory, Where you live is pretty close to appartment with green bambou trees, it's great :)

Yes, it is so nice and peaceful. Thanks for watching!

Looking forward to your upcoming videos I Looooove Japan!

Stay tuned!!! They're coming!!! hehehe Cheers!

This is really awesome. Great video. Its crazy seeing the difference in your place now compared to the vietnam. So peaceful!

Glad you enjoyed it, Taylor! Yeah... it's like night and day, huh? hehehe Thanks for watching!!!

Beautiful Wisteria!!!!

My god we are so similar. I walk alone in new areas everyday just to get lost. And everyday I am blown away by the beauty in everyday things. In Taiwan, I walked 52000 steps everyday for a week, and I was so excited I wasn't even a bit tired.

I loved walking around Taiwan. I skipped the bus and trains. So much stuff to explore and see there! Glad you enjoy walking too. Thanks for commenting!!

The trees are just beautiful. The plants are trimmed just perfect. The Japanese Maples are beautiful. So clean looking every place.

I noticed the blue tile roof immediately . Just beautiful! Also the bamboo what a beautiful thing to see every morning. You live such a huge life for so young. I wish I had gone to places like this. My area in life is much smaller so I am traveling with you through all these beautiful places you take all of us through. Thank you.

Yes, the bamboo part is my favorite, whenever I leave my apartment I look over the rail and see the bamboo and a nice view of the neighborhood and Tokyo city in the distance. Thanks for always enjoying my videos, Sandra!

What a difference it is when there are no bikes or hooting in the background

The difference is mind-boggling. hahaha

Wow! Your neighbourhood is really awesome. I love the cleanliness and peacefulness that I've seen in this video. Very much different from the other countries that you've been before. It's so nice to see the another side of Japan, you know the vending machine and such. Haha. By the way I love those machine. Kudos for this video.

Glad you enjoyed the tour, Joyce! Stay tuned for more! ^^

Great walk, this is the type of video I really enjoy seeing of Japan. I love the side streets.

Cool! Stay tuned for more! Cheers!

quiet is nice....unlike Vietnam, Korea and china. peace from noisy china.

I lived in Seoul for almost 5 years, there are many parts of Korea that are really quiet. Tokyo can be loud in certain areas, like Shibuya, where lots of people are and there are loud music advertisements playing. It's a different kind of noise compared to Vietnam's motorcycle honking and engine noises. But there were some parts of Tokyo I was walking in, during the day time, and it was DEAD SILENT, even with tons of people walking. It was so surreal. lol

I'm so delighted for you that you got to come back to Japan. I love how 'obsessed' you were with everything! You can really tell how happy you are to be back. Also your neighbourhood is spectacular, all of the houses and plants are so gorgeous and well kept. Thanks for the tour!

Yes, it's a homecoming 20 years in the making. I'm so happy! lol Thanks for enjoying the tour! I'll try to make more, maybe not as long as this, and showing not only my area, but many areas of Japan. ^^

It's funny that when you would start to comment on the lack of people someone would show up

hahaha I was a mumbling mess in this video. And yeah, the timing of my statements were golden. hahaha Thanks for watching Pandia!!!!!

Really relaxing and enjoyable walk. Thanks. :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Cheers!

한국과 달리 고층 아파트와 정신없는 상가간판들, 파란 슬라브지붕의 지저분한 집들이 없어서 깨끗하고 경관이 예뻐보이네요.

Calm after Vietnam, for sure. Maybe that could be different in Tokyo. I have never imagine to visit Japan, and I'd probably never watch a video If I didn't follow you, but you show us a Japan which could interest me

Well, even though there are tons of people in Tokyo, it's still relatively quiet compared to the constant motorcycle engine noise and non-stop honking in Vietnam. Tokyo does have loud areas, like Shibuya where not only are there tons of people, but there's lots of loud music and advertisements playing everywhere. It's a different kind of loud, if that makes sense. I hope to show some cool things about Japan to you and the world! Thanks for watching!

I must go visit Japan some time soon!

Yes, it's an amazing country, you should definitely visit!

Hi Cory ! love your video , take good care of your self .

Hello! Thank you! ^^

hi cory kool vid look forward to more ,,love walking around the back alleys as well,,,amazing what you can find

Glad you enjoyed the video, Andy! Yeahhh! Many cool things around every corner!

These residential areas look very different from S. Korea and China where I've been. These look like individual homes versus apartment life above commercial 1st floors. Is that a basic difference between Japan and other Asian countries or just this area?

I think it just depends on where you go. There are many condensed apartment complexes in the city, but this is kind of like the suburbs. You can kind of find neighborhoods like this in Korea as well, but the design of the homes are different looking. The Korean countryside has many places that remind me of the countryside in Japan. But I think Korea has Japan beat on all the apartment complexes built in one area. Lots of similarities and differences for sure.

I'd love to see that rain gutter and "downspout" during a rainstorm.

Yeah! I will try to capture it on video if I ever happen upon one while it's raining and I have my camera on me. ^^

Thank you very much for the video! Enjoying it! Looking forward in seeing more videos!

You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed watching it!!! Cheers!

Any reasons why you left Vietnam? Also, you should try to keep your videos shorter. Cool video but maybe separate them into different parts? Many people dont have time to watch a full hour video in one sitting.

I discussed why I was leaving in Vietnam a few videos back, during a livestream. I appreciate the suggestion, but you can just come back to the video and keep watching from where you left off. I believe YouTube remembers the exact time you stopped the video.

This is a walking tour tho. Just imagine you are taking a stroll together.

A simpler solution is for you to save it and return to the video as you have time.

I heard getting apartments were difficult for foreigners can you do a video about how you got yours...im impressed with how quiet an clean everything is an all tbe little random bits of beauty..in the usa it would be trash all over...I was watching the ghibli movie whispers of the heart and i loved when the main character was walking in neighbor hoods..this reminds me of that..i have a question what took you so long to move back home to japan

Yeah, it can be a pain in the butt for apartment hunting. There are so many hidden fees when you first move in. And lots of places don't want to rent to foreigners, especially if they don't speak any Japanese. My place was super easy. Found it on Craigslist, and the landlord didn't care about hidden fees and all that stuff. He was very chill. I'll probably talk about it briefly when I make my apartment tour video. ^^ And to answer your question, I suppose I was trying out different things in life. I spent 13 years in America until I felt that I just needed to get back to Asia. At that time, I was deciding between Japan and Korea. But since I'm from here, I figured I'd try out Korea, which I was already familiar with since I'm half-Korean and visited Korea many times before. When I left Korea, I was deciding between Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam. I decided to try Vietnam since I had visited before in 2015 and really enjoyed the food and culture. But after nearly 2 years in Vietnam, and lots of thinking, I decided it was time to go back home. hehehe I can always travel to other countries, but I think I want to be in Japan for a long time and get permanent residency. ^^

I like Japan more so than Vietnam as it’s more organised looking. Thanks for the video. Hope to see more. I also like how every square metre of space gets used, no waste.

I'm glad you enjoyed the walking tour! Thanks for leaving a comment!

Hey Cory , nice to see you ! love the new neighbourhood and the sound of bamboo rustling in the breeze ! really nice houses and so nice and quiet . So enjoyed your walking tour look forward to many more and hope you find the furniture you need .TY Nice one ! :-)

Thanks Celestine! I'm glad you enjoyed this one... many more coming! Hope you're doing well. ^^

The difference between Japan and Vietnam is 360 degrees

Interesting saying. hahaha Shouldn't it be more like "night and day?" ^^ 360 means I just came back to where I started. lol Thanks for watching and commenting!

Like your vid. Cory! I absolutely agree with you Cory walking in Japan is exciting, I was in japan back in 2004 but very far from Tokyo metropolitan area maybe like 400 miles away in okayama prefecture in a town called Kurashiki city I really like this town and I walked for an hour everyday exploring the area it was so clean and modern. keep up the vids.!

Oh cool... the countryside and other areas of Japan away from major cities are the REAL Japan. I miss that so much! I have plans to get out of Tokyo area and film some cool stuff. My area is technically not Tokyo, and it's also in Chiba prefecture. But still close enough to commute into Tokyo easily. It's nice out here, I like the quiet. ^^

Have you given up your Vietnam"s rooftop apartment? And any plan of returning to Vietnam?

Hmm.. I'll think about it. hehehe Thanks for the well wishes!

+Cory May Hi Cory, thanks for the reply though. Wishing you a bright future and many happy returns. Do you mind to share with all of the youtubers viewing your vlog, a short summarization of "Living in Vietnam?"

Yes, as mentioned in the beginning of the video, I now live in Japan.

So good to see you Cory. I hope that you are settling in well. Remember, always take time for yourself :)

Thanks David! Things are settling down a bit, I still need internet setup at home. And I'll def take some time for myself. Cheers!

Beautiful video and landscaping love it.

Glad you enjoyed it, Liz. Thanks for watching!!!

What a huge difference between Hanoi and your area (traffic and crowd wise). Wishing you the very best Cory!

Yeah, major difference! Thanks for watching, Roger!

What's the expenses in Japan.. like apartment rent and foods

I suppose that could be said for any country. hehehe Japan is my home country, so I'm super happy to be back. ^^

Cory May I heard Japan is good for holiday, but living there is totally different

I'll have to make a video about all that because it's too much to type out here. hehehe Thanks for the question!

Glad to see everything going well over there

Thanks dude! If you ever visit Tokyo, let me know and we can go explore random alleys and stuff.

I am very happy that new videos are coming !! I'm a big fan of your streams and videos. Have fun in your new home.!!!

Thanks! I'm enjoying the new life in Japan!

thank u cory may that is of great help God bless u. II will inform my friend.

You're welcome! Cheers! ^^

How did the shopping go? Were you able to get what you needed?

Yes, I was able to get a fridge and washing machine. ^^ Thanks for asking! Whenever I do my apartment tour, you'll be able to see the stuff I bought.

Yes! about time! :)

hahaha I know, right? Sorry for the wait!

How long have you been making video on Youtube? I know this Vietnamese guy from Vietnam and I think he 's only been making video call " Cuoc song Sai Gon" Basically means, Life in Sai Gon for about a few years and now he has about 120k subcribers. He had 100k subs like 3-4 months ago. I think maybe he is making new video everyday and all of his videos were short.

I've been on YouTube since 2012. I make videos the way I want, and as long as I want. Some people grow fast in just a few months, others never grow at all. I'm very thankful for all of my viewers who have supported me over all the years. Every YouTuber is different. That's cool that guy's channel grew so fast. Best of luck to him. ^^

It so quiet and clean therein Japan, the Japanese really take pride in their homes. Everyone's yard is perfectly manicured. I think this move is the best thing for you. Vietnam is great, but Japan is more peaceful and subdued. I can't for your videos, are you going to do an apartment tour?

Yeah, Christine, I'm so happy to be back here. I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. hehe I will do an apartment tour once I have a little more furniture and decorations and stuff. I have some ideas, it will just take a little time to make it happen. ^^ Stay tuned!

Love how peaceful it is!!

I know, right?!?! It's soooooooooo nice, I never want to leave now. hahaha

cool. but ugly buildings everywhere. also it sucks people don't seem to sit outside and interact with each other. japan is clean but ugly . however i love narrow streets

Beauty and ugliness are subjective. I do see neighbors talking to each other outside their homes or in the park often. I think it was the time of the day when I filmed this, when most people are still at school and work.

Good luck Cory.

Thank you very much, Linda! ^^

Given Toyota, Mitsubishi etc all make hybrids do they have a lot of hybrids or full electric cars vs gas/desiel? The cars seems to make wind noise but the motors are dead quiet. That seems like it may contribute to how the car noise diminishes only one block from the main throughfare.

Oh yes, there are quite a lot of electric / hybrid vehicles here. I noticed it the other day, when I was waiting at a crosswalk. The light turned green, and many of the cars that started moving were absolutely silent. Then I also noticed that the asphalt is specially designed to reduce tire noise as well. I love the quietness!

Is that traffic signal at https://youtu.be/-zIUyM3l5KY?t=1087 and the crosswalk signal a moment later really flickering that fast? Or did the camera lens do that?

haha No, it's the camera's frame rate and the frequency of the light not matching up. It doesn't flicker like that normally. ^^

Happy for you that you are already settle in Japan and I enjoy watching your videos

Thank you very much!!!!! ^^

Ho Lee Chit!!! LOL!!! A Lot Cleaner And Quieter Than Other Asian Suburbs!!! Next, A Walking Tour Of The Tokyo Slums???

I'm not specifically aiming to find the slums and go film it, but if I happen to be in the area, I might check it out. I'd need to investigate first, because I don't want to disrespect the people who live there.

32:33 big stone one is muen-botoke grave Nameless deceased

Oh wow, thanks for that information! I didn't know that. Very nice to know!! ^^

I was apartment hunting for many weeks before I came to Japan. I was using Craigslist, there are many nice options there every day. I found my place through Craigslist and was in contact with the owner weeks before I arrived. So I already kind of had my eye on this place, and all it took was coming to see it in person and agreeing to move in. I hope this helps. GaijinPot.com also has apartment listings. ^^

I've seen it, but haven't tried it yet. Today is really cold, feels like winter again, so I might have to go to the store and get that warm drink! Thanks for commenting!

Wow, 70km is a lot of ground to cover! I hope you have some good walking shoes! Good luck!

I might be teaching English at first, just to get a work visa. But ideally, I want to do something related to video production or art-related.

This looks absolutely amazing. I think that your spirit will heal there. It sounds so new age, but you show happiness on your face more. Look forward to more videos

Thank you Tamela! I definitely feel renewed and as if I'm healing. It's good to be home. Stay tuned for more videos! ^^

I LUV your walking tours of wherever you are living - especially when you go thru the side streets....the quiet is beautiful - and since you asked, I would love to see a walking tour of a Zen garden or a Japanese garden - I don't consider land with gravel to be a park....grass and trees and foliage is more what I think of as a park but I know a Zen garden would have rocks and gravel...anyway - keep doing these! I watch transfixed! ♥

Thank you Jazzy Babe! Glad you enjoyed this new walking video from my new neighborhood! There are some nice botanical and Zen garden places, I'll eventually visit some and film a walking video or two in them! Yeah, the gravel dirt parks are just playgrounds for kids. Usually the big open space is where kids play soccer. Thanks for watching!!

What is with gravel lot parks? Why so many brick retaining walls?

Not all parks are like the one I went through, some are just normal dirt, some are entirely covered with the rubber mat surface so kids can play on it. As for brick retaining walls, my guess is because Japan is a very mountainous and hilly country. This area in the walk is actually kind of one really giant hill above sea level, so there are many gradual slopes here and there. That's just my guess, and I'm sorry if it is not the correct answer. ^^

Wow you changed you’re name on YouTube.

Cory May that’s cool man. Sadly I can’t access the community tab .because I am using my iPad right now

I did several months back. In my Community tab, if you scroll down a bit, you'll see my long post explaining why I changed from "Feed The Cory" back to just my name. Long story short, my channel is about more than just food, so the title "Feed The Cory" was nice for 2 years, but eventually felt kind of limiting and wasn't the direction I wanted my channel to go in. ^^

Did you do a video on a rooftop apartment that you lived at that I might have seen a few years ago?

Yes, well, it was only from the beginning of 2018: https://youtu.be/dRjVbRKcms8 I can't believe that video has almost 2 million views. So crazzzzyyyyy.... Obviously I don't live there anymore. hehehe I've returned home to Japan, where I'm from. ^^

I love the walking videos! Thank you for this Cory! much happiness to you in Japan!

You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed the video, and thanks! ^^


Yeah, I use a stabilizer for my GoPro. It eliminates shaking, but still get the bouncing effect from me walking. Sorry!

I've been to the Tokyo before, what was really surprised me is where are those people? it was so unbelievable quiet on the streets. and the cars were cute and small with low emission. Walk among those streets were definitely enjoyable and relaxing.

Hi,+Cory May , looking forward to your next episode.

Many of the people are at work, school, or home. On the weekends, there are many more people just hanging out at parks or walking around, but this was filmed on a Monday in the middle of the day. That's why it kind of seems like no one is around. Even with people walking around, it's still VERY quiet. hehe

Yeah man, Japan is on some next level stuff when it comes to construction, public safety, etc. There are many places where you can still see cracks, or new asphalt on top of old asphalt. I see it on the sidewalks a lot since they probably did some pipe work a few times in the same areas over time. But quite often many of the roads are just flawless. hehehe It would be interesting to make a video about some of the noise reducing asphalt... I was definitely staring at it the other day and listening as electric cars drove over it. SO QUIET.

+Cory May ​ Sure wish they'd start buying that ashpalt here in the states. I also noticed you have no potholes and no cracks either. Given how earthquake prone Japan this seems odd. Must be that asphalt has some or other polymer which resists cracking. Or else they just fix cracks right before they get big enough to notice.

I looked it up. Japan uses a polymer modified asphalt sure enough and they are in typical Japanese fashion extremely meticulous about how they lay pavement. They lay it in layers that are level and flat with surrounding street. Something we almost never see here in the US.

+Cory May HAHAH! I figured it was the frame rate. But wow that effect is wicked.

I am From India, Really Happy to see , i am from small village , and have my own sugarcane farm, My village name is 'KUDSAD" , u can see by search this world in youtube, Thanks lot for share video, plz share more videos from small village , village life of Japan.

Its not fair cory,v had an hr walk to the furniture store n u didnt let us inside,i wonder wats inside tat store....bt anywys a nice video,so soothing n qt...the streets n roads wer super clean

Good luck to you. I'm glad you're back to youtube and Japan.

Thank you, Hoa!! ^^ Cheers!

+Cory May Your videos are more high qualities. I do enjoy watching all of your videos because I can learn English from it. A lot of English words that I heard it over and over but I never know how to write. Just keep doing what you like and I think that all it really mater. By the way all of Vietnamese you tubers from VN are getting pay less than from the US because of the living cost is lower. Yes, You are right I have been watching some of the videos about fishing in North Cal, San Francisco and like you said some people grow fast and some are not.

Was hoping for visiting the second hand store itself. It is a nice video.

hehehe Don't worry, you didn't miss too much. It's a tiny store with not much to show. Also, I didn't film it because it was my first time there and I didn't know if the owner would stop me from filming or not. Thanks for watching!

I love Japan because it seems so quiet, people seem so respectful of each other’s privacy....would love to live there.

Those things are very true! But Tokyo does have its louder parts as well. In general, Japan is a peaceful and quiet country. ^^ Thanks for watching!

You should meet up with Tabi Eats!

I would love to meet Tabi Eats!! Those guys are so cool. One of them is from Hawaii, so I can also relate to them that way since I lived there for 8 years. Thanks for watching!

Lol oh ok here’s that announcement I missed #late

I love walking tours of Japan! Looks like most people were at work. Can you use normal lens so we can see how narrow streets really are? Can you bring camrra into stores? Look forward to next video.

Sweet! Yeah, it was a Friday afternoon, everyone was still at work or school, hence the quiet streets. I would like to get a stabilizer for my camera to make nice and smooth videos with a variety of lenses. Unfortunately, I only have a stabilizer for my GoPro, and I put it at wide angle to capture as much of the environment as possible while walking. I'll try the medium angle setting next time. Filming inside of stores is always a risk, many shops have told me no filming inside, and I play like a stupid tourist. Others don't care at all. It just depends. Thanks for watching!

No cars on the road but, If this was here you see running nose kid playing on the street. Constant traffic loud muffler teen gas it ,big truck beaping and reversing. Guys on the porch drinking beer. Dog barking outside as you walk bye.

Where are you describing? Sounds like America or some other countries. Nothing too bad, though.

Hi Cory ,I haven’t been in Japan yet ,but I would love to go there someday soon. Do you think can I rent one month there? I don’t know if they have sort time rental? Please let me know if you can and thank you very much! Have a great day!

Short term rentals are almost impossible. You can probably look up a share house, they tend to do short term stays. Check Craigslist Tokyo. Also, AirBNB is good for finding a house or apartment for a few weeks to a few months. Good luck finding a place!

Interesting , like the sights . Were you born in Japan ? Or are you a military "brat" ? I am new to your channel so I have many questions . What do you do for work normally ? You mentioned living in the US,Vietnam, and another country . What type of jobs did you hold there ? Are you with a spouse / girl/boy friend ? Do you have family in Japan ? If not where ? That is more than enough questions for now . Looking forward to more views of Japanese neighborhoods an society . See you later .

Yes, I lived in Seoul for almost 5 years. It's where my mom is from. I'm 37 years old. hehehe

Thanks for watching and welcome to the channel! ^^ Yeah, I'm a U.S. Navy brat that was born and raised in Japan, although I went to American schools on military bases only. I also have no Japanese blood... I'm half-Korean. I normally do video production work or graphic design stuff, but I also teach English as well, or whatever odd jobs might come along the way. I did voice acting/recording in Vietnam, and a few sponsored things for tour companies. I am not married, but I have a girlfriend back in Vietnam that I'm doing long distance with. I have no family in Japan, everyone lives in America now. Thanks for watching!

Korea was the other country you lived . I have not been to Japan or Korea for 30 years or so , it's been awhile . How old are you ? This brings back memories . Wish I had them recorded .

It's strange indeed. Few people in the street, it's totally silence. Where are these people ? Everybody knows that's demography problem in Japan, but still, there are some 120 million inhabitant right ?

This was filmed on a Friday afternoon, so everyone was still at work and/or school. Don't worry, after work and school, you see lots of people walking around going to the supermarket or to play in the park for a bit, or just taking a stroll to stretch their legs. ^^

Aw I wanted to see inside the store

hahaha Sorry, I didn't film it because it was my 1st time there and I didn't know if the owner would let me or not. It wasn't that big, so you didn't miss much.

What a calming effect Japan has! Huge difference from Vietnam. You really do seem exponentially happier...almost freed. Way to take charge of your destiny, Cory. Namaste!!!

The relief is sooooooo good. I forgot what peace and quiet was actually like. Thanks for leaving a comment! Cheers!

Hi. I like your video. Been in japan april 2018. One thing i really like about japan is its very clean and safe to walk even at night. I stayed at asakusa. Thanks for your walking japan tour.

Super cool! Yes, I love those things too. I'm glad you enjoyed the video!!!

Thank you for watching my video. Stay tuned for more!

hahaha It was a small second hand furniture store. I didn't film inside because I didn't know if the owner would get mad or not. Glad you enjoyed the walking video!

I've seen something similar for other cameras and stabilizers. It would be nice to have a 4th axis stabilizer somehow. I'm long overdue for upgrading my GoPro Hero 4 Black. The Hero 7 is what I want, which stabilizes internally, but you can also use it with a gimbal stabilizer and achieve very smooth footage combined with the internal stabilization. Too many gadgets, not enough money. LOL

+Cory May I know this 'gadget' is camera specific- but have you seen this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXiEE4IOVxQ

what was that purple vine-like blossom tree,you stopped and touched and said it was,"beautiful"?

+Cory May oh,that is just like Wisconsin right now! Wow!

It's cold here too. hehehe It was 8°C the other night, cold enough to see my breath outside. I've been using a heater the past 4 days. ^^

+Cory May remember though,the rain back in the states is icy cold! so pros and cons my friend :)

That's called a Wisteria. They're just in bloom now but will quickly disappear in the next few weeks. I'm actually thinking of going to a Wisteria Festival soon, when it's sunny outside! It has been raining for 2 days now.

Awesome! Thank you

You're welcome!

No people

There were a few people throughout the video. This was filmed in the middle of the afternoon on a Friday, so everyone was still at work and school. ^^

+Cory May Well you sure don't look 37 . I thought you might be in your 20's. Yes I have been to Seoul too. Was there for the 88 Olympics . And again a year later for some training. It has changed so much since then.

+Cory May I thought you might be. Good luck with the long distance relationship , they are challenging . I spent some time in Korea on two different occasions , it is a much cooler place now than when I was there with K-Pop and all . I will continue to view your content , some of it brings back memories . Overall it is most enjoyable. Keep up the good work.

So happy you're uploading again. I've missed you a lot! Hope things are going better. Seems like a really nice neighborhood to live in, nice and quiet! :)

Very nice video, so different from Hanoi, so quiet, so calm.

Question: why are the parks mostly empty gravel lots? Please correct me if I am mistaken. Thanks for the video!

What a nice walk! Would you read out some of the signs next walk?

Wow, you're neighborhood is truly beautiful. I hope to live somewhere like that someday!

I like it around there. So quiet and peaceful. Thanks for watching and good luck!

Hi Cory, I loved your video. I always see the business district, but never see how people really live in Japan. Very nice neighborhood and beautiful homes. I'm curious to know why the parks have concrete and not grass? Take care from Pasadena, Texas

+Cory May thank you for the info, I really do appreciate it. Enjoy

Thanks for enjoying the video! There are parks that definitely have grass, but quite a lot of the playgrounds have a gravel dirt field. These fields match the type of fields found in many elementary/middle school fields where students play soccer. I grew up playing on this type of surface as a kid here in Japan. When I was teaching in Korea in my mid-30's, the fields were also the same. It seems there is less maintenance required, plus the students are just used to playing on a field like this. hehehe What is the true reason? I'm not sure. Sorry I can't answer that for you right now, but maybe in due time I can!

amazing how clean and how people don't lock up their bikes... how wonderful is that? wow! the sounds beautiful nature. Don't they frown upon eating in public or is this incorrect?

OMG, first you are in Japan which is super amazing! Wish we could live there. Secondly it is a walking tour??? You are literally the King of Walking Tours. Awesome video overall!

You should do a walk through some Japanese countryside! It always looks beautiful out there

Yes! I will be doing that as often as I can get out to the countryside. Actually, I filmed a walk today that had some farmland and bamboo forest, so it did include some "countryside" kind of vibes. ^^

Love watching your walking videos

Thanks Steven! I got a new one coming up soon! I filmed it today... I'm just editing now. Should be up tonight or tomorrow!

How are you able to move country to country and live without income. id be so scared. You should make a video explaining how you do so because many people like me are interested in. like what jobs you qualify for and how hard it is to get an apartment, the process, and everything! it would be so awesome. BTW we talk sometimes on IG i'm ledannyyy! :D

I understand, and sorry i should of reiterated better, look forward to more videos. Love watching your videos.

Why do you think I have no income? lol Because I don't talk about income? I don't share that info publicly. I was in Korea for almost 5 years, and Vietnam for 2 years. So it wasn't like I was hopping from country to country every few months. That's only 2 countries in 7 years. I might make some videos about how hard it is to find an apartment and a few other things about settling into Japan, but they aren't at the top of my list right now. I hope you understand. hehehe Cheers for watching the video and leaving a comment!

Yeah, Japan is very respectful to the environment and to other people's property. People in in public all the time, I see guys walking and eating convenience store food, or people in the parks having a picnic on a blanket. It's on the trains where it is frowned upon, but sometimes you see a high school student eating a hamburger and not caring what anyone thinks. hehe

Woo!!! I'm not a king of anything, but I'm glad you think I'm good at giving walking tours. There are other channels out there that do amazing walking tours, despite the fact they don't talk at all. Thanks for watching!!!

Thanks Michiel! Sorry about lack of uploads in previous months. I was going through a very rough time, and then my laptop also died at the beginning of March. I'm good to go now, so expect regular videos! Cheers!

Thank you! Yeah... worlds apart, it seems! I'm very thankful for the peace and quiet. ^^

Parks like the two I walked through are playing fields for soccer for children. But not all parks are like that, though. But I think it is fairly common to see because of easy maintenance. And better surface for soccer.

The problem is many signs are written in Kanji (the Chinese characters) and I forgot soooo many of them after 20 years of not using Japanese. I can read out hiragana and katakana no problem.

I admire your optimism and kindness. I was getting Bob Rossian vibes watching this. I can tell you have a good soul!

Awww thank you! I've never been compared to Bob Ross before. LOL Funny coincidence, I have a degree in Fine Arts in traditional media using oil paints. Bob Ross was an early influence for sure. ^^

The outside is colorful, but the inside is super cramped and full of used furniture and goods, most of which are overpriced and not that interesting. Sorry!

Cool video Of Japan . Just dont like all the compression artifact - if thats a Gopro, im glad I didnt buy one .

I apologize for that. I am using an older GoPro Hero 4 Black, it is 3 generations out of date. It doesn't have as high of a bit rate as the newer ones, and of course, when dealing with the older encoded video, the compression really shows through. Despite the artifacts visible in the video, I hope you were still able to enjoy the walking experience! Thanks for commenting!

your channel is so sooo interesting! i always wondering how S.Korea and Japan normal life is now i'm not that curious! thank you:)

Thank you for watching! ^^

Love your videos!

Thank you Sherri! Glad you enjoy them! ^^

Since the end of the war Japan tried so hard to do things like Americans do. How ironic that now it is the US that must start to do things like the Japanese do.

Yeah, Japan took American and western concepts and refined them and did them better than anyone else (technology, electronics, automobile industry, etc). I don't think America will try to do things the way Japan does, though, at least not any time soon, even though it would probably benefit them greatly (universal health care, bullet trains, etc).

+Cory May Awesome man, thanks for replying. I'm looking forward to it! :)

+Cory May soccer, of course! Thank you for your reply. I did enjoy the walk.

+Cory May Thanks for your kind reply! I enjoyed the walk. I wanted to see inside the thrift store, too, lol. Maybe next time? :)

Cory May o

How cool is it to walk with a shiba inu along that neighborhood. I like how you reacted to that cigarette butt (⌒▽⌒)

why did you pick Matsudo City? Have you been here before?

I always had a feeling that litter is abnormal - This shows it to be true

I wouldn't say it's abnormal, but it is a learned behavior. When children see their parents and other adults litter, they copy that and grow up thinking littering is OK. Vietnam was one of the craziest places to see people littering, including children doing it right in front of their parents and the parents then do it too. They have no idea the impact on the Earth and the image of their streets that they're creating. Anyway, I hope Vietnam and other countries with littering problems can overcome those issues in the future through education.

Cory May it is very steady footage though . . . Wife and I planning on going to Japan next year , good to see your videos .

Instead of studying I watched the whole video xD, Idk it was soo chill and nice.

Yeah... I'd love to film walking videos with a dog if I had one! Unfortunately, there are no pets allowed in my building.

Matsudo is only a 30 minute train ride away from central Tokyo areas (Ueno, Akihabara, Asakusa, etc). It is located in Chiba prefecture, which I've been to many times before. Tokyo Disneyland isn't too far away, which I've been to 7 times while growing up. Anyway, I've never been to Matsudo before. When I was looking for an apartment, I was looking for anything within a 30 - 40 minute train ride of central Tokyo area. It didn't matter if it was east, west, north, or south. The guiding factor was the cost of rent. It's much cheaper to rent an apartment further out, and I knew I didn't want to live in a tiny box again. My 2 bedroom and dining space, plus balcony out here is at a great price, which offsets the minor commute. To me, it's the same as when I lived in northern Seoul for 2 years, and had to commute 30-50 minutes to various areas of central Seoul. But the view on the train here is much better. ^^

Too much perfection!!! Japanese society is something amazing that one has to experience and learn from. All said and done, I cannot imagine living in this kind of silence being an Indian.

Is this neighborhood in Tokyo??? Looks really nice!!!

Backstreet explorations are why I started watching your channel. They’re utterly fascinating! Your calm, soothing voice makes these videos extremely relaxing as well. I’m sure my blood pressure drops significantly after viewing, lol. Thanks for sharing this rare glimpse into back alleys and small neighborhoods that we would, otherwise, never see firsthand or within other travel productions. :)

I love watching these real-time videos you make! it feels like im there . wishing you the best while living in japan

Why no sidewalks?

Cool! I love Japanese food

Yay! Me too!!! hehehehe

I can't tell if you are going down hill or up hill at times because it does not seem like flat land maybe because of the lens.

It could be because of the wide angle lens. I'm not sure. I hope it doesn't ruin your experience. Thanks for commenting!!

Thank you Danielle! Stay tuned for more videos like these!

I'm glad that my talking doesn't get on your nerves. When I edit my videos and hear myself, I think "Nobody can possibly stand to hear me babble and breathing for 1 hour." hahaha Stay tuned for more exploration!

Yes, it has been amazing for me moving from Vietnam to Japan. The noise difference is drastic! I'm so happy I don't have to hear honking motorcycles and cars all day long anymore. ^^

+Cory May WOW Thanks!

There's a Google Maps link in the description box so you can see exactly where it is and where I walked. Short answer, no, it is about 12 to 13 miles outside of Tokyo city.

hahaha I hope I didn't affect your studies in any way. Thanks for watching!

I love the architecture and the vehicles are interesting too.  Videos about furniture and other items for sale, supermarket foods etc would be good for future viewing.

+Cory May Nah it was alright! Cant wait for more!

Great, I look forward to your next videos.

Yes! I want to try and film as much as possible without causing trouble. hehehe I have a supermarket video tour coming!

There are sidewalks along the major roads, but there's really none deep in the residential areas. Land is at a premium and quite expensive. In areas where a sidewalk might be needed, a metal barrier is used instead.

wow you mentioned you lived in MARYLAND, i live in MARYLAND, Baltimore cITY i AM planning to move out of MARYLAND hopefully this year or next year..

Go to the zoo. How about the public library and show the difference .

Thanks for the suggestions!

Room tour!

You moved permanently? As in, I'm going to live in Japan indefinitely?

Yes, I moved here at the beginning of April. ^^ This is my home country, so I finally returned home after 20 years of living around the world.

@Cory May WOW Thanks!

@Cory May Nah it was alright! Cant wait for more!

@Cory May Awesome man, thanks for replying. I'm looking forward to it! :)

@Cory May soccer, of course! Thank you for your reply. I did enjoy the walk.

@Cory May Thanks for your kind reply! I enjoyed the walk. I wanted to see inside the thrift store, too, lol. Maybe next time? :)

@Cory May thank you for the info, I really do appreciate it. Enjoy

@Cory May oh,that is just like Wisconsin right now! Wow!

@Cory May remember though,the rain back in the states is icy cold! so pros and cons my friend :)

@Cory May Well you sure don't look 37 . I thought you might be in your 20's. Yes I have been to Seoul too. Was there for the 88 Olympics . And again a year later for some training. It has changed so much since then.

@Cory May I thought you might be. Good luck with the long distance relationship , they are challenging . I spent some time in Korea on two different occasions , it is a much cooler place now than when I was there with K-Pop and all . I will continue to view your content , some of it brings back memories . Overall it is most enjoyable. Keep up the good work.

@Cory May I know this 'gadget' is camera specific- but have you seen this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXiEE4IOVxQ

Hi,@Cory May , looking forward to your next episode.

@Cory May Your videos are more high qualities. I do enjoy watching all of your videos because I can learn English from it. A lot of English words that I heard it over and over but I never know how to write. Just keep doing what you like and I think that all it really mater. By the way all of Vietnamese you tubers from VN are getting pay less than from the US because of the living cost is lower. Yes, You are right I have been watching some of the videos about fishing in North Cal, San Francisco and like you said some people grow fast and some are not.

@Cory May ​ Sure wish they'd start buying that ashpalt here in the states. I also noticed you have no potholes and no cracks either. Given how earthquake prone Japan this seems odd. Must be that asphalt has some or other polymer which resists cracking. Or else they just fix cracks right before they get big enough to notice.

@Cory May HAHAH! I figured it was the frame rate. But wow that effect is wicked.

@Cory MayThere was a large closure of Coco Juku Eikaiwa English schools last month in Japan.

@Cory May looking forward your next video, Cory!

@Cory May Thank you for the motivation :)

@Cory May Do you have any tips or advice for those visiting Japan for the first time ?

@Cory May Do you consider Japan a developed and advanced country ?

@Cory May you're the man. Thank you for the content dude seriously. Trying to read the signs and stuff you pass by has been the highlight of my week.

so I believe are you got a both citizenships US and Japanese ?

Such an amazing neighborhood !!! If i ever have the money i'm gonna build myself a house just like those you showed us

I just checked apartments and houses outside the popular area are cheaper than in UK example studio flats or 1 beds and the wages are similar and a bit higher in Japan a living standards is higher a food the same except the fruits and meats anyway

When you're saying "Let's do DNA test on it", I immediately think of Asperger Syndrome :-) I love your walking Videos. Thank you.

those flowers at 43:16 are DREAMY!!! Thanks for taking us with you on your walk. Did you end up finding the appliances you were looking for? I love thrift shops!

Nice neighborhood, Cory! Love the serenity and I appreciate the "quietness" of these small alleys in Japan..

The world's are 30 or more years behind from Japan

dont comparison between Japan and all the countries of the world because Japan is a culture of science, cleanliness, respect, look at the streets, how clean

Im new here. I just watched your apartment tour in vietnam and now Im here

One of my favorite videos ever! Going on a tour of normal life in Japan neighborhoods, your gentle personality, the second hand stores, the vending machines...I love it all! Thank you so much! ❤

I am new to your channel but i liked all videos till now....whichever i have watched...great work making people feels like we are walking and feels like we are traveling....

Keep doing your good job bro

Just discovered this channel and just subscribed. Cory has a wonderful way of letting the viewer in on all his experiences. Great job!

Greetings from cold and blustery England, i read somewhere a few years ago that the population of Tokyo is 57-million. Where were they all the day you were filming? (just kidding) Excellent video as usual. Your running commentary is wonderfully laid back and informative. May I make a subject suggestion, please? Although this may be hard to walk due to geography ... is a long time since was over that way. A walking tour of the Tokyo water front. Best wishes, Al

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