Walking Tour of Sỹ Liên Market in Hanoi 2018 | VIETNAM WALK

Walking Tour of Sỹ Liên Market in Hanoi 2018 | VIETNAM WALK

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Good afternoon everyone it's Cory here I am in Hanoi right. By the train tracks you, can see behind me a lot of traffic plus, the railway crossing. Today, I'm gonna be doing a walking, tour of the sealian. Market, this is a local, market very close to my house. Sometimes. My girlfriend and I we go shopping there for our produce and meat and so, it's a very bustling, kind. Of small, market. And I, definitely wanted to share that with you guys if you're looking for Google, Maps on how to get to this market, just check the description box down below don't. Forget to like this video and subscribe let's. Go first, of all here we're on the northern, side of the, Hanoi railway, station, you can see this blue gate right. Now it's closed because there's no train coming but, if you haven't seen my train Street video check it out here or look in the description box, for the, two links it'll tell you how to get to this specific, spot and, you can watch the train and stuff but, we're gonna go this, way. This, is just a quick walk from my house it's only uh I, don't. Know not even ten minutes walking, time my motorbike it's like not even two minutes super. Close, but, right now it's about 11:30. A.m., Friday. And you. Can see lunchtime. Is starting to kick off everyone's, heading. Out, going. For lunch traffic's picking up and, I think that's the best time to go explore, the CDN, market, because. It's just gonna be hectic guys just wait. It's. Gonna be very narrow there's gonna be motorcycles. Zooming around, honking. People. Everywhere. So. Along the way we have some shops these, are selling all meat grinders, and motors. And other, kind of things like that. Like, hardware. So I've been meaning to make a video about this for the last month but it's been raining almost every single day around lunchtime. And so, today. It looks like it might rain in a little bit but at least it's. Dry right now and, that. Way I can show. You guys what this market actually looks like without. Having to hold an umbrella and film. So this is the entrance of, the. Market. It still, looks a little tame right now in, the morning it's crazy and then around, lunchtime it's really crazy but. They sell all. Kinds of, stuff. Over. There is the Hanoi railway, station, you can't see it because of the tree but. We're right behind, it so it's very close, to the old quarter and. Yeah. This is gonna be cool guys let's, take a look at what they're selling here. And some avocados. Some. Good greens here. Mangosteen. Oh I, can smell this jackfruit. Oh. Smells. Very sweet. We, got pumpkin seeds sunflower seeds. And even dried. Sleeping, these. Are good snacks. Little. Munchy snacks. Ever. Check out this street you could see all the, buildings. And wires and stuff. Yeah. I just got hit from behind Thanks. No. Apologies, from, this lady she, literally rammed my calf. This. Green, one that's, actually just an orange a regular orange it's. A hybrid orange found, here in Southeast Asia. That. Kind of threw me off when I first moved here cuz I was like where all the oranges, I didn't realize that the green one is the orange it. Then, the inside it's orange and it tastes just like an orange, just. The outside was confusing, very. Noisy. Right now. Shallots. Ginger. Bellend. And. Here, we have a local butcher. Is. How they do in Vietnam, just. Unrefrigerated. Neat. But. It's all fresh it's from, today.

Yeah. So there's this alley that. We're walking through and then, this yellow, building here is like, an actual market, building we'll go through there too and. Scope it out. Check, out this fish. It's like snakehead fish, now. This one's the snakehead fish you. Can see that. Patterns, on the. Scales, there looks like a snake. Nice and job. Very. Curious, guy looking. At my GoPro. What. Do we got over here. Squid. Octopus. Some, fronds. Got a watch where you go here stay don't get crushed by, motorcycle. Wow, look at this crap was, it interesting a, pattern. On it it's, like stripes. In, this market they're really not. Famous but like well-known for. Bouton's. Ha. Mr.. Boon rice, noodles, with Todd's, the grilled pork. Like. Patties. Motorcycles. So I'll show you what I'm talking about in a second here. See, what they got over here porn. This, is a ping pong it's. Like fried little, like. Crispy. Little things with shrimp, on it. Or fried goods. And unfortunately, yes, this is. Dog ticket, see there's dog, intestines. And the body and the heads and stuff. That. Is a thing, here in Vietnam these, are pickled like. Mustard greens and other things these are nice that's. Kind of like a palate, cleanser they're, eating like. Greasy meaty. Fatty foods I. Like. It I like, it with rice and pork. I like, these ladies selling a fruit. Over here, just. Try not to die. Little, tiny pineapples. Lots, of, produce. So. This is a good place for. Locals. To come and buy all their produce and stuff they, don't have to go all the way to dumb, salon market or a different market. They. Can get all that stuff right here so this is definitely a neighborhood, market. And, this is what I was talking about that winter. Since job. See there. It is really really hot, not. Hot. No. No yeah. Yeah. Oh here, you can see this is the pork with. The betel leaf on it yeah, oh oh, no. Mwah. Yeah. This, is really good so she's grilling this up and then there's I don't know which restaurant she works for but. I, want. To say it's this one right here. People. Will line up I'm surprised there's no line here. But. This place is really famous. They do all the stuff. For Boonton Todd you can get it to go bring us your office, take it home. There's, always a line here I'm surprised there's no line the one day I come here to to, not buy it there's no line. Yes so in this video I'm not gonna be eating anything this is just a walk and talk kind. Of a thing you know how I do when. I'm walking and talking, I don't really have time to eat let, you sit down and eat. We got some hairs and, a long, gun what. And this, is, Ramadan. It's. Kind of like light, tea. Whoa, check. Out this alley I want to actually go in this alley. If you're new to the channel and you're new to my walking videos I, started. Off doing this kind of stuff like. Ali ex-football. These buildings are touching. Ali. Exploration. Check. This out. This. Goes right into all, the residences. These. Are all apartment, buildings. Anyway. We're, gonna go back out check. Out the market and. Then go into the building market. Space. You can see there's, a dragon fruit right there. Love. The mangosteen. It's. Really good there's.

Some Bamboo bamboo. Shoots, and there, just happens to be a parrot, I don't if you could see that but there's a parrot chillin, over there. Yeah, this is the market space that we're gonna go into but I'm. Gonna just just, go down here just a little bit and then loop back on the, other side of the street. Look, at all this. Just, let you guys know while I'm filming this, I am completely. Sweaty, I probably. Can't see it I am sweating, like a mofo more. Dog. The, market it goes down that way just a little bit to the end of the street and that's it, you'll find more flowers, and, fruit. Vendor ladies on bicycles. Down there it just kind of parked on the side but. We're gonna turn around and, go back this way we. Go into that market gotta, go deep deep, into the market. Now, I do have to say this about, this market it is a little, bit scamming. A. Lot. Of people make up prices, and then change it. After. Weighing when, they realize they could get more money for like, per kilogram, or whatever and, then they modify the price and stuff and they even do that to Vietnamese, people so, it's. Kind. Of scamming not. Too bad I mean I shop here it's just you got to bring. Someone that's Vietnamese with you which. I do I, bring my girlfriend. All. Right going in. This. Is kind of more of like a wet market space, the. Concrete's, all wet because they hose it down and then the water gets dragged everywhere. We. Got different kinds of beans. More beef. And, then here's the, neat corridor, let's just walk right down the middle of the neat corridor. See, cows tongue, ribs. All. Different types of cuts. With. The liver. There's. A hearts. These, are good for boiling making. A soup stock. Yes, you, can see it's just like a small little interior space that has it covered. Just. Chopping up looks, like chicken. Turn. You back this way. This, way connects back out to the street where I first started on. This. Lady looks like she has the life, laying. On a bag of rice with a fan on her. It's awesome. That's. It for this market I'm, gonna go out and kind of show you guys you. Know this is a nice little stop through if you're visiting Hanoi and you want to just see what like a local market looks like that's, not in the old holder and. Not. Have to travel too far. And. If. You are on the way to the temple of litterature. This. Market is on the way I'll show you guys. Oh yeah, here's more of the market I forgot okay let's take a look yeah. This is the non-food, stuff. Clothing. Very. Sparkly, fabrics. A. Lot. Of the vendor shops are closed. Now. While I'm plumbing this I don't really know much, about this, market like I don't know when it was established I don't know the hours of operation, but. If you are curious about that by. The time this videos up. That. Information, will be in the description, box down below. So. Check it out. It's. Nice and cool in here there's. A breeze coming through here this is great. Dried. Fruit. There's. More dried goods. Noodles. Sugar, salt. It's. Cool this the shop itself, is like really tiny. Let's. Keep going straight. To. The other corridor. And. Then go back out. What's, this I tried mushrooms. Looks. Like dried bamboo. Yeah. I tried bamboo. There's. Like a hair salon being built here. Candied, fruits oh I see some plums and cherries. I'm. Sorry those aren't cherries, there's. Like cranberries. Tsingtao. You. Wonder my money got. Here iswe beans. We, got a shoe, repair shop here. Smells, like a leather alright, so we're back to, where I first came into the market building. Now. Let's head out to this road. And. I'll show you guys what I'm talking about. For. The temple of litterature. So, as. I mentioned earlier you could definitely just hit this up pass, through this market you know ten minutes fifteen minutes tops just.

Say You've seen it maybe pick up some stuff. And then this road it kind of goes like left right left right and then it just takes you directly to, the temple of litterature so. It's a good option for. You. Know checking out the train Street and then continuing, into, the temple, of litterature. So, if you guys are looking for the full Vietnamese experience. This is it and. I did want to mention that I noticed sounds weird but like I did. Not see any tourists, at, all. And nothing any foreigners, everyone. Looked to be enemies to me. So, if you keep walking down the street. There's this cool. Temple. Over here. On. This guy's just chillin in a hammock that's. How you do it lunchtime, siesta. I got this tree and this rock formation, that they built is kind of like a gate. He's right into this courtyard. Wow. That. Old stone, horse. You. Got some neat porcelain. Ceramic. Statues. Of different, deities. So, quiet thing here it's really nice. Yeah. Imagine. Living like right there, and your view, is a temple, that's. So cool although. I can imagine during like holidays, and stuff like Tet. It's, just gonna be so loud so many people all the time. But. Right now it's nice. Very. Serene. Cool. So, they had this archway but all the stones but, cut, the barbed wire all over it it looks ridiculous. Okay so if you keep walking down you. See as I mentioned earlier the road just kind of goes left right left right like a zigzag but. If you just stay on this road and. Zigzag with it. It's. Gonna take you race. Couple, of literature. Here's, another blue top place, see, all the smoke and the grilling action oh my god it smells so, good. Then, it is so hot. Oh. Props, to them for sitting in that everyday in. The hot summer, heat of Vietnam. My, dad. So this is it now. This road if you could just go straight just one block one, city block it, takes you right to the Temple of Literature. So. You can see just right back there is the temple of litterature, so it's just a nice little walk through that market, and, it pops you out right here you, want the Google Maps check it out in the description box down below all. The info about the market itself is also going to be there make, sure you guys subscribe like. The video and I, will, see you in the next video bye.

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I hope you enjoy this walking tour of the Sỹ Liên Market, where I sometimes do my grocery shopping. Was there anything interesting you saw in the video? Any questions about the market? Leave your comments and questions down below! Cheers! If you'd like to add subtitles in a different language, click here: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?c=UCAQLIhgbZGo1GgyONrKHuWw&tab=2

Feed The Cory I get excited! You enjoy Vietnam place!

This is more enjoyable and entertaining and educational than anything enjoyable, entertaining and educational on "conventional television".

Haven’t seen you upload for a while....hope all is well. Your girlfriend is living in Hà Nội and living with you? Thanks for the new video....as always I enjoy it. The dog on the table a little shock because you would never seen anything like that so obvious. People know that vn eat dog but still a shock to see.

Cory lovely walking tour it's what your known for :-) liked the market so much on offer . thank you. :-)

Very hot day today

I didn't see any bananas. Don't they eat them there?


BTW, in Vietnam, it's not a temple, it's a pagoda

Feed The Cory Yeah, I think "temple" might sound more like a religious shrine, while pagoda just sort of describes a building. E.g., I've seen pagodas with statues of Ho Chi Minh. Oh, one other thing, you don't really see thit cho in markets in Saigon. It seems to be more of a northern thing.

Yeah, sorry, I'm so used to calling them temples or shrines from my time growing up in Japan and living in Korea. I grew up with pagoda meaning a building or monument that had multiple levels, i.e. Seoul's Tapgol Park, which has a 10-level stone pagoda. My GF taught me about Vietnam's way to describe it. ^^

Reminds me of palenke lol. The cooked dog was tough to look at, but that's their thing. If i was starving, fear would still be a factor. The weather looks great, too! Here in sd, we've been having a heat wave. California itself (around redding) is experiencing the biggest fire in history.

The funny thing about the green oranges is they still call them "orange" (cam in Vietnamese) even though they're green.

Feed The Cory I've always thought the same!

When my cousins visited Hanoi last month, one of them said it should be called "green" instead of orange. lol

hi cory vietnam markets are certainly interesting thats for sure

Always something to be discovered!

Nice Cory you and your gf been hold up too long inside haha jk good market little scammy huh well after awhile you get the hang of it.

Yeah. Took a small break from YouTube for personal reasons. Plus it was rainy season and was pouring heavy rains almost everyday for a month. Anyway, thanks for your patience as always!

Thank you! I always find watching your videos very relaxing. The Fresh produce looks amazing! Never feel worried about making sure your next video is "exciting", my favourite part of your channel is just seeing the city for what it is!

Do you know Tuy Hoà city , Phú Yên province ???

there are no food shortages, so people should stop eating dogs for crying outloud

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Awww good to hear you're doing better! I'm doing better myself also (in case you were curious lol) It's good to take a break from time to time!

Yeah, I was like "No, no! You..." gesturing for her to fan herself, not me. hehehe Thanks for being patient between my uploads, I took a little break from YouTube to deal with some personal issues. All is well now, so expect more videos more frequently! (until my next issue arises, LOL)

Always enjoy your walking vids … keeps you in shape and us inspired ;-)

Thanks Dom! Yeah, walking is better than running/jogging in my book. You burn the same amount of calories, if not more, and put less stress on your knees, ankles, etc. ^_^

I’m pretty shocked with the Dog meat, I didn’t know it was allowed openly like that. That’s not even trying to hide it or anything. Is it something people eat often??

Yeah, dog meat is not illegal here, so there's no reason for anyone to try and hide it. Most Vietnamese do not eat dog meat. From what I've seen,it's mainly the older generation, and mainly older men. Kind of the same as in Korea, except in Korea it is actually illegal. Unfortunately with Korea, the police and government do nothing to regulate the illegal selling and cooking of dog meat. Hell, I've seen police officers go to a dog restaurant for lunch in Seoul. They just turn a blind eye to it, which is sad, and also a testament to the inefficiency of Korean police. But that's a whole topic in itself, so I'll be quiet now. LOL Dog meat is pretty common in the north of Vietnam, but down south (I'm told) it's pretty rare to see.

Hi Cory, yes I certainly did enjoy this new video of yours, always love your walking tours, so interesting and detailed. Keep up the good work man!

Thank you, Ian! Cheers!

Missed these walking tours. Thank you!

Sorry to keep you waiting so long! Thanks for your patience. ^^

When you get run over by a bike or car you're supposed to apologize for damaging their vehicle.

hahaha Especially if you're a foreigner, doesn't matter what happened, it's always the foreigner's fault by default.

Hey Cory, you should try the Chợ Giời market !!

Yeah, I want to film there! I walked by it before, because I go to Vincom Ba Trieu often. I live on Tran Hung Dao street, not too far away. ^^ Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks for the kind words. hehe

Thanks! All is well. I took a small break from YouTube to take care of some personal matters. Yeah, my gf moved to Hanoi in June and has been living with me since then. Dog meat always catches people off guard, cause you typically don't expect to see it in daily life. Then when you see it, it's like "Woah! There it is, yep, that's a dog for sure."

Thanks Celestine, glad you liked it!

Yes, stay cool! ^^

There's tons of bananas here, there's even a "banana island" in Hanoi, along the Red River. Banana plantations as far as you can see. I guess it's not the right time for harvest for them right now? Or maybe the banana vendor ladies show up at a different time? No idea, didn't even realize there weren't any in this walking tour. hehehe

Thanks, glad you liked the walking tour. Yeah, surprisingly, I haven't really seen many fires here. I saw way more in other countries, even during short visits. They do have smaller fire trucks which can fit into these narrow streets, so I'm sure the biggest issue is getting all the motorcycles to move out of the way... especially ones that are parked in the middle of the lane.

Feed The Cory I've never seen cat or rat meat being served in Saigon. I asked my girlfriend (who's from the south, Dak Lak) and she said she's never seen it either. She says it's a northern thing.

Interesting, I didn't know that about the markets in Saigon. I see dog meat restaurants all the time here in Hanoi, I've only seen cat meat restaurants on the outskirts of Hai Phong. Dunno about rat meat, though. I heard it's more common down south. Is that true?

Feed The Cory the wildfires here, plus the heat wave, is insane! A recipe from hell!!! Lol it's been burning a few days, now. Might continue to the next month. This fire is bigger than l.a. anyway, i had no idea older koreans still ate dogs, even when it's illegal. I'm guessing koreans, vietnamese, or any asian use it for pulutan. I know that's what older people do in the philippines. Throughout my childhood, i've had 7 dogs. So, you can imagine that's near impossible for me to eat. Lol I did have bbq goat and frog legs, before. Yeah, i don't think there's any asian markets out there that don't scam. For some reason, all asian parents are masters of bargaining. Lol cheers!

Yeah, the thing with the dog meat is that not a lot of Vietnamese even eat that. Mainly the older generation eat it, from what I've seen. Kind of same as dog meat in Korea, it's just all the old Korean men who eat it. While it's illegal in Korea, it's not in Vietnam. Yeah, seen the images of the fires there. So crazy!

I'm surprised there's not many files around the meat, or are there and we just don't see or hear it.

Another walking tour video. =) Cool market Cory, the baby pineapples were cute and the green oranges were surprising. Is the meat safe to eat since it's not kept in the fridge? I couldn't eat tongue or heart though and I couldn't really handle seeing man's best friend, but it's part of their culture and diet.  And is it monsoon season over there?   peace out dude, hope you guys have a great day =) Rikki from PA USA

Thanks for the info, talk to you soon Cory =) =) =)

Hello! Yes, the meat is safe. It's all fresh and sells out quickly, so meat never has a chance to go rotten. I've never seen grey or green meat, or smelled any rotting meat, in these kinds of markets. I do most of my meat shopping in this market, though sometimes I'll buy some at the supermarket only because the local market was closed. And about the dog meat, not everyone eats that. It's only older people, from what I've seen. The younger generation don't like it, they just stick to the usual pork, chicken, duck, and beef. I can't really speak for those who live out in the countryside, though. And yeah, we have been getting heavy rains daily, and quite a few tropical storms have just passed by dumping tons of rain. Northern Vietnam was flooding for a bit, but it's getting better. Still not in the clear, though! More rain coming! Thanks Rikki, take care!

I cant believe ppl eat dog in vietnam, i’d only thought in some parts of china

Besides Vietnam and China, South Korea also eats dog. They have a dog meat soup called "boshintang" that is still sold to this day. While it's illegal to sell or cook dog in Korea, it still goes on everywhere and you can find many boshintang restaurants just walking around Seoul. The police and government don't do much to enforce the laws, I even saw a group of police officers go to a dog meat restaurant for lunch before. They just don't care. The thing is, this is an old way of eating, out of necessity from post-war era (Vietnam War for Vietnam, Korean War for Korea). So you mainly find just old guys who were born during a time when hunger was a real thing eating dog. In Korea, these old men believe that eating dog soup on a hot day while help you cool down, because a dog doesn't sweat and can pant away its heat. Not sure what Vietnamese believe when they eat it. They also eat cat and rat in certain pats of Vietnam, though those are even less common than dog meat. Dog meat seems to be mainly eaten in northern Vietnam, which does share a border with China.

Have you traveled all over Vietnam yet ?

I heard of it, but I never went there before. I'd like to visit one day!

whatever culture youre living in, I dont want to be in any parts of it. btw, ur being IGNORED, troll.

f00zh Speak for yourself. More people have cows, pigs, donkeys, birds, normal predators ... as pets now. I am not condoning eating dogs but you are in a different culture. When there is a war and you are starving, I suspect you might even eat some people. I respect and love all animals.

cjango, cows and pigs dont equate to dogs and cats. Sensible people dont eat their pets.

f00zh Lets trade, stop eating beef and ham.

I agree, but there's really nothing anyone can do to stop those who sell or cook dog meat in this country. I think it would have to come from the government making a law that bans it, but even then, I doubt it will change anything... at least for a long time.

Thanks, Marie! Your support means a lot. You keep on grinding too!

Feed The Cory You look far younger when you wear a cap

I've always been into wearing a cap since I was a teenager, it was a part of my skater/b-boy lifestyle back then. Now, my hairline is receding and thinning out, so I'm embarrassed by that and want to cover it up whenever I leave the house. hehehe

Great! Yeah, I remember seeing you post about your stresses and stuff. Glad you're better now too! ^^

Hi Cory, I was hoping you would know a good bus service to take from Hanoi to Halong Bay? Me and my girlfriend are traveling around Vietnam in a week and were hoping for some advice. Thank you very much and I can't wait for more awesome videos!

Feed The Cory thank you for the help. I'll be sure to let you know I find something interesting!

Hmmm, I've never been to Ha Long Bay, but I've been to Cat Ba island, and of course Hai Phong. To my knowledge, there's a bus from Gia Lam bus station in Long Bien, just across the river from Hanoi city, where you can buy a bus to Halong Bay for around 120K per person. It's gonna be about 3+ hours ride. The other alternative is to find a shuttle bus in Hanoi's Old Quarter, there are quite a few of them going to Halong Bay, but I don't know what company to recommend or how much it will cost. Good luck! Let me know what you end up finding. ^^

Hello! I'll be moving to Hanoi for 8 months in September and I want to rent a scooter/motorbike for this time. I'm Canadian. Do I need an International Drivers License to rent a scooter or will my Canadian license do? Thank you :)

https://www.vietnam-immigration.org.vn/news/view/how-to-convert-driver-license-for-foreigner-living-in-vietnam-part-1.html Technically, all drivers need a license if driving a motorbike in Vietnam. But I'm going to tell you right now, many people don't have a license, even Vietnamese locals. I only know one Vietnamese person that actually has their license. Almost 99% of the expats I've ever met in this country don't have one. If a foreigner gets pulled over by police, 99% of the time it's a targetted scheme and they just want bribe money. They know many foreigners don't have a license and they take advantage of that to make some extra cash. If you wear your helmet and drive the speed limit, avoid running red lights, etc... you'll be fine.

Happy to meet you again, event if it's some days after the live :)

Thanks for commenting, but this wasn't a live stream. It was just a normal walking tour, not live. ^^

There are some flies but not many, and the vendors do a pretty good job at keeping them away and off the meat and stuff.

Not yet. I've only been to Sapa, Hai Phong, Hanoi, Da Nang, Hoi An, Nha Trang, and Da Lat. I have not been anywhere else. Can't wait to get out there again and see more of this country!

hahaha yes, that is also a benefit of wearing a hat.

Feed The Cory haha, that’s funny. North and south people pointing fingers at each other.

I've never seen rat meat in the north, but I have seen videos from the south about rat meat. Here's one from Mekong Delta region: https://youtu.be/d1_2reHmOBo hahaha My girlfriend, who's from Hai Phong in the north, said it's a southern thing. lol

Always does the best walking videos on YT!

i dont know do you like our culture or our tradition culture :))) but i suggest Thang Long Imperial citadel and Vietnam Fine Arts Museum to know about our tradition and give you some knowledge :))))

I like both the modern and traditional culture of Vietnam. ^^ Yeah, I will visit those places one day. I've read a few books about Vietnam's history, but I've yet to visit some important historical places.

Thanks so much for the awesome comment! ^^

I love your videos!!! I just discovered your channel and I’ve been watching none stop!

Feed The Cory xD I was looking up Vietnamese coffee and your video appeared there, I watched the Vietnam market ones And Korean as well! So interesting seeing all the different foods!

Ok, that sounds weird. Ok, don't go back in time. Just go back through my older videos. hehehe Thanks for supporting and leaving a comment!

Thank you so much for binge-watching my videos! lol Can I ask how you found my channel? Besides my Vietnam content, I hope you can go back in time and check out nearly 5 years worth of videos from Seoul, Korea. ^^

Nice, glad you enjoy seeing this part of the world! Cheers!

Biến dịch ko anh đi biển DaNang :))

+Feed The Cory that's always good!

+Feed The Cory lol

Cory from Dude Perfect?

Hellooo...I am your new subscriber. I would like to ask if you ever have covered halal food in hanoi? I’m going to hanoi next year. Thank you in advance :)

I don't have a video about Halal food here yet, but it is on my list of videos to make! ^^ Stay tuned for a bit.

Feed The Cory I'm just kidding

I had to Google who that was and the answer is no, not even close. haha

Feed The Cory thank you so much for the reply. I have one more question if you dont mind to answer. I came across to best ever food review show’s channel and he tried Bún riêu (crab cake rice noodle) my question is do you know if that noodle contains pork or lard? It seems that’s the only meal (especially noodle) that I could try

Every restaurant has a slightly different recipe, but almost all use pork for the broth. So, unfortunately, it's not Halal-friendly. I would recommend a Google search for Halal food in Hanoi, but the results always list nothing but Indian food restaurants. I'm sure people don't come to Vietnam just to eat Indian food. I think if you dig deeper online, you'll find some Vietnamese food that is Halal-friendly. I'm also looking into this topic so I can make a video about it, but it's pretty difficult as so much of Vietnamese food involves using pork. Stay tuned!

Feed The Cory I have searched on google as well. My tongue just doesn’t suit for indian food. I am looking forward if you would make one as it will be a good recommendation. I’m really exciting to be in Hanoi, it seems pretty interesting. Thank you so much for the reply!

Thks for beeing honest in the vid. U are my best tour guide still bro

haha Thank you very much for your support!

Traffic is not as bad as in HCM city

I miss Hà Nội Bún Chả. The Bún Chả I ate abroad never tasted the same.

There are some changes since the last time I saw this market. I went there several times with my aunts whenever I visited them, because they live only 5 minutes walking from there. Thanks for the vid.

That's very unfortunate since bún chả is very simple to prepare. But I totally feel you. Whenever I travel around, I always compare Japanese and Korean food places. It's never exactly the same. T_T

Wow, super cool! Nice to know your family lives right by here and you've been to this market before. ^^ Glad you enjoyed the tour!

I have always liked those conical hats. Do men wear those as much as women?

I've only seen a handful of men wearing them in my 16 months living here. But you see women wearing them everywhere... in the city, in the countryside. It's definitely a cultural icon for Vietnamese.


+Cory May that's always good!

+Cory May lol

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