Walking Tour of Vung Tau: Seafood, Beach, Park & Social Hub - Vietnam

Walking Tour of Vung Tau: Seafood, Beach, Park & Social Hub - Vietnam

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Well. It's been on a while since. I went out took, you with me on a kind. Of a night walk so. I figured uh tonight's. As good as any now. I'm in the alley that, leads to my. Current. Airbnb. And. It's. Just a as, you'll see only. A block away from the main the. Main street. And. What. I wanted to point out to you on this, little walk is. How. Many hotels. One. Thing you don't have to worry about in, Vung. Tau is, Sid, Joe is. Finding. A hotel, I mean. You could show up here in this town with no reservation. Like, here's one already the, hotel, won't, track. Hello. Oh Joe. Here's, one right here, and that's. Only you, know around the corner from now, here's another one the motel, thin, look, owes, in Chow hey hello. And, here's, another one right next door men to minta, I believe, it's time in motel. So. There's another one so we've already found three. And. We've only gone half a block. I, think. This is a private, residence, here. Now. The area that I'm in. If. You. Want to find it I'll put it on a Google map we're. Only about maybe. One block and now here's some food, right. Here and. You. Can get some seafood here. We're. Only about one block from the, melody. And. Again you know seafood lots, of seafood. Fresh. Fish and everything they'll really, right here, very. Nice. And. Hello. Isaac. Joe. So. Now, here we are now if you look straight forward the. Big building, right above, where it says roots. Hotel right. Behind that is the melody. Apartments. That's where I was staying, yesterday. Night and. Now. Over, here I don't, know what that is anyways. But you, got plenty of little convenience, stores. Here's a pharmacy, right, here case you need a pharmacy. But. If, you start at the melody hotel. There's. A Highlands, across the street where I shot one of my videos there's a really good pizza place there called. Pizza. Factory Emily now, over here you can. See there's. Another hotel the hotel flown. In, and then. Right next to it is yet. Another hotel. I'm. Telling you you could really just come here and. Show. Up with no reservation. And you can see the address here, so if you punch that address. Into. The wall. You'll. Have you'll. Have the. Map link. Now. I'll put the map link to melody. Because once you're at the melody, then. You. Know all of this is right here within walking distance and. What. Do you know there's.

Another Hotel right here so, I going. Them up, okay. That. Doesn't strike your fancy. Here's. Another one the con. And over, here. We've. Got, another. Hotel. So. In a lot of these hotels. They're. Anywhere from. During. Weekdays, they can be as little as $15. A night. Here's, another, hotel. And. That would be the punk rock. And you, can get a. Lot. Of these rooms for anywhere from, twelve. To seventeen dollars, a night on, plenty, of places to eat all right, here up and down the street hello. Cinto. Is that. Lots. Of convenience, stores so if you need water like. I just picked up some water here about 20. Minutes ago. Lots. Of hotels here. Now, what I found is, that the, hotels. That, are saying. Under. $15. A night weekdays. These. Are the ones that, do. Not have the, water on demand hot. Water unit so you're going to be taking a, lukewarm. -, maybe cold shower just, waiting for the traffic here to pass by and. So. That's something to keep in mind, when. You're you're, looking at the prices, if, you really want hot water then, spend, spend. 17 dollars or more and just. Confirm, when you're doing. The booking they're on Airbnb or whatever that. It does come with. With. The hot water on demand. And, again plenty of convenience stores if you need water juice. You'll, call I like your cult. Snacks. Whatever. And there's, where we were just a moment ago they're all across the street. Again, more seafood, hello. That. She. Got lots. Of seafood. Quand, 177. Is the name of the place and. As. You'll notice everybody is really friendly. I already. Haven't run into any grumpy, people, right. Next door again, more seafood. If you look now my buddy I just ran into my buddy David Foster, over at the mall here. In Vung Tau he saw that I was down here and so he he rode out here and, I, just just. Met up with him a while ago he. Said he went to one of these seafood places and, here's. Another one Wow. Again. I have, no way open houses but, as you can see the prices here like say 150, K that's. About, how. About not even less than $8 so. So. For anyways he was telling me that for like 8 bucks, he. Got, massive. Amounts of seafood, like octopus. And shrimp and fish and, I mean, way more than him and his girlfriend could, finish so here's another place.

Now. Upstairs. They, have karaoke. So, not only can you eat but they have karaoke I heard someone singing. Here earlier. Let's, see now over here you. Got hotel, feed. Long and. Now. Their rates are let's. See I believe that is. We, see 150. To. 200, okay so you're looking at 8 to basically, ten dollars a little less than ten dollars a. Night. Here and. Just. Taking a quick peek down the hole the beholder. Alleyway, here there's, one two three, four. Four. More hotels, hello. CJ. So, when it comes to food, and. Hotels. Right, here near melody, now melody, is kind of at the center of. The. Area. Where you can walk to the beach. Here's, another little pharmacy. Now. Here's another hotel this one same price. 150,000. DOM is, about. 785. Roughly, right about there, 200,000. Dome for. The four. I guess the bigger room per, night would be about 975. You. Know US dollars. Right, now, a lot of these if you see this kind of layout with the stairs, many. Of them do not have an, elevator. So if, you do Oh already. Ate thank. You hello, hi, is it Joe. Here's. Another place, here Wow, again. I can't pronounce it. Again. They, don't have always elevators. I hear some more seafood. Right. Here. So, if if you are you, know in. Need of a. Elevator. Due to a. Cane, bad hip or whatever then. That's something to consider. You. Know it would be better to get more like a condo, like melody melody has, elevators. And. Again more more. Fish hello. Nice. Big. Nice. Big restaurant. So. As you can see I mean there's just no shortage, of food. Now right now it's about 10:30. At night on. A Saturday, and, as. I mentioned the rates for the rooms at the Airbnb and, the, larger places. It'll. That. The rate will change like. Say Friday Saturday, Sunday those. Days the. Rate might be if, the, right the rate might be thirty. Five to fifty dollars a night and then, Monday through Thursday, the. Rate drops down really low but. These other. These. Other places that you just see where you're not going to maybe find them on air B B & B you just show up and and check. Them out these. Places that you just saw here. The. Rates are pretty consistent you know it's on the sign so, you, can you can get an inexpensive room, here. Now. What I'm doing is I'm walking south. If, you look at the map on, Google. And. Starting. From melody, apartments. We go south. That's. The direction I'm going. Now. Over here you'll see more. Rooms. Okay. And, the. Rate that they have there, is. 250,000. Dom VND, and, it, looks like a pretty decent price. In. Fact let me as. Soon as this. As. Soon as this traffic passes, by I'll cross the street so we can get a better look. So. You've got some. Great options here for inexpensive. Lodging. As, well. As. I. Think we can make it I think we can make it as. Well, as really inexpensive. Local food. You, know they got snacks like this. Another. Really popular, thing, here is, fruit. Smoothies. You. Can often find fruit, smoothies. All. Over the place. Here's, yet another hotel. Plenty. Of people out. So, I started. At. The. At. My place here's another. Now. I started, and just in the time of this video it only took a few minutes really and that, was going the other direction a, little bit too. To. Get to the beach. Here's. A place royalty. Where you can get coffee. Some, tea. And. So now here we are already, at the beach. Now, this place is pretty nice. I looked. Up the prices same, thing the prices are much higher Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Monday. Through Thursday, it. Goes down a little bit because. Especially. That one it's a very. Because. It's literally facing the beach, it's. It's, one of the Primo spots that people want, to be. I'll.

Get Closer to the water here in a moment, I. Think. Elroy, is making a u-turn here. So, we'll get out to the beach. So. You can see why this whole, area near. Just. South of melody it's only like four, blocks maybe. It's. Very popular. And. Here. We are again 10:30. At night and, plenty. Of people out. Somebody. Had asked about the safety and, hello. Since, yeah, and. Somebody, had asked about the safety and. You. Just don't see like, like. Sketchy. Purse. Snatching hoodlums, around it's. All people, just, family. Just kind of out having, a good time. You. Know. Is. It, yeah. You. Know just people out having a good time. Excuse. You an area and that's the the street that we just came in on and up. There where you see the. Big signs up in the air. That. Right behind that is the melody hotel, this, one is the to van. Hotel, that's the one that we were just right next to looks, like they got some pretty nice Suites way up at the top. And, I, imagine this is definitely. A cool place to be at Tet holiday. Probably. A great vantage point for. Fireworks. And all that kind of stuff. Now, all that darkness that you see in the background that's, the ocean. So. This entire Plaza is here. So. You can just kind of hang out and. Be. Near the water. Now. Over in Saigon. There are lots and lots and lots of beaches or, I mean parks, there are lots of parks in Saigon and over, here the, hangout place is the, beach. So. Here we are. Now. I'm not sure I guess they just went, over the gate. Somehow. People are still. Yeah they're climbing over the, the. Gate thing to get in and. Out. Here on the beach. I'm, not feeling too acrobatic. With a camera, in my hand. Let's. See maybe I can. See. If I can pull this off. Yeah. Hey. I made it and we're, gonna head up the stairs here. Which. Is what I should have done rather than jumping the gate back there. And, let's, see I guess I'll jump, the gate over here, hello. Okay. Come. On. Okay. So and, they have a little. Eatery here again some some. Soft drinks and whatever if you want to get some things are great, and. Let's. Take a quick look over here. Now. This is my first time. Here. At the beachfront, I'll. Probably come again tomorrow. During. The daytime. I forgot, my swim trunks of all things I don't know why I didn't even think to bring them. Maybe. I could just pick up inexpensive. Pair. Now. All along the part are all along the beach, you. Can't see it too well right now, but. There. Is a a, park area here. That, exists, between the beach and the main. Road. Hello. Xin, chào. Hey. Hey. So. We'll come out here into the lit area and just look about a bit more. Lots. And lots and, lots of people. And, it looks like you can just bring. Your bike out. And park over here. Like. For instance there's. People parking. Their bikes all along here. Lots. Of selfies. That's, very much I. Just. Kind of a friendly, family. Friendship. Atmosphere. Around here very nice. A whole. Lot nicer than say, mango. Square. We. Got a bear over here. Hey. Now, I have a, bubble, maker, I think, I'll bring my bubble may I actually bought one here, at the mall I should, have brought it with me tonight but. I have a bubble maker they're back at the room so. I'll. Bring mine here tomorrow and. You. Blow some bubbles. Doing. A selfie. Photo, shot here. Got, an expat, over here hey. Pretty, awesome I'm really really, loving. Really. Loving bonk ow. Very. Very nice. Okay. So I hope that gives you a good, idea of. What's. Available in the area for. Places. To stay lodging. Generally. Figure for, a decent place you. Can get anywhere, from 17, dollars a night to, probably. Most you would spend would be $39, a night for. This whole area again. Slightly higher on. On. Weekends. Plenty. Of food. Plenty. Of food and. Just. A nice big social, hub to be around people. Very. Cool very, cool so. Anyways. So I'll catch up with you guys later and again I'll put a map link to melody. Apartments which is just up the street and you, can easily find this place on the map alright, catch, you guys later.

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Hey Reekay, yes it would be better if you go to the beach during the day. We can't see the beach at night. We can't see how clean the beach is or how clear the water is. Other than that, your video is good.

Good walk Reekay, it is for sure a nice place to consider moving to for a few months...have fun

Vung Tau was a nice change of place from Saigon. that being said, it got boring really quickly and was kind of dead. I liked motorbiking around and it was pretty, but I think phu quoc is better if you want the beach

Looking forward to a daytime tour  :-)

Great review of the area it makes me want to visit the place. Much better than some of the crap channels coming out of Thailand and Vietnam that are more focused on themselves, drinking booze and hunting down their resent sexual conquests. BORING! The better channels i have noticed attract a higher quality viewers like yours.

Hope your giving one of them lovely ladies a tour of your room...

What the internet speed in the room?

41.34mbps (download) and 75.18mbps (upload) :)

I stayed close to the other beach about 2 klm from this. Much quieter with a nightlife of western bars and hostesses for those that prefer that.

I landed in Vung Tau 1 month ago from the states and it's really nice, only a pleasant 2 hr ferry ride to HCMC and a great place to start my retirement/expat adventure, I want to see Da lat, Hoi an, and Danang but I'm in no hurry as fitting into a different culture has been very pleasant from Vung Tau and I do go to HCM for medical and a taste of the big city life and on my next trip tp HCM I want to go to a big mall with more things that fit (socks, shirts, shorts, etc.). There is a very young population that is very social and just out for fun and they really like the beach parks, walkways, and seaside meeting areas, there no groups drinking and looking for trouble like you see in the west, I have to give the Vietnamese a big Yes, they are very peaceful people....and I ask myself, why did we invade this country? I can find a reason.

Looks like a nice place

Curious why your here when you said the dating sucks. Plenty of young women in other countries eager to date you :)

btw... the dating sucks in the context of dating younger women. if a guy is looking to date vietnamese women over 35, either with or without kids... that's totally do-able in vietnam. (but that's not my preference, personally.)

because i really love vietnam. my plan in place is to build a relationship with a filipina i met during my last trip to the PH and then eventually travel back to vietnam and bring her with me. best of both worlds.

You did a good job capturing the family activity at the beach plaza at 10:30pm. All the seawalls and sidewalk were built a couple years ago. What you didn't show is that seawall where people were sitting, it extends along the beaches for kilometers to Front beach and beyond. Local and tourist couples and groups park and sit on the wall at night, it's a scene.

thanks. i had a relaxing evening here. i even ran into a buddy of mine from saigon there who is here visiting.

looks like my ideal place to be...be near ocean but can get into saigon when you feel like it....the one thing i like about vung tau instead of danang (close to saigon)to bad the video wasnt lighter

the closer you get to saigon the more the ocean is polluted

Greetings, very good information. It is good to see that you are well and enjoying.

thanks. :) i'm thankful for a fortunate life.

Is there any service apartments?

yes, you just have to ask about it when you check places out for a longer-term lease.

Loved the video Reekay

So how would you go swimming at the beach by yourself? I know you have a loktote but would you trust locking it up to a rental chair? That's my dilemma for my upcoming visit to Da Nang in March. Are you planning on going to the theme park in Vung Tau where you have to take the gondola up to the park?

if you get a room on the street of the beach, just leave the phone in your room.

@Reekay's LifeBeyondTheSea The problem with a velcro pocket is, I can't put my phone, cash in it and don't feel comfortable leaving it unguarded while I'm in the water.

yes.. good ideas. just make sure the swimming shorts have a good velco pocket closure. :)

Leave your wallet at the hotel, just bring some bills, your room key. Rent a beach chair for a dollar or something, the lady will watch your stuff. Minimize your loss in the very low possibility someone takes it. Or rent a motorbike, there is a compartment inside the seat for stuff, leave it with a parking guard. You can't live an enjoyable life without taking some new risks.

excellent documentary my friend.

You need a head torch at night

very stylish. :)

Great content as always :)

Havent herd from steve montell for ages no more vlogs

he did a livestream i popped into maybe 2 weeks ago.

Great video but definitely do this during the day.. Curious how much that hotel on the beach is especially the bigger rooms

i just shot video of the beach during the day. i'll have that uploaded after i get back to saigon soon.

Reekay, I loved the video, man. I love all your expat content. Good stuff.

Thank you, Henry.

Hey nice video. Looks like a Awesome place to stay for a bit. How far was it from Siagon.

about a 90-minute drive by van. 2-hours by ferry from hcmc.

Nice vlog of Vung Tau Reekay. Would like to see more of the whole area. This walk was down Hoàng Hoa Thám street to the "Back Beach" as they call it. If you go west on the same street (past Melody a few Km) you will end up on "Front beach" area. On the way you will go right by a place called " MKBar" . Might want to check it out, as it is known as a good place for Western food! ( At least it was in the past.......let us know what you think if you get by there.) Also, you will see a lot more people there on the weekends ......fm Saigon!!!

still so much to see here. i will try to get some shots of the beach during the day before i leave.

i will try to get some shots of the beach during the day before i leave. it's been raining on/off during my time here.

The public beaches in VT are very dirty . You better go to the private paying beaches , the water is clearer and the sand much nicer and cleaner

@Reekay's LifeBeyondTheSea Wow ... awesome ... I can daytrade there. Thanks

Nice job Henry , I was going to go to this place years ago but the super high temperatures of vietnam scared me . Did you happen to see the Orthodox Church there by any chance ? I didn’t realize Vung Tau was that nice .

I'd like to live this guy's life

i gotta admit, i am very fortunate. i never saw myself doing any of this 10 years ago.

I stayed at the Phúc Đạt Hotel , near Back Beach in 2010. It cost $15 per nite then. The room was huge and completely furnished in white marble. Floors, Clostes & bathroom. Incredible! The receptionist told me that most Vung Tau hotels trebled room prices during TET Holidays.

Which country is better for retire? Philippines or Vietnam??

if you are looking for a very active social life (dating)... PH. if you are more focused on a quality lifestyle and being productive online... Vietnam.

Looks like a very nice place .thanks for sharing

i enjoyed my time there. :)

Reekay's LifeBeyondTheSea why leave Vietnam women are nice and will do everything for you

Really informative for a newbie trying to figure out where to start to get away from the expense of the US. I wonder about any decent dental clinics there or in TH or PH, my son needs some repair which will be astronomical in Las Vegas. Maybe the PH given the nature of the service, and the english level? Also I need a doctor to prescribe meds for blood pressure and it costs $125 to simply go see him so I can then buy them at walmart here.

David Foster?

Great video!

Thank you Reekay,very informative.

@Reekay's LifeBeyondTheSea That would work, Good luck!

@Reekay's LifeBeyondTheSea yes that wouldn't be my preference either. Can get that on the states.

This place was so primative in 1967, none of this was there. Just the Flags and the street of bars. A few observations....no fat people or trash can I see. This will be my visa run destination in 2021.

Manila is the best place for dental work. You can expect to pay about $100 to $250US for a crown and about the same if you need a root canal..In 2012 my wife took me to her dentist in the burbs of Manila and I got many enamel crowns for $80 a piece. 7 years on and I have had no issues with them. I can not comment ot on vietnam prices. A visit to my doctor cost me 200 pesos about $4.00 US I get a perscrition for beta blocker 100mg. my local pharmacy sells them to me for 11 pesos, about 22 cents US each. I can go to my local hang out and wash them down with a San Miguel light for 40 pesos 77 cents...


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