Walt Disney World News + Festival of the Arts | 01/22/19

Walt Disney World News + Festival of the Arts | 01/22/19

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Hello. Everyone and welcome to the show coming. Up this week the Riviera Resort is now open, for bookings, some. More info has been released on Disney, Cruise Lines newest ships and Lee Unkrich is leaving, Pixar, plus the, newest festival, of the week at Epcot, is underway, and we, will tell you what our thoughts are of that. All that coming up next from. The Bob Marley studio in Orlando Florida this, is the biz unplug. This, is the des unplugged episode. 1018. For the week of January, 22nd, 2019. The. Dis. On plug is brought to you by dreams, unlimited, travel experts. At helping you plan the perfect, Disney vacation, visit, them on the web at. WWE. And limited travel calm. Hello. Everyone and welcome to the show coming to you live from the Bob Marley studio, in Orlando, Florida I'm your host Peter joined, at the table this week by my good friends John Magi everybody, Kevin close hello to. Recycles, hey Julie. Martin hail back, in the production look on the switch or associate, producer, rhino Clavin though and, our producer, mr. Craig Williams oh well. Welcome to the show everyone, hope your week is off to a. Good start we, are busy. Busy busy. Here. I will tell you that it has been a very well, as always January's always a busy month for us. Because. Believe. It or not we. Have jobs other than doing this show I think, people forget that but it's, been a busy week except for Teresa Zephyr Teresa. Love, the whole bow. And, the glasses it works a deser. Made this for me especially with, Edna on in that suite she has some stuff in our auction, and, I start cleaning the house yes and, I said you. Should do Edna she's I could do an Edna for you so she gave me this and I have ears to the head. Yeah. I feel like we're. We're, not fashion-forward, here because there's like head we're going on on this side of the table. Oh. My. Wig your. Wig I'm just trying to be more youthful now that I was aging. Wasn't. That what we do I know but I just feel really like I aged a lot this week I don't know it. Was because of your birthday that's, right, Ms. Echols that a birthday this week, triple. Digits it. Was according to Facebook we're going to Facebook up 102, Amy, oh. I've. Had that. Sadly. No. It's all good it's. All good I'm here I'm alive. Speaking. Singularly. All. Right so. Not. Too much in housekeeping just, a couple things I want to mention I. Mentioned, last week, encouraging. People to head over to Facebook and sign. Up for the moving to the magic group if you're interested in moving to Orlando a lot. Of you did that some, of you are not answering the, three riddles that, must be answered before you can be accepted. Into the group this. Is just to make sure that people, aren't signing up willy-nilly, trying. To keep it very focused, on the topic at hand which is you, know information about, people who want for people who want to move to Orlando. So head, over to moving to the magic on Facebook, and to, the three questions please and. Join. In the discussion there, also. Had an interesting experience on Facebook. This. Past week I was. About 12 followers. Away, from. 16,000. On Instagram.

So I just like it was Saturday, or something, I just, put something on my personal Facebook page like, hey, I need 12 more followers, I got 5,000. Wow. Yeah, 5,000. It was English did you put up I just said I need 12 more followers, to break 16,000. That was it Kevin's. Thinking maybe you did something indecent. To give it up no, that would that would send followers away okay, I was gonna say that would be unfollow. But. So I just want to give a shout out to everything, everybody, on the team has. Social media accounts, on Facebook, except. Johnny Kevin you guys are now onto my face but you're, on Twitter and Instagram and, Instagram. 150. Followers behind, John I don't, I think that's his family on. $10. Is. That on Twitter or on insta Grindr okay, it's also bhai man Instagram, and then of course so. People worry yeah I only, I just don't Twitter your. Facebook and Instagram tweeter, you're very prolific on instantly yeah I I really, don't care for Facebook as much anymore um I'm finding Instagram, oh I love it I love it yeah so if you would like to be you, know enter what I do or what we do then follow me there cuz Facebook is um, very much there what about you - well, like what's your preferred platform. Instagrams. Quick. Facebook. Is easiest no, no I I do Twitter - I like. Twitter I try and give love don't like the three I try to do a little bit of all but. Much I'm on Instagram more, than anything now just looking and seeing. What's out there you know yeah Instagram, is my first thing in the morning yeah first thing I check in the morning is Instagram. Me. Too actually it's kind of weird wait - and, then later on I check emails. So. If you're a client of Teresa's of dreams unlimited travel reach, our on Instagram. Post. A picture of a cat. Rhino. What about you oh I'm. Instagram. Is definitely my preferred social. Media thing, I, do. Twitter as well I'm. Not as good as it as, others, like Greg is really, good at it rigsy a prolific owns but I am like non-existent. On Facebook, so if, you are sending me messages or, trying, to tag me in something mmm, I don't know and if I don't know you I'm. Not I I. Have two Facebook pages so I don't know Facebook just gets too overloaded for me it's too much stimulus thank. You to the five people who are listening to the show who now follow me on Instagram. Or. - today. There you go thank, you and Craig Craig, I know you're you, love Twitter but you're also like, you really like like Instagram, - I'm everywhere. You can find me at telecaster. Te le, ciel a sh, t ER whether it's Facebook Twitter Instagram idioms, he's like yes it's telecaster I bet, listen I got it no one else has it so, they, have a very hard to find named Kevin. Ill close, everything. They saw we'll have we have a list somewhere of, a, link, for, all of our social media so Craig. I enjoyed your post about your, tweet about the clips you did a very good job. Again. I don't like things or retweet things. Old-school, like that it was like I, learned a lot for the next time but it was a really good job Thank You incredible, it means a lot I even like the way. Oh. I did, a yeah. I basically started. Right before the, eclipse started, and then, shot. Went. Out and took a whole bunch of photos at each like 15 minute increment so that I could do one it you've probably, seen them before where, they, show like the. Entire cycle of it as it's closing, up going in a straight line so it's no well happy so let's check it out we should do this. At. Klaus Echols he's. Also on Facebook because, Wow. Craig, that's pretty impressive, thank you all, right so that's without. Going too much longer on this. I. Just wanted to give a shout out to everybody to, get you know everybody get some followers on social media. Now it's turning into a train wreck about lunar, eclipses, so. Go. Follow all of us every, was my rapid-fire on yeah. If, you can go back in time watch the lunar eclipse that, just happened the other day where, I'm really I've been there on that lunar eclipse as long as I kept I could I'm lost. All interest, anything. Else it's, and I'm, not even gonna mention the event or the party because we're just in like I know I'm trying not to mention it literally, like. Tiny. Tiny amounts, of people away from being full yeah, and actually when I tell, you my invited guest list we're done Wow, I've held a lot for you cuz I'm familiar with you okay we've met before that before it's. Not holding a whole bunch for you but, yeah. Pretty much anybody I've ever met in. The, 54, years I've been on earth I've invited to this party. Three. People that's, right now one of those be scratched because Pete brought more people. Your. Daughter. Ever. No close that instrument. Did. We talk about the Disneyland, show do. We need to okay. That, it's back that it will be back, next Monday yes it's, because that's like just been missing yeah.

We I mentioned. It we actually just recorded it before we sat down to do this show and. Just. With the change in our schedules, this. Year. We. Just. Basically got to record it this. Week so apologize. That it went up late but it's, back next. Show the first show of the year will be up next Monday, and we're back every week after that so a lot of people have been messaging about it so anything. Else for. Housekeeping. Some. Interesting things to talk about cuz I do I say real quick when I say shout. Out and thank you to Matt and Stacy fellow, yes, yes yes - last night for share they were the. Winners of that event for the park. Surfer give kids the world thank, you for joining us and thank you for helping us raise so much money. You. Did remind me of somebody else I met two listeners. They're younger and when, they said they've been listening for 10 years it made me ill to think that they were maybe, single-digit. When they started listening but I met them at Magic Kingdom like a week and a half ago or like two weeks ago, Raja. Like the tiger from Aladdin and then his and, then Ryan and they, were, very nice and they were chatting with me at Starbucks so I just they made a joke about giving. The shout out and I was like I won't remember your name and I did because, one of them is mine so and the other one's hard to forget yep so, there, you go alright shoutout. Okay. So are, we are we done can. We move it is this you keep asking is there anything you know I'm asked again and I'll bring so much no actually I'm ending housekeeping, on to Johnny with the news all right our first news story I, have to see the slide okay good. This, Resort. Is now, open, for reservations. Beginning. Today you can book your stay at Disney's Riviera Resort and, four. Stays we've figured out it's December, 16, December, 16 2009, later. This was not part of any official announcement, we did it Pete did it by looking to see what I could buck it. Couple. Of cool things about, the, new resort for salsa DVC property, so dvc rules apply but. There is a new room type for. DVC and it's, called the tower, studio, room and, it's only accommodates. Two people, which, is it something completely different for, DVCS, i think that's kind of an interesting thing that they've added. I'm. Just looking your. Husband is, oddly. Staring, at his phone sideways. Give. Them right on crack. Twelve. Hours doing a lunar eclipse you take a side shot at me. Cool. Opening up a lot of these stuff has been announced including the roof, top restaurants. Name will be topolino which, is Mickey Mouse and Italian, that, looks really cool and, looking. At the interior designs it looks like it's gonna be really great alright, so but. Let's talk about the, price point because. I damn, near fell out of my chair when. I saw the price point for this resort. On. Its opening week. Now. Granted, it's open I'm all but certain, now. That. The 16th, of December, is also. When Star Wars Galaxies. Edges gonna open officially I, think, it'll be before that I think. It's okay, but. Let's. Talk about these price points the, cheapest, I could. Find one of those, two. Seater Studios you were talking about four hundred eighty six dollars a night chip. Okay. No. I booked the one-bedroom I booked. A one-bedroom and. That. Was $1,100, a night a night a night okay. And. We're talking about non concierge, we're, talking about this is a DBC, resort there's no concierge, floor. The. Prices, on these are, really. Really, high now, on. The, other hand you. Know and there was an article I should. Have putted, my script so I could remember the exact name and who wrote it but we, had an article on the site this past week on the diz. Talking. About why people are hating so much on the themes of, these. New resorts, before they've actually seen, them and this. Has become a pet peeve of mine is, that everybody. Is on, this bandwagon about. This looks crappy this looks crappy this is, can. We I don't know maybe wait till they open and. See. What they actually look like look if they're generic, and they, look like. Generic. Hotels, when, they open, then I'll, join, I'll join you in the chorus yes but then why put out concept, art if you're not going to look for people to you know think, something about it I mean, if you're gonna show me concept, art and it looks boring I'm going to tell you this looks boring that. Doesn't mean I can't change my mind I'm, sorry that when they're building out at Fort Wilderness looks, like Homewood Suites in the woods I, just.

Think That in you, know what concept, art is one thing but the experience, of being there is another when. You change your mind now and so, if I'm saying to be like there, are people that are like you know Adam I will not look there I will never we'll. Just tell these two when they had the concept art for Toy Story land come out, Craig. Was so disappointed, he didn't leave the house for a week I, cried. Okay. And what did I say then let's. Was maybe, wait till it opens I. Think so concept art for this resort looks incredible, I think it looks beautiful I think it looks stunning. But. I think you know even though technically, it's not part of Caribbean. Beach it's, like. On the grounds in front of in front of so. I think my. Impressions. Are. Gonna be what a lot of people think like we're, expecting, moderate. DVC and I, see those price points and that's. Why like whoa I, believe, we talked about this on a dream show I think, you're going to see the, resorts that are on the sky liner increase. In price and this is the first thing that we're seeing is an indication of that the, sky liner is gonna be kind of like the monorail and these. Are gonna turn into a different pricing, category, of hotel because. Of that convenience of rising riding the skyline and that's what we're seeing now yep. No, I think you're right I think, you're right so we're. A world, where moderate resorts, can support. $400, a night. Now. Let's see what the rooms are like they may be grand. Rooms but. It's. DBC, so. If. You see they're bigger than normal rooms anyway you know that's gonna be true you know that they're gonna have kitchens, in a certain size so. You know all of those things are gonna be there anyway but. For. Where it is everyone thinks the same thing oh this should be a moderately, priced hotel. Because, of where it's located, so. There might be some sticker, shop they even put that up on Twitter, today that hold, on to your wallets because I, was, surprised I think.

The Grand villas were going for 30 I think it was like 30 709, that's, not unusual though, there's so few of it but, I know what you're saying I can but. You can get a bump the bump one of the bungalows at. Polynesian. For less than that so. I. Let's. See let's see I think I think has a lot to do with the timing of when. Galaxy's. Edge is going to open I think we're getting a preview of what hotel prices are gonna be like next. Year in. General once. Galaxy's, edge opens but we'll say we'll. Say all right sounds, good all, right our next news story waiting, for the slide so I know I'm doing the right thing Port. Canaveral documents, may reveal project, name for new Disney, Cruise Line ships, in, an, agenda posted, recently the Canaveral Port Authority revealed that what appears to be the project name or class for. Three new Disney Cruise Line ships that, will set sail in 2021. And. Support documents, related, to a discussion on waterside, engineering. Design pork. And Olivia's refers. To a vessel this, salt. Refers. To a vessel as Disney, Triton. And. This is all about how they're working. On. Terminal. A terminal 10, because. It's gonna be to ship support and the things they have to do the support these bigger ships slightly bigger ships and the, fact that on the paperwork they find Disney Triton, which. Just, I know it sounds ridiculous to me I mean, if they find Disney. Triton, right and then there's other things out on social media having a stroke, that's a. Let's. Say the me the you list the name is the Trident, so. My gum. Tribes. Right Triton, is like the king of the sea right. Exactly. I don't. Believe in. Pitchfork, yes I know yes sir I'm following. These. Are the names of the ships I believe this is like a project, do. We think with he said it's three new I thought was four no three new ships renew chef 2021, 2022, and 2023. Okay. So with three new ships coming online. Do. We think given the price point that, Disney has for, these sailings. I mean Disney's not by, any means cheap we're. Gonna have trouble filling these ships you. Know I don't. Think you're gonna have trouble they're gonna have trouble filling these ships I think you're gonna see pull from the existing, ships because. Disney fans want to do the newest the best the greatest thing first, so all these folks who are platinum. Guess, we all right numbers are all waiting for it they're all gonna book these ships, as soon as they show up and, that's gonna put a giant sucking sound yeah. Clients. Now that, are silver, and platinum that, are booking like crazy one after another to get to, gold. And platinum before, these ships come out really yeah I've got several clients that are doing that hmm just, wanna be the first ones they want to be the first ones yeah I've got one guy has been he, cruises every other month they're short but they're getting them what do you you know that's. Pretty cool yeah. I'm I, mean obviously, huge. Fan I'm a huge fan of Disney Cruise Line excited, to do gonna, be sailing on the Wonder this weekend, out of San Juan on the Southern Caribbean I. Had. Been on the Wonder and my. God when. Was the last time we did a podcast cruise first one on the what's the one here right now yeah yeah, I gotta go I think well then I think the last time I was almost I did an Alaska cruise back in 2013. So. It's been five six years since, I've been on the one door so I'm excited, to be back on it and I loved, loved loved Disney Cruise Line but. So. I'm definitely excited for these new ships but. I think your, point is well-taken that, I, think. What's going to happen is you're.

Gonna See all the interest move over. The new ships and, they're, gonna have trouble so. They're gonna bring in you, think a third ship report canaveral or they're gonna they're gonna put the dream in the fantasy someplace, else they're. Gonna be three ships of Port Canaveral, that's. My theory, like two seven Niners in them yeah yeah, and. Then eventually they'll move one of those ships out somewhere, outs because, well. I'll keep those other ships going is kind of like the magic in the Wonder or the alternate. Itineraries. Yeah I, would. Not be surprised if something goes they eat you for sure that market is huge yeah and then you could tie in the Disney parks out there you. Know it's part of that and that would be an entirely different audience. What. Do we think name, was what. Do we think these ships are gonna be named. III. Thought Trident, sounds Cartwright. It sounded cool I know you didn't like it but I think it's gonna stay in the hall dream, fantasy. And. We've discussed this before night. When they first started, working like lips I remember discussing this but I don't. Believe. The. Surprise. Surprise. I'm. Trying to think of something that's like very magical. Like, like. I, don't. Know I don't wanna say pixie donation. Oh yeah. Imagination, that sounds like chanta, enchanted. I don't think they do enchantment, because there's an enchanted maybe. Being. Chained well I don't, think they do an enchantment because you have enchantment of the Seas. Carnival, has the dream right row so. I don't think they worry too much about that I just think it's what, sounds, right because, it's not what you know this is inspiration, inspiration. That's. A good one money. Money. It. Gives me catching the Disney broken slot-machine the dollar sign, so. Um yeah I'm very excited, to see what. We. Only have another couple years to wait. Excited. And I'm sure we'll find out we before oh yeah you know they'll give us they'll start releasing. Oh. I'm. I'll, guarantee, you, that details. Will be released at d23 this, year the. Ships will be ready all the ships we're ready - oh. Yeah. All. Right our next news story, pleat, Oakridge, leaving. Pixar, animator we didn't have a better picture than that this is like, Twitter. Picture yeah I mean, Getty Images, owns everything and I don't really want them coming after us with a lawsuit okay, and I don't think we want to spend hundreds, of dollars on a photo. Of someone who's leaving, Pixar. Animation, Studios after, 25, okay take it away that was the best picture I can find. It. Was the first picture I could find. He's. Leaving Pixar, Animation Studios after, 25. Years. His. Departure marks the end of an incredible, incredibly, successful, career with classics, under his belt such, as co-directing. Toy Story 2 monster's eek. Monsters, Inc and. Finding. Nemo like, it sees what's juicy he, is quoted as saying I'm not leaving to make films at another studio and said, I look forward to spending much-needed. Time with my family and pursuing, interest at home. Spending. Time with the family something, happens. Something. Happens they. Don't ever say oh I need. To spend more time with my family every time somebody. Uses that. I. Don't, know I doubt, it I don't want to even speculate about that because that's not fair who. Was it the two that were stepped, in it's two heads, now that I thought, he, was one of the two when. John laughs are left they've, just like been instated there was a female and there's, a male and they're both the female was the. Girl. Who were Jennifer, Lee yes, and. And he. Doesn't at the doctor it's Pete docter yeah sorry that's right I just think it's interesting that he's, leaving now and jon, laaser just, said he was like what'd. He say he was starting, his own thing or like he was going to another studio. I. Don't think so I I just think he might be like wanting to do something, different and he is saying, like oh this guy was, able to do something different I can do something it's this family why y'all can't believe me once because a lot of times because that's like the stock excuse, when someone.

Resigned. Suddenly and, it's unexpected, whether, it's a politician, or a public, figure when, they say I'm spending. More time with my family it's almost, it's almost become code for. Something else is going on John. I'm. Gonna. But. I guess. It's also worth mentioning I, didn't put this in the script but. 17. Nominations, for, Disney the. Academy Awards announced this morning Black. Panther becoming, the first superhero movie ever nominated. That's. Insane. To me a little bit though, I I did, like Black Panther but I think to myself The, Dark Knight didn't, get nominated for Best Picture when that came out but like Black. Panther is nominated for Best Picture and I really enjoyed Black Panther a lot and I think it deserves every, nomination, it got except. For I don't, know about Best Picture but like, design, score. All, that stuff amazing, I think I. Think. Well I mean first of all they've expanded the Best Picture roster, and Leasing here's to. Include, films, that are more popular historically. Speaking the. Best. Picture nominees, are usually, films most people haven't seen and one. Of the big problems they have obviously. With the Oscars is, getting. People to watch them you know you, know among. My. People that's. Not a problem, we come with the building Nutrilite people yes. The. Best pictures I've seen. Yeah. I. I don't. Like go out to movies a lot. You saw Black Panther yeah I'd like that, okay. Awesome. No. It was amazing. I. See, what you're saying about the Dark Knight because it was a great yeah but, if, the and if the categories, were expanded at that time it probably would have been nominated however, I think Black Panther is an exceptional. Movie it's definitely the one that was like 11 hours long. Heath. Ledger win. Posthumous. Post. Posthumous. Thanks posthumous, posthumous sorry, oh. Yeah. Really from the guy who invented posthumous. There, so Best Picture nominee. Appetizers. I've, never said that word in my life so no, idea, how to act. Okay. So that's. It got a black. Panther for best pictures that's, picture Incredibles, - and Ralph breaks the Internet both. Nominated. Animated. Feature films, and I enjoyed both of those movies more than Black Panther I mean they're all great movies but I love, those. Two movies Mary Poppins, gets, costume, design and, mute. Original, Score as. Well as original song, and production. Design so that's what for for. Them solo. A Star Wars story only got visual, effects, same. With infinity, war got. For visual effects, Christopher, Robin for, visual effects, so, 17, in total that's oh that's a good haul for Disney how, many do you think they're gonna win crank. Not. Many, I, don't. Think they'll win the animated, one I don't think you know what do you think a. Man like, you thinks about into the spider-verse is gonna win I think it will definitely win, and it deserves to win it's an excellent, movie but it's also a movie that fully, embraces. The medium to which it was created, and if that is what this award is about then I think it's not, though the problem is with the animated category, is that most of the people who vote on it don't, actually see, the movies but, spider-man, has been the most well-received, animated, movie I would, even say. Superhero. Movie it's even more there's. More accolades, towards spider-man than the even was black panther and people, ate up Black Panthers so spider-man's. Gonna take that though. In the animated character it's the category it's either a Disney film or, someone who's done like paper cutouts, and shadow, puppets. It's. Like the weirdest, animation, ever. Well. You, got to remember to these, awards, are not. About necessarily what. Film or project, was best it's, about who launched the best political, campaign, during. Award season which, is now as, of this morning is now, in full gear. So. And. And Disney and Pixar. Collectively.

And Respectively, have. Done. Very, very very well in, terms, of their, political campaigns, for these films so, whether or not. Spider-man. Will be able to overcome the you, know it's good you know I doubt Ralph breaks the internet as a contender, here I think the Incredibles, 2 is the one to beat. But. Even that it's I think, it would have had a better chance until, Brad. Bird then also started. Going. Around not necessarily. Defending, John Lasseter, but, sticking. Out. Sticking, his neck out for him a little bit that's not gonna that's not gonna help them in the long run with that either but hey that's, that's, the politics part that doesn't help his movie, shouldn't. Be based like. Getting awards and stuff it shouldn't be based on what he's saying but that's just that's. Where we live yeah that's a world we live in so they're not gonna win Best new song. Not. Gonna be the one from asuras, born that's what I think but I think it's also a phenomenal, song so. It's, yeah I like, that movie though yeah it's. No, theme. From his us from greatest showmen should win this shirt. And. Posthumously, I, was what and correct that I was wondering if we were gonna get to an Oscar discussion, without the greatest showmen. If. We're gonna have a Tuesday show. Robbed. But. Do you like the cover album I love the cover album I think Hillary, Clarkson, song and I think, the. Maze I thought I thought the album generally, was good - all right anyway I think, that's it that'll do it for the news all right let's go ahead and talk about rapid. Fire so we'll start with you Johnny all right, speaking, of Disney Cruise Line three stories ago. Disney, Cruise Line is gonna raise the recommended, gratuity, for dining and stateroom, crew beginning. January 19th, a few days ago the recommended, gratuity, guidelines, will, be increased for select positions. Basically. It's gonna go up 50, cents per passenger per, day for. The dining room service, team and stateroom, host hostesses. So the total recommended. Gratuity will be, $13.50. Per passenger. Per, day based, on the length of your cruise which. In the, grand scheme of things people do not complain yeah, about, $13.50. Going to these folks no, not at all they, deserve keep in mind most of these folks are working 12 to 16 hour days seven days a week and. They. Work very very hard and, managed. To put on. Give. An incredible service and. Usually. Do it with a lot of enthusiasm so. This, is the reason why Disney Cruise Line gets high marks for, service is because of their crew so and their staff yeah, it, was like the. Past cruise that Corey and I did I mean. If you followed along with us on social media for the first four. Days of the cruise we, ordered, at dinner every, single dish on the. Menu so over the course we, had 22 items, 21. The first day 23 the second because we missed one the day before then. 22, 22, and, when. The stateroom Kurt Rudy's got dropped off and you look at and like we. Put these guys through pure. Hell, just so we could photograph every, single item of food its.

Kind Of sad to look at and be like they got 28. Bucks from us so, and, that not everyone does that and you. Know we. Made. Sure that we took care of the effort that went into that though you gave them extra oh yeah. Like. Don't tell, me that you just didn't oh I, complained. I went up and said you know what let's take some off. They let him eat the food they didn't finish. Ya. Know if just, like really. Think about it when you're you, know you, did pay a lot for the crews up front but it's. If you're, expecting. That extra service in making them go through it then you should put on a little bit more - and I have another theory about this I people, say they should be paid more and they should be paid more for sure but I think cruise, lines now should, just include it that, should be in the price so. Was if you cruise is another 200, bucks you're not gonna notice it right and just give those folks a gratuity, and you know exact with it to me it's not just about the food I remember, a cruise we were on and, Stella. Was a lot younger but she was still the quiet thing she is now our, server worked, so hard to, pull her out and get her to talk and, by date it was a seven Niner by day three, he. Had her laughing and talking we were all sitting there staring at like who that, and. I can, you come home with me because you, know he was that, good and knew what to do with a little kid and I saw him do it with other children too it, was amazing. Right. Thank you John keV uncle, allegedly. Adventures. By disney river, cruises for 2019. Will be released very soon there. Is a third, river they already do the rhine, actually. There's a fourth river they, do the Rhine the Danube, and the CIN currently, and they're going to do the Rhone in 2019. And they, will be out we. Here very soon pretty pretty positive it'll be the 24th, is the date that's. Given. Out by. Disney so I have a lot of people still circling, and I. Have two seats left on, our. London. Paris trip you shouldn't even talk about those don't. Me talk about them again it's like the party cuz. People are gonna be mad if they can't be on that trip so just forget that there's any spaces available Wow, it is that's my new attitude now snooze, you lose I just, won't talk about my rapid fire because who's gonna go anyway right I know it is. That's. Negative, negative Nelly no bad bad you. Okay. This. Is Teresa's, parenting. Techniques. Alright, your ISA go ahead she. Doesn't roll up the newspaper anymore. Tree. Of life awakens, awakening. At Disney's Animal Kingdom to, honor the Lion King with new additions beginning. Memorial, Day weekend, the Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom will, feature new, projections, that honored The Lion King each night the tree of life awakens, with magical, fireflies, and brings, all the animals that are carved into the trunk and branches to life. I'm. Not done yet save, your snoring for later the, tree will awaken in a whole new way to honor the Lion King nightly, through September, 30th 2019. The. Honoring the live-action, ranking. Or the classic, line 25th. Anniversary, of. They. Could. I. Have. No idea what's going on here I think I'm, excite the Tree of Life awakenings, it's not one of those things you should go out of your way for at Animal Kingdom but if you just happen to be walking past it when it's happening it's cool it's really beautiful, I think you use the word excited, rumbles no no I mean, The Lion King is mine did you're undecided about it but don't close it, what like for the average person. Well. Not every single person who watches is like oh I want to stay one night usually. Nine times out of ten when I'm like this is really cool we're gonna stand here and just, appreciate. It for a while then the person's bored after like 30 seconds, like I remember hyping, diagonally to people and I was like you're gonna want to spend a half, a day in here maybe more and then they walk in like okay you. Know. When. Julie reads her rapid fire I want some excitement because, that's. I'm. Excited for Julie's rapid fire I kept, - all, right let's move on Thank. You Theresa Julie, well. It's. Probably not gonna be for the average person, well. The magic kingdom is now offering special treats for Mickey and Minnie's surprise. Celebrate. Okay. It's, already kicked off by the way they're, gonna be having a Mickey burger at cosmic, rays Starlight café this.

Burgers Gonna be topped with, macaroni and cheese look at that American, cheese cheese, sauce flamin, hot cheese dust and bacon. Bring. This back I suspected, it but you, can watch a vlog, of me eating this thing back on Mickey's. Birthday. Look. I don't know that, just looks like. So. If you want to visit the plaza ice cream parlor you can get a mini kitchen sink not. Mini, lemon my n I like. Two. Scoops, of ice cream whipped, cream cherries plus your choice of hot fudge peanut butter or caramel that sounds like a regular, Sunday. A. Kitchen. Sink is what they have over peaches, and cream which, is about every, 47 thousand calories, and it comes with an insulin pump you. Know what makes that a mini shake though at the bottom is a dead rat. You. Can have a now and forever, slush, I had that sparkling, cider it's, served in a champagne flute and it's garnished with the white chocolate dipped strawberry. That sounds good I'll do that's pretty it's not there's a blog of me and Steve having that together sharing, this one how lovely it, is pretty in the photo in the tree keep talking. There's also a there's. A free love cheesecake. This. Will be available through February, 15th it's, a strawberry vanilla marble cheesecake, it comes with raspberry, puree whipped. Cream and a Mickey and Minnie chocolate piece it's. Very adorable, this is gonna be it's a little chocolate. Piece that looks like a heart oh not a piece of them, and. Then. The Crystal Palace jungle. Navigation, code the skipper canteen and that's, all one thing and. Then Tony's, Town Square will serve it to just, those three places. And. Then I. Think the thing that people are the most excited about and this is also while supplies last I learned this from Craig there's. A Mickey zipper. He. Has a birthday hat on and it has a novelty straw he's super cute very. Cute if you want to see it there's a post there's a picture on the Disney Instagram you can check that out. They. Can already be out of these for all I know. Firing. Cheese, does I was walking. Around Magic, Kingdom yesterday and basically, every other person had one, in their hand so yeah I think they have a lot okay good good, well, I think it's the cutest thing they have to offer and it's cut it's a little souvenir it's nothing you're ingesting and can never see again.

That. Was sweet Julie, didn't you enjoy that Thank. You Julie RINO. Okay. Sorry mine is about. This, chef. Series I've never heard of before the delicious Disney Nelly, did this last year a chef, series yeah apparently it was it, was popular, it's a it's a culinary it. Celebrates, some of Walt Disney world's most talented chefs and there are three upcoming event. Nights that have just been announced all three of these dinners, are going to be held at, Markham's. At golden. Oak. So. Right now the, three events there's one on january 28th at 6:30, p.m. that is for three hundred and ninety-nine dollars a person yeah and that, is celebrating, the 60th anniversary of, sleeping beauty featuring, chef Dominique, Fulani. Citric, hose, February. 25th, the same time 6:30 p.m. three hundred and forty nine dollars a person, a salute, to Walt Disney's it's, a small world 55th, anniversary featuring. Chef Timothy. Jorge. Arce from flying fish and, then March 25th at 6:30, p.m., three hundred and forty nine a person, there's the fantasy, culinary, adventure of Dumbo featuring chef Michael Rodriguez, from yachtsman, steak house if, you, want to make a reservation for that the delicious. Disney chef series you can call four oh seven nine, three nine five, seven 73, and of those three. First. Of all I think at. 400. Or 350, a person, is, absurd. But, if I was going to spend that for. A dinner with one of these three chefs it's gonna be chef Tim from the flying fish this, guy's amazing, I tell, you the yachtsman is not what it used to be and citric. Hose while, it's very good and I just ate there on Saturday. Technically. Technically. The meal was very good the service was very good that restaurant lacks something there's. A I'm. Not I'm never, Wow when, I walk out and haven't been for a while so, but. Flying fish never. Fails to. Excite. Me with, the food he puts on your, plate so if you're gonna do any of these I. Would. Say do that one but I honestly, I don't know, what they could possibly do. To. Justify. 350. Dollars a small. World kids you. Know really broken, you, don't first of all I this would be. Exciting, to you it's there's. Wine pairings so, they, usually crack, open the expensive stuff for. That and then usually there's some kind of gift if again at the end. But. If you want to follow all the stuff they do I think it's delicious disney.com, they do quite a bit of these special. Dinners and stuff and Colton yeah if you're inclined to do this you're gonna go see golden oak and climb the nice thing but do chef, Tim okay, do, that one. Knock. It off what. Is the matter with you today I do want to sum, what did she take. I I did, just want to say really quick - I wish that was with Lee shut her up I took, your, recommendation. You, had gone to Sebastian's, for the Disney diet though and I did eat there recently. Amazing, right every, single, thing I did, two appetizers we each had an entree and we, did two, different desserts and everything. I had was phenomenal, and the the, staff that was there was excellent, as well - I give compliments. I'm, telling you Sebastian's. At the Caribbean beach is the best restaurant, at Walt Disney World that you are not currently going to they stopped serving lunch now though because it hasn't been hasn't, been busy enough and I'm telling you you guys, are missing, out it's worth.

Do. The mini and other minivans are expensive, just if you like, don't, want to go through all the bus nonsense, to a minivan over there it's absolutely worth it this restaurant, is phenomenal. And just. When I was over there doing a review last week I didn't. Eat in the restaurant, but we did get. Some bites, to eat out. At the pool bar which, come from Sebastian's, oh my god, yes stuff is incredible. So, Sebastian's. Really is phenomenal. So I'm really glad yeah thank you and I would yeah all, right Thank You Ryan Oh Craig, well. Apparently couldn't find a comb or a brush or a razor before, you. Know. That's just I've gone down the hill, throughout the show so. That. Was that yeah no it's fair, all the people watching live be and when when when. He comes out with a signature cologne it's gonna be called given up. No. It was it. Was I was really, upset the YouTube. Closed captioning, was was. Capturing, our conversation. Before, we went out live so they, got some fun stuff with like our talk about The Sixth Sense and other, random, objects. Showing up on the closed captioning, so thank goodness we didn't say anything too offensive but, how far back did it go really. Yeah. I think what people need to understand, is that while. The dynamic you see among us on the show is very accurate and very true, we, have, to tone it down. You. Know from what. We. Don't you guys may see each other more than we do but we don't see you guys but once a week so, we get it and everyone's catching up and it's stories, and joking around so it's. A little bit more free-flowing I mean, I warned them that there could be talk about Corey, and I on the cruise with. I. Don't. Know one told, me if it actually came up but I warned, them that they might be seeing stuff about our bathroom, conversations. Anywho. Speaking, of something. That should go into a bathroom and be left alone guardians, of the galaxy, awesome. Mix live will return to Epcot this, summer the. Terrible, show that had at the American Gardens theater will, be taking place June 14th, through August, 18th, and it's, just it's, garbage. I did. Not like anything about this show so. If, you if you did like it you're one of the people that liked it. Yeah. Oh, terrible. Taste. She. Said it was fun that you're kinda writes itself yeah it does.

Let. It be hey, cheese, dust on Amazon all right okay. Enough. All. Right Thank You Craig let's move on and talk. About Festival, of the Arts. Like. I said it's the festival of the week because it seems like there's a new one the last one ended like ten minutes ago. And. This is at, Epcot and along. With the you. Know, requisite. Food booths that, are all around World Showcase is also. A lot. Of artists, being represented, and, some really really interesting stuff, one one piece I'm, really excited to be delivered any day now. So. I. Know. Craig. You. Got to, really, you. And Cory you got to really go around I know you were there Julie for a little bit yeah people forget that I have children and I have to go pick them up from school I can't just leave them there. So. I was there for a little while I got to taste just a few things but I did get to taste Christ's glittery beer it was pretty good what, are you huh. Yeah the, rainbow. Glitter. I. Don't. Remember the whole name of it. Yeah. And, it was all in a hashtag too I think it's a lot of the food I will say I really enjoyed, there. Was a new photo. Option, this, time and you can be free to Cal oh they. Even have her unibrow like, you, go put your face in you get the head full of flowers and the unibrow, it's awesome, yeah. A lot of a lot of photo, stops, some of the same ones and some new ones, lots. Of hidden little characters, around if you've noticed like on. The walls and things in some of the countries a, poo, is in in, Morocco, he can see him there oh really yeah with like a lamp they like painted him on the way, yeah, there's. Different. Things that you can see and find but, um for, for kids they always have a go play zone and this, year it's themed after wreck-it. Ralph our Ralph breaks the Internet which i think is really cool and we usually take the kids to do that, also. It was something else I saw Oh figments. Brush with the master so you have to buy the little map, but. You go around and, you help Figment learn about art and his scavenger, hunt around the world showcase a figmas. Brushing it down. Which. Look like fun to me I don't based on the rumors about that attraction that may not be too far off yeah, that looked like fun to me and we didn't actually do it because I wouldn't have had time but um I it's. One of the ones I enjoy the most I feel like there were more photo. Opportunities. For. You and others, are just of stuff and. Also the one thing that I want to do I want to make a scarf did you see that yeah the store man oh my gosh it is really, cool we got to watch one girl do hers and I just I was like. Basically. They, have three different size scarves that you buy like a neck scarf okay, a medium size long scarf or them like the super scarf and they're all silk they're not warm, scarves. So, there's, a giant tray full of like oil or water or something and you. Come in and you pick your colors of paint and. You drop it into the water like you do dots. Whatever. And. Then afterwards, they take these neat tools with like basically, nails on the end of them and they, drag them through this, liquid, medium with the paint and you, can make a design of your choosing or, then. Marbling. And then you, they after you're done they, just take the little silk scarf you lay it into the liquid and it, absorbs the. Pattern, yeah. It, is really, cool if you check out on, YouTube the, overview, video that. We. Did, yeah you see all of this on there, that. Looked really, really, cool do you remember how much it was no, I did, not see that sounds cool, but. It, definitely was, something that caught my eye that was unique, and this. Is the sort of thing this is why Festival of the Arts for me is probably one of the probably. The festival I enjoy the most. Because, there's a lot, of stuff, like. That there's. A lot of different merchandise, options. That you don't normally see during these festivals, I. Will, say. By. The time I got to Epcot these, guys had wrapped up most of their their filming and their vlogs. But. They, were raving. About the short ribs in Germany, and, I. Got to tell you it is quite, possibly. The, best thing, I've added any festival, yet I like it was.

Absolutely. Out of this world, but. Here's. The other side of the, issue, these. Festivals. Make. Epcot, World. Showcase. Almost. Impassible, I'm walking, around saying it's the middle of January. And. I. Can't, and in the middle of the day at, Epcot, in the middle of January and, I can't move and the. Lines for, some of these booths. Were. Incredibly. Long was, it still residual. Marathon, weekend, or was it um no, it was after marathon weekend well wait. We're, talking Friday it was Martin Luther King exactly. So. It, is definitely, it was a crowded weekend, here because of the holiday, but you know graduations. That's what they're trying to do you know uh crowded. Understood. But. Part. Of my problem too, at. The risk of sounding a little prudish, the, number of drunk people that. Come out of these these. Festivals, that. Epcot, is just loaded, with obnoxious, drunks and I don't care whether you're you. Know the. Douchey frat boy or you. Know a Beverly Hills mom, and you know Louboutins. Drunk. Is drunk and obnoxious is, obnoxious and I, see. So much of it when I go there it's like starting to turn me off, but. That's. Me, the cried likes being among, those no, I mean. Obviously yeah. I I used to in the like, when I was on the college program yeah we we'd come over and. And do that but it's just something I'm, so annoyed with it now. Watching. It like, I could never imagine. Being. Like that again even the people like you know what come do drink around the world but. I actually do it the right way pace yourself take it opens, up at 11 o'clock take. Your time at each, place and really like make sure you're. Not the, person who's like okay just finish this now. I have three minutes or less to get over and get it done because I want to make sure I don't remember the, other half of this but that's, that's beyond the point with all this but, Festival. Of the Arts I I did want to point out we did put up a vlog of, us. Eating the food and stuff one of the things I was blown away with like, we, stopped rolling the camera on a lot and then that's, when everyone else would try and. Basically. For, the most part everything kind of got better as as, we, went on like in terms of continued. To eat it like one. Of the things we ripped on was in China there. Was a dragon and Phoenix dish that was two, little tiny. Shrimp said shrimp and then, these these, spinach, noodles. That were supposed to be spicy, so, like I'm sitting there eating it I'm like eh I'm not really impressed the noodles pretty, tasteless and the shrimp is shrimp. And then as you kept eating the noodles in my mouth like that's my mouth got spicy, and and if I can taste it that means the, average person would probably be burnt away with it so there was a lot of surprises with that like, like you said Germany, was Germany, was nuts classic, was just the Corvina that was there and the short ribs were, awesome, I didn't. I wasn't there when everyone tried the deconstructed, booth but, I heard great. Things yes about very good doing sucked it was very very good yeah it's I the, only thing I dislike about festival, of the arts honestly. And I'm going to be in the minority about, it I, don't. Like the amount, of boosts set up with just. Hanging artwork, so. Like because, I mean. I don't, have a small, house but I am at max, capacity. With, how much I can hang on my walls yeah so it's great to see all this artwork but that means I have to throw away stuff, that I already have or, donate, it in order to buy something, new, just I'm, at that point where I can't put anything else up more so I I, would love to see more unique, artwork I rotate. It rotate like to see like sculptures. Like, you're talking like different mediums yeah yeah exactly, not, just plain, besides.

The Scarf was there anything else that was really cool could make your own Candle, yeah. Because. There. Was. One guy it. Was why there. Who. Was making these. Sculptures, out, of, common. Items, so, he found. Like. Candlestick. Like, you know the base of candlesticks, and. You. Know muffin. Tins and things like that and he, did these incredible. Sculptures. With, them and, a buying one buying. One of the festival. The Masters. Back, I, love, this. Bird. Sculptures, understand as soon is it I and I bought it specifically, because I, want it for the. The. Shelves behind me, so as soon as it comes in you will see it back there but I that's what I like about these, art festivals, I don't, know if I'm. Saying the same thing Craig does while. That art is interesting, it's sort of the homemade. Stuff it's the unique stuff that's. What I'm looking for yeah we. Look for - and again you, know - Craig's point I've already got so much stuff in this house that if I'm bringing something in it better be special. It better be something that I know I've got a place for as, it, is I've got so. Much artwork, you. Know I'll uh I'll, rotate, things in you, know like the Louvre like, the Louvre, um get a big basement or. You keep no you keep it in storage, no I keep it in the spare. Room it's. Where I have to keep it and. So. It's like before I'm bringing anything new it's got to be really spectacular so. Yeah I would. Like I I love what they do with the Performing, Arts there I would, love to see that stepped up a little bit more like the Disney on Broadway concerts. Or awesome, the. I. Don't like the creepy living statues, but I don't like those any time I'm traveling anywhere and see them anyways. By just any anymore, they're people like I. Don't know what the word is like kind of circus stuff, where they were like balancing, on each other's hands, and the they. Were doing like handstands, and all this guy says, yeah acrobats, there's a whole show at the fountain I saw yesterday, yeah no silver. No silver. No right I get. A chance to do the booths and stuff I didn't I didn't, really eat anything I went yesterday get, a couple photos that we needed for the site and so I walked, around I just did like a lap but. I'm I do plan on going back to eat because there was a lot of stuff I saw like that deconstructed, booth always interests me and I. Do, understand, what you're saying about the art being like all it's all canvas based art there's a couple of things that are on different mediums but they're still like framed and I that's, on Disney because of it has to be official, Disney artwork. In. Order she's not gonna be able to do that's all right yeah hey Julie's, got to go because she's got to pick the kids up from school the cameras over there so. You're. All good bye Julie. No. But I am, I, did, I did try like a desert there and I really I like I love things that are. Familiar. But presented, in unique ways and, I think the Festival of the Arts does, that well. And. I would like to see more like there is the chalk artists we're still there they, weren't doing any art but the art was like like. And. There was one you could like step into into the phone again I'm. Sorry John go ahead I have a question for you guys would, it be as good if the food booths weren't there why I didn't eat any food yet and but I also I, like. To paint and like, build, stuff and craft and so my. Whole thing when I go to like art places, I like to see stuff that like inspire, me and so. I like, it from that aspect where I'll see some art and be like I want to paint something like I think the combination of, the. Food booths, with. That make. It very special would. I still do it and be excited about it if it was just the artist booth yeah probably. Because. Invariably. I mean look you're, gonna come across some. Of the artwork that you've seen a million times in a million other places, those. Places I just walked I'm always looking for something that catches my eye mm-hmm.

That Like okay that I haven't seen before yeah. And granted, you know given how long we've been doing this and how many places we've gone how many things we've seen the. Standard for us I think is a little bit higher than it is for like a regular, visitor. Or going that maybe goes to Disney once every couple of years and, doesn't. See this stuff all the time so I'm not taking anything away from. You. Know the, the stuff that's seen. A lot but. I'm looking for something I haven't seen before, so art is subjective I mean. No, no I. I. See, things. Unusual. Items made out of everyday. Things you're, gonna love this thing this rocketship, that I got yeah it's it's, incredible, and it I go home or Stella sees it and I go home and then things start missing did you get it from the pop, pop. Gallery, check okay I was at Downtown, Disney. Disney. Springs the other day and I filmed a little video and I walked by and saw because they were like there was a man made out of like a Hershey's. Cocoa tin yeah there was like a robot but there was like a ray, gun that was made out of these things and I was like this, is the coolest stuff ever anyone and the artist was there the artist was the other I bought, it and I, wish I could remember his name but. He. Explained. What. Every single piece was, and. No. Two pieces are the same they're not mass-produced that's, cool and everything. Is, a commonly, found item, and everything. Is like put together with bolts and screws and some like robots. Real. Quick sorry we. When, we used to go to the festival of the Masters they had the folk art thing next to House of Blues and John. Is, John's. Hard to buy Christmas presents where he never says oh I like that so. We were walking through and he found this, ugly. Little sculpture, it's, a man made out of an old metal, band aid box and. He has a little tiny but he has little tiny hammers, for feet little tiny handcuffs, for, hands. And he. Says to me this. Is really cool, I like, this so. I thought okay, I mean. I'm easy to buy for I like everything. He's, in cardiac right so he walks by and, I stamp eyeing it and he gets behind the woman who's. Selling, me this item it's like this found stuff, and, he's looking at me and he's going, no. No. Now. I'm in the middle of paying with my credit card so, we now have a sculpture, that we call band-aid, boy that. He said I was just trying to point it out to you so you could see how ugly it was oh. So. Now we have a code word when were someplace and he says isn't that nice and I say do you like it he goes band-aid, boy. But. It has a place of honor in our home. But. You know I I. Will. Say the food that I did eat I'd need a lot going around because we were doing a dinner. That night we have a review coming up of the eliminations, dinner, package. And. So. I didn't eat a lot but, everything I ate was exceptionally. Good especially. The short ribs those short ribs are were, just, beyond, coupled. With the, the artwork and III. Thought, it was great like I said unfortunately, really, really, really really, crowded, the, one thing I will say though is I agree, with you completely you need all, of these, components working together to make this a successful, festival, and I. Mean. If. You think about flower, and garden it kind of has the same thing you have the entertainment from, going around and seen caught. More beautiful than it is any other time of the year with all the topiaries, and extra flowers, with, festival, of the holidays you have all the holiday entertainment, that's happening in each country good, or bad, and, now, it actually kind of looks like food. And wine is the one who's left out because they're. The ones missing that extra, component, I know there is some, entertainment, with the nighttime concerts, and this, and that but everything. Else every. All the rest of the festivals really look for that balance this. Is the one that doesn't so. Or. Food, and wine is the one that doesn't so this, has grown further.

Up In my book it's, not for everyone, but, yeah, this you know I'll make fun of the fact that there's a festival every five minutes but this is my favorite one of them right. Now because. Of the art. It's. It's a for, me this is the one I'm more likely to, want to go out of my way to do but. That will do it for this. Episode of, our show we hope you enjoyed it we'll be back with you again next, Tuesday I will not be and Rhino will not be normal Charles or Shawn because, we'll be on a cruise but, John will be hosting this week's you see him, so. That will do it for me for. This week hope, you enjoyed it we'll see you again next week with another episode of the. Days on pluged have a great week folks and remember stay. Out of the damn.

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ryno was right!

hey guys and gals, thinking about a name for a disney cruise ship. How about " The Walt Disney"

The Disney Vision

The only people who vote for the Animation Awards are, actually, members of the Animation part of the Academy, not the whole Academy

I work with older adults for my job and one of clients did just turn 102 this last weekend! She was born on January 20, 1917! That’s before the U.S. entered WWI! It’s such an honor to get to work with her. She has experienced so much. A big shout out for her!

Again with the Cheeto dust? Did somebody drop a sea can of Cheetos somewhere in Florida and Disney picked it up at a discount?

Ok I get it. The resorts along the monorail are more expensive. Ok I agree. But for the riviera to be more than the monorail resorts because of sky gondolas. No sorry too much

Has anyone mentioned Wishes as the name of one of the new ships? As tribute, maybe? Would Disney do that?

Just an FYI, not sure if it's me or not, but the audio is not synced to the video here. it's about a second ahead of the video.

Can someone explain the "stay out of the damn lakes" reference? lol

It's just a nice reminder for us not to swim in the lakes at Disney world, in which historically, there have been signs everywhere now there is also fencing.

Oh, Pete, I could not agree more about the irresponsible drinking. I am also no prude, but people get obnoxious. II went to one of the Festivals with a friend who is a member of AA and it wasn't the alcohol that made her uncomfortable and need to leave, it was the actions of certain people. As, Craig states-pace yourself and enjoy the experience.

Such a dark opening, thought my device was broken for a second there.

Teresa looked really cute with the bow and glasses!

Am I the only one who thinks Black Panther was predictable and not the greatest. I mean come on, that fight scene at the end went on forever.

Spiderverse was one of the best pictures I have seen in a long time. I hope it takes the Best Animated category.

Did anyone else notice any issue with audio on this, kept getting issues and want to make sure it's not my headphones!

The Disney Wish?

I ate at sebastions last week too!

Black Panther wasn't even the best comic book movie much less deserving of a Best Picture nomination.

Our last day of our last trip was a Friday night at Epcot in October.  Magic Kingdom had MNSSHP that night, so Epcot was packed for Food & Wine.  We had a great time, and none of us had any booze, but we saw multiple people need medical attention.  One man even hit the ground really hard in the U.K. section, and we were scared he was seriously injured.  Cast members did a great job of handling the situation, but I can't imagine that much drinking makes your day more fun.  In Vegas?  Sure.  At Disney, it seems like it doesn't really work.

Hey DIS crew! I know how hard you folks work; I enjoy watching the videos you put out. But I just want to mention that it would be amazing if you could caption your videos. It would make your videos accessible to way more people.

So great to see Julie and Theresa. Fun to see a mom's point of view, also.

Craig—he is not the ordinary man.

I've heard Galveston, TX is creating a new terminal. I wouldn't be surprised if they move one of the older ships there.

They gave DCL priority use of terminal 2 and DCL signed a 10 year contract. Supposed to double their sailings out of Galveston.

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As far as I agree that the Disney Cruise team deserve raises, rising the gratuity is just the Walt Disney Company once again giving the customer the finger and getting out of giving them well deserved pay rises themselves!

I wish Pete could make it through one week without taking a cheap shot at Craig's appearance or some tired joke about Ryno's sexual orientation. It's beyond unprofessional sometimes.

Pete makes fun of everyone including himself

2019 and you still have that " Dead Air " beginning to your live shows and that's probably Craig crawling around on the floor whispering to everyone..Lol....and you always come on with the straight face Pete...you have got to be cracking up inside? Or not ? Cheers

Last year someone said Disney was going to price everyone out except the wealthy. I have been at least 20 times. I'm coming in July for 2 weeks and this will be my last time. Believe it's just not worth it any longer. They keep raising prices on everything. Also I don't agree with all the alcohol in the parks when you have Disney Springs and resort hotels. Feel like I'm in Las Vegas.

Disney should pay cast members a livable wage so we don't need to talk about gratuities.

Is the skyliner going to be opened in Late september, 2019

Who are your stylists?

Concur ! walt & roy disney would not approve of the "drunks" at epoc- makes me sick ! where is the disney secret police to "stop" service to the violated, maybe scarlet "D"

I don't understand how people get drunk in Disney. When I'm there the last thing I want to do is drink alcohol. Alcohol after the initial buzz makes you tired, nauseous, dizzy and sleepy, thats not a good feeling to have when you're riding rides, eating, hot and walking alot. Idk, maybe its just me. I'll happily eat around the world all day, though

They just wanna forget how much they paid to be there lol!

Agree with Craig about food and wine being more one dimensional than the other three fests at Epcot. My wife and I were lucky enough to take in arts fest on its first day - post Disney Marathon - and got to say hi to Craig, Corey and Charles. Sorry we missed Julie and Pete. Great show as always. Mike

Respectfully disagree Ryno, Black Panther totally deserves the best picture nod, it was an achievement in almost every way a film can change the industry. It won’t win, but it deserves the nod. But I’m with you on Spider-Man!!!

I could see Disney Destiny being one of the new ships!

Ocean pitchfork

Love you all and these videos! I am obsessed because we are going to WDW for the first time in June. This is research. We went to Disneyland 2 1/2 years ago, but this will need a lot more planning.

i go to WDW every year for father's day weekend. Bring poncho's and expect rain every day, usually quick storms that last up to an hour. Get hydrated starting now, it's super hot and super crowded. Learn how to manage the fastpass+, it will help you maximize your time in the park. Have a Magical stay!

When are you guys gonna bump to 1080 or 4k?

Keep it in the spare room like in the Chronicles of Narnia! All you have to do is open the wardrobe to find it.

Disney Wish sounds like a DCL ship.

Disney Wish Disney Imagine Disney Believe I will bet money now on these names.

Gratuity has to be separate due to income taxes for each server.

Agree with Ryno 100% on Best Picture and Best Animated Feature. Spiderman was outstanding and should win, hands down. Black Panther was fun as heck but not Best Picture quality.

Amen to the drunk crowds at Epcot! Our trip ended this past Sunday and on Saturday we were at Epcot and it was almost unbearable to be there. It was our 15 month old sons first visit and most of the trip was awesome, but that last day at Epcot, especially as the day went on, was annoying and not fun. Not just crowded, but crowded with drunk people of all ages and backgrounds.

Good episode!

How rich is Pete? OMG he is living the life! Always staying at the most expensive rooms at all Hotels and Cruises. Vip tours , etc. Most people watching this channel can not afford the trips that Pete, John and Kevin experience.

IATA card can get even the most humble agent comped accommodations, tours, etc.

Remember, checking out the hotels are part of his job. Most people in the travel industry do a lot of traveling so they can give first hand information.

+Anthony T Wow talk about anger!

+JANET WINSLOW you need to relax and get a life. He has every right to go and do anything he want's, I never said he did not. So do not put words in my mouth. If you read my post I even said wow "he is living the life". That means way to go with enjoying and living your(his) best life. So take your anger and righteous remarks and check yourself.

If he can afford it why not? He works hard and brings back free information for all of us to enjoy. Where he chooses to stay and where he travels to are his business!

I want to be excited about the Riviera but I'm just not. The theming doesn't seem that special

ericamarie11895 What I like about the Riviera it's right next to my home CBR when I'm there, more dining, more bars, in walking distance.

I agree with Pete, seeing concept art is no comparison to experiencing in person. Its like hearing a band on the radio, they might sound okay but then you see them in person you become a fan for life! Or you never listen to them again lol. I'm excited to see the new resorts. Different themes appeal to different people.

Almost all those potential cruise ship names are already used (not that it matters). And Carnival also has a ship named Magic, I’ve been on it. It’s a nice ship!

To add in to the best picture discussion, the reason the academy expanded the best picture category was because of the backlash from snubbing the Dark Knight

Don't forget the fox movies are Disney movies now

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Magic and Wonder could be at Miami

Ocean Pitchfork

I'm going to be at the parks next month. I mean this in all seriousness. Can I come by and fix that flag behind Pete's head? It's not folded correctly, and the Boy Scout in me gets a twitch every time I see it.


I died at that. Her tone and random comments are just gold.

Any cruise ships that go to Asia seem to expand their existing casinos. how can Disney expand a nonexistant casino on a ship they send to Asia if they don't have a casino to begin with. It might be problematic.

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JenTheLibrarian nn

Can't wait to see y'all at the 20 Years of Dreams event in August!

Thought this episode had a lot of good content that was made worse by all the negativity and unprofessional, borderline rude, banter. I love this show so maybe today was an off day. Not going to name names but especially tired of one persons negativity since they’re only on this show to plug trips for their day job.

+Chrysty Summers while that advice is much appreciated, the auto-generated captions on YouTube are pretty notorious for being inaccurate.

If you click on the 3 dots in the corner of the video, there’s an option for Captions. If you select the “Auto-Generated” option it will add captions to the video. Hope that helps! :)

It drives me crazy. As a Girl Scout Mom, need to fold that flag correctly!

If it makes you feel any better, you're not the only one to notice. It has always bothered me as well.

I love your show and my husband and I watch it all the time...thank you for always keeping us informed! If I can make one suggestion...maybe do housekeeping at the end instead of the beginning

It was pretty crowded this past weekend for the holiday...epcot was still kinda manageable but mk the wait times were so long,even for the people mover...they actually ran out of FP for the barnstormer by 3pm...lol

I thank you for this episode!

Wait until it opens? Are you an idiot? Keep your day job. It's a counterfactual. Wait until the better themed one opens? Oh, wait, you can't! Concept art should be tested in the realm of consumer opinion first. Hey big shot, let's see what Star Wars rooms go for. Did you hear anyone complain about that? No, because people aren't such flipping idiots to want the French Riviera on the Caribbean or some self-absorbed starchitecture insult in disguise. Real classy and "subtle." Do your homework. ROFL! "Speaking of pricing, it’s staggering at first blush because the dates that are available are all peak holiday season pricing. The lowest price right now is a Tower Studio at $486/night the week before Christmas. Standard Deluxe Studios start at $662 for that same timeframe. However, this is rack rate the week before Christmas, when the pricing all around Walt Disney World is fairly bonkers. To put these numbers into perspective, standard rooms at Wilderness Lodge for this same time frame start at $546/night. Over at Grand Floridian, you’re looking at starting prices of $790/night." http://www.disunplugged.com/2019/01/22/dis-unplugged-podcast-012219-disney-world-show/

Douchey frat boy, bahahahaha! That's annoying!

I think the Riviera looks nice - and I’m not at all surprised by the price points. It seems in line with other Deluxe resorts. I thought they were calling this “Deluxe” right? Just because it’s next to Caribbean Beach doesn’t mean it’s moderate - especially since the idea of location changes when the Skyliner opens.

Not trying to attack anyone. Just want to help.

I messaged Pete and no reply. Not sure why he hasn’t fixed it.

Tree of life animation is a MUST SEE - really Craig?

I loved Davey and Goliath!

WOW? 39:00 ? :0

The Dark Knight will not and did not age well. I liked it when it came out, but now I laugh at it.

I really like your podcast but please please please don't talk about movies. You clearly dont know enough about them

O a 2nd average person reference lol. I guess he is the king of spice or something... dude shut up.

I like how Craig always says stuff about the "average person".... strangers that he has zero clue about how they think.. its ridiculous how much he tries to stand out

The Greatest Showman is 100% trash. One of the worst movies released in the last 5 years.

Did anyone complain about Star Wars theming? What do you think they will fetch? Counterfactual reasoning is not being engaged here. A "subtle" French Riviera on the Caribbean? Real classy...The prices he quotes are completely out of context. http://www.disunplugged.com/2019/01/22/dis-unplugged-podcast-012219-disney-world-show/

Anthony T ... most of the trips are comps via his travel business and the ones that aren’t are expense deductions against his travel business!

@Chrysty Summers while that advice is much appreciated, the auto-generated captions on YouTube are pretty notorious for being inaccurate.

@Anthony T Wow talk about anger!

@JANET WINSLOW you need to relax and get a life. He has every right to go and do anything he want's, I never said he did not. So do not put words in my mouth. If you read my post I even said wow "he is living the life". That means way to go with enjoying and living your(his) best life. So take your anger and righteous remarks and check yourself.

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