Walt Disney World Resort Complete Vacation Planning Video

Walt Disney World Resort Complete Vacation Planning Video

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Welcome. To Walt Disney World Resort just, outside of Orlando Florida, at, over 40 square miles it's big enough to hold all your vacation dreams and then some. This. Disney parks vacation, planning video shows, you so much of the magic and so, many of the memories in store for you and your family, and. You'll. Get plenty of helpful, planning tips along the way from. Choosing, the very best Disney. Resort Hotel for your family, size and budget to tickets and packages, that may make things even more convenient. For you you'll, even find special, tips and things to do when traveling, with small children plus, all there is to do if it's just the adults. Walt. Disney World Resort is, home to four incredible, theme parks this. Is Magic, Kingdom park where, six lands of fun adventure. And Magic, await. At Epcot you'll do everything, from soaring, high above famous landmarks. To, going under the sea with Nemo and friends, oh. And. The Illuminations. Reflections. Of Earth's nighttime, spectacular. It's, something you've got to see to believe. Here's. Disney's, Hollywood Studios it's. All about becoming, immersed in the worlds of movies music, and TV. From. Out-of-this-world, star, wars adventures and, picks our favorites. To. Some big-time thrills you. And your family are in for a smash, hit of a day. Now. Onto, a world alive, with magic Disney's. Animal, Kingdom theme park where. You can now journey to Pandora the world of Avatar, here. You'll also find, Kilimanjaro. Safaris. Expedition. Everest and plenty. Of Disney, characters you. May even see a dinosaur, too. What. Disney, World Resort, has not one but, two amazing. Water parks this. Is Disney's, Blizzard Beach waterpark think. Of it as a ski resort that. Melted. And this. Is Disney's, Typhoon Lagoon water, park where. You can do everything from rafting, some Rapids to. Riding, the waves. You'll. Also get a look at Disney, Springs a vibrant. Collection, of delectable restaurants. The world-class shops and exciting. Live entertainment and. You'll. Discover that there's nothing quite like staying, right in the middle of all this magic, with, over 20 unique Disney, Resort hotels to choose from you'll see how to select, the one that's perfect. For your needs. Will. Even tell you all about my, magic plus a really great way for you to enjoy unprecedented. Control of your Walt Disney, World vacation and, make, it yours like never before. So, let's get started exploring, all the wonders, that await you. Welcome. To a place where dreams come true where. Fantasy becomes, reality and. Where. Unforgettable, memories. Are made each and, every day. Magic. Kingdom, park is six lands of fun and fantasy, all. Surrounding. Majestic, Cinderella, Castle. Now. Let's, start with the most magical, land of all, fantasy. Land. Here. Disney storytelling. Comes in many fun and fantastical. Forms this, is Storybook, Circus where, you can take a high-flying. Ride with goofy on the Barnstormer. Soar. High in the sky with Dumbo, and cool. Off at Casey jr., splash, and soak station, then. Step, inside Prince, Eric's castle and experience. Under, the sea journey, of The Little Mermaid Sebastian. Flounder, and scuttle, are all here. Here's. Another castle. These castle, where. You can dine in VR, guest restaurants, and. This. Is Seven, Dwarfs Mine Train a family. Coaster, that rocks back and forth around, every, twist of the track. Plenty. Of classic, Fantasyland. Attractions, await you as well, you can fly above London on Peter Pan's flight ride. A gallant, steed at Prince, Charming, regal carousel, and sing, along aboard, it's a small world, did. You know that three, of the highest, mountains in Florida, are right here in Magic, Kingdom park blast-off, on Space, Mountain a, hair-raising. Rocket, ride through the galaxy, you never know what's coming next. The. Next mountain to conquer Splash. Mountain. Head, off for an adventure that, has one great ending, a five, story splashdown. That, just might get you a little wet. Then. You'll discover Big, Thunder Mountain Railroad, it's. A runaway mine train that happens to be running away with you in it. Inside. The Haunted Mansion attraction. 999. Happy, haunts awaked but, there's, always room for one more. You've. Just been recruited, for Buzz Lightyear's, Space Ranger spin. Travel. Through the Gamma Quadrant and fire, your laser cannons, to score points in this epically, fun Toy Story escapades. Entertainment. And Magic, Kingdom park is a spectacle, onto itself. From. The incredible Disney, Festival of fantasy, parade by day. To, the new happily ever after fireworks, show high above and all around Cinderella. Castle by night. With. Well over 40 attractions, and live shows. It. May take a couple of days to see all that Magic, Kingdom park has to offer. So, just imagine how, many magical.

Moments, Your family, will take home with you. Race. To new thrills soar high in the sky explore. A far-off, planet, and even. Travel, the world here. At Epcot. Epcot. Is filled with one magnificent. Discovery after, another. Like. This Sauron around the world this exciting, attraction, makes you feel like you're flying in a hang-glider and, who doesn't want to fly soar. Over some of the most majestic sights. Imaginable all, while you feel the wind in your face and, even smell what you're seeing. After. You go soaring, why not go under the seat you. Can do that at the seas with nemo & friends, first. You'll board a clam OBL and plunge beneath the waves swim. With mr. ray check. Out the jellies and, have. Some fun with Bruce the shark then. The Finding, Nemo characters. Join real sea creatures, in an incredible, 5.7. Million gallon, saltwater aquarium. There's. Even, a place where your kids can have a little Q&A session, with, this dude, it's, called turtle, talk with crush. What's. Next, why, not rocket, into Mission space where, the countdown, to adventure is. Feel. The thrill of this lock-in the. Sensation, of weightlessness. All. On a dramatic, flight to Mars. You. Get to choose from two experiences. Here at Mission space full. Blast or a, less, intense journey. And, a test track presented. By Chevrolet, buckle, up for a high octane spin that puts your car and, your creativity, to the test look. What you get to do first. You'll create your own virtual, Chevrolet, concept, vehicle. Then. Put your design through its paces on exciting. Hills hairpin. Turns. Man. Lightning, fast straightaways. This. Is World Showcase 11. Different nations, for you to explore, with. Attractions. Restaurants. Lots. Of live entertainment, and. Authentic. Shops one. Of the coolest things about World Showcase each. Of these 11, nations is hosted, by cast members, from that land and they can't wait to share the wonders of their country, with you, and. It's, special times throughout the year you can even enjoy exciting. Themed, festivals, to make your visit even more incredible. Last. But not least top, up your Epcot, day with this, illuminations. The reflections, of Earth. Pyrotechnics. Lasers. And music it's nothing, short of dazzling. Definitely. Mark this as a do, not miss on your Walt Disney World vacation. Jump. Into the lead role at Disney's, Hollywood Studios. Find, yourself center stage in the stories, of movies, television, and music that, are sure to leave you starstruck. A great. Place to start is rock, and roller coaster, starring Aerosmith, the. Next time someone tells you the best way to travel isn't a super stretch limo just tell them to check this out. Don't. Be late for the show jump, in and go from zero to 60, in less than three seconds.

After. That speedy ride why not rest up here. Or. Maybe. Not, when. Was the last time you checked in for a screen at, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror hurt us up and down through 13, stories, no. Need to press any buttons the next stop is always terrible. Now. Let's drop ourselves, into the ultimate Disney, Pixar experience, with Toy Story Mania. Hang. Out with bugs woody in the gang on this 4d, attraction, as you blast your way through classic, carnival games complete. With a Toy Story twist. Over. At Indiana, Jones epic, stunt spectacular you. Can step into the action, of a real live movie shoot and watch, Indiana, Jones battle, the bad guys to, make sure that history gets where it belongs in a museum. Then. Get set to feel the force in a galaxy, of exciting. Ways welcome. Aboard, Star Tours the adventures, continue you. Never know where you'll go next, on this thrilling attraction, that takes you through a constellation, of, storylines and interplanetary. Destinations. Star. Wars launch Bay is the spot to check out replica film props play, games explore. Exhibits and even, greet some Star Wars heroes, and villains don't, miss the live character-filled. Show Star, Wars a galaxy. Far far away and, to. Cap off the night be, sure to catch the music, magic, fireworks. And characters. At Star Wars a galactic. Spectacular. Looking. For an adventure for younger children will. Celebrate with Disney. Jr. live on stage get, ready to sing and dance alongside your, kids as well, as some of their favorite, Disney Junior, characters. Keep. Those singing voices warmed, up or, better yet keep, them frozen join. Elsa, and Anna and be part of for the first time in forever. A frozen, sing-along. Celebration. Well. You've really had a big day and we, can't wait for you to be in the center, of the action at Disney's, Hollywood Studios. This. Is Disney's. Animal, Kingdom theme, park where, you can explore the wonders, of nature throughout, the day and into, the night here. Rare, animals, authentic. Adventures, and world-class, entertainment. Transport. You to a world that's truly, alive, with magic, come. Let's, explore, just a few of the adventures, you'll have and a few of the stories you'll encounter, get. Close to the real world of animals meet. Some disney friends journey. To a distant world, laugh. With the lion king and wrapped. Some rapids see, what it's like to be a bug and get chased by a dinosaur at. Disney's, Animal Kingdom theme, park you'll, even encounter, creatures of ancient, legend, and lore. And that. Brings, us here Expedition. Everest no, you're not going to climb it you're, going to ride it. And what it is is a thrilling, journey through the icy peaks of the Himalayas. And face-to-face. Encounter. With the fearsome, Yeti. Then. Travel. From the chill of the mountains to a sun-drenched. Savanna, this. Is Kilimanjaro. Safaris as, close, as you'll ever get to a real African, safari without, a passport. Keep, your eyes peeled you're, going to spot incredible. Creatures, all in their natural habitats. Antelope. Cheetahs. Giraffe, Crocs. And many more species roam, the Savannah more. You stop that before they spot you. Next. Its Finding, Nemo the musical, a, 40-minute. Stage show that is all at once elaborate. And intimate. And. It doesn't simply recreate. The film it features, 14. Original songs. Meet. Marlon, Dory, crush. Even. Bruce let's. Hope he still thinks fish are friends not food. Speaking. Of food this guy looks pretty hungry. This, is dinosaur. And, you've just gone back in time 65. Million, years you're, trying to rescue a mild-mannered.

Iguanodon. From extinction, but, the Carnotaurus. Here has other plans. There. Is no better way to celebrate your safe arrival back, to the present than by joining Simba, and friends for the festival, of the Lion King, sing-along. With the inhabitants of the pride lands for a big as Broadway celebration. Of the Lion King. What. About after, the show how. About going on a river raft ride through the heart of Asia. This is Cali river rapids where. You make it a little wet or. A lot wet you. Never know. And right. Now at Disney's, Animal Kingdom theme park guests. Are welcome to a world beyond, belief Pandora. The world of Avatar. Here. You can climb aboard the back of a banshee on Avatar. Flight, of passage, fly, through thrilling, passages, soar, through ancient arches, and dive, under, mountains and over rivers like nothing, you've seen on earth. And on, Navi River journey you'll, board a reed boat and navigate, down a gentle, River through a mystical. Bioluminescent. Rainforest, in search, of the Navi shaman, of songs. Of course there's plenty to do when the Sun sets to like, explore, the bioluminescent. Beauty, of Pandora, go. On safari dance. Along during street, parties. Enjoy. Tree, of Life awakenings. And catch, the stunning new show rivers, of light a timeless. Spectacle, that celebrates, the beauty of all living, things. These. Are the Disney Resort Hotels, hi. Popping themes. Incredible. Pools close. To the theme parks and, complimentary. Transportation throughout. Walt Disney, World Resort and, with. Over 25, to choose from throughout five different categories it's. Easy to find the hotel that fits your budget and fits your family size but. The biggest reason to stay at a Disney, Resort Hotel you'll, be surrounded by Disney, magic 24. Hours a day just how, magical, our Disney Resort Hotels here, from past Disney, parks mom's panelists, throughout this segment it makes you feel like you're right in the middle of the magic you never leave you may leave the theme park but you don't leave the magic located. In the heart of all the Walt Disney World excitement, Disney, Resort Hotels feature an array of special, disney touches for guests to enjoy like. Enjoying more time together with the extra, magic hours benefit, each. Day one of the Walt Disney World theme parks is open extra time so, you can enjoy select. Attractions together. We. Kind of let our kids take the lead on those days and tell us what they want to do and that makes them feel extra special. Guests, benefits, begin even before you reach our Disney Resort Hotel and. It. All starts, with Disney, Fast Pass Plus planning. Guests. Of select Walt Disney World Resort Hotels. Get, first access, to reserve, select Disney. Fast Pass Plus attractions, shows and more up to 60, days prior to check-in, as a. Disney Resort Hotel, guest you'll also receive these, complimentary. Magic bands, use. These colorful, wristbands, to access the theme parks and those Fast Pass Plus reservations. You made open. Your hotel door and, even make purchases. Then. Enjoy, sectional. Convenience, as soon, as you arrive in Orlando International. Airport, with, Disney's, Magical, Express transportation. No. Need for baggage claim or a rental, car you and, your back enjoy, complimentary, motorcoach. Transportation. From the airport to, your Disney Resort, Hotel I didn't. Need to worry about mine luggage until, I didn't need to worry about them they just magically, appeared in my. Room. Then. Enjoy, the convenience. Of complimentary. Transportation throughout. Walt Disney World Resort, and. When, you stay at a Disney Resort Hotel you'll discover so much right, at your hotel my. Five-year-olds. Favorite part about the pool is the fly mommy. I need to see the slide you. Can even enjoy Disney, character, dining but many of the Disney Resort Hotels my. Kids bring, their autographed, books and they interact with the characters and, we take pictures and, they just have a one-off. And, there's, the personal, touch you can only get from Disney cast members I love. When you first start your Walt Disney World vacation and. You're, getting to your resort and the, first thing you hear is welcome, home it, feels great to know that they care so much they add those little extra touches of, pixie, dust you, know they just really, care about families, from. The moment you arrive to the moment you check out you'll, experience, incredible. Disney, Service everywhere. You go choose. The Disney Resort Hotel that's best for your family at Disney World calm, slash resorts, or call for 0-7 W Disney, or your travel agent hope to see you soon. You. Get. Ready for the wettest, part of Walt Disney, World Resort. Big. Drops, lazy. Rivers, family. Fun and something, special for everyone it's, all waiting for you at not one but, two totally. Unique Disney water parks let's. Start with Disney's, Blizzard Beach, waterpark once the only ski resort around the Florida Sun melted.

It Down into a watery, Wonderland when. You first enter you can't help but notice this Mount, gush more home to summit plummets since. It's one of the tallest water slides in the world get set for a 120-foot. Plunge, that's nearly straight down, enjoy. I see challenges slides, and zip lines at ski patrol training camp. Feeling. The need for speed, visit. The side-by-side, racing slides, of toboggan, racers. You. Can challenge both friends and family and find. Out who really is fastest, down the slopes. Now. Let's take a look at a truly tropical. Paradise, Disney's. Typhoon Lagoon water, park. After. An epic typhoon, tossed mount Mayday upside, down you, could say that everything, got a little, different. Find. Where raft ride meets roller coaster on crush, and gusher bring. Your friend or two because these wraps can fit up to free riders as you shoot up down, and into the splash zone. Border. Raft with your family and. Embark. On the new and exciting, waterslide, journey miss adventure, Falls where, jewels and gold doubloons, await. Then. Lounge thru coolness. Thundering. Waterfalls, and serene, caves on castaway. Creek, now. Remember, you're on vacation so. Take it easy and enjoy this, endless, lazy river around Mount Mayday. Finally. Get swept, away at typhoon lagoon surf, pool one, of the largest wave pools in the world get. Ready for huge waves and an amazing, time. Well. You've done it you've cooled off and relaxed, at the Disney water parks now, be sure to dive into both of them on your Walt Disney, World vacation. Enjoy. The magic of Walt Disney, World resorts, best-kept, secret. Recreation. You'll. Find something fun for everyone, in the family. One. Of the most beautiful, and serene ways, to enjoy Walt Disney World Resort is, at, our pristine, golf courses come. Tee it up where the pros play at, Disney's, pond Magnolia. And Lake Buena Vista golf, courses all. Operated, by Arnold, Palmer Golf Management these. Championship. Courses challenge. Players of all ages and, skill levels. Reservations. For tee times can be made through 407. Wdw. Golf. With. All of the excitement both inside, the parks and out don't, forget that you're on vacation it's, time to relax and you can, do that right here at census. A Disney, Spa this full-service. Premium, Spa has, two luxurious. Locations, one. At Disney's, Grand Floridian Resort, & Spa and, another, at Disney's, Saratoga Springs, Resort and Spa so. Call 407. W DW spas, to, reserve one of our many rejuvenating. Treatments are. You ready to catch some fun, during your vacation enjoy. Guided, fishing excursions. Along the waterways, of the Walt Disney World Resort call. 407. W, DW play, for more information, or to make a reservation, plus. Rent, canoes kayaks. Or, motor boats and travel. The picturesque, lakes lagoons, and Bay's of Walt Disney World Resort for. Some high adventure check. Out Sammy Duval's watersports. Center where you can pair a sail through the air or, do a little waterskiing just. Call four zero seven nine three nine zero, seven five four to get things set up oh. And. Don't forget to check out any of the convenient, arcades. The. Dozens, of gaming locations, all over while, Disney World resorts are a great, way to find some quick fun.

OK You've flown through the air on a parasail, indulged. In a relaxing, massage and golf, your way through some of the best courses in Florida and, that's just the beginning of your recreational. Adventure, at Walt Disney World Resort. You. Love, shopping. Great. Dining, and entertainment also, right up your alley, well. How about a place where you'll discover everything, from, under the sea to, over-the-top, it's, all right here at Disney, Springs. Here. You'll find shopping, and plenty. Of delicious dining, shopping, and, a ton of live entertainment the. Shopping and okay. You get the picture but. Here's what makes Disney, Springs so unique, not. Only will you find big-name, places, practically. Everywhere, you look you've. Also got retailers, you can't find anywhere else in the area like. American, threads and, this flagship, coca-cola store. And. Of course Disney, Springs is filled with Disney. Stores they're. Stylish, apparel, and trendy, a collection, of new retail concepts. At marketplace, co-op and the world's, largest Disney, Store world, of Disney. Okay. Eventually. You're gonna want to eat, especially. When you see all the delicious dining that's here from, fantastic. Food trucks to cuisine. From celebrity, chefs like, Morimoto, Asia. Fronteras. Cucina. SDK. Orlando, and chef. Art Smith some coming plus, literally. Dozens, more, want. A really sweet treat stop. By sprinkles, and check out the only cupcake, ATM in, Florida, Disney. Springs is also home to world-class, entertainment. Like a Cirque du Soleil show you can only experience, here, be sure to catch La Nouba before, this stunning show takes a final bow, don't. Miss live music, and dancing at Raglan Road Irish pub and restaurant and. Everything. From bowling, to. The Blues. But. It all comes back to, the shopping. Disney. Springs is truly, a one-of-a-kind, experience, where. Else could you find everything from bears, to necessities. Enjoy. A day of shopping that's, distinctly, Disney, and definitely. Different, only. At Disney, Springs. With. My magic, plus, attractions. Food. Merchandise. Mickey. Your. Room the, parks are all, easier, just. Imagine, actually reserving. Access, just some must-do experiences. Like, these all before you even arrive. Imagine. Entering your Disney Resort hotel room and the parks even making purchases, with your all-in-one, Magic.

Band You'll. Enjoy the freedom to decide what, you'll do and when, you'll do it that's. Because my magic plus that's your free, making. It easier than ever to simply, enjoy more moments, with family and friends. How, does it work well, that's pretty easy to the. My Disney experience website. Starts, off the excitement, before you even leave home this. Is where you make Disney, Fast Pass Plus reservations. For some of your must do fun right from home. Choose. For more Fast Pass attractions, than ever Plus. Character, greetings and live shows all, before you even get to the parks and, guests. Of select Walt Disney, World Resort Hotels. Get, first access, to Fast Pass Plus so, you can start making your selections, up to 60, days before check-in, when you have a Disney, Resort Hotel reservation, best. Yet, it's all included with your theme park admission at no extra charge and don't, worry about being locked into a schedule, flexibility. Is built, right in. Okay. You made your Fastpass Plus reservations, now you. Can also use the my Disney experience website. To keep all of your plans in one convenient, place connect. With family, and friends to coordinate your fun. Get. An up-close look at your Disney Resort, Hotel. Check. Out Walt Disney World attractions. Even. Make dining reservations. And if, you're planning to stay at a Disney Resort Hotel, the at-home excitement. Continues as your, family receives these magic. Vans, personalized. With your name and the color you choose they're. Shipped domestically. Right to your home. If you're, using Disney's, Magical, Express transportation. You, can start using your Magic Band as soon as you arrive at Orlando, International Airport, and. Once, you're here your, Magic, Band or card lets, you tap into the magic, to enter your Disney Resort, hotel room enter. The theme parks. And. Access. Those Disney Fast, Pass plus attractions, you've already selected all. It takes is a touch to pay for food and merchandise. At, select, locations throughout, Walt, Disney World Resort. During. Your stay you can access all the plans you created, at home and even, update them on the go with, the free my, Disney experience mobile.

App, Remember. When we said Fast Pass plus was flexible, look, at this with, the my Disney experience mobile. App you can make changes, to your Fastpass Plus reservations, on-the-go plus. Access. GPS, maps to, help you get around the parks view. Attraction, wait times and entertainment. Schedules, and. Get suggestions, based, on your location, in the theme park. Oh and. Watch this, you, can even update your plans at kiosks, all throughout the parks. My. Magic, plus from, putting your dreams together at home to, enjoying the fun just, the way you wanted in the parks there's, never been a more fun and flexible, way to share the magic of a Walt Disney World, vacation. Now. It's time to take all the magic, you've seen so far and turn, it into your Walt Disney, World vacation and, since, the perfect, vacation is, different, for everyone, we, have lots of options, to fit your family, and your, budget, want. To find the perfect package for you just, use the price your vacation, function, at the top of the Disneyworld calm, homepage, enter, your dates the, number of people traveling and if you want your hotel preference, to then. Click this button if. You choose a specific hotel, you'll see the rooms available if any during, your travel dates otherwise. You'll get this page with a selection, of Hotel options from, here you can compare hotels, or check availability, of room types once. You've chosen a hotel add it to your cart and then simply select the number of days you need theme park tickets, if. You, want you can add ticket, options too for. Example with, so much to see and do you, may also like the freedom to visit more than one theme park on the same day that's. The beauty of the park hopper option, if. You're staying just a short time you can visit multiple, Walt, Disney World theme parks on the same day so, you don't miss some must-do, attractions, and on, a longer, stay, you just enjoy incredible, flexibility. So, if you want to go on safari in the morning and enjoy dinner in France in the late afternoon you. Can do it. Now. Suppose you want to enjoy Disney water parks, then, choose the park, hopper plus option with. It you can visit more than one theme park on the same day plus, enjoy a certain number of visits to a Disney waterpark, or other fun like, around at one of the imaginative, miniature, golf courses nice. Shot click. Continue, and you'll arrive at your cart and if, you want a great way to capture just about all of your Disney vacation, memories choose, this it's called memory, maker and you can purchase it right here, Disney. PhotoPass, photographers. Throughout the parks will capture your magical, moments, plus you'll get photos, from select attractions and, dining locations, and. Magical. Extras, like animated. Magic shots and attraction, videos so, forget about having to purchase each photo individually. With memory, maker you get unlimited digital. Downloads, of memories, captured, during your vacation to, share with family and friends and it couldn't be easier, now everyone, can be in the moment and in the picture and your family's, memories, will be yours to savor thanks, to the magic of memory, maker ok. Now back to your cart if you, want to plan some of your meals in advance just click. The add dining, button and you'll be given the choice of several packages that let you enjoy yummy, meals and snacks at a lot of great Walt Disney World restaurants, it. Really, makes things convenient, in fact, different, packages, offer different, dining, options from, quick service spots, to. Signature, dining restaurants, or, Disney, character dining and each. Package, offers, a great selection of, restaurants as well. Now. Click done and you'll, arrive back at your cart page if, you. Want you can book your flights on this page and book, ground transportation -, if. You're flying into Orlando International Airport, and staying, at a Disney Resort Hotel, choose. Disney's, Magical, Express transportation. Service for a complimentary, ride to and from your hotel. And. If. You need any help as you plan and book your vacation just. Call 407. W, Disney or, visit, your travel agent they can help you make the magic a reality. Disney. Dining, it's, about the food it's, about the experience. It's, about choices. But. Most of all Disney, dining, is much more than just something, you do between going, on rides and seeing the shows. Dining. At the Walt Disney World Resort is a magical. Memorable. And absolutely. Delicious part. Of your vacation. Let's. Begin with the experience, itself. You. Can dine around the world. Or. Under, the sea. Whether. It's quick service or table, service dining, many. Locations, have a unique, and entertaining, theme and. Of course one of those themes is Disney. Character, dining found. At a variety of locations at the theme parks and some of the hotels of the Walt Disney World Resort the attention.

To Detail that goes into Walt, Disney World restaurants, is almost, as amazing as what you'll find on the menu. We. All know vacations, are for having fun, so of course you can indulge a little and. Choose. From plenty of nutritious, delicious options. That. Won't make you feel like you're holding back. Many. Menus even, feature vegetarian. Dishes all, with, no advance notice necessary. No. Matter what you choose know that you'll enjoy something, created, by a cast, that includes, over 200, chefs. Representing. Prestigious. Culinary, programs, the world over. Then, talk about convenient. Just, about everywhere. You look you've got choices. Award-winning. Sit-down. Dining. Quick. Service options that go way beyond the burger and, even. Food carts with surprisingly. Delicious, food on the go and. No. Matter where, you are throughout, the Walt Disney World Resort the, theme parks Disney. Resort Hotels or, Disney, Springs you'll, be choosing from a magical, array of unique and memorable, Walt, Disney, World restaurants, and, if you stay with us in one of the hotels, of the Walt Disney World Resort, you can request reservations. At any table service restaurant, up to 180. Days in advance, simply. Call us at 407. W DW dine or explore. The wonderful, world of Disney dining. At Disney, World calm, / dine, here. You can browse every, Walt Disney World restaurant, take, a look at the menus and even, book tables at over 100. Different locations. Including. Character, dining, bone. Appetit. It's. One of the most frequent, questions for, folks planning, a Walt Disney World vacation when's. The best time to come well. This section, should definitely, help you narrow down some, potential, dates okay, there are four major special. Events during the year that can add extra, magic, and excitement to your vacation. Let's. Start at Epcot in early, spring it's the Epcot, International Flower. And Garden Festival, when. 30 million beautiful, blooms spring, up all around this breathtaking park, plus, you'll spot incredible, character topiaries, sample. Gourmet, bites and beverages and kids. Enjoy, amazing, garden play area send much more the. Epcot, International Flower. And Garden Festival generally. Goes from early March through, May. If. Fall. Fits the bill you may want to plan your trip around the Epcot, International Food. And Wine Festival. You'll, love tasting your way around the world with food and wine samples, from over 25, countries, available. For purchase, plus. You'll catch some great live bands every night during the festival, which, runs from August through, November. For. More fall fun, there's Mickey's, not-so-scary Halloween, party. This separately, priced event, in Magic, Kingdom park takes, place on special, nights in August September and, October you. Can wear your favorite costume and, go trick-or-treating. There's, also spooktacular. Entertainment. All over the place even. High in the sky and you, can ride select, attractions, too late Mickey's. Not-so-scary Halloween, party. Is very popular. So be sure to get your special event tickets, ahead of time just check, Disneyworld. Calm, / special, events, for dates and ticket info. Spending. The holidays, at Walt Disney World Resort is another, option, to consider and it's, truly, an amazing, experience. From. Special, shows fireworks. And parades to.

The Inspiring. Candlelight. Processional. At Epcot. Santa. Claus himself even, makes an appearance. Do. Not miss the happiest, of holiday, parties Mickey's. Very Merry Christmas, party, a separately, priced event, in Magic Kingdom park on. Very, special, nights in November, and December we, go all out to deaf our halls with spectacular. Fireworks, an, extra, jolly holiday parade, plenty. Of live entertainment and, even snow right. On Main Street USA. So. There you have it a few of the events that may help you decide the best time of year for your Walt Disney World vacation, remember. You can check upcoming, dates and get details for all these Walt Disney World events, and more at Disney, World dot-com. / special, events. They. Come with their own dreams, and. They, come with powerful, imaginations. They're kids and when. You visit Walt Disney World Resort with kids 5 and under your, trip will be filled with special, magic. You'll never forget. There's. Plenty, of preschool, fun throughout all four theme parks take, a magical. Spin with Dumbo your kids can even step inside the big top tent and enjoy, an air-conditioned. Playground, while you wait to ride there. Are plenty of places to meet favorite characters, all throughout, the parks you can even meet this guy. And. Have a totally, righteous, chat, blast. Your way through infinity, and beyond with Buzz Lightyear, and, kids. Love hearing magical, tales with, Belle there. Are lots of fun shows for them too like. This one Disney. Jr. live on stage and there, are plenty of great ways to cool off. Okay. Here's something new that you'll definitely want to take advantage of you, can now reserve, access, to attractions, shows, parades, even, character, readings with the new Fast, Pass Plus service so. Your little ones get to experience, their must deuce and everyone, can spend more time just, enjoying the moment you. Can even make changes, as you go find, out all about Fast, Pass Plus in the my magic plus chapter, of this video. Now, keep in mind these special, in park services, - like. Disney, baby care centers. Stroller. Rental, and. Even, rider switch passes, that, let you enjoy the fun with your older kids while another adult in your party takes care of the little ones. Disney. Water parks, offer plenty, for preschoolers, as well so. Don't miss all of the excitement, for little ones at Disney's. Blizzard beach water park and Disney's. Typhoon Lagoon water, park. Staying. In a Disney, Resort Hotel, means you may be able to slip away to your resort for a nap or a, midday splash, in an out-of-this-world, pool. Guests. Of select walt disney world resort hotels also, enjoy extra, magic hours - so you can spend more of your time together enjoying, select, attractions in one of the theme parks, want. A grown-up evening, out on your own parents. Can choose from fun children's, activity, centers at select, hotels at the Walt Disney World Resort or, even, in Broome babysitting's. Ready. For a magical, meal Disney. Character, dining is available, at a variety of locations across, Walt, Disney, World Resort it's a great way to introduce, your little ones to the characters, in a more relaxed, setting and be, sure to make a reservation, before you leave home just. Give us a call or visit us online, there's. No better time than now to celebrate that, first glimpse of Magic with your kids and create, magical. Memories that, will last a, lifetime for. More information, on traveling, with little ones go, to disney world calm / little ones. Did. You know there's a grown-up, side to Walt Disney World Resort, just.

Take A look. Of, course all your favorite, attractions, are here so, adults can scream, and laugh just, like anyone else our, four theme parks are filled with fun that appeals to kids of all ages who. That certainly includes you you, can even find ways to get a closer, look at the magic, like. This wild. Africa, Trek a guided. Tour at Disney's, Animal Kingdom theme, park where. You'll get real close to some of these guys, just. Go to wild, Africa, track com for reservations. Nap. During, some parts of the year the parks get extra, special like. In spring when, the Epcot, International Flower. And Garden Festival features. Over 30 million, blossoms, stunning, gardens, and magical. Character, topiaries, even. Fresh flavors, served up in outdoor kitchens, not, to mention some expert, demonstrations. And live. Music if. You're, coming in the fall you won't want to miss the Epcot, International Food. And Wine Festival send. Your taste buds on a trip around the world as you enjoy delicious fare, from over 25, different regions, and sit. Down to great live music from, big names go. To Epcot Food Festival dot-com for the delicious details. Even. Beyond the parks Walt Disney, World Resort is very adept, at making grown-up, dreams come, true, first, of all you can escape into an extraordinary, experience. Here, at Disney, deluxe resort, hotels, they, make taking, it easy a work of art crystal. Blue pools and bite you in fabulous. Food of every kind, temps your palate comfortable. Lounges, help you unwind and. Legendary. Disney, service takes magical. Care of you Walt. Disney World, recreation. You, could spend a week doing, things you never dreamed we offered. Escape. Onto one of four, championship, golf courses reserve. A tee time at 4:07. Wdw. Golf or, how, about enjoying a little time on the lake drop. A line for some bass fishing, embark. On a fireworks, cruise and take. In some extreme. Water sports on, bay lake. Ah, time. For a spa treatment if you, want to indulge in ultimate. Relaxation make. Time for census, a Disney, spa treat. Yourself, to everything, from soothing, facials, and massages to. Manicurist. Pedicures, and more, available. At two full-service, locations. At, Disney's, Grand Floridian Resort and Spa and Disney's, Saratoga Springs, Resort and Spa you, can check out the variety of services, they offer at Disney, World calm, /, spa or, call 407. W DW spas, to, reserve your treatment. Then. Get, ready to take on the night at Disney, springs filled, with one-of-a-kind, shopping. And dining experiences. Not, to mention world-class. Entertainment, and grownup nightlife of all sorts. Browse. An impressive, array of shops that go from big-name to, boutique. Disney. Springs dining, is all about choices choices. And, more choices famous. Places you'll recognize, right away and new, hot spots you'll never forget each, brimming, with mouth, watering, delights. Then. For a treat like no other, catch lanova by cirque du soleil you. Can only see this amazing show right here and it's, definitely something you don't want to miss. So. There, you have it proof. That even the dreams of big kids can come true at Walt Disney World Resort. You.

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