Walt Disney World Very Merry Christmas Parade - 1992

Walt Disney World Very Merry Christmas Parade - 1992

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Merry. Christmas Happy. Holidays and welcome. It's, Christmas, morning at Walt Disney World in, Florida. Characters. And lots of. Celebrating. Our 10th anniversary live. From sunny Florida. It's the Walt Disney World very Merry, Christmas, parade. With. Our parade hosts, Joan Lunden, and Regis. Philbin, along. With Christmas correspondents. Ed McMahon, at, the disney-mgm, studios. Miss. America, lay-ins a coordinated, Epcot Center and. John. Davidson. Inviting. You to share all the magic, and enchantment of. A sparkling, Disney, Christmas. See. Your favorite Aladdin characters, come to life in, the world television premiere of, Aladdin Royal Caravan, kick. Up your heels in an old-fashioned, hoedown as, the Disney gang celebrates, the grand opening of Splash, mother. Cats. A behind-the-scenes, look at the making of Aladdin Disney's, newest animated feature, share. The magic of an around the world Christmas, at Epcot, Center with, Miss America, leanza. Cornett. Say. Hello to Beauty, and the Beast in the spectacular stage, show from a disney-mgm, studios. Go. Behind the scenes for a look at Mickey's Toontown a, brand, new land at Disneyland, in California. Plus. Special appearances, by home improvements, Richard Karn and Earl Hindman The Little Mermaid Snow. White Cinderella. Mickey. Minnie, and the whole Disney, gang now. Let's go down to Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom and, join, the University, of Florida, cater marching, band for, the start of a fair a Merry, Christmas, parade. Ladies. And gentlemen, here's Joan Lunden and Regis, Philbin. But. Today I'd welcome to Walt Disney World very. Merry Christmas parade, actually we've got two fabulous. Parades for you and lots of special, Disney, surprises. Everything, from the world premiere, of Aladdin, destroy a caravan, to Joan. And me riding in this Calliope, down Main Street I love. This parade it's a lot of fun so stick around for a magical. Christmas morning because we've got lots of Disney, treats coming your way.

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Because They're getting ready for a fabulous new, thing the world premiere of Aladdin's, Royal Caravan. It's a brand new parade featuring all the characters, from Aladdin you'll love the parade over at disney-mgm studios, let's, go to a Latin and Merry Christmas epic, Merry Christmas I'm. Here with some Christmas fans of my own. Everyone's. Busy getting, ready for this fantastic. New parade, we've got hair of girls and camels, and acrobats, even, Aladdin and Princess Jasmine in, person. Aladdin's. Royal Caravan, promised to be a showstopper in true, Disney style today, we're, unveiling it, for the world to see for the very first time it's. Yeah, it's. Gonna be a great addition to the disney-mgm, studios, the most popular, movie and TV studio, in the world now it's my second home since Star Search has made it its home here. Okay. Listen I gotta go right now we gotta get ready for that big parade before I do allow. Me to introduce a former Walt Disney World cast member Miss America, 1993. Leanza. Cornett our Christmas, correspondent. Over, at Epcot Center here, she is. There's. No place like home for the holidays at home for me is right here in Florida especially, when I can be at Epcot Center with, some very special friends really. For. Me the best time to be at Disney is the holidays sharing, the magic of this special, season is always a treat and today we've got a fabulous Christmas show for you we'll, be back in just a few minutes with an Epcot Center Christmas, around, the world and a warm Christmas greeting, from some very special, children but right now we've got a parade to see so take it away Jon, and reeva. And, Thank. You Leanne and, Merry Christmas and, join us now as we begin the 10th anniversary, at a Walt Disney World very Merry Christmas parade, there are our banner, elves, reads I'm here with this every, single year to keep up I tell you the elves do most of the work around here it's, good to see them out there. They're. The Knights those colorful costumes, they're, the very bravest, Knights. The. First couple of Disney World really, enjoyed it Mickey, Mouse Dino he has over 80 different costumes. Here at Walt Disney World, everything, from a scuba, suit to a tuxedo, and did you know Mickey Mouse 65. Years old he doesn't look like it a little. Mini there and Pluto their best friend. Now they're coming out mainstream, that's true. You're looking out there that Christmas tree. It's. One of the biggest ones in the country if not the biggest and there's a shot from the Christmas tree looking right down Main Street right over. Put. A camera. Another. Christmas, tradition for, us is Major Mike, Mike Davis, he's. A real life music fans over, and over the eurodisney until at the present you know how to put this parade together, terrific. Guys he's been here every single, year and he likes it saves us for the proud father of three so he's kind of Disney's own major dad. Yeah well underway right now when I see this man. Now. Every Christmas season they really, deck this place that you've seen this every year there are four miles. Of, the garland, around the place 3500. Wreaths and in Fitness. 850. All of these parties I, asked the other day what do they do with all of this it takes two huge warehouses, to store it all now. If those nights are their Cinderella, can't be far away and, here cyka Joe unless she's waiting me to be right now every, year she went I said are you doing I know that kisses for you krazee-eyez. Yes Cinderella, has. To make sure I got the kiss. Arriving. Of course in her pumpkin. You. Know he's a nice guy but I always had trouble meeting the right lady until of course. And. There's a fairy. Godmother, and Susie and girl I mean they really made all this happen of course it wasn't that a fairy godmother that coach, would never be there you're absolutely right they turned the mice into horses they did it all I could. Use them. Line. Dancers. From, the court of Cinderella, and all these beautiful costumes of course come right out of the fairy tale they. Perform at a very elegant in too wet. Tremendous. Crowd we have here on Christmas. The. Customs of the sidelines are pretty colorful too. 3,500, different designs, different. Populated. This name it's a fabulous parade, I really, think this is gonna be one of the best one in history well the best news of all is that the fun is just begun, coming up soon we've got a visit with Beauty and the Beast and a, look at the smash, hit film, Aladdin so stick around because we'll be right back with much much more. Hi, I'm, Valerie Harper, and I'm here at the disney-mgm, studios, being fun and I want to wish you the happiest, of all the. New. Year here's, the 1993. More. Very Merry Christmas parade, and a behind the scenes look at this they smash enemy that hit : when the return.

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I Know those little guys the, Seven Dwarves led by whose episode, that frosty this young man is we go see the Snowman leading, those wolf's around made, of a very special snow, that doesn't, melt, uh-huh which, is very important. Now. Who are those children up there bit too big to be yours there's my Jamie well Lindsay. And Sarah, and you know who else actually. That's John David Jill girls. They're Jamie's, got her hand. On her shoulder here. Our guys can you name them well, this don't be dead stop there's a sea captain. Sleeping. Sea grumpy grumpy. You. Know some of the names that were rejected years ago when they put this together okay go ahead lay them on us Weezy, Burpee. That's one of my favorite. Ball. Diaz leaving. Who. Your kids are getting big all right I know whom I care the nine-year-old at a high heels last night yes you did well, they're. Excited, again Snow White's because. They've always loved, snow white as a favorite, of theirs st. Happens to be right behind we'll see her in a minute you know in this movie Snow White created, more hit songs than any other the, would. Be in the best six of them made that hit marina 1930, and there she is there she is, Snow, White, along. With her print support, she's. Saying I love you. Joe. This was the highest grossing, film. Of all time until, gone with the wind hit. And. Something. This nice person will be her. Fairest. In the land. Now, you know who's down there of course you don't John Davidson, is down there we'll all the action, is on Main. Street done that. Should kind of guy hi Johnny Regis, well everybody, comes here year after years matter of fact some people get here so early, this, baby is less than a month old and. She. Was born here while they've been waiting in line for the parade I think yeah hi everybody having a great time. Is. There anybody here who's seen the movie a lot let me come down here where. You. From. New. York say, hi to everybody in your neighborhood let them know the house is deserted the car has been left there, maybe. I'll go see your house you, know the movie a lab is on its way to becoming a Disney classic, I'm so glad you reminded me of it there's never been an animated, feature with, so much comedy, and adventure, all rolled into one now the folks had made the movie didn't just run the lab you know to make alas there's a lot of hard work 600.

Artists, And performers and, technicians, brought, it all to. Many. Of those people are in the animation, studios right here at Walt Disney World you know that. Let's. Take a look. Based, on the story of Aladdin which is probably, the most famous story of the Arabian Nights tales it's about poor, kid a kid from the streets he's, he, sort of lives by his wits I'm in trouble then he falls in love with, a, beautiful princess, what. There's. An evil magician. There's. A magical, genie that can grant wishes so what'll it be mastic, Aladdin, gets the land which seems like the greatest thing in the world but Aladdin finds out that it's not quite as great as it might seem on the surface, on. Every, character that you're animating no matter whether it's a mermaid, or a beast, or, an eagle or it's, Aladdin it. Has to be something that that. I've experienced, personally, you know one of the things that inspired, me the most with Aladdin was hammers. I can't, touch this video, I felt like a land is gonna have that kind of spark. What. I can't afford. Desmond. Is. Kind. Of a feisty, little princess. She. Wants to really explore, life for herself, I. Hate. Being forced into this if. I do marry, I want. It to be for love. The. Character I play is basically, it's a parrot because I fit it was obnoxious parrot, it was a nice parrot, they'd hire someone else Gilbert's, delivery, is so specific. With. It with the shut eyes and a big mouth and a teeth showing all the time that, really dictates, that we've got a parrot with a big mouth great big teeth his eyes are shut and he's always he's, always gesturing, with his fists, frustration. You. Start from the store you start from the characters, and where the plot goes and have a number that. Expresses, what, the character wants what his dreams are his or her dreams are. Flex. Show some respect, do, you have anything, go, anywhere be anyone that, he wants to and the, movie in the end is about the, discovery. That. His, own self-confidence, and his own self-reliance. Who, he is, in, the end is more powerful, and more. Valuable, than, all of these wonderful. Things that he has at his command. Chase. When. I look into those eyes I wonder. What the hides will be like when Ben is my age see, I'm concerned about my baby's health but I'm also concerned about the environment that's. Why it's not easy choosing a diaper today so, I looked into it and I. Chose pampers, because dry skin is important, to healthy skin compare. Cloth diapers, to pampers Pampers, super absorbent, core stays drier next, to his skin, my, baby deserves a drier diaper and all our children deserve a cleaner world. Since. 1986. Pampers, has reduced the bulk of its diapers by almost 40% and, packaging, materials, by 80% and they're working with several communities, on lasting, solutions, to help keep diapers, and other household, trash out of landfills, call, for more information, this.

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Drop, Which is simply, splash. Jocular. Let's. Go over to the end of the ride and see what they think. I just, I'm not sure I should try bad things that drop down I, don't know let me see how'd you like it. Well. You really got wet. Should. I go on it is it's okay. All. Right I'm gonna try gonna try. They. Have this is fabulous you know back on opening, day they came across a little problem, with Splash Mountain no, water but, that didn't seem to dampen the festivities, let's, take a look. Hey. Brer Fox where am I where are you fellas going such a hurry we need use. Weasley. Well what do you want to do that fer why you can't, open the smash man when that man named got the water no, water. Wish. To be rare bear we're detecting trouble you gotta help us you got to get up there and make that water come rushing down that food so what that rare bear. This. Mountain with me we'll open the steepest, wettest most flesh check in a place at all. You. Beyond the Beast and The Little Mermaid are, coming up soon so don't go away. You. Take the last to Mike will live the cash. Tomorrow. The, power of liquid medicine, the way you wanted, Vicks nyquil liquid. Caps, I just hope my coffee doesn't keep you awake riddled, with guilt. Imagine. This is Florida and that's, what Disney World SeaWorld. Universal. Studios Epcot. Center and, this, is Kissimmee, st. cloud offering. The closest and most affordable, accommodations. In the middle of Central Florida's best attractions, call, 1-800. To 9 to kiss and we'll send you our free vacation guide, with information, on affordable, hotels and campgrounds, so, if you can stay here why stay anywhere else because semi st. Cloud location. Is our biggest attraction. Ok. Great reasons for scarfing at the corn cereal our favorite celebrity, spokesperson, is on the red box no unnecessary letters, campin convenient. Excellent. Toys huh you. Can find fortune among gold like, in Disney's new movie Aladdin, because buried in golden nuggets of Captain crunches Madden's fortune, chop rub the top and your questions, will be answered again and again one. Of 3d specially marked box of Cap'n Crunch cereal. Do. You change the, messages, conditions. More when you need it less, when you don't your, hair is always beautiful, no matter what. Now. You, can own the movie that critics hailed as 1991's. Crowning, big-screen, achievements, and the most marvelous, animated, movie since Snow White audiences. Everywhere called, it an instant, classic it, became the first animated, film ever to receive an Oscar nomination, for Best Picture. And. Now. You, can own this award-winning, movie, on videocassette. Walt. Disney's classic, Beauty, and the Beast. The. 10th annual Walt, Disney World very Merry Christmas parade, will continue. New. Jersey's, in double jeopardy this Christmas Day Newton's Joseph Santoro returns for a third round to play against. Jersey City's Jack Mahoney watch, it 70. Its. Macy's, after-christmas, sale, with, three hours of extra, early morning savings eight to 11 a.m., save 25, to 50% plus an extra 10% of all men's outerwear. 40%. Plus an extra 10% on women's accessories. 50%. Plus an extra 10 percent on all 14 karat gold chains. Magnavox, 19, inch TV just 249, Macy's. After-christmas. Sale, extra. Early morning savings 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. The. Most fantastic. Movie of this season, toys we, think saw lewdness, and unique Robin Williams is the best absolute. Arrival toys, rated, pg-13 now playing and also, from Fox, come home for the holidays. To. Make it home. Alone, -, Christmas. Mon reddit, PG now. Playing. Watch. Wheel of fortune family. Week tonight at 7:30. Chestnuts. Roasting. On, an, open fire. Jack. Frost. Nipping. Hi. I'm biscuit, I'm Gumby I'm Jamie and I'm Darren and we're classic, example, we're here at Walt Disney World's Epcot Center and we just want to wish everyone a very Merry, Christmas. I. Got. It I'm Tony and I'm biscuit, nice. Number there from classic, example, they've got a new single called it's, alright, they sound great well everything's better than all right around here at the very Merry Christmas parade, coming, to you live on what a morning it's been so far but wait we've got more listen, to this Miss America coming, up a visit, to Disneyland in, California for a brand new segment of the park out there and the world premiere of Aladdin's, Royal Caravan, just, a few minutes away but first let's take a look at another Disney animated, hit beauty, and the beat you know I went over and saw it again at the park they got the night what a great great beautiful score yeah and all that wonderful music comes to life at the disney-mgm, studios.

In Beauty and the Beast live on stage wonderful. Show since it premiered last year the stage show has become one of the Disney's most popular, attractions, of all time if you take a look you'll, see why. It's. But she will discover. You. Shouldn't. Have come to the west wing and, you should learn how to control your member say, something nice to her try to act like a gentleman I. Apologize. But. He was mean and he was coarse and unrefined, and. Now he's dead and, so. I. Wonder, why I didn't, see it there. It's. A nightmare. Great. Great, movie, and great, show, I've seen it a number of times and you can see it performed every day at the disney-mgm, studios, beautiful, show you know it's so good that I think really they should take it to Broadway and do it there and you know it's, worthy of a Broadway show and, what a beautiful day it is here Christmas. Day in Florida you know with weather like this people are bound to come up with new ways to spend the holiday we. Sent John Davidson, over to the seven, seas Lagoon to, take a closer, look it's. Only he can Merry, Christmas everybody. You, know Disney said we're gonna put you on a big mega yacht John we're gonna put you out the water because you're a big celebrity and. We want to welcome you well I think I got Regis this boat I'm not sure anyway, I can't think of a better way to get in the holiday spirit and on a boat, hi. Merry Christmas. What. You're here at Disney World for the holidays you. Didn't want to go skiing where it's snowing a, lot. More to do here, this. Is the way to spend Christmas right, let's. Go wait I got a great idea it's, time for the annual John. Davidson, water, ballet. Christmas. Sing along everybody sing, with me sleigh, bells ring are, you listening in. The, lane snow. Is glistening. Jingle. Bells jingle bells jingle, all, the way oh. Ho. Ho. Christmastime, with me. What. Do you say to your watch. My. Kids what, are you making that, looks like a castle, that's, a tunnel, oh oh, I, think I know who's this guy what's his name. Mickey. Mouse oh that looks great Merry Christmas, hi everybody enjoying the holidays. Well. Some, of us will. Be right back a little later in the show but now let's go back and enjoy more of the Walt Disney World very, Merry, Christmas, parade. See. I sure, hope, he's alright Reggie, scheduled, to be in the parade a little later I know the goop he's a trouper, he'll be back, Hey, look at this energetic young group coming down Main Street is the University, hi cougar, van and guard one. Of the biggest of one of the best to 240. Musicians, are really, a favorite part of many of all Disney, special events here yeah I, think the most recent appearance was at the 1992, NBA all-star. Party which was right here in the studios and now they're going on to the 1993. Sugar. Bowl in New Orleans big, game Alabama Miami fighting it out for number one, that's, why you're sitting on ABC, this. Band has been selected. There's. Our stock right up Main Street all the garland, across the top. I never. Cease to be amazed at the amount of talent on the, grounds here. All. These beautiful young faces I went, to the jolly holiday show. Here last night here. At the right. Outside Magic Kingdom at the convention center of the contemporary, up over a hundred performers. In, one special show Hey look a play wagon there you know who that is yeah I know who that is Gwendoline, bears and, liver lips and, shaker. Now, would you say when on the short one the liver lips of the tall one and. They. Came to us from the country Bear Jamboree, that's right they're so popular around here they have their own show every night yeah over at the Grizzly Paul which also is completely decorated, for, Christmas I used to work with the guys earlier my career's been work out too well now. Way over Barrett you. Get a job with grizzly. Really. They. Learn this with ray Boltz. You're, out there with the Quadra, girl's gonna. Be clogging. Now. Why do they call them father girl because, way way way back they, used, to wear heavy wooden sue. I take. Anything but, the name cloggers. But. If that's what they call it so be it. Crowd, really loves to joke. And the crowd the crowds on Christmas Day are amazing, and they really protect this place, he weighs over 350. Million people, have visited the Walt Disney World Resort since, it opened only in 1971. With. Very. Merry Christmas parade live from Florida right after. Get. Set for the television, premiere of, a Latin spoiled caravan when, we return I. Wasn't. Due for another two weeks. Suddenly. There I was having, a cesarean. David. Was wonderful, and. When it was all over I had.

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Created Right in front of your eyes just like being in Hollywood and in true Hollywood style, the studio parade festivities begin, with a spectacular, opening. Number. Make me a spectacle, chill come on let's see it I love. Got. Their own parade over there to it right. They coming down Hollywood, Boulevard as. Opposed to coming down Main Street. Well. This is been going on since Hollywood was created, right the tap-dancing numbers that's right and they have these parades of course call me. Oh everybody. Look after that big break and it's not that outrageous you know our own Miss America. Right. Gotta. Stop doing, this right here. Yeah. Yeah. You. Maybe hangout this thing together that's, right very, close well. Could one of these ladies be the next Miss America. Don't. You it's Mickey Mouse's carpet look who popped out of the top man. Justin's, forty feet long it's got furniture in there it's got us bed and it's got in tables, it's, just right to big head I'll tell you that look at him he loves it you're gonna have to talk to your agent that's, lutely why am i driving a Yugo well. He's getting a big welcome, there on Hollywood. Boulevard. Thank. You ladies, Merry, Christmas Joan. And Regis, welcome. To the disney-mgm, studios. The most popular, movie and TV studios in, the world where. Movies come to life including. One you may have already heard about has, anybody here seen Aladdin, Aladdin. Is, just the latest in a string of hits that some critics are calling a new, golden, age of Disney Animation now, we all remember, the Little Mermaid and last, year's blockbuster. Beauty and the Beast the first, animated, film to be nominated for, a Best Picture Oscar, well. Here, at the disney-mgm, studios, we've some exciting new attractions, based on both of those Animated, Classics and now, a whole, batch, of characters, are about, to come to life in the one and only, Aladdin's. Royal. Caravan. So ladies and gentlemen, he. Here's Jeanne. As. One tall jeanne 26. Feet, tall, the biggest I've ever seen and. What. A performance by Robin Williams. You. Know the story dates back to 850, ad but the Disney artists really were able to adapt the story to appeal to every age group it was amazing, it's. The hippest Genie I've ever heard you know I thought I was Academy, award-winning what did they say 68, performance, she does you know at various, person. Asians well it took over 500 people to bring. Aladdin. To bring that started big screen and there's the magic line yeah, you know I need Joanne I need a magic lamp I know but the problem is is that this whole Genie dig you know you've got this phenomenal, cosmic powers, but you have to live in that. So. Somebody urges, you out wait, sabatello these, are nasty guys these scimitar, guys you know I. Know. They chased Aladdin all over the place. And it's a beautiful dance that they constructed it is based on those of our teen parents. They, sliced they dice. They. Make julienne, fries. See. How big the Jamie full of Gino's. Roads. Building. That they have on Sunset Boulevard. They're really a cool bunch of Scimitar. Of course this is all, because. The genie made this come. I love. These various shots we're getting the tree pan the GD cam. One of the biggest movie hits of the year so. Thanks. There's only a mother could love. Is the 31st, Disney, animated feature said, I'll add. And we'll be right back with more of a Latin Royal Caravan.

What. A great parade it's, the great gonzo down. Oil. Caravan has just begun plus, a new bar Christmas comes to Florida when, the Walt Disney World very Merry Christmas away continue. Just, a second tiger. So. It is. Holidays. Senior. Year thought, I knew it all for, tough headaches, I took tylenol, today. I take advil see. Tylenol didn't always get rid of all the pain back, then my doctor prescribed some medicine that really helped the same medicine I can get a non prescription strength in advil for. My tough headaches - advil work better than two Tylenol gel caps these days when a tough headache starts I take what works better for me Advil, and for, a cold dry advil cold and sinus advanced. Formula, for the cold season. Imagine. This is Florida and that's Walt Disney World SeaWorld. Universal. Studios Epcot. Center and, this, is Kissimmee, st. cloud offering. The closest, and most affordable. Accommodations, in the middle of Central Florida's, best attractions, call, 1-800. To 92 kiss and we'll send you our free vacation guide, with information, on affordable, hotels and campgrounds, so, if you can stay here why stay anywhere else because, semi st. Cloud location. Is our biggest attraction. Wouldn't. You love hair this healthy, and shiny mine, wasn't always so healthy, then. I found Pantene's, Pro V Pro. V is the combined shampoo, and conditioner, with Pantene's, pro-vitamin, formula the. Pro vitamins, go deep into your hair, improving, it right down to the tips making. It so healthy, and. So. Shiny. Pantene. Pro-v for, hair so healthy it shines try, it you'll, see. The. 10th annual Walt, Disney World very Merry Christmas parade. You animal. Bring. In the new year with the beauty and color of an unparalleled, Holiday, Classic, it's the 104th. 20 min of hers is for ade New Year's Day on a busy signal. America. Elects, a new leader, says. Goodnight to Johnny and hello, Dylan Oh. And. Is devastated. By the destruction, of Hurricane Andrew. Don't. Let the memories of 1992. Just, fade away. Take. One more look at a year, in review the. Images of 92, this, Saturday at 7 right, here on channel 7. To. Start your day with all the news and information you need to know start. Your morning, what Eyewitness News this morning get, a full hour of the latest headlines in sports scores join, Tim Fleischer ad Tarbox. And art MacFarlane then, stay ahead of the changing weather with Bill Evans and the exclusive, Accuweather Forecast and avoid rush hour delays with the Metro traffic report news weather, traffic, sports for, all the news you need to know to start your day start your morning, with Eyewitness News this morning Monday morning at six right here on channel 7. From. All of us at Channel seven, happy Hannukah a walt. Disney world very merry christmas parade, but, to you by johnson, and johnson where. Quality products have been a tradition, for generations, and. To Cindy st. Cloud Florida, the vacation, destination, in the middle of Central Florida's best attractions, location. Is our biggest attraction, and, Vicks formula, 44 cup medicines, now available, in four formulas, COFF COFF decongestant. Multi-symptom, cough and cold and new coughed expectorant. That. Is a really nice Christmas card a, little season's, greetings from just a few will be more than 30,000. Cast members, who work here at work with this new award it takes a lot of people to keep up with a, 27,000. Acre resorts, in the hub it's thank god we've got Ed McMahon on the job on Hollywood Boulevard keeping us up with Aladdin's Royal Caravan, and everything, else is happening over at the studio's. Okay. Thank You Jonah Regis we got lots, more Aladdin, coming away now is this fantastic, or what. All. Right I love, parades, in fact I've been lucky enough to host the Macy's Thanksgiving Day, Parade for about 10 years it, was a great experience this, has been like Old Home Week for me the, splendor, of a Macy's Christmas, complete with those tremendous, balloons, has arrived, right, here at the disney-mgm, studios.

Now, Have you people had a chance to look at all the balloons have you now. Listen what's. Your favorite balloon, movie. Scene goofy, Santa sometimes Santa is goofy, you, see some of those prizes you get okay, we got folks at home to taste of what we're talking about right now we're, about to see what we do when we mix a little, Disney magic with a few miracles on 34th, Street big, things are about to, happen a. Macy's. New York Christmas, it's, as much a holiday, tradition as, turkey mistletoe. And presents, under, the tree every. Year the New York holiday season, kicks off with, the Macy's, Thanksgiving Day, Parade and, it's giant helium filled balloons towering. High above 34th. Street now. After over 65, years in New York all, that holiday, Magic has flown south for the, winter to, the new york street on, the back lot right here at the disney-mgm, studios. This. Year for the first time ever Macy's. New York sent 21, of their fabulous parade, balloons, to, recreate Christmas. In New York here, in Central, Florida overnight. Almost, like magic the, back lot was transformed. Into a Christmas wonderland. All, the greats are here for you to see say. Hello to snuggles. The bear here's. The queen of the Basie's parade Betty Boop, the. World's, most lovable, frog Kermit, and there's. Humpty, Dumpty hang on there honey there's the, all-american, deluxe double dip at the center of holy Christmas, excitement, is our very own Santa, goofy, at sixty. Eight feet tall goofy made, his debut, this year at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day, Parade. Balloons. Though are just the start of this Christmas story check, out the latest feature here. Carolers on the street corner, the. Entire New, York Street comes alive with all the magic and excitement of a Macy's New York Christmas, and, it's all right here this holiday, season only at the disney-mgm, studios. And. There they are on Hollywood, Boulevard at, the disney-mgm studios have you had a chance to feed on balloons over there they are much, bigger than you would imagine and, at night they're, hovering, over the park and they're all lighted and it's really a spectacular sight. Acrobats. Going crazy here on Hollywood Boulevard GG's, been loose with them. How. Many do we have here we've got about. Here. Comes my favorite float. These. Are the, spitting. Camel. Now watch they're going to get a little exhibition right here. It's. Good love to get to do it again no no no please. A local, weatherman did not predict this kind of precipitation, solutely luck. And. In this case the, people are carrying the camels the camels carry, those. Odd dummy slaves holding, up those camels. Leaving, the driving up to them here. You go, teeny. Boy he's a side-splitting, guy, on tour so splitting, guy and the crowd loves him even affable. You, know in the movie love and he's it something different every minute exactly yeah he.

Comes. Apart he can do anything with his body. Person. Ations from Pinocchio to Arsenio, Hall to my close personal friend, Robert De Niro he, does the. Genus now he's, seen a few parades because what is he imagined, into this parade, a giant. 24. Foot gorilla. Float and where does it 24, foot gorilla float anywhere, it wants to thank. You Joe. That's. A shot from the helicopter you. Can see they're all looking up because those things are talking, 16. They're, called Agri Bahian float carriers. Actually. Done. Yeah. 24, foot gorilla, all right my other favorite I know when you know it the minute I get into the bathtub someone, goes and throws a parade, you know listen, here, comes one of my favorite quotes oh yeah here's float, these. Guys can do just about anything they want we told those girls to bring them Boas they got a little carried away as you I did see. Those. That, was that was what they called social climbing back there in those days see that guy go on a pharaoh. Just. A couple of girls in there snakes there. He is on a belt. Like that on certain days dressed to Santa Claus. All right let's go down to Ed McMahon was there on Hollywood, Boulevard yes. As, you can tell we're having a great time here, on Hollywood Boulevard the, parade is incredible. And well you gotta love that genie right huh, all. Right listen you've, seen the genie now if you had one wish in the whole world what would it be well. I got a bad community college one, gets straight A's, straight A's that's a good wish all right I hope you do I'll tell the genie personally, okay, we're creating a lot of wishes when we come back lots, more of a lamby's royal, caravan. Hi. I'm pierce brosnan here, the disney-mgm, studios, in Florida I wish you a Happy Christmas dog, blast and have a wonderful 93, take, care yourselves, coming up the Little Mermaid plus, an inside look at the magic of Disney animation so don't go away. To. Really clean between your teeth you. Could esteem Jean. You. Could get the new image. Which. Is between teeth for a bigger screen. So, now. For. All the very hard to reach places. Imagine. This is Florida and that's, Walt Disney World, SeaWorld. Universal. Studios Epcot. Center and, this, is Kissimmee. St. cloud offering. The closest, and most affordable. Accommodations, in the middle of Central Florida's, best attractions, call, 1-800. To 9 to get and we'll send you our free vacation guide, with information, on affordable, hotels and campgrounds, so, if you can stay here, why stay anywhere else because, semi st. Cloud location. Is our biggest attraction. While. No medicine, can stop a call completely. There. Is one, that in 30 minutes can so significantly. Reduce, your coughing, it's, guaranteed, or your money back, Vicks, formula. 44. No. Wonder, doctors recommend, formula, 44, is cough medicine, three, times more than codeine.

Formula. 44. Because. The fewer the coughs the. Better. First, came the light. The composition. When. You capture, an image this special, you need this special quality, of Eckerd ultra lab 35. 30. Percent larger prints, and two rolls of film for the regular price of one for. The pictures, of a lifetime, a. Berry, berry TGIF. Christmas, the. Time of family bonding on family matters a. Time. Of sticking together on step by step. Of. Discovering. What's really, important, on. Dinosaurs. And, sharing with friends these, are for the patient, in room 301. Guys. In a coma live a little. Into, turtle. The. Power. Oh oh. I gotta say it just once come, upon everybody oh I love, them, welcome back everyone to the Walt Disney World very Merry Christmas parade, love those Turtles you know over at the disney-mgm, studios, you can meet them every day not, to mention r2d2. C-3po. And Indiana Jones running, around too and sometimes you can even meet our Christmas, correspondent, Ed McMahon there, how's it going Eddie. We're. Here with the world premiere, of Aladdin's, Royal Caravan. It's, all based on Disney's latest animated. Feature a lot, and. I'll tell you here on the street it says like being in the movie which, is the feeling you get all around the park all the time, take it from me if you like animation. And animated. Characters, there's, no place like the disney-mgm, studios, to, bring them all to life right. Watch. And you'll see what. I mean. Treasures. Untold how, many, wonders can. One cavern hold. Looking. Around here, you think sure. She's. Coming did you ever wonder what it's like to put together a full-length, animated, film a single. Sequence like this one from The Little Mermaid takes, up to a thousand, individual, drawings it's, a lot of work but, there's a Disney standard, to uphold and, in the end the magic, is worth it. Here. At the disney-mgm, Studios, in Florida you get to peek over the shoulders, of Disney, animators, at work. These. Are the people who breathed life into classic features. Films like The Little Mermaid Beauty. And the Beast and Aladdin. The. Entire process, takes place before your eyes from, storyboard. To, ink and paint. Nowhere. Else can you get closer to the art of animation and now through the magic of live stage shows and attractions the. Disney-mgm, Studios, lets you get closer to, all your favorite Disney characters, to imagine. The thrill of seeing them perform live, and in person sit. Back now and enjoy this performance as we magically, bring Ariel, Prince, Erik and Sebastian. To, life. Once you're, done a lot to see what this opti about. And. You don't know why but you're dying to. Try. They. Really make you feel like you're underwater, it's great, it's a great great effect it really is and it's filled with wonderful effects and from a singing crab we go back to Hollywood Boulevard for, a singing genie and more of the Aladdin Royal Caravan, here these are the slaves the jewelry slaves young, for. There's a lot of jewelry in this parade yeah you know who this guy is because, you just saw the movie so you know that's a little monkey yeah because becomes, the big uppercut the off and there they are there's the Princess Jasmine you, know I'll, leave Prince Ali. He's. Just a fourth Street boy a diamond, in the rough something, like me Joan you know I don't, think at this point he's actually pulled jasmine that he's really 11 should we tell her.

And. Of course you see what they're on the Royal magic. Carpet, the magic, carpet is like a big character that's right he comes the star into its own, I'd. Like a magic carpet with a memory off wherever I want to go what, a terrific illusion, me when you were a kid. All. Kinds of visions came into your head but that magic carpet. All. Right now this guy is there really nasty villain. Zafar. Snarly. Looking guy course you have a smile on your face dudes they made you clean up after the elephants which is what nice job today, does he have somebody inside the royal container, they're. Still. Trash yeah. Yeah. No doubt about it he's one he's a. Just. Be sold time vest. Ursula. The sea witch no the genie dances, with us no. Heading, it to be in grand, finale of this incredible. I'm, afraid of like that one leg up I never get it down again Oh genius. Back that's seen him like that doesn't that remind you. You. Know what really does they've even captured, that face of our witness those eyes that mouth, and. Of course all those ladies right there are the products of the genius vivid, imagination. Some, imagination. A cool. Guy. Now I'm folded all the girls out though have it really bad for their Aladdin, man this, Aladdin. Man coming. Up right. Now. He's. Everywhere. Okay. Joan and Regis this is one parade I'll never forget, and neither will surely hear Aladdin's. Royal Caravan, is going to bring lots of laughter and magic to a lot of guests here at the disney-mgm, studios, for a long long time to come Merry, Christmas everybody. And. Everybody, watching it's been a great great day listen. How, would you like to be on Star Search. Go. Behind the scenes will look at Mickey's Toontown from. Disneyland, in California when. Returned. Imagine. This is Florida, and that's, Walt Disney World SeaWorld. Universal. Studios Epcot. Center and, this, is Kissimmee. St. cloud offering. The closest, and most affordable, accommodations. In the middle of Central Florida's best attractions, call, 1-800. To 9 to get and we'll send you our free vacation guide, with information, on affordable, hotels and campgrounds, so, if you can stay here, why stay anywhere else because, semi st. Cloud location.

Is Our biggest attraction. Conditions. More when you need it less when you don't your hair is always beautiful no, matter what. Walt. Disney Pictures invites you to take off for excitement yes take, off for fun take. Off for the biggest, animated, adventure, ever. Aladdin. Rated G now, playing and. Disney, presents from Jim Henson productions it's got warm. It's. Got spirit it's. The one holiday movie that's got what your family wants, dance, doesn't, it The Muppet, Christmas Carol rated, G now, playing at a theater near you check newspaper, for showtimes, this. Is new night for week batteries, got. Enough energy to pull us through Rudolph. That's. Why you should test all your batteries, with the coppertop tester. Present. From. Duracell. Just. A second tiger. So. It is. Bring. It home for the holidays. All. This is between ourselves, please. Burn this, note, blend, close reveals, Mary Todd secrets, in Lincoln, Saturday. When. You see. He's never missed you on evidence, so if you. Say. It's. Watch Roz Abrams on Eyewitness, News. Make. Me smile I. Love. Funny things you say. You. Chase my blues away. Sometimes. You crazy, sometimes. You're, I. Gotta. Tell you, I like. Your style. Right. Here on top cause. Every day, some. House. You. Make, me smile. It's. Macy's. After, Christmas sale with, 3 hours of extra early-morning savings, 8 to 11, a.m. say, 25, to 50% plus an extra 10% of all men's outerwear. 40%, plus an extra 10% on women's accessories. 50%. Plus an extra 10 percent on all 14 karat gold chains, Magnavox, 19, inch TV just 249, Macy's. After, Christmas, sale extra. Early-morning savings, 8 to 11 a.m. tomorrow. Heralding. The spirit, of Christmas, season's, greetings from channel, 7. Oh. Can't. Get enough Christmas. Hey who can now we've got much, more of the very merry christmas parade coming your way including a visit with Santa. Claus all right but. Right now let's go to Main Street for my favorite, part of Christmas morning, I'm sure it's yours food toys. Bunches. And bunches of. Toy. Blocks toy soldiers, toy horses. All, together here. First. These guys lit an army of toys to battle with, the wicked Barnaby remember, play by Ray Bolger on one of your favorite who's in that movie. You're right makes me feel like a kid again well, here's something to make it feel like a -, let's. Take a visit to Disneyland California. Where, all the magic started, of course more than 35, years ago and a sneak peek at Mickey's. Toontown now, this is the first entirely, new land there in 20, years a. Disneyland. In Anaheim Mickey's, Toontown residents. Are just putting the finishing touches on, their very own land and we went along as a selected, group of non tuned guests, got a special, sneak peek behind the scenes. And. Who better to give us the special Mickey's Toontown tour, than Walt Disney Imagineers, Dave Burkhardt and Joel and Cicero two guys who've been a driving force in bringing toontown, to life, absolutely.

Brings Out the kid in everybody, if Disneyland allows you to become a child, this. Place is gonna validate that 100%, here at toontown, we can literally, have the experience, of walking through the movie screen and suddenly, where we are into, each other's living breathing, carson, community, more, than just a community, but a complete tool and that's certainly different, than anything you've ever seen before it's. Different because no, straight lines are allowed in toontown everything. Is tuned out but, don't get the wrong idea, City Planning is serious, business in toontown's, it's. Like a whole, little city you got your Civic Center here and then one suburban. Neighborhood where the characters really live and. Of course connecting, the two areas is Mickey's Toontown Rapid. Transit System the Jolly trolley in. A cartoon, if you had a trolley it would travel, crazily, down the track rope we couldn't do a wobbly, track so we did a wobbly, trolley one, thing's for sure you won't find any ordinary, tract, houses in this crazy, land while, Mickey's house is a most imposing structure, here in toontown since, Mickey of course is our leading citizen, behind. Mickey's house in his movie barn Steamboat, Willie is just one of the movie sets you can walk on to to meet Mickey, in person, yet. Mickey's autograph, and pose, for a photo. You. Can even explore, his house a real toontown. Truth. We're, real busy here in the movie barn today a. New. We are at Minnie's house this, sweet and charming little house reflects. Many sweet, and charming little personality. I think every little girl on the planet will die to, go into Vinny's house you. Can help Minnie bake a birthday cake for Mickey. And. Help, out around the house and. On. A personal side you can go into a dressing room she has a perfume, bottles on her our makeup table and each one has a different scent, strawberry. Chocolate, and. Chip. And Dale from the Rescue Rangers have, also taken up residence, in toontown in, what, else a toon, tree, the, fun here is guests are able to jump in dive, swim, throw. The cards, around. Donald. Duck's nautical, past is reflected, in his toontown, helm the Miss Daisy and it has some fun surprises, for young Disneyland, guests. Toontown. Architecture. Seems to match the characters, that live there so it's easy to guess who's goofy, house this is the fun, begins with a stroll through Goofy's, garden, which leads into Goofy's, bounce house it's the world's biggest most, elaborate, bounce bag, everything, from the fireplace, for the doors to, the lamps, are, available, to, eat about table just like goofy does one. Of Disneyland's, newest, tune stars gadget. Has created, a thrill ride light, in her own backyard called, gadgets, go coaster. Mickey's. Toontown prides, itself on, letting guests, create a lot of fun for themselves, you, cannot come into Toon Town and not become part of the action and nowhere. Is this more evident than, downtown toontown. You, can push a button here you can turn odds you get to be. Everything. Else what, basically here's a family experience there's something here for everybody, when you come to toontown shows you come as a family everyone. For. Guests visiting Disneyland, in California Mickey's, Toontown is, the ultimate, chance to become a tune so get ready for the official opening on January 26. And Merry, Christmas from Mickey's Toontown in, Disneyland. Coming, up next Miss, America, with a very special, around the world Christmas at Epcot, Center. There's. Only one chocolate, that tastes, as smooth as silk velvet. Chocolate. Pure. Rich. Smooth. Silk. Becomes. Chocolate. Duff. Slowly. Blend into a texture, so fine. It. Makes ordinary. Chocolate seem. Ordinary. Daffy. And of dark pure, silk, chocolate. Imagine. This is Florida and that's Walt Disney World, SeaWorld. Universal. Studios Epcot. Center and, this, is Kissimmee, st. cloud offering. The closest, and most affordable. Accommodations, in the middle of Central Florida's best attractions, call, 1-800.

To 9 to get and we'll send you our free vacation guide, with information, on affordable, hotels and campgrounds, so, if you can stay here why stay anywhere else because, semi st. Cloud location. Is our biggest attraction. Bring a heart that's. Come. To our world of be part, of a friend. The. Walt Disney World Resort in Florida called, 407. W Disney. How, would you like a new low price seriously. How. About at 10:00 tonight or over the weekend but, with eight tees reach out America calling plans from now on you'll get a bonus after your first hour of calls it's, a new low price of just 10 cents a minute that's. Right just, two dime a minute starting, at 10:00 on weeknights all day Saturday and Sunday, until 5:00 so, call, and. Get your bonus. AT&T. Will, always be there to make calling more affordable. Tasting. Sonico crispy crunch we got a. It's. The golden part, of this complete. There's. Typhoon, lagoon and, you need some water around on a day like this we, are coming to you live today from Walt Disney World it's the very Merry Christmas parade, it is a gorgeous, day I mean make you feel bad wherever you are better it's hot here it. Is very nice and we can hardly catch our breath one big Christmas, morning and we've still got a lot more coming, your way it is an exciting day all across the fabulous, resort all 27,000. Acres and especially exciting, to me John because once again I think we may see John, Davison get his hair wet I mean if he's at Typhoon Lagoon and, what, I had a Harry's gone this is Disney's incredible, water Adventure, Park where we hooked up a little surprise at, flora very adventuresome, John Davidson, let's take a look. Okay. Scott are you ready everybody. Help them out one two. Three. Hit. It Scotty baby. Well. Here we are at typhoon lagoon this, is Disney's, unbelievable. Waterpark isn't it a fantastic place. You've. Got you've, got water slides. You've got streams, you've got beaches, wave machines, and this thing it is called a humongo. How, fun let, me, explain this is a 51.

Foot Mega. Waterslide. 30, miles an hour a human body will fly down this slide before it hits the water below now we have time for one more person to do it which would you like to be next would, you like to be next, who's. Gonna be next. Wait. Wait Bernard I I want to show you how this should be done okay I will do it all right. This. Should be done with dignity, right when you go down you don't scream do your anything no, never and I will not either do you scream girls. Don't even scream no I. Don't, scream either watch this watch. And learn. That's. Incredible. Oh. Regis. You're next, I'm telling you that is incredible. But, that's the old show let's, get back to see what's happening at Walt Disney World very, Merry Christmas perfect. Eat. Some. How rich I just sensed that you had a hand in that am i right never going to admit that but I do enjoy see him tugging at his bathing suit like 75. Degrees now still going up and, this is the toy factory making its way down Main Street looks, like they're already making Teddy pay for, the next Christmas looked at him he was okay I'm so glad that he wasn't hurt that was in her fatigue bubble irrepressible, goofy. Dippy. Dog. He. Made his debut and a movie. Called Nicky's review in 1932. Incidentally I think I caught him in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day, Parade this, year as well. He's. A bigger than life character, but he had, a really bi

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thank you for all the parades! do you have the 1999 or 2000 Disney Parades?

+Mike Newell it was called: Walt Disney World; 'Twas the night before Christmas. There are some clips on YouTube.

+DisneyFan I don't. I honestly don't even remember anything like that airing.

+Mike Newell and do you have the Christmas Eve "Tracking Santa" special that they aired instead?

The parade did not air in 2000.

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How About The Walt Disney World Very Merry Christmas Parade In 1999 And Walt Disney World Twas The Night Before Christmas In 2000?

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Do not run outside at the street! Walk outside at the street! Do not run in the store! Walk in the store! Do not run in this church! Walk in this church! Speak nicely to our friends in the classroom! Do not curse to our friends in the classroom! Turn around and do your work neatly and carefully in the classroom! Do not drop your food on the floor! Do not throw your food on the floor! Do not look at our friend's food in the food court! Do not steal our food from our friends in the food court! Call for help if you need it, but do the work yourself! Do not fight for our friends outside at the park! Do not take your clothes off in front of our friends outside at the park!

@Mike Newell it was called: Walt Disney World; 'Twas the night before Christmas. There are some clips on YouTube.

@DisneyFan I don't. I honestly don't even remember anything like that airing.

@Mike Newell and do you have the Christmas Eve "Tracking Santa" special that they aired instead?

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